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One of our favorite family time, homeschooling activities is to play Dungeons and Dragons together! Since Marie is only 6, we create super simple campaigns and are very flexible with the rules. It is such a great way to use our imagination while also learning valuable skills! . . What are some of your favorite things to do as a family? . . #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #homeschooling #unschooling #unschoolinglife #fantasyworld #dandd #dice #radicalunschooling #homeschoolingfamily #onlychild #imagination
Happy Sunday!! Praying you have a blessed day and that your Sunday is full of fellowship, worship, and praise. As Saints we get to yell victory for we are truly free. Live knowing that the blood of Jesus has truly set you free ... the war has already been won. Now go and share the good news ❤️. . . . . #dailydevotional #turnerup #homeschoolingfamily #seedsoftruth #ourlivingministry #sundayworship
And some of our home education paper/bookwork and stationary areas #homeeducation #storage #area #homeschoolingfamily #homeschoolroom #display #homeeducationrocks #homeed #homeeducator
it was an awesome field trip at the Fire Station 😄 #doyyc2018 thank you first responders for all that you do ❤️ . #canada #yyc #doorsopenyyc #firehall #homeschool #fieldtrip #homeschoolingfamily #preschoollife #saturdayfamilyday #restday #calgaryfiredepartment #firstresponders
Did you do anything special to celebrate or mark the fall equinox?
Keeping it real amongst the chaos Miss Dot still wants to continue her learning 😍 Loving our Letter Basics Dino search and find by the lovely @littlewoodentoybox. Dot was thrilled to cross each item and dinosaur off 🦕 Such a low mess interactive activity we just laminated our printable and added some white board markers perfect to use over again and again. ❤️ Don’t forget to use our 20% off coupon INSTA20 you could grab yourself the amazing personalised printable Dino pack for $20.00. Or use our code and receive 20% off storewide.💕
Really, they were enjoying it....it was apple cobbler (or apple pie according to Emmy)! I just love fall 🍂🍁🍂🍃🌻🌻 . . . #lifeisschool #lifewithkids #homeschool #homeschoolingfamily #homeschoolingmama #waitingforbaby #thirdpregnancy #thirdtrimester #fallbaking #letthembekids #lifewiththree #familyoffive #applecobbler #healthyhousehold
We love diffusing essential oils in our home ... amazon “deal of the day” has these diffusers if your looking for one 😊!!! . . . . #essentialoils #aromatherapy #turnerup #homeschoolingfamily #amazondeals #ourlivingministry
Ha ha I so geek out when I see us in the giant doTERRA recognition books. Wow what an incredible 3 days! Karl and I were able to take it all in together. We are excited to be aligned with such a caring, conscious business and excited to move forward! We want to bring in and connect with more like minded, ambitious and heart alive people who want to join forces with us. From a tradesman, business owner, to COMPLETE burn out, to watching this guy become excited and passionate again. I couldn’t be happier. I love that we get to work together while traveling with our 4 kids full time! 💕🌱🌷💎🌿 #doTERRA #doterradream2018 #buildyourdreams #naturalwellness #heartcentredbusiness #travelingcouple #homeschoolingfamily #adventurelife #mensmentalhealth
Sight Word Sorting! Hopefully this will help encourage little eyes to become familiar with these sequence of letters as they begin becoming familiar with their Sight Words this term. So many applications with this Money Sorter from @kmartaus . Have lots of plans for it across lots of Learning Areas. I recently saw it used for colour sorting @play_at_home_mummy and @littlelifelonglearners and which inspired me to use it in a more age appropriate way for my class. Thanks for sharing your ideas ladies!! 😘 . . . #reallearnersplay #learningthroughplay #aussieteachertribe #handsonlearning #openendedplay #perthteachers #aussieteachers #inquirybasedlearning #preprimary #sightwords #kmart #popsticks #reading #lettersandsounds Repost by @real_learners_play Like our posts let us know and follow for more content 👪
