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What do you bring to a potluck? We went to a neighborhood get together today to watch the Texans play and this is what I contributed. . . I feel like it’s cliche for a dietitian to bring a veggie plate to a social function. But I’ll be honest, my reasoning behind it was a little selfish. 🔹Bringing my own veggies ensured my kids had at least one veggie there that they like and exactly how they like it. Ben likes broccoli that’s barely cooked - cooked too long and he won’t eat it, not cooked at all and he won’t eat it. But I cooked it exactly how he likes it and he happily served himself a few pieces alongside the main dishes and desserts 🔹Social functions can be a good, and fun, way to expose kids to veggies they don’t like or to new veggies. Neither kid likes cucumbers. I cut them using a crinkle cutter to make them look like chips and the novelty of it made it more enticing. Now instead of cucumbers, they’re “party chips” and both kids served themselves one with the dip. Just seeing them choose the cucumber was a big win for us! 🔹Lastly, and this one is the most selfish but also useful, I used this as an excuse to get in my veggie prep for the week. I doubled up on everything prepped so that we will have tons of veggies washed, cut, and ready to pull out with meals for the next few days. Veggies that take no time to prepare are the ones that get eaten more in our house.
Getting ready for the week! Grocery shopping tip: start shopping in the produce section first and fill your basket with as many colors as possible. #dietitianapproved #groceryshopping #eattherainbow 🌈 #mealprep
My daughter is a chocaholic at heart and although I don’t label food as ‘good” or “bad” I do teach her that some foods are more nutritious than others. I grew up transferring food labels to myself and I don’t want that for her. I like to lead by example by cooking and preparing the majority of our meals with mostly organic whole food ingredients, so in this case we prepared a pretty nutritious version of hot chocolate. There is something so fulfilling and cozy about making your own hot chocolate while listening and dancing to Christmas music. . . . Pretty Nutritious Hot Chocolate . . Ingredients 2 cups @malkorganics Unsweetened Almond Milk 1 1/2 tbsp cacao 2 tbsp maple syrup 1/2 tsp vanilla extract Pinch of pink Himalayan Salt Mini marshmallows . . . Directions 1. Combine all ingredients into a saucepan over medium-high heat and whisk until it is all blended and there are no clumps. Stir until hot. 2. Pour into a mug and top with mini marshmallows.
Thank you @honest.to.goodness.health for preparing a delicious meal for us tonight. On the menu: Brussels Sprout Salad, Garlic and Herb Roasted Chicken and Red Lentil Loaf. Happy Holidays from the dietitians at Advice For Eating!#dietitianparty #holidayhappenings #honest .to.goodness.health #funnapkins #adviceforeating #cleaneating #teamafe #rd #dietitianapproved #dietitian #houstondietitian
It’s cold and rainy here which is perfect weather for my favorite soup, broccoli cheddar. Made in the instant pot, this recipe is low fuss but tastes just like some of my favorite restaurant versions. _____ Ingredients: 1 Tbsp of butter (I used @kerrygoldusa ) 1 large head of broccoli, about 6 cups, chopped 8 oz cheddar cheese (I used @tillamook mild cheddar) 1 small onion, diced 3 cups of low sodium chicken or veggie broth (homemade or store bought) 2 cups of milk of choice 1 cup matchstick carrots ½ tsp paprika Option: hot sauce to taste _____ Directions: 1. Turn on saute function of Instant Pot. Add butter, onions, and carrots. Cook until onions become translucent, about 5 minutes 2. Add broccoli, broth, and paprika. Give it a good stir. Cover the pot and select manual high pressure for 15 minutes. 3. Do a quick release. Carefully remove the top and stir in milk. 4. Put pot back on saute. Cook for about 5 minutes, stirring frequently and careful not to boil. 5. Add cheese and stir until melted. 6. Serve while warm. Garnish with extra cheese and hot sauce if desired.
Christmas cookies from Cooking Light Magazine’s Farewell Issue 😥. Cooking Light we will miss you! #holidayhappenings #cookinglightmagazine #christmascookies #chocolate #cookies #adviceforeating #cleaneating #teamafe #rd #dietitianapproved #dietitian #houstondietitian
Are you happy? Crazy question, right? Well this has been a hard week for me for reasons beyond instagram life, made even harder by this this question from a friend at work. Her job is to coach employees and help improve employee morale. Because happy people make the best employees, right? . So friends, no pretty food picture today but instead showing you what makes me happy. These little people who drive me insane, who struggle with listening and sitting still and sleeping past 5:30am any day ever. Who refuse car seats and throw tantrums in the parking lot when (it feels like) everyone is watching. Who hit each other and stick toys in each others hair, who leave a mess wherever they go, who watch the most mind numbing tv shows ever, who sing that damn shark song every freaking day. . But above anything and everything, it’s these little people who make me immensely happy. Who light up my heart just by saying mama, who drop everything to run to me when I pick them up from daycare, who love baking just as much as I do and tell people that it’s perfectly normal to have carrots in your cupcakes. Who get so excited over new shoes, and love putting on makeup just because that’s what hat mama does, and loves picking out mama’s pretty necklaces. Who have the best dance moves when we have dance parties in the living room and paint the sweetest family pictures, always including grandma, cousins, and the dogs. Who could care less about what I do for a living and instead love me for me. . I promise I’ll be back to posting food but right now I’m just thankful for my happy. If you feel so inclined, I’d love to hear what makes you happy 😊
Instead of ordering pizza 🍕, this is one of my quick go to dinners. I keep one in my freezer at all times. #vandekamps #wholefoods #sweetpotato #barley #chickpeas #familyapproved #adviceforeating #cleaneating #teamafe #rd #dietitianapproved #dietitian #houstondietitian
