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The Battle of Crécy (26 August 1346), also spelled Cressy, took place in north-east France between a French army commanded by King Philip VI and an English army led by King Edward III. The French attacked the English army while it was traversing northern France during the Hundred Years' War. It resulted in an English victory and heavy loss of life among the French. #historian #history #historylover #plantagenets #medieval #royalty #nobility #hundredyearswar #100yearswar #battleofcrecy #french #france #english #england #englishhistory #valois #edwardiii #theblackprince #philippvi
King JOHN II OF FRANCE King John II of France (John the Good) was King when France was going through a number of hardships. During the Battle of Poitiers in 1356 during the Hundred Years' War. King John II was captured by Edward the Black Prince (son of Edward III) and was held as a prisoner in London. In John II absence his son Charles became regent. While held captive in England, John II was treated well (unlike other prisoners). King John dined with English royalty and was granted royal privileges. In England John II had horses, pets, new clothing, had an astrologer and had his own court band. To free John II from the English, France had to pay a huge ransom & lost territories as a result. John II also agreed for England to keep his son Louis as a hostage in his place. Louis was sent to England but escaped. As a result King John II volunteered to return to England in his son's place. When John II returned to England he was greeted in London with parades and a feast. A few months later he fell ill and died in 1364. His son became Charles V of France. #johnIIofFrance #history #battleofpoitiers #hundredyearswar
Richard II (1367-1400) GIVING THE DUCHY OF AQUITAINE TO HIS UNCLE JOHN OF GAUNT (1340-1399),DUKE OF LANCASTER #historylover #history #historian #medieval #middleages #medievalstyle #plantagenets #richardii #royalty #nobility #hundredyearswar #johnofgaunt #dukeoflancaster
While I was selecting a new dress to post in the #dresslikeabamf tag I found this beautiful painting by Albert Lynch. I usually make the dress the main focus of every post but Joan's eyes in this painting are captivating. You can't look away and for some reason, I can't find myself editing this image like the others. This armor in which he portrays her is probably very different to the one she wore in battle but we know by now that dressing like a soldier, as a man, it's what got her executed by burning on 30 May 1431.   Joan was tried as a heretic not because she was a woman or because she heard voices (well, the fact she was a woman was, OF COURSE, a problem, but not the main one), but because she heard voices from three Saints who told her to drive out the English and bring the Dauphin to Reims for his coronation. They couldn’t just forgive and forget that this woman believed that God favored the French. Mostly because the King of France himself listened to her and so did the rest of France.   Heresy was a capital crime only for a repeat offense so the tribunal, composed entirely of pro-English and Burgundian clerics, and overseen by English commanders, changed the charge to "cross-dressing". This young woman who used male military clothing to fight and guide the army into battle was not dressed according to her sex. And let's not forget she also dressed like this because it was obviously difficult for a man to molest or rape her while she was on campaign.  She agreed to change her clothes for the trial but later she resumed male attire probably as a defense against molestation because "a great English lord had entered her prison and tried to take her by force", she also kept wearing her hair short for practical reasons. Nonetheless, this changing of clothes was labeled a relapse into heresy for cross-dressing. At the trial, she was condemned and sentenced to die.  So if you are a girl or a woman and they tell you you should stop dressing like a "tomboy" just remember Joan of Arc and what she had to endure in a world where dressing like a man was a capital sin.  𝑫𝑹𝑬𝑺𝑺 𝑳𝑰𝑲𝑬 𝒀𝑶𝑼 𝑾𝑨𝑵𝑻 𝑨𝑵𝑫 𝑩𝑬 𝑷𝑹𝑶𝑼𝑫.
HENRY V (1386-1422) OF ENGLAND in historical movie Henry V (1944),portrayed by Sir Laurence Olivier. My second favorite after the movie with Kenneth Branagh #historylover #history #historian #medieval #middleages #medievalstyle #historical #historicalfiction #historicalmovie #henryv #hundredyearswar #england #english #englishhistory
HENRY V (1386-1422) OF ENGLAND. The greatest warrior King of England, born as the eldest surviving son of Henry of Bolingbroke (1366-1413) and his first wife Mary de Bohun (1369-1396).Henry ascended the throne after the death of his father Henry IV in 1413. Soon after he renewed the war in France, following the period of fragile peace that his father maintenanded . In the time between his accession and start of war in France: March 1413/August 1415 Henry tried to heal the wounds caused throughout the English nobility by the usurpation of the throne by his father Henry of Bolingbroke In 1399. Henry's main goal was to forgive the people who stood against his father once. Why? Because as a clever man he knew that only a King who is strong at home, and backed by his nobility, stands a chance in a foreign war. His mission was a success with slight failures like Southampton Plot from 1415. The three ringleaders of the plot were  Richard of Conisburgh, 3rd Earl of Cambridge, first cousin of Henry V, Henry Scrope, 3rd Baron Scrope of Masham and Sir Thomas Grey, whose son, Thomas, had been betrothed in 1412 to Cambridge's only daughter, Isabel.The nominal principal,Edmund Mortimer,informed King Henry of the plot on 31 July, stating that he had only just become aware of it. Richard, Scrope, and Grey were promptly arrested. The trial took place in Southampton; traditionally it is claimed that trial took place on the site now occupied by the Red Lion Inn, but there are no contemporary records of this. Grey was beheaded on 2 August and the two peers on 5 August, both in front of the Bargate.Satisfied, Henry sailed for France on 11 August.Scrope's involvement in the conspiracy surprised contemporaries, and continues to puzzle historians, as he was a royal favourite.Ian Mortimer claims Scrope had merely insinuated himself into the confidence of Cambridge and Grey to betray the conspiracy, just as Edward, Duke of York had done with the Epiphany Rising in 1400, but was forestalled by Edmund Mortimer's revelation of the conspiracy to the King on 31 July. #historian #history #historylover #plantagenets #medieval #royalty #lancaster #hundredyearswar #england #english #henryv
