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Goals! Presence...the best gift. As someone who has a LOT happening in my head...I’m constantly working on being present. • #bepresent #breathe #flourish #nowgoflourish #meditateeverydamnday #headspace #headspaceappsavesmylife
With the holidays right around the corner, it can be difficult to find time to take care of ourselves. So much of this season is spent giving - both in the form of gifts to friends and family and in the form of the time we give to others through holiday events, parties, and gatherings. However, it is more important than ever now to make sure we are practicing self care so we can celebrate and enjoy the holidays together. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ @Headspace recently shared their three tips for taking care of yourself during the holiday. Take a look and visit their blog for more!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ "Back to Basics: When festivities or planning become overwhelming, take a few moments to find a quiet place, reset, and recalibrate. Sometimes, we just need to breathe, de-stress, and be kinder to ourselves, without judgment, without inner-commentary, without heeding any negative thoughts.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Enjoy alone time: However festive and social we might feel, we all need space from time to time. For those of us whose aloneness can feel empty, it’s worth the reminder that when meditating, we’re meditating alongside other Headspacers around the world. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Don’t forget about sleep!: With so much going on and so much to do, it’s not always easy to turn off and go to sleep. And when it comes to the mind, the harder we try to fall asleep, the more awake we are. Here are three exercises to help you relax and wind down at the end of the day." - #Headspace , https://www.headspace.com/blog/2018/12/03/take-care-of-you-collection/
"May I meet this moment fully. May I meet it as a friend." -#sylviaboorstein ~ Glacier National Park in Montana 📸: @stephenshelesky
Last one dealing with the power outage 😂 #light #crazy #power #wow #mindblown #headspace #meditation #followme #igfamous
I never wanted to be a woman who was easily provoked to frustration and always felt ‘some kind of way’ about pretty much everything. But, at some point, I became her and labeling myself as an ‘emotional woman’ was no longer cute to me. Eight months ago I decided I wanted to change the way I let my emotions affect me, and it’s been a surprisingly easy process thanks to meditation and the @headspace app... I’ll tell you more over on NaadiaCrutchfield.com #LinkInBio #EmotionalRollerCoasterChapterClosed
Your mind can be your greatest asset or you greatest hinderance. Be careful what you allow in your headspace. Our thoughts become actions, and actions become habits. Who or what is controlling you? #april2019 #strongwomen #muscle #abovethenoise #catchmeifyoucan #nocardioforme #lift #womenandweights #givemebackmyshoes #garagegym #shouldersareoverated #bringyouragame #hatersgonnahate #teamflomo #grandmalifts #mevsme #headspace
WISDOM is next in the 30 days of gratitude challenge. With so many platitudes and memes floating around, it can be difficult and honestly boring wading through them all. I’m not into platitudes OR memes. But, I’m also not immune. Here’s a few pearls I’ve loved as well as some meditation prompts from #headspace and, the Avett Brothers 💗💕
This holiday season, we’re asking our network to support our charity partner @headspace_aus and become a headspace hero. Help headspace to provide career mentoring and professional development to young people experiencing mental ill health by donating to the headspace Digital Industry Mentor Service. Young people in the program are entering the workforce for the first time with confidence and belief in their ability to achieve their work and study goals. Donate now to help headspace support young people experiencing mental ill health in their journey towards work. Follow the link in our bio to donate #headspace #jelliscraigfoundation #jelliscraigfndn #headspacehero #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #charity #christmasappeal #fundraising
🎵Stay in your lane and stop swerving.
