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Play time with this sweet pea. She is soo much fun! The work is worth it. Our son is still thrilled about his 'best birthday present ever'. #potbellypig #birthdaypresent
. Relaxing outside in my great grandparents chairs. We miss them ♥ but today is nice. A little cool but sunny☀️
Caught on camera: 📸 A hug from mom healing all wounds! 💜💜💜
Who is this kid?! 😢😢😭 She is growing way too fast. It is true what they say, no matter how big they get you will always see them as your baby. ❤️#missingmybaby #biggirlnow #mybeautifulprincess #theygrowtoofast #princessAmma #firstborn #momlife #blackhomeschoolers #homeschoolingfamily
The girls’ finished masterpieces! They were so proud of these and are super excited to see them with flowers growing soon. 😍 #SpringIsComing #EasterFun #EasterCrafts
Story time with the big sister! || Ce livre a vraiment une très bonne morale, nous avons pu discuter sur l’importance de focuser sur le positif dans nos vie au lieu de regarder que le négatif. Je le recommande! Bonne lecture! 💫 Le titre du livre: le manchot marabout.
. Best $5 ever spent. Found this super fun train #puzzle at our local #fiveandbelowstore It has #matching #numberrecognition #counting #shapes #colors and #finemotorskills all in one very large 5 foot long puzzle.
Apparently being able to laminate is an acquired skill. Maybe I’m not cut out for this homeschooling gig! 🤨 #quitwhileimahead ? #imnewtothis
. Review!! NEW HEADPHONES!! . I think we finally hit the jackpot with his new headphones!! These are super light and they don't squish his head like the others. . . We opted for wireless headphones this time instead of just noise canceling ones because they seem to help him want to wear them more. . . Riwbox WT-7S Bluetooth Headphones, LED Light Up Wireless Foldable Stereo Headset with Microphone and Volume Control for PC/ iPhone/ TV/ iPad (Blue) PURCHASED ON AMAZON for only $27.98 . . We have zero cons for these as of now. We've been using them for about a week and love them. . So many Pros!!!! •Lightweight •soft cushioned ear muffs •controls on the side make it easy to manage (fast forward, rewind, play, pause and stop) perfect for movies and music •wireless with a long battery life and pairs very easily to most devices with voice prompting (tells you when they are on, connected and paired) •no cords to handle, tangle or chew •bonus is they can be wired if need be and the wire has a microphone attached to answer phone calls (for those who may use these with the phones) •good range (we had these on Joshua as he was outside and his tablet was in the house and no problems hearing his music •easy to pack away as they fold for quick storage •adjustable so they will grow with him. •they cone with a USB Charge cable •lights on the side blink and dance to the beats and sound letting you know they are working and looks super cute.
. Happy St Patrick's Day!!
Family Saturday, getting seeds started indoors. #growfood #unschoollife
At @abbeyyouthfest with a small group from our parish and I’m loving all the catholic publishers that are here! ❤️. My favorite being @pauline_publishing so far because I’m already eyeing things for next school year. #homeschoolingfamily #catholichomeschoolmom
This #homeschoolingfamily loves to read. #calvinandhobbes is always funny, but reading one you haven't read before will bust a gut!🤣😂 . . #libraryday #dadof6 #lovemykids #readingisfun
Seasonal Support 🌸🌳🐝👀🌷 The sneezes, the itchy & watery eyes, the runny noses and congestion. We're already swinging into Spring in SC and have been using this trio to help relieve symptoms so we can enjoy our time outdoors! Lemon 🍋 is a phenominal cleanser. Lavender 🌱 is a natural antihistamine, and decreases inflammatory response. Peppermint 🌿 supports open airways. Diffuse: four drops of each Roller blend (10ml): 10 drops each, fill with FCO, apply to feet, spine, pulse points, behind ears, neck or on chest. Internally: 2-3 drops each in a veggie cap dōTERRA made it simple also by creating TriEase Softgels which contain equal parts of lemon, lavender and peppermint to take internally for seasonal support. Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Need a little support? New to essential oils? Send me a message; I'd love to send you a sample! 🌱💌
. Watch what you say …I just might do it! . Have you ever met someone who took everything you said literally? That's how some people with ASD are. THAT'S HOW JOSHUA IS!! . He has a Speech/Language disorder disorder and doesn't always understand what's being said to him. Sometimes it ends pretty comically. . Here's some examples: . Once i told his sister to "get on the ball and get her school work done".…Joshua got upset because she wasn't on his big exercise ball. . I also say I have to "bite my tongue" A LOT ……to which Joshua always asks to see my tongue or if it is bleeding or he gets upset thinking I hurt myself cause I bit my tongue. . We used to have a "Take 5/take a breather"spot (a square on the floor away from everything made of blue painters tape for easier removal) ……when I would say "get in the blue square for a take 5" …it took him a while to realize his entire body didn't have to be inside the square. So if his toes went over the tape he would flip out. . Also, if you say you are going to do something, bring something or take him somewhere …you'd dang sure better live up to it because he will remember it and let you know every time he sees you.