Count and Countess d'Angouleme, Jean de Valois (1399-1467) & Marguerite de Rohan. Jean was younger brother of Charles de Valois, Duke of Orleans. Jean spent in English captivity even longer time than his unfortunate brother Charles. Altogether 32 years: 1412-1444.Once released, he In 1449 married Marguerite de Rohan, with whom he had 3 children, the second son Charles becoming his heir in 1467. This son of him, Charles became later a father of French King Francois I. Jean also had a bastard son Jean de Valois whom he legitimized in 1458. #historian #history #historylover #valois #orleans #french #middleages #hundredyearswar #medieval #france #royalty #nobility
Chateau de Chinon where the head of the Templar’s Jacques de Molay was held prisoner by King Philip IV of France along with four other leading Knights of the Templer in the 14th century. You can still see drawings carved in the Tower wall made by the Knights. It was also where Jeanne D’arc in 1429 met Charles VII and persuaded him to let her lead the French army at Orleans in the hundred year war. Much of the castle is available to explore and is a great place to visit. #chinon #castle #chateau #knightstemplar #jeannedarc #hundredyearswar #history #saint #loire #france 🏰 🗡 🛡 👑 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇫🇷
~The death of Edward III~ In the evening of June 21st 1377, King Edward III breathed his last. He was at the palace of Shene, and with him at the time of his death were his sons, John, Edmund and Thomas, also present was Edmund Mortimer, 3rd Earl of March, Edward’s grandson in law, and Jean de Monfort, the Duke of Brittany, Edward’s former son in law. The next in line to the throne, the ten-year-old Prince of Wales Richard of Bordeaux was at Kenninghall with his Mother, Joan of Kent.Edward had been King for half a century, a legend in his own lifetime. Unfortunately, the decay of a long reign set in and England’s warrior king grew old and frail, outliving his former glories. The last years of his reign were difficult and beset by internal problems. The war with France was going badly, England’s commoners weary of paying for a seemingly never-ending war. The parliament of 1376, remembered as the ‘Good Parliament’ had seen the crown humiliated as the Commons impeached and removed around a dozen of Edward’s closest courtiers on charges of embezzlement and mismanagement. The biggest blow for Edward personally was the removal of his acquisitive mistress Alice Perrers.His health took a turn for the worst in the autumn of the same year and Edward was thought to be so close to death that prayers for his soul were said up and down the country. Alice was restored to him, perhaps to bring him comfort in his last days, but Edward was to linger on for over half a year more. At Christmas, his grandson and heir Richard sat in place of honour. But it must have been obvious that the King was ailing. He’d sealed his will when death was thought to be imminent in October, settling the crown on his heirs male, effectively disinheriting his granddaughter Philippa and her Mortimer heirs. Given how ill Edward was at this point, and the lobbying his son John had done during the sitting of the previous parliament to have the Mortimers cut from the line of succession, whether Edward actually did this in sound mind and totally aware of his actions is open to speculation #historylover #history #historian #plantagenets #edwardiii #middleages #MEDIEVAL #hundredyearswar #england #english
For my next book, we will be going back a bit further in time to the Hundred Years' War with "Joanna of Flanders: Heroine and Exile" by Julie Sarpy. I will be honest, I know absolutely nothing about Joanna so I am excited to read this book. Thank you Amberley Publishing for sending me this book! #bibliophile #bookstagram #book #joannaofflanders #heroine #exile #juliesarpy @amberleypublishing #hundredyearswar #history
On this day 21st June 1377 Edward III dies at Sheen (Richmond) Palace, and is buried in Westminster Abbey next to his wife, Phillipa of Hainault. “The king died of a stroke at Sheen Palace on 21 June 1377. A torch lit procession accompanied the coffin which first stopped at St Paul's cathedral. His funeral took place in the Abbey on 5 July and he was buried near his wife in the chapel of St Edward the Confessor. The wooden effigy, which was carried at his funeral, is preserved in the Abbey collection and the face (a plaster mask fixed to the wood, slightly distorted on the left side of the mouth) is thought to be taken from a death mask. On his Purbeck marble tomb is a gilt bronze effigy, with long hair and beard, which is possibly by John Orchard. He wears his coronation robes and holds the handles of two sceptres (the rest being broken off). He has small buttons on his cuffs and decoration on his shoes. On the flat tomb top are niches, some of which still hold small gilt angels. The pillow below the king's head is a replacement from 1871 (given by Queen Victoria), the original having been lost. The inscription can be translated: "Here is the glory of the English, the paragon of past kings, the model of future kings, a merciful king, the peace of the peoples, Edward the third fulfilling the jubilee of his reign, the unconquered leopard, powerful in war like a Maccabee. While he lived prosperously, his realm lived again in honesty. He ruled mighty in arms; now in Heaven let him be a king". -Westminster Abbey Commemorations Royal-Edward III: https://www.westminster-abbey.org/abbey-commemorations/royals/edward-iii-and-philippa-of-hainault/ Photo of Lion and lamb: Edward III's tomb effigy in Westminster Abbey. https://www.westminster-abbey.org/abbey-commemorations/royals/edward-iii-and-philippa-of-hainault/ •Here's a couple of good article about Edward III: http://www.englishmonarchs.co.uk/plantagenet_7.htm https://www.sfsu.edu/~medieval/complaintlit/death_edward3.html #historylover #history #historian #medieval #middleages #plantagenets #edwardiii #OnThisDay #otd #medievaltomb #effigy #royalty #english #englishhistory #england #hundredyearswar #theperfectking
