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I've been using herbal medicine to fight off cold after cold all winter.. and it's been working! This time I have the feeling my body just wants a couple days off. Maybe I should just let this one get me lol. Sore throat is here so I'm making lozenges and sipping brandy. #herbalmedicine #sorethroatremedy #herbalnerd
**FREE OILS** ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT For this month only, when you enrol with a 100 point order with doTERRA and then place a 100 point order for March - you will receive 100 points credited to your account to cash in for FREE oils/products in April. How awesome is that???!!! Message me if this sounds like something you want to take advantage of, so i can help you get started and set up a wholesale account for you! :)
May your life and that of your animal family members be free of worry and fear. Instead may you have happiness, good health and success throughout the year. Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year As the lunar year of the dog, and a holistic integrative vet who utilises traditional Chinese medicine; Chinese herbs, nutritional therapy, acupuncture and tui na massage into my patients care, I hope your dog (and other animals) family members get access to this incredible medical system this year To help celebrate TCVM I will be endeavouring to share some of my stories of success using Chinese herbs with my patients at my Integrative Vet Hospital, @allnaturalvet , over the coming months. 🐶❤️🌱 #yearofthedog #lunarnewyear #dogs #dogsofinstagram #catsofinstagram #herbs #herbalmedicine #holistic #veterinarian #sydney
I’m loving my fire cider so much, that I’m experimenting with making my own vinegar. I kinda mashed up a bunch of different techniques and recipes for this. Might be awesome, might be a colossal mess - looking forward to the results either way ✨🔮🍏 . Oh, and the tops for the jars are cheesecloth, hair ties and parts of an old t-shirt I cute up with some very dull scissors... I like to pretend I’m McGuyver while I’m kitchen-witching 😂 . . . . #firecider #applecidervinegar #wellness #health #organic #acv #tonic #herbalism #herbalist #guthealth #herbalmedicine #homemade #healthy #plantmedicine #mastertonic #fermentation #nutrition #apothecary #immunebooster #plantbased #foodismedicine #holistichealth #natural #diy #kitchenwitch #probiotics #healing #naturalmedicine #naturalhealing
Regrann from @alkaline_vegan_news - Dr. Sebi approved sources of iron are sarsasparilla, burdockroot, yellowdock, chaparral, blue vervain, bugleweed, red clover herb, quassia and dandelion root. These are among some of the many herbs I take daily, you may purchase Iron Plus at the Sebi store, which includes some of these herbs or you can make your own capsules. I have been making my own capsules for over a year now and while it is very time consuming it is a great way to save money. ________________________________________________________#drsebian #drsebi #food #healer #naturalremedy #herbs #minerals #nature #wakeup #toxins #herbalmedicine #gmo #organic #alkalinevegan #vegan #rawvegan #electricfoods #alkalineliving #plantbased #meditation #alkalineveganrecipes #veganrecipes #detox #veganfood #alkalinefood #drsebi #alkalinediet #drsebirecipes #wikileaks
I was never good at cooking pancakes before I went vegan but hey, these plant based alternatives turned out pretty well. 🌱
Lately I’ve had some slightly low blood pressure and the not so fun headache and dizzy feeling that comes with it, thanks #thirdtrimester 😅 . I found these recommendations for supporting the body during these periods and tried it the other day, wow! The dizziness and spots in my vision were gone super fast and I felt way more balanced. This trick is going to work well for balancing low blood pressure regardless if you are pregnant or not. . 🌿Start by applying a drop each of Rosemary and Cypress with FCO to the bottoms of the feet, follow with Balance over the arch of the foot and over the heart. Repeat these steps every hour until you feel better, it only took one application for me! . . Just through the end of February you can join my oil community with any starter kit and earn $100 back in March with a smaller second order! I would love to help you get started, feel free to send me a message or email at anorville88@gmail.com . . . . . #doterra #yleo #essentialoils #ameo
