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She literally came downstairs this morning dressed for the occasion 🍎🥧 - I must be doing something right! 😂#mohelpfrommom #applepiebaking #fallkickoff #checkitoffthebucketlist #bakingwithkids
Liam learned how to surf the waves on his boogie board for the first time this week. (Not pictured. This was a much calmer sea day.) After he caught his first wave he ran back into the ocean yelling, “That was EPIC!!!” 😍 There’s so much joy in watching your kids have fun and experience new things. It’s the absolute best! #littlemisterliam
Homemade, imperfect but brimming with love- checking off the first box of our fall bucket list with this caramel apple pie. Made with simple ingredients- if you want to count them- there were only 6 plus a few must have spices! Play in your kitchen, enjoy the seasons and dig your heels into these beautiful joys of everyday life because it doesn’t have to be perfect to be amazing 🍎🥧❤️🍂 #fallbucketlist #applepieseason #simpleingredients @acolorstory #newcolorfeature #pop #icing
We are now home from one of my favorite family vacations to date. It was a great week of quality time and building memories together. I spent most of the week not checking or posting to social media, so I’m going to be sharing bits and pieces of our trip now. ❤️
Keeping it real amongst the chaos Miss Dot still wants to continue her learning 😍 Loving our Letter Basics Dino search and find by the lovely @littlewoodentoybox. Dot was thrilled to cross each item and dinosaur off 🦕 Such a low mess interactive activity we just laminated our printable and added some white board markers perfect to use over again and again. ❤️ Don’t forget to use our 20% off coupon INSTA20 you could grab yourself the amazing personalised printable Dino pack for $20.00. Or use our code and receive 20% off storewide.💕
Really, they were enjoying it....it was apple cobbler (or apple pie according to Emmy)! I just love fall 🍂🍁🍂🍃🌻🌻 . . . #lifeisschool #lifewithkids #homeschool #homeschoolingfamily #homeschoolingmama #waitingforbaby #thirdpregnancy #thirdtrimester #fallbaking #letthembekids #lifewiththree #familyoffive #applecobbler #healthyhousehold
Once a homeschool mom, always a homeschool mom. ❤️ My mama and my kids drawing and playing together today.
Happy first day of // a u t u m n //🍁🍂🍃
For Owen’s science, we’ve been studying insects. 🐜 🐞 🦗 🐛 . . . . There’ve been lots of bug hunts and observing insects outside. . . . . In becoming a homeschooling family, I’ve had to get out of my comfort zone in order to encourage learning. I’m a little skittish when it comes to bugs and creepy crawly things, and I want to overcome my own fears so that my kids can see the good in all created things. . . . I’m learning too, and I hope and pray that I remember to practice humility as we study alongside one other. We are better together. . . . . . . #homeschoolingmama #homeschoolfamily #thoughtsonhomeschooling #insects #science #getoutside #bugs #classicaleducation #fortheloveofhomeschooling #bravemama #thoughtsfromamama #overcomingfears #owendoesfirstgrade #amateurphotography
best grandparents ever ♡
Always. @christomlin
birthday fun 🎈 the boys are obsessed with trolls! 😂
celebrating the boys (a month late 🤦🏼‍♀️) 🎉 happy 1st birthday party, boys!!
When you are planning on kicking off the fall bucket list with making an 🍎🥧 —it only seems right that the little gets her own to learn about the process ahead of time and then recreate the fun as many times as she wants! #itsfallyall #applepieseason #madefromscratch • • • • #playbasedlearning #playisimportant #letthembelittle #feltfood #dramaticplay #handsonlearning #thisishowwehomeschool #extendedlearning #fallactivities #thematiclearning #applepieseason #bakingwithmama #relaxedhomeschooling #homeschoolingmama #homeschoolingfun #bakingwithkids #bakingismyhobby
Yes!!! 🙌 While it is very hard sometimes, we need to step back and let our kids take control of a situation. Follow their interest. Allow them to just observe things. Let them sit there for 10 mins or heck even an hour. They are taking in so much and are growing.