As a curious young medical student, Oliver Sacks would freely 'experiment' with what was available in his physician parents' medicine cabinet. He decided to inject morphine which began a 12 hour hallucination depicting a battle between French and English soldiers on horseback from the Hundred Years War, on the sleeve of his dressing gown. He had previously just finished reading Froissart's Chronicles. #froissartschronicles #oliversacks #hundredyearswar #anglofrancais #itsmorphinetime
....the Youngest daughter from the second marriage of Ralph Neville and Joan Beaufort, the Earl and Countess of Westmorland. Since 1429 Duchess of York. Mother of 2 Kings of England. #historian #history #historylover #plantagenets #medieval #royalty #nobility #warsoftheroses #lancaster #york #beaufort #neville #raby #rabycastle #middleages #england # #englishhistory #english #hundredyearswar
JOHN BEAUFORT (1403-1444), 1th Duke of Somerset and his wife, Lady MARGARET BEAUCHAMP (1410-1482), WIMBORNE MINSTER. He was the second son of John Beaufort (1373-1410),1th Earl of Somerset and Lady Margaret Holland (1385-1439). John had 3 brothers: Henry (1401-1418), Thomas (1405-1431),Edmund (1406-1455), 2 sisters Joan (1404-1445),Margaret (1409-1449). He also was a maternal grandfather of Henry VII (1457-1509). John is the only of 4 Beaufort boys who has a tomb or even a grave that survived #historylover #history #historian #medieval #middleages #medievalstyle #tomb #medievaltomb #middleages #plantagenets #lancaster #beaufort #warsoftheroses #dukeofsomerset #dorset #hundredyearswar #100yearswar #tudors #england # #englishhistory #effigy
You know which King? Father of 1 French King, of a Duchess of Burgundy, and of two English Queens. Grandfather of French and English Kings, great-grandfather of Henry VII Tudor. He was, sadly, mostly known for his illness, delusional competition with own brother who was a rumored lover of his Queen, and well, the most tragic part of his rule : the loss of France. Less tragic part of his reign: Christine Pisan and her work. You know who? #historylover #history #historian #medieval #middleages #medievalstyle #medievalclothes #style #fashion #dresses #valois #french #royalty #king #france #hundredyearswar #100yearswar
LADY MARGARET HOLLAND (1385-1439) and her two men, JOHN BEAUFORT (1373-1410),Earl of Somerset and THOMAS OF LANCASTER (1387-1421), Duke of Clarence. A new St. Michael's Chapel at the Canterbury Cathedral in which the tomb is placed, was built by Lady Margaret, as a memorial for her two husbands. Anyway, when you look at the ceiling and the heraldic symbols on it, you may suggest, it was a memorial for the one of them more likely. If you haven't visited that place, you may guess which one 🤔. Lady Margaret was laid at rest in her new tomb in January 1440, the remains of her two late husbands were, as requested in her last will, exhumed (on the order of Henry VI) in April 1440 and laid at rest beside her. #historian #history #historylover #plantagenets #medieval #royalty #nobility #warsoftheroses #lancaster #beaufort #hundredyearswar #medievaltomb #tomb #england #effigy #english #englishhistory #canterburycathedral #canterbury #cathedral
No corkscrew, no problem. #perseverance is how we won the #hundredyearswar . #frenchwines #holidays
The Late Middle Ages saw the end of the Roman Empire, and the adoption of Christianity throughout Europe. How did such monumental change sweep the continent? You can find out in our latest eBook, ‘Christendom’. #middleages #religion #hundredyearswar #blackdeath #england
Ranked among the most beautiful villages in France, Châteauneuf, sits high on its rocky spur, the fortified village of Châteauneuf still stands guard over the road from Dijon to Autun. Châteauneuf-en-Auxois is one of the last remaining examples of 14th century Burgundian military architecture. During the Hundred Years War, towers and curtain walls were built to defend the village and the Auxois plains. (Info from the Burgundy Tourism) . . . #roadtrip #withmary #thankful #funtrip #chateauneufenauxois #hundredyearswar #medieval #beauvillage #fortifiedcity #lifeisfantastic #simplethinginlife #stopandenjoytheview #perfectstay #lifeisgood #beautiful #theview #instadaily #daily #france #burgundy #oldcity #nycfoodie #gourmet #frenchcountryside #trip #vacation #minivacation #June2019trip
Canterbury Cathedral, the tomb of Prince Edward of Woodstock (1330-1376),mostly known as the "Black Prince". Eldest SON (OF ALTOGETHER 7)and heir of Edward III and his Queen Philippa of Hainault. As Edward´s health was declining for a decade already, his father outlived him in the end for 1 year, and the Prince never became a King of England. He but was a father of the new King, Richard II (1367-1400). Edward is buried in the Canterbury Cathedral, in this beautiful tomb, he also let a chantry for his Princess and wife Joan Plantagenet. Countess of Kent to be built at the Cathedral. She but decided against the wish of her third husband Edward and was buried next to her first man. In March/2019 I've got the chance to visit this place and I definitely loved it! 👑#historian #history #historylover #plantagenets #medieval #royalty #nobility #middleages #england #english #englishhistory #edwardiii #theblackprince #hundredyearswar #100yearswar #14thcentury #canterbury #canterburycathedral #cathedral #tomb #effigy #medievaltomb
The Tomb of the Black Prince (Edward of Woodstock • 1330-1376) at Canterbury Cathedral in England. • • The epitaph inscribed around his effigy reads as follows: • • Such as thou art, sometime was I. Such as I am, such shalt thou be. I thought little on th'our of Death. So long as I enjoyed breath. On earth I had great riches Land, houses, great treasure, horses, money and gold. But now a wretched captive am I, Deep in the ground, lo here I lie. My beauty great, is all quite gone, My flesh is wasted to the bone.