Supercharged bone broth: made with chaga and astragalus for a strong and spry immune system. The chaga I will remove, rinse, and freeze for a second and third use in future broths. #astragalus #foraging #wildcraft #wildcrafted #herbalmedicine #herbalremedies #chaga #mushroommedicine #makingmedicine #herbalism #herbalist #forestmedicine #bonebroth
I love it when cafes offer options. This ginger ale is sweetened with stevia - no sugar. It actually tastes very sweet (I would probably dilute it with some fizzy water) and the strong ginger flavor deemphasizes the stevia. In the Chinese pharmacopeia, ginger, known as sheng jiang, is used to support the lung (certain types of cough), spleen & stomach (vomiting and nausea) and also helps clear the very early stage of a common cold. #brucecost #sugarfreegingerale #sweetenedwithstevia #options #thankyou #foodmindfulness #sugaraddiction #foodcravings #waystation #berkeley #chinesemedicine #herbalmedicine #chinesepharmacopeia #acupuncture #chinesemedicine #mariebowseracupuncture #sweetenough
W H I T E S A G E great for cleansing the home, one's energy and germs in the air especially during this flu season. ___ B U R N B A B Y B U R N Hubby was hit hard this early A.M. instead of enjoying our beloved maker community, he rested, I saged and snugged on my girls. ___ Happy Sunday. May all you rest well on this Cancer driven DAY. ____ Somedays are just meant to S T A Y H O M E. #whitesage #sage #herbalmedicine
Follow @internalifeproducts “When you eat something, it’s broken down by your liver and digestive system,” says Heather Patisaul, Ph.D., an associate professor of biology at North Carolina State University. “But when you put something on your skin, there are times when it can enter your bloodstream without being metabolized.” Patisaul spends most of her time studying known and potential endocrine disruptors—chemicals that may mess with the function of your body’s reproductive and developmental hormones. She says rubbing something on your skin doesn’t mean all—or even any—of it will make its way into your bloodstream; it depends on the chemical. But blood tests show that many of the substances commonly included in deodorant products can, in fact, worm their way past the epidermis and into the body. Research shows that some compounds used in deodorant are absorbed and stored in fat cells, which are prevalent in the underarm area, says Philip Harvey, Ph.D., editor in chief of the Journal of Applied Toxicology. Your underarm tissue also contains hormone receptors, which could react to some of those same deodorant ingredients, Harvey says. For all these reasons, experts like Harvey and Many others are worried certain compounds in antiperspirant and deodorant could cause or contribute to developmental or reproductive issues, as well as cancer. Our natural crystal deodorant sticks are non-sticky, leave no residue, and contain no alluminum, parabens, alcohol, or any harmful chemicals. To purchase a 3 pack of our crystal deodorants just hit up the link in bio! Free shipping! @internalifeproducts Source: https://www.google.ca/amp/amp.timeinc.net/time/4394051/deodorant-antiperspirant-toxic ________________________________________________________#drsebian #drsebi #food #healer #naturalremedy #herbs #minerals #nature #wakeup #toxins #herbalmedicine #gmo #organic #alkalinevegan #vegan #rawvegan #electricfoods #alkalineliving #plantbased #meditation #alkalineveganrecipes #veganrecipes #detox #veganfood #alkalinefood #alkalinediet #drsebirecipes #wikileaks
Does this alarm you? It should. I found these toxic chemicals in almost every room of my home ~ including products I was using daily on my skin! 😬
I’m an all or nothing kinda girl so within a year it was all gone..... but it really doesn’t need to overwhelm you. Look at focusing on one thing or room at a time whether it be cleaning or skincare, your laundry or your makeup and start swapping things out or hey, learn how to make it yourself. It’s time to take charge of what enters our home and in turn enters our body. . Not sure if your products have any of these toxic chemicals? Download the “Think Dirty” app and you can scan the barcode of the product and it will give you a rating. You will be so surprised! #thinkdirty
Love, love, love the antioxidant rich pomegranate! It is such a beautiful fruit, packed with so many vital vitamins and minerals and antioxidants for optimal health. You can find pomegranate powder in our Green Elixir!
