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{One setting, Multiple stories}⠀ I flew to San Francisco to capture a timely story. Willow, their sweet dog, is getting older. He’s been with their family when dad was a bachelor. This dear family wanted Family Portraits incorporating the bond between Willow and their son. ⠀ ⠀ I was drawn to the big bay windows in the living room. By metering on their faces, I could create solid white light (in camera) to help spotlight them even more. ⠀ ⠀ We started with everyone on the couch. And then we spent time creating multiple stories with their son and Willow. ⠀ ⠀ Sometimes when you’re starting out in photography, you may feel pressure to find a new setting for every few images. But stay focused on the story. One setting can give you multiple stories. ⠀ ⠀ Story 1. ⠀ ⠀ *I’m booking Family Portraits in Dallas for November. Message me if you’d like to learn more. 💕
Perfect 🤙🏽 Mon Bébé
I accomplished so much today-got some legal stuff done, went to my Mindful Mamas class (where a lovely mama of twins offered me a bunch of hand-me-downs for the new baby-bc I have exactly ZERO prepared for him 🙃), did a shoot for a cute little family (see IG profile story), and am now snuggling in bed watching tv with Amelia Padma waiting for her brother to return home from his school trip to Chi-town (where I grew up!). Baby steps feel good 💞 xo stacey #sweetbrightbeing
Basically how we have felt all day. 😴 it’s GIVEAWAY TIME! I’m so excited to be partnering up with @babyjives to giveaway a $50 shop credit! ________________________________ All you need to do is: *Like this post & follow us & @babyjives (we will be double checking). _________________________________ *for extra entries- tag three of your friends in separate comments. ___________________________________ This is valid worldwide and is no way sponsored by Instagram. Must be 18 or older to enter this giveaway. We will close this giveaway on Saturday at 7:30pm MST. Good luck! . . . . . #motherhoodunplugged #dailyparenting #documentlife #mynameismama #honestmotherhood #writeyouonmyheart #momtogs #teammotherly #ohheymama #mommytime #motherhoodlens #momtog #childofig #my365 #motherhoodsimplified #nestingly #holdthemoments #raisingmytribe #clubmomme #momdotme #thebump #unitedinchildhood #simplemoments #heaventhrumylens #momentsinmotherhood #documentyourdays
10.18.18 {How I Relax} So, this is how I PLANNED to relax all day. My good-luck Red Sox flannel pants, a glass of wine, and my favorite wool socks. All while watching my favorite Sox. But then I remembered. There's NOTHING relaxing about post season baseball! Go Sox!! #PictureThis365 #291_How_I_Relax . . . . #seekthepositive #thechildrenoftheworld #our_everyday_moments #igersomaha #momtog #momhub #momazine #momswithcameras #uniteinmotherhood #candidchildhood #bts_dslr #igersomaha #siblinghoodlove #clickinmoms #snapsocietydailyfav #stunningshots #inbeautyandchaos #heaventhrumylens #camera_mama #umh_kids #fineartphotography #omahaphotographer #omahafamilyphotographer #thecandidclass #girlscreating #thelikedphoto
Ohana. 🍁
This adorable moment is on the blog...check it out. Link in profile. #piedmontpark #atlantaphotographer #audreyalexanderphotography
Learning to love who you are, the core of your very being requires vulnerability. Are you willing to wrap your arms around yourself, and whisper "I love you, you're beautiful" the way the Father would in the midst of your absolute brokenness? Are you willing to be unveiled by the Holy One as you lay down the idols you've gripped in the palm of your shaky hands. The ones who have protected your fragile heart from dissapointment that echoes in your soul of years, days, and moments past? Like a caged bird with it's door open, you step into light, and butterflies enveloped in the most beautiful of white mirroring the freedom residing within are released. You're true self revealed. Redemption. . . . I am beyond excited to be participating in our self portrait loop #thisisusthursdays with some amazing photographers. Follow the tag each Thursday to see how we take time away from all our every day roles and focus on ourselves with a creative emphasis. . . Next up: @melissaortendahlphotography You know you've finished the loop when you make it back to me! #project_faceless
