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I’ll be straight...I’ve never had to ship out this many orders at one time and I’m crying like a little girl on the inside. ⠀ 😭❤️⠀ I’m just overwhelmed with joy at how much support you all have given me on this new path. Using what Ive learned through my own experience to help support other people who have struggled in silence and are wanting to be the change they need in life.⠀ 🌼⠀ I didn’t even realize I stayed up until 4am making the watercolor paintings and bookmarks to go with the first 20 orders because I was just so excited for everyone to get them.⠀ 🌈⠀ If you were one of those people just know that I still need write notes and sign all of the books, but I’m working on trying to get them shipped out by the end of the week!⠀ 🌱⠀ If you’re interested in Back To Happy there are plenty in stock in my shop and it’s also available on Amazon (just search Back To Happy Olivia Reiman - since I’m not all big and famous yet 🤣).⠀ 🌿⠀ Have a beautiful day!!!⠀
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Are you waiting for others to be doing what you love? I know I’m guilty of that! I am always waiting for others’ go ahead before I do anything! Like waiting for someone to come with me to a party before I decide to go to the party or waiting for people to sign up to my webinar before I actually even decide to do the webinar... I recognise this from like 2 years ago when I stopped doing webinars because i was not happy with the amount of people showing up, and somehow I made it mean that what I was doing was pointless! I have to say I gave up too easily on that one... I would have gained momentum if I had just continued doing these workshops and webinars, tried different approaches, and put myself out there. I know there is value in what I have experienced and learned in life so far, and so I’m just gonna share it... i can do this 2 ways: I can share so I can get validation, or I can share just because I like to express myself and share... it’s a tricky one when you know ego always so easily slips in. But I’ll do my best to stay focused on what I love and do it anyways! So don’t wait for others to approve and support you. Just go and do what you love! * * * * #womenempowerment #workandtravel #howtobehappy #lifegoals #workingfromhome #indianwomen #desidiaries #lifestylegoals #lifestylecoach #womenempoweringwomen #delhilifestyleblogger #desidiaries #accountabilitygroup #lifecoachforwomen #travelblogger #careergoals #relationshipgoals #motivationalquotes #lifestyleinspo #frenchgirls #londongirl #delhigirl #personaldevelopmentcoach #thecoolgirlsclub #womenentrepreneur #stayfitandhealthy #loveyourlifestyle #funliving
Letting go is an invitation to relinquish unhealthy attachments to events, ideas, possessions, and minor irritations. http://bit.ly/2L7IMNs⠀ ⠀ #happiness #howtobehappy #findhappiness #lettingo #deltadiscoverycenter #hiltonheadwellness
Vor zwei Jahren verbrachten Rose und Jérôme zwei Nächte miteinander, eine Zeit, die keiner von beiden je vergessen hat. Doch so sehr Jérôme ihr Herz auch schneller schlagen lässt - für Rose ist er einer von viel Fehlern. Immerhin hat Jérôme das Leben eines Menschen beendet. Als er seine Strafe abgesessen hat und ein neues Leben beginnen will, treffen die beiden wieder aufeinander. Mit ihrem Wiedersehen kehrt auch das Herzklopfen zurück, dennoch steht zu viel zwischen ihnen. Als ein Blizzard sie von der Außenwelt abschneidet, werden sie gezwungen, sich ihren Gefühlen zu stellen. How to be happy - Winterrose erscheint schon ganz bald! 😍❤ (Der Text auf dem Bild ist ein Songtext, den ich extra für dieses Buch geschrieben habe) #comingsoon #winterrose #songtext #typewriterpoetry #poem #howtobehappy #kimleopold #blackheartseries #fantasybookseries #fantasyserie #liebesroman #newadultbook #newadultnovel