Hey South Florida and weekend binge eaters! When you're done stuffing your face with your favorite food, one thing you're not looking forward to is the possibility of heartburn.⠀ •⠀ 🔥If you feel like your stomach, esophagus and throat are on fire, not to worry. Here is my interview with @popsugar that can help take the edge off.⠀ •⠀ 🔥Sleep on an incline. Overeating can disrupt sleep and even cause insomnia. Use gravity as your friend and elevate the head of your bed to keep acid in your stomach. Lying flat on your back keeps your head and stomach level which can make heartburn feel worse.⠀ •⠀ 🔥Drink Throat Coat Tea . I recommend this herbal tea to anyone with heartburn or ulcers. Traditionally this is for sore throats but the mucilaginous herbs like slippery elm, coat the stomach and esophagus as well. Try and drink it lukewarm or cool.⠀ •⠀ 🔥Try Peppermint Oil If you want to go the herbal route try using a peppermint oil or peppermint tea. It helps with nausea, upset stomach, and all digestive disorders, Peppermint oil is great for digestive spasms. Peppermint oil is sold in special coated capsules to get into the intestines and bypass stomach acid. If you ate too much and cannot get to sleep, take a peppermint oil capsules or tea.It will help with gastric emptying and you won’t feel full. Peppermint is used in many Chinese herbal remedies for over eating.⠀ •⠀ 🔥Bitters. Bitters are a mix of carminative(digestive herbs) herbs. You probably have a bottle of bitters in your home or fridge. Bitters help with gas bloating and heartburn. They increase bile productions which will help with overeating and help digest food and fat easier. Bitters help with over eating, upset stomachs, food poisoning and nausea. I recommend if patients are out to head over to the bar if they have overeaten and get bitters, soda and lime which will help with sluggish digestion. ⠀ • ✏️Jen Glanz ⠀
Health is when the body, mind and soul are fully nourished and able to be in harmony. The natural nutrients and healing potential of the world around us is our greatest gift. ⠀ ⠀ Taking care of yourself is a radical expression of gratitude for this gift.⠀ ⠀ Live Life Irie. ⠀ ⠀ #Lifeliveirie #plantpower #plantsheal #naturalhealth #healthandwellness #cbd #cbdforeveryone #cbdheals #cannabis #alternativemedicine #selfcare #nutrition #nutrients #herbs #herbalmedicine #cannabisculture #cannabiscommunity #hemp #hempbased #healthyliving #lifeintune #gethealthy #selfcare #selflove #mindbodysoul
Brunchin for the Jerome Kersey Foundation: Children’s Dental Care! 🥂 A great time with some of my favorite Nurses and Physicians Assistants! Love these caring and selfless (and fun) ladies! I couldn’t stop talking about Chinese Medicine, and showed my friend who works with children how to get them to sleep by doing a wrist massage that uses acu points, and an alternative diaper rash salve made from millet (cool info thanks to one of my heroes Dr Satya Ambrose ND LAc) 💖💖💖 #dentalhealth #jeromekerseyfoundation #brunchfestivalportland #childrenshealth #pediatrics #acupuncture #chinesemedicine #holistichealth #holisticnutrition #homeopathy #herbalmedicine
Day 7of my #7dayvgangchallenge swipe left for more details ~~ Breakfast ~ 2x smoothie peach 🍑 banana 🍌 w raw Brazil nut 🥜 milk 🥛 swipe left for video tutorial on how to make any raw nut 🥜 milk 🥛 ~~ Lunch ~ x2 Granny Smith Apple 🍏 zucchini ginger juice 🥤 ~~ Dinner ~ strawberry 🍓 fennel juice a good refreshing drink the fennel gives a little bite on after taste it’s good, Tuscan kale, Portobello mushrooms 🍄 yellow bell pepper, quinoa & mango 😋 #drsebian #drsebi #food #healer #naturalremedy #herbs #minerals #nature #wakeup #toxins #herbalmedicine #gmo #organic #alkalinevegan #vegan #rawvegan #electricfoods #alkalineliving #plantbased #meditation #alkalineveganrecipes #veganrecipes #detox #veganfood #alkalinefood #alkalinediet #drsebirecipes #wikileaks ô¿ô™️ 🌱💯💋✌️
What you see, say and hear profoundly affects your mindset, behavior and mood! Every day we are flooded with images, words, conversations, and ideas. Hairffmations™ are the designed to support your positive healing potential. Naturie is here to help you change your hairstory.