--- 100 Yıl Savaşları --- • İngiltere kralı III. Edward’ın Fransa tahtında hak iddia etmesiyle 1337’de başlayan Yüzyıl Savaşları, 116 yıl sonra 1453'te ancak sona erebilmiştir. İlk saldırıyı başlatan İngiliz orduları Crécy’de Fransızları yendi (1346) ve Calais’yi ele geçirdi. Poitiers’de bir zafer daha kazanan (1356) İngilizler, Fransa Kralı II. Jean’ı esir aldılar. Çaresiz kalan Fransızlar 1360’taki Brétigny Antlaşması’yla çok büyük toprak kaybetti. V. Charles döneminde, krallık orduları komutanı Bertrand du Guesclin’in önerisiyle benimsedikleri yeni stratejiye göre, İngilizlerle çarpışmaktan kaçınarak ve sırayla kuşatma harekatı yürüterek, kaybettikleri toprakların hemen hemen hepsini 1374’ten önce geri aldılar. Prensle arasındaki mücadeleyi fırsat bilen İngiltere kralı V. Henry yeniden Fransa üzerine yürüdü ve Agincourt Muharebesi’ni (1415) kazanarak Normandiya’yı aldı. Fransa kralı VI. Charles’ın imzalamak zorunda kaldığı Troyes Antlaşması’na (1420) göre, Fransa tahtının varisi İngiltere kralı V. Henry’nin oğlu VI. Henry olacaktı. Lorraine’li genç bir kızın, Jeanne d’Arc’ın inancı ve coşkusuyla yeni bir güç kazanan Fransız orduları Orléans’ı kurtardılar ve Reims’de veliaht VII. Charles’a taç giydirdiler. Jeanne d’Arc’ın İngilizler tarafından diri diri yakılmasından (1431) sonra Fransa kralı, İngiltere’nin müttefiki Bourgogne ile Arras Antlaşması’nı (1435) imzaladı, orduda reform yaptı ve güçlü bir topçu sınıfı kurdu. Bu sayede Fransızlar sırasıyla Paris’i (1436), Normandiya’yı (1450) ve Arquitania’yı (1453) geri aldılar. Böylece, herhangi bir anlaşma imzalanmadan savaş fiilen sona erdi. #hundredyearswar #france #British #English #unitedkingdom #ww2 #ww1 #hoi4 #eu4 #germany (Fotoğraf temsilidir)
La Bataille de Patay est très importante dans la guerre de Cent-Ans et la reconquête de territoires perdus autour #orleans ,  car elle met un terme quasi définitif à la présence des #Anglais dans la #Beauce et les alentours d'Orléans. En effet les forces anglaises sont littéralement mis en pièce ,dont les fameux archers accompagnés de leur #Longbow , mais aussi supprime plusieurs officiers, unité d'élites et fait prisonnier le valeureux #Talbot . #queen #king #windsor . C'est très probablement à proximité du moulin qu'à eu lieu la bataille le 18 juin 1429. The battle of #Patay was one the most battle in the #hundredyearswar , a lot english archer was dead in this battle and some #english #officer . https://montjoye.net/bataille-patay-18-juin-jeanne-d-arc
Edward of Woodstock, also known as the Black Prince, was a son of King Edward III of England, and the heir to the English throne. He died before his father and so his son, Richard II, became the next king. Despite never being king, he still earned distinction as one of the most successful English commanders during the Hundred Years’ War, being regarded as a model of chivalry and one of the greatest knights of his age. He was the first Duke of Cornwall, which he created in 1337. He was the guardian of the kingdom in his father’s absence in 1338, 1340, and 1342. He became Prince of Wales in 1343 and was knighted in 1346. In 1346 Prince Edward commanded the vanguard at the Battle of Crécy, his father intentionally leaving him to win the battle. He took part in Edward III's 1349 Calais expedition. In 1355 he was appointed the king's lieutenant in Gascony, and ordered to lead an army into Aquitaine on a chevauchée, during which he pillaged Avignonet and Castelnaudary, sacked Carcassonne, and plundered Narbonne. The next year (1356) on another chevauchée he ravaged Auvergne, Limousin, and Berry but failed to take Bourges. He offered terms of peace to King John II of France, who had outflanked him near Poitiers, but refused to surrender himself as the price of their acceptance. This led to the Battle of Poitiers where his army routed the French and took King John prisoner. He also fought many other wars against France, and was known for his amazing skill in battle but also fiery temper and emotion-driven ruthless personality. He died in 1376 of dysentery and was buried at Canterbury Cathedral, where his surcoat, helmet, shield, and gauntlets are still preserved. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #english #england #history #theblackprince #knight #chivalry #knighthood #history #british #britain #britishisles #englishhistory #warrior #hundredyearswar #cornwall #dukeofcornwall #greatbritain #anglosaxon
I knew it was smart to watch “Chimes At Midnight” and wait for this 1944 Laurence Olivier directed/produced /starring adaptation of “Henry V”. The last 10 minutes of “Chimes” comes from Henry V, and roughly the 25-34 mark of this film is that dialogue—played differently, but the same lines nonetheless, whilst preparing to invade France (culminating, as it does here, in Agincourt 1514). So my advice is to watch Orson first, as that’s essentially a partial rush telling of Henry IV part 1 & 2, along with the beginning of Henry V, and this picks up pretty much where “Chimes At Midnight” leaves off, but this is a more direct stage adaptation [Note: as is Olivier’s “Hamlet” & “Richard III”] with the beginning exposition/set up for the invasion of France. What makes this interesting is the beginning and end take place at the Globe Theatre, but it’s set as a live stage production with gaffes during the Elizabethan era (rowdy/rambunctious crowd in period garb and all), but then we spend roughly 90 minutes as a normal film in