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East To West | Berlin Hard to believe that this picture shows what used to be two different countries. This reunification is worth celebrating. Enjoy. Have a beautiful day. M #TDE2018
Shooting Stars | Berlin Usually I'm here to see favourites like @u2 or @coldplay this time tho I had the place to myself together with friends from @officialfanofberlin Thank you guys and thank you @mercedesbenzarena for the invitation. Will be back. M #officialfanofberlin #mercedesbenzarena #instawalk Anzeige wegen Namensnennung
Sun V Rain | Earth As lucky as lucky can get. Are you looking forward to these autumn moods too? Have a great day. M
Stranger In A Strange Land | Berlin Mood is increasing. Happy weekend. M
There are always more beaches to find! 🌴
Sunset rolling in on Skiathos 🌅
Inception | Copenhagen Back to the streets. My absolute favourite from #copenhagen Have a brilliant day. M #streetphotography
Taking a brief moment out of the viewfinder to enjoy the fiery Meteora sunset 🌄
The Godfather | Rome Have a great week guys. Final day on Faroer. Stay tuned. M
Between Lines | Berlin Happy Sunday with today's #thesundaysunpic Enjoy M
Window To The World | Hamburg Happy weekend. M
Minimal Mood | Berlin Happy Friday, team M
Abstract | Berlin Have a good night. Best from Faroer. Take care. M
Nature with art ~
Blurred Lines | Berlin We safely arrived on the Faroer Islands, fought some heavy winds during landing but already saw some breathtaking stuff. Make sure to follow along my stories for more. Have a beautiful day. M
la colt
Hold On Close | Berlin Stay tuned for the adventures to come. Happy Tuesday. M
Sunday Funday | Berlin Had the cam with me luckily, unluckily no SD card tho. Did did you guess that this #thesundaysunpic Is a mobile shot? My @sonyxperiade #XZ2 saved me. Happy Sunday M [Anzeige]
Mirror Mirror | Berlin Big things are coming - lots of planning to do. What is your weekend plan? Have a great one, anyways. M
Satisfaction | Berlin Just glad things are cooling down. Still time to get outta here soon. Happy Friday. M
Stranger In A Strange Land II | Berlin Chilly Days & Foggy Nights back in the days. Have a brilliant day, team. M
Miss This | Berlin Have chilled night, guys. Stay hydrated. M
Eye To Eye | Berlin Have a great day guys. M
The Stage Is Yours | Berlin Happy Monday. A brilliant week to all of you guys. Enjoy. M
Into The Blue | Hamburg Cool down with this one. I've been to this location before shooting at 24mm but returning here with the @nikondeutschland Nikkor 14-24 2,8 and the ultimate tool of a camera, beloved #d850 I was finally able to get the shots I had in mind and unveil the full potential of that location. There are couple of frames from here so stay tuned. Happy weekend. M [Anzeige]
Spot On | Berlin Have a beautiful Friday, everyone. Take care. M
Details | Berlin Day 87 - still hoping for rain. Have a good one, team. M
An Education | Rome Good morning. Have a great day, guys. M
Catching Trains | Hamburg Visually interpreting famous spots to give them ones very own note is one of my favourite challenges. I did not consider my Nikon 14-24mm 2,8 to be a suitable lens for streetphotography but I gotta admit that it really adds possibilities to my photographic style. Plus the image quality of this lens on the Nikon D850 is simply off the charts. One can call it a dream team.for sure. I can't wait to take them to the exciting journeys ahead. Stay tuned. M [Anzeige]
Enlightenment | Berlin Almost the shot I had in mind. Might return for another one though. Rate my Light Game on a scale from 1-10 M #WHPlight
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