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Cheeky monkey • the things you find to play with when you get bored, playing princess 👑
My lovelies all have their own EasyRead Time Teacher watch which has helped them so much with learning to tell the time. One of their favourite little games to play when we're out and getting bored waiting is 'Travelling in Time'. I start by asking them the time and then say, "Travel to the future... what's the time in 1 hour and 15 minutes?" Or what's the time in 17 minutes, 3 hours or even 2 days and 23 minutes. It keeps them busy and they absolutely love it. @sweetelephants has a fantastic offer right now with the grey Time Teacher watch half price when you purchase a blue, purple or grey watch. Check out their profile for discount code and cool photos. #easyreadwatch #tellingthetime #timeteacher #watch
“But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine.” #thomasjefferson * * * I’m forever grateful for the family and friends I have in my life. I’m so grateful for the friendships my children have with each other and with those outside our family. Hopefully you know who you are and that we love you all so much! Thank you for being there with us through the shade and the sun! ❤️
Homeschooling doesn't have to be complicated. Today Twin A recreates Aesop's 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' with LEGOs. #homeschoollife #homeschoolingrocks #prhomeschool #structuredunschooling
I'm so excited to welcome Maths Australia to the Home Education Collective. I've been homeschooling for seven years and in that time so many friends have sworn by their Math-U-See program and it's one of the top recommended math programs in homeschooling groups. Maths Australia offers a simple and clear program that provides step-by-step guidance for homeschool mathematics for parents and kids. The hands-on tools simplify learning from pre-school right through to year 12 and lesson-by-lesson instructional DVDs and manuals show exactly how to teach each lesson. Exactly what us busy home educators need to make maths simple and straight forward, yet fun and easy for kids to achieve and master. Check out their website where your kids can take a placement test online to find out their current level of maths mastery and the best place for them to begin in the Math-U-See program. @maths_australia #mathsaustralia #mathusee
What some of the last 3 months looked like... I feel like I've done more living, more growing, more hurting and more healing in the last 2 years than ever before in my life. I'm so appreciative for all the trials the Lord has led us through and I look forward with great anticipation to the trials that will come andshape me in the future. I feel overwhelmingly blessed by our family, friends, church and community. 2018 has been a good year so far. . Jeremiah 31:13 . #henryandlilysplace #offgridhomestead #homeschoolingrocks #northchurch #northchurchguthrie #goats #farmlife
Giving this game a try this evening. I found it at Tuesday Morning for $9.99 and I ❤️ it. It comes with different dice (shapes, colors, adding, adding on, etc) so that my 4 year old and my 6 year old can practice math skills and yet still play together without it being too easy for my 6 year old.
We switched to CTC Math this year after I realized that me not making time to grade and instruct was causing a problem (just keeping it real, here). You guys, we are LOVING it! So much so that I switched all the kids over. Instant feedback and great tools are actually making it easier to make those touch points with me happen, so it’s working really well for us! Come check out a review and demo I did on FB Live earlier today to see more! (Follow the link in my profile to watch it). @ctcmath #homeschoolsuccessfully #proverbialhomemaker #homeschoolwin #homeschoolmath (sponsored) https://www.facebook.com/proverbialhomemaker/videos/1688907644489531/
Morning Meeting today included reviewing for the Orchestra tomorrow...We we’re going to take a break from Hops after finishing red level, but he insisted on moving on to the green level, but letting him lead so tomorrow we shall see if he still wants to move on. Domino Hands on Math reviewing math facts of 2...he took some time to do his own thing reading about sharks..we finished the day off with some family fun night bowling with friends and he bowled a few 💥 🎳! #homeschoolkindergarten #brownhomeschool365 #blackhomeschool365 #homeschoolingrocks #homeschoolingmom #homeeducation #howwehomeschool #homeschooling #homeschool #interestledlearning #bowlingfamily #handsonmath #handsonlearning #familytime #familyfun #homeschooladventures #kinderfirst #kindergarten #hookedonphonics
