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Liquid Faces (Study I) | Berlin First part of this concept series is going live today. Let me know what you think. Feedback is much appreciated. 😌
Street Life | Berlin Timing does It. Happy Tuesday. M
All Blurred Everything | Berlin Have a cosy Monday night. M
Urban Jungle | Berlin The waiting game once again paid off. Could not have wished for better light, person and composition. I think this is as good as it gets for now. Thank you, busy lady, your style put a bright smile on my face. Who is your favourite Street photographer? Please let me know in the comments. Monday Calling ☎️ May you have a terrific one. M
Run This Town | Berlin Probs to this sporty early bird for being the highlight of today's #thesundaysunpic He got up early for his passion I got up early for mine. What is your passion? Happy Sunday M
Stranger In A Strange Land | Berlin Yesterdays weather has been quite the gift to me. This one is from a morning session surrounded by hundreds of passing cars. I never imagined how stressful it would be to stand there for an hour waiting for moments like this one. Had some good old Feinstaub for breakfast. Where have you been when the thunderstorm struck last night? Happy weekend. M
The Gambler | Berlin Spot the Doggo. Happy Friday. M
Off She Goes | Hamburg Have a sunny Thursday guys. Take care. M
It's Hot In Here | Berlin Yet another mobile street shot. Getting better and more shameless at holding my phone in people's faces to snap that sweet sweet nectar. Do you prefer mobile or cam for shooting? Let me know below!
How Long Is Now | Berlin Time to revisit this - one of my favourite pieces of streeart that soon will be gone. Breaking my feed design too with sunshine during the week but I just felt like it... Have a great day. M
Into the Blue | Hamburg Hamburg Symmetry-Game strong. Have a tremendous week. M
Cloud City | Sydney Something a little more back to the roots in today's #thesundaysunpic as I was fascinated with skylines when I started photography back in 2009. I came across this shot yesterday and felt like editing it. Sydney harbour obviously never is that smooth but this shot works way to well as a #reflectiongram so I helped it a little. ;) Happy Sunday. Berlin weather is banging today. M
#sp404sx ..issa lifestyle 📟🎹
hollup.hold my phone. mood . @champagnepapi
City Of Heart | London ...weather of choice. Can't wait to go back to one of my homes away from home. Any plan's for the epic sunshine weekend ahead? M #thisislondon @london
Last Light | Berlin The last one switches off the light. Those Birds are real - sadly this has to be pointed out on Instagram these days. Happy Friday M
Waiting Wishing | Berlin Have a brilliant Thursday. M
In Between | Berlin Umbrella, Hat, havy rain. It's been a good day. Have an even better one today. M
Dimensions Of Power | Berlin Berlin's governmantel district truely is an inspiration to me. What's inspiring you? Have a great day. M
shine up ✨#creamduckies
€reamDuckies 📟 #creamduckies
ride my own wave aint to drown.. you can walk on water just don't look down 🌊 📼📼
Reserection | Berlin This title is fitting both, this holiday and this #thesundaysunpic so I hope you enjoy them. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones. M
In Line | Berlin Hope you're enjoying this signature shot. Happy Weekend. Happy holidays. M
Diamonds Are Forever | Berlin Last one from that icy series. Moving on to something New. Stay tuned.
Up Close | Berlin
Sunshine Is A Friend Of Mine | Berlin Easter ahead making me all feel like... Safe travels. M
Hurry Home | Berlin Who's gonna look like this gentleman, later today, hurrying home for Easter? Drive safe. M
I'm the muthafxkin greatest. Yall don't know that yet.. I don't need ya money you can hold that check.
€reamDuckies messenger bags en route.
📼 late night drives and the #sp404sx 🌉
Springtime II | Berlin Another shot from the snowiest day of this winter - in mid march. Who is missing the warmth? Have a beautiful day. M
Be water my friend
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