between. You’ll recognize in the beginning Ernst Thesiger (Dr. Pretorius in “Bride of Frankenstein”), and everyone else is mostly stage actors or bit character actors in other films. Sir Olivier naturally commands on all fronts—as great as Brando, Orson, Gielgud & Ralph Richardson were . . Of those stage actors turned film actors, Olivier was just head & shoulders above them and arguably the greatest actor of all time. [I do leave this discussion open for Spencer Tracy, Lionel & John Barrymore though; strong cases to be made for those 3 as well]. Shakespeare at its best—simply put. The battle scene is rather well handled—1944, not ‘65, so you get what you get in terms of violence. I’d say, if you want to see someone perform Shakespeare this well today . . Try catching Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen (though I think he retired), or Frank Langella . . By now though, the roles they take would be limited. Except for his version of Hamlet, this is or course vibrantly colorful and borderline gaudy, but you’ll think you’re there. #criterioncollection #laurenceolivier #henryv #henryiv #shakespeare #agincourt #hundredyearswar
Isabeau de Bavière (1370-1435), Queen Consort to Charles VI (1368-1422) of France. She came from Bavarian noble/royal family of Wittelsbach and on 17 July 1385 in Amiens she got married to the young King of France, Charles VI. From 1392 on, Charles began suffering from a mental illness, probably schizophrenia. Isabeau and Charles were parents to at least 12 children, amongst them Charles VII, Michele-Duchess of Burgundy and 2 Queens of England :Isabella (Queen Consort to Richard II, later Duchess of Orleans) and Catherine (Queen Consort to Henry V). Isabeau also was a grandmother of English King Henry VI, and of French King Louis XI. Through her youngest daughter Catherine, she was a great-grandmother of Henry VII, the first Tudor King of England. #historian #history #historylover #wittelsbach #valois #french #bavaria #france #queen #medieval #hundredyearswar #100yearswar #middleages
Isabeau de Bavière (1370-1435), Queen Consort to Charles VI (1368-1422) of France. She came from Bavarian noble/royal family of Wittelsbach and on 17 July 1385 in Amiens she got married to the young King of France, Charles VI. From 1392 on, Charles began suffering from a mental illness, probably schizophrenia. Isabeau and Charles were parents to at least 12 children, amongst them Charles VII, Michele-Duchess of Burgundy and 2 Queens of England :Isabella (Queen Consort to Richard II, later Duchess of Orleans) and Catherine (Queen Consort to Henry V). Isabeau also was a grandmother of English King Henry VI, and of French King Louis XI. Through her youngest daughter Catherine, she was a great-grandmother of Henry VII, the first Tudor King of England. #historian #history #historylover #wittelsbach #valois #french #bavaria #france #queen #medieval #hundredyearswar #100yearswar #middleages
Cover for the new project. 🖤HELLTHORN🖤 Settled in a dark France of 1429, it will show an alternative, gore and fantasy version of Jeanne d'Arc's heroic actions to save her country from the Hundred Years'War, against the English invasion, which is helped by an army of demons from Hell. #hellthorn #thorn #jeannedarc #hundredyearswar #darkfantasy #stake #burning #sword #jeanne #cross #flames #newproject #Illustration #cover #darkage
le 17 juin 1429 : victoire de Jeanne d'Arc à Beaugency. L'Anglais contrôle pratiquement tout le nord de la France fin de 1428. Le pont d'Orléans a été détruit peu de temps avant la levée du siège. Les Français ont en outre perdu le contrôle de tous les autres points de passage du fleuve.La bataille de Beaugency se déroule les 16 et 17 juin 1429. Beaugency est alors une petite ville sur la côte nord de la Loire qui contrôle un pont devenu stratégique. Les Anglais en sont les maîtres. L'attaque française vise à reprendre le pont et la ville, pour redonner une ligne de communication vitale vers Reims. Ce pont avait été conquis par les Anglais quelques années plus tôt, comme une tête de pont pour une future invasion du Sud de la France. Cette campagne française de la Loire compte cinq actions majeures : le siège d'Orléans, la bataille de Jargeau, la bataille de Meung-sur-Loire, la bataille de Beaugency, la bataille de Patay. Contrairement à Meung-sur-Loire, la place forte de Beaugency se trouve dans les murs de la ville. Cette place existe toujours et forme une imposante citadelle rectangulaire. Dès le premier jour de la bataille, les Anglais abandonnent la ville pour se réfugier dans le château. Les Français bombardent le château avec leur artillerie, le même soir de Richemont arrive avec ses hommes, malgré sa disgrâce royale il vient porter secours aux Français. C'est le premier grand ralliement à la cause royale. Beaucoup vont suivre les Bretons. Cette campagne tue, capture ou met hors de combat environ un tiers des officiers anglais et de l'élite militaire anglaise, les fameux archers aux arcs longs. Ça fut une victoire éclatante  de notre héroïne nationale Jeanne d’Arc flanquée de ses fidèles seigneurs de guerre : Jean Dunois (le bâtard d’Orléans), Gilles de Rais, Etienne de Vignolles (alias La Hire) et Poton de Xaintrailles.Entendant parler d'une force de secours approchant de Paris sous les ordres de John Fastolf, d'Alençon négocia la reddition anglaise et leur accorda de quitter Beaugency. La bataille de Patay s'ensuivit en terrain ouvert le 18 juin .
