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Silhouettes | Study II | Berlin Time for that #thesundaysunpic to bring some warmer tones into the gallery. Believe it or not but I actually enjoy shooting sunlight as well. If it's coming in low and dramatic... Happy Sunday, M #WHPwindows
Colder Days | Berlin Happy weekend. Stay warm. M
Tunnel Vision | Berlin Happy Friday, everyone. M
Crossing Frames | Hamburg Moin Moin, Guys. Have a good one. M
Silver Linings | Earth Above and Beyond. Have a beautiful day. M
Gate Gazing | Berlin The fog series continues with a misty version of my favourite framing of that gate, making it a little less postcard like. I hope. What do you prefer, actually? Rain? Fog? Or Snow? Have a beautiful morning, everyone.
Light The Way | Berlin Doesn't get better than heavy fog and bright lights... Much joy and energy for the week ahead guys! Take care. M
Into The Light | Berlin Here is how it goes: Spot random hat-wearing gentleman in the U-Bahnhof, follow, see the opportunity for a frame coming up, follow, see one hell of a frame opening up in front of you, shoot shoot shoot. Even if the focus slightly failed me in this one, it's probably my favourite #thesundaysunpic ever and definitely #WHPmystyle Happy Sunday team! M
The Shape Of Things To Come | Berlin Another one from that glorious misty morning. Happy weekend y'all! Enjoy. M
Spotlight | Berlin I'm just grateful for having been able to spend 6 hours outside on that cold and ultra misty day. Berlin only gets fog like this once or twice a year, so it's something rather unique and so are the shots one can get out of it. The quietness of the city that comes with foggy days like this is just beautiful. Happy Friday. M
Inside Elphi | Hamburg Frames within frames are one of my favourite tools in visual composition. Do you have a favourite too? Have a great day. M
Face To Face | Berlin Frames like these might become more frequent in the future of my photography. Your feedback is much appreciated. Have a beautiful morning everyone. M #streetphotographyinternational
Back On Track | Berlin One simply can't get around shooting that bridge and some yellow trains every once in a while. Still trying to add a personal touch to it. What's your favourite clichΓ© frame? Have a beautiful day. (Even this is the U1, not the U2) M
Blurred Lines | Berlin Happy Monday, guys. M
Follow Me | Hanover Proud of the beautiful frames that my hometown has to offer. Trying to shoot more over there this year. Happy Sunday M #hannoverliebt
Blue Is A Warm Colour | Berlin I enjoyed this artwork in front of the gate, remembering the victims of the war in Syria. It's symmetry and mighty presence added something special to this beautiful but slightly overdone frame. Have a peaceful weekend everyone. Enjoy. M
Silhouettes | Berlin Happy Friday! Wear more hats, people. 😌 Take care. M
Coming Soon | Berlin Wanted to share this one with your for quite a while now. Glad that I finally do. Let me know what you think about these rather quiet street shots. Have a good one. M
Family | Berlin Have a beautiful day, everyone. M
Movie Night | Berlin Nothing better than a cozy rainy night and a good movie. Movies are life. What's your favourite? Have a great day. M
Lights On 2018 | Hanover Happy New Year everyone. Hope you all had lovely night - No matter whether it was a quiet or a loud one. Looking forward to all the adventures to come. M #hannoverliebt
The Shape Of Things To Come | Berlin May everyone of you have a peaceful start into the new year, walking tall towards the challenges, adventures and happiness to come in 2018. I'm glad that my last picture of the year is another favourite #thesundaysunpic . I love the variety that this weekly hashtag project is adding to the gallery. Thanks for all the support in 2017. Take care. M #WHPresolutions2018
By My Side | London Second last photograph of 2017 is one of my absolute favourites of the year. Nothing beats beautiful @london in the rain. I imagine these to walking side by side into the new year. Which one did you like the most? Comment a πŸ“·β™₯️ underneath your favourite in my gallery and let me know. 😌 #WHPresolutions2018
The Naked Man | Berlin 2017 had quite a @streichwerk summer with heaps of rain, that brought us unique shots like this one. Nothing could stop this guy... Happy Friday. M
Behind The Curtain | Berlin Continuing my series of personal favourites from this year, with this mysterious lady behind a curtain of raindrops. Have a beautiful day, everyone. M
Shine On | Berlin Starting a little personal best of series of 2017. Some shots that I really enjoy and I hope you might too. The real reason is definitely not me being in a food coma unable to take care of new shots...
Walk On | Berlin Have a merry Christmas, everyone. Try finding #thattoweragain in case you need a break from all the food, light and love. Enjoy. M
Crystal Christmas | Berlin Merry Christmas to all of you guys. I hope you're all having some peaceful days with family and friends. Much Love M
City Of Stars | Berlin Getting into that Christmas Mood. How about you guys? Happy Holidays. M
Into The Blue | Hamburg This is definitely one of my top 5 frames in lovely Hamburg. I even prefer it over famous Wasserschloss. Architecture at it's best. Happy Friday. Holidays are coming... M
Reach Out | Berlin Holidays are coming. Have a beautiful day, guys. M
They Call It A Classic | Hamburg Another one from our recent trip with the crew. Much love to @brotherside for that lovely photobeerwalk! Have a good one. M
Frames Within Frames | Berlin Finding frames in my surroundings is one of my favourite challenges in photography. What is yours? Happy monday. M
Natural Illumination | Berlin Today's #thesundaysunpic combining golden hours, beautiful sights and busy strangers. I really liked how the snow and the sky gave a perfect gradient. Happy Sunday. Happy 3. Advent. M
Orange Is The New Blue | Berlin I was shooting close ups for a job when I saw that lady passing by. Luckily I was able to switch settings just in time and capture this scene. (In case you like my rainy shots, there are only 2 more limited editions prints available. Send me a message for details) Happy weekend. M
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