Florida has a mind of its own. Is it cooling off where you are? Tag me in some beautiful autumn-ness or post a pic in reply. . . . . #happyfallyall #floridaproblems #floridahomeschoolers #itsstill90degrees #homeschoolersofinstagram #homeschoolblog #homeschoolingfamily
Tomorrow we will start our first major science experiment of the year: a rot museum! That’s right, we are going to watch stuff rot inside mason jars! We are so excited!! 😆 . My kids each chose 3 foods so we’ll be observing a total of 9 food samples as they decompose or mold or whatever they’re going to do: raw beef, cooked beef, hard boiled egg, banana, grapes, potato, green beans, cheese, and bread. . I’ll be documenting our progress over the next several weeks in my stories for anyone interested! Or better yet, join us!! This is a fun, easy, experiment that doesn’t take much time so anyone can do it, even if you aren’t homeschooling! Just get some mason jars, have your kid(s) choose some foods they’d like to observe, and seal one food tightly in each jar. Keep the jars somewhere you can see them easily but not where you’ll be grossed out... Think bookshelf, but maybe not next to the dining room table. Then check the jars with your kids every day to see what’s happening to the items inside! . And because this is the Internet, before anyone starts yelling at me, I should point out that these will be very small samples of things that we already have on hand so we are not wasting large amounts of food. Be nice. . This experiment was inspired by @teachbesideme and you should probably go follow her on all forms of social media if you’re looking for educational inspiration.
Hi friends. I must confess that creating the website I am envisioning has been an overwhelming project wrought with new learning experiences and some disappointments. Please know I have not forgotten or abandoned this vision. I have big plans. The truth is, something earth-shattering happened in my little world a year ago. The kind of event that becomes a "before" and "after" type of reference for the rest of your life. It has basically left every single area of my life in transition as I navigate life as a #soloparent to these two amazing little people. It has not been easy. I have had moments when I doubt that I can possibly do all this on my own, but my kids deserve better. You know what else? I DESERVE BETTER. That's something I should have had the strength to say a long time ago. I have taken a few months to stop stressing myself out about getting everything done and spend more quality time with my kids again. Building a new life takes time. I don't want to miss out on the present because I'm overly focused on the future. I'm happy to say, progress on MeetCrunchy.com is resuming shortly, and it's going to be amazing. Thank you all for being the first to share my vision. I can't wait to see what we as a community build together. 💗 #familytime #newbeginnings #dishonestcontractors #perspective #doityourself #homeschoolingfamily #soloparenting #communitybuilding #holisticlife
Once upon a time, when I taught first grade, I turned my hair into the palm tree from Chicka Chicka Boom Boom for crazy hair day! The green took two months to wash out! Never again!!! But SO worth it! 🌴 Repost by @mrslpaso Like our posts let us know and follow for more content 👪
Yes!!! 🙌 While it is very hard sometimes, we need to step back and let our kids take control of a situation. Follow their interest. Allow them to just observe things. Let them sit there for 10 mins or heck even an hour. They are taking in so much and are growing.
