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this is absolute crap but here ya go😂
collab with talented @anniejulianna_ 💗 i did annie she did kenzie i love this collab so much❣️ #mackannie • ac; @anniejulianna_ dt; for annie and kenzie Tags: @annieleblanc @kenzie #mackannie #collab #annieleblanc #calebleblanc #hayleyleblanc #katieleblanc #hannie #jenzie #jadia #kayden #koey #austannie #maden #nadiaturner #johnnyorlando #kenzieziegler
Umm this was posted seven hours ago I think I'm overreacting HJgHHHJKKFG • • • • #annieleblanc #hannie #brat #bratayley #hayleyleblanc #haydensummerall #madslewis #rileylewis #what
OMG!!YESS!!I'M CRYING!! ANNIE AND HAYDEN WERE HANGING OUT LAST NIGHT!!!RUSH TOO!!😭😭😭😍😍😍 #hannie #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #rockyourhair #bratayley #hanniestan #chickengirls #agirlnamedjo #hayleyleblanc
annie with dogs is so precious ☁️
JDJSJSJSHHSJSJSJ. did anyone else just look at carson’s grip on annie then looked over at hayden. CAUSE SAME SKJSKS
i love her so much <333
for shainne💗 i know id go back to you - ac. i forgot - dt. @moonlightlaurens duh - tm. 8/15/18 • sausage ilysfm you don’t understand;) you make everyday so much better for me and you bring happiness into my life💘i really hope one day we could meet but for now we talk to each other everyday
annie stans: kEnZiE iS sUcH a sLuT. imfao sis i- jk but on a serious note, this is a load of bs.
I’m kinda feelin this edit👌🤪#hayleyleblanc #edit @hayley.leblanc
CONTROVERSIAL OPINION COMING UP..... ____________________________________ Everybody is freaking out because this represents “black face” and it’s so racist but understand that black face is used when a white person INTENTIONALLY puts makeup on to pretend to be black, using black culture as a costume pretty much. That in every way is wrong because that’s using an ethnicity for mockery and play. I do not support that in any way shape or form. Now if Annie or Hayley put makeup on themselves to look black, then this would be a serious issue and it would be racist and it would be “blackface” But since this was edited by another person (who said this was a joke and clearly had no bad intentions) and Annie and Hayley clearly didn’t ask for this, this shouldnt be looked at as “black face”. Now if the person who did this was white then I can guess this would appear to be black face in a way, but since we actually have no way of knowing the persons race we really can’t use that part against them. But tbh even if they were white I don’t think they meant this to mock the black race, but rather to show what Annie and Hayley would look like as another race. They could’ve used Any race not just black. And I ain’t saying this account was right because the person doing this should of known that race is a sensitive subject and causes a lot of arguments. But I just don’t think doing this was that bad because it’s not like they were saying stuff like “oh I wish Annie was black” or “ew Annie looks bad as a black person”, etc. The person wasn’t hating on them either. I feel like when people see anything that has to do with race they freak out and assume everything is racist. I wish we could just come together and stop these racial battles but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. But anyway that’s just my thoughts on it. If I’m missing something or not “understanding something” just correct me then 🤷‍♀️ __________ #annieleblanc #hayleyleblanc #bratayley #leblancs #brat #chickengirls #agirlnamedjo
What is your favourite Brat series? Mine is a girl named Jo... #annieleblanc #annielebling #hayleyleblanc #agirlnamedjo #chickengirls #brat #hayleyleblanc #bratayley
Please likeee lol i really want it💘 #johnnyorlando
this photo is everything 😍
If you are an 'Photo editor' comment "me + your username" ex. Me @elleonyah_acroanna .Cause I'm making an Gc for the Photo Editors Page💙💜 LeBlanc's/Bratayley's fandoms only💗💖 choosing 15+ Fanpages:) #elleonyah_acroanna #annieleblanc #hayleyleblanc #calebleblanc #bratayley #annielebling #celebratelife
