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yourself 믿어 의심치 아니하고 탐하지도 탓하지도 않을 것을.
I will never question God and who he brings in/out of my life. This guy here 🙏 What a blessing. I’m talkin bout life and not all this #gogo stuff. Just sitting after hours and lending an 👂is all a person needs sometimes. #nonjudgemental #honesty #godmakesnomistakes 🔐 I always answer my phone on first ring. Gotcha Bro 👆
Don't fight... stop That! No no no no! Don't take that away from him! For God sake, kids - stop yelling. No you can't hit him... To be honest. I do that sometimes. Mostly if I am somewhere else in my mind. If I don't pay attention and dig into their tiny little worlds and the feelings inside. I get frustrated about their fights and then I can't handle them as an adult. I actually become a #child myself. That is not helpful. But I do take a step back. And I DO go back saying something like: I see you really want what he has. I'll wait with you 'till its your turn ♡ And my #kids are allowed to play with their toy for as LONG as they want, even if someone really wants to try as well. I need to be the best #version of me, to cope whit all their arguing. But I know that it works. And I know what I need to be in that place where I can put my own emotions away. And #mothering is a LOT about starting to cope with your own #emotions#honestmom #honesty #momlife #siblings #arguing #confessionsofamom #amomsconfession #awareparenting #bevidstforældreskab #confessions #solutions
yourself 지금 당장 무엇을 할 수 있는지 판단하는 것이 중요. 할 수 있는 한에서 최선을 다할 것. 멈추지 말 것.
Vive a tua verdade. 💜 Sem medos, sem máscaras, sem vergonhas, sem orgulho. Sem querer agradar a ninguém, sem esconder aquilo que és, sem guardares para ti aquilo que sentes. Exprime-te. Mostra-te ao mundo. Despe-te de máscaras. Sê vulnerável. Deixa que vejam todas as partes de ti. Fala do coração. Deixa sair tudo o que está aí dentro. Liberta-te e dá-te sem medos. O mundo precisa de ti, o mundo precisa de mais verdade e de mais genuinidade. Não te escondas debaixo do silêncio. Não temas a rejeição. Vive aquilo que tu és em tudo o que fazes. Se te aceitares tal como és, o mundo irá abraçar-te! Confia. Respira fundo e ganha coragem para ser... Ser simplesmente tu no teu estado mais puro 💜 . . . #Repost @wolistic with @get_repost #aprenderavoar #proposito #purpose #inspiration #mentor #love #truth #honesty #verdade #amor #honestidade #autentica #paz #wolistic #light #luz #coaching #coachinglife #coach #be #justbeyou #coragem #nofear #confia #trust
You are my world my love. I will never feel the way I do for you to anyone else I promise angel. You're my rock and you keep my head focused 9n always doing the right thing. I'm sorry you were born into the family you have my angel but just know I will always ALWAYS love you and support all of your dreams. I will never give up on you my precious gem! #myworld #everything #ihopeonedayyouunderstand #triedmyfullest #feltworthless #neveragain #Loveyou #princess #world #dedication #honesty #loyal Love, Daddy
I’ve been thinking about something really important. Maybe the most important thing. Wayne Dyer or whatever his name is said “don’t complain and don’t explain.” A lot of people have that mantra in their head. I think of it too. But as we see I’ve complained and explained all day long. What happens when you do that is that you drive people away. They don’t want to hear it. If you don’t complain, don’t explain, people like you. You’re the one who appear to have it all together. The problem is that the people who don’t explain, who don’t complain, who silently suffer, are usually the people who kill themselves. I have no complaint about the ocean, nor my friends Francis Baker or Rick Conradsson, nor Rick’s dad Jan-Eric. I have no complaints about my grandmother. You know why? Because they are actually good people. Most people have some flaw in them that’s always there, this nagging thing. They are obsessed about sex or alcohol, or they keep hiding things, or they are cheap, competitive, always want to look good. I’m hard to be around but the other type is toxic. The seven deadly sins. I spoke to a friend on the beach yesterday who’s like that. He’s such a great guy, done so many things. I care about him. But he has this addictive personality, always trying to cover up his insecurities. Always talks about how great he is, always hits on any woman including my girlfriend. I wish he’d just explain and complain instead. Just say, “I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m afraid, I can’t shake this habit...” or whatever. That’s a real conversation. #honesty #integrity #complaint #explanation #philosophy #ethics #lifestyle #ocean #grandmother #friend #waynedyer #art #suicide
