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Kiedy ponad dwa lata temu weszłam na forum matek rodzących w lutym 2017, nie spodziewałam się, ze zostaniemy jedną wielką rodziną. Powstała grupa 45 dziewczyn z całej Polski i nie tylko 🙂 To już nasze 2 rodzinne spotkanie 🙂 Przyjaźń internetowa istnieje ! 😃 Hello February to my 🙂 #przyjaźń #przyjaciółki #puszczykowo #zlot #spotkanie #matek #hellofebruary #friends #familyforever #instamateczki #matkiwariatki #kochamje #rozmowynocą
“The steps of the righteous are ordered” I believe In that so much. I also sincerely believe that God DOES delight when we do things his way. . . . Last month I decided to start job searching... I love the organisation I work for but there’s so much going on with it and it’s not within my field. Funny thing is, the first few jobs I applied for were the complete opposite of what I knew I wanted, needed and deserved, but I applied for one of them and of course I got it. . . . When I went in for my first shift, My Spirit was so uneasy. In fact, I left the premises immediately. Something wasn’t right... I got home that evening and I decided to take a leap of faith and apply for jobs that were in my field, jobs that at some point I even thought I was under qualified for, and when I woke up the next morning I had 3 interviews lined up. Sounds amazing right? Wait for it... . . . 1 of those interviews was for a huge company and the position they put me forward for was out of this world crazy. But again, my spirit wasn’t at ease.... I prayed! I called my pastors, but still there was nothing, I felt no peace. Eventually I decided to turn down the interview not knowing if such an opportunity would come again. . . . Then the next day I decided I would try once more, so again I activated my faith and applied for more jobs. Within the hour I received a call for an interview, and when they told me the company name, I almost cried! It was one I had been praying to work at for so long, one within my field and one I know I’m equipped for. I was so happy!! But they were looking to hire only 2 people out of so many applicants😫 And after 3 interviews with 6 different people (a long 2 week process indeed), I GOT THE JOB!!! . . . Today was my first day, and man God really showed out. I saw him in EVERYTHING! One thing this all taught me is of course to always keep the faith, and most importantly to be discerning of any and every opportunity that is presented especially after prayer. I realised that the devil heard me as well and that first job opportunity came from him, that why it looked so nice on the outside but who knows what was waiting for me on the other side.
Regrann from @farmasi.online.tr - #Repost @ezgicenar with @get_repost ・・・ Şubat'a Selaaam 🙋💗 . @farmasi.online.tr 'nin hediyesi 22 numara gül kurusu 🌹 Farmasi'nin doğallığını biliyorsunuzdur zaten, Temiz içerik isteyenlere tavsiye ederim. Benim için daha önemlisi Tek katta kapatıcı olması 👍 Çok sevdiğim farmasi danışmanı Özge'ye teşekkür ederim. 💕💕💕 Veeee @ojelerfora 'nın şubat etkinliğine gitsin bu gül pembe #guzel1gunden . . #farmasi #oje #22 #rose #hellofebruary @ojesizgezmeyenlerkulubu #ezgicenarfarmasi - #regrann
This week I will be showing you a selection of the items we are taking with us to @topdrawerlondon in September. First up is the mini bench, perfect for one bottom or as a little side table, complete with our signature style legs.
Monday Brunch #hellofebruary
Hello February. Opening page for my wedding month. #bujo #hellofebruary #doodles #plannercommunity
Unbelievable wedding at @WolfLakesPark a week ago ❤️ so happy to have been able to share this beautiful memory with these two ☺️ Thank you @MatrimonyMedia for such stunning pictures 💕 Team Photographer | @MatrimonyMedia Venue | @WolfLakesPark Hair | @HannahHartmannHair Beauty | @Premier_Beauty_Lounge Cake | @FrostedCakery #ruffledblog #weddingbee #trendybride #jumpthebroom #ido #love #beautifulbride #weddingbee
#Repost @ezgicenar • • Selaaam 🙋💗 . 22 numara gül kurusu 🌹 Farmasi'nin doğallığını biliyorsunuzdur zaten, Temiz içerik isteyenlere tavsiye ederim. Benim için daha önemlisi Tek katta kapatıcı olması 👍 . . #farmasi #oje #22 #rose #hellofebruary @ojesizgezmeyenlerkulubu #ezgicenarfarmasi
Tra la fine del 2017 e l’inizio dell’anno nuovo ho scoperto il bullet journal: amore a prima vista! 😍 Questa è la pagina realizzata per Febbraio (quelle precedenti mi son venute malissimo 😔) ~~~~~ Between the end of 2017 and the beginning of the new year I discovered the bullet journal: love at first sight!! This is the page created for February (the previous ones came out badly 😞) #bujo #bulletjournal #scribblesthatmatter #hellofebruary #2018 #cactus #lanè
Yesterday evening I was blessed with the opportunity to address a room full of beautiful women of colour. As I stood there staring at all of their faces while talking, all I could think was WOW! These are our world changers, future presidents, mothers and CEO’s in the making and some of them have absolutely no idea. . . . The truth is we think we are living for ourselves but we aren’t. There is an entire generation waiting on us to be bold enough to own who we are! Because in that, they are encouraged to do so themselves. . . . OWN YOU! Because no one can do you, like you. You are beautiful, you are enough and you are capable.
What’s your excuse today? It’s easy to say I’ll start tomorrow or I’ll start Monday, but how about right now. Your not going to get the results you want cheating yourself. Let’s hit these hills !!! #letsrockthesegoals #hellofebruary #fitness #health #motivation #run #train #weightloss #vegan #pescatarian #vegatarian #protein #highprotein #balanceddiet #healthyliving #exercise #gymlife #lifting #cardio #hiitworkout #nike #underarmour #asics #thickfit #womensfitness
When life gives you lemons, turn them into content. Quite literally aha! I’ve been squeezing my metaphorical lemons, and using the juice to spur me on in my spheres of influence. 🍋🍊 . . . . . #liveunscripted #thelifestylecollective #seekmoments #makeitblissful #theeverygirl #mymonthofsundays #simplepleasures #kinfolkstyle #shared_joy #mystoryoflight #morningslikethese #theartofslowliving #quietsaturdays #mybeigelife #onthebed #tinytinymoments #simpleandstill #daysofsmallthings #onthebedproject #hellofebruary #shadowplay
We’re already making holiday plans for next year!
“Not many people understand that it’s God’s plan to meet our needs, not many people understand that it’s God’s plan for us to have testimonies in our lives.” . . . God is so kind and gracious, that he guides us to favourable situations. Katalambano this word because there is a set time for Favour and your time is now. . . . God is going to exalt you. You will operate from a position of rest, praying from a mindset of thanksgiving. You have a full month to bask in God’s Favour. Enjoy every minute of it.
#hellofebruary Cocktails are dangerous because they taste like juice and all of a sudden you can't walk. 🍹 | Os coquetéis são perigosos porque têm gosto de suco e de repente não consegues andar. | #greenwidow 💚
#hellofebruary Have always wanted to read that piece, but its reviews are rather off-putting. After all, the weighty "Book of Disquiet" offers nothing but overthinking, anxiety, distress and sleepless nights... So, basically, it's like doing university again. (Pfff. Desafio aceito.) 📚
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