✨ ATTENTION SHIFT WORKERS ✨ • I am hoping to focus my herbal medicine practice on shift work and the ways in which this effects workers physically and mentally. If you or someone you know works such a job I would love to meet and chat. I want to get a deep understanding of which aspects of your health and wellbeing are most impacted. From this I can effectively treat these concerns with plant medicines. Each volunteer will receive a free customized tea blend for their time. DM me for more information or to set up a meeting. Thanks so much!
Day 3 of my #7daychallenge of @myaplanet9 1st quarter challenge swipe left for more details ~~ Breakfast ~ 2x smoothie peach 🍑 banana 🍌 w raw Brazil nut 🥜 milk 🥛 swipe left for video tutorial on how to make any raw nut 🥜 milk 🥛 ~~ Lunch ~ x2 Granny Smith Apple 🍏 zucchini ginger juice 🥤 ~~ Dinner ~ strawberry 🍓 fennel juice a good refreshing drink the fennel gives a little bite on after taste it’s good, Tuscan kale, Portobello mushrooms 🍄 yellow bell pepper, quinoa & mango #drsebian #drsebi #food #healer #naturalremedy #herbs #minerals #nature #wakeup #toxins #herbalmedicine #gmo #organic #alkalinevegan #vegan #rawvegan #electricfoods #alkalineliving #plantbased #meditation #alkalineveganrecipes #veganrecipes #detox #veganfood #alkalinefood #alkalinediet #drsebirecipes #wikileaks #myaplanet9 ô¿ô™️ 🌱💯💋✌️
Herbalism has a rich, beautiful history and is once again finding a place in many modern homes. The herbalism revival that began in the 1970s has become a renaissance of renewed interest in the healing arts of the past. Now is a vibrant, exciting time to be an herbalist! Everyone joining us in our classrooms and in community, we thank you for paving the way for future generations. You are world leaders! . . . . . #revival #herbalrenaissance #renaissance #herbalismrevival #foraging #myherbalstudies #herbalacademy #herbalist #herbalism #materiamedica #botanicals #plantmedicine #herblove #herbalmedicine #artofslowliving #motherearth #naturesmedicine #loveyourweeds #backtoourroots #herbalists #plantlove #herbarium #herbstolove #medicinal #hebier
#Repost @lindseymeehleis (@get_repost ) ・・・ Repost caption from my beloved client @kristinhauser - So much YES!!! 💗✨ I don’t have all the answers. I’m not your savior or your guru. I won’t take away your own agency or authority, even though you may try to give it to me out of subconscious habit. 🔻 Culturally, we are indoctrinated to see medical professionals as authoritative figures. I am not at all invested in maintaining this patriarchal model in my practice. 🔻 Instead I want to call you into your inner authority. Your inner wise woman, who has the answers you need for your unique path. 🔻 I’ll walk with you on your journey. I may ask questions that evoke your own knowing. I may challenge your previously held notions about yourself. I may share from my own personal experience or years of study. I’ll connect with you in our humanness. I’ll collaborate with you for a new way of being. 🔻 🔻 🔻 #femininewisdom #wombwisdom #collaborative #womenshealth #wombhealth #wombmedicine #femininerising #tcm #acupuncture #herbalmedicine #priestesspath #menstrualhealth #periodpositive #midwifery #lifeofamidwife
I am so thankful to have juniper berries to eat and tincture. Barberry too. The microbial forms run through these stands since I was a little child. I've been around them for nearly three decades. I've used the tincture on strep throat for people who routinely get it in the winter months with great success. Antibacterial, anticatarrhal, antifungal, antineoplastic, antinociceptive, antiviral, carmitive, radical scavenger, stomachic. There are more. I use a 1:5 75 percent alcohol extract of berries year long. I also love powdering any part of the tree for a wound powder for mechanics, travelers, and hermits alike. Alcohol extracts show activity against 57 strains of 24 bacterial species in the following genera : acinetobacter, bacillus, brevundimonas, brucella, enterobacter, escherichia, micrococcus, pseudomonas, staphylococcus, and xanthomonas. Additionally, it inhibits 11 Candida species. I will have tinctures of this available on Etsy, and in person at the plant medicine tour. #diabetes #Candida #hapusha #dropsy #antibioticresistance #noraeffluxpumpinhibitor #johannawarren #plantmedicinetour #monoterpenes #carvacrol #juniper #plantmedicine #wisconsinherbalism #wildmedicine #juniperus #cupressaceae #herbalantibiotics #herbalantiviral #avoidhospitals #sacredplantmedicine #wild #wildcrafting #herbalism #herbalmedicine #free #treemedicine #antimicrobial #thujone