The favorite son of Henry IV (1366-1413) by his first wife Mary de Bohun (1369-1394), THOMAS OF LANCASTER (1387-1421),1th Duke of Clarence. He was till his death on 22 March 1421 the heir of his warrior hero brother Henry V (1386-1422). Thomas spent the banishment of his father Henry of Bolingbroke with him and in 1411 it was Thomas who replaced his brother Henry in the Royal Council, after Prince Henry fell out hard with their father Henry IV. King Henry IV probably very privately wished for his beloved Thomas to be the first born, even if he, of course, never said this loud 🤔 in 1410/11 it also was the Thomas who caused the scandal and a deep running drift in the family, when he went against the wishes of his Beaufort uncles Henry and Thomas, and married Margaret Holland (1385-1439), Countess Dowager of Somerset,widow of Thomas’s uncle John Beaufort and mother of 6 Thomas’s Beaufort cousins. Only the King, Thomas’s father Henry IV supported this marriage, the rest of the family hardly opposing. Thomas’s inclination to the scandals continued when he seized part of the Somerset's land on which he had no right to, for himself. This was a beginning of the drift between Thomas and his own Duchess who was, together with her Beaufort sons named Thomas’s heiress in his last will from 1421.Thomas of Lancaster mourned the death of his father in 1413 for two reasons: undoubtedly personal, but also because it meant the end of his special privilege and bending to the will of his brother Henry V. In1415 Thomas of Lancaster was in England, so he missed the phenomenal victory of his brother at Agincourt. This but added to the sparkle of the jealousy between the brothers and led to the ultimate tragic end of Thomas, in the battle of Bauge, on 22 March 1421, where he tried to recreate his brother's victory of Agincourt.Thomas lost his life in very brutal way when he was hacked to death, and his two Beaufort stepsons:John and Thomas taken prisoners. #historian #history #historylover #plantagenets #medieval #royalty #lancaster #hundredyearswar #100yearswar #england #english #englishhistory #middleages #france #clarence #canterbury #medieval #tomb
Joan of Arc. Detail of our statue of one of France's most famous saints. #joanofarc #jeannedarc #jehanne #maidoforleans #hundredyearswar #stjoanofarc
Edward the Black prince was born in 1330. One of the most successful English commanders during the Hundred years war being regarded by his contemporaries as a model of chivalry or as a butcher by other ones. Since he was successful in mediaeval wars my bet is on the latter. As another Plantagenet warrior Henry V he died of dysentery. I made his CV pretty short 😁. Edward' s shield, helm, crest and other amazing stuff is exhibited at the monumental Canterbury cathedral. It's truly fantastic, I highly recommend to visit. #plantagenetwarriors , #theblackprince , #edwardtheblackprince , #hundredyearswar , #canterburycathedral , #colourfulhistory , #henryv , #mediavelchivalry
Anglo-Gallic France 1362-72. Edward "The Black Prince" Silver Demi Gros. Prince in profile, right pointing, with sword resting upright on shoulder, within tressure and beaded circle, Latin abbreviated legend surrounding, double annulet stops at start, other stops double cinquefoils, mint latter sat end of legend, +:ED:PO:GIT:REGIS:AnGLIE L, rev. long cross pattee, twin concentric legends and beaded circles, three pellets in each inner quarter, abbreviated Latin legend with chevron As, PRI CPS AQI TAn, :GLIA.I.E XCLC DO ETInTE RRA PAX. Limoges, Aquitaine mint. 2.27 Grams. Edward was Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales when he won fame as a military commander as he helped his father (Edward III) win the Battle of Crecy against the French, commanding the right wing of the English forces in 1346. It is believed that during this battle he obtained the name”the Black Prince,” most probably because he wore black armor, but another theory runs that Edward’s nickname refers to the cruelty he inflicted upon the French during the Hundred Years War. He took part in his father’s expedition to Calais in 1349, and in 1355, he was appointed his father’s lieutenant in Gascony. The following year in September the Battle of Poitiers started between the Black Prince and John II, King of France. There the Black Prince won his greatest victory, capturing the French king, Jean II, and his youngest son on September 19th. The Black Prince's love of luxury and autocratic manner aroused hostility in Aquitaine. He contracted a serious illness in Spain, perhaps dysentery. By 1370, when he besieged and sacked Limoges, he was already an invalid. He returned to England in 1371 and died after a long illness on 8 June 1376. The throne of England would pass to his son, who would reign as Richard II. #medievalhistory #medievil #coins #coinscollection #numismatics #hundredyearswar #hammeredcoins #coinscollector #englishhistory #frenchhistory #frenchcoins #coin
Happy Friday Remembered today as a prolific medieval poet, Charles, Duke of Orléans was captured after the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 and spent the next 25 years as a prisoner in England, held at various castles including the Tower of London.Over 500 poems known to have been written during his imprisonment survive to this day, including what is thought to be the first Valentine’s poem, which Charles sent from the Tower to his wife Bonne of Armagnac. The poem begins and ends ‘I am already sick of love, My very gentle Valentine’.This illumination from a manuscript of Charles’s work depicts him looking out from a window in the White Tower, and sending a letter from the courtyard below #historylover #historian #history #hundredyearswar #100yearswar #medieval #royalty #nobility #middleages #england #english #englishhistory #France #french #dukeoforleans #manuscript #medieval #medievalmanuscript
My poster using drawings that I did last year, showing the Black Prince and a knight on horseback. It was about the Battle of Crecy - a major battle during the Hundred Years War. #illustration #art #drawings #photoshop #poster #posterdesign #background #informationposter #hundredyearswar #battleofcrecy #edwardofwoodstock #medievalknight #knightonhorseback #knightillustrations #type #text #watercolour #detail #colour
Mango pudding! Enjoy this (relatively) healthy and simple dessert this summer. “Hong Kong’s food scene reflects its complicated, multicultural past. Like tapioca pudding, mango pudding is a dish which embodies the city’s identities: an outpost of empire and crossroads of trade. It is a Victorian British dessert [3], adapted to local ingredients, which has now forged an identity of its own.” Food tells stories. // https://www.phasechangeskitchen.com/blog/mangopudding• • • • • #mangopudding #hongkongmangopudding #dimsumdessert #hongkong #britain #tapiocapudding #fruit #mango #pudding #dessert #asiandessert #simpledessert #nobakedessert #summertreat #dessertisstressedspelledbackwards #complicatedrelationship #history #foodstory #foodhistory #connectingthroughfood #foodisavesselofculture #multiculturalfood #hundredyearswar #colonialism #recipe #britishempire #homecooking #homemade #dessertrecipe #phasechangeskitchen