Yes, No, Maybe, Undecided, Don't Know, Perhaps, Unsure, But, What If? Finding it tough to make that decision? Don’t know how to differentiate head from heart? Here’s my two top strategies for making decision-making simple. 1. Whatever choice you are pondering over ask yourself this - will this choice expand or shrink my life? Anything that energises you and expands your life is your decision. Anything that drains your energy and shrinks your life should be avoided at all costs. 2. Reflect on the options and give advice to yourself as if you were giving it to a friend. Research backs that when we give advice to others we are able to be more reflective and see a situation from multiple view-points. By doing this you become less attached to your emotions and more focused on problem solving. Making big decisions is not always easy but it is simple - when you know how. Just remember to use your head for solving math and your heart for the things that really matter in your life. Energy never lies so always follow your intuition and switch off that analytical mind. #energy #intuition #decisionmaking #lifehacks #lifestrategies #strategies #followyourheart #energydoesntlie #happiness #howtobehappy #makeyourmindup #how #lifecoach #innerpeace #choices #weallhavechoices #change #habits #meditateonthis #meditate #grow #enlighten #feeltheway #now #bepresent #awaken #growthemindset #mindset
In this episode, I share my own story and struggle with setting boundaries and how it has impacted my happiness. I also share how, when I have a strong enough reason why I set a boundary, it’s easier to maintain the boundary and be happier long-term. If you’ve ever struggled with setting boundaries, tune in to learn more (link in the bio and video episodes on IGTV). . . . #morningmotivation #personaldevelopment #mondaymotivation #selfimprovement #selfimprovementdaily #podcast #podcastlife #podcastseries #dailyhappy #dailyhappiness #dailyhappinessseries #happyeveryday #selfhelp #selfhelppodcast #happinessaboundpodcast #podcastlove #podcastlife #howtobehappy #happiness #happy #mindsetcoach #utpod #mindsetmentor #dailyroutines #goalgetter #happinessformula #thepodcastpost #setboundaries @unsplash
«...Мы перестали бороться за правду, мы начали бороться только за себя. Сначала попытайтесь понять, и лишь потом постарайтесь, чтобы поняли вас. 🙏🏻 Вы должны приложить все свои силы, чтобы понять точку зрения другого человека. 👁 Выслушайте других, примите их взгляд на мир, и вы обретете спокойствие. Больше сосредоточьтесь на том, чтобы быть счастливым, чем быть правым». ❤️ . «Гармония приходит изнутри. 🧘🏻‍♀️ Не ищите ее снаружи. Не ищите снаружи то, что может быть только в вашем сердце. Часто мы можем искать вовне, только чтобы отвлечь себя от правдивой реальности. Правда в том, что гармонию можно найти только внутри себя. ✨ Гармония - это не новая работа, не новая машина или новый брак; гармония - это мир в душе, и он начинаются с вас». 😌 . [Уроки Будды, полезные каждому из нас 📚].
10 out of 13 of these apply to me. And the only reason I’m okay is because IT is totally okay 👌🏽 #itsokay * 📷: @positivelypresent
I fell in love with this quote during my yoga teacher training when we where studying they Yoga Sutras. As the mind, so the man. Bondage or liberation are in your own mind. I believe we have the ability to connect to other realms of consciousness. I often sit quietly and call on my higher power to help me feel a positive energy that is outside myself. There are people all over the world praying for the greater good of everyone living human being. You can tap into the energy when you are lacking your own. Be mindful what you feed your mind because it attracts what you think about.
