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I have declared it officially Christmas break. #homeschoolingperks . We enjoyed banana pancakes this morning; I read my Bible and books with a mug of hot coffee; the diffuser is bubbling with Nutmeg+Bergamot+Orange,; the kids are still in their jammies playing a game, and tonight I am going to a Christmas market with my sisters. 🎄✨🙌🏼 . Do you have anything Christmasy planned for this weekend? I hope you have a happy Friday! . . . . #christmas #cozychristmas #diffuserblends #essentialoils #friday #yleo #ylcanada
There are a lot of benefits to homeschooling as well as a lot of compromises, but one of the greatest things, in my opinion, is time. My oldest boys have started piano, and they LOVE it. For me, it was always a chore, and practicing was tedious, but these boys are finding JOY in just having free time to play, pick out songs, and enjoy a new art form.❤️❤️🎶🎶#homeschoolingperks
It snowed this morning in Seoul so we made a snow... um... rabbit!😃❄🐰🐇
Christmas gifts and homeschooling all in one...and on a cold, wet Saturday at that! #HomeschoolingPerks #LearningToSew #ConfessionsOfABlessedPastorsWife
Pēc zoodārzā apmeklējuma baudām filiālbivliotēkas Vidzeme bagātības. Sakritīgi, ka ar satraukumu tikt galā ezītim palīdz tieši zoo dārza draugi :) #SkujuSaimeLasa #familyreadaloud #ChildSelfCare #homeschoolingperks
#homeschoolingperks of going to the Zoo to count as school every month, because also homeschooling families have organized a group to attend the awesome lessons of Riga Zoo for preschoolers
Got my wild + free ticket in the mail yall!!! 💗 any homeschool mommas or thinking of homeschooling mommas needing a boost of confidence or just a big fat hug and encouragement that we’re all in this together, you need to get yo’ hinny to this event!!! 💗 I went 2 years ago and am even more excited this time around because I just know I need to get my fanny there. Love all y’all! #wildandfreefrisco #wildandfree #homeschoolingperks #mymissionfieldstartsathome #girlsweekendmegatreat
Slow mornings around here lately. Totally OK with that ❤️👌🏼 #homeschoolingperks
#homeschoolingperks of money in History and history of money. Again. During our Morning Basket, Mr4 asked why daddy has to go to work. We talked about it and money. So then he asked what people used when they didn't have money, which led to looking into the history of money. Blessed coincidence- our History book (on how people lived here in Latvia 1000 years ago) was open exactly on the title Market, so we went through money and traders in that too. We joined it with a little Geography too- first we remembered etnocultural districts of Latvia by our self made puzzle, then looked at where did the traders in our History book came from. And then we went through the world map to find who were the users of different types of ancient money (shells, bread, spices etc.). Of course we had to top it all with gingerbread coins, it's winter after all. #CharlotteMasonInspired #CMInspired #CMOurway
#homeschoolingperks of self made handcrafts toys by Miss 7. Skills learned and new play friend gained. #CharlotteMasonInspired #cmourway
“the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned." We made 🕯 candles tonight as part of our advent. We talked about fears and anxiety, and how Jesus brings peace. He is the light in the darkness. 💫🎄You can see more of our 2018 advent in my stories highlight. #advent2018 #slowandsacredadvent #homeschoolingperks #charlottemason #handicrafts #homeschoolfamilylife
#homeschoolingperks of mu Mr 4 learning letters in his own way and also capturing his work by himself :) #4yophotography
When you homeschool you get the whole library to yourself 🤗. #homeschoolingperks #howweschool #homeschooling #libraryflow #mondays
While reading the fable of “Prometheus and Pandora”, I was surprised to see the correlation of a few ultra important aspects of Christianity. I never read about Prometheus, Pandora, Jupiter, etc. before. We read about the creation of man, a great flood and the sacrifice of Prometheus because he was a just man. There was a creation of new, good people after the flood as well when only two just people were left. Now I read that Milton, Bryon and Shelley wrote about this as well. #amblesideonline #greekmythology #ageoffable #homeschoolingperks