It's been a bit since I posted some mediation quotes from headspace. They have unlocked some new guided mediation from now until December 17 that help with stress and tension. Give it try #headspace #meditation #meditationquotes
This is something I have learned... it’s taken me a good couple of years to get to this point, but the journey I am on is incredible. To radically accept yourself and others around you, is liberating. We can’t change what happened, we can change our mindset- it’s not easy, it requires commitment and hard work, but we can do it. I’m wanting to help others who struggle in mental health! #mentalhealth #help #speak #radicalacceptance #dbt #cbt #adhdparenting #thinkfast #letstalkaboutit #headspace #thoughts #loveyou #beyou #bestversionofyou
Hey. Quick Q, can you workout for 𝙊𝙉𝙇𝙔 2𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙨? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Leveling up your mental health, workouts, kicking procrastination & just changing your lifestyle is FREAKING HARD! - Like really hard!⁣ ⁣- &, what you need to do now is MASTER SHOWING UP. - It’s not even about the workout. - or what type of negative thoughts you have. - or who’s page you stalk as you procrastinate. ⁣- You’ve tried setting the bar ‘low’. - You promised yourself to do better. - To workout for 1hr 3x/week - To think positive. - To stop scrolling. - How did that turn out? - Something ALWAYS gets in the way. - Whether it’s your aching hips/knees. - You need a sec to unwind. - You’re just having a bad day. - Or, you just procrastinated so hard & lost your window - Sometimes even the easy challenges are too hard. - Why can’t you do it!? - I know that’s what you’re telling yourself. ⁣- Listen. - Use this strategy. - Get on a bike or to the gym FOR ONLY 2 MINS. - This sets the bar low enough that it’s 1000% doable. - I mean, it’s only 2mins. & it’s timed. ⁣- (P.S. If 2mins is too ridiculous, try 20) - Point is, make it so freakin' easy that it’s actually accomplish-able - RIGHT NOW, It’s more about showing up & becoming the the type of person who doesn’t miss a workout than the type of person who “tries to workout” ⁣- How often have you heard that one?!⁣ ⁣- Be a master of showing up over a master of completing tasks perfectly ⁣- Once it becomes part of your identity, as someone who shows up to the gym or someone who constantly reframes everything positively, then you can start changing variables like what program you’ll follow or notice when you procrastinate. ⁣- I know your mind is stirring right now on how to apply this to your life, so...⁣ ⁣👇🏼♥️ ⁣- Can I help?? MONDAY, Dec 17th-21st I’m running a FREE CHALLENGE. ➡️5-days to upgrade your life.⬅️ - You’ll walk away with: • An plan to eliminate hip, shoulder & knee pain - • A workout program to keep you in top-shape this holiday season - • A Nutrition plan to help you🔥fat ASAP & into 2019 - • Mindset Tools to fight off depression & stay➕’ve - • Strategies we’ve used exclusively the #Joe2ProAcademy - You in? Comment below👇🏼or DM
Daddy and me goed to the Disney store and I got a piglet stuffie but I want these ones too!! I don’t know them if they’re from a movie but I think they’re really really cute. . . . #ddlg #little #sub #dom #daddy #ddlgcommuntiy #kitty #princess #love #cg #pacifier #stuffies #sexy #brat #submissive #dominant #pretty #cute #cuddles #happy #pink #snuggles #subspace #headspace #ageplay
Today I’m giving a big shoutout to my great friend Tayla. We met almost 20 years ago and have been family ever since. She has generously supported my Pledge to Mental Health by becoming my first Corporate Sponsor through her thriving business, Jordan Country Groodles & Grooming. ⁣ ⁣ We have both had our mental health battles over the years and this has given us the passion to help others and do everything we can to smash the stigma! ⁣ ⁣ Super stoked to work with her through my campaign and I have no doubt this will continue way into the future. Please give her business a follow and if anyone is needing their dog groomed, she is the one to contact. Here is a pic from one of the many good memories we have made over the years. Love ya sis! @jordancountrygroodles @taylajordaan
Monday quote 🍃
What is it about trust - in ourselves, in others, in the universe (hint: they're connected) - that is so tricky to navigate? Oh, that's a loaded question, I know. Let's start with: How do you grow trust in yourself? Start with you. Listen to that inner wisdom. Then you know where and how far you have influence and trust in the rest :) #connectyourdots #trust #influence
TOMORROW, you will be exactly who you are TODAY. The rest of your life is a future projection of who you are today. If you CHANGE today, tomorrow will be DIFFERENT. If you DON'T CHANGE today, the rest of your life is PREDETERMINED. Pg. 38
It’s up to you to see the beauty in everyday life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #headspace #heartspace #wintersunset #wintertrees #beautyinsimplicity
