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Mentally on vacation 🌞
a photo of a boy after his first haircut for your monday morning 😌 #motherofchunk
This truth.com I’m more of number three I don’t want to wear bottoms at all lol 😂 which one are you? | #inbeautyandchaos #momswithcameras #vscobaby #momentsinmotherhood
Our 6 year olds were on their very first rope course and they tackled and climbed the whole course with so much confidence, very very proud of them! 💖 Loved seeing how they were in tandem the whole time, excellent teamwork and camaraderie. 😍 They were having such a good and fun time chatting, climbing, swinging and balancing together, what a lovely and memorable bonding activity for these darlings of ours. 🤗
Going to buy lotto tickets because, all 3 of these kids slept through the night and work up at 7:45 this morning 🙌🏻
Hi my name is Langston!
✨TIS THE SEASON OF GIVING✨ Me + 2 of my mama blogger friends are giving away $100 to AMAZON + #lifeintags mama tee + @sweetminthandmade mug just in time for Christmas!! 🎅🏼❤️🎄 Entering is super easy, just follow the steps below! TO ENTER: 1️⃣ Like this photo 2️⃣ Follow: • @sassandsun@theashleyclarkblog@britt.maloney@twinning_for_two@sweetminthandmade 2️⃣ Leave a comment telling us your favorite part of the holiday season 3️⃣ LIKE our last THREE posts ✨BONUS ENTRY✨ 4️⃣ TAG TWO friends who love AMAZON ***gifting is open 12/10-12/12 to US only - ends at 5pm PST on the last day. Winner will be announced within 48 hours after the gifting has ended & will have 24 hours to claim their prize ••••• This is in no way sponsored, administered, or endorsed by Instagram, or any of the brands. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 18+ years of age, release Instagram and all brands and participants of all responsibility, & agree to Instagram's terms of use. VOID where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary.
Styling a brushed flannel oversized button up top || Knotted the front. Rolled the sleeves. Attached cute baby. Pulled out binky. Boom. . . Top | @madewell #everydaymadewell Denim | perfect vintage denim @madewell #denimmadewell
Stood on some frozen H2O in the middle of Canada this weekend and it was TERRIFYING but still so, so amazing! You could see through it like glass, and there were hoardes of kids playing ice hockey on this gorgeous surface. ⛸️ Have you guys ever stood out on the ice before?? I always thought I never would, unless it was like a frozen pool or something, but man. It was wild. . I spent the bulk of this weekend playing in the snow with some amazing friends and I can't wait to show you guys the vlogs! I'm still traveling at the moment, so today's vlog will probably be delayed until Wednesday. But it's worth the wait! ❤️
c o z y • • • 📷: @carleyweissert
Let’s talk about TRADITION: this word has so much meaning behind it because it changes from family to family, culture to culture. And as a family that’s blending two cultures my husband and I talk about it a lot. Sometimes we have the “Well, it might be a tradition to you, but it’s not to me,” talks but they always turn in to: what do we want Griffin to remember and want to do with his own family? I’m so glad that we have these talks though because raising a biracial child is such a learning experience and we constantly learn from each other. That’s probably my favorite tradition.
Taryn contemplated for about 10 minutes before seeing Santa about what she really wanted him to bring her. Once she sat on his lap, she forgot what she was going to say 😂🎅🏼#stagefright She did end up telling him that she’d really like a fishing pole. (Nick was proud) . . . #MagicofChristmas #Christmas #ChristmasTree #photooftheday #mammarazzi #momonthemove #candidchildhood #motherhoodunhinged #motherhoodunplugged #magicofchildhood #ig_motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #dailyparenting #honestmotherhood #motherhoodrising #LetThemBeLittle #simplychildhood #liveauthentic #ourcandidlife #momtogs #joyfulmamas #motherhood #humansofjoy #thehappynow #memoirsofmotherhood #mytinytribe
Einstein Hair 🔬
On Sleep. Shut up, you say. We know you're tired, you say. I KNOW, I'M OBSESSED. But hear me out. When we talk about sleep and mental health, things open up. When I had my first baby, I knew Nothing. With a capital N. I wondered why they just let a total inexperienced person just walk (limp) out of the hospital with a baby. But over time, I learned. I also didn't know much about postpartum anxiety or mania or depression.. and it took a lot longer to learn about. 