One of the keys from the SAG/AFTRA conservatory class I taught last night at AFI, how to "DISSENSITIZE" yourself from the negative association to failure. It is critical because failure is attached to fear which hinders your dreams. Two actors came up. I asked the 1st actor to show us how he would express the words, "I failed" verbally and physically. His shoulders/head came down, his tone was low and his arms down at his side. I asked the other actor to show us how he would express the words "I succeeded" and to demonstrate verbally and physically what that looks like. He was smiling, excited, beaming, arms up in the air. Then I asked the 1st actor to keep the words, "I failed," but to mimick the upbeat delivery, verbally and physically in his body of the actor who shouted, "I succeeded!" He did this over and over till "I failed" came off as "I succeeded! from a place of excitment as if he had won something. I asked, "how does it feel to fail?" He answered, "good!" The class got it! If you are going to make moves in your career and fear holds you back, this is a simple tool to help you breakthrough it. Unlearn the old ways you associate to failure, build this new association and act it out in the physical body so it encodes this new belief. Failure is the learning opportunity of what more you need to succeed. Repeat this to yourself even when your audition or meeting did not go as you had hoped for. Then celebrate what you were able to identify in the experience and what work you need to do to get even better at your craft. It will build your enthusiasm to get back on that bike as children do, no matter how many times they fall, because falls sharpen new skills for success! Thank you to the performing artists who came to play and who came to change! Remember, 32 days to practice over and over a new tool in your toolbox and make it Fun! Follow more life-tips @beyoubloom
I think some posts like this can sometimes seem very generic, not genuine and to make yourself look better rather than genuinely wanting to help. BUT this one really stood out to me, because it’s moving past the mental health hashtags and awareness, it’s really taking action and being straight forward. When suffering with mental health you often want / need a safe space, whether that’s a place, person, object... so find one! Whether that’s your phone, a friends house or your grandma... but also know the world IS safe, and remember all of the times you’ve been safe before.
คุณพร้อมมั้ย พร้อมที่จะสวยไปกับเรามั้ย ใช้แล้วกลัวสิวเห่อ บอกเลยว่าไม่เห่อ แถมบางคนสิวลดอีกด้วยนะเว้ย 💚 แล้วถ้ายิ่งใครเป็นคนรีบๆนะ แล้วต้องมาเสียเวลากับการทากันแดด ต้องนี่เลยจะ แค่เขย่าแล้วฉีดก็จบ เดินออกจากบ้านได้สวยๆ❤️ รับตัวแทนเรทแซ่บ🔥เปิดบิล 375 บาท 5 ขวด #ของด ีราคาถูก #sherpeachspray 🍑 #สเปย ์น้ำแร่กันแดด #ของด ีทำไมต้องจ่ายแพง‼️ #สเปย ์หน้าฉ่ำ #howtoperfect #howtobeauty #howtobehappy #ของด ีบอกต่อ #ร ับตท #ร ับตัวแทนเรทแซ่บ #เรทต ัวแทน #เรทแซ ่บมาก
Fabylis® Body Language - The Ultimate Women's ONLINE COURSE to Looking Confident Instantly and Become More Attractive. For Extroverts, Introverts, and Shy Women. 🌸 . ▶︎ Fabylis® Body Language ONLINE COURSE ▶︎ Watch: https://bit.ly/2A1faM3 ▶︎ Shop: http://fabylis.com ▶︎ Price: USD 97 . #bodylanguage #confidence #womensbest #howtobeconfident #communication #attractive #howtobeauty #howtostyle #fashionblogger #beautyblogger #howtobehappy #howtoperfect #confident #confidentwomen #confidenceissexy #confidenceboost #personaldevelopment #confidencecoach #bodylanguagecoach #nonverbal #nonverbalcommunication #communicationiskey #communicationiskey #instadaily #womenempowerment . @fabylisschool @fabienneliechti
Pu•ra-pu•ra ba•ha•gi•a (adv.) sebuah upaya kamuflase untuk bersembunyi dibalik hati sedang kelabu. • Berapa kali dalam seminggu kalian pura-pura bahagia? Seberapa sering kalian nutupin hati kalian yang lagi sedih? Apa pura-pura sedih udah jadi hal yang biasa dan wajar untuk kalian? • Wajar gak sih? Baik gak sih? Yuk, cari tau jawabannya berdasarkan teori Psikoanalisa - Sigmund Freud lewat live talk di instagram @magdalenaapl @yosrt07 @wreandsi14 • Hari/tanggal : Senin, 24 September 2018 Jam : 13.00 WIB Jangan lupa dicatat yaa tanggalnya :) #purapurabahagia #bbqwithLeWiYo #sigmundfreud #mediateknologibk #bk_uaj #uaj #ecounseling #howtobehappy #livetalk #psikoanalisis #qna #sharingknowledge
