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T W O || where did the time go? Evie has been the most incredible addition to our family. She has challenged every aspect of me and my parenting and her love is pure and sweet. Her strawberry hair, blue eyes, and little chick lit teeth continues to make me say “ok” way more often than I should. She is our passionate, fearless child and we wouldn’t have her any other way. HBD Evie Girl, look out world here she comes!
Rain, rain go away we want to be outside today... #isla_by_the_window #fortyfourweeksold #ourislamaeve #islagram
It makes me sad when mamas say they’re “just” a stay at home mom. Don’t belittle yourself to others or make this seem like a small job. Being a parent is the biggest job in the world, whether you work away from home or not. You’re “just” raising a living breathing human being. You’re doing a lot of good work. You’re enough. 💛 . . . . #momlife #uniteinmotherhood #thatsdarling #ohmamamoment #feelthefeelings #littlestoriesofmylife #documentlife #everydaymoments #holdthemoments #letthekids #letthembelittle #honestmotherhood #ohheymama #motherhoodsimplified #myhonestmotherhood #momentsinmotherhood #littleandbrave #candidchildhood #kidsforreal #thatauthenticfeeling #seekthesimplicity #teammotherly #motherhoodinspired #darlingdaily #liveauthentic #bestofmom #simplychildren #dearestviewfinder #bloggermom
Happiest little guy ☁️
// Love my bed-time routine with my girl with endless conversations, questions giggles, laughter, hugs, snuggles, cuddles, kisses & books.😁😘🤗📚Thank you @totshotsbyanubha for capturing such priceless moments for us.💕Which photo is your fav (1 or 2?) . . . #twinning #toddlermomlife #mamarazzi #holdthemoments #our_everyday_moments
If you've watched my stories recently, you'll know this kid LOVES being outside. Within ten minutes of waking up, he's taking me to the front door & grabbing at the knob. It is the cutest thing, and great for so many reasons. But most days we just can't in the morning, and telling him that breaks my heart. . Well this morning was no different, and I started explaining all the reasons why we couldn't. Like he needed to eat breakfast, get dressed and most importantly he needed his shoes. Not even a second after I said that, Noah walked over and grabbed both shoes, and then handed them to me. Never has happened not even once. Ah! I'm so happy and amazed by this one. It just shows how smart and capable he is, but also so stubborn.. of course not just like his mama 🙈 I'm holding this little dude more accountable. If he can follow simple directions when it's something he wants, then he can do it for all the other things he doesn't. Welcome to the facts of life little man 🖤
Missing those Florida vibes, but the sun is shining in WV, it feels like Spring, and I plan on spending the entire day outside ☀️
The secret is out... heat-treated flour is safe for your family and the perfect way to enjoy a delcious raw cookie dough recipe. #forthemomentsthatmatter
Becoming a team. Looking at these words and photo story in print reminds me only too well how amazingly strong and beautiful the family unit can be...especially for this family who’ve featured in the spring issue of @junomagazine #ilovemyjob #thepeopleimeet #mylifeasaphotographer
🚨New hobby alert!🚨 I’ve started a bullet journal! #SLAHomework I’ve started it as a new hobby as well as a mental wellness strategy. - I’m adding this on top of my regular journaling. I love love love it so far. It really helps keep my mind busy while being super enjoyable. - Would you be interested in seeing some of my actual pages?! Do you bullet journal? Any ideas of what pages I should do next?! I could really use the help lol - - - - - #flatlays #flatlaystyle #flatlaytoday #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bulletjournaljunkies #lifestylebloggers #lifestylebrand #documentyourdays #inbeautyandchaos #postitfortheaesthetic #instabloggers #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #selfloveisthebestlove #lblogger #feelfreefeed #problogging #photosinbetween #holdthemoments #personaldevelopment #selfhelp #bloggervibes #bosslady #ontheblog
Today calls for overnight oats and coffee in bed with extra snuggles with my girl and sleeping in late! - Yesterday I had this moment while I was starting to become frustrated with my inability to get work done and a clingy baby that...she’s only little once. Work will always be there. But this sweet baby girl who just wants to snuggle with mama and play and laugh will only be this way for so long. So I closed the computer and played peek-a-boo for who knows how long because it makes her laugh so hard.