One of the things I miss the most about my days sans kids is drinking my morning coffee in peace and quite ☕️. Coffee is the first thing I reach for after waking up. Nope, no warm warm water with lemon, COFFE FIRST! I use my morning cup of Joe to start my day mindfully and create a calmer, clearer day ahead.  That morning coffee makes me feel soooo good and there is a reason behind it!  Several studies have suggested that coffee stimulates the release of the dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is associated with feelings of bliss that are often associate with their first cup of coffee in the morning. . . . Unfortunately now a days I don't always get to be mindful with a cup of coffee, but meal planning/ prepping have made mornings less stressful my giving me more time to enjoy my first sip of coffee. . . . Overnight oats are my favorite way to enjoy oatmeal. They are like a blank canvas and require no cooking! Even after a long day I can still master to prep a big batch for my family and I to enjoy during our busy mornings. I personally like to prepare and store them in a big airtight glass tupperware instead of individual mason jars. Overnight oats can be stored for up to 5 days in the refrigerator. . . . Overnight Oats with Apples and Pomegranate Seeds Makes 7 servings (1 serving = 1/3 cup) . . Ingredients * 2 cups oats * 2 cups Malk almond milk * 4 tbsp chia seeds * Diced apples * Pomegranate seeds * Trader Joe's Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrel Aged. . . Directions 1. Combine all ingredients in a glass airtight container and refrigerate overnight. 2. Top with anything you like! You can even add @vitalproteins collagen peptides to add protein! I used apples, pomegranate seeds and Trader Joe's Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrel Aged. You can e
Although I love Kale I have a harder time finishing a bag. Does this happen to anyone else? I fly through spinach and actually have to buy 2-3 bags but sometimes my kale goes bad. So last week one my main focuses of #mealplanning was to make meals with kale.  Goodbye wilted kale, HELLO 👋🏻 delicious Chili with Sweet Potato and Kale! Now I can’t imagine chilly without either, the sweet potato adds more starchy goodness and the kale delicious crunch and texture. . . . Chilli is one of our go-to’s when it starts to get cold outside. Nothing warms you better than a large bowl of one-pot chilli filled with wholesome and healthy ingredients. Not only is it incredibly delicious, it’s perfect for meal planning because it's #freezerfriendly . Whenever I make it I double the recipe and freeze 1/2 in individual airtight glass containers. . . . Chill with Sweet Potato and Kale . . . Ingredients Ground Turkey 1 onion, diced 1 green pepper, diced 1 can black beans 1 24 oz Marinara or Tomato Basil Sauce  1 cup sweet potato 2 large handfuls of kale, trimmed and roughly chopped Salt Pepper Garlic Powder . . . Directions 1. In a large skillet heat olive oil and add the onion and green peppers. Season with salt and pepper and sauté on medium heat until veggies begin to soften and brown.  2. Add ground turkey and sauté until brown, breaking up with a spatula. Season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  3. Once ground turkey is almost cooked through add beans and marinara sauce. Cook for about 5 minutes 4. Add trimmed/chopped kale and sweet potatoes and bring to a simmer, stirring occasionally, until sweet potatoes are cooked.  5. Ladle chilli into bowls. Serve with Greek yogurt, grated cheese, cilantro and hot sauce.
If you caught my stories today you saw me and my little buddy in the garden with this big curly kale plant. It just grows so easily in the cooler weather that it’s hard not to get excited about it! . Except, and I’ll be completely honest here, that I really don’t like kale....does that make me a bad instadietitian? . So why do I grow it? 1) It’s easy and gives me a boost of confidence with the garden. As anyone’s who’s ever attempted to grow their own food can tell you, gardening is not easy. There are so many failure that sometimes you just need a win (there’s a life lesson in there). And 2) I like sharing in the experimentation of foods with my kids. The fact that there is a food that I dislike puts me on an even playing field with my kids. My son was fascinated by the fact that I didn’t like kale and I swear that in itself made him want to like it to prove he was better than mama (no idea where he gets that attitude from 🙄) . So where did that dislike get us? Lots of experimenting in the kitchen. We’ve tried it raw (nope), sautéed (meh), in soups and stews (now we’re getting somewhere) and most recently roasted (bingo!). Roasted kale chips was by far the most well received attempt. Even both kids put a piece in their mouths which was a huge win for this mama! ____ To roast kale, line a large baking sheet with parchment paper or foil and preheat oven to 350F. Tear the kale into smaller pieces, removing the large stem. Toss the kale with olive oil and a little salt and pepper or your fav seasoning. Arrange kale on the sheet pan in a single layer and bake 10-12 minutes shaking the pan halfway through cooking. They should be crispy and lightly browned on the edges. That’s it!
We picked up persimmons at the farmers market and I honestly had no idea what to do with them. My son grabbed it, said “that’s a funny looking orange,” so naturally I picked up four. I wasn’t even quite sure how to bust into one. After a quick google search I came to realize you can use it in baking, similar to pumpkin or applesauce. So I thought why not? . I have a very basic recipe I use for loaf breads and I tend to mix it up based on what’s available. Part of eating healthy and eating more produce is getting in the kitchen and experimenting. You can use this recipe as a base but by all means use what you have and mix it up. Sometimes it’ll be a hit, and sometimes it won’t, but you never know unless you try! _____ Ingredients: 2 cup flour (can use a mix of white, or white wheat, or all purpose gluten free if needed) 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp cinnamon 2 eggs 1/2 melted butter or oil 1/3 cup pure maple syrup 1 cup puréed fruit Extras: 1/4 cup hemp seeds, chia seeds, or flax seeds; 1 cup of nuts _____ Directions: 1. Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl. Make a well in the center 2. In a medium bowl, mix together butter/oil, maple syrup, eggs, and fruit 3. Add to dry ingredients along with any extras. Stir until just mixed 4. Pour into a greased pan. Add sliced fruit on top to be a little fancy but this is easily a step that can be skipped. Bake at 350F for 45-50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean 5. Serve by itself or warmed up with a little butter
Not a fan of regular brown rice because of the texture? Try brown jasmine rice! • • Brown jasmine rice has more fiber than long grain, jasmine, and instant white rice (which all have zero grams). And it has twice as much fiber as long grain brown rice. • • Studies have shown that fiber may help lower cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure and risk for heart disease, and help control your weight by keeping your full longer. Plus, it helps stabilize blood sugar levels, decreasing risk for diabetes. • • Choose whole grains like brown jasmine rice to increase your fiber intake. It's recommended that women have 25g a day and men have 38g. ______________ #foodpost #eattolive #eatclean #cleaneats #eatright #eatfresh #healthymeal #healthymeals #wholegrains #fiber #instafit #fit #fitlife #fitnesslife #fitness #fitfam #fitnessjourney #goals #houstondietitian #houstonnutritionist #getfit #fitnessmovitation #getlean #weightlosstips #fitfamtexas #wellness #healthyfood #brownrice #foodtip
