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Не придумал подпись, поэтому можем просто посмотреть на jdog'а #jdog #hollywoodundead #hu #what #что
Just chilling. Jamming out to music. #HollywoodUndead #hu5
Whenever this song comes on... I'm reminded of how much I want to fly way up in the sky. #sucidalthoughts #selfhate #bullet #hollywoodundead
Big mouth
@hollywoodundead has got to be one of the top funnest bands I have attended to date and going forward in the future. This finishing moment with @therealcharliescene and @dylan_alvarez_15 during their closing song "Can You Hear Me Now?" at @stageae in Pittsburgh, also a favorite of mine. Never turn down an opportunity to see them live, I would bet odds are you will not be disappointed. #charliescene #charliescenehollywoodundead #dylanalvarez #funnyman #hollywoodundead #dayofthedead #canyouhearmenow #stageae #stageaepittsburgh #greatnightwithgreatfriends #greatnightforarockshow #pitlife #frontrowattgerockshow #frontrow #viewfromthepit #rocksnotdead #metalsnotdead #concertshots #concertphotography #showpics #pitpics #lookingforabreak #willtravelforphotos #freelanceforhire #shootingforachance
Rolling like a celebrity! #hollywoodsign 📸 @vitopalos
I honestly want to kill myself, I have so many essays to write and it’s annoying. Got love collage prep school. - Anyway enjoy omega, he is honestly the king of everything.
On the left is around ten years ago and on the right is now still got that good style 🤣🤣😂😂 #emofag #emotrash #emoboy #emohair #10yearsago #hollywoodundead #rippedjeans #skinnies #denim
Listening to a little HU. Been one of those weeks. Took off a bit early on my Friday from Job #1 . Couple errands, some fresh air..then home for the Fam.. #SingularFocusOfWill SNA7 #HollywoodUndead #SwanSongs
ну, не знаю, что должна написать здесь, поэтому... просто скажу, что теперь точно не сомневаюсь в этой работе ~ art for @danny_rose_murillo 🦁 ~ Tags: #dannyrosemurillo #hollywoodundead #five #undeadarmy #fanart #art #drawingskills
A long time ago when I was still figuring myself out I had met this girl through instagram and we just messaged each other one day. Throughout our friendship I had gone through 2 relationships and neither of them liked her because of how close we were. Like an idiot I listened to the girl I was dating and stopped talking to her. But I would always come back to message her because I missed her. Of course my gf at the time would know and they’d get mad at me so I’d stop talking to my friend again. I felt so bad because she would always forgive me each time and every time I messaged her again I could tell something was off. So later on after I figured out a bit more of who I truly was I continued to message her because I knew she needed me in her life even after I’ve done her wrong so many times. I still hate myself to this day for letting those people walk over me. But one day came where my friend decided she had enough. She was wanting to end her own life. At that point I didn’t give a damn about my relationship. I stayed up for hours on end to keep her busy and tell her how special she is. She was the most important person to me. Then the time came, she was still going through with it, I tried desperately to call her so she could hear how scared I was to lose her, but she only wanted to text. I spent so many hours crying and panicking. I had no idea what to do because she was so many states away. But I found myself continuously telling her that I love her and she’s wanted and needed. I reminded her of all of the memories we made over the 2 years or so and how I helped her pick out her first piercing and things like that. I asked her wasn’t all of that what made her happy, and that’s where she was hit with the realization that she was going to make a big mistake if she didn’t stop. Thankfully she did and I managed to talk her out of it. Sadly later on in life we got into an argument and she all around just didn’t want to talk to me. I’ve tried looking for her before all over social media to make things right with her but I’m pretty sure she has me blocked. So if anyone actually read this. Please don’t let a loved one or close friend dictate your life🖤.
Animated Tour Flyer Design X West Coast High Tour (@CypressHill , @XZIBIT , @HollywoodUndead , & @IAmDemrick ) @OpenBarEnt #WestCoastHighTour
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