This is me sitting back and watching my boys cook macaroni and cheese. I love that they are learning to cook! I should mention that they are working together too! Homeschooling for the win! #homeschoolingperks #homeschoolingforthewin #brothers #kidscooking
Happening now. We clean up and organize in preparation for this weekend. Gopala Exhibit of Talents. Nov. 30 to Dec. 2. We thought no one would come due to the short notice. We could not find help since most prefer contractual work. Thank you Bautista Family for spending their dad's day off with us. And for Maia coming early. #homeschoolcommunity #homeschool #homeschooler #homeschooling #homeschoolingteens #benefitsofhomeschooling #homeschoolingperks #lifeskills #lifelessons #learnbydoing
#homeschoolingperks of learning about money throughout the ages in Latvia and then baking some gingerbread ancient coins. Too tasty to manage a snapshot of decorated ones :)
A messy afternoon reading and latte time while the littlest ones napped. #readaloudrevival #justopenthebookandread #alwaysagoodtimeforreading 📚#homeschoolingperks
#homeschoolingperks of having an amazing festive week which started with the flag and torch passing run through the administrative district, first time for our family! This week kids also color Latvian maps, flags, make dolls using ancient crafts, and we're continuing reading our fantastic history book. Funny how I made today's plan to talk about etnocultural districts of Latvia and their various dialects, and the paragraph we were supposed to read in the book was exactly on that too! Couldn't have planned it better :)
Morning time . . Morning time is the backbone of our homeschool time. It’s pretty easy and low key this year since I only have a first grader (and three preschoolers). . . Year 1 of Ambleside Online has a good mix of subjects that interest all my kids. Folk songs is a huge hit with all four of my kids...and they continually surprise me with how quickly they pick up songs! . . The history, Spanish, catechism, memory work, poetry (and so much more) are such fun to share with all of my children. It’s interesting to see what each one of my kids takes from our lessons and reading time. . . I started reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to my kids, and my two oldest are really enjoying it! I’m so excited as well because I *love* Narnia and I’ve been anticipating sharing this with my kids. So much fun to see my kids visiting Narnia for the first time! . . What are you currently reading to your kids?
All finished! My son made this collage covered in aluminum foil and coloured with permanent markers. Shiny!
Today my son decided he wanted to make a collage of different materials he found around the house, cover in aluminum foil, and colour with permanent markers. He was very happy with his work. Lots of fun!😃👍
When mummy paints, everyone else wants to paint too! My son's explanation of his painting: 'His footprints are red because he jumped in the jam, and then they turned yellow because he jumped in the cheese.'😄😄😄
(A day late) Day 9: I'm so thankful for this thing I get to do called homeschool. It is definitely not without it's struggles, (believe me! 🤪), but it's worth it every day. Today we got to spend the day with some good friends and family collecting and learning about Rose Pine Cones. #homeschoolingperks Hands on learning and exploring make for a fun day, and I get to call this school!! @meganczeschin • • #homeschoolinginstagrammers #novembergrateful #graceplace #30daysofthanksgiving #homeschoolersofinstagram #homeschoollife #workfromhomemom #momlife #mindsetshift #gratitudealways #homeschoolmom #beautyinmybackyard #beautyinthechaos #outsideontheeastside #blessedtobeablessing
Today is library day! Our family are homeschoolers/unschoolers in Korea. We are expats here, originally from New Zealand. Our kids have never been enrolled in a school. We have been in Korea as a family for 3 years. We were very happy to find this English language library a few months after we arrived, because they are a little hard to find here, and this one is fairly close to our house. We come about once every two to three weeks, and the kids enjoy choosing their 5 books each. They also have audio books available, where you scan the book cover and listen with headphones provided. It's always a good week when we come to the library because for many days afterwards our house is so quiet, with everyone 'devouring' their books!