Anni made an umbrella because it was so drippy under the waterfall 🤣
I seriously can’t get over this little smoosh face of love that will be here in 9 weeks (or less) and I’m feeling blessed 🙏🏻 my last pregnancy was a rollercoaster of hell with my daughter lung condition, I had high stress/anxiety every day once we found at 19 weeks. I’m so thankful that this pregnancy everything has been healthy so far, I sure do pray every day still. I know anything can happen in life, but I give my anxiety/worries to God and enjoy each day to the fullest. So he or she will be here soon, and I’m over the moon 🌙 #31weekspregnant #heorshe
Throwback to Willow’s early days at home. #tbt
Laiken made a friend today on our @target trip. 💀 I am regretting not bringing him home. I mean, we need him just as much as he needs us, right?! 😬 #targetdoesitagain
• ✨📸: @momentsilluminated • Because black and whites are classic. And because this, well, it’s just too good to not share! • #ltbd_momentsilluminated • Chosen by @whitneygirlee • ☀️Keep tagging #let_there_be_delight ☀️Share your feature and tag us in your story to invite your friends to the party🎉 ☀️Check in Sunday night for weekly themes • 💫LET YOUR {de}LIGHT SHINE✨ • • • • • • • #simplychildren #snaplovegrow #thecandidclass #thelifestylecollective #themindfulapproach #thenarrativesociety #thesincerestoryteller #the_sugar_jar #the_sweet_life_unscripted #treasuringlittlememories #wildandbravelittles #inbeautyandchaos #unitedinmotherhood #thebloomforum #momswithcameras #momtogs #heaventhrumylens
// Three months of you, three glorious beautiful crazy undoing months of you. ✨ The transition to motherhood is WILD. You can read all the books and know all the things, but nothing prepares you for the emotional & hormonal & physical & spiritual roller coaster ride that postpartum is. The transformation from maiden to mother is beautiful, but it's also overwhelming and frightening at times. There can even be a feeling of loss (And also a bit of "what the heck have I gotten myself into!?!). And that's okay. Choosing to embrace the change, to admit that I'm just as clueless about this relationship as my babe is, and that it's going to be a journey of learning about myself and about her has been a beautiful and transformative gift. So yeah, we made it through the fourth trimester. 💪🏻 Cheers to us & to all you mamas out there. This life isn't easy but it's good, so good. 💕 #honestmotherhood #4thtrimester #thisispostpartum
Welcome to the #clickininmonochrome loop! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . "To see in color is a delight for the eye. But to see in black and white, is a delight for the soul". . Tap the photo & follow the images, following and leaving some love until you get back here! . . Up next: @michellelourencophotography ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #albertaphotographer #beunraveled #cameramama #clickpro #clickinmoms #clickmagazine #dearphotographer #heaventhrumylens #jj_its_kids #kidsforreal #loveourbigkids #momswithcameras #ourcandidlife #pixel_kids #themonochromaticlens #bnwmaster #bnw_mood #bnwmagic #b1withbnw #bnw_captures #clickprooctoberproject
Aaron + Ryder . . I love capturing Dads playing with their kiddos. Aaron and Ryder are no exception! The saying “grinning ear to ear” comes to mind every time I see this and it also keeps me passionate about what I do. Because time will fly, and one day Ryder will be able to carry his Daddy on his back. And we will reminisce on this very portrait that froze time in just this moment. . . . #centralflphotographer #familyportraitphotographer #mymagicalmoments #clickmagazine #perrydise #floridafamilyphotographer #lemonadeandlenses #letthembelittle #clickinmoms #childhoodunplugged #wildandbravelittles #beyondthewanderlust #magicofchildhood #thefamilynarrative #heaventhrumylens #count_itjoy #ocalafamilyphotographer #kidsofthelens #kidsoftheworld #camera_mama #perrydise #thesincerestoryteller #thebloomforum #ihearttally #tallahasseephorographer #ormondbeachphotographe
The month with lots of big and small pumpkins 🍊 Pumpkin decorations in studio is ready 🍊
Getting each other soaked at the botanical garden.