Cannot tell you how happy I am about our decision of removing the T.V out of our living space. I feel like we do so many other things and that seem more purposeful. Our Natalia completed this puzzle in 2 Days 😀🙌🏽. . . . . #lessscreens #turnerup #homeschoolingfamily #ourlivingministry
These 2 playful siblings were having fun at Disney's Animal Kingdom..... Looking to get your elephant fix? Be sure to click the link in our profile to see with AZA membership can help save you the most money at the zoos and aquariums.⠀
Such an amazing boy 💙 who is finally happy in his own skin and is proud of every part of himself. Something he was not able to find during his struggles at school. Feel so proud as a family to have finally got him here 💙. Please watch over on our ‘home education journey uk’ YouTube channel ‘super power’ 😊 it is something he has felt so passionate about doing and likes and views would mean so much 💙. #autism #superpowers #asd #autistic #autisticboy #happytobeme #youtube #happiness #vlog #homeeducation #homeeducationuk #homeschooling #homeschoolboy #letthembe #homeschoolingfamily #selfconfident #selfbelief
You! Stop comparing yourself and start living in the moment 🍃 I am writing this because the more I look into older generations and civilizations the more I see women being a team and being close together. There was not so much judgment and not much comparison. They were facing their battles together, life was simple, they didn't need much, they were not perfect but they were okay with that. They helped one another and they were less fake and more caring. If there is one thing I try teaching my daughter is this. I'm not against her, I am for her. Comparison leads you no where. It makes you depressed, anxious, hopeless, tired! Look at what you have today and live in the present. Make life simple and enjoy the little things. Be that mom that when everyone is judging, instead of making the other person feel worse, you offer them help without making them feel less than they are. Encourage them! Be a relief for them! Offer a cake, a coffee, or even a beer! The standard doesn't need to be that high! Let's go back to that! 👩‍🌾💛 @evelynvictoriasatti
✨🌿Anyone else look around at the lovely greenery everywhere and think, “Time to get more houseplants!” ? That’s me several times a day 😆 🌿✨ #plantlady #homeschoolmama #homeschoolingfamily #pastorswife #charlottemasonliving #jungalowstyle #plantsofinstagram #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plants
We are fully into our homeschool year this week (finally...although still needing a few things 🙈) and although I could look at every single thing we have to do and get stressed and overwhelmed, if I just take it each day as it comes I know we can get it all done. I’m so thankful to have a curriculum we LOVE that breaks things down for me by week and by days. Just like they had to put one step in front of the other to cross the bridge, we will look only at the present day and make it again to the end of the school year. How do you stay focused and not get overwhelmed by the school year? . . . . . . #homeschool #schoolyear #bigfamily #myfathersworld #parkday #playdate #homeschoolingfamily #allgirlfamily #familyof8 #onlytodaymatters #exploring #wildandfree
mon petit bonhomme demandeur d'activités... alors un peu de peinture, un rouleau... du découpage de chapeaux et pieds de champignons que j'avais dessiné au préalable... collage ... et voilà un petit tableau automnal que j'accrocherai au dessus de notre table des saisons 🍃🍁🌳 #preschoolathome #preschoolactivities #mushrooms #automne #autumn #seasonactivities #homeschooling #homeschoolingfamily
Happy Saturday. We are not governed by the opinions of others ... we are called to walk in His peace. We are called to seek Him at all times. This world is not our guide, but instead His Word is the light that guides our path. Walk with courage with your head held high as you walk with the King who promises eternal life. . . . #dailydevotional #ourlivingministry #turnerup #homeschoolingfamily #wefearnot #oursafetyisinHim