Work in progress 📝 New project! 😆🖌 🖤LA PUCELLE🖤, a dark fantasy novel of the last years of The Hundred Years' War. I've been inspired by Onimusha, Bloodborne, Claymore and Berserk for this. #hundredyearswar #jeanne #jeannedarc #lapucelle #pucelledorléans #gillesderais #charlesvii #france #darkage #connestable #richemont #lahire #etiennedevignoles
The market square in Rouen where Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orléans, was martyred by being burned at the stake in 1431. Joan is considered a heroine of France for her role during the Lancastrian phase of the Hundred Years' War, and was canonized as a Roman Catholic saint and is now one if the patrons saints of France. Joan of Arc is also the patron saint of soldiers and women in the US Army. #rouen #normandie #normandy #joanofarc #jeannedarc #hundredyearswar #saint #france #francophile #orleans #lapucelledorleans #martyr
The @chateaudecommarque is a #hillside #castle . Actually, the word castle is not quite right. It is more like a compressed #village . Commarque was build on a #steeprock in the #valley of the La Beune #river . A lot of people build their houses on or in the main rock and under the surrounding #rockshelter (#swipeleft to see a #cavehouse !) The castle was later build on top of those and therefore offered safety to all inhabitants of it. The Commarque family was the first to build a wooden tower on the rock in the #12thcentury , so the rivaling Beynac family couldn’t use this strategic spot anymore. The Beynacs took control of it soon after and build a stone tower. Over the time, the castle-village grew and flourished until the #hundredyearswar , where the English took it. During the #frenchwarsofreligion it was taken by #catholics . Because of the rapid change of owners, the castle got #abandoned later. In 1943 it was declared a #monumenthistorique and since 1994 it is finally undergoing #restauration . 🏰 _______________________________________________#discoverhistory #history #information #travel #wanderlust #discover #familytrip #dordognetourisme #perigord #tb #2016 #france #shotoniphone #collage
Representação da Batalha de Crecy que ocorreu durante a Guerra dos Cem Anos (1337 - 1453). ⠀ ⠀ Agosto, 1346. ⠀ ⠀ #crécy #batalhadecrecy #guerradoscemanos #história #inglaterra #frança #idademédia #medieval #guerras #crécybattle #hundredyearswar #história #england #france #middleages #medieval #wars
King Henry V and knights on foot, ready to lead your army, available in our store. https://signiferminiatures.com/#!/producto/59/ #wargames #signiferminiatures #15mm #15mmminiatures #medieval #hundredyearswar #toydesign
🤴 The English interpret this as a preparation for a full-scale night attack upon them, and make their dispositions accordingly. Jean Froissart's Chronicles (14th century). . #page17 #froissart #hundredyearswar #history #readwhatyouown #freebooks #reading #bookcommunity #book #literature #bookphotography #bookish #spinebenders #bookstagram
Not bad at all. The 4th book by her I've read. In my opinion she writes better and less sweet or soap opera like Ph. Gregory. This about Joan of Kent, still quite an abstract figure to me. Almost finished, 8 pages left 😂. Well, I like the Joan she created in the book , for she developed into a determined, strong willed, even if a bit demanding and stubborn, creature. I liked the way she used the "passive resistance" with her mother and uncle. Well, her relationship with Montague/Salisbury and his family seems to be very close to the reality. The part with Edward of Woodstock, of course is legendary, and she mastered it quite nicely. But my absolute 🙌 is for her relationship with THOMAS HOLLAND, her first secret husband who fought long years, against William Montague, Joan 's family and even Edward III to reclaim Joan back for himself. Yes, I admit, it in fact was a romance, that got transformed into the very successful marriage that resulted into the Holland offspring whose blood is to find even in the Tudors. I simply liked the hardship and test of their relationship when it took 9 years to transform their secret marriage into the recognized, public one. And well, that Joan, a Plantagenet princess, for a while being, gave up willingly on all the luxury of the Royal court or status of being a rich Countess of Salisbury, and retired with Holland to his country estates, living In obscurity, just to be with her Knight 🤔 so for the fangirlies of notorious romance of Edward IV and his Grey Mare, I can tell you, there are many, more sweet or cheesy, bittersweet romances.. #historian #history #historylover #plantagenets #medieval #royalty #nobility #middleages #england #english #englishhistory #books #historicalfiction #historical #kent #joanofkent #hundredyearswar #100yearswar
The keep of Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight. The prominent hill on which the keep stands was first fortified around the year 1000, most likely as an Anglo-Saxon defence against Viking raids. King Henry I of England gave the entire Isle of Wight to Baldwin de Redvers, the Earl of Devon, who built the stone keep seen today in the first half of the twelfth century. Baldwin surrendered Carisbrooke to King Stephen during the Anarchy after running out of water during a siege in 1136, but it remained in the Redvers family until 1293. The castle was successfully defended against a French invasion in 1377 as part of the Hundred Years War. King Charles I was imprisoned at Carisbrooke in 1647-1648; his daughter Elizabeth died there a prisoner in 1650, aged 14.⠀⠀ •⠀⠀ •⠀⠀ •⠀⠀ #castle #carisbrookecastle #carisbrooke #isleofwight #normancastle #medievalcastle #castleruins #ruins #twelfthcentury #anarchy #civilwar #hundredyearswar #medieval #medievalart #medievalarchitecture #architecture #arthistory #historyofart #militaryhistory #siege #middleages #medievalengland #moyenage #mittelalter #edadmedia #medioevo #medievalworld #medievaltimes #medievalstyle #englishheritage
Manga: Hawkwood(Tommy Ootsuka) Genre: Mature, Historical, Drama, Action, Seinen (Recommended) • During the Hundred Years’ War between France and Great Britain, many smaller wars and battles rise. In France, a Lord Baristan is struggling against his uncle, Lionel, in order to keep his territory secure. Lieutenant Gerard fights for Baristan, but after the injury of their commander, all hope seems lost. A band of mercenaries called the “White Ravens” then appear to aid Baristan -- for a high price, of course. The mercenaries are led by the meticulous John Hawkwood, who is confident and excels in battle strategy. Just what kind of role does such a man play in this war…? • • • • • #hawkwood #manga #hundredyearswar #historical #manhua #manhwa #comics #mangaartist #webtoon #mangaart #animeart #mangaka #otaku #anime #naruto #tokyoghoul #attackontitan #onepiece #deathnote #narutoshippuden #dbz #dragonballz #animeart #bleach #amv #onepunchman #aot #hunterxhunter #weeb