8 Ways to Raise Your Vibration _________ 1. Become conscious of your thoughts.  Everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality. Every single thought that comes into your head has an impact on you. 2. Find something beautiful and appreciate it.  Beauty is all around us, yet so often we walk around with our blinkers on. Stop rushing for a moment and take the time to stand in the sun and appreciate your surroundings. 3. Be conscious of the foods you eat.  Some foods vibrate at high frequencies, and some lower (broccoli has a high vibration as do blueberries; Big Macs don't vibrate at all ;-) 4. Drink water. Always ensure you drink plenty of water (filtered is best) to assist your body to flush out toxicity day to day.  5. Meditate. Meditation helps to calm your spirit down and put you in a peaceful state of mind. Just 10 minutes of meditation a day can change your life forever. 6. Be grateful. Making a gratitude list shifts your vibrations from focusing on what you don't have to what is already abundant in your life. 7. Practice acts of kindness. Giving to someone else (without expecting anything in return) shifts your thinking from “I don’t have enough" or "Woe is me", to "I have more than enough to give to others". 8. Get your blood pumping.  Vibration requires movement, the more you move the better your vibrations move. So Get Active! Dance! The happier you feel, the more you will draw happy experiences to yourself because you are operating at a different frequency.
Feeling a little under the weather? ⠀ A shot of @joshgitalis , #CNEprogram Instructor's, Fire Cider will get your immune system in gear to beat that cold or flu. This recipe is an example of what you can learn about using food as your medicine in the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program⠀ ⠀ #Repost #CNEprogram founder⠀ @meghantelpner ⠀ -----------------⠀ It’s called Fire Cider.⠀ 🔥⭐️🙈🤗🙊🙃⠀ Click more for the recipe!⠀ I wrote about it in this month’s @besthealthmag as an antidote to the holidays.⠀ I certainly didn’t invent this, but I will gladly be head cheerleader of The Fire Cider Squad.⠀ 🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️⠀ This super immune brew will help prevent and fight off the winter’s worst (but does not replace your regular dose of Vitamin D!).⠀ @joshgitalis and I teach this recipe as part of the @culinarynutrition Culinary Nutrition Expert program. ⠀ In here you’ll find onion, garlic, ginger root, turmeric root, horseradish root, and cayenne sitting in apple cider vinegar. Our brew is extra special this season as we used the apple cider vinegar that had been preserving our wild leek bulbs since last spring.⠀ Say it with me: KAPOW!⠀ Letting this beauty sit for a month and then.... Shots, shots, shots!!⠀ ⠀ #firecider #undietlife #loveinthekitchen #culinarynutrition #cneprogram #immunetonic #coldandflu #flushot #applecidervinegar #tonic #prevention #herbalmedicine #functionalnutrition
cold and wet Monday’s call for hot and spicy turmeric lattes at my desk x . turmeric is one of those magic spices with endless heath benefits! It’s anti inflammatory properties can assist a bloated tummy, a painful period and an arthritic toe! Best of all it can be added into your weekly meal plan! Hooray for food as medicine! . this week at AHARA HEALTH we have availabilities Friday morning and Wednesday afternoon ... email alyce@aharahealth.com.au for more info x . . . . . . . . . . . . #aharaheath #naturopath #nutrition #nutritionist #wholefood #realfood #turmeric #lovefood #foodasmedicine #herbalmedicine #newport #northernbeaches #homeremedies #smallbiz #ladyboss #wellness #healthclinic #lovewhatyoudo #rain #mondays
