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How do you hurt people? Or how people hurt you? BTW hurt will deep in side in everyone’s heart 💔 #hurt #iamawrong
Bei Blumen muss das Wasser gewechselt werden und der Stiel geschnitten werden, damit sie wieder aufblühen. Genau wie wir Menschen manchmal Dinge und Personen gehen lassen müssen, auch wenn es weh tut. Doch je kürzer der Stiel, desto weniger Dornen haben wir, um uns zu verteidigen. 🌹#tattoo #meaning #hello #snapchat #hurt #gonnabeokay
Look at me ! Great way to start the week! #hurt #work #fuck #knife #bc #victoria #wescor #fuckit
Comment "💔" 6 times without being interrupted for a follow back 😊
Clouds suit my mood just fine! // • • • #clouds #sunset #mood #hurt #notok #instaclouds #instalike
And karma said you'll fall in love with someone who doesn't love you, for not loving someone who did...
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Hii you Do u like to chat? I speak german And a little English ^^ . . . #suizid #selfharm #selbstmord #die #deadinside #Hurt #killme #killmyself #lostmyself #cut #ritzen #ritzenbiszumtod #fuckmyself #hateme #chat
It’s painful to love someone who is already in love with another person.😢 #person #people #love #someone #hurt #another #already #painful #hurting #pain
First time playing soccer | اول مره تلعب كوره #lmao #funny #lol #hurt #idiot #stupid #يضحك
How ironic is it that today is the day 8 years ago he hit me up and my life changed. 8 years later and my life is still changing, now before I get into this please respect our decision. Pj and myself are no longer together I am not getting into any details I am not saying who is right and who is wrong. We will still be co parenting because it is important for our children to still grow up with a mommy and daddy. I don’t hate him nor wish bad on him I just want him to be happy. I’ve learned a whole lot in 8 years and even lost myself so this is the time for me to begin my new journey. We are still friends and will be at family functions for our kids but WE ARE NOT TOGETHER. So please don’t tell me what he’s doing and don’t tell him what I’m doing 🤷🏼‍♀️ #single #scared #newbiginnings #illawayslovehim #gooddad #hurt #lifegoeson #imstrong #timehealsallwounds
Don’t take abuse just walk away they don’t deserve the excuse #Abuse #forcelove #qoutes #love #reallove #walkaway #woman #power #willpower #nofakelove #realrelationship
Today I'm only sharing a Text with you I wrote a year ago, I hope you don't mind: • Its so quite, so unbearable quite and with every new thought I'm rolling from side to side in my bed and can't find any sleep. The world seems to be empty, there isn't any movement outside of my window and I'm feeling cold and empty. I can easily make out the numbers on my clock: 2:46 am. Everytime it seems like this time is cursed right then when everything is silent, I lie awake and can't get the thoughts out of my head. It hurts to know that somewhere you're soundly asleep , that you don't bother yourself with the same thoughts and you probably don't know how I'm feeling. I miss you... a lot, we hardly know each other but I like to believe that you like me maybe a bit more than just as a friend. My heart is pounding. Permanently and calm like it always does. I lie awake here in the middle of of the night and can't get away from the thought which tear me into pieces and waft around in my brain like thick fog in autumn. I try to blame it on the full moon because for as long as I can remember I had troubles sleeping in those nights but I know that its because of you. You, who keeps me awake everytime, who I want to know so much more about. You, who never really talked to me but somehow gave me the feeling that I was safe in your company. I know nothing about you except for some simple things like your name and birthday, I know none of your secrets, favourite books or your taste in music. I know absolutely nothing about you but I presume to know everything, fantasize about what could be only to be met with the harsh reality that there will be nothing, that you dont see anything in me. A person who is part of your live but also not. Like a mosquito in your bedroom. You know it's there but you don't know exactly where and why. We don't share any interests and when I seek contact I get disappointed. But I'm sitting here in the dark and fantasize about what would be if I knew you. But there is nothing, just a dull emptiness, a black hole that reminds me of the fact, that I'm running after someone who doesn't care. • 🇩🇪 Deutsch in den Kommentaren ⬇️⬇️
“Go where you need to go, See who you need to see, Be with the one who loves you, Don’t waste time with people and places we don’t need to be or be with life is a fairytale if you make it You know who that special fairytale love and place you need and need to be”
“Don’t force a relationship just because you want a family or it’s to far into it because it’s never going to work sometimes we have to listen to our mom and dad family and friends, Maybe the last one you had was meant to be and this had to happen to you can understand what true happiness is”
True ❤️ love
“Your thinking about someone but not the one your with, That’s because you love them and they love you”
“If this is you or someone you know please just believe it will all be better soon, If it’s someone you know please share this with them”
“That person missed you just as much if not more it’s one who you truly adore”
“Today someone said they’ve missed you and the feeling is neutral that means there’s love and will always be a special love don’t lose that don’t lose them”
“Never force love, And never push true love away For temporary love is fake and forced, But true love will come back and find you at a corner when you less expect it and tell you love that they have is still there and never went away and never will”
“Move on and read the chapter before this bad one and take notes 📝 to why was you so happy before she/he was there and you’ll find you was most happy with someone before”
“You’ll know when it randomly comes back to you and says it”
“A long letter is a short way of telling you someone is I love with your soul”
“One whom writes you a letter and cry’s his soul out to you when reading it that’s the most wonderful rarest thing around”
“There’s always one that still loves you”
“The one you write about is the one you think about But what kills you is that one is not with you you are with someone else”
“Who’s Heart has your name tattooed upon it??”
The beginning of the year was beautiful bringing it in with someone that lit that spark that fixed and healed those wings, A love that was amazing memorizing as a fairytale, But then you stopped.. Made a wrong choice and everything has been wrong every since... Now there’s force feelings for a broken soulless heartless person dark inside makes you cry tears of heartbreak.. And you miss the one who made you cry tears of joy. ....We want to thank all who DM us there stories of love and heartbreak and losses please if this hits home for you DM us tell us your heart speak your soul and mind we’d love to hear and help...
Writhing is a way for the soul to speak the book 📖 you use is your soul.. Make sure you use a special book 🥀
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