With the rain or with the sunshine... we just want to walk with our yellow boots ☀️☔️ @hunterboots #yellowboots #rainyday #toddlerfun
We see you Thursday sun!! This weather has Vancouver coming ~alive~ and just like that, we remember why we pay exorbitant rent to live here ✌🏻💸
Chester is just so damn pretty🌸
M y l i t t l e m a n • I’m Nikki, mummy to my gorgeous 17 month old Reef who wears a size 2, and five week old Oakley who is rocking 0000. My golden haired, blue eyed boy has the biggest personality and loves striking a pose. My little newbie is just delicious and will quickly discover his mums love of dressing up and snapping moments. I know my little men would be the perfect pair to showcase your beautiful pieces and help your kidlette store stand out from the crowd. We would love to be considered 😍
Beautiful days ☀️
SUNSHINE in human form ☀️
Why so serious?
¡Rápidas, prácticas y eficaces! 😍 Nuestras toallitas desmaquillantes especiales para pieles maduras contienen extracto de té verde y granada, con propiedades antioxidantes que respetan el equilibro de las pieles maduras ❤️ ¡Te van a encantar! 🙌🏻🙆🏻‍♀️ #Byphasse #CuidaTuPiel #HechoEnUnio ́nEuropea
😄FIVE MONTHS😄 with our chatty child! It feels like she learns a new skill daily at this point. She loves to experiment with the sound of her own voice and seems to understand the various tones of ours. She is getting close to sitting up on her own and can purposely bring objects to her mouth. She sticks closer and closer to a routine, which is super amazing for planning things. She is finallyyyy chunking out, full of the squishiest rolls, and her hair is really growing in in the fluffiest of fashions. She’s also gaining muscle as she is figuring out how to actually jump, rather than waddle, in the jolly jumper. I could list a cajillion things at this point, so to sum up: she is such a huge blessing in our lives! #oursunshineonacloudyday
Todo lo que necesitas para definir tus ojos de manera efectiva y sencilla es el Eyeliner Pen 😍 ¡Te encantará su color negro intenso! 😉🙌🏻 #FlormarEcuador #MakeUpLovers #FlormarLovers #ColorForEveryYou
most people’s bucket lists contain secret waterfalls, beach destinations + big cities. most of mine are abandoned places in the middle of nowhere. also, today marks thirty two years since the accident in #chernobyl i have a story on my blog today about my adventures there + my submission for the #nytimestraveler position. from over 13,000 submissions i was in the top 139. head over to check it + photos. like, if you want. #linkinbio @chernobylwelcome #abandonedferriswheel
HEY, FRIENDS! just wanted to thank the those of you who've supported my little online e-book shop these past few days! y'all have pushed me to keep growin & keep pushing the limits within my entrepreneur journey. i am V thankful 2day!
頹阿達 厭倦
Привіт! Давайте допоможемо вдосконалитись один одному🙏🏼 . Кожен хоче вжосконалюватись і виправляти свої помилки у веденні інстаграму. Зізнаюсь, я теж! Причому дуже😌Часто мене навідують думки, що «щось не так», а що саме фіг поймеш🤷🏻‍♀️Тому, спробуємо провести інтерактив😌Допоможемо вдосконалитись один одному і додати трішки мотивації! . Правила прості: 🌿Залиш коментар «Хочу вдосконалюватись» ( залишати можна безліч разів, таким чином, зможеш дізнатись думки багатьох) 🌿Обов‘язково дай відповідь на коментар попереднього учасника! 🌿Без образ! Давайте радити конструктивно та обгрунтовано!❤️ 🌿Перерахуй сильні і слабкі сторони профілю😌Щоб ви змінили? . Я теж буду брати участь! Дуже мені хочеться копня під зад😂😁 . І так, розпочнемо?❤️
A few April favourites 🌿🍃
and just like that we are seven, S E V E N, months old Sweet baby girl, everyday your personality shines through and makes my heart grow bigger than I could ever imagine! You change the world with our smile Happy 7 months little one ❤️ . . . . #babieswithstyle #adorablebaby #babyoftheday #babysmiles #sevenmonths
What is the messiest thing your kid has gotten into? 😬 I’ve heard some pretty fantastic horror stories.