6:15 pm and it's just starting to get dark..😁😁😁 #springiscoming 🌸
I am absolutely thrilled to announce that my teacher, Vaidya Krishna Raju, will be coming to Australia very soon for his annual tour. 🇦🇺 The Raju Family are internationally renowned leading experts in authentic Ayurveda, treating thousands of people from all over the world for everything from prevention to the seemingly incurable. 🌿 Practicing for over 13 generations, their speciality is a most refined, accurate and comprehensive patient evaluation through PULSE DIAGNOSIS. This is valuable for those who desire a deeper insight into what is going on in their body and mind. It can reveal the underlying cause of disease and detect imbalances before they manifest into disease (prevention ✅). 🖐🏼 They also specialise in creating very effective and individualised treatments using precise knowledge and application of rare and powerful herbal formulas. 🌿 Another reason they travel the world is to offer the BANANA PURIFICATION - A Powerful Therapy for Promoting Perfect Health The is for ladies to powerfully cleanse the entire physiology and restore gynaecological health. It balances hormones, enhances fertility and profoundly purifies and detoxifies the physiology. Every woman here in Australia should take the opportunity to undergo the unique Banana Purification. People usually travel from all over the world to India for it. We have people coming from interstate and New Zealand for it. So if your in Australia on the dates (listed below), take advantage of it being offered so near to you!! This is one of the main reasons the Raju’s travel overseas. 💖 This will be a shorter visit, especially in Sydney with only 3 days of Private Health Sessions, which will book out! The other cities may very well follow, with limited time there also. There will also be a handful of intimate KNOWLEDGE SESSIONS. As part of the Vital Veda community, I invite you to book online promptly to secure a spot! Sydney: April 26 - May 1, Bondi Merimbula: May 1 - 3 Melbourne: May 4 - 7, Elwood Adelaide: May 7 - 9, North Adelaide 🇦🇺 💥BOOKINGS + MORE INFO - Link in Bio💥 #Vaidya #Nadi #BananaTreatment #AyurvedaAustralia
| I HEART ACUPUNCTURE | Have you ever tried Acupuncture before? It’s a weird thought, right? Asking someone to stick a bunch of pins into you while you have a nap sounds down-right odd! But honestly, it’s the bomb. Acupuncture works by fine-tuning your nervous and endocrine systems - basically the things that make your body tick. Acupuncture is a fantastic remedy for a whole range of problems - aches, pains, headaches, tummy issues, sleeping problems, lady (or dude) issues plus more. So if you're feeling stressed, having trouble sleeping or feeling a bit sore, it might be time to book in. What are you waiting for? Give it a go! 📸@_aacma_
My Amazon deliveries look a bit different these days....finally got this little gem 💎 #acupuncturestudent #herbalmedicine
used up 1 bottle (500ml) of Saint Charles Apotheke vitamin vital Tonikum with ginseng and guarana in last month. as i was purchasing I did not check the ingredients, it has alcohol in it. My bad 😔I really do not like alcohol in multivitamin juice. 😑will not repurchase. I use same type of product every winter for example Salus multivitamin energy tonic. #empties #beautycommunity #emptiesreview #notrepurchased #herbalmedicine #projectpan #projectpan2018 #empties2018 #emptiesreview #beautytrash #vitamins #immunesystem #immunity #immunbooster #cold #flu #projectpancommunity #homeopathy #saintcharlesapotheke #saintcharlesapothecary #saintcharles #homeopathy #useitup #herbalhealing #herbalhealth #multivitamins
I am so full of gratitude and joy!! Thank you so much to everyone who came out to Richters Herbs today!! We had a packed house! One of the largest turnouts they have ever had for one of their seminars. We ran out of chairs and handouts. Standing room only!! I am so grateful to do what I do and its my amazing community of supporters that enables me to practice this wonderful medicine and speak about plants. I can't thank you all enough! And a big shout out to Richters because that was an awesome experience! . . . . #herbalist #herbalmedicine #herbs #medicinalherbs #herbalclinic #wahm #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #localbusiness #medicinaltea #herbaltea #teablending #herbaleducation #richtersherbs #richtersevents #plantallies #herbaltalk #herbworkshop #richtersseminar #blessed
