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let me dream if I want it's not gonna hurt no one
Being still is not something I’m particularly great at - I like to let my mind wander. I can’t finish a book unless I’m obsessed. If I say I’ll be done in ten - double it - because my brain never shuts off and my feet aren’t far behind. But you know what? There’s not a lot of stuff that can reach you up here except mosquitos. So if this is what lost looks like, I can’t say I want to come down 🏔
Spent the weekend the right way
Happy Golden Birthday Sis ❤
- I never realized Wells Gray Provincial Park was so beautiful, because I’d only ever seen pictures of one of its many waterfalls and assumed that was all there really was to see. If you’ve never been, I think you too will be impressed with how many precious little pockets this area has, carved by volcanic and glacial activity. It boasts, not one, but dozens of stunning waterfalls and a deep backcountry that I would love to explore one day . . We came out here on a whim during our trip, but riding our bikes through the winding mountainous road leading through the area was one of the highlights of the trip for me. Can’t wait to do it all again one day.
Roadtripping through stunning Oregon coast🤙🏼 Would love to hear your local favorites to visit! We wanted to hike Columbia River Gorge, but so sad a lot of them are closed.. #oregoncoast #oregonexplored #oregonlife #exploreoregon #cascadiaexplored #earthoutdoors #pnwonderland #pnwlife #herpnwlife #pnwdiscovered #sonyalphasclub #cannonbeach #getoutdoors #ourcamplife #worldtravelbook #timeoutsociety @instagood #thephotosociety
She had this way of always finding the good and believing in everything despite all that she had seen. And that is what I loved the most - the pure magic of her undying hope. #herpnwlife #hikingculture #thatgirlwithallthosedogs #adventurewithdogs
This Monday sure feels like Monday. 😞 But no freight, going to turn this day around! Looking towards the week and all it has to offer, even if it’s my last week with @jareberfergy before he leaves. 😭 Here’s to making the most of our limited weekend! #mondaymotivation #vancouver #marriedlife #pnw #britishcolumbia #pacificnorthwest
It was a little windy at the coast yesterday.
Be weird. Break the averages. They don’t really exist anyway. Captured by @standinginmotion 📍Mount Robson ---------------------------------------------------- To be featured follow us @her.pnw.life & tag photos #HerPNWlife ---------------------------------------------------- Attention to our MEN followers: I will post your "feature-worthy" photos ONLY if they have girls/women captured in them, since our community page is dedicated to them. - @katerina4t ---------------------------------------------------- #BeautifulBC #wanderfolk #LiveAuthentic #PNW #upperleftusa #ThatPNWlife #packandgo #pnwonderland #explorecanada #wilderness #mountrobson #sunshine #peaceful #neverstopexploring #liveoutdoors #ipreview @preview.app
This is why I LOVE FB memories ❤❤❤ Today is the anniversary of the day we bought our first home! Our first few years of marriage were a whirlwind. It was always exciting but if I'm being honest pretty exhausting too. This year we found ourselves in some what of a rut. Coming home exhausted every night staring at the TV eating blizzards and watching the same episode of The Office we've seen a billion times (we can't be the only ones 🤣) We weren't miserably unhappy but we both knew deep down that we wanted more. We've grown more this year as a couple than in the previous SEVEN! And guess what?! We want to show you how we did ❤ We'll we going live on Instagram at 7 PM to share our experience! #marriagegoals #firsttimehomebuyers #marriedmybestfriend #theoffice
Happy Monday friends! 🌿 Been flying through stickers this weekend as I do art shows, so just a reminder that this one is available if you love the Pacific Northwest! 💚 This is Washington State - I painted it after a trip to beautiful Olympic National Park, and some traveling through this gorgeous state by train! What other states should I paint & make into stickers?! 🤔 . . . . #pacificnorthwest #pnw #pnwisbest #washington #pnwonderland #pnwlife #pnwlove #upperleft #upperleftusa #pnwgirl #herpnwlife #pnwcollective #seattle #olympicnationalpark #keepseattleweird
morning view on point🌲☕️ - - one of my favorite things is to watch the morning fog lift over the trees; absolutely beautiful & soo peaceful.✨wonderful weekend to start a positive week! __________________________________________ #thatpnwlife #Washingtonstate #PNW #pnwlove #pnwwonderland #northwestisthebest #adventure #thenwadventure #nrthwst #healthyliving #pnwpride #peacefulmind #healingvibes #pnwdiscovered #backpackingadventures #northwestcreatives #pnwlife #backpacking #washingtonexplored #herpnwlife #mountaingirls #upperleftusa #wanderlust #outdoorwomen #herwanderfullife