I’ve gained a lot of new followers recently, mainly mommy bloggers who are just trying to share their raw motherhood experiences like myself. I wanted to say hi all. ☺️👋🏼 Here are eight fun facts about me related to motherhood: 1. I’m on maternity leave, but I work full-time in higher education at a community college. So no, I’m not a stay-at-home-mom. Although it is nice not setting an alarm everyday, I cannot wait to work and interact with people again. 2. We are a family with four kids: Todd (10), Alyse (8), Drew (2) and Jade is only 3 months old. 3. I watch the food-network channel (currently have Beat Bobby Flay on) everyday, but it is @natukdise who cooks every dinner meal for our family of six, seven times a day because if you leave it to me, we’d prob. starve or our kitchen would set on fire somehow. 🤷🏻‍♀️I can bake though! 4. I could die peacefully knowing I never left the country because I get too homesick. After three days of a vacation, I’m usually ready to be back home again. 5. I don’t want to live in a single-family home for the rest of my life. At some point, I’d want to buy an RV and go cross-country with the family and hit all the states and visit major landmarks along the way. @natukdise has been to almost every state in the US and I’m SUPER envious! 6. I struggle with wanting to homeschool my kids and wanting to work. I know I can’t do both, but I want to give them a much better education than what I received in a way that fits the needs of MY kids, but I also want to financially provide for my family. 7. I love the cold weather, but I look forward to warm days so I can take my family on outdoor adventures. I’m big on an outdoor lifestyle. 8. I love doing it all myself when it comes to birthdays and holidays for my kids. I will push my creativity to my fullest potential, thanks to Pinterest. P.S. I posted a new blog post all about my daughter’s nighttime routine. The link is in my bio. 📝🖤
When it’s picture day at school and you try to get one good shot of your kids because they look so pretty, and even though all you get are goofy ones you smile because those photos are way more fun anyway. 😍
Love her hula hands and the movement in this image. Visit my blog to see the rest of this gorgeous family session as it is featured there this week. We got such beautiful light that evening. 🙌🏼 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #discoversandiego #lookslikefilmkids #letthekids #candidchildhood #thesincerestoryteller #thefamilynarrative #shared_joy #postthepeople #heaventhrumylens #theheartfulphotogs #sandiegofamilies #sandiegofamilyphotos #sandiegochildrensphotographer #sandiegochildphotographer #sandiegophotographer #darlingmovement #sandiegofamilyphotographer #rachelmanningphotography #sandiegophotographer #sdphotographer #sandiegofamilyphotography #childhoodunplugged
🌅 Sunset @lakezurichfit4mom workout with the little man. Love how he waved at the camera! 👋🏼📸❤️ #holdingmoonbeams
Hmm... how can I fit this entire pumpkin in my mouth... 💭
Hip Hip Hooray it’s FriYAY!!!!
Because dads don’t get enough recognition and this one happens to be my brother! We have come along way! I know photo sessions can be hard for everyone.. especially dads.. but when they do come and are apart of these moments, I promise they are worth it!
31 letters. 31 letters he wrote to his future wife starting back in 2013 before he even knew her name. She had never read them and he gifted them to her on the day of their elopement along with one last letter telling her that he had been praying for HER and writing to HER for years. This was one of those moments where tears were shed behind my lens as I witnessed and realized what a moment in their history I was documenting. So powerful. Romantic men do exist- wait for one like this.
Heyyyy Rylee...can you believe people still haven’t joined @stitchedbygrandma and @gingham.and.grace Facebook VIP? Hope they are ready for this amazing collab at 8 pm est tonight!
Perfect patch of golden light shining straight on the birthday girl? Yes please, I’ll have that. ✨ I’ll also have a pair of those sandals in my size. Babies be stylin’!
RIP 🙏🏽 to the best Grandma ever lived. : : Victoria Efua Beyesa Ellis ( I called you Mama Untie Vick 🤗😍) :
As a parent I have moments where I feel compelled to capture experiences for my boys’ future. Not because I want them to look at the past searching for happy moments, but because I want them to know where their passions in life began. His first time with his hands wrapped around the controls of an airplane. . . #dearphotographer #childhoodunplugged #candidchildhood #subjectlight #thesincerestoryteller #thebloomforum #cameramama #momswithcameras #kidsforreal #mom_hub #lookslikefilm #wildandfreechildren #thatsdarling #pixel_kids #humanedge #liveauthentic #documentyourdays #dearphotographer #heaventhrumylens #childofig #hooligansmagazine #clickmagazine #thehonestlens #shameoftheperfect #illuminatechildhood #illuminateclasses #mh_challenge247 #thedocumentarymovement #themonochromaticlens
Isn’t it fun to be a girl? That special feeling you get when you dress up in a pretty dress? ❤️This candid moment courtesy of @lauramcphoto , lovely backdrop is @storyoga , accessory by @treasuredpeach
Baby K 3.0 is on its way! . Now I can tell you all why I've been slacking so much in the social media and blogging world. I told myself this time around that I wouldn't let my pregnancy exhaustion get the best of me... And then it was the hardest first trimester I've had yet! I'm 11 weeks as of today and I'm pretty sure I'm finally on the upswing of sickness (knock on all the wood!). I'm just looking forward to the day when the thought of coffee doesn't make me want to throw up. . Caleb is pumped to have another little sibling and has already named it "Baby Trouble." . Josiah couldn't care less - even though he may end up having to share a birthday... The due date is only five days after his birthday! . Nate and I ask ourselves pretty much every day what we've gotten ourselves into and are ecstatic! . We wouldn't be us without a little bit of crazy thrown into the mix!