♡A piece of my "Moment enlightment"♡..... ♡Heal your heart not by closing your eyes, but by opening your soul♡ #heart #soul #quotes #love #kids #kiddos #fun #funny #cute #happy #enlightment #fullheart #mindfulleness #heartfullness #giving #warmth #awnser #howtobehappy #kindness #onerandomactofkindness #bekind
This is the face that greeted me when I surprised the bestie @crystalfishball from her trip back at @changiairport and I also got the "WTH ARE YOU DOING HERE?" question. Sad life. But ok la, she rewarded me with a one time smile plus we managed to have dinner of a shared bowl of my fave Japanese tendon @kohakutendon from @japangourmethallsora. Oh AND AND SHE GOT ME A SOUVENIR! AWWW ❤️❤️❤️ Swipe right for more bonus BTS + video of me stalking the bestie and attempting to surprise (but failed) her 😂😂 #weirdthingsido #airportsurprise #notthereactioniexpected
Perfect Sunday afternoon - immerse yourself in a book or surrounded by books 📚 was a great escape from the real world. Very relaxing 😌 . . . #bookstagram #bookstore #bookclub #bookselves #bookworm #goodmood #relax #sunday #afternoon #bookobsessed #bookaholic #read #reading #reader #sydney #howtobehappy #happy #relaxing #energy #healing #fancy #interiordesign #instagood #instabooks #instapic #instadaily
I want you to try something for a second: for a minute I want you to think back on the happiest moments about your day. Pick each one out and hold them in your memory - really appreciate each good moment that happened and thank God for the fact that you experienced them today. ❤️ ________________________________________ This is how I think we can find happiness in our lives every single day. There’s a quote that says, “Every day may not be good... but there's something good in every day.” Whenever I have a bad day, I remember this quote and do the exercise that I mentioned above, and it always helps me become a little more grateful, a little more happy, and feel a little more loved ☺️❤️ ________________________________________ ❤️ ~ I hope you all had an amazing Monday like I did! But if you didn’t, I hope you’re still able to seek out and find the good moments that were sprinkled throughout it 😊 #LifeIsGood
So today in between coaching calls im doing some animation. Been years since I did any. Had to swot up on all the software. Heres the thing. Its an animation about me and my life. About the things ive learned about making money, working out what you want in life and making it happen. I figured, I could either sit in front of a camera and talk. Or....I could have some fun with it and do something different. Entertain whilst educating sorta thing. Bit of fun more than anything. But why the fuck not. Dont be afraid to try something and fail. Failing is where we learn what works and what doesnt.
Happy hump day! Yesterday’s practice - legs seem fuller which means I’m hitting goals! What are your figure goals? Why do you have them? Why do you want to look a certain way? Think about this before starting out on your new healthier way of eating and training. Once you know WHY you want something, it makes it far more achievable. Concentrate on real feeling that will bring true results - not things like I will be happy if I loose weight. You might not! You might however achieve confidence in yourself and in turn become happier in other areas of your life. As you hit goals you feel a sense of achievement which can spur you on for other things that might make you happier. I wanted fuller legs due to judges feedback and to hit my goal to becoming a better bikini competitor so I can go on to win more medals - be competitive in the sport which brings me a sense of fulfilment. Plus I love having goals to smash! So set sensible achievable goals and really give some thought as to why you are doing things! * * * * * * * #glutes 🍑 #wednesdaywisdom #humpday 🐫 #gluteworkout #bikiniposing #nikinicompetitor #bikiniathlete #teamshowgirlfitness #smashgoals #acheivement #progressnotperfection #weightlosswisdom #weightlossjourney #howtobehappy