¿Aún no has usado nuestra #PraktiAmpolla Oleo Esencial?¿Qué estás esperando?🙆🏻‍♀️ Te encantará ya que ayudará a revitalizar y acondicionar tu cabello, dándole elasticidad y brillo natural 🙌🏻 ➡️Aplícala en tu cabello lavado y húmedo, déjala actuar de 3 a 5 minutos y enjuaga. ¡Tu cabello lucirá más que hermoso! 😍😍😍 #DuoTips #ReparaTuCabello #PraktiAmpollas
Nothing makes me happier then a smiling babe on our blanket!! 😍 I mean it doesn’t get sweeter then this!! // Tap to shop // @darin.is.a.girls.name . . (USA) Text “MILESTONE” to 81680 for a 20% off coupon! Then receive exclusive sales and coupons // outside of the USA? Send us a DM! . . . ✨✨ Earn points! Comment on and LIKE this photo for a chance to win a $50 shop credit each month. I’ll choose two winners each month- must be following me to win ✨ . . . . . #smallbiz #instagramers #friends #instadaily #igers #instalike #etsy #shopsmall #love #instagood #cute #follow #picoftheday #summer #fun #babyblankets #newbornpics #newborn #trendybaby #trendybabies #mommylife #momlife #babiesofinstagram #babyshower #shopsmall #momswhohustle #newbornprops #lightinspired #holdthemoments #darlingmovement #letthembelittle
Today is a family “almost whole day off together!” David has been working over 12 hr days, so this morning, it’s nice to see him and wake up next to him. . Every morning Oliver comes in our bed and this morning he said, “dada” and wrapped his little arms around him. . I’m looking at today with the biggest smiles, even though he goes back into work at 8p today, it’s still lovely to get this time together.
You guys, Klos + Co is officially ONE YEAR OLD (and a couple days, oops)! I started this small shop to take my love of bows to a new level, starting with pompoms, to bow bags and now I’m finally making fabric bows and I’m so excited for you to see them! I’ve also expanded Klos + Co into a blog and social marketing company, which has allowed me to be involved with a local company @suga_mamas_bakery So here’s one of her gorgeous cakes to celebrate! Thank you so much for following along! Stay tuned for a fun giveaway!! 🎉 #businessbirthday #one #klosandco
Who saved who’s life?! She did! She gave me life #momlife ❤️ ... ... ... Outfit @target @pkxyooj
Modeling for mommy while jumping in puddles - win, win!
Рівно за тиждень ми сядемо на поїзд разом з моїми нитками, бавовняними тряпочками, керамічними горнятами, псом, кольоровими олівцями, лляними сукнями та книжками. І поїдемо з Києва назустріч своїм мріям. #livelittlethings #woodenwoodha #moodybynature #mylovelyhome #holdthemoments #lovelysquares #still_life_gallery #aquietshadow
The only motivation I had to pack last night was that we get to head to one of our favorite spots today, which will consist of smelling like too much sunscreen, sand stuck in between our toes and days of carefree family time which we couldn’t be more excited about! What are some of favorite travel/beach tips with kids???
Happy tears were shed this week. Thank you Jehovah God for listening to my prayers. Forever thankful.