8 years ago it wasnt talked about as much or as openly.. I didn't know about the overwhelming rage or the intrusive thoughts, like what if I suddenly lost my mind and threw my baby off the balcony. Nobody told me how a person with seemingly no prior anxiety or depression could suddenly be overcome with it postpartum. And I absolutely wasn't about to tell anyone because I was convinced I wouldn't be helped; but instead my baby would be rightfully taken from me, the crazy lady. So I kept quiet. But then a wonderful public health nurse spotted a few warning signs when we spoke at my daughter's 2 month vaccinations, and she told my doctor. But all he said was that I needed more sleep. Try to get more sleep. So I left it at that. I needed sleep. Of course, I wasn't getting any, so I just kept going, anxiety and all. And I didn't question it because I was a new mom and trusted my doctor. A couple years later when my husband and I got life insurance, my premium was quite a bit more than my husband because in my medical file from it said I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety. But wait, I thought I just needed more sleep?Of course I needed sleep and the lack of sleep likely exacerbated the postpartum anxiety.But, i needed more than sleep. I needed someone to tell me how it will get better, and what to do if it gets worse.And to ask for help. to feel supported. And loved. I like to think we've come a lot farther and I'm grateful for different and better doctors for babies 2, 3, 4 who helped and offered more than you need sleep. We need sleep for our mental health, but sometimes we need more. And yes, on the other side, it gets better. It always does, with the proper help and care and love. I see you 💗
Christmas is coming early to the Matkovic household today 🐶 There’s been a tiny hole in my heart since we said goodbye to Henry dog last year. We love Georgia, but there’s nothing quite like the sounds and smells of a bully. Can’t wait to share baby Otis with y’all soon. In the meantime, swipe left for one of my favorite personalized gifts of the season from @keepcollective. I picked these sweet charms and rings with the initials of some of my loves- a few for me and a few to gift this year. #ad #keepcollective
Instead of being anxious over how we’re going to handle two under two, I’m going to be grateful for the last few weeks as a family of three. _ Instead of lamenting the nights I’ll no longer get to sleep through, I rejoice in the last bits of uninterrupted sleep. _ Instead of focusing solely on how tired I feel, I give thanks for the divine life within me. _ I am weak, but He is strong. _ Thanks for all your prayers as I enter into these last five days at work. And, pre-thanks for accepting lovingly the barrage of baby posts and updates that are to come! 💗
Perfect gift option- Battleship! It is a classic game of strategy that will help your child with critical thinking skills. Battleship requires that your child remember and track the shots they've taken and also use probability skills to take their next shot. They will never know they are learning! 🎁 . . . . #giftguide #kidsgiftideas #christmasgifts #honestlymothering #humansofjoy #momentsinmotherhood #bloggerlife #momsofig #momof2 #boymom #raisingboys #lifewithboys #themotherhoodcorner #uniteinmotherhood #workingmoms #thatsdarling #motherhoodsimplified #mothersofinstagram #motherhoodrising
It’s so easy to forget to photograph the little moments but those are the ones that are most important to me! The ones that help me remember our lives and those rare moments that I was a fun mom. Snow day #2 . I said yes when they asked to build a snowman! Check out our new friend “Snowy” in my stories! What is YOUR favorite snow day activity?! I need ideas! ❄️☃️ . . . #snowday #snowmageddon #familiesareforever
This weekend was glorious! We got some awesome family time and a few things done around the house too which is always a good thing. Saturday evening we went to Lilacia Park which had a ton of lights set up and Gus literally ran around the most excited I’ve seen him in awhile. 😍 I think we might have to go again sometime this week.
🏔 Stronger Than Fear 🏔 Having fun with 🦕 🌋 🦖 while rocking our best-selling tee! Thanks for sharing @you.are.my.sonshine
I absolutely loved days like yesterday. After a small round of Winter over the weekend, I took my two littles for a trek in the woods. It's amazing how different the world looks after Winter has legitimately found it. ° #smalltownliving #sc #snowday #wanderwyld #getoutside #findadventure #adventureisouthere #getupandgo #enjoythelittlethings #mymoments #humansofjoy
It's been a while since we last met. Sat back at the terrace and sipped on some warm tea. Watched the sun set and we counted a few more buildings like it made sense. Let's get back to writing notes Let's get back to playing noughts and crosses. I would watch you smile and hold it back for the meanwhile. #swipeleft @concealed_notes . . . 📷 : @anubhav.deka 🐻 . . . . . . . #wordporn #wordgasm #poetry #poetryisnotdead #spilledink #films #gameoftones #pulpkeyxyou #instagood #webstagram #snapseed #snapseedapp #snapseedindia #babesofsbl #gameoftones #words #thoughts #portraitphotography #portraits_mf #humansofjoy moodygrams #moodyports #getgalvanised #bleachmyfilm #antique #inspiration #peoplescreatives #winter