#calledtheirbluff yesterday. Getting the pool ready, but the water is absolutely freezing. My boys are getting #poolfever . . . #dadof6 #mykidsarenuts #cantwaitforsummer #homeschoolingfamily
You might be a dance mom when you spend YOUR birthday at HER convention!! But it was all worth it for @savannahmontana_ to be "called out" amongst the larger group of performers. @regrann * * * * #homeschooling #homeschoolingfamily #blackhomeschool365 #brownhomeschool365 #homeschoolmom #dancemom #homeschoolers #homeeducation #homeschooled #homeschoolrocks #homeeducator #homeschoolblogger #nuvo2018 #nuvohouston2018
We didn’t catch the leprechaun.... surprise surprise! But he left some gold coins for us🍀 3 sick kids , something viral, ear infections, double teething molar mess and up ALL night make for us having to miss Farm Camp and cancel the days plans 😢 Boo Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🍀💕
Today we were planting mint, lemon balm, thyme and basil🌱 Really want to have our own pot of greens at home;) Саджали сьогодні насіння м'яти, меліси, чаберу, та базиліку;) З нетерпінням будемо очікувати результатів... Так вже хочеться мати свій горщик з зеленню вдома... . . . . . . . . . #homeschoolingfamily #homeschoollife #planting #homeplanting #mint #basil #thyme #homeschoolingmom #diaryofhomeschoolers #хоумскулінг #життяхоумскулера #щрденникхоумскулерів
Appreciate each child's difference and celebrate their uniqueness. As we encourage and support them, they will grow with confidence and security in who they are...what God designed them to be. #HomeschoolersTalk #HomeschoolingFamily #homeschool #homeschooler #homeschoolPH #philippinehomeschoolersassociation #pha #homeschooling
“Life is like riding a bicycle, to stay balanced you must keep moving.” #alberteinstein This mom wants to know, what do you do to stay balanced?
👉🏼Cuz you can’t escape THA MUUTHÄâå💂🏼‍♀️ ➰Been trying to P.E. All hard.....with my homeschoolerzzzzz.🧞‍♀️ Can’t wait for warm weather!🌞 #homeschoolpe #homeschoolperks #homeschoolingrocks #homeschoolinglife #homeschoolingfamily #ouroptionsineducation #time4learning
. A huge THANK YOU to @mygymchallengedamerica and @mygymlaverne for blessing Joshua with his hammock pod swing and stand. It was delivered today and he has been so excited to help daddy put it together and finally get inside. We have since added a few pillows for support because he's a tiny little peanut. But he absolutely loves it!! . "Thank you My Gym… For My Swing" . . INFO: Driftsun Hammock Pod Kids Swing / Outdoor and Indoor Children's Hammock Chair Nook - Hardware Included (Blue) from Amazon ……Features UNIVERSAL USE: Hammock chair can be used indoor, outdoor, on the patio or porch or in your child's room WEIGHT CAPACITY: Kids hammock swing holds up to 176 pounds SIZE: 27.6 "x 59 "(Diameter of seat cushion: 27.6 ", hammock length: 59 ") USE: Hammock pod chair can be used for your kids to sit and read, listen to music, or just relax. Kids hammock chair helps to develop a sense of balance and body perception. Perfect for children with sensory needs. INCLUDES: Hammock, inflatable cushion, cloth case, nylon rope, hook, mounting bracket, bolts . Giantex C Hammock Frame Stand Solid Steel Construction Hammock Air Porch Swing Chair……『360 Degrees Rotation』The special shape design providing much space for your sitting, and will give you most 360 degree swivel space, perfect style for patio, deck or yard, allowing you to choose a position to your liking. 『Sturdy And Durable』Constructed of powder coated steel and a rust resistant finish that will make it withstand most weather conditions. X-Base take up little space but provides great balance. Ideal for all indoor and outdoor surfaces. 『Convenient In Assembly』The Giantex C Hammock is easy to assemble and the all required accessories are included. Quick and easy assembly will have you enjoying your new hanging hammock chair in no time. 『Suitable For Multiple Places』Fit into almost anywhere setting, like patio, garden, balcony and even bedroom. And it’s detachable, easy to move to anywhere you like. 『100% Satisfaction Guaranteed』We would try our best to give you satisfied shopping experience, if there is quality issues, we would make best solution to solve the problem.