Not only does Josh love hockey... but he loves robotics too!!! Today he finished his school work early, so he decided to pull out his Lego Mindstorm - and build TRACK3R! Also looking forward to his team practice tonight! #7yearsold #homeschooledkid #homeschoolingperks #lego #legomindstorms #dowhatyoulove #hockeyboy #hockey #minornovice
Can making cookies be considered a life skill or science??? Oh what the hell I choose both because I’m the teacher and principal 😀 #homeschool #homeschooling #deschooling #unschooling #science #lifeskill #cookies #cooking #learning #homeschoolingperks #freedom #imtheboss
Little afternoon pick-me-up 🧡 Sometimes you gotta take the whhhole day to clean house & school, and it’s still not all done 😳 I do love that we have the freedom to plan our days, take a day if needed. Clean first, then school sometimes... Math going strong @ 4pm.. and taking my moment 😂👌🏻 #pumpkins #pumpkinlove #hottea #mommybreak #homeschoolingperks #homeschoolers
Leaves, dogs, pajamas, and 60° weather ❤🍂 #fallismyfavorite #perfectweather #sisters #homeschoolingperks #art #science #pe
After completing the curriculum for the year we have decided to just play. #homeschoolingperks #homeschool #fun #getoutside #summer
It's a cold rainy day ☔ It's 11am and I'm still in my pj's ... home schooling rocks! Can't wait to go to hockey practice with my team tonight! #homeschooledkid #homeschoolingperks #7yearsold #canadianhockeyboy #hockeyboy
Free taco day+half-off Halloween candy=Mom Of The Year #allthesales #ohthesugar #nolinesbeforeschoolisout #homeschoolingperks
The family that voted together stays together!! 😂. Hands on civics lesson today!! #homeschoolingperks #lovemykids #lovemycountry #lovetedcruz
“I’m really serious this time,mom. This is the best book ever.” . I remember several years ago, when she, my oldest, was eight or nine, I would often wonder how, with our busy schedule, running around and homework, how to fit in developing a true, independent love of reading. I grew up in “regular” school and eventually found it on my own in high school, but I knew precious reading years could be wasted. . I’m sure homeschooling is not essential to develop love of reading, but for us, it’s been key. Our slower pace and intentional family and personal reading time have made sure of that. Also, slowly filling our home library with wonderful books from @thegoodandthebeautiful book list have brought so much relief to my find-good-books-worrying-mom heart. And, of course, plenty of time to make the cutest bookmarks ever 😍
My son is having so much fun working on his dolphin design latch hook pillow kit! I really recommend this as a nice craft project for kids. It's not too expensive, the yarn is already cut into identical sizes, it teaches patience, how to read a grid, fine motor skills, colour, and when it's finished they have something practical to use or give away as a gift! After this my son said he wants to design a small rug for his room. Now my daughter wants a kit too!
Someone very small is keeping an eye on my daughter while she works on her comic strip book😊
Kitchen utensils have a hard life in our house, but they keep smiling. 😉
#homeschoolingperks of going to the zoo and finding other treasures too- the giant pumpkin competition, almost kissing a Rotschild's giraffe through glass and laughing a bit on a variety of Latin names of Eagle- owls
Sharing a flashback to our most recent travels. We’re definitely not what you’d call outdoorsy, but we (mostly me 😂) like to grab the chance to see different landscapes whenever we can. . Even with the impressive scenery and ecological significance of whatever site we visit, most occasions my girls whine half the time, until they find the most random thing of interest and then all’s well. This occasion it was a fuzzy, little inchworm. . Swampy shorelands that feed from a very salty lake that are perfectly designed as a refuge to such an immense variety of species. A landscape that constantly changes and never looks the same from season to season. Visiting a different “biome”, as the girls kept referring to it, is an impressive reminder of the great variety and detail put into its creation and consequently the wonder of its Creator. Plus they really enjoyed that fuzzy, little worm. #christinnature #ahomeoflearning #naturedays
We made it to another W+F play date finally. Today they had fun with a parachute! 🌈 #homeschoolingperks #homeschooling #learningoutside #learningthroughplay
#homeschoolingperks of doing watercolour wet on wet explorations, playing sudoku and tangram, and having a girl time with Miss 7 by crosstitch and baking favorite shortbreads for her grandpa coming home from travels tomorrow
#homeschoolingperks wrapped in his Pokémon blanket , working on a language paper.
“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.” -Plato . Well, we’re not into physics and philosophy yet, but ladies and gentlemen, ok, mostly ladies 😂 this is a big deal! After some resistance and time, this one has found her instrument, and oh has she found it! She would gladly sit with her teacher and play all day if she could. Our homeschool time flexibility contributes to her having an unrushed full lesson with such a fun, endearing yet thorough teacher. We’re just so excited! . Coming up after an older sister who has very established areas of interest and talent, it can take a while to see which path little sister wants to take. I’m so grateful for the time, space and resources to find that out and help her run with it! Music has always been a big part of my life, and I could burst with joy seeing my girls love it too. Trios with mom coming soon 🙏 . Do you include music in your family? Have your kiddos found their instrument? Is practice time voluntary or mandatory? 😂
Left-over paint from our English language arts curriculum’s adorable art assignment? No problem. We have time 💃 @thegoodandthebeautiful
#homeschoolingperks of surviving sick season.. when babies are ill, it's hard to do "school", but in Charlotte Mason's world, education is providing richness to children, and a lot of it happens through good literature. So that at least IS possible with the hot baby on the chest, when I have to spend the whole day on the swinging armchair. #CharlotteMasonInspired #CMInspired #CMOurWay
Decided to change up the math a little today with this fun activity. He wrote out the color fractions then figured his shooting average after. Plus he got in some target practice in the sunshine! #homeschoolingperks #balloons #targetshooting #fractions #percentages #mathinreallife #nmdays #hesaprettydecentshot
My little maker loves cozying up with her mug sweater and school. . . #fallishere #homeschoolingperks #crochetando #coffeeandhotchocolate
Field trip to Compassion International ⬆️⬆️⬆️ go checkout my instagram story to see how it goes . . . #homeschooling #homeschool #learning #freedom #freedomtolearn #learn #learning #growing #daybyday #fieldtrip #homeschoolingperks
Good morning! Time for mummy and daddy's ginger tea 😊. Are you a tea or coffee or both person?