Nature school: They played games (read: they ran a lot!), observed a queen hornet, foraged for medicinal plants, and began making a healing salve. Also, there was wrestling, piggy back riding, grass burrowing, and lots and lots of giggles and happy faces 🌿☀️🌼🍃
Let #perseverance finish its work so that you may be #mature and #complete , not lacking anything. #James 1:4 . The #karate students have to #memorize a #verse in order to #progress in their belt levels. The #JiuJitsu and #Judo students don’t have to, but if they #demonstrate the idea they can earn badges. I’m opting to utilize the verses for my son’s #handwriting practice. He writes the verse in print and #cursive , and is also #memorizing in the process. #Homeschool #homeschoolingrocks #homeschooling #secondgrade #glasses #twobirdsonestone #proud #sheepdogjiujitsu #christiankarateacademy
Making plans for our backyard garden. It is a tricky one to work out as we live on a steep hill. Will has planned for fruit trees, vegetables beds, a lavender field, winding paths and a waterfall with a goldfish pond at the end. I think we might be working on this one for a few years 😁 #gardening #gardendesign #design #handsonlearning #naturallearning #homeschoolaustralia #aussiehomeschool #charlottemason #cmhomeschool #homeschooling #homeschool #homeschooler #homeschoollife #homeschoolkids #homeschoolingrocks #homeschoolfun
More MLB pages from our Hobbit literature unit. We looked at the swords used by the different characters and learned about the parts of a sword. We also looked at swords from different cultures and time periods. Both children are really immersed in this story.
Special evening with out with the birthday boy followed by a trip to the arcade. SO much fun!! Still can't believe he's 7 😭❤️ . #mealout #specialmemories #birthday #growingup #proudmama
Welcome to #beadarlingandshare ! Every Monday (Tuesday for us Aussies) we’re getting together to share and grow as a community! To join simply click the link in @mary.anderson0617 or @themeanttobemama bio. Click our hashtag to see other's responses and feel free to follow any feeds. This week's topic is: What was your biggest fear when you found out you were pregnant for the first time? And, What was your biggest surprise when you became a mom?!” 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳I have to say for me I was the Overly Confident Mama, I had a great pregnancy, wonderful supernatural birth, and I thought motherhood was going to be an absolute Breeze 😂... My biggest surprise was how HARD it actually was, I had no idea what I was doing, didn’t know how to get into a routine, in turn had a baby that didn’t sleep more than 10min at a time and i also had Post Natal Depression, all surprises that made for a very sad first baby experience, plus we were living with my mom and dad at the time who were going through a pretty hard time themselves relationally, all in all pretty tough. In Hindsight I see that thinking it was going to be a breeze was not in my favor, but I always loved children so much that I thought having our own would just be so easy and amazing. Learning curve as steep as Everest as it turns out hahahaha 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 • • • • • • #beadarlingandshare #homeschoolcollective #homeeducation #magiscofchildhood #childhoodunplugged #homeschoolaustralia #naturallearning #mulberrychildhood #playmatters #runwildmychild #wildandfreechildren #wildexplorersclub #living_homeschool #christianhomeschool #learningthroughplay #homeeducator #boymomlife #homeschoolfamily #ABMlifeissweet #homeschoollife #homeschoolingrocks #homeschoolmama #charlottemason #lifelearners #homeschoolingourboys #learningisfun #homeschool #waldorfeducation #teachersofinstagram
A Day Out • What have you all been up to today? Today in the wonderful world of home education, while big bro went to a @minecraft workshop at @derbyquad we had a lovely morning exploring and having morning tea, followed by a wander around @derbycathedral which brought back many childhood memories for Mummy.