We have growth! #growmushrooms #unschooling
Happy Pizza Friday! 🍕🍕 I love my little chefs helping in the kitchen! 👨🏼‍🍳👨🏼‍🍳 We’re blessed to have (homeschooling!!) cousins just a mile away to have pizza parties with!
Our son is an avid field guide collector...so when the library has a sale we always take a peek! Daughter and I grabbed these for him today!
Spring where are you?? She wants to ride her #maximini , but with the snow it’s a little hard....so she ride it in my kitchen....🤔🤷‍♀️🌿|| Printemps où est tu? Elle veut faire un tour de trottinette, mais avec toute cette neige c’est pas trop évident...alors elle fait des tours dans ma cuisine... #whynot
Wash the dishes it’s always so much fun #justforkids || Laver la vaisselle, toujours bien du plaisir!! #seulementpourlesenfants
In our homeschool we are currently studying Africa for world history and geography. I shared this pic a while back on my story... Instead of using our workbook to fill in the answers, we decided to make our own travel journal. My 9 year old son is in charge of making his interesting & engaging. I’ll do this eventually with my daughter too when she’s around his age. This helps to prolong the life of our workbooks as well so more than one student can use it.💙 . . . . . #homeschoolmom #homeschoolingfamily #momblog #sewingblog #workathomemom #apologia #worldhistory #momof3 #homeschooling #motherhood #4thgrade #traveljournal #geography #aroundtheworldin180days
Stretch of the morning! 😉
When one's family is sick she makes chicken soup. There is something about chicken soup (100% from scratch) that makes a body feel better. Nourishment for the soul and body. #northernontarioliving #largefamilylife #homeschoolingfamily #winter2017 #soupforthesoul
#GPRepost ,#reposter ,#notetag @jaohomeschool via @RepostApp ======> @jaohomeschool :After learning the kinds of fruits in #Botany , Princess got inspired to paint Mangoes using oil pastel. @apologiaworld @jeannie_fulbright #jaohomeschool2016 #homeschoolingfamily #painting #PrincessArtStudio
Her first math test! She was so happy to do a test just like her big sister! #firtsgrade #homeschoolers || Son premier examen de math!! Elle est tellement contente d’avoir un examen comme sa grande sœur!! #ecolealamaison
. Joshua sang happy birthday to his sister literally every 30 min or so yesterday. Each time he was super excited as if it was the first time He sang it for her. He also thought it was his birthday too. Something he didn't understand. We just kept telling him that it was Sissy's birthday and his would come again soon. (it never clicked for him tho) it's like when it snowed last week. The trees looked beautiful covered in snow… but to Joshua, it signaled Christmas and he insisted that Santa was going to bring him a new train. . Sometimes it can be difficult for those with ASD to understand time, to understand when things are supposed happen. Things as simple as "later, tomorrow, or even a certain day…Friday" none of that makes any sense for Joshua. He literally lives in the moment. Which isn't always manageable because let's face it. 90% of life is about waiting. . OT and ABA work with him on this. And while some days he may understand a little most days he does not.
Even in the car she reads!! || Même en voiture elle lit!! #newbook
A couple of days ago we spend some time in Johannesburg and visited an old time favorite. Gold Reef City is an amusement park in South Africa. Located on an old gold mine which closed in 1971, the park is themed around the gold rush that started in 1886 on the Witwatersrand. We took a guided tour 100m underground and learned all about gold mining. The amusement park was great fun too and the kiddos especially loved the water rides!