“It’s not just what you teach them. It’s how and where you teach them as well. If the experience of learning is something meaningful they can own, they will never stop learning.” . . It felt like I was sending my daughter to college this morning. Since we homeschool, mornings tend to fluctuate from sleeping in on days we have no big plans, or getting up for lessons or field trips. Today I only got my big girl ready for a day spent with her dad. He is taking her to meetings and his office where she will do all her schoolwork independently, besides participating and observing what her daddy does at work. . . Just yesterday, she was filming behind the scenes of a commercial on her iPad, and today she left with a flurry of excitement, ready to be a big girl with her daddy. . . These are the snapshots that matter to me. The ones I’ll hold onto. Selah is not so little anymore. She has a big mind and big ideas, and though she is still young, she is so trying to spread those wings a little. It’s exciting and terrifying as a parent - I question constantly if I’m doing enough, supporting her enough, giving enough... but despite my imperfections as a mother and a person, I continue to see her blossoming - and it’s beautiful to see. 🌷
Fun day at the #bostonchildrensmuseum ! The boys loved it. By far the best time we’ve had there, we stayed 4 hours 😳 #homeschoolingperks #nuiwoolweek #nui #sloomb #unschooling #funschooling
#homeschoolingperks of introducing kids to the books that makes you feel like a child again..this is an actual book form my grandpa's childhood!!! I read to them and I have this wonderful, warm feeling inside me.. I may not be able to retell the stories as I last heard them so many years ago myself, but when I start reading, I feel like I am at home in my soul with them. And by having such a book in our hands we can have conversations about family heritage, how we treat books, why some words are weird (because old language is used), and a lot from content situations, of course too.. and for me- it is a very living book #familyreadaloud #loveoldbooks #CMOurWay
#homeschoolingperks of doing Math games only instead of the normal school rhythm, as we only had 1 hour when both boys were sleeping at the same time. And doing school with a high fever 4 year old in the house is a mission impossible (ha, little did I know about how wrong I was to be happy for him waking up really early- I thought we'll have lovely long morning time..which turned out to be very hot mess). Luckily Miss 7 had her formal Arts school and singing practice out of home. Oh and I decided that for the evening part watching Dr.Seuss The Lorax is educational enough..
#homeschoolingperks of doing practical things- calendar planning, cutting, building stuff. I love it.
Today’s going to be a better day. This is how we are doing spelling this morning. #homeschoolingperks #betterdaytoday #schoolingoutside
fireside schooling in candy cane pjs 😍 #homeschoolingperks
School and work at the same time #multitasking #dicegames
#homeschoolingperks of doing Nature study inside and outside this morning. P.s. I just got tired of reminding Mr 4 that it's Autumn already, actually it's middle of October, for goodness sake, and it's 13°C, so whenever you're ready to put away summer outfits, k.. #mybodymychoice #wildandfree
#homeschoolingperks of enjoying a very leafy day as part of our Art day. We started off with some oil pastel leaf prints right outdoors (I just can't get them back inside sometimes!!). Mr 4 tried a couple too, but was rather happy to return to digging around the sand pit and the little one was busy exploring the colourful leaves somewhere in the distance. Then we had some #CharlotteMasonInspired Picture study of Impressionists and a living story on Monet, which was awesome to see how the eyes light up when listening! After Miss 7 was done with attending also formal Art School and Singing practice, we had more quiet time (with Mr 4 out for Aikido) so returned to leaf prints, this time with Stockmar crayons, and these we both loved even more than pastels, they gave more clear prints. I bet we'll do that tomorrow again!!
#homeschoolingperks of making chocolate granola with my lovely Mr 4. Lots of Montessori practical life tasks included. And a healthy snack/breakfast done
#homeschoolingperks of doing Math by learning money.
Sometimes you have to take a break and spend the day doing something fun. Skipped the books to work on science in the city. Brian met us for a long lunch break at the Perot and we all enjoyed a little extra family time! #stilltoohottobeoutside #homeschoolingperks #familytime #makingmemories
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