As we head home today we are missing the camping spot we had (minus the ants) & more importantly the family we had so close. We had a fun week with lots of memories made. We know we will be back and it won’t be soon enough. 🛶 . . . Keep swiping to see my cute niece & nephew who look nothing like our dark haired selves and are the cutest things you ever did see. 👧🏼👦🏼 . . . Pray for safe travels & little traffic. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
One thing we can do during these Parrot Years - is read read read! But when you’ve been so far removed from children’s book - it seems to take awhile to pick Board books out from the rest! Which is why I signed up for the @amazon book box for kids! It’s a wonderful option for people and extremely well priced! $22 a month for four Board books! It makes for a fun reading session and it helps foster his love of books and being read to constantly. What are your tips for young learning?
A little breakfast art project happening over at our house this morning 🍁
Meme had a field trip at Legoland yesterday. They offer homeschool week which is really neat. #Homeschoolpreschool #blackfamiliesdohomeschool #TrustworthyAcademy #Homeschooling #Homeschoolingmama #fieldtrip
Officially a #SoccerMom and somehow the King @moorishchef became a #SoccerCoach overnight. 😂 #BrownsMill Update: WE WON! 1-0 🗣🗣💙💛💙💛💙💛
SHELLS 🐚 I had intended to look at seeds today with Mr 3 but we had a horrid 24 hours here (pulling out almost the entire house searching for a mouse and surveying damage it has done etc. and then bubs developed a fever yesterday arvo so no one has slept) so I whipped up a little shell table instead as we are longing for beach weather to return. 🐚 We will explore the different shapes and styles, and then later today pick a shell as stimulus for a painting. 🐚 May the coffee be hot and strong today 🐚 P.s little bubs is doing much better this morning 🙏 . . #montessoriinspired #naturekids #earlylearning #craftyplay #toddlerlearning #howwelearn #earlyyears #learnthroughplay #learningthroughplay #reggio #reggioinspired #kidscreate #kidsactivities #creativekids #letsplay #playbasedlearning #childhoodunplugged #playideas #invitationtoplay #sensoryplay #earlychildhoodeductation Repost by @sandytoesandmessyhands Like our posts let us know and follow for more content 👪
It has been a busy week! Honestly I feel like every week is busy these days. I guess it’s the season we are in with 4 young kids. Trying to “embrace” the busyness. And find systems and routines that work to help us not to feel SO overwhelmed. Thankful that Miss Megan (Megan Schmidt) has been with us these past few weeks to help us ❤️ Thankful for an awesome husband to journey through life with. (Ryan Carlson) We had a few hours together yesterday and were able to have a lunch date and do some errands! Much needed couple time! Anyone have any tips to share how you get through these years THRIVING not just surviving? Share below #momof4 #busydays #supportivehusband #crazyschedule #embracethechaos #growingupfast #coupletime #dateyourspouse #homeschoolingmama
Test driving the Letter Basics range from the beautiful @littlewoodentoybox today. ❤️ Loving the Dino pack that I will be sharing with you all over the next few weeks.🙌 Started with this colour recognition and sorting activity we added the Pom poms to extend the activity and add a hands on element. 💕 I have a 20% coupon for my loyal follows which is off store wide on printables and wooden toys so drop me a comment or send me a DM if you would love access to that❤️
Barely #flashbackfriday to our first weeks of homeschooling almost three years ago. This image shows the first time I realized “Oh, you want to just randomnly have a snack and play with blocks outside between lessons? Why not? We homeschool!”. . Why we decided to homeschool and continue to do so is one of my absolute favorite things to talk about, but let’s just say, once we felt sure it was the right choice, I dove right in, all systems go. Though I’m so glad we did not put off taking our girls out of private school mid school year, there are things I would’ve done differently to make our first homeschool months less bumpy. Even with all the research, countless articles and videos watched, I still didn’t fully comprehend just how different, flexible and just plain freeing, homeschool could be. I knew we would have more time and could make it our own, but I didn’t grasp the concept of transitioning our mindset out of “regular” school. So, although we talked at length about the why, how, what of homeschooling before we strarted, I wasn’t aware of how important it would be to take a break to transition and get our own rhythm formally learning at home. I just had our curriculum materials, did a couple of weeks of trial run homeschool and, once it was confirmed it was what we wanted to do, we informed the school and just continued plugging along with our homeschool schedule (which, of course overzealous homeschool newbie, wasn’t too realistic). . I’m convinced that, had I known we needed to take a break in between to change our mindset and eased into it, there would’ve been a smaller learning curve for creating our own dynamic and getting to know what we each needed for it to work more fluidly. I would’ve realized a lot sooner “Hey, we can make learning together whatever we need and want it to be!”. But some things we just learn as we go along and should never stop re-learning. . If you took your kids out of “regular” school to homeschool, did you take some time to transition and de-school? What rookie mistakes do you wish you could’ve avoided?