Cheers to a new week!!! Although I’m not going to lie...feeling completely overwhelmed with *many* lists of things to do. . Going to tackle them all using my fun TASKS app. What do you use for a long to-do list?!! Paper and pen?? App? Calendar? . I’m also patiently waiting for a fun package to arrive in the mail today. I’m tracking that thing like a helicopter mom at a fun center! 💕✌️
Familia 💓
It’s the last working week of 2018 for me!! I have quite a lot to do to make sure all my clients are taken care of before Christmas. And as much as I’m feeling tired I’m also so massively grateful to everyone that trusted me this year with capturing their families, to all families that hire me over and over again. I’m so lucky to have a job I love! That’s why this year I will GIVE AWAY one full family session! I will announce details soon so stay tuned! . . . . . #photographermarbella #photographerspain #familysession #childhoodunplugged #candidchildhood #pixel_kids #dearphotographer #humansofjoy #letthekids #makeportraits #subjectlight #beyondwonderlust #bloomforum #lemonadeandlenses #ohheymamma #simplychildren #marvelous_shots #best_children_photo #kidsmood #littleandbrave #letthembelittle #thebloomforum #clickmagazine #wildandfreechildren #nikon #magicofchildhood
• I had a rad weekend with my littles. Ollie was a huge help with every single task. He says and does the sweetest things. I think my favorite this weekend was him writing, “tiy areli I were love you” which translates to, “Tia Areli, I really love you.” (His letter sound correlation is on point 😂) . Tillie was her sweet little baby self that was in awe of her seven year old brother. She started “singing” this weekend. It’s my most favorite sound. . Weekend ended with her being up until 2am + sleeping on my chest because I mom like that + I was exhausted. . Monday morning rolls around + chest pains begin. Anxiety strikes. Hot tears stream down my face. I get asked, “what’s wrong?” And I’m paralyzed from speaking the truth. . Truth is: I’m afraid to speak it. I feel guilty. What the hell do I have to be anxious and sad about?! I have two beautiful healthy babes. I have a home. I have food. I have it good. What the hell is wrong with me? That’s what I wanted to say, but I didn’t. I sat in my hot tears and said, “I don’t know.” I lied. I knew. . . I love my babes. I love my life. I hate this feeling of struggling emotionally. I’m not an emotional person, so these tears and highs and lows are exhausting me both physically and mentally. . Hey, all I’m saying is PPD kind of sucks. But I know I’m not alone. I know this doesn’t make me a bad mom. I know this doesn’t make me a bad person. It just makes me a real person. . . . . . #postpartum #this_is_postpartum #4thtrimester #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #virgobaby #momseithcameras #momblogger #lifestyleblogger #aheadofthecurve #momentsofmotherhood #mommyandme #thebump #parenting #parenthood #liveauthentic #humansofjoy #momblog #familyovereverything #documentyourdays #mytinymoments #momlife #momlifebestlife #mamalogues
My beauty
My last post playing catch-up for baby girl... At 9 months, Leighton finally conquered crawling and now loves to go everywhere. She still prefers her bottle over table food, and still has an affinity for big dogs. . I’d have to say it was much easier to take pictures of her at 1 month old, than it is now, haha! My Mama heart is in denial that I don’t have many left to take. 😩💕
sunny day in Madrid
Just like his grandpa 🌲🚜 I think this kid is meant for a farm!
The process of creating new monsters often happens pretty quickly with a doodle and a quick text to @megham524. I love when an idea so smoothly comes to life! The Monster Hound is a squishable, lovable, adventure seeking sock stealing, marshmallow eating, pile of fur! The Monster Hound will be available THIS Friday (dec 14th!) #shopsmall #handmadechildhoods #baby #dollmaker #Christmas #holidays #momboss #motherhood #magicofchildhood #wanderbaby #folkgood #adventurekids #runwildmychild #makeitblissfull #wildlittles #outdoorbaby #littleandbrave #letthekids #ohheymama #nothingisordinary #adventurebuddy #seekthesimplicity #humansofjoy #alifealive #adventurekids #persuepretty #makeitblissful #runwildmychild
Ya know, Mondays aren’t so bad. I had a difficult labor and delivery with Juniper followed by postpartum anxiety and depression that broke me in ways that I didn’t want to be broken, but in God’s infinite grace, He lifted me out of the ashes and into a beautiful season of true gratitude for my children. . . The long monotonous days of motherhood are a little sweeter now and Mondays feel like a slow refreshing start to what can be a wonderful week if I choose it. . . So I’m CHOOSING Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love in this Advent season and always!
