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My morning visitor.❣ It's a snowy, cosy kind of day today, isn't it?❄️ It looks so pretty outside my window as I cook and bake before my shift at the library. Hope you are all enjoying a lovely day!❣ * * * #firstsnowfall2018 ❄️ #winterisforthebirds #madaboutplaid #hyggetothemax
Fall vibes.🍂 That sunshine was gorgeous yesterday but the next few days here are calling for rain. Stay dry and enjoy some cosy moments on this last day of October which seems to have flown by!☔️ P.S. If you have time, check out the IG stories and accounts of @mayamaceka and @bobbypixel aka @bobbyeveryday ..... I love that they are exploring Ontario using Backroads of Ontario by Ron Brown. We live in such a beautiful province!🍂🍁🍂 * * * #fallvibes 🍂🍁 #autumn2018 #farewellOctober #hyggetothemax #yourstodiscover #discoverON
We totally failed on the group photo front but I managed to snap a few very poorly composed photos over the weekend as we gathered with our housemates and enjoyed some serious hygge 😂. Thank you @kristyglassknits for hosting us in your dreamy woodland home. It was so great to spend time with you, Amy (@knitcollage ), Lizzie (@mermaidspurl ), Melissa (@wellknits ), and Alissa (@alissabaptista ) - the food, the conversation, the laughs, the yarny show-and-tell - perfection ❤️. #hostesswiththemostess #hyggetothemax #nysheepandwool #rhinebeck2018 #knittersofinstagram #espacetricot
Missing a great short weekend in the best company 😩 #hyggetothemax
Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow. --Melodie Beattie As I sit here and reflect with my morning coffee , I am thankful for my faith, my dear family, many good friends, great food and a warm, comfortable #hyggetothemax room to hang out in with my family on this foggy, rainy day. Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!🦃🎃🌻 * * * #Thanksgivingday2018 🦃 #faithfamilyfriends#attitudeofgratitude 🙏🏻
What better way to spend a Friday evening?! Watching the Fittest on Earth compete at the CrossFit Games, enjoy good company and lots of snacks 💪🏼❤️😋@crossfitcph @cfcklubben #crossfitgames2018 #hyggetothemax
Who says summer can't be hyggeligt? Hot coffee and water set up on my ironing board/treadmill desk ✊ fridge and liquor cabinet fully stocked ✊ two really fun projects to work on today (a French book translation and an Indonesian placement test!) ✊ come at me typhoon Prapiroon (but not really and please everyone be safe) #hyggetothemax #mondaysamiright #seoul #workanywhere #workfromhome #digitalnomads #linguistics #linguists
Hey Bud.🌱 Well, that was a wild ride.🚘 My friend Dawn and I headed out this afternoon with cameras in tow to find Spring, but just about got blown away by gale force winds upwards of 122 km/hr.💨 I guess we should have checked the weather forecast before leaving. There are branches and limbs down all around us, shingles flying off rooftops and hydro is out in surrounding towns. Well, we did find Spring, but I am thankful to be home again!👞🚘🌿 * * * #crazyweather #galeforcewinds #windwarnings #severeweatherwarning #roadtripadventure #happytobehomeagain #hunkeringdown #hyggetothemax
Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings, and propel us, on occasion, to greatness.” ― R.J. Palacio, Wonder If you are looking for an inspirational movie, you must check out Wonder. We loved it! Such a great reminder of kindness and acceptance to those who might seem different than us. #kindnessrocks On a different note, there's a party going on right here and I have been so distracted by the number and variety of birds that have been visiting our front porch feeders this morning. It is a constant buffet at our home. #feedthebirds 🐧🏡🐦 The roads are quiet here as we all hunker down to wait for that ice storm to pass. Stay safe everyone!❣ #ONStorm #hyggetothemax
Hey!🐔 "What's with that white stuff coming down from the sky? Nope. Don't like it, don't like it at all."🐔 I am sharing Mildred's sentiments. It is windy and cold here today with s**w flurries. I guess it's a good day to get caught up and organized at home. #hyggetothemax Cheers to Wednesday and warmer days ahead!🌿 * * * #chickensofinstagram #waitingforspringtocome #Wednesdayvibes
Suuper cute and classic interior, feels like watching a movie in your fancy neighbor's house #hyggetothemax #shapeofthewater #parkbiografen
All I want to do today is cuddle up in this fluffy cloud of a blanket and knit knit knit 🖤 Anyone else feel this way?! 🤷🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️
Ilden knitrer i brændeovnen, de ristede kaffebønner kæler for snudens sensorer, og brunchmenuen lokker rumlende mavser alle dage frem til kl. 16 #hyggetothemax
hygge. The Danish word hygge {pronounced hue-gah} is the ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures. It is bringing cosiness into the home for a sense of contentment, gratitude, comfort and well-being. Here are just some of the ways you can create #hygge at home to make this very cold winter season more comfortable: *cosy sweaters✔️ *warm slippers✔️ *candles✔️ *tea lights✔️ *twinkling lights✔️ *stack of books✔️ *reading socks✔️ *movies✔️ *hot water bottle✔️ *Sherpa throw✔️ *hot cocoa bar✔️ *flavoured coffee✔️ *specialty tea✔️ *hearty meals✔️ *crockpot comfort foods✔️ *keep the fireplace or wood stove going✔️ *bundle up and get outside to enjoy nature✔️ *pick up a new hobby or interest✔️ *have family and friends in for a potluck and board game night✔️ *keep a gratitude journal✔️ Did I miss anything?🤔 * * * #scandivibes #hyggetothemax #myhyggebasket #myhyggehome #babyitscoldoutside #cosywinterevenings #chaptersindigocanada #chaptersindigo #findinghygge
When you're so excited to go to bed because you get to wear your new @marksandspencer 🐱pyjamas! #coveredincats #comfy #hyggetothemax #pyjamasparty #handstands