While people are posting about their vacation in Paris or Hawaii, enjoying a yummy lunch by the beach with a margarita in hand, or flexing at the gym.... I’m over here in the same ol’ dirty yoga pants chasing after kids, barely had a healthful meal today, and just getting turned upside down with everything going on 🙃🙃🙃 • But this is my journey and I refuse to compare with how “perfect” people’s social media lives are. We are all hot messes after all, aren’t we? 😅💁🏽‍♀️ Some just know how to make it look more glamorous than others 💋
You know if I'm being 100% honest, there are times I have struggled to tell my story to others. For fear.... of being vulnerable, of sounding like we now have it all together, of sounding like I am boasting. But I pray that as we tell our story, more men might be given hope that there is freedom after burnout. And that more women might have hope that situations are temporary. For we know Who holds tomorrow.... #aussieincanada #bibleverse #blessedtobless #freedomlifestyle #homeschoolingmama #lifecoach #naturallivingmama #travellingfamily #worldschooling #worldtravellers #christianblogger #christianwomeninbusiness
Do you prefer to listen to your books or read from the paper version?
Happy hour with hubby’s work crew - I was tired but happy to accompany him and spend some time in his world #fridaynight #datenight
I like big mugs and I cannot lie. . I also like cups of tea not made by me and now Charlie’s learned how to make those for me, it’s a win, win! . I know I shouldn’t complain about the lovely weather we’ve had this summer, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not pleased that it’s cooler in our house now! . It was hellish taking photos in the heat (as was sleeping), and we all know how much I like to take a photo or two 😉 (also sleep😂). . So how are we all? Anything interesting to report? Repost by @kerryvillers Like our posts let us know and follow for more content 👪
Swim and splash, summer and winter. South Curl Curl's stairway to heaven!! Repost by @hellosydneykids Like our posts let us know and follow for more content 👪
21 student representing 13 different countries! . . . Throwback to my first year teaching grade two in Germany. Repost by @1st_grade_with_ms._lucy Like our posts let us know and follow for more content 👪
I like big mugs and I cannot lie. . I also like cups of tea not made by me and now Charlie’s learned how to make those for me, it’s a win, win! . I know I shouldn’t complain about the lovely weather we’ve had this summer, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not pleased that it’s cooler in our house now! . It was hellish taking photos in the heat (as was sleeping), and we all know how much I like to take a photo or two 😉 (also sleep😂). . So how are we all? Anything interesting to report? Repost by @kerryvillers Like our posts let us know and follow for more content 👪
Can't wait to use these when our science course. @safariltd and the bag of minis gift, was just so cute! (There was also a horse but my 2 great old wouldn't let me take a lecture of his horse) #science #homeschooling #homeschoolmail #homeschoolmom #homeschool #homeschoolingmama #scienceclass #animals #safariltd #chicken #turtle #bee #butterfly #ladybug #lifecycle #chickenlifecycle #turtlelifecycle #beelifecycle #butterflylifecycle #ladybuglifecycle #momlife #bestformykids #homeeducation #teachingkids
Does anyone else have a visual schedule for their littles? We have been trying out @naturalbeachliving daily schedule cards. They have been a godsend to our craziness that has been going on I purchase the editable pack so I could change some of the wording around as well. Highly recommend these for little ones that love to know what is happening in the day ❤️ We don’t always follow it strictly and things chop and changed but when Miss Dot gets frazzled she is able to seek out her board and regroup and ground herself again❤️ This isn’t a sponsored post either just one I have found helpful for big emotions 💕🌈