Dissecting owl pellets today. Gross and cool at the same time! #pelkeyacademy #childhoodunplugged #homeschooling #homeschool #homeschoolingrocks
“Let nature be your teacher.” 🌳 . . . . #thisisfour #middlechild #homeschoolingrocks #countryliving #rurallife #thebechardfive
If you want to discuss all the different kinds of food poisoning you can get, oh... and Ebola, around the dinner table tonight, might I recommend this book. If you’re extra lucky your kids will even draw pictures of the different bacteria for you to display proudly on the fridge. 🤢🤣 You really never know what book will spark an interest. It’s normally something fascinating and completely unexpected. #homeschoolingrocks
Science project on weather. ☀️ 💨 🌧 🌪 IG wouldn’t fit the whole thing but here’s the beginning. They did a great job! #reidpartyofsix #homeschoolingrocks
When you are a Homeschooler,a bookoholic and library is next door 😱😅 . . #homeschoolmom #reading #bookofthemonth #3rdgrade #homeschoolingrocks
As our “school year” is dwindling down (do we ever really stop learning?😂) it’s time to do all the workbooks mom buys as supplements and gets carried away with buying too many every.single.year.🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ #homeschooling #homeschoollife #homeschoolersofinstagram #homeschoolermom #homeschoolingrocks
You know how you go and pay money to learn a cool new thing? Like how to paint? Or how to make ceramics? Or how to brew your own beer from home? And it’s super fun! And you enjoy learning. And you remember the concepts. And you desire to dig even deeper into it. It ignites something in you. • You didn’t have to be read a script but you learned for experience and DOING it. It was an entire creative process. And you didn’t have to study and memorize facts about it and then take a test that you needed to get a good grade on to prove you understand it, right? You just got to learn by living it. • That’s how I want life + education + #homeschooling + learning to be for my kids NOW. That is is how I view #unschooling . And that is just one small piece of it. • I’m sharing more about it on the blog today {Link in profile}.
This is her “I hate Grammar smile.” 🤣🤣🤣....I’m right there with her and science too. 🤣🙈 #ihomeschool #ihomeschoolmykids #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolers #homeschoollife #homeschoolmom #homeschoolingmama #homeschoolingrocks #confessionsfromahomeschoolingmom
Lexi gave me an educational gift this morning. A gentle reminder of how much she is learning during unstructured playtime. Everyday I force myself to give her this time & not to stress over the feeling that maybe we should be doing more workbook learning. We already do lots of readalouds, handwriting, pre reading & math concepts but my Type A makes me feel like its never enough. So I hv to remind myself its Kindergarten & my goal for K was for her to love learning & to learn thru play. She's 5. All of K should be play right? So here she is. While Emily & I were busy reading Harry Potter Lexi was right outside Emilys room creating her own story using playdough. She said Mama you are busy now so im giving myself school! 5 min later she burst out with " would u like to hear my story?" So for all you Homeschoolers keep trusting in what ur doing, u will see rewards. So grateful for this today!!! #homeschoolkindergarten #learningthruplay #playdoughstories #learningwithplaydough
Here is a short video for your children. It teaches about treating others as we would want to be treated and the reality that some people can change and others just will not. Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLRMuYf0HEY
It’s been a year, friends! . A GREAT year. . And we are grateful to have shared 52 weeks of Charlotte Mason IRL with you. Thank you for checking in on Monday mornings, reflecting on our themes, using our tag #charlottemasonirl , and allowing us to share your stories and insights in this space. This community exists, in large measure, because you care so very much about the ministry of homeschooling, and because you believe, as Miss Mason did, that education is more than mere books and lessons—that in fact, "Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life.” . We on the CMiRL team would like to spend this week reflecting on the year that we’ve shared. AND, did we hint about a…GIVEAWAY?!?!?! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 . You won’t want to miss this one. Details coming soon! . But first, a throwback: do you remember this image? It was our first post and, for most of the year, our logo and profile pic. How many of you joined us those first few weeks? Raise those hands! What led you here? Was there a theme that really grabbed you? Have you made new friends through these squares? We’d love to hear! . Please celebrate with us this week by sharing @charlottemasonirl with your friends!
After busy birthday weekend today is about playing and planet earth 🌏 documentary’s #homeschool #homeschoolingrocks #homeschooler #homeschoollife #homeschoolmom
Delicious breakfast at room four dessert and now time for English class.