I had a little helper this week. 💚 We had a lot of boxes to pack this week, and she wanted to help me. It's times like these that make it easy to be a homeschooling family. She is not a fan of numbers...unless it is relevant to what she is actually doing. Today she worked on learning numbers by actually weighing out all of our carrots and banana peppers. It finally started to click for her. It was useful information. She did an amazing job. She has watched me for the past two years sort and pack boxes. She was so careful to inspect every single vegetable before she put it in the bowl to weigh it. It may have taken a bit longer to finish, but the extra time is worth it. To be with her. As she learns. Priceless moments that I don't want to forget. Thanks for buying our produce so our family can take this learning journey together. #homeschoolingfamily #welearnbydoing #familybusiness #buylocal #supportourfarmers #organicproduce #womanrunbusiness #eatyourveggies #producebox #melindasmarket
What you focus on you find more of 💕✨💕 Where is your focus today? #lifeisbeautiful #lifeisshort #findyourfocus #onpurpose #homeschoolingfamily #boymom #thankful #familygoals
Keseruan hari ini bersama #DeKaplongan .. . Berkegiatan dengan @sahabatlaut_indonesia. Anak2 diajak untuk mengenal laut lebih dalam dan bagaimana sampah dapat merusak ekosistem laut. Mereka seruuuu sekali tadi bareng kakak2 yang menyenangkan. 😍😍 . Kedatangan mba @moikusman dan keluarga. 😍😍😍 Bahagia bangeeet iih. Apalagi ngobrolnya sambil nyemil mie dan kue. Cemilannya dahsyaaat yaaaa. 😂😂😂 . Merayakan hari ulang tahun salah satu teman homeschool kami yang ke 11. Met ultah yaa, Yosua. Semoga selalu bahagia dan sehat yaa. @priskawidiyanto. . Merasakan racikan avocado coffee dan bubble gum dari @tillokopi sambil ngobrol ini itu plus bahas2 sedikit tentang perjalanan berikutnya. . Dan diakhiri dengan mati lampu. Hihihi. Kalau gak ada mati lampu, gak pulang2 dah. 😂😂😂 . Lovely Saturday!! ❤️❤️ . . #homeschoolingfamily #friendship #serubersama #homeschool #homeeducation #homeschoolingisfun
Celebrated the autumn equinox at our adventure club yesterday by searching for signs of Fall and making leaf crowns. My daughter wore hers most of the day and kept saying, “Welcome Fall!” #nourishingeducation #exploringnaturewithchildren #leafcrown #hellofall
What fun books are you and your kids reading right now?
Today at the Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018 with my homeschooler mommy friends 😍 so excited to apply all the learnings to our kids. Awesome talk by @ihomeschoolph Nove-Ann Tan. Successful initiative by Philippine Homeschooler Association. Homeschooling is really one of the great expressions of our love and commitment to our kids.. May God bless our works as we commit them to Him. #homeschoolingfamily #HomeschoolingByHimandForHim #AmuraoHomeschool #PHA #philippinehomeschoolers #PhilippineHomeschoolAssociation
First time using chopsticks he was so uncoordinated like his Mum 🤷‍♀️ #homeschoolingmom #nightout #dinner #japanesefood #homeschoolingfamily #familynight
Spending the morning sorting and organising all of our home ed books and paperwork...surprising how much the kiddies get through! #homeedlife #lifewithoutschool #homeschoolingfamily #2boys1girl #familyoffive #littlehelper
Test driving the Letter Basics range from the beautiful @littlewoodentoybox today. ❤️ Loving the Dino pack that I will be sharing with you all over the next few weeks.🙌 Started with this colour recognition and sorting activity we added the Pom poms to extend the activity and add a hands on element. 💕 I have a 20% coupon for my loyal follows which is off store wide on printables and wooden toys so drop me a comment or send me a DM if you would love access to that❤️
I love this man 😍❤️. I enjoy his creativity and exploration ... and he is so cute 😊🤗 . . . #artist #songwriter #poet #turnerup #ourlivingministry #homeschoolingfamily
A few pics of our sweet visit with cousins and a great rock climbing adventure at Vasquez Rocks.