This week Kay Richardson @ideaignitor told us about how influential some of her teachers were in her life. Even during hard circumstances, she had teachers that believed in her and all that she could accomplish and encouraged her.⠀ ....⠀ With their encouragement, and a WHOLE LOT of hard work, Kay overcame so many difficulties to complete her education and start her own business. (If you want to hear more there is a link in my bio to her episode).⠀ ....⠀ When I think back on the teachers I had, there were many who were wonderful and encouraged me in so many ways. But the absolute best teacher I ever had was Mlle. Morency, and I was lucky enough to have her for Kindergarden and Grade 2. 30 years later, she still sticks out in my mind for her kindness and how much fun she made learning.⠀ ....⠀ Who was your favorite teacher and why?⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀ #pursueyourpassion #makeitwork #thethingsshedoes #womensbest #balancedlife #dreamers #chaseyourdreams#literalmomgoals #joyfulmamas #motherhoodinspired #motherhoodinstyle #momliferocks #rawmotherhood #keepingitreal #candidmotherhood #thisismotherhood #unitedmotherhood #momgoals #modernmom #holdthemoments #honestparenting #teammotherly #teachersdiary #educators #teaching #influencers #encouragers #teacherslife #teacherstyle #podcast
Thoughts While Deep Cleaning And Organzing MG’s Apartment 1. This is going to be slightly challenging, but I think it’s safe to say I’ve procrastinated long enough... I mean come on do you really want to keep coming home to a messy apartment? 2. How on earth did I accumulate all this and where on earth do I begin?! Which room do I start? Why did I buy this again? Do I seriously really need this? Really Grace... 3. Organized bathroom, loads of laundry, donation bags filled... small victories and more to accomplish. After, you treat yo self by dancing 🕺🏽 #springcleaning #liveunscripted #flowervault #travelbymgl
C A R N I V A L T-shirt’s are HERE! Come by the bakery to pick up your pre order 🎉🎉 if you still need one come and get it while supplies last! #sugamamasbakery #stthomascarnival
You know this, Mama! 🤣❄️☕️ \\ Tag a mom whose sipping on cold brew too! 👯‍♀️ #gritandgracelife
Wenn sich die Fliegerbombe als Stein entpuppt, es dann aber schon zu spät zum Losfahren war und du jetzt frei hast. 👌🏼
cr: Follow @preciouslittlebabies for more baby pics every day! Tag a friend 👏 Source: @perfectbabies
Do you blog? Need headshots or website photos? I’m your girl 🙋🏻‍♀️
Ohh Spring. I See Your Finally Ready To Show Your Self. Please Don't Trick Me! & Stay For A While. ✨ . . . . 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 #literalmomgoals #joyfulmamas #legitmomstyle #motherhoodinspired #motherhoodco #motherhoodinstyle #momtographer #momliferocks #inspirationintheeveryday #dailymotherhood #rawmotherhood #candidmotherhood #momsirl #thisismotherhood #unitedmotherhood #slowmotherhood #bloggermom #momgoals #modernmom #momcrushmonday #holdthemoments #honestparenting #nestingly #teammotherly #mommasheart #lovemomblog #kids #momstyle
seriously one of my favorite things right here. capturing moms and their littles brings me so much happiness.
This past weekend I went to a coding event with @flatironschool and made art with code!! We only wrote a few lines, but now I'm hooked and already looking into more classes. Find out more about #FlatironSchool in today's blog post and about the scholarships they've teamed up with @facebook and @houurbanleague to give away!! #linkinbio
Learning from an actual doctor how to check the ears 😝
This little girl is my everything...We’ve been enjoying the warm fresh air the past few weeks, and I am soaking up these lazy days. In a few short months, I’ll be back into the chaos of working, so I’m trying to take full advantage of these slow moving days while I can 💕🌿
Thursday heyyyyy 👏🏻👏🏻
Tried rock climbing tonight despite my cray cray fear of heights and I had the best teacher! 😋 —————————————————————- #eatclean #eatlocal #healthyeating #vegan #paleo #fitquote #fitnessmotivation #nutrition #whatveganseat #fitspo #getfit #goalsetting #youcandoit #fitnessgoals #trainhard #noexcuses #fitfam #fitnessaddict #girlswholift #petitejoys #darlingmovement #bloggersgetsocial #holdthemoments #livethelittlethings
I sweetened up my short work trip to Chicago by spending the night at The Robey Hotel in Wicker Park. Thinking about writing a blog post about my stay...🤔
"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." – Albert Camus Die Natur ist nie so stark in Bewegung, wie im Herbst. Es scheint so, als würden die Bäume mit ihrem Leuchten ihr Dasein feiern ohne Furcht vor dem kommenden Winter und ohne verzweifeltem Festhalten am vergangenen Sommer. Die fallenden Blätter verzaubern mit ihrer farbenprächtigen Vielfalt und laden zu einem frühlingsgleichen Tanz in eine neue Zeit mit ein. Schaut! 🍂
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