When compared to a similar type of cereal @lovegrown Chocolate Comet Crispies have : 54% less sodium, 42% less sugar, 47% less ingredients, double the fiber and triple the protein! *Photo credit Love Grown* . . Children cereal gets a bad rep, but not all of them are fiber-devoid and candy-like creations! Weekday breakfast for S & E usually consist of whole grain waffles with peanut butter, quesadillas, avocado tacos, overnight oats, avocado toast and @lovegrown cereal. . . When selecting a breakfast cereal for your kids you should be looking at these 5 things: . . -Fiber: At least 3 grams of fiber or more per serving. Children ages 1-3 need 19 grams of fiber /day and children ages 4-8 need 25 grams of fiber/day. . . Sugar: Look for cereals with less than 10 grams of sugar. . Protein: Aim for 2 grams of protein per serving. Cows milk (1 cup = 8 grams) and some nut-based milks also have protein. I’m obsessed with @malkorganics Unsweetened Pure Almond Milk. It’s delicious and 1 cup has 5 grams of protein. Children ages 1-3 need 13 grams of protein/day and children ages 4-8 need 19 grams of protein/day. . . Ingredient list: A short list of ingredients is one of my main focuses. You also want to make sure the first ingredient is whole grain or in this case a whole food (BEANS); it should read whole oats, whole wheat, whole corn, whole grain rice, etc. Make sure sugar is listed lower down the list and that no artificial colors, preservatives or ingredients you can’t pronounce are present.
Thank you to @iron_chipmunk and @traildogtri for inviting me to speak at their meeting in New Mexico on peak performance nutrition via Skype! A fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon! #peakperformance #nutrition #triathletes #enduranceathletes #sportsnutrition #adviceforeating #cleaneating #teamafe #rd #dietitianapproved #dietitian #houstondietitian via @RiplApp
Sunday night dinner tonight was 🔥. Kids got a kick out of having lamb “lollipops” and the adult were happy trying something different. What was on your plate tonight? Did you try anything new? . . . . 📷 details: lamb, tri-color potatoes 🌈, and sugar snap peas
God bless you President Bush. Thank you for your service to our nation, to the city of Houston and to Texas A&M University. It was a pleasure to work with you. #georgehwbush #41 #president #presidentialnutrition #classact #adviceforeating #cleaneating #teamafe #rd #dietitianapproved #dietitian #houstondietitian
There is nothing better than a bowl of mac & cheese. Unless it’s a bowl of mac & cheese that takes ONE minute to cook. Ok so not really just one minute since it takes about 10-15 minutes for the IP to reach pressure. But you literally throw the pasta and water in, set it for a minute, walk away to deal with tantrum number three or keep big brother from putting a car in sister’s hair (again 🤦🏼‍♀️), and come back to cooked pasta. No need to drain either. You can thank me by trying it out and letting me know what you think 😉 . _____ Ingredients: 1 box of macaroni and cheese (I used @eatbanza chickpea pasta) 2 cups of liquid (I used water but you can use almond milk - do not use regular milk as that may curdle in the IP) 2 Tbsp butter (I used @kerrygoldusa unsalted butter) Frozen veggies, thawed and drained (I used peas but broccoli, carrots, or leafy greens would work well too _____ Directions: 1. Place pasta and water into instant pot; add butter 2. Place top on and set to high pressure for one minute 3. When cooking is done, do a quick release of pressure and carefully remove top 4. Do not drain. There may be some liquid but trust me, you want that. It will thicken as it sits 5. Add veggies and cheese/seasoning packet, and give it a good stir. Enjoy!
Happy Birthday to one of our awesome dietitians! So glad you joined teamAFE, Kristin! @running_green_rd_cssd #teamafe #houstondietitian #sportsnutrition #adviceforeating #RD
Beautiful sunrise! Make it healthy day! 🥗🏌🏻‍♀️🚴🏼‍♂️ #stayactive #healthyweekend #eatyourveggies #houstondietitian
Found this pasta alternative during a grocery store tour this week for my client who is gluten free. Lentil pasta with 13 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per serving! Have you been on a grocery store tour lead by an Advice for Eating dietitian? If not, you should! Contact us at info@adviceforeating.com to schedule your individual tour or bring some friends and make it a group tour! #lentilpasta #glutenfree #grocerystoretour #barillapasta
Not your typical chicken tacos for your next #tacotuesday night! Chicken Tacos with Butternut Squash, Pomegranate Seeds, Avocado and Queso Fresco! Head over to the blog to check out the recipe. I’m also sharing two tips for super easy and doable meal planning and important information on how long you can keep fruits and chicken in the fridge. Link to recipe in bio 👆🏼!
Low calorie eating sets our bodies up for distress. If you've been here for a while, you know I am not a supporter of low calorie diets. I am not here for diets at all, or counting calories, but I am really not here for low calorie diets. Low calorie eating is almost normalized in our culture, and as a result, it’s easy to forget why it’s problematic. • • So, why is low calorie eating such a big deal? Because we know that under-fueling (or starvation!) can significantly influence a person’s cognition, behavior and physical function. One major challenge is that today’s culture doesn’t consider low calorie eating and starvation to be the same thing. • • Much of what we understand about starvation initially came from a decades old experiment we would never be able to recreate today - it’s called the Minnesota Starvation Experiment. This isn't new information, but it needs to be talked about more - it's still relevant, sadly. In the 1940s, a group of 36 well-nourished and ‘healthy’ men participated in a study to better understand the implications of starvation. The men were observed for 3 months while they ate normally (aka adequately), and then their intake was reduced in order to intentionally reduce weight. Food intake was cut in half, while their energy output remained high. • • What happened? The men became preoccupied with food. They became exceptionally interested in food, food recipes and discussing food incessantly. Some 'broke the rules' and lost 'willpower.' (Willpower isn't a thing when it comes to food, but that's for another post). Others hoarded food when they had access to it. Many of the men were irritable, apathetic and depressed. They became increasingly socially isolated. As was expected, metabolic rates decreased, which is a common adaptation to inadequate intake. • • When the experiment was over and they were able to eat freely again, some of the men struggled with binge eating. It took months to return to normal eating habits. We understand that the preoccupation around food for these men was due to an inadequate intake - there is both a metabolic and a psychological impact when a body is starved. • • con’t in comments!