College dorms // chapter seven Lexi's pov We went to the party and me Annie and indiana just danced. Carson and Jay started at us a lot. I liked carson since he moved here he was a player but since last year he stopped because he had a girlfriend Jordyn. She cheated on him and he was heart broken it was really sad. I don't know why he kissed me yesterday maybe he wants to be a player again? Let's hope not. I see Hayden going to a random room he's such a player. (Lexi and hayden are best friends but she hates it when Hayden is player) I dragged Annie to a quiet room. A: hey what are you doing I was dancing H: uhm lex? Shit I went in to the same room A: hey I'm annie She walks up to the girl A: the girl who he slept with yesterday H: that's not true Annie winks at him ?: but you said you loved me. A: he said that to me twice ?: I hate you hayden playerall A: yes how could you never call me again Annie's pov I scared Haydens girls away because I was bored and I tought it was funny. Hayden is really drunk he walks out and we follow him before he does something stupid. He turns around facing me. H: hey your hot A: hey thanks your okay He leans in and I step away so he falls on the ground. A: are you so drunk you don't even remember me? Me and lexi pick him up A: let's go H: where? A: home H: no no no my dad will kill me A: good that means I don't have to deal with you Hayden and I walk to his car and I start driving H: let's get married A: hey lover boy take it slow okay? H: dating? A: friends! And don't you dare throw up I took him to his dorm and left. I was watching a movie waiting for the girls to come  home when I hear a knock on the door. I open the door and it's not the girls A: uhm what are you doing here....? ( I'm thinking about doing a streak/spam should i do one tomorrow/tonight and how many chapters?💘)
photos I forgot to post 🔥
Cayleyforlife!!💘 #hayleyleblanc #cayley
💫 —————————— Vlog: “Bratayley Kids do Blindfolded Makeovers (WK 16.2)” —————————— #hayleyleblanc #annieleblanc #caleblogan #hayhayedit #hayleyedit #annieedits #bratayley #bratayleyedits
♡ she’s so cute omg ♡ i love u bb @kenzie
How would u not love her, she's so PRECIOUS💙 #annieleblanc #hayleyleblanc
Ok ok i ship I ship no one come at me 💀 #annieleblanc #agirlnamedjo #haydensummerall #bratayley #hayleyleblanc
OoOooO HOT TEA HOT TEA HOT TEA! #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #hannie
☆ i bet johnny is thinking about how hot kenzie is hehehe ☆ i love u @kenzie
14 away from 200!!!
That’s my first ever edit ik it’s bad plz tag her @hayley.leblanc #omgpage #annieleblanc #hayleyleblanc @annieleblanc app: cute cut pro cc:mine ac: I forgot
๑ she’s a hottie 🤤๑ i love u bb @kenzie
i like how carson is holding like WHAAA!
Qween 💫👼🏼✨ ~ Sorry for the start it’s ugly ik 🤧 ~ Dt/ @bratayleysmemory 💗🧚‍♂️💦💫 ~ I’m trying to make my account kinda organized and cute but I already failed bye ~ @annieleblancxtra @annieleblanc @annielebling #annieleblanc #annieleblancedit #annieleblancxtra #bratayely #l4l #hannie
• we go through life wondering what is it all about but at the end of the day it's all about family ac&ib: thedonellys dt: @whoabratayley
ALICE IN THE WONDERLAND GRP 1 RULES - Tag 2-4 editors - ANY SOFTWARE (example after effects, ccp, etc) - mbf @afteranns (me) - this will be based off creativity not what level of an editor you are! - post this on your story or screenshot - put the hashtag #aliceinthewonderlandgrp in 2-4 edits of yours! (Old or new!) —— - you have till August 22nd, I will be picking 12 people! (peep new theme :p) SO PLEASE JOIN & HAVE FUN! {icon made by @iconingjuliannie } #annieleblanc #annieleblancrct3 #edits #bratayley #peachcult #whammyscout #hannie #kayden #johannie #hayleyleblanc #annieleblancxtra #annieleblancedits #jaydenbartels #rileylewis #youtube #aftereffects #aftereffectsedit #videostarapp
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