The last week or so I have been on the struggle bus. I’ve been struggling with jealousy, envy, comparison, contentment. I want to be happy for people but find myself sinking into the lies that I’m not worthy and then asking myself “why am I not worthy?” And I don’t seem to have to confidence to tell myself the truth. . . I think its super important to speak our truths - as painful as they may be. I spoke these truths out loud yesterday and it was a heavy burden to unload. It was also scary, because the person that I told was also someone that had contributed to some of my insecurities. I recognize that its a very internal struggle, but there are external actions, words and even inactions or lack of words that can contribute to spiraling thoughts. . . Vulnerability is scary. But we cannot grow if we aren’t vulnerable, especially to those that are closest to us - those whom we love the most. I encourage everyone reading this to dig deep and find something, anything, that they are struggling with, grab a friend/significant other/parent and spill your heart, even if its scary. Tell them where you’ve failed yourself, maybe even failed them. Tell them you want them to pray over those things. Tell them you love them. Ask for forgiveness if needed. . . It’s so easy to slap a smile on our faces. But today, I want you to be honest. Feel the hurt you feel. Cry the tears. Express your thoughts. Find someone that allows you to do all those things in a safe space. And heal. Ask the Lord God Almighty to heal your wounds. Tell Satan, “NOT TODAY!” Today I will believe truth and not lies about who I am and who my Creator is and how much He loves me. Its a process, sometimes a long one, but whats on the other side of the pain is quite beautiful. I can’t wait to get there, but first I’ve got some work to do :) . . #psa #mentalhealthawareness #healing #forgiveness #honesty #vulnerability #nottodaysatan #loveyourself #friends #family #grieve
Is a #jacket #war about to take place #politics #republican #democrat #emotions #truth #honesty #care Click the link in my bio to donate share everywhere because you care
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#Innerstrength , #authenticity #selfcare #awareness #wisdom #compassion #accountability #honesty are all things that no amount of money can replace. Raise children to take care of themselves and be #independent and #emotionallyhealthy #spirituallhealthy - best gifts a #parent can give their #children - so often overlooked :( #raisegoodhumans
FLASHBACK FRIDAY... Do you remember when these two things meant something? #fbf #flashbackfriday #backintheday #yourword #youhavemyword #handshake #honesty #integrity #oldschool #thegoodolddays
Girl Boss! 💋 I went through some hard times I don’t take life for granted! We gotta have Grateful Hearts... We gotta do our Part on this Earth! Existing for no reason is not wats up! 👑😻🔮🦋💫💫 #Honesty #Friday #HoneyPot #PrettyHustle #BlackWoman #Queen #ButterflyBaddie #Soul #Blossom ✨✨✨
Yes they are! Heart to heart conversations are the best!! Show me your vulnerability! . . #truth #hearttoheart #soulattraction #honesty #quotes #connection #vulnerability #bestconvos
yourself 시간이 흐름에 따라 평정심이 깊어지면, 깊은 명상 상태의 두드러진 특징인 심오한 내적 고요 상태에 도달하게 된다. 느낌과 갈망 사이의 고리를 끊을 수 있다면, 즐거워하거나 즐거움을 갈구하며 쫓아다니지 않을 수 있다면, 대상을 무시하지 않고도 담담함을 유지할 수 있다면, 우리는 괴로움의 사슬을 잠시나마 끊을 수 있다. 이는 믿을 수 없을 만큼의 축복이고 자유이다.
Day 356. Observe Ten. // 1. More rain. Hours and hours of rain and clouds. Summer solstice picnic plans will have to wait—perhaps they’ll turn into a full moon picnic next week. // 2. What’s the difference between “wait and see” and “wait to see”? The latter has expectation attached? // 3. There is only one you. // 4. She asks how many feelings you can feel all at once. I grin, tempted to attempt the math. I think I’ve set records. // 5. The road to school is lush, more jungle than Wisconsin country road. The road is steaming; cold sheets of rain on a warm bed of asphalt. (Accidental ridiculousness there. Not going to delete; these are unedited brain spews after all. Road as bed though? Yuck.) // 6. It will most likely be days before there is any communication. This gives me time to work on my own shit. On one hand, I am grateful. But mostly? My heart hurts. // 7. I added afternoons to the last two weeks of summer camp. This is a delightful treat for all of us. There was only room to add Charlie in session five. Remind me that next summer everyone gets registered for every camp and I just pull them out one at a time for a day here and there. // 8. Not being met where I’m at feels like, well, not being met where I’m at. There are so many people in my life that show up so effortlessly. I have some things to think about. Being the common denominator doesn’t always mean what people think it means. Enter causation/correlation arguments here. // 9. She’s at the appointment right now. I’m helpless and hopeful and the whole thing is a metaphor and I hate it. // 10. Sitting in the parking lot watching raindrops roll down my side window. //
I've never been proud of my stretch marks like most mommas these days! In fact I've thought of them as ugly. I don't think I have to be proud of them, but I don't think I should be ashamed of them either?! They are just part of me now. They are skin. As I work to be healthier, they will remain. My skin will also stay loose as it no longer has the elasticity it had before my 10 lb 6 oz baby. And I'm deciding that that is okay! I am deciding to not let them define how I see that part of me one way or the other. #honesty #allthemoms #moreofapostforme #inspireandlift #untouchedpicture