What do I do if I don’t like vegetables? Read on and then comment below your favorite way to prepare veggies. . I’ve been having this conversation a lot lately. You see, as a dietitian, I love food. And I want you to love food too. But so often this love is clouded but the idea that making food at home is complicated or that healthy food doesn’t taste good. That you have to have fancy recipes or expensive cookware or use ingredients that seem foreign. When really all that’s needed is a little confidence in the kitchen. I love creating and sharing recipes. But what I think is more important is sharing tips to help you feel comfortable enough to step inside a kitchen. . So what’s my advice if you don’t like vegetables? Try them a different way. Roasted Brussel sprouts are so much different than boiled Brussel sprouts. Add a little sweetness with maple syrup or add your favorite seasoning mix or throw on a little bit of bacon for added smokiness. Throw them onto a roasting pan covered with parchment, set your oven for 350 F for 20 minutes, and you have yourself a completely different Brussel sprouts dish. Try something new and you might surprise even yourself. . Also as an aside, I wouldn’t touch Brussels sprouts until I was nearly 30. Now it’s one of my favorite veggies.
As a follow up to Sunday’s post, sometimes life gets crazy and you do not have time to make homemade sauce. Jar tomato sauce can be a great substitute and still provide a good source of lycopene 🍅. Choose sauces that contain 0 grams of added sugar. Check the Nutrition Facts Panel for this information. The new labels include a separate line for “added sugars”. The American Heart Association recommends no more than 6 teaspoons (25 grams) of added sugar a day for women and 9 teaspoons (36 grams) of added sugar a day for men. #limitaddedsugars #raos #americanheartassociation ❤️
Hi friends! In my stories I’m asking y’all for a little help. In order to better help you I’m asking for your nutrition concerns. If you can, please check it out and answer the quick surveys/questions in my stories, or feel free to send me a DM with your requests. . This example came from my clinic at work. A client told me only fresh food can be nutritious. Everything else must be junk, right? I get it. We as consumers hear things like “processed” or “packaged” and immediately assume it must lack nutrition. But guys that’s simply not the case. This entire meal for me and the kiddos was from frozen foods and pantry goods and is as every bit nutritious as it’s fresh counterpart. . Keep reading for the common packaged foods I keep on hand and share with me below your favorite staples 👇 🔹Frozen vegetables - I always keep sweet potato fries and broccoli in our house. They are quick to roast (less than 20 minutes) and the whole family likes them. Other favorites I like are riced cauliflower (to add to everything) and peas & carrots 🔹Dried fruit - I look for dried fruits with no added sugar. This does take double checking labels and ingredients, especially if the product does not have the new label that indicates added sugar. But dried fruit can be a great option in addition to fresh fruit 🔹Dehydrated veggies - I purchase products like kale chips, dehydrated carrot sticks, or beet chips which can be subbed for fresh. Not only are they a novel way to expose kids (or yourself) to new veggies, but they are shelf stable making this a great pantry staple 🔹Frozen protein - I check the ingredient list again and choose proteins with a simple ingredient list, ideally just the protein itself. If you can, buy them in individual servings or cut yourself and freeze into individual servings to make for ease of thawing and even cooking. Avoid anything pre-marinated as they tend to be higher sodium 🔹Grains - Grains are the ultimate pantry staple. This includes rice, pasta, barley, and quinoa just to name a few. You can make large batches at the beginning of the week or even pick up frozen versions that cook in minutes in the microwave . Kids plate by @kiddobloom
Delicious, nutritious, simple, easy, quick, worth getting out of bed for and the perfect fuel for this #cybermonday . - Handful or mushrooms, handful of kale, handful of grape tomatoes sautéed with EVOO spray, Himalayan salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, over-easy egg and 1 slice of Ezekiel bread.