Battle of Castillion,1453 which marked the end of the Hundred Year's War! #palaceofversailles #france #hundredyearswar #longwars #history #warart #throwbacktolastsummer #galleryofgreatbattles
From 24 May 1337 – 19 October 1453 there were war between England and French. Its ver throne of French. The war lasted for 116 years, 4 months, 3 weeks and 4 days. Ot was war between 5 generation of ki ngs in boith side. And for some reason the world needed Game of Thrones? In very end of the war a young woman did rose and fighted side by side with his king. For France. This Lorraine lady were burnt. Like, yes, we appreciate your help, but now the war is over and you are devil. Lesson. Watch "Jeanne d'Arc, the Messenger"
"For in truth, the years have little effect on our nature. Age does not free of us our faults. We lose our hair more quickly than our weaknesses..." Maurice Druon's ''The Accursed Kings' is, quite possibly, the greatest anthology of books I have ever had the pleasure to immerse in. Populated with a savage and diabolical ensemble of Anti-Heroes (Led by the incomparable Robert Artois) and liberally seasoned with a wild array of biting (and at times hysterical) wit & wisdom, the series actually strengthens the longer it goes on, and the final instalment 'A King Without A Kingdom' is the pinnacle of tragic comedy the cursed Capetian & Valois dynasties descended into at the onset of the ruinous #hundredyearswar And, apparently, Putin loves them as well... #amreading #mauricedruon
FRANCE. Charles V "The Wise" 1364-1380 Gold Franc à pied. KAROLVS x DI x GRFRAnCORV x RЄX. Crowned King standing facing with sword and Hand of Justice beneath a Gothic dais; lis in the fields to either side / Cross fleurée, crowns and lis in angles; all within a quadrilobe, lis in spandrels. + XPC * VInCIT * XPC * RЄGnAT * XPC * IMPЄRAT. His reign marked a high point for France during the Hundred Years War, with his armies recovering much of the territory held by the English, and successfully reversed the military losses of his predecessors. #goldcoins #frenchhistory #numismatics #medievil #gothicart #frenchcoins #hundredyearswar #hammeredcoins #hammeredgold #medievalhistory
L'église de Saint-Rémy est intimement liée à l'enfance de #jeannedarc , elle fut édifiée au #XIIIe siècle mais fortement modifiée par la suite. Elle dépendait de la paroisse de #Greux et du diocèse de #Toul . Elle doit son nom à l'évêque de Saint Rémi de #Reims , qui avait converti le roi des Francs, Clovis Ier, et sacré roi de #France dans la #basilique de Saint-Rémi de Reims. C'est dans cette église que Jeanne d'Arc est baptisée par Jean Minet , en général quelques jours après la naissance, peut-être vers 1412 si on garde la date actuelle comme réelle. Vers l'âge de 13 ans elle entendra des voix dans le jardin qui est situé entre la Maison de Jeanne d'Arc et l'église de Saint-Rémy. #vosges #grandest #tourisme #tourismefrance #patrimoinefrancais #photooftheday #hundredyearswar https://montjoye.net/eglise-saint-remy-de-domremy-la-pucelle
From the movie HENRY V, 1989. One look at the heraldic symbols, and you at least do recognize two of them. HUMPHREY OF GLOUCESTER (1390-1447),the youngest brother of Henry V, then my dear JOHN OF BEDFORD (1389-1435), the most capable brother of Henry V, the one who most probably was most alike his brother, the King. Then of course, here is the brave, courageous but also humble and very capable paternal uncle of Henry V, THOMAS BEAUFORT (1377-1426),Duke of Exeter, and last but not least, an absolutely loyal backbone of the Lancastrian regime in the North, RALPH NEVILLE (1364-1425),Earl of Westmorland, uncle of Henry V, by marriage. Of course, battle of Agincourt. Did you know that during this battle HENRY V saved the life of his in the loins wounded brother HUMPHREY, when Henry shielded the wounded brother from another attacks with his own body? HENRY'S heir at that time, another brother THOMAS OF CLARENCE (1388-1421) was at this point in England, recruiting new forces and bringing French prisoners also to England. THOMAS was also accompanied by RICHARD DE BEAUCHAMP (1382-1439),Earl of Warwick, a personal friend of HENRY V, who as Clarence was recruiting new forces and took French prisoners to his Warwick castle, putting them most probably into the infamous "oublier", as his father Thomas earlier. So they both missed English victory at Agincourt. THOMAS' bubbling rivalry with HENRY and his absence from Agincourt,caused his tragical move at Bauge, 6 years later #historylover #royalty #medieval #hundredyearswar #historian #history #plantagenets #england #lancaster #battleofagincourt #france #henryv #historicalmovie #english #englishhistory
My favorite fictional Henry and Catherine... 🇨🇵🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿June 2, 1420- King Henry V (1387-1422) marries Catherine of Valois (1401-1437) after signing the Treaty of Troyes on May 21, 1420. The treaty stated that Henry V would marry Catherine of Valois and he and his descendants would inherit the crown of France after the death of King Charles VI. The couple will only have one son, the future King Henry VI (1421-1471) #royalty #queen #king #catherineofvalois #henryv #plantagenets #valois #h #historian #historylover #medieval #england #france #english #french #middleages #historicalmovie #movie #hundredyearswar #otd #OnThisDay
Wedding of one of my well liked couples. June 2, 1420- King Henry V (1387-1422) marries Catherine of Valois (1401-1437) after signing the Treaty of Troyes on May 21, 1420. The treaty stated that Henry V would marry Catherine of Valois and he and his descendants would inherit the crown of France after the death of King Charles VI. The couple will only have one son, the future King Henry VI (1421-1471) #royalty #queen #king #catherineofvalois #henryv #plantagenets #valois #h #historian #historylover #medieval #england #france #english #french #middleages #hundredyearswar #otd #OnThisDay #medievalmanuscript #chronicles
New picture for an old product release , I hope you like it. https://signiferminiatures.com/#!/producto/4/ #15mm #15mmminiatures #wargames #signiferminiatures #medieval #hundredyearswar #toydesign
Some images of this new product for our bombard. launch in December. Hope you like #15mm #wargames #signiferminiatures #lasercut #medieval #15mmminiatures #toydesign #hundredyearswar
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