@iamzoie Happy Soca FRIDAY ✨✨💋💋🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹 WAKE UP & DANCE! ❤️him💋💋 #Repost @iamzoie with @get_repost ・・・ ITS FRIDAYYYY & what better way to get in the mood!. 🇧🇧🇹🇹🇯🇲 where my #Soca Girls & guys at. #soca #trinidad #jamaica #dancehall #Guyana Rock the V Respect Own Cherish Know Your Worth Worth... #RockTheV #PoetrynPics #feminism #likeagirl #strongwomen #Artist #AtlantaArtist #girlpower #Woman #female #Freedom #RespectSelf #womanhood #honesty #truth #confident #chick #girls #Glitter #Energy #trinigyal #islandwomen
I’m amazed at God’s faithfulness through the longest healing journey of my life. I gave my life to Him TWO weeks before I collapsed. And it’s been a constant climb. He is my everything. Thank you to those with Lyme Disease who are the best examples of His strength that I’ve ever met in my life -it’s so heartbreaking to me ...the lengths everyone has to go to heal. Thank you to my friends who encourage me to keep fighting, who support me & stick with me as they know how long this journey is. I show up for all of you the best I can. Thank you for ‘seeing my heart & me’. Thank you to those who could no longer be my friend because you just don’t understand or have ‘compassion fatigue’ as it’s called. I so get it. I actually genuinely understand why you don’t understand-Lyme Disease is so complex🙈. But I’m grateful to God that you were my friend for a time. Thank you to those who judged me because ultimately, it made me run to Him in full on repentance for all of those that I’ve judged & all of my own mistakes. He also showed me that He will bind up wounds in our broken heart. You don’t really know His tenderness & desire to heal until you’re wounded. Thank you also -to those who have made harmful false perceptions. It ignited in me a huge passion to speak out for children w/ Lyme & the entire community. It first hurt my feelings but then God softened me & it all just helped me grow. He uses it all for good even though it’s painful as hel#% It’s also made me more empathetic to others. Finally, thank you to my family who shines Christ in ways that leave me speechless -thanks for loving me deeply as I love you all so deeply too. #story #love #lymedisease #wellness #vegan #paleo #healthylifestyle #beautiful #colorful #healing #wordsofwisdom #heal #photooftheday #travel #honesty #fitness #yoga #grateful #thankyoujesus #journey
“The moment one gives close attention to any thing, . even a blade of grass . it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” . . -Henry Miller . . Take a closer look into this moment . . The beauty of your life giving breath . . The curve of your fingertips . . The feel of your skin . . The weight of your body pressing down towards the ground . . Experience this moment . . So mysterious . . So awesome . . So indescribably magnificent . . Each precious moment a world in itself . . And you the awesome creator of it . . I love you . . You are more than you have ever imagined yourself to be. . . And this is only the beginning . . 🔥❤️🔥
My grandpa and me, we had a pact to end my bad days with a wide smile, sometimes a hearty laugh. So, everytime something even remotely sad happened to me, I would go running up to his room. Some days, he would take me to his favourite spot in the city where he and grandma used to go to, every month. It was the only place untouched by city life, he'd say. Just blue above and green below, no buildings, no traffic and always surrounded by the sweetest music of the glistening river and chirping birds. We would just sit there, him telling me stories about his life, me asking hundreds of questions with a wide smile on my face. Other days, we would end up walking to the ice-cream parlour, him with a cane in his hand, me with bright rainbow coloured balloons in mine. At the end of every sad day, he would tell me, "Nothing really ends till you decide it does, not even pain. You will always have to keep walking to live something beautiful. And remember, happiness exists all around you- the birds flying in the wide blue sky, the people around you, the smile on the face of a stranger you just met and the most important one- a trip to an icecream parlour." That's what life with him was like. So many little journeys more beautiful than the destination. That's what life can be like. I hope you keep walking to live something like that Love, N. . . . . . . . . . . . . #love #life #quotes #quoteoftheday #lovequotes #stories #writing #writerscommunity #reading #follow #quotes #writer #writersofinstagram #poetry #poetryisnotdead #writing #poets #poem #art #artist #writersofindia #bymepoetry #wordswithqueens #honesty #emotions #feelings #omypoetry #recoveryquotes #writersofindia #therandomstories