Interesting news for people 🙏⭐️ Photo by @acupower
Pro Tip: Carry Wildheart muscle rub on your adventures to optimize healing and reduce recovery time!❤️ . Utilizing anti-inflammatory essential oils from our muscle rub will leave you reenergized and ready for more... ⛹🏾‍♀️🏄🏼🚵 .
✨🏵️ NIGHT TIME RITUAL set ~ a self-care set for winding down at the end of the day ~ listed in my etsy shop, link in bio🏵️✨ . :: lately i've been getting serious about my morning and nighttime routines. mornings are water with lemon, yoga, journaling, and outside time. and night time is reading, self massage, tea, and yoga if i have time! this has helped me greatly cope with stress and digest my days and be more productive. . :: i'm now offering nighttime ritual sets to help you end your day with nourishing self-care rituals. set yourself up for the new morning with love! a set includes a 2 oz tin of bedtime balm, your choice of sleep or dream pillow, and a short zine filled with practices for better sleep and yoga poses to unwind 🌜💞🌠 . :: :: :: #herbalism #herbalmedicine #plantmagic #plantmedicine #herbs #sleep #bedtime #night #resteasy #zine #handmade #selfcare #selflove #ritual #witch #hedgewitch #wiccan
I love this quote. Too often we feel the pressure of having to have it all figured out. But doesn't that take some of the fun out of life if you already know everything you're going to do and be?⠀ ⠀ The truth is, if we keep tuning into our inner voice - our inner compass, and we keep making desicions based off what brings us joy and love - then wherever we end up is just perfect. And we get to have a some fun along the way too 🙏😉⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Image via @wearesoulsparks
💗Womens Pack 💗 - This beautiful pack includes a potion to anoint yourself with or anything associated with your magic work, a special blend of herbs to use as an incense or carry around with you in a medicine/ pouch bag to wear the energies of these amazing plant allies, and a crystal pack to work with the energies of these earth stones to help relieve and work with the energies of your cycle and the symptoms it can pose to your health and emotional wellbeing. - Do you get highly emotional just before and during your period? Do you have overuse that feel like they want to pop right out? Is your flow a heavy one or super light? Do you treasure your monthly cycle? - This pack is all about working with the energetic properties that Mother Nature has given us to help moderate your symptoms of bleeding, to help you flow and move with your body and what it needs, to help you emotionally and mentally with the balancing of hormones and help you love the gift you have been given 💗 - This pack and others are available on my Etsy shop but if you would like only one portion of the pack just send me a message and we can arrange that to happen 💗 Dani ✌🏻 xx - #plantmagic #plantspiritmedicine #herbalmedicine #herbalblend #energyhealing #crystalhealing #crystalpack #womensblend #potion #incense #herbalincense #magicpotion #vibrationalhealing #perthcreatives #handmadeinperth
we are minutes away from a batch of reishi-infused cocoa-pecan truffles #animalherbalist #herbalmedicine #forestwitch
Vital organ protection. Everybody at all levels need to run this herbal Supp for at least 1 month every quarter to help detox the liver and bring adrenal and thyroid back to homeostasis. . By far the most impressive Liver Detox formula on the market. . . #countnutrientsnotcalories #plantmedicine #herbalmedicine #detox #liverdetox #nutritionist #autoimmunedisease #fuckcancer #steroiddetox
