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Gilgit Airport Today!!! 😍💞🇵🇰 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
پول ڈاٹ ھینگول بلوچستان 😍💞 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
BEAUTY 😍💞🇵🇰 Islamabad Capital of Pakistan 😍 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
ھم تم ایک جیپ میں بند ھوں اور جیپ پنکچر ھو جاۓ خنجراب 😍💞🚙 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Nanga Parbat the ninth highest mountain in the world. After 31 people died attempting to climb Nanga Parbat before it's 1953 first ascent, it was nicknamed the "KILLER MOUNTAIN". Nanga Parbat is the third-most dangerous 8,000-meter peak with a death rate of 22.3 percent of climbers dying on the mountain. By 2012, there were at least 68 climber deaths on Nanga Parbat. 💞😍🇵🇰 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰
"We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams." - Herber Hoover National Cabinets with it's third edition is breaking the barriers and becoming the voice of transgender in Pakistan. Before empowering them we need to take charge ourselves and encourage Reema and many others like her to share their story and voice their opinion like every equal citizen of Pakistan. Reema was lucky to find a job at Akhuwat Clothes Bank and find a respectable place in the society. Yet there are many unheard! Credits: Ahsan Tahir Special thanks to: Nabeel Siddiqui #SabkiAwaazSuno #Akhuwat #HumSabKaPakistan #MeriAwaazSuno #AbWaqtHai #AiwanSubKayLeay
#MainHOONPakistan wishes #diwali2018 #hindu Community around the #globe #Happiness is in the #air because it is the ambience of #diwali which is everywhere. Shower #love care, and joy on everyone you meet. Rejoice on this blessed occasion and spread sparkles of peace and #goodwillfinds . Have a #happydiwali #HUMSEPAKISTAN #humSabKaPakistan #festivalfashion
Who want to sleep here at Malam Jabba?? Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💞😍
NATIONAL ANIMAL 💞😍 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
نیلم ویلی میں برف باری کے بعد کا خوبصورت منظر۔۔ 😍💞 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Our hearts are filled with happiness, our lives are filled with love because we have Been blessed with a BABY Boy that we have been dreaming of. Please welcome OUR NEW FAMILY MEMBER WITH LOADS OF DUAS AND BLESSINGs
Frozen Saif-ul-Malook. Naran Valley, Pakistan. 😍💞🇵🇰 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Hazara Motorway will be like this motorway in future after completion of 5 tunnels on it .Tourism will be boosted by Hazara Motorway 🇵🇰😍 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Altit Fort, Hunza Valley - Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan 🇵🇰😍💞 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚 ° PC - @ali_awaiss
Colour of Autumn in Ghizer Valley 🍀🍁🌸🌻🍂🇵🇰💞 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Gulmit Gojal, Hunza Valley - Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan 🇵🇰😍💞 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚 ° PC - @taseerbeyg
A Princess from ⏩ Gojal, Hunza Valley - Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan 🇵🇰😍💞 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚 ° PC - @taseerbeyg
Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan 😍🔥 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚 PC - Imtiaz Hussain Photography
Islamabad Capital of Pakistan 😍 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
آ بیٹھ میرے پاس تجھے دیکھتا رہوں 💕 Rakaposhi, Nagar, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan 🇵🇰😍🔥 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚 ° PC - @asfand_mehmood
Hunza Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan 🇵🇰💞😍 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💕
Malam Jabba, Swat Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan 🇵🇰😍 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
‏کامیابی اس شخص کا مقدر ضرور بنے گی،یہ شخص ہمارے پاکیزہ جذبوں اور صداقت کی علامت ہے،ـ یہ شخص عظیم سچائیوں عالی ہمتوں ان تھک محنتوں کی چلتی پھرتی صورت ہے،ــ اس شخص کی جدوجہد رائیگاں نہیں جائے گی، آج نہیں تو کل انصاف کا بول بالا ہوگا،غربت کم اور خوشیاں زیادہ ہونگیں ‎@imrankhan.pti ❤❤❤ #inshaAllah #ik #weloveu #imrankhan #proud #pakistan #leader #team #imran #GreatLeader #Humsabkapakistan #adi #siyasilarki
Aliabad Bazar 😍💞 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚 ° PC - @mr.hunzai
Katpana Desert, Skardu, Pakistan 🇵🇰😍 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰
Color of Autumn, Pakistan 🇵🇰😍 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Jamia Mosque Naran, Pakistan 😍 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Fairy Meadow, Gilgilt, Pakistan🇵🇰 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚 ° PC - @mr.hunzai
Attabad Lake Hunza valley during sunrise. 💞😍 (tap on photo and rotate mobile clockwise) Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Attabad Lake, Hunza, Pakistan 😍 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Shangrila Lake, Skardu, Pakistan 🇵🇰😍 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚 PC - Imtiaz Hussain Photography
Some stunning Pictures of My Beloved Jan I Mean to say Pakistan 😘😍 * Pakistan Most Beautiful Country in the World 💚 * #PakistantheBeautyBeast #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰
ورلڈ ٹورازم ڈے پرکلین پاکستان مہم کے سلسلہ میں تولی پیر(گھوڑی مار) راولا کوٹ کی صفائی کی اگر ہم سب ٹوریسٹ یہ تہیہ کر لیں صفائی کا تو میں دعوے سے کہتا ہوں کہ صرف 15دن میں ہم اس خوبصورت چمن کو صاف کر سکتے ہیں #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
غیر ملکوں کے وال پیپر لگائے تم نے کبھی اپنے ملک کو بھی پروموٹ کیا کرو پیارا پاکستان 🇵🇰 #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰
Some people go to expensive restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas. I go to mountains 💚 Arrung Kel - Neelum Valley 💝 PC - Salman Munir Photography #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Ushu River - Kalam Swat. One of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. 😇💕 #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Pakistani Trucks and Karakoram Highway 🇵🇰💚 ° PC - @taseerbeyg #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰
Beautiful Aerial View of Faisalabad, 8 Bazar 🇵🇰😍 #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚 , , PC - @wasiiff
Full view recommended! This beauty is from Makran Coastal Highway, Balochistan, Pakistan 🇵🇰😍💖 * #HumSabkaPakistan 💚🇵🇰
Amazing sunset view at Shogran! 😍💖🇵🇰 #HumSabkaPakistan 💚🇵🇰
Margalla Hills Islamabad Pakistan 🇵🇰😍 #HumSabkaPakistan 💚🇵🇰
Beautiful Aerial View of Islamia College, Peshawar 😍💖 #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚 PC - @xwaxen
Beautiful Aerial View of Islamabad Monument. 😍💖 #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚 PC - @mhtoori
Eye-Catching view of Kalam Swat. 💚😍 #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰
The road connecting GB with rest of the country. At Tattapani District Diamer. ⛰️🏔️💖 #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚 . PC - @hunzukutz_kahn
Amazing view of killer mountain, Nanga Parbat , Himalaya Pakistan. #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Happy Independence Day! 🇵🇰 #HumSabkaPakistan 💚
#HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
National Highway 25, Connecting Balochistan with Sindh #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Heavenly View of Haramosh Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan Through The Lenses Of Rukhsana Mazhar #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Lulusar Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes when seen from above. 😍🇵🇰💖 #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰 . PC - @pirusaein
Allahu Akbar ♥️! Heart touching voice of Adhaan in Munich - Germany. 😍😇 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Fairy Lake (Pari Lake), Naltar Valley (July 2018) #HumSabkaPakistan
#HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Pari Jhal Canyon in Balochistan, Pakistan. 😍💖 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan 🇵🇰 #HumSabkaPakistan
Shangri-La, Pakistan. 😍 Follow 👉 @humsabkapakistan 🇵🇰 #HumSabkaPakistan
Punjab Huts Resort, Bhurbhan Road, Gharial Camp, Murree, Pakistan #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Road near Skardu in autumn season In the extreme north of Pakistan, Skardu the central valley of Gilgit-Baltistan 😍 #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Dear world, this is #Pakistan !! Shimshal is a village located in Gojal Tehsil of Hunza District, in the #GilgitBaltistan region of Pakistan. It lies at an altitude of 3,100 m above sea level and is the highest settlement in #Hunza Valley of Pakistan. #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚
Herds of North, This Shepherd own 1200 🐑 Sheep, and travel throughout the year and have no home. What a simple n hard life, I met him at Noori Top while trekking to Dudipatsir and Saral Lake, Naran Valley, KPK #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚 * PC - @asmarsphotography
Royal Lounge Khaplu Fort, Gilgit-Baltistan 💖😍#HumSabkaPakistan PC - @yawartalib
Bhong Masjid, Rahim Yar Khan, #HumSabkaPakistan 🇵🇰💚 . PC - @wasiiff
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