That’s so cute 😍 #sibling #sisterslove
It’s “World Sleep Day”, and let me tell you, I woke up this morning from a wonderful night’s rest! . My family & I use a rotation of essential oils each evening as part of our bedtime routines. . Diffusing a sweet aroma is soooo calming that we can wind down & fall asleep with ease. . There are many essential oils to choose from, but our family favorites include Lavender, Stress Away, Peace & Calming, Cedarwood, & SleepyIze(a blend with Valerian essential oil). . How about you? What are your go-to oils to encourage rest & relaxation in your home? . #younglivingeo #worldsleepday #sweetdreams
After learning the kinds of fruits in #Botany , Princess got inspired to paint Mangoes using oil pastel. @apologiaworld @jeannie_fulbright #jaohomeschool2016 #homeschoolingfamily #painting #PrincessArtStudio
Elder brother teaching his younger sister... #homeschooling #homeschoolingkids #homeschoolingfamily
Technology class 101 So these 2 just fixed the Samsung tablet! LCD screen wasn't working & wouldn't stay turned on. Now its good to go & working! Yay! #HomeEducate #stayathomemom #Homeschool #familylife #LifeofaHomeschoolMom #teachers #sahm #family #tech #technology #Homeschooling #Homeschoolmom #Homeschoolingfamily #lifeskills #Homeschooler #Homeschoollife #computerfix #samsung #unschooling
Moon! Astronomy book. Today boys were learning about moon and then made their own on a page of their book. They also colored the other side of the page with the phases of moon and observed them with the help of a ball and a lamp. . . Луна! Книжка по астрономии. Сегодня мальчики узнавали всё о луне, потом еще её и делали на странице своей книжки. Потом они раскрашивали фазы луны и наблюдали их с помощью шара и лампы. . #unschooling #astronomyforkids #childledlearning #homeschooling #астрономиядлядетей #lifewithoutschool #homeschooling #childled #lovemyboys #домашнееобучение #домашниедетки #многодетнаясемья #маматрех #мамамальчиков #homeschoolingfamily #momofthreeboys
. A MUST READ IF YOU HAVE AN AUTISM SIBLING!! . REPOSTED!!! from @my_life_as_an_autismsibling using @RepostRegramApp - . "Hello everyone✋ Thank you for all your wonderful birthday wishes I really appreciate them. But this post is about how I think every special needs sibling needs to read Wonder. I was recently asked to give some advice for another autism sibling. I suggested Wonder. The book is about a boy with a facial deformitiy and how his first year of middle school is his first time ever going to school other than at home (homeschooled). But another major part of the book is about Via his older sister. Her parents are always so focused on her brother (because of his disability) that she always does everything by herself. She says that her family is the universe Auggie (wonder) is the sun and her dad, mom, and her are the planets that orbit around him. I related to Via so much in my own way that I cried at some spots. This is a book definitely recommended by a special needs sibling 💖💖💖"
Can I introduce to you the new Franki sewing pattern by The Wearable Studio? I recently had the opportunity to test this gorgeous pattern and I looooved all the thoughtful details. More info on my blog... www.lovemadehandmade.com #wearablepatterns #pdfpattern #sewingproject #patterntesting #patterntester #patterntest #sewingblog #momblog #momof3 #homeschoolingmom #homeschoolingfamily #sewist #sewcialists #slowfashion
There's always that one...🙄 . . #sillyface
Date night 💖 We don't go out every week, just once a month for sure. But for me evenings after kids are in bed I think of as date night every night! But this one night a month we go out away from the crazy fun of home and remember why we are together after all these years. ❤️
THE DAY AND THE #CREEKLIFE OF OUR HOMESCHOOLING FAMILY: My little navigator! She most often doesn't look behind her but ahead. Hair a mess and a style all her own; she is my free spirit. She knows where she is going and walks in confidence. (I want to be just like her) This new (homeschool) life of ours has proven to be adventurous at times. Learning doesn't always happen through books but in conversations; sometimes in the most unexpected places such as pulling vines in the back yard. We are so blessed to have family who have immersed themselves in their love of history, gardening, and other amazing life experiences. THIS is what we call school! It's not always glamorous or easy but IT'S SO WORTH IT! . . . #creekkids #creeklife #homeschoolingfamily #homeschoollife #learningthroughlife #unschooling
I just got a laminator, so now I feel like a real homeschool mom! 😂 This is addicting, I want to laminate EVERYTHING! 😍 Oh, and the “sh” is right, don’t tell my husband 😂💸
Beautiful day for seeing animals...a few of our sons favorites on our day trip. #unschooling
Finally the sunshine is here! || Enfin les rayons de soleil se font voir!! 🌿🌞
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