Part of our pain originates by what happens to us, but it’s power and control is what we do to ourselves. Grasping it tightly with both hands, refusing to stop being angry about it. Replaying it over and over again. Reliving it every day so it stays with us for weeks, months, years and even decades until it finally becomes part of our own identity. Forgive, and be thankful for it. Today’s pain is tomorrow’s strength. Amazing things will happen when you let go. ❤️ #latenightthoughts #latenightchats #headspace #headspaceapp #bekind #dogood #selfcare #letgo #breathe #selflove #lovingkindness #forgiveness #karma #monkeymind #calm #peace #mindfullness #mindful #awareness #anxietyrelief
Headspace was an app I started using a few months ago on and off till the Vipasanna retreat I went on at the end of September. At the Vipasanna retreat, I sat in silence and meditated for 10 days straight.. it was without a doubt the most challenging but rewarding experience in my life. In the weeks following the retreat, I stopped my meditation practice while still enjoying the clarity and calmness offered by the afterglow of the retreat. However meditation is a practice and without constant application, the effects wear off quickly. So as promised, here is to the 30 day meditation challenge. #day1 #headspace #vipasanna #30daychallenge #meditation #mindfullness
🧘‍♀️ Do you meditate? I am less consistent with my meditation practice than I am my ashtanga practice. But meditation takes me to a mental/emotional state that my asana can’t touch. Lately I’ve been using the app @headspace because it has tons of guided meditations. And different time options as low as 5 minutes!! Give it a go! #meditation #headspace #chattanoogayoga #headspaceapp #meditate #yoga #alliscoming #kpjayistudent #ashtangalife #ashtangayoga
Join me at #headspace
#transformationtuesday It's not so much a physical transformation as a mental one, although my body shape has clearly changed. The pic on the left is my very first session @crossfitcrossaxed & the right is almost 12 months later. I decided to change gyms as I felt I'd plataeued and had lost my training mojo. And it's worked a treat. That fire is burning and I'm loving my training again. #crossfit #crossaxed #training #gym #spartan #ocr #runner #trails #train #transformation #mentalhealth #headspace
This song has been on repeat far too many times this evening 🖤 #chicane #saltwater #reflecting #musicandwine #lostinmusic #headspace
Our ‘Brain Wear’ line of beanies are a representation of some of the things we stand by.. which are training your mind to better your well-being by reading, meditating and plain ol’ self improving yourself. 🧠 - If you believe in those same principles, then head to our online store and check them out. We have them in 5 different colors! 🎨 - ✨ TimelessLosAngeles.com ✨ - And don’t forget to participate in our 1 month of @headspace giveaway, which is ending tonight at 8pm PST. It’s about 4 posts after this one and all you have to do is: - ✅ Must be following @timelesslosangeles ✅ Tag a friend.... and that’s it! 😉 Easy! - - - - #timelesslosangeles #ourfuturenow #contributionoveraccumulation #brainwear #forthepeople #giveaway #beanies #headwear #beaniegang #beanie #headwear #streetwear #losangeles #downtownla #streetwearphotographt #streetweardaily #streetwearstyle #streetwearfashion #headspace #meditating #meditation #trainyourmind #selfimprovement #selfdevelopment #betteryourself #teammonday #mondayblues #blazeorange #babyblue #olive
I have to admit. I went out to Venice with a plan to make some money and gain some experience in guiding people through meditation, and I failed. I'm fine with that. I can admit that. But I refuse to look at it only in the negative. So I've been examining as I write now, why I didn't accomplish what I set out to, and there are more reasons than one; but the main reason is fear. I allowed fear to hold me back from something that I had such a strong faith in. It crippled me. I made my sign, meditated before even putting forth the energy to offer guidance to others, and I let my thoughts of not being good enough, feeling shady about guiding meditation for donations, and many other thoughts bother me to the point of giving up even before starting anything. But when I look behind all these thoughts, it is fear of failure that really held me back. Those thoughts were just excuses for me to not even try, and this is part of a pattern that I've realized began in my early childhood and without awareness and the responsibility that comes with that to make a change, has been allowed to continue. But I allow it no more. I have come to recognize through experience that this fear doesn't just go away. It has to be challanged, and only when its challanged can we see that it is illusory. It is dependent upon a set of ideas or beliefs. And action despite fear, what I see as true courage, breaks down those beliefs. But it is a process, and despite how pumped up we might feel before facing something that we fear head on, the body responds naturally to that fear. I find that when I relax into fear, through the body, the thoughts that fuel the state dissolve. It is an uncomfortable process, but a process we have to go through in order to grow and prosper in the ways which I believe we all desire to do.