Joy 😁✨ let make an effort not only to have joy but to bring joy in peoples life because it’s does things we remember and keep us holding on for better days x 😊 ———————————————————————— Follow @youonedaze 💞 ———————————————————————— #anxiety #youonedaze #joy . #motivationalvideo #motivationalspeech #lifecoaching #executivecoach #selfdevelopment #selfhelp #selfhelpbooks #lifequotes #motivator #motivating #motivationquotes #brainpower #mindset #mindshift #howtobehappy #changeyourmindset #selfimprovement #personalgrowth #lifecoaching #aimhigh #thinkbig #stoic #stoicism #strong #affirmations
Unconditional love. The ultimate desire of every human being. The desire to be loved no matter what. We were born with this desire because we have right to be loved unconditionally. Kids know that and that expect us to love them no matter what they do, no matter how they look like, no matter what they say. It is their right and they deserve it. I tell you the secret. If you love somebody unconditionally, you will get the unconditional love back. Maybe not from the same person, but the love will come back to you. Because that is how the universe works. Nothing gets lost❤️❤️❤️ ⠀⠀ #unconditionallove #happinessiseasy #kidsknow #happykids #unconditionalloveyoudeserve #howtobehappy #loveisnttaught #lovingcreatures #asborn #borntolove #animalslove #vegankids #veganforlife #plantbased #rawvegan #lowfatraw #highcarblowfat #veganism #vegatarian #lovegiving #nothinggetslost #everybodywantsit #everybodyneefsit #everybodydeservesit #willingtohivelove #spiritualquotes #❤️❤️❤️ #ipreview @preview.app
Throwback to loads of unexpected firsts - first time meeting some of the @shopbacksg Smarter Way Facebook Community members, first time at the Shopback x @seedly_app office (and met the office hamster 🐹) and then..we were filmed for an unexpected video - swipe right to view a BTS snippet from @xsilkx ?! HILARIOUS night though - looking forward to the next if I can make it! 😂 P.s the first of the 3 videos is up on the Shopback Facebook page; head over to watch it (and spot me if you can). Thanks for the yoyo whatsup rapper makeover I had ah LOL 😂😂 #clozette #mitsuekifirsttime #shopbacksg #aroaringgoodtime
Есть только два точных способа как стать счастливым: 1. Изменить внешние обстоятельства 2. Изменить внутреннее восприятие Если правильно воспользоваться мозгом, можно стать очень счастливым человеком. 🔽🔽🔽 There are only two right ways how to be happy: 1. Change your position 2. Change your mind If you use your brain wisely you can be really happy guy! #mind #happy #happiness #howtobehappy #people #relations #life #attitude #myautumn2018
Hurt people project their ‘hurt’ on other people and it’s usually someone nearest and dearest to them. Sometimes when we are in pain we want to make others feel pain too. It’s not healthy and it’s no fun being on the receiving end. However, on the flip side, if someone seems to be hurting you, your feelings or detaching - it might be that they are feeling hurt themselves.
There are just 5 days left to our LIVE podcast event at @genteelcoffee with @sandiegocoffeemoms ! * Come hang out with us with a cup of coffee (or two!) and listen in as we talk to some amazing, brave women about specific issues that cause them anxiety. * Tickets are still available and can be found in @sandiegocoffeemoms bio! If you’re in San Diego, come join us on Saturday :)
Are you having trouble with negative people in your life? People who want to bring you down or keep you from being your happiest, healthiest self? We can help you out with that. Click the Linktree URL in our bio to join us in our free Facebook group for support. http://www.facebook.com/groups/SwanWaters #quote #illustrations #toxicrelationships #narcissisticabuse #sexualabuse #mentalabuse #spiritualabuse #domesticviolence #verbalabuse #redflags #domesticviolenceawareness #domesticabuse #healyourself #endbullying #healingjourney #selfawareness #abuse #selfcareisntselfish #swanlove #wholeness #toxicpeople #fakepeople #narcissist #selfhelp #mylifemyway #youarenotalone #howtobehappy #wordsthatinspire #beautifullybroken #emotionalhealth