I like big mugs and I cannot lie. . I also like cups of tea not made by me and now Charlie’s learned how to make those for me, it’s a win, win! . I know I shouldn’t complain about the lovely weather we’ve had this summer, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not pleased that it’s cooler in our house now! . It was hellish taking photos in the heat (as was sleeping), and we all know how much I like to take a photo or two 😉 (also sleep😂). . So how are we all? Anything interesting to report? Repost by @kerryvillers Like our posts let us know and follow for more content 👪
I like big mugs and I cannot lie. . I also like cups of tea not made by me and now Charlie’s learned how to make those for me, it’s a win, win! . I know I shouldn’t complain about the lovely weather we’ve had this summer, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not pleased that it’s cooler in our house now! . It was hellish taking photos in the heat (as was sleeping), and we all know how much I like to take a photo or two 😉 (also sleep😂). . So how are we all? Anything interesting to report? Repost by @kerryvillers Like our posts let us know and follow for more content 👪
Does anyone else have a visual schedule for their littles? We have been trying out @naturalbeachliving daily schedule cards. They have been a godsend to our craziness that has been going on I purchase the editable pack so I could change some of the wording around as well. Highly recommend these for little ones that love to know what is happening in the day ❤️ We don’t always follow it strictly and things chop and changed but when Miss Dot gets frazzled she is able to seek out her board and regroup and ground herself again❤️ This isn’t a sponsored post either just one I have found helpful for big emotions 💕🌈
Someone got to get a shortened rest time and help me make apple "pie" (it was actually apple cobbler)! . . . We made it healthy though! Coconut sugar, Young Living's Einkorn pancake mix (high in protein and no bad stuff 👊) and healthy fats! . . . She is loving this tradition of making something apple-y in September! . . . #homeschool #homeschoolfamily #lifeisschool #letthemlearn #letthembelittle #mommashelper #homeschoolingfamily #stayathomemom #thirdpregnancy #thirdtrimester #waitingforbaby #fallactivities #bakingwithtoddlers #seasonschanging #fallbaking #homeschoolingmama
What does Roadschooling look like on a Friday at our household? How about hanging out at our favorite coffee shop @starbucks , getting our education and coffee fix on ☕🍵
See us here? ☝🏻 We are supposed to be on a plane right now but this mama had a lot of people and things to organize to get from Santa Fe to Colorado last week and forgot that our passports were in the safe at my parents house. So we had to buy new flights so we could drive back to New Mexico to pick up our passports and fly out of Albuquerque at 5am tomorrow. Fun. Oh the troubles of traveling. Still worth it though! Luckily the kiddos have been serious troopers. Prayers they do just as well on our flights tomorrow!! And an up side? I got to listen to some podcasts on our 6 hour drive! . . . . #travel #travelproblems #teavelwoes #travelingfamily #travelingwithkids #expatkids #expatfamily #homeschoolfamily #homeschoolingfamily #alwayslearning #neverstoplearning #gowiththeflow #changeofplans @school.upon.the.rock @me.and.my.three
Continuing with my #dayinthelife 7:00- 🕖 J woke up.  Normally he sleeps until 8 or 9, but on days I am up late he’s almost always up early… what’s up with that?? He read for a while and I worked on my Bible Study, a couple work things, #21daybraindetox , #timetracker , and planner for the day (pic 1- more info about what all these books are for coming on the blog) 8:00- 🕗J got started on chores & morning hygiene. I finished my morning time with some journaling questions from #stretchedtoothin (pics 2 & 3). Then I started on breakfast & morning hygiene. Our breakfasts usually look more like dinner, we feel best with protein and veggies. Today was chicken with pea shoots, kraut, and roasted parsnip shreds. 9:00- 🕘 Breakfast was finally done and we sat down to eat. We listened to our Hymn for school, did a Bible study together from Kingdom Files: Who Is Jesus? 10- 🕙 School time (picture 4) and a couple of walks/ movement breaks.  We use @funschoolingbook @thegoodandthebeautiful @amblesideonline and @shillermath for our school time.  Today we wrote an Acrostic poem about football :) 1- 🕐Lunch time, independent reading & art for J (forgot to snap a photo of lunch, sorry!  It was veggies and raw goat cheese). I started on some major organizing of all our books (photos 5 &  6) 1:30- Checking in with you :) Come back tonight to see what our afternoon was like. ,