I think we’re all pretty aware of the physicality of this trade. David is 31 years old and has been doing floors for 14 years, which inevitably comes with a laundry list of aches and pains. We’re constantly learning and challenging ourselves with every project we take on. We take our readings, we put down moisture barriers, we glue assist, we flatten the floor and eliminate the scratches, but that doesn’t make us immune to all the variables out of our control that can go wrong. We’ve been fortunate enough to stay busy and financially stable but often times the pressures from our schedule, our own expectations and the fear of failure can be paralyzing. No one talks about the mental toll we all endure when running a hardwood company. We’re proud of the business we’ve built and the floors we create but often times the stress of it all makes us feel defeated even when we’re experiencing success. #hardwoodlife #honesty
It is important to always be honest with others, but even more imperative to be honest with yourself. Photo Credit: @emmanuelfineartgallery #behonestwithyourself #honesty #integrity #truth #pgh #pittsburgh #steelcitygrammers #steelcity #412 #724 #reflection #selfreflection #cityscape #pittsburghskyline #alleghenyriver
Today makes it 5 years in the gym world dedication with ups and down . But I came I saw and I conquered #gym #fitness #dedication #determination #easy #fitness #lifestyle #motivation #focus #believe #strongminded #black #beauty #happiness #honesty #holiday #dream #fitnessmodel #easyfitness
I am always honest and I've always treated you with respect and genuine affection. If you're not happy with what I've said to you, you might want to consider just why that is. #quotes #truth #honesty #respect #asshole #carlin #georgecarlin #philosophy
Do you want to see me broken? Bowed head and lowered eyes? Shoulders falling down like teardrops, weakens by my soulful cries? Does my haughtiness offend you? Don’t you take it awful hard. ‘Cause I laugh like I got gold mines diggin in my own backyard. You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, BUT STILL, LIKE AIR, I’LL RISE!!! {Still I Rise~Maya Angelou~} #stillirise #growing #loving #strengh #courage #honesty #healing #fighting #breathing #learning #faith #freedom #restoration #living #authentic #wholeness #deliverance #hurting #crying #laughing #movingon
First i just want to apologize for not posting for 2 days! So i got a inspiring qoute this time! Enjoy your weekend! #motivation #busylife #love #elements #honesty #loyalty #inspiration @apbdailymotivation
The light in me bows to the light in you. ✨ . I gotta be honest, my emotions are a little all over the place right now. Personally, I’m feeling really happy to be in North Carolina doing such meaningful work with amazing women, yet I find myself crying in a heartbeat when I talk about families being separated at the border. . And if it’s not the immigration nightmare that triggers my tears, it’s something else (Syria, Skid Row, Human Trafficking, etc). There is so much suffering happening all over the world and I cannot pretend otherwise. . So I’m trying to take @glennondoyle ’s advice to feel the sadness and then take action. I’m actively finding ways to be part of the solution while continuing to have the hard conversations and allowing myself to cry. . I’m also allowing myself to feel joy. Guiltlessly. I welcome all my emotions. I am feeling all the feels. I greet them, breathe with them, and keep moving forward. This is what it means to be alive at this time. . Namaste. . 📷 @craving_nature_ #fridayvibes #truthbomb #emotionalrollercoaster #honesty #vulnerability #familiesbelongtogether #risingtogether
If I'm being completely honest, when I used to hear #moms sad talking about how their children had graduated #Kindergarten , I didn't get it. In my brain they should have been proud, not sad. 🤷‍♀️ . I didn't get that they were immeasurably proud, but simultaneously sad because precious time had flown by so quickly. . In the blink of an eye, my babies have grown from tiny humans who deprived us of sleep for two years and needed me for EVERYTHING to these amazing citizens with big, independent personalities and even bigger hearts. I didn't get that when those moms looked at their Kindergarten graduates they could picture the bright futures ahead of them more clearly than they could remember the intoxicating way their newborn baby heads smelled during snuggles. I didn't get that they truly felt like it was just YESTERDAY that story time had them falling asleep in a rocking chair with the two independent readers who now take turns reading at bedtime. . I didn't get that this first official educational milestone seemed a LIFETIME away to that stressed out new mom crying with her babies during their witching hour. I didn't get that something that felt light years away actually happened in the blink of an eye and that these moms now understood that which moms before had warned them. . I didn't get that when they watched their Kindergarteners skip across the stage that they could fast forward the next 12 years in their brains JUST as easily as the past 6 years had sped by. I understand now and that is what makes this mama as sad today as I am proud. . Happy Kindergarten Graduation, Brandon & Julianna! ❤️❤️
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