Someone got to get a shortened rest time and help me make apple "pie" (it was actually apple cobbler)! . . . We made it healthy though! Coconut sugar, Young Living's Einkorn pancake mix (high in protein and no bad stuff 👊) and healthy fats! . . . She is loving this tradition of making something apple-y in September! . . . #homeschool #homeschoolfamily #lifeisschool #letthemlearn #letthembelittle #mommashelper #homeschoolingfamily #stayathomemom #thirdpregnancy #thirdtrimester #waitingforbaby #fallactivities #bakingwithtoddlers #seasonschanging #fallbaking #homeschoolingmama
A quick snap shot of yesterday’s #homeschool ; hands on maths, music, preposition refresher for Master J, art and geo boards + more prep for resources we will be using over the next few weeks 🙌. . . . #homeschooling #homeschoolnz #homeeducation #playislearning #playisimportant #invitationtocreate #creativityeveryday #thisisourhomeschool #thisishowwehomeschool #kineticlearning #homeschoolfreedom #thisiswhywehomeschool #homeschoolingmama
Continuing with my #dayinthelife 7:00- 🕖 J woke up.  Normally he sleeps until 8 or 9, but on days I am up late he’s almost always up early… what’s up with that?? He read for a while and I worked on my Bible Study, a couple work things, #21daybraindetox , #timetracker , and planner for the day (pic 1- more info about what all these books are for coming on the blog) 8:00- 🕗J got started on chores & morning hygiene. I finished my morning time with some journaling questions from #stretchedtoothin (pics 2 & 3). Then I started on breakfast & morning hygiene. Our breakfasts usually look more like dinner, we feel best with protein and veggies. Today was chicken with pea shoots, kraut, and roasted parsnip shreds. 9:00- 🕘 Breakfast was finally done and we sat down to eat. We listened to our Hymn for school, did a Bible study together from Kingdom Files: Who Is Jesus? 10- 🕙 School time (picture 4) and a couple of walks/ movement breaks.  We use @funschoolingbook @thegoodandthebeautiful @amblesideonline and @shillermath for our school time.  Today we wrote an Acrostic poem about football :) 1- 🕐Lunch time, independent reading & art for J (forgot to snap a photo of lunch, sorry!  It was veggies and raw goat cheese). I started on some major organizing of all our books (photos 5 &  6) 1:30- Checking in with you :) Come back tonight to see what our afternoon was like. ,
Remember that funny conversation I had at bedtime with my oldest a few weeks ago!? This project is what spurred it on. We’ve been studying the human body, and that particular week we were discussing the function of the brain. I love that I get to be the one who has these conversations with our littles, and encourage them to become lifelong learners. What a privilege it is to teach our children throughout their lives. . . . . . . . #homeschooling #homeschoolingmama #science #thehumanbody #beautyineachmoment #thethingskidssay #marriageconversations #fortheloveofhomeschooling #homeschoolfamily
Everyday we learn something new. Homeschooling has been such a eye opener for me. I have learned more about my children in new ways since starting last month. They have developed in their work so fast! But also I see their little personalities coming out so much more. I also see their struggles. Which has allowed me to encourage them through it. While not all days are great, it causes us to learn more about each other through this journey. I am excited to see what the rest of the year brings. 📓🖍❤️
Oh you know...just over here dreaming while the kiddos are napping/having quiet time. . I think I might combine A and C. Apparently I choose my activities like I order at restaurants...off the menu, making up my own choices 😂 . Let’s dream together and let me know which you would pick! . #mombreak #boysarecrazy #wholebodylife
Now that more and more of our toys are getting packed away for the house move, a basic activity of scooping and pouring with his digger had Bear playing quietly for almost an hour while Marley napped this afternoon! • I often find that the simplest activities hold their concentration for much longer than those I’ve spent a bit more time setting up. We used pinto beans for this, but chickpeas, lentils, black beans, cereal, rice, pasta, any dried food in the cupboards would work just as well. . . . . . . . . . . . #learnbyplayathome #playbasedlearning #learningthroughplay #playtolearn #playathomemummy #learnbyplay #mumlife #momlife #earlyyearsideas #playideas #playathome #earlylearning #invitationtoplay #activitiesforkids #playislearning #homeschoolpreschool #learningathome #creativeplay #preschoolathome #preschoolers #toddlerlife  #childledlearning #childledplay  #makinglearningfun #toddleractivities #playmatters #funlearningathome #homeschoolblogger #homeschoolingrocks #homeschoolingmama