Fun morning of learning and chaos with these three kids of mine. My son has a huge interest in planets and space right now any of my homeschooling moms know of great space themed unit studies?!? I love teaching them things they love and want to learn it makes it much more enjoyable. ❤️👌📚
Doing a bit of garden schooling, learning how to use a ruler, measuring his plants that he planted, checking how much they grew since the last time we measured them, measuring the growth rate of the different flower species, drawing his plants and painting them, covering Math, Science and Art in the garden 🎉 • • • • • • #homeschoollife #homeschoolingrocks #homeschoolmama #charlottemason #lifelearners #homeschoolingourboys #learningisfun #homeschool #LiveColorfully #candyminimal #healthyliving #colorventures #ThatColorProject #essentialoil #doterra #flashesofdelight #poyacolor #finditliveit #powerofnature #naturalhealing #preservativefree #theeverydayproject #communityovercompetition #creativepreneur #sayyestosuccess #nothingisordinary_ #perthwesternaustralia
✅ Maths ✅ English ✅ German ✅ Piano Practice And now Art & Geography in one! It’s an ArtVenture + messy hair - shirt kind of afternoon. 😊 #homeschoollife #homeschoolingrocks #artventure #australiangeography
Today in homeschooling land we• Brushed • Painted • Rode • Played with: Horses! • but did we socialise with others? Yes. Yes we did. #homeschooling #homeschoolingrocks #homeschoolers #homeschooled #buthowwilltheysocialise @hucknall_horse_rescue
Sebastian is learning so much in the First Aid Course today! #firstaidtraining #reallifeskills #homeschoolingrocks
Time is running out on my FREE BOOK OFFER. Here's the link to get your free copy now: https://www.amazon.com/Unfair-Fight-but-Who-Adventures-ebook/dp/B078ZJJFKN/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1521415226&sr=8-12
Proud to announce the two newest members on our heimunterricht.ch-Team!😍 Welcome girls 🎉 it‘s great to have you on board! #heimunterricht #homeschooling #homeschoolingrocks #team #teamwork #morefun #knowhow #experience #passion #forkids
Coca Cola Bottling Factory field trip! #homeschoolingrocks #homeschoolmom
Springtime in Boston was fantastic. I was scrolling through pics of our travels last year and fell upon this idyllic capture of the Boston Public Gardens. I know I’ve said this before but I really love cities with large green spaces! My girls and I spent a couple hours just hanging out in this lovely garden park, sitting (and doing cartwheels 🤸🏾‍♀️) in the plush grass, wandering the endless walkways and admiring the historical statues sprinkled here and there. This pic makes me smile and take a deep, calming breath. I hope it does the same for you ☺. 🌿 🌿 🌿 How is the weather in your neck of the woods? Has the great Spring thaw begun as yet? 🌿 #gofurther #travelingkids #trekarooing #bostonpublicgarden #bostonpublicgardens #springtimeinboston #travelingclassroom #familytravelling #KidsLoveTravel #FamilyTravelBlogger #kidstravel #takeyourkidseverywhere #travelingwithkids #travelwithfamily #showthemtheworld #familytravelling #familyonthego #homeschoolfamily #jetsetkids #homeschoolingrocks #familygo #havekidswilltravel #explorerkids #exploringfamilies #almostfearless #welltravelledkids #gowithnugget #familytraveltribe #kidswhoexplore
Monster marshmallows... science experiment.. Put a marshmallow in the microwave for 30 seconds and watch it expand... Note of caution.... son might eat most of marshmallows lol #homeschooling #homeschoolingmom #homeschoolingrocks #scienceexperiment #homeschoolers
Helping prepare breakfast this morning... She helped crack eggs and whisked the eggs. There’s SO many important skills when it comes to working in the kitchen. From math, fine and gross motor and learning to eat healthy plus learning to cook for themselves. I personally love the independence (although it secretly makes me tear up that she’s getting SO big!) #homeschoolpreschool #montessoriathome
Here's some fun facts about animals that I think your kiddos will enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq_SG26guRw
Excited for the journey of YouTube!! Hope you will subscribe and follow along! Putting out weekly videos concerning #family , #faith , #homeschool , #health , #disney , and more! #momlife #homescboolmom #thegoodandthebeautiful #2018curriculum #budgetliving #largefamilylife
Birthdays are magical ❤️🌈 . #happybirthday #judahryan #7today
Yakult Factory tour.... Not sure how much kids undertsood the process but they were surely amazed looking at the scale of the cylinders storing the milk..and the huge packaging machine processing thousand of bottles in a minute. I am anyways happy coz the yakult team agreed that the sugar content is unsuitable for kids 😎. ( It is part of kids food menu in one of our favorite restaurant and I had to convince my kids Everytime we visited it as every other table would have it ).
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