มารวยไปกับ เชิร์พีชกันเถอะ รับต้วแทนจำหน่าย เพียงเปิดบิล 375 ฿ 🔥 #ของด ีราคาถูก #sherpeachspray 🍑 #สเปย ์น้ำแร่กันแดด #ของด ีทำไมต้องจ่ายแพง‼️ #สเปย ์หน้าฉ่ำ #howtoperfect #howtobeauty #howtobehappy #ของด ีบอกต่อ #ร ับตท #ร ับตัวแทนเรทแซ่บ #เรทต ัวแทน #เรทแซ ่บมาก #โปรโมทฟร
สวยใสได้ในไม่กี่นาที เพียงแค่ “ เขย่า “ แล้ว “ ฉีด “ คุณก็จะได้หน้าที่สวยสดใส ฉ่ำน้ำ ห่างไกลจากสิว เพราะ ใช้แล้วสิวไม่อุดตัน หน้าไม่มัน เพราะ คุมมัน บล็อคเครื่องสำอางงงง 💕 #ของด ีราคาถูก #sherpeachspray 🍑 #สเปย ์น้ำแร่กันแดด #ของด ีทำไมต้องจ่ายแพง‼️ #สเปย ์หน้าฉ่ำ #howtoperfect #howtobeauty #howtobehappy #ของด ีบอกต่อ #ร ับตท #ร ับตัวแทนเรทแซ่บ #เรทต ัวแทน #เรทแซ ่บมาก
Your dream for someone is not their dream. It is impossible to take action for another human being. You risk physical illness, great sadness, depression and feelings of failure when you try to make someone something they are not ready to be. The best way to impact others is to live your dream first.
This move is one I’m approaching with a more minimalist mindset than I ever have before. 80% of my kids toys I got rid of you guys! This is just the stuffed animal portion (can you spot the ones that aren’t stuffed? 🤣)⠀ 😱⠀ I’ve worked on a lot of letting go mentally and emotionally, but I never realized how careless I was being with the things I’ve held onto physically.⠀ ☀️⠀ Pick a spot in your home and go through everything. Does it bring you joy? Does it serve a purpose? If you can’t say yes to either pitch it, donate it, or sell it. Let go of the “what if’s”.⠀ 🌸⠀ You’ll find out just how capable you are of facing what occupies your life, letting go, and creating space.
Happiness in this world, when it comes, comes incidentally. Make it the object of pursuit, and it leads us a wild-goose chase, and is never attained. Follow some other object, and very possibly we may find that we have caught happiness without dreaming of it. -- Hawthorne
How to live your BEST life and be truly FREAKING HAPPY:⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 1. Decide what kind of life you truly want. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 2. Say NO to everything that isn’t that. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ The end. 💁🏻‍♀️
Update on last Friday’s post about how furious I was at my job: one of my Girls asked me: so what are you gonna do about it? Good question and an important one! I have been trained enough to know not to resolve my tension right away when something feels uncomfortable. I’m very tempted to chuck it all down the drain, and fuck off somewhere else, get another job! However, using intuition I don’t have to! Unless my intuition tells me so! So what did I do?: I sat down on Sunday morning with a nice cuppa coffee and blueberry pancakes. I took 3 deep breaths and closed my eyes. I accessed my intuition and asked my inner self for guidance on what was true for me in relation to this job. Should I stay or should I go? What answers did I get? Well, I got that this job has things to teach me still, that it is a great transition towards being a full time freelancer. I also got that I was too focused on the job, and really I should be focusing on everything else that I want to create! The job is a mean to an end and I’m taking it too personally and seriously. I also got that it depended on me how long I’ll stay in the job, but if I go out and create, it should not take me that long! Intuition said less than a year! That’s not bad hey! So for now, it’s true for me to be in that job and learn whatever I need to, but also be grateful for the support it provides to everything else in my life. Moral of the story: Hang with the tension! * * * * Photo @ahmad.jooma #womenempowerment #workandtravel #howtobehappy #lifegoals #workingfromhome #indianwomen #desidiaries #lifestylegoals #lifestylecoach #womenempoweringwomen #delhilifestyleblogger #desidiaries #accountabilitygroup #lifecoachforwomen #travelblogger #careergoals #relationshipgoals #motivationalquotes #lifestyleinspo #frenchgirls #londongirl #delhigirl #personaldevelopmentcoach #thecoolgirlsclub #womenentrepreneur #stayfitandhealthy #loveyourlifestyle #funliving