Explored the northeast side of hood on Sunday. It was so peaceful! We had the trail to ourselves most of the way up. It’s those little moments of solitude that motivates me to get out in nature each time ☀️
Dear Oregon, Let me take the time to thank you. Your beauty has captured my heart countless of times. Through the seasons you’ve brought me to my knees. In the mountains I’ve learned how to pray. Down to the beach you’ve shown me peace. In the dreary rain you taught me to look for rainbows. We’ve picked pumpkins, played in fall leafs, and cut down Christmas trees. Your waterfalls have become a part of me, as I close my eyes I see them in my dreams. - As I reflect on how you’ve shaped me to be, the love for the outdoors is rooted in me. You’ve been a safe haven though I slowly feel as if I’m letting go. You’re where I was grown but we both know Heaven is my only home. Trust me as I go to make God’s Kingdom known. This may be bittersweet as I leave, you’ll always be a part of me. With all my love, Cait
Ponies of the Palouse. We drove through this beautiful area of southeastern Washington on our way home from Montana, making several stops to explore. These horses were too beautiful to pass up. That light spotted roan in front... 😍 ____________________________________________ #washingtonexplored #upperleftusa #stayandwander #washingtontrails #exploretocreate #cascadiaexplored #pnwonderland #pnwdiscovered #herpnwlife #thenwadventure #horsesofinstagram #palousescenicbyway #palouse #ournaturedays_5k #ourplanetdaily #lf10k #earthoutdoors10k #earth_shotz #artofvisuals #the_folknature #onlyinwashington #landscapephotography #mountainstones #visitpnw #landscape_captures #naturephotography #natureaddict #folkscenery #wanderwashington
“You can tell who the strong women are, they are the ones you see building up one another instead of tearing each other down.” Mt Adams Summit 12,280ft elevation with these two rad ladies. @farzamsedra @hollapop Such a great weekend adventuring and building friendships!
Swipe ⬅️ to see the amazing panoramic view from the summit of Elk yesterday with @tinabobina119 .⛰ . #mountainmonday #view #hike #hikingnow #hikingadventures #girlswhohikebc #hikesnearvancouver #hike_bc #sharechilliwack
Cooling off
Yesterday I went up to Muir with a couple girlfriends and saw a #choosemountains hat up there and met a guy that follows CM. It’s so cool that wherever I go, I get to meet people from our little tribe in all places. So much gratitude for all of you who have been supporting our brand in all places!!! . . ❤️ @tiarevincent
This morning I said ‘goodbye’ to my momma. My muse. My biggest believer. We’ve done it before, making our hugs last for thousands of miles, but it just never seems to get any easier. Here I am giving mom the best send-off I know how to give someone; overlooking Washington’s green forests, breathing in the mountains together one last time, and laughing about the silliest of things. 📷: @thebearded_mr.bear #backhometowisconsin #mountainfarewell
We had one beautiful sunset in the desert before waking up to it being smoked out. I’d say campfire season is officially over. But on the bright side sleeping in this place for the night was so peaceful. Even the coyotes howling in the distance. 💕 . . . . . pc: @adamcharlescheek Follow @cheeksunfiltered for more photos + video from our adventures. ☺️ naturallyinspiredphoto.com
“This weekend, as we sat high atop a rocky outcrop on the Olympic peninsula, at the gateway to the mountains, ocean to our right and peaks stretching as far as the eye could see to our left, I said - you know, I love the ocean, I was raised on the ocean, but I would take a mountain over the ocean any day. The mist swirled around us, obscuring snow capped crags from view and we were engulfed in a cold tinged cloud for only seconds as it blew over us and into the sky beyond. For me sailing was like being raised in the church - I only needed to strike out on my own before I inevitably found my own religion. When I am in the mountains, whether I am climbing or simply walking through, my spirit is on fire.” . Excerpt from the most recent video I put up on our IGTV channel - there’s a link to the channel in our profile! There is nothing like enjoying the sunset over a sea of clouds, mountain islands in the distance, from the extreme coziness of your @enlightenedequipment quilt! Pure bliss.