T O D A Y I S M Y M O M E N T • I walked past this every morning during my stay in Mexico City. We can’t change the past or predict the future but we can focus on the present moment. This week I challenge you to be more mindful of how you speak to yourself, what messages you are surrounding yourself with, and how you treat your body. • Share how you are being more mindful below 👇🏽! • Break free from rigid food and diet rules with nutrition counseling at Wholesome Start. You will learn how to nourish your body without stress or guilt and develop a healthier relationship with food and body image! www.wholesomestart.com {link in bio} • #wholesomestartrd #balancednotclean #progressnotperfection #allfoodsfit #intuitiveeating #mindfuleating #functionalnutrition #integrativenutrition #bodypositive #houstonfoodie #houstondietitian #houstonnutritionist #rd2be #rdapproved #haes #nutritiontherapy #houstonian #nondietapproach #registereddietitian #effyourbeautystandards #honoryourhunger #acceptingclients #nourishnotpunish #nutritionentrepreneur #bodytrust #mindfulmonday #mondaymantra #positiveselftalk #positivevibes
How do you approach snacks outside the home? . Snacks at home can be thought out - carefully sliced or peeled or star shaped or whatever kid (or you 😊) prefers at the moment. But it’s not as easy when on the go, when lack of space or refrigeration may be an issue. Typically I don’t do bar-type foods in the house but they definitely have their place in convenience and novelty when out and about. When kids are in tow with errands I typically pack up some sort of cracker (read: goldfish) and a packaged bar that’s low in sugar (<5gm), or even better, no added sugar. This means the sugar is coming from a natural source like fruit. Moral of the story? Not all packaged foods are created equal so be sure to check your labels. Also, no matter who your mom is, you still get fish shaped crackers 😉 . Bowl from @kiddobloom Free sample of snack bar provided by @thatsit
Nothing warms my spirit on a cool evening than making homemade tomato sauce. Tomatoes contain the phytochemical lycopene, which gives red and pink fruits and vegetables their unique color. Lycopene has been linked to help prevent heart disease. Bonus is I can freeze the sauce I don’t need and use it later in the week for a fast dinner! #lycopene #hearthealthy #tomatoes #homemade #dietitian
We’re still eating Thanksgiving leftovers while putting up Christmas decorations which inspired this dish that is a perfect blend of the two holidays. The flavors sing of Thanksgiving with roasted butternut squash and cinnamon while the pops of red and green are perfect for Christmas. I replaced heavy cream with skyr yogurt to give it a lighter feel and a boost of protein without sacrificing the creamy texture. The pomegranate seeds and pepitas give it a nice little crunch and adds a little extra punch of nutrition. ____ Ingredients: 2 tbsp shallots, finely chopped 4 cups roasted butternut squash 1/2 cup of plain skyr yogurt (I used @siggisdairy brand) + more for topping 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp fresh nutmeg 1 quart vegetable broth 2 tbsp fresh thyme Salt and pepper to taste Optional toppings: pepitas, pomegranate seeds, and extra thyme _____ Directions: 1. Sauté shallots over medium heat with butter or oil until translucent, about 4-5 minutes 2. Add roasted butternut squash, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, pepper, and thyme and cook for about 5 minutes 3. Add broth and cook on low for about 30 minutes 4. Take soup off the heat. Blend soup with yogurt either in a blender (in small batches) or using an emersion blender 5. Serve topped with extra yogurt, pepitas, pomegrate seeds, and extra thyme . . . #dailysiggis #siggisambassador #merrythanksgiving
Snag any good Black Friday deals? . I saw @amazon had a great deal on the @instantpotofficial and I *almost* picked up a second. I really don’t have the counter space otherwise I totally would have. If you’re new here, I have a great love for my pressure cooker and I really believe it can be a game changer in how you utilize your time in the kitchen. This is not at all sponsored, I just really love my Instant Pot. . If you did grab one (or you know Santa might be bringing you one), I have an amazing cheesecake recipe for you to try. This is a very basic recipe. It uses a 7 inch springform pan that fits into a 6 qt IP and was perfect for Thanksgiving when the oven was occupied with all things turkey and sides. I have every intention of tweaking this in the future, adding fruit and chocolate or adjusting the sugar, but until then, enjoy this simple version! _____ Ingredients: 2 blocks of cream cheese (16oz total), at room temperature 2 tsp vanilla 1/2 cup sugar 2 eggs, at room temperature 9 whole graham crackers (can use gluten-free if you need to), finely crushed 2 TBSP butter _____ Directions: 1. Melt butter in a medium bowl. Add crushed graham crackers and mix well. Press into bottom of assembled springform pan. Place into freezer for 10 minutes while getting together the filling 2. Cream together cream cheese and sugar using a mixer. Add vanilla and eggs, mixing well after each addition 3. Pour 1 cup of water into the instant pot. Place a trivet inside 4. Pour filling into crust. Carefully place into the instant pot on top of the trivet 5. Turn on instant pot to high pressure for 25 minutes. Once it’s finished, allow it to naturally release for 10 minutes. Release any remaining pressure after the 10 minutes and carefully open 6. There may be water on the top of the cheesecake. Just carefully remove by blotting with a paper towel 7. Remove cheesecake and allow to cool completely. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving
We’re always on the look out for the latest trends in healthy food and snacks. And @wholefoods has just released their top Food Trends for 2019, here are a few that made the list! 👉Culinary Flavors from Asia: jackfruit, monk fruit, guava tropical vinaigrette, pineapple passionfruit sparkling mineral water, mango pudding mix and passionfruit coconut frozen fruit bars 👉Probiotics & Fermentable Foods 👉Hemp Seed Products 👉Faux Meats 👉Marine Snacks 👉Have questions for us, book a consultation @ info@adviceforeating.com
Looking for a healthy way to use all those Thanksgiving leftovers? Check out some of these easy recipes from Cooking Light or email the team at Advice For Eating for personalized tips and recipes- INFO@ADVICEFOREATING.COM 🥘🥙🍲🥗 https://www.google.com/amp/amp.timeinc.net/cookinglight/entertaining/holidays-occasions/thanksgiving-leftovers-recipes #thanksgivingleftovers #turkey #healthyrecipes #houstondietitian #houston #adviceforeating