Such an amazing day filled with so much love, now chilling with my favourite love (hubby) all full & content in the soft glow of candles & Christmas tree lights in my new cosy lounge wear 😍 #hyggetothemax ❤️ & now about to start this book that I have been so excited to receive! #crackon #konmari #cantwaittostart #hygge #fullheart #happyhome
Icy rain outside but we are #hyggetothemax
Early morning in my home office. #hyggetothemax #hygge #workfromhome
Sat 9 Dec | So very North American of us #openfireindecember #welcometomelbourne #hyggetothemax
Patio date night 👌🏽 #hyggetothemax #mydan
You wonderful lot ❤️ belated thank you, don’t think I stopped smiling all week #hyggetothemax #soppyalert #theswan #birthday #latergram
If you are interested in the warmest, softest and coziest merinowool clothes and accesories follow @northoutdoor and come say hi at I Love Me -fair this coming weekend! 🐑❤️ 👋🏽 #northoutdoor #merinowool #iloveme2017 #hyggetothemax
Our newest Autumn addition: The Pumpkin Spice Latte 🤗 Made from scratch we use pure sweet pumpkin, our house blend of spices, double shot of espresso and topped with whipped cream 🎃Quite possibly the coziest thing you should be sipping right now. #HyggeToTheMax
Siggggh. I am the guardian, custodian and steward of this very breath, of this passing moment. I know it's precious. And every time I find the courage to awaken within it, I feel the dream of us changing, fading and fleeting. It frees my throat and softens my chest, for when I reckon the wild field of flowers and sink my spines into a holy bed of grass and bask in the stars above, I become the ecstasy of life's ache . . . @thugunicorn by @tanyamarkul . . .
Day 3 #21embody - back she's not moving anytime today. She's gone sit all day looking pretty because this woman is on strike #adaywithoutawoman #21embody #bodyseries #selflove #compassion #alchemy #wearingredtoday #atthecrossroadsofshouldandmust #hygge #hyggetothemax #practice #patience #paintingthefeminine #authenticsheshe
Day 1 - #21embody - this free challenge set up by @dirtyfootprints came at the right time. Carrying on from #paintingthefeminine ( final show to follow), I've been deepening my relationship with my body. And it always comes back to the breath. Amazing. A simple enough action. But performed in all the wrong ways. Until now. Now I relish the feeling of taking deep, full breaths. Allowing my chest, diaphragm and belly to get in on all that juicy action. My breath, I have taken for granted. Have survived on sharp shallow breaths thinking this was living. Breathing deep, filling my lungs with air and then exhaling it all and then taking another breath and beginning the cycle all over again. This is claiming my space. And just the fact of being aware of this, my breath, brings me back to the present. Back to my body. Back to the gratitude for this life I have to lead to all it's fullness. And breathe. One breath at a time. Fullness. #21embody #paintingthefeminine #practice #compassion #bodyseries #bodylove #hyggetothemax #breathe #breathofthewild #lungs
This is the view from my office. An office! It's a disused single-decker bus. The kind with brown and orange seats. With the woollen seats that prickle your legs as you press against them. The kind that smells of metal and diesel and sweat. The kind that never had central heating and you'd keep your coat and hat and gloves on for the entire journey. But hey I'm not complaining. I have this view :) #westfjordsresidency #westfjordsiceland #westfjords #alchemy #iceland #nature #waterhealing #busrides #patience #practice #compassion #hygge #hyggetothemax #writingwild
So in Liverpool visiting our first born at Uni and we are right in the path of storm Doris. And I have been in awe of her power. This is wildness at it's most spectacular. But I am not afraid as this force of nature is a part of me also. We are connected and this thought fills me even more with awe and respect. #authenticsheshe #hyggetothemax #compassion #connection #rewilding #wildnature
I played around in NEXT's changing room today. I tried a pair of shorts on. I know - shock, horror!! Not really. Who says I shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't wear these shorts in public? Why should it be such an issue? For me? For you? Such an issue for a women with big thighs and backside to wear shorts? A black woman even?! When did I receive that message that it's just not the done thing? When did I internalise this hate? I just learnt this phrase the other day, 'F**k you, it's my body.' Good ain't it! Anyway I bought the shorts and the top. They might not keep me warm in Iceland but they're still fun to wear :) #hyggetothemax #authenticsheshe #shero #behappy #beyourownbeloved #healthateverysize #shorts #red
A grey cold day to suit my mood as I allow this deep gutting tiredness to consume me. #hyggetothemax #hygge #patience #compassion #self -care
Surprised Mister S with dinner and make shift bed at our new totally vacant home. Renovations starting soon. Wanted to experience a night in the old house before it turns into an amazing unrecognizable new house. 🍽️🌃🏡🗝️💑🛏️😊 #newhouse #housetohome #jönköping #stadsparken #cityviews #newchapter #ourhouse #firstnight #hyggetothemax #nowifi #notv
Disneys Juleshow! #disneysjuleshow #hyggetothemax
Kanotur, dag 1: solen skinner stadig #hyggetothemax
Spooky farm roads through the mist lead us here, where we drank a bottle of Pinot on the porch and listened to river ships toot their horns in the distance. #Hyggetothemax
Har siden lørdag haft besøg af de her to tosser. I morgen trisser de atter tilbage mod Himmerland, DK #ikkedårligt #skitosser #hyggetothemax #alpedhuez