Enjoying some tea with Poetry tea time! A nice blend between Brave Writer lifestyle and The Good and The Beautiful. Swipe over to hear her recite a poem! ❤️
Life is so much sweeter with friends. We were never meant to do this life alone. . Whether you're a new mom, a seasoned mama, a #homeschoolmom , an empty nester...community is so important for you and your kids. . As a #homeschoolingfamily I work hard to make sure my kids never feel isolated. I want them to flourish and have friends that they do life with. . If you lack community, plug into a homeschooling coop, a church fam, a mops group....or tell me where you find your community! @jamie_lee11 #backtoschool #lifewithfriends #fridayfeels #natureday #charlottemason
We had another amazing day with our local #wildandfreerva group, even if we were late. 😅 . We have the hardest time getting Miss Bits dressed when we leave the house. She has sensory issues with textures and how clothes fit. This is the outfit she landed on today. I cringed for a moment then let her have it. Cultivating her own appearance is like an art. I see her play with textures, layers, and of course color. All of which is not my style and that's okay! . In the car, before we got out to meet everyone, I had a proud mama moment with her. She said, "Mommy, my belly and boobies are pretty swuishy and I like being soft!" 😍😭 I told her being soft was a tremendous thing to be in body and heart. 💞💕❤️ . Then if course we three ourselves into exploring. Mushrooms, frogs, snakes, and many many mushrooms. I'm a happy mama in the space with my little!! . . . . . #simplychildren #seekthesimplicity #letthekids #letthembelittle #nothingisordinary #unschooling #wildchild #studentoflife #wildandfreechildren #learningthroughplay #learningathome #naturallearning #gentleparenting #homeschoollife #thehappynow #intentionalliving #homeschoolingbyheart #cultivatekindness #rawmotherhood #wildandfree #runwildmychild #natureschooling #lifeschooling #letthemexplore #runwildmychild #rvalife #homeschoolingfamily #thesincereststoryteller #shamoftheperfect
Keeping a busy toddler busy is no easy feat while your oldest is being homeschooled 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ we love our @fatbraintoys car track though💙 #carskeephimbusy #toddlerlife #homeschoolingfamily
✨How does she still look so lovely when she’s sick while I just end up looking scary 😂 While leaving the chiropractor this morning an older man asked me why my kids were not in school. I told him that I homeschool them. “Homeschool?” he asked incredulously, “That’s too hard, too tough, too much work. Have someone else do it.” 😳🤣🤣🤣 I was laughing so hard while he told me this straight faced. It still makes me giggle. Thank you Jesus that I can be the one doing the hard things in my children’s lives both for them and with them. I would not have it any other way✨ #homeschool #homeschoolmama #homeschoolingfamily #pastorswife #intentionalliving #charlottemasonliving #livingmybestlife
This is us. I love our crazy crew and the everyday adventures we get to share together. Our family consists of Principal Daddy who also happens to work from home as a network consulting engineer, the Teaching Mom who also works from home as a part-time travel blogger and content writer, and the Curious Kid who is currently 5 years old and works at getting into everything he can. 😊 We’d love to hear about your family! If you’re a homeschooling family, we’d love to hear how you make it all work. 😅 _________________________ #ateachingstory #thisisus #lifeschooling #homeschoolingfamily
Harmony is LOVING math! We decided to go with Teaching Textbooks, as I wrote in a previous post, after she tested into almost third grade in mathematics, so she has been working through their first level (called Three) online. I stay in the room with her while she listens to the video lecture explaining the new concept, and that way I am there in case she needs help. Mostly, I just re-read questions aloud for her, because she isn't at the point where she can read anything fluently yet. She did the second quiz yesterday, with absolutely no assistance, and only missed one question, so I think it's all right so far! #hereisourhomeschool
We walked through a fairy land forest to get to this stretch of beach and it was just magical to say the very least. The boys played for what seemed like forever...imagining they were stranded pirates. Play is the real work of childhood for sure. . . . . . . #washingtonstate #unschooling #homeschooling #unschoolinglife #homeschoolingfamily #lifeislearning #wildandfreechildren #wildexplorersclub #fulltimefamilies #roadtrippers #highway101 #kalalochbeach #kalalochwashington #highway101roadtrip