Scientists from Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem studied 60 men and women who had been suffering from flu symptoms, such as aches, fever, and coughing, for up to 2 days. Half of the volunteers were given 15 milliliters (about 3 teaspoons) of elderberry extract, and half took a placebo syrup four times a day for 5 days. Those who received the elderberry reported "pronounced improvements" in their symptoms after 4 days (compared with 8 days for the placebo group) and used 74% less painkillers and nasal spray. Elderberry seems to prevent the influenza virus from latching on to cells. Other research has found that anthocyanins--antioxidants found in purple fruits such as elderberry--may have an anti-inflammatory effect comparable to aspirin, which could explain why the group taking elderberry experienced less achiness, pain, and fever. Scientists from Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem studied 60 men and women who had been suffering from flu symptoms, such as aches, fever, and coughing, for up to 2 days. Half of the volunteers were given 15 milliliters (about 3 teaspoons) of elderberry extract, and half took a placebo syrup four times a day for 5 days. Those who received the elderberry reported "pronounced improvements" in their symptoms after 4 days (compared with 8 days for the placebo group) and used 74% less painkillers and nasal spray. Elderberry seems to prevent the influenza virus from latching on to cells. Other research has found that anthocyanins--antioxidants found in purple fruits such as elderberry--may have an anti-inflammatory effect comparable to aspirin, which could explain why the group taking elderberry experienced less achiness, pain, and fever. #alkalinevegannews ________________________________________________________#drsebian #sebi #food #healer #naturalremedy #herbs #minerals #nature #wakeup #toxins #herbalmedicine #gmo #organic #alkalinevegan #vegan #rawvegan #electricfoods #alkalineliving #plantbased #meditation #alkalineveganrecipes #veganrecipes #detox #veganfood #alkalinefood #drsebi #alkalinediet #drsebirecipes #wikileaks __ Via: @alkaline_vegan_news
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Hot dogs pose such a great risk because they are loaded with carcinogenic ingredients. Of particular notoriety are nitrates and nitrites, two chemicals that, when heated, combine with amines to form nitrosamines, which have been proven to cause cancer. To clarify, nitrates aren’t intrinsically harmful. Many vegetables contain nitrates that convert into nitrites in the body. These nitrites are the building block of nitric oxide, which helps lower blood pressure and heals with anti-inflammatory properties. The nitrates found in processed meat, however, are synthetic, added merely to provide that attractive pink effect people like so much in a hot dog. When heated at high temperatures, a part of the manufacturing process of hot dogs, these nitrates create nitrosamines that inflict cellular damage and instigate cancer, especially stomach, colon, bladder, and pancreas cancers. Processed meats are also much higher in amines (the component needed to form carcinogenic nitrosamines) than are vegetables. Nitrosamines aren’t the only carcinogenic compound to be leery of. Meat cooked at high temperatures also forms other cancer-causing chemicals, like heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and advanced glycation end products (AGEs). Not to mention, what hot dogs are actually made of! Your typical hot dog is made from a ground-up mishmash of animal carcass, featuring animal feet, heads, entrails, fatty tissues, skins, and other slaughter by-products. To make the hot dog edible, food manufacturers add fillers, binders, flavorings, and preservatives that stimulate the carcinogenic effect. These ingredients hail from Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) that keep the animals in deplorable, unsanitary conditions, greatly compromising food quality. #alkalinevegannews ________________________________________________________#drsebian #drsebi #food #healer #naturalremedy #herbs #minerals #nature #wakeup #toxins #herbalmedicine #gmo #organic #alkalinevegan #vegan #rawvegan #electricfoods #alkalineliving #plantbased #meditation #alkalineveganrecipes #veganrecipes #detox #veganfood #alkalinefood #alkalinediet #drsebirecipes #wikileaks
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