#FashionFriday time! The air had just a bit of a chill in it this morning, which made it the perfect weather for this oh-so-SOFT and cozy luxe bamboo yarn sweater! It's available right now on the site (link in bio)! And of course I have a pair of my favorite jeggings on, this time in a distressed black wash (available by special order. What is your favorite thing to snuggle up in when it's chilly? . . . . . #mamalife #hotmessmom #homeschoolingmama #boymom #fallvibes #fallfashion #boutiqueclothing #boutique #rockyourboutique #fashion #falltransitionoutfits #falloutfit #comfycasual #comfyclothing #comfymom #anniessavinggrace #stylecomfortgrace #momlife #stylishmama #stylishmom
What did we do before Washi tape?? It's a great addition to crafts, Sensorial works, organizing, and more. What do you like to do with Washi in your homeschool? . We call for it it often in our free monthly activity packs. . . . #washitapes #washitape #homeschoolingmom #homeschoolmama #homeschoolmoms #homeschooling #homeschoolfun #homeschoollife #homeschoolinglife #homeschoolingmama #homeschoolmom
He went through a change after turning 4 years old last month and emerged from his site words and reading from the summer. So proud of him being able to read level one books!! 🤓📚 #AlysiumRain #HappinessRains #AmeliaZydneyLittleBrother #HomeSchooling #KindergartenHomeSchool #Kindergarten #HeReadsNow #ProudMama #HomeSchoolingMama #LovesBooks #LovesToRead #FridayReading #TheZamFamTexas #MariemilPaolo @paoloz629 9.21.18 @ 4 years old
guys. i thought i was doing a cool thing where i dry some roses & make them look cute or whatever. turns out, i didnt plan well & now have no idea what to do with them. help 🌹 also, anyone wanna come remove a kazillion lb cement table from our patio (or know someone who would?) i'll provide some beer 🍻 obvs pumpkin flavored bc we are festive ppl
2018 ♡
My FB memory from today. As true today as 6 years ago.❤️#giveyourselfaway #pathwaytojoy #1000gifts
Harmony is LOVING math! We decided to go with Teaching Textbooks, as I wrote in a previous post, after she tested into almost third grade in mathematics, so she has been working through their first level (called Three) online. I stay in the room with her while she listens to the video lecture explaining the new concept, and that way I am there in case she needs help. Mostly, I just re-read questions aloud for her, because she isn't at the point where she can read anything fluently yet. She did the second quiz yesterday, with absolutely no assistance, and only missed one question, so I think it's all right so far! #hereisourhomeschool
Have you ever tasted corn stalks before?? Be neither! Ha ha. My boys love them! “They taste like sugar cane!” #healthyeating #momofboys #homeschoolingmama #garden #gardengoodness #lovemyboys
This week has felt like a year... There are days that, as a Mom, you feel like you got it mostly together. Everyones been fed, got some stuff done, maybe even got a shower in! 🤣🙌🏼 . Then there are days where you fight to keep the tears inside. Days where only the strength of the Lord gets you through, days where His arms are literally holding you up. . Days where you’re Fighting through the lies, the doubts, the fears! Fear you’re not good enough, you can’t do this, you’ll never measure up, you’re screwing it all up. . Sometimes it’s easy to believe those lies...but that’s the thing, they’re LIES! Yes, we’ll have rough days, we’ll have days that we may get it all wrong but the Lord says “NEVERTHELESS”! . NEVERTHELESS, I love you . NEVERTHELESS, you’re PERFECT . NEVERTHELESS, you’re BLAMELESS . NEVERTHELESS, you’re ENOUGH . NEVERTHELESS, you’re FORGIVEN . Don’t believe the lies today, don’t listen to the fears today, KICK THE ENEMY OUT TODAY! Allow yourself to accept the GRACE that He gives freely today! . Happy Friday! 🙏🏼🙌🏼