Day 21 "Kids Reading" with @jamerrillstewart I finally have a reader, one that loves to read, one that can't wait to go outside and read. 📚 This boy here is ADHD and dyslexic so reading has always been a huge challenge for him, but he didn't quit...now in high school he is getting better and better at it, he still has struggles but he is my fighter. 😍💪 #megamotherhoodchallenge #megamotherhood #homeschoolingfamily #dyslexiaisreal #adhdisreal
What are some favorite ways your family has made memories? #wallaceadventures #familytravels #learningwithoutwalls #homeschoolingfamily #travelfamily
This week has felt like a year... There are days that, as a Mom, you feel like you got it mostly together. Everyones been fed, got some stuff done, maybe even got a shower in! 🤣🙌🏼 . Then there are days where you fight to keep the tears inside. Days where only the strength of the Lord gets you through, days where His arms are literally holding you up. . Days where you’re Fighting through the lies, the doubts, the fears! Fear you’re not good enough, you can’t do this, you’ll never measure up, you’re screwing it all up. . Sometimes it’s easy to believe those lies...but that’s the thing, they’re LIES! Yes, we’ll have rough days, we’ll have days that we may get it all wrong but the Lord says “NEVERTHELESS”! . NEVERTHELESS, I love you . NEVERTHELESS, you’re PERFECT . NEVERTHELESS, you’re BLAMELESS . NEVERTHELESS, you’re ENOUGH . NEVERTHELESS, you’re FORGIVEN . Don’t believe the lies today, don’t listen to the fears today, KICK THE ENEMY OUT TODAY! Allow yourself to accept the GRACE that He gives freely today! . Happy Friday! 🙏🏼🙌🏼
I laid this out last night to review what we’d learned this week in our #homeschoolgeology unit. Each child has already taken several turns and later today we’ll add some earth later drawings to our weekly narration notebooks! We do most of our learning together as a family and even though my kids are at different stages, I love how we can sit together and learn and adapt each lesson for all of them!! /// For this lesson in particular, I’m focusing on the basics for my 4 and 5 year olds (and sometimes 18 month old) but my 3rd grader is learning how thick each layer actually is and what they’re made of. We also added in a few more terms for him including oceanic crust, continental crust and athenosphere (🤷🏻‍♀️here I go again learning something new). So if you’re wondering if Family style lessons are possible, they totally are and have become my favorite way to teach lessons! #nourishingeducation #familyhomeschooling #familyhomeschool #3partcards #natureanatomy #learningtogether . . . . . #homeschooling #eclectichomeschool #charlottemasoneducation #ldshomeschool #ldshomeschoolers #athomereallearning #intentionalhomeschooling #charlottemasoninspired #feltactivities #homeschoolingfamily #kindergartenhomeschool #teachermom
Lovely craft sessions making our handprint autumn tree’s wall canvas 😊. #handprint #letthembelittle #autumn #tree #onlysmallonce #homeeducationuk #homeschoolingfamily #lifewithoutschool #makingmemories #happiness
These two, my babies, are doing a girl's group this morning together. Please stay little.
#poetryteatimegoals - I think I need to up my game 😂 We visited Lanhydrock House today - it’s a stunning National Trust property that has been kept as it would have been when the Robartes family lived there in the 19th century. I’ve been so many times and I still find it fascinating to see how different life was only 150 years ago. . . #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolingfamily #jwhomeschool #thisishowwehomeschool #homeed #homeeducation #homeschoolhistory #nationaltrust #lanhydrock #lanhydrockhouse #cornwall #nationaltrustcornwall
My kiddos have watched me make nut milk tons of times, but this morning they learned how to do it themselves, from straining soaked nuts, to processing and squeezing the nuts and liquid through a nut sack. Culinary skills are a huge part of our homeschooling curriculum, it is so much fun to pass the skills I learned through @culinarynutrition and @rouxbe along to my kids as an integral part of their education. #culinarynutrition #culinarynutritionexpert #homeschooling #homeschoolingfamily #culinaryeducation #cookingwithkids #lifeskills #nutmilk #fromscratch #handsonlearning
Well.... no one said school was fun all the time. 😄 Does anyone else have a chore chart they follow at home? Check out my full homeschool post at my website Reed Landing. #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolingmoms #homeschoolingrocks #homeschoolingfamily #reedlanding
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