Time to chill out now! My head is busy is full at the moment and I’m finding it difficult to relax, but when I’ve used the new Headspace on our WW app, it’s knocked me out! Sweet dreams 💤 @ww.uk @headspace #ww #weareww #wellnessthatworks #wwcoach #wellnesscoach #headspace #holistichealth #meditation #relaxation #sleep #healthylifestyle #inspiration #motivation #determination #eatclean #thenandnow #healthyisthenewskinny #wwfreestyle #theflexeffect #huddersfield #confidence #slimmingworld #slimming #slimmingjourney
~ Christmas looks different for everyone ~ For some it’s a festive day celebrated with one’s extended family, for others it’s a day shared with a couple of close friends, and for those who don’t celebrate Christmas it’s just another day! It doesn’t matter what Dec 25th looks like for you. What matters is that you have a great day ☀️🎉💚
11/12/18 - 103.6kg • This is me today! Today is the 17th day since I re-evaluated my methods on my journey. I’ve been keep track of my food on @myfitnesspal and of other things like mood, energy, sleep in a notebook 📓 I’m finding it really useful, and I’m seeing some progress! My short term goal at the moment is to break the 💯 in the first week of January 👊🏻 • I’ll probably be posting MFP screenshots, food pics, and fitness journal excerpts on my story, so keep an eye on them if you’re interested! 👁 • • • • • #lovethejourney #gym #fitness #fitfam #getfit #justdoit #strong #workout #exercise #lifechange #healthy #headspace #dedication #fitnessjourney #fit #fattofit #losingweight #goals #weightlossgoals #milestone #fitgirl #fitbit #weightloss #fatloss #transformation
Hoy es Lunes de #Mindfulness en CERES y les hacemos llegar una breve práctica guiada Aprovecho y saludo: Hola 👋 ya de regreso luego de vivir 5 días intensos de silencio en el retiro sobre Mindfulness y Auto-Compasion 🤫 🙌🏻😊 Esta práctica online nos ayuda a desprendernos de las definiciones de nosotros mismos reconociendo nuestra interconexión! Son preguntas que abren el “quién soy”, y cierran el “soy sólo eso”. https://soundcloud.com/ceresholistic/desprendernos-identificaciones Enjoy! En contacto consciente, 💛 Fran
Mentally EVOLving cause all this other stuff is not it... 👽🧠🦄🦋 #evolving #no #mental #headspace #allthis
Me at the Headspace 10th Year anniversary helping out at the Wellways Australia stand making stress balls to hand out. #RoyalInternationalMissAustraliaSweetheart19 #Stressball #MentalHealth #Headspace
Made a short video of the show from Damian Wilson in Arnhem. Maybe I’ll do this more often, what do you think? ➡️ Turn the audio on! 🎵🔊
I was given these CBD samples to review from @cbdasylum around 3 weeks ago and have just finished the bottle plus the CBD Pro Shot so here are my thoughts on the product and things i noticed during the period. 1. Sleep I seemed to sleep much better and deeper during the 3 week period. Usually I wake during the night and struggle to get back asleep but even if I did I fell back straight away so thats a bonus. 2. Skin During the winter I suffer with eczema and poor circulation but I’ve noticed a big improvement in both over the past 10 to 14 days. I know it has other potential benefits that would need longer exposure to the product so I can’t really comment on those but for me it helped with sleep which makes a huge difference in terms of recovery from training. Taste wise it takes a while to get used to but the CBD shot can be mixed with water or juice. Overall it’s a big positive from me and one I’ll use on a long term basis. Thanks to @cbdasylum for the samples and if anybody would like the vape option just pm me. #cbd #cbdoil #fitfam #lsnreview #insomnia #skincare #healthy #healthylifestyle #running #ukfit #igfit #igfitness #hempoil #hemp #sleep #calming #headspace #mindfulness #wellness #ironman #trilife #gym #recovery #photooftheday #marathontraining #igrunners #sports #golf #endurancetraining #athletics