Gathering acorns on our walk and talking about nature 🌿 The last photo is them making lunch for the squirrels. The table is a Chick fil a lid they found on the sidewalk, it most likely fell out of our car 😂...then they put acorns on top and little flowers for the finishing touch 🐿
We go back to Washington in three weeks and I’m going to miss being able to wear dresses in October so much! We’ll only be there for two months though before they send us to Japan for another semi-long trip. Absolutely love this adventurous life with my little family and getting to share these experiences with my babies! We’ll be staying in Yokosuka so if you’ve ever stayed there or near there, give me all the recommendations of places to see! Also any tips on surviving a 10+ hour plane ride with a baby and preschooler are appreciated as well 😂
Annnddddd, someone's a party pooper. It's not like we have to leave the house again in 20 minutes or anything. 😏
My cute & messy lunch dates. ✌🏻❤️
• ✨📸: @candice.spiess • To me, this just feels like one of those timeless scene that could be re-created throughout generations • #ltbd_candice .spiess • Chosen by @whitneygirlee • ☀️Keep tagging #let_there_be_delight ☀️Share your feature and tag us in your story to invite your friends to the party🎉 ☀️Check in Sunday night for weekly themes • 💫LET YOUR {de}LIGHT SHINE✨ • • • • • • • #simplychildren #snaplovegrow #thecandidclass #thelifestylecollective #themindfulapproach #thenarrativesociety #thesincerestoryteller #the_sugar_jar #the_sweet_life_unscripted #treasuringlittlememories #wildandbravelittles #inbeautyandchaos #unitedinmotherhood #thebloomforum #momswithcameras #momtogs #heaventhrumylens
PUMPKIN | SPICE | LATTE - If only it was as easy to make Pumpkin Spice 😂. Just a bit of fun earlier when I had 5 minutes to spare! My musings today are that sometimes it’s not the parenting part of being at home with your little one that’s hardest, it’s the loneliness. I have felt so lonely today. Which I know might sound silly. But I ended up going to collect a parcel and then just taking F for a little wander around the shops just to be around other people. Does anyone else ever feel like that? I bumped into a lovely mum with a toddler and we had the nicest conversation. Yet again massively regret not getting her number 😂! But if you were the lovely mum with the toddler around the same age at the Quays today, then thank you for making me smile. I have been so lucky to have met some fabulous new mum friends through Instagram and I’m so lucky. But today was just one of those lonely days. I hope you can relate! #littlesnippetsofus #mumswhoblog #realityofmotherhood #channelmumvillage #habitandhome #mybeautifulmess #our_everyday_moments #eternalmotherhood #autumnflatlay #channelmum #mymamahood #joyfulmamas #honestlyparents #parenthood_unveiled #littleandbrave #acupofmotherhood #mynameismama #dailyparenting #motherhoodslens #motherhoodalive #toddlermom #raisingthefuture #mytinymoments #heaventhrumylens #memoirsofmotherhood #myhonestmotherhood #pumpkinpatch #nothingisordinary_ #littlebitsof_life #pumpkinspice
Still undecided on his costume 🤡!
Tempo para se refrescar e fazer uma pose pra foto 💦🤩
"A mothers greatest masterpiece are her children"
Nice quiet morning with some really neat books, we had a visit with friends and family as well ❤ check out stories to see what #books have been in our #morningbasket 📚 • • • #wildandbravelittles #verilymoment #learningathome #bookishplay #livingbooks #masterbooksinaction
A espera da Júlia 🎁
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