Who’s idea was it to canoe all the way across the lake to that secluded island to have lunch? Oh yeah — it was mine💁🏻‍♀️The island kept getting farther and farther away as we kept paddling. It took us 1 1/2 hours to get there & I hadn’t thought about the trip back... so yes Rocky had to save me at the end and tied up and pulled me a few minutes. The wind kept pushing me right and I couldn’t get turned around. I am not ashamed! Let the record show I had the bigger canoe and my muscles are 1/3 of his. My arms and back are dead I may have a funeral for them later today. But happy for these memories to look back on. We for surely listened to some Moana & Pocahontas on the way to the island. && when the waves from the boats got to us I yelled to Eric “Ready the harpoons! He’s coming back! “ We had a good laugh. Who can guess what movie I was quoting?
🔺UPDATE: the KJV is SOLD OUT!🔺 . I designed the Gospel Alphabet last year as a resource to use with my kids, and it has been available in both the KJV and the ESV translations. My original design had lighter colors and a whimsical font for the letters. This past summer, I was about to sell out of the ESV, so I decided to redesign the Gospel Alphabet (in ESV) with brighter colors and more accurate letter formations. . I still had inventory of the KJV of the previous design, so I have been selling the previous version in KJV and the current version in ESV. How is that for confusing??!?! 🤦🏻‍♀️😅 . I am planning on selling out in the KJV. The plan, for the foreseeable future, is to just carry the Gospel Alphabet in ESV. So if KJV is your version of choice, head on over to the shop to grab a Gospel Alphabet in that version before they are gone! There are only 8 left! . . 📷: @2acresinthecity
It's time for a #dayinthelife share. 🕕 I start my morning at 5:00 most days, I slept in today and got up at 6. Most days I start oh my mat with morning yoga, then I plug in my headphones to my phone for Centering Prayer. I have a couple different guided Centering Prayer recordings and an app I rotate through. Today it was a recording from @theliturgists 📱 Next, I hop on my phone to check in with anything for work that needs dealt with right away, respond to emails & messages that came through overnight, and check my social media accounts. I like to do this before J gets up for the day so I can be fully present with him. 🕐 I'll be back in a few hours around 1 PST to share about my morning. . . . . #wahmlife #fulltimerving #homeschoolingmom #valife #morningyogapractice #hitthemat #workingmomma #virtualassistant #wahmmom #momtime #virtualassistantlife #workingmom #homeschoolmama #homeschoolingmama #liturgicalliving #workingmommas #workingmomlife #fulltimerv #adayinmylife #morningyoga #centeringprayer #contemplativeprayer
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C A T | 🚂 . . . . . This adorable Alphabet Train Lacing Bead set is so awesome for letter recognition, spelling out words, promotes fine motor skills and so much more! We love it! Repost by @homeschoolingmysweethearts Like our posts let us know and follow for more content 👪
our fridge is just always messy. i've tried so many times to make it look nice & neat, but lilybear loves having her artwork on the fridge. if something that simple can make her feel loved & appreciated, then we will absolutely deal with a messy fridge for the next 100 years ♡ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ also, those are all HER magnets. they were a stocking stuffer gift for her last year from the big guy 🎅🏻 shopkins, a softball pic with a crazy face 😬, one about diversity & one about love 🏳️‍🌈 i think we forget sometimes that we are always teaching our littles & they are always watching us. always. she has read those magnets to me over & over again this year. they have sparked so many conversations this year - about love & how it might look in the world; how God's love for us is unconditional; how there is strength & beauty in our differences; & what flavor of ice cream is that shopkin 🍨 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ it's the little things, friends ♡ happy friyay!