Words from today's meditation couldn't have better timing. #headspace
Need a quick moment of zen? Reach for your phone. . "There's just a lot of people looking for a way to cope," @Headspace co-founder @andypuddicombe says of the success of his meditation app. . More from his interview with @tvkatesnow tonight on @NBCNightlyNews. . . . . . #headspace #meditation #mindfulness #headspaceapp #andypuddicombe
😌🌸Studies done in the past have shown that hormone levels associated with relaxation and stress are significantly altered when massage therapy is introduced to women’s prenatal care. This leads to mood regulation and improved cardiovascular health 🌸😌
This week is a bag of emotions, and today was certainly that! Much need time on the trail to switch up my thinking and focus about the job in hand for February. #headspace #myspace #emotions #trails #trailrunner #trailrunning #runnersworld #hokaoneone #timetofly
Just because this made me smile. It’s been a long day but I’m happy because I got to go to my Aqua aerobics class after work. Water makes me happy. #mermaids #mermazing #beamermaid #water #therapy #mindfulness #mentalhealth #wellbeing #selfcare #metime #timeout #headspace #listentoyourinstinct #trustyourself #letitgo #aquaaerobics #worklifebalance #calm #nhs #nurse
Monday achievements Had the pleasure of working with these two lovely characters way back in 2017. One of my first little bits on @headspace for @nexusstories #mondayachievement #headspace #howitworks #nexusstories
Fitmass day 10 ・・・ Shuttle runs. Good for developing your acceleration, speed and your anaerobic fitness. I do this drill with my Jog Belfast team as well as my HIIT Fitters. _ Measure out 10m, 20m, 30m. _ Run First cone, back Second cone, back Third cone, back 10 - reverse lunge drive throughs each leg Repeat 5 times. _ That’s 120m each run. Take 30 seconds rest in between sets but if you are just starting out try 60 seconds and reduce after each session. _ The fitter you get the less rest you get and the more metres you add on. My session would typically be 10m-50m but this is a great one to start out on. _ Focus on balance and form on your reverse drive throughs. Not just winging them out! _ #drills #running #sprint #trackandfield #runningdrills #athletics #form #function #basics #fitness #shuttleruns #suiciderun #speed #acceleration #workout #calendar #adventcalendar #fitness #mobility #love #life #smile #sweat #headspace #mentalhealth #stressrelief #metime #downtime #belfast #niblogger
CONGRATS to this beautiful soul on graduating tonight!!! ❤️ #clientselfie #headspace #pittsburgh #blondehair #wellahair #graduation
And what?!🤔 . I have scars, some from the chicken pox when I was really little, some from an operation, I have bits that wobble, I used to be really self conscious of some parts when I was younger, I wake up some mornings and everythings sore, I look in the mirror sometimes and dont always like everything I see... . But this body is ALL MINE and to be honest as I get older, I love it more and more. Its not perfect but its perfect for me, I can walk, run, jump, skip. It allows to stretch and bend and move. It allows me to hug and love and experience life. . My body is shamazing and so is yours, LOVE it and RESPECT it, as the amazing container for our soul that it is.❇ Dont mistreat it and certainly dont ever allow anyone else to🙅🏼‍♀️🚫 Our bodies are more complex and shamazing than any supercomputer out there...so we better ACT like it and move it and feed it like we KNOW how awesome it is🤸🏼‍♀️🥦🍉🍒🧘‍♀️ . Have a blessed day fams, as I write this I am in bed with a sore tummy and back😕😫 BUT I give thanks for my body and all that is does for me every single day and today I set the intention to love every part of it! . ✌💖