No boats, not so popular but really eye catching scenery. #nature #humansofjoy #mobile_click
Watching For Daddy to come home from the gym 😍
Double tap if you’d like an X-ray magnifying glass. Eloise has a new idea and is trying to get a gauge on how popular it would be. X-Ray magnifying glasses are good for peeking into Christmas gifts, checking on your baby in utero, (that would have been awesome 🤔), looking through walls to see if you have any secret rooms, Nancy Drew style, and many more things. Don’t wait! If you like and comment now, you can get your X-ray magnifying glass for only 25¢ when they are officially on the market. 🧐😝 What would you use your X-ray magnifying glass for? #enchantingeloise . . . #scarymommy #humansofjoy #motherhoodthroughinstagram #moments_of_mom #awanderfulchildhood #kids_of_our_world #21monthsold #fullheartmamas #letthembelittle #takemyheartdear #inspiremothers #kindredmemories #magicofmotherhood #motherhoodlens #myhonestmotherhood #ourwhimsicaldays #unitedinmotherhood #mom_hub #bestofmom #whpnaturallight #our_everyday_moments #toddlersofig #ig_motherhood #snapgrowlove #letthemexplore #teammotherly #tsj_festive #beyond_motherhood
Not sure if you saw my story yesterday but...I’m ‘bout to get this house clean! 🧼 🧽 🧺
Good morning!✨
We’re at the airport waiting to board our flight home for Christmas, and looking back at photos from last year is making me so excited for all the fun things ahead. Even though it feels hard juggling both of them at times, celebrating the holidays with kids is pretty magical and totally worth it, don’t you think? See you soon, Seattle!! ✨💕
A little sparkle for Monday morning ! Have a good one 💛
This morning everything was perfectly still and frozen. It was unusually quiet and peaceful. I enjoyed the quiet and beauty for a moment before opening my front door to the hustle and noise of 8 kids getting ready for the day. My house is anything but peaceful and still, and I wouldn’t change a thing. . . #babychristmas #christmasbaby #christmas #fashioncloset #christmasootd #christmastime #motherhood #motherdaughtertime #clickinmoms #cameramama #mommylove #letthembelittle #momlife #motherhoodrising #dailyparenting #ohheymama #motherdaughterlove #momtogs #magicofchildhood #makemesmile #childhoodunplugged #unitedinmotherhood #teammotherly #dearphotographer #mommyblog #merrychristmas #humansofjoy #blono #sunrise #everythingisfrozen
By @shanetka.ru 😍👗🎶. For more like, comment and follow @sugarbugs19 🌎.
We’ve got news that’s THIS BIG! 🙌🏼 After keeping it close to our hearts for the past month, we are thrilled to share that we are HOMEOWNERS! Today Zac and I close on our first home on the Boise Bench and there are no words for how wildly happy we are to finally have a place to make our own in this little city. Miles is pretty excited, too! 😂 Looking forward to all of the backyard barbecues, holidays, and memories to come. 🏠 . . . . #thisisboise #idahome #homesweethome #simplychildren #letthembelittle #documentyourdays #ourcandidlife #humansofjoy #boiseidaho #treasurevalley #uniteinmotherhood #ourfirsthome
The neighbors dog 😍 neurotic, but oh so cute. When o saw him for the first time I knew we moved to the right place. I’m a die hard German Shepherd fan.🤷🏼‍♀️
||10 MONTHS|| Where does the time go? I simply can not believe it’s almost been a year. 🥰🥰
Every adventure requires a first step. -Cheshire Cat
💥💥💥FLASH SALE!💥💥💥 Order here... www.wildflowersclothing.com/aprilroycroft Or message me and I’ll take care of it. 🎄❤️
It’s a lovely thing really, Evan things that has been broken... Down to its very core, may become new again whole again and better yet, when paired wisely. They may call it chemicals, but I say it’s miracles. - - - - - - - - - #potd #ootd #nurselife #retterherz #instadaily #typewriters #writing #tumblrquotes #selfie #nature #bareface #brokenheart #healing #humansofjoy #hospitallife #brunette #quotesoftheday #words #poetry #poems #девушка #real #sommersprossen #freckles #lips #nursestudent #🏥 #help #girl #browneyes
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My how he’s grown. 4 years and counting we’ve made a pic like this and Leo naturally just gets taller and taller. Gah! It happens so fast.
I thought a lot about the meaning of family these days. I mean the whole big family (with all the siblings, grandparents, aunts&uncles, cousins...) and how difficult it is nowadays in our society to get them around one table and to share a close relationship. Fact is, family is always a mixture of personalities and it’s impossible to find harmony all over. So we all try to find our role and way in this family jungle. But I think in the end we stay close to people that make us feel loved, warm, lifted, respected, understood, supported, inspired and connected.🌟 #familygoals
Thanking the universe for good neighbors. ❤️
Contouring Figuring Forming . Myself ... #whpnaturallight
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