Happy Friday everyone! Haha! I laughed so hard when I saw this! Here’s my other trick. Put on videos in other languages. Boom. They are learning a foreign language. 😂😂😂 . Readers are leaders there is no doubt about that. I prayed that my kids would love to read and they do. Screens have their place. I’m on one now. But we need to create space for our kids to use their imagination, to create and explore new worlds. Reading is one of the best ways to do that. Just google the benefits of reading. You’ll run to grab a book. . Have a great weekend everyone! . Thank you bellytocradle.com! . . . . #reader #readersofinstagram #readersareleaders #homeschooling #homeschoolers #homeschoolersofinstagram
Аристотель казав, що речам, яким ми повинні навчитися перш ніж зробити їх, ми вчимося саме роблячи їх. А Джон Холт, автор першого журналу у Америці присвяченому темі зростання без школи сказав: "Ми навчаємося робити щось, тільки коли робимо це." Саме цим мої чоловіки сьогодні і займались. Вчились міняти фільтри для води. Такі собі уроки праці. А якщо серйозно, то дуже важливо нам, батькам, якомога більше часу саме так проводити з дітьми. Разом ремонтуємо, разом готуємо, разом читаємо, разом сочіняємо. Адже саме такі відносини залог того, що ваша дитини стане зрілою, самостійною, дорослою людиною. І я зовсім не проти самостійності, я дуже за. Проте іноді ми зарано ту самостійність нав'язуємо. Усьому свій час у житті, і самостійність має бути здоровою😏 #homeschooling #хоумскулінг #вчимосявдома #домашнєнавчання #homeschoolingmama #lytvynenkohomeschool
“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” John Muir The joy of exploring a new hiking trail😍 We weren’t sure what to expect but we still drove up the mountain with friends and no regrets whatsoever. #wildandfreechildren #wildandfreekids #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolingfamily #homeschoolingmama #africanamericanhomeschoolers #africanamericanhomeschoolfamily #blackhomeschoolers #homeschool365
Nurture your dreams. See what can become when you open your heart to the magic of possibility. Dream with your eyes open. Breathe a little deeper. Reach a little higher. We are the visionaries, the creators of hope, offering a healing touch to our world. We are the risk takers, who honour the calling of our heart. We hold on to our dreams through the darkest of nights. We keep our eyes to the dawn, as light brings clarity and dreams become reality. We are the revolutionaries. We are the dreamers. We are the change makers. Come dream with me. ✨ (Watch full video here: bit.ly/doterradreamvideo)
Asher's amazing homemade slime for the homeschool craft fair.😍 This one is tri-color with glitter. . He's become quite the expert when it comes to slime making... Im learning that there are many types of activators to activate the glue to it's best slime consistency. 😉 . We have shaving cream, lotion, contact solution, liquid starch, liquid soap, etc Not to mention glitter, styrofoam balls, etc...😅 . He was quickly taking over our dining table so I had set up a huge table for him just for slime making + he's sooooo happy.💖 . He even filmed videos and truly enjoys his time on his slime table.😍 . I'm so happy to facilitate his passion + to give him the space + time (no rushing whatsoever) to keep going to the next level or until he feels fully satisfied with it. . Whether he becomes a slime master🤣 or not, I know that this little experience will lead him to his next passion, having the self-confidence + inner motivation to pursue his interests...whatever that may be.
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