Sorry for the infrequent plant posts everyone. It’s been a busy transition from summer to autumn. I’m still here, tending to my ever growing foliage and succulent garden patio. I want to do more stuff out here upon the coming colder days. If they’re even going to arrive here in Southern California. I notice an uptick of mosquito population in my garden this summer. This prevented me from doing my normal stuff like lunch and dinner al fresco and painting plein aire. I truly believe it’s to do with the warming of the world. At any rate, I’ll be sure to give updates and more pretty plant posts soon. Be kind to yourselves. 💕 . . . . #foliagebotanica #plantparenthood #jungalow #botanicalwomen #plantgang #lifecaptured #artisliving #plantmom #thehappynow #howtobehappy #succulents #cactus #houseplants #thepursuitofjoyproject #pursuitofplentyproject #theartofslowliving #plantlife #plantsofinstagram #plantstagram #plantsarefriends #girlswithplants #crazyplantlady #plantlady #lifearoundplants #plantenabler #verduouswomen #plantstyling #slowhome #plantsmakepeoplehappy
Everyone and everything is your teacher. ⁣ ⁣ Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you. ⁣ ⁣ Evolve or repeat. ⁣ ⁣ #MondayMantra ⁣ ⁣ PC: @ladypriestess
In all of these months discussing the pros & cons about social media, my go to advice always was either - 1. Take a break from social media entirely or 2. Purge your feed and only keep those that are positive and/or uplifting. * However, I never ever questioned WHY and WHAT about certain posts bothered me. Why certain posts triggered ill feelings. What posts caused me to feel like crap. And why they did so. * Kimberly @cbtschool and I talk about all things CBT, which is the gold standard treatment for many mental disorders and also go in depth to understand more about what OCD is and what it entails. * Educating the public about mental disorders is one of my biggest missions & passions and Kimberly helped me knock this out of the park. * Make sure to stick to the end for this amazing social media tidbit that’s going to make you really ask yourself some important questions. * You can listen on iTunes, Stitcher & Google Play or click the link in my bio!👆🏽
No matter what circumstances you face, the answer is CHANGE. If you’re in a bad relationship, you need to change. If your in a dead-end job, you need to change. If you have zero energy, you need to change. The steps are always simple. You do not have to change everything in one day. Commit to changing one or two things every day. Work on consistency and it will get easier.****Every time I have found myself in an unfavorable situation, I’ve had to change one or all of the following: my vision, expectations, behaviors, groups, thoughts, beliefs, or actions. I had to find the courage to fight for my happiness on a soul level. I could have let some things turn me into a resentful victim but I’ve always had a bigger vision in life. How about you? What do you need to change? I can help you discover what you need to change and provide you with tools to make it easier.
This is what I live my life by. My greatest pain is thinking about being 100 years old on my death bed, thinking, “What if I would have tried that thing...” What have you been wanting to do but you’ve been holding back out of fear? • Repost @forbesdreaming
Dear Monday you're looking good 💋💋 #howtobehappy #inspirationalquotes
Your success will happen when you totally believe in your greatness. Each person has a souls purpose, a reason to be here. Some of you will stop and listen to the whispers for guidance. Others will stay busy and never hear. Fear and ego causes you to stay busy and disconnect from the Universal power. Love and acceptance opens you up to all the Universe has to offer you. You can hear your soul sing and speak to you. So, Which do you chose?
Because of You - I'm No longer Afraid 😼 / Learn to Let Go and Put some Colors on 🌈 / You can't take me down like a Domino no more. Never again, yeah 🀄✌️😁 #mitsuekisings
Life is too short to put to with bullshit. If it isn't making your life better, change it up, trade it out or move on. #happiness 💕 #happiness 😍 #lifetip #successtip #howtobehappy #mondaymotivation #mondaymotivations #mondaythoughts #happylifequotes #onlysuccess #madmadviking
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