A view from our campsite on Saturday night at Heliotrope Ridge on Mt. Baker.
Interested in hearing our "Let's Move to Oregon" story, link in bio. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Long story short: We were born very far from where we are meant to be and we found our place in Oregon. We left our home, family, friends, and jobs to go to a land where we have none of those things. .⠀ .⠀ It took us 5 days to drive out and we are here making our dream happen. We scheduled it and made it real! ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ More details and photos in blog. Thank you in advance for checking it out. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #oregonexplored #oregonlove #oregon #pnwwonderland #herpnwlife #pnwvibes #wishyouwerenorthwest #adventurenorthwest #nrthwst #welcomehome #takerisks #justgo #letsgo #findyourcalling #letsexplore #exploreoregon #explorelife #marriagegoals #husbandandwife
These mountains make my heart happy 🌲
I could stare at mountains like these all day 😍
Fort Yamhill was an American military fortification in what became the state of Oregon. Built in 1856 in the Oregon Territory, it remained an active post until 1866. It now stands in Dayton, Oregon in Courthouse Square Park and is an amazing sight to see! 💛
The sun rises over Emerald Lake. The wisps of soft rays and fresh mountain air slowly brings back to life the colors of the lake that have slept for the night. <>
Mountain Monday 🗻
think big, do big | #monslay
Dealing with an injury is definitely not what I expected to be doing at the beginning of summer with so many adventures planned and goals to work toward. It sucks. A lot. However, because of the forced break from running and hiking (minus Friday’s PNWOW event), I’m finally able to focus a little more on rock climbing, something I’ve desperately wanted to get better at over the past two years but haven’t really because I’ve been more focused on running and training for races, or climbing as many volcanoes as possible. I’m actually using my gym membership again, and we were even able to fit in some outdoor climbing last week! I definitely want this tendon in my foot to heal up quickly, but it’s nice to know I can still work toward other goals and improve my skills in another area in the meantime ❤️ Now it’s off to the climbing gym! ——————————————— 📷: @mackrobertson
"Don't be afraid to stand out" -Britt Nicole
There are so many viewpoints along the way on the 101. You can choose whenever you want to stop! This photo was taken with my new Canon Rebel!
“there are mountains growing beneath our feet that cannot be contained all we've endured has prepared us for this bring your hammer and fists we have a glass ceiling to shatter” Rupi Kaur
Pretty sure 🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏼‍♂️ live in these flowers...
It’s that cup-filling, soul-feeding, heart-warming, laughter-ringing kind of time when you get just the right collection of girlfriends together. Thankful to have you all as my sister tribe here in the PNW. 💞 . . . . . . . . . . #thatpnwlife #theNWadventure #pnwonderland #pnwcollective #folkgood #lifewithoutlimits #xpnw #northwestisbest #meetthemoment #pnwisbeautiful #herPNWlife #radgirlslife #darlingweekend #thehappynow #wandeleurspark #flashesofdelight #liveauthentic #nothingisordinary #finditliveit
Sharing a moment while surrounded in a cove of calm waters. “And this, this is where we call home sweet little one.” #BestBuds
Feeling freedom💫 . Я бы точно не смогла отнести себя к людям, которые предпочитают пассивный отдых. Поэтому, почти каждая неделя у нас забукирована на кемпинги и трипы. Уже на следующей неделе, мы отправляемся в долгожданное путешествие по штату Орегон🇺🇸 так что, впереди будут репортажи с поездки.😁 . А на фото Ross lake, на котором мы сегодня кемповали, area нам очень понравилась. Красиво, и дикие зверюшки рядом с палатками ходили😃 Думаю, сюда мы ещё позднее вернёмся.
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