You aside, no one is carefully keeping track of your idiocies. ⚪️ I thought I hit rock bottom a few years ago with my miscarriage, divorce, and PTSD diagnosis happening all in the same week, but this last year really, really threw me for a doozy. I thought I hit rock bottom for real, for real, and then I just kept sinking further and further. Is this rock bottom? No? How about this? It was personal tragedy after tragedy, grief after grief, and everything I tried to make amends or heal failed. Like e v e r y t h i n g failed. No matter what I did. Nothing worked. Everything got worse for months. There were times I didn’t think I’d make it. I didn’t think I could survive the year. And on top of all of that, I realized that what had gotten me through the last hump— which in retrospect was golden compared to everything that happened this year— was trudging forth without assessing any of the damages, so I spent most of the year cleaning old wounds while trying to heal all the fresh ones too. I lost a lot of people this year. I had a very alone year. For awhile there, I lost myself. Running into friends now, they comment on how much brighter my spirit is again, how I’m back to being me— and it’s true, I’m great, but I definitely lost a lot of the blind faith I had on the powers of love and optimism. You might not remember, but being a light worker was kind of my thing. Being a student of positive psychology and human potential now is interesting. I have more rebuttals than before. It was helpful for me to remember that everything is cyclical. Everything is temporary. Breath by breath. Most of what we think will kill us won’t. Contrary to what it can feel like, we are built to withstand storms. It sounds heartless to say 'you'll get over it,' but you will. We will. "Any idiot can face a crisis. It is the day-to-day living that wears you out.” — Anton Chekov ⚡️ Things don't need to be perfect. We are creatures eminently suited to 'good enough.' We do well in crummy circumstances. Honor your resilience. You ain't dead yet. 😘 Enjoy the bloopers!
FORLEDEN DAG KOM EN UNG I HEADSPACE OG FORTALTE AT HUN HAVDE LIGGET SØVNLØS HELE NATTEN. . Tankemylderet havde taget over. Det havde gjort hende helt udmattet i både hoved og krop. Udover tankemylderet, trængte frygten for at fejle sig også på. Samme nat tegnede hun sin oplevelse af alt dette. . #headspace #detsocialenetværk #nogenattalemed #duerikkealene #værikkebange #tænkdigstærk #sigdethøjt #brydtabuet #etgodtlivtilflere #blanddig
🔈🔉🔊 Sometimes what's inside you needs to be stronger than what's around you. NEGATIVITY (people, places, things) is always probing the exterior of our psyche looking for access points. Remember, the energies you lock out can be as powerful as the energies you've locked in. ▪ ▪ #model #fitnessaddict #gymjunkie  #mental #positivity #instafit #headspace #gains #fitnessgoals #gymtime #fitspiration #trainhard #aesthetic #grind #goforit #train #strong #squat #fitness #exercise #workoutmotivation #fitlife #gymflow #views #goals #determination #workhard #fitspo #followcookies
“Tutti siamo dei ricci nella vita, ma la maggior parte delle volte senza eleganza.” {Muriel Barbery~L’eleganza del riccio} {Jacob Hashimoto~ Tree III} ——————————————————————————— #art #instaart #contemporaryart #jacobhashimoto #tree #headspace #artgallery #museum #installation #lehérisson #elegance #verona #instaverona #italy #japan #inspiration #elements
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