Happy Thanksgiving from these little turkeys! So thankful for these smiles, today and everyday. Hope you are all enjoying your day! 💛🍁🦃🍽
From the Team @adviceforeating , we wish you & your family the happiest of Thanksgivings! 🍁🍁🍁 #thanksgiving #greatful #givethanks #thankful #houstondietitian #friendsandfamily #nutrition
Turkey day is almost here! Don’t forget the veggies!! 🥦🥕🍠 #thanksgivingeve #thanksgiving #dontforgettheveggies #eatyourveggies #dietitian #houstondietitian #adviceforeating
And for what it’s worth, I still occasionally wear maternity pants. Stretchy waistband for life 🙌🙌 . . . Photo my me Inspiration from @kissinthekitchn and @lifeunpinteresting
When you think about nutrition, what comes to mind? 🤔Do you think of restricting certain foods, counting calories, or eating “clean”? • The first thing that comes to my mind is of all the nourishing foods I enjoy eating like this comforting bowl of mac n cheese with broccoli & baked chicken. Healthy eating looks different for everyone. You don’t have to follow fad diets because everyone around you is. Silence the bs that’s buzzing around this time of year and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. All foods fit when you ditch diets and develop a healthier relationship with food! Hope you all have a stress & guilt-free Thanksgiving! • Break free from diet culture and begin your Wholesome Start today! Click the link in my bio to schedule your FREE 15-min phone consult. • • • #wholesomestartrd #intuitiveeating #mindfuleating #integrativenutrition #functionalnutrition #guthealth #microbiome #registereddietitianapproved #rdapproved #dietitianeats #haes #houstonheights #houstonnutritionist #houstondietitian #nutritioncoaching #nutritiontherapy #houstonfoodie #htx #houstonian #houstonfoodblogger #selfcare #nondietapproach #antidiet #mondaymantra #healthythanksgiving
As Thanksgiving approaches,⠀ ⠀ I see more and more posts about exercises to burn off the turkey, don’t eat carbs a few days before, measure out everything, skip breakfast to save up for lunch calories, etc.⠀ ⠀ Not only are these terrible recommendations but it’s sad that diet culture has rooted its way into what should be a joyful day with family or friends. ⠀ ⠀ I understand that not everyone has the same mindset but if you’re sick and tired of being captive by the scale and food journaling apps, know that there is a different way that will give you freedom!⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ #intuitiveeating #thanksgiving #todolists #registereddietitian #houstondietitian #backtobasics #selfcare #nondietapproach #allfoodsfit #balance #mindfulness #foodfreedom
Traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday? If you’re grabbing a quick snack, read the labels— added sugars, excess sodium & fat can make a seemingly healthy option, unhealthy. 👌Even better, be prepared and pack a healthy snack from home. 👉What’s your go to healthy snack while traveling? #healthysnack #houstondietitian #travelsmart #beprepared #adviceforeating #holidaytravel #readthelabel
🍲Staying warm with this delicious pumpkin soup! It’s loaded with the antioxidant beta-carotene, a carotenoid converted to vitamin A in the body. 😋EAT UP! Pumpkin Nutrition Facts (1 cup cooked) • Calories 49 • • Protein 2 grams • • Carbohydrate 12 grams • • Dietary Fiber 3 grams • Calcium 37 mg • Iron 1.4 mg • Magnesium 22 mg • Potassium 564 mg • Zinc 1 mg • Selenium .50 mg • Vitamin C 12 mg • Niacin 1 mg • Folate 21 mcg • Vitamin A 2650 IU •
Re-sharing this post from a couple months back because 1) I am always up for pumpkin ravioli and 2) leading up to the holidays the last thing I want is to spend a long time in the kitchen. 15 minutes meals are a must! . If you still have last minute grocery shopping on your agenda, pick up a container of fresh ravioli. Places like @traderjoes have plenty of options, including this honey roasted pumpkin, and most take less than 5 minutes of actual cooking time. Keep it simple by topping with olive oil, grated cheese, and any herbs you picked up to use for Thursday. Pair it with frozen veggies like this broccoli from @costco and you and your family will be eating well in just a short amount of time. What is your favorite 15 minute meal? Share below!
Start out the holiday week on a healthy note— with plenty of rest, exercise, water, and good food! And remember, if things get stressful this week, take a deep breath and breathe... 👌 #andbreathe #yougotthis #holidaysarehere #healthylifestyle #dietitian #houston #adviceforeating #houstondietitian #health
In a week Houston has gone from temps in the 80s, down to freezing, and this weekend it’s supposed to head back up to the seventies. Hence why I’m mixing summer fruit with oatmeal, because I have no idea what season we’re in. Have you moved on from berries yet or are you like me, holding on for as long as you can? I’ll eat them fresh for as long as I can and then I’ll switch over to frozen because I always need my blueberry fix (also, why is there no blueberry emoji 🤔) . 📷 deets: @bobsredmill steel cut oats, @kindsnacks almond butter granola, @siggisdairy plain yogurt, @driscollsberry organic blueberries, and @traderjoes vanilla infused maple syrup
Today is World Diabetes Day. Chances are you or someone you know has been impacted by diabetes. My dad was diagnosed with type 2 when I was about 10 years old. He passed away from complications barely 6 years later. I am certainly not saying that’s the fate of everyone but as a 16 year old trying to cope with something so much bigger than me, diabetes was always something that scared me. In my internship I had a rotation in an outpatient diabetes center. I remember meeting a client who reminded me so much of my dad. I found myself scared for him and scared for his kids, remembering what I had went through. I told my preceptor I couldn’t work with him because it felt too real. And she told me that was exactly why I needed to work with him. By the end of that rotation I knew I wanted to be a diabetes educator. At least once a year I have a patient who reminds me of my dad. This year was just a few weeks ago, right before his birthday. It’s a simple reminder of him, of how his life has impacted mine so greatly even though he’s gone, and how it’s impacted thousands of patients and clients that I’ve worked with. Diabetes sucks, there’s no getting around that, but my life would be so different without the impact it had in my family.
Allow yourself to be happy. . . The weather in Houston was NOT this nice today, it was soooo cold, like in the 30s which is crazy for here! In other news I’ve been trialing the keto diet (just as a learning experience) which you can follow the successes and failures of on my story. . . . . . #ighouston #fitnesshouston #houstonfitness #houstonfitfam #houstonyoga #wildthing #houstonyogis #crossfitter #crossfitgirls #girlsthatlift #backbend #ketodiet #crossfitnutrition #ketobeginner #dietitiansofinstagram #houstondietitian #neversettle
#Repost @wholesomestartrd with @get_repost ・・・ Last week I asked for your help to find delicious local restaurants in Houston. Whenever I get asked which restaurants I enjoy going to I never have much to say. I am a creature of habit and tend to visit the same spots that are convenient for me. So I put together a list of local Houston restaurants based on the Wholesome Start Community’s responses for you to share with your family and friends! • Get your copy of the list by clicking the link in my bio! • If you're ready to learn how to nourish your body without rigid diets and rediscover the joys of eating, sign-up for a FREE 15-min consult today! Head to my website www.wholesomestart.com or click the link in bio to get started! • #wholesomestartrd #intuitiveeating #mindfuleating #integrativenutrition #functionalnutrition #guthealth #microbiome #registereddietitianapproved #rdapproved #dietitianeats #haes #houstonheights #houstonnutritionist #houstondietitian #nutritioncoaching #nutritiontherapy #houstonfoodie #htx #houstonian #houstonfoodblogger #selfcare #nondietapproach #antidiet #mealplan #allfoodsfit
Last week I asked for your help to find delicious local restaurants in Houston. Whenever I get asked which restaurants I enjoy going to I never have much to say. I am a creature of habit and tend to visit the same spots that are convenient for me. So I put together a list of local Houston restaurants based on the Wholesome Start Community’s responses for you to share with your family and friends! • Get your copy of the list by clicking the link in my bio! • If you're ready to learn how to nourish your body without rigid diets and rediscover the joys of eating, sign-up for a FREE 15-min consult today! Head to my website www.wholesomestart.com or click the link in bio to get started! • #wholesomestartrd #intuitiveeating #mindfuleating #integrativenutrition #functionalnutrition #guthealth #microbiome #registereddietitianapproved #rdapproved #dietitianeats #haes #houstonheights #houstonnutritionist #houstondietitian #nutritioncoaching #nutritiontherapy #houstonfoodie #htx #houstonian #houstonfoodblogger #selfcare #nondietapproach #antidiet #mealplan #allfoodsfit
Quick and easy breakfast!⠀ - Oatmeal⠀ - 1 scoop Pure Protein Complete⠀ - 1 Tbsp Almond Butter⠀ - a few chocolate chips ⠀ It may not be pretty but it sure is tasty! • • • #youngliving #yleo #breakfast #protein #32weekspregnant #healthypregnancy #babybump #health #wellness #wellnessjourney #healthyliving #oilylife #fitness #healthyhome #vanillaspice #dietitian #rdeats #houstondietitian
✨Monday Mantra✨ • “It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life. And in change there is power.” Alan Cohen • What’s one way you’ll be challenging yourself to embrace change this week? • If you're ready to learn how to nourish your body without rigid diets and rediscover the joys of eating, sign-up for a FREE 15-min consult today! Head to my website www.wholesomestart.com or click the link in bio to get started! • #wholesomestartrd #intuitiveeating #mindfuleating #integrativenutrition #functionalnutrition #guthealth #microbiome #registereddietitianapproved #rdapproved #dietitianeats #haes #houstonheights #houstonnutritionist #houstondietitian #nutritioncoaching #nutritiontherapy #houstonfoodie #htx #houstonian #houstonfoodblogger #selfcare #nondietapproach #antidiet #mondaymantra
With the near freezing temps approaching, my last ditch effort to save the cilantro in my herb garden was to make guacamole. You see, cilantro is like me and doesn’t much care for the cold. At the first sign of dropping temps it starts to go to seed. Did you know the seeds of cilantro is the same thing as coriander? “Cilantro” roughly translates to coriander leaves. So at this stage you can save the seeds to grow more cilantro in the spring, you can keep the seeds and grind them to use as coriander in dishes like curry or ratatouille, or you can harvest the leaves and make something tasty. I decided this was a sign I needed to make some guacamole. . I mean really I didn’t need an excuse, I’m always up for guac. But this super simple recipe has just a little extra 🔥 to it to keep you warm in these temps. I added @zubiatescocina dairy-free jalapeño crema to a couple of ripe avocados and a small bunch of chopped cilantro. This crema is made with just a few recognizable ingredients but has so much flavor. It was the perfect shortcut to a spicy dip and completely transported me back to a warm sunny day ☀️ instead of this rainy cold one we’re having here today 🌧 🥶
It got cold here in Houston! It’s 50 which basically means freezing...I’ll be pulling out all the warm layers and boots and hot cocoa and doing all the baking. How do you enjoy cold weather days? . . . This cranberry loaf is at the top of my list to make this weekend. I took a basic loaf bread recipe and added 1 cup fresh cranberries and lemon zest. Topped with @traderjoes lemon curd this makes the perfect sweet treat or addition to brunch.
One week into November and I’m anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving. Do you go traditional with your holiday dishes or do you like to try something new? . We always have our very traditional Thanksgiving meal with the in-laws: turkey, mashed potatoes, Grandma Falke’s dressing (an dish I could never attempt to recreate). But then my family is bit more adventurous. One year we did a completely vegetarian meal, another we ordered out Indian food (that year I was very pregnant with my second child), and this year we’ll be celebrating the weekend before the actual day by going to a local farm and eating at food trucks. Honestly as long as family is together, I’m happy. . If you’re looking for something that’s a mix between traditional and not so much, try this warm brussel sprouts salad with bacon and pomegranate seeds. And if you’ve never seeded a pomegranate before, check my post from yesterday for a complete how to. _____ Ingredients: -1 bag of shaved brussel sprouts -1/2 cup matchstick carrots -2 slices of bacon -1/2 cup pomegranate seeds -salt and pepper to taste _____ Directions: 1. Slice bacon into one inch pieces and place into a sauté pan over medium heat. Cook all the way through then remove bacon and place on a plate lines with paper towels 2. Turn off heat and carefully remove bacon grease from the pan, leaving about 1tbsp of drippings 3. Turn heat back on and add shaved brussel sprouts and carrots to the pan. Add salt and pepper to taste, give a good stir, and allow to cook until veggies are soften, about 10 minutes 4. Return bacon to the pan and cook for 1 minute to warm back up 5. Remove from heat. Serve while warm and top with pomegranate seeds.
Calling all Houstonians! I’m assigning myself with the task of finding delicious local restaurants that pique your interest. I was recently asked which restaurants I enjoy going to in the area and what I like to order from them but I didn’t have much to add. I am a creature of habit and tend to visit the same spots that are convenient for me. So I’m asking for your help to create a list of local Houston restaurants that you love to visit. They can include fast food spots, fine dining, and everything in between! #allfoodsfit 🍴 Comment with some of your favorite Houston eateries and let me know what you love ordering from their menu! • DM me your email address if you’d like a copy of this list! • If you're ready to learn how to nourish your body without rigid diets and rediscover the joys of eating, sign-up for a FREE 15-min consult today! Head to my website www.wholesomestart.com or click the link in bio to get started! • #wholesomestartrd #intuitiveeating #mindfuleating #integrativenutrition #functionalnutrition #guthealth #microbiome #registereddietitianapproved #rdapproved #dietitianeats #haes #houstonheights #houstonnutritionist #houstondietitian #nutritioncoaching #nutritiontherapy #houstonfoodie #htx #houstonian #houstonfoodblogger #selfcare #nondietapproach #antidiet
With pomegranates there are generally two thought processes: 1) what the heck is that, and 2) how the heck do I get into that? Both valid questions, and both that I have thought before. Read on for how to seed a pomegranate and let me know if you’ve tried pomegranate seeds before or if this will inspire you to try them! . . 1️⃣ Gently score around the outside of the fruit, careful not to cut all the way through the skin 2️⃣ Peel back the skin and begin to break open; best to do this in a sink to prevent any spills because some of the seeds may burst 3️⃣ Holding the fruit over a bowl filled with water, gently tap with a wooden spoon to knock the seeds loose; this is a fun step for littles to help with 5️⃣ Allow the seeds to fall into the bowl with water. Continue on, using your hands at time to break up larger pieces; allow the white pieces (pith) to float to the top and scoop out 6️⃣ Store in a covered container in the refrigerator for up to a week 7️⃣ Sprinkle on top of salads, yogurt, oatmeal, or just eat them by the handfuls like my 4 year old
Have you ever tried to spread out your salad? . . . A few weeks ago Ashley over at @veggiesandvirtue posted this idea and I thought it was brilliant. My kids are not big fans of a bowl of salad but they loved it spread out where they could see the different toppings. Each got tongs to self serve and had so much fun getting to pick and choose exactly what they wanted - even if it meant my littlest attempting to fill her whole plate with @brazi_bites cheese rolls 😂 Just the novelty of the idea had each of them being more adventurous versus cautious with their food choices which is my goal in raising healthy eaters. . . . Dinner deats: lettuce greens from the garden, fresh pomegranate seeds, cucumbers, roasted beets and carrots, snap peas, tomatoes, cashews, grilled shrimp, and cheese rolls
Congrats to @gordoruns26.2 for his 2:52 finish @nycmarathon on Sunday. He ran an 5 minute PR and lost 25 pounds during his training. Advice for Eating helped him get leaner and he nailed his peak performance nutrition! Come learn how to reach your peak performance tomorrow @runon_riveroaks at 6:30 pm at our Peak Performance Seminar with @running_green_rd_cssd and @adrienne.langelier. Email info@adviceforeating.com to register. We are excited to see you tomorrow! #howtofuel #peakperformance #reachyourpotential #athletes #adviceforeating #cleaneating #teamafe #rd #dietitianapproved #dietitian #houstondietitian
If you over-do it, you stop enjoying it. . . Yesterday morning I woke up thinking I’d get a run in...except no part of me wanted to go running ...other than my thoughts saying I “should”. . So I figured I’d rather just go to a yoga class at some point later in the day. It got to be 5:30 pm and I was comfortably cuddled up on my couch working on things and decided that it would be a better option for me to skip yoga, be in stillness and calmness, rather than rush out the door and make it to a class and then rush back super hungry and sweaty and try to figure out dinner. . . How often are you perfectly fine and peaceful until you realize you “need” to get to a class “so that you sweat and feel better” ...when really all you’re doing is creating more stress and anxiety for yourself. Kind of silly isn’t it ? . . Physical activity is a beautiful thing! Don’t let the thought of “having to sweat” when your body doesn’t need it take the fun and enjoyment out of it. . Days off can be challenging and they are INCREDIBLE and very much needed. Just tune in and listen to your body. You’ll know when you need to slow down...it’s just making the choice to do so. . . . . #mindfulmovement #tuesdaythoughts #healthyworkouts #takecareofyourbody #listentoyourbody #cheerfullynourished #howtoworkout #howtomove #strengthinstillness #tuneintogreatness #fuelwell #restwell #houstonbloggers #houstondietitian #howtolive #livehealthfully #chooseyourself #lessstress #loweranxiety #dothething #bestillandknow
I’ve never actually introduced my logo before or discussed the reason for the name “UpliftFit Nutrition”. . Welcome the logo for UpliftFit Nutrition! My nutrition philosophy lies in helping each and every person find the right “diet” that fits THEIR lifestyle! No cookie cutter diets, no fads, no short term fixes here- it’s about finding the method that is no longer a diet- but a LIFESTYLE 🤗❤️ Sustainability is key. It’s not above what what works for someone else- but what works for YOU- and what helps you to not only just survive- but THRIVE. . My passion lies in spreading the scientific truth in the world’s of fitness and nutrition. My goal as a dietitian and coach is to provide you the tools that you need to be your best self- physically, mentally, and spiritually, in hopes that I can help not only uplift YOUR life, but that you can go out in this world and uplift others as well. . That’s the story of UpliftFit Nutrition ❤️ #upliftingwomen #upliftfitnutrition #upliftyourlife #allfoodsfit #moderation #sustainableapproach #dieting #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #diettips #nutritionfacts #nutritiontips #dietitian #rdchat #dietitiantalk #houstondietitian #houstonnutritionist #fatlosstips #foodrecovery #keto #carbsarelife #antiinflammatorydiet #hypothyroidism #iifym #macrohacks #foodisfuel
Really feeling this as my Monday Mantra! How are you showing yourself a little extra compassion this week? 🌱 Schedule your FREE 15-min discovery call to let go of stress & guilt around food and begin your Wholesome Start! With my nutrition services you will discover the root cause of your health concerns, develop a healthier relationship with food & body image, and unlock your healthiest self! www.wholesomestart.com (link in bio) 🌱 #wholesomestartrd #selfcompassion #selfcare #intuitiveeating #wellnessquote #mondaymantra #mindfuleating #integrativenutrition #functionalnutrition #mealprep #mealplanning #nutritionist #rdapproved #yogiteawisdom #innerwisdom #holistichealth #houstondietitian #houstonnutritionist #htx #atx
Do you have a favorite salad green? Pictured here is a bunch of baby romaine grown from seeds. It’s super tender and crisp and makes for a great base for so many different kinds of toppings. . This is just one of the many greens currently growing in my garden. If you’re on the fence about starting a garden of your own, try your hand with lettuce seeds in a small container. They don’t require a lot of space, just some dirt, sun, a little bit of water, and before you know it you are picking handfuls of lettuce to create your own dinner salads. Or if you already have a garden bed, use up any free space between bigger crops, like broccoli or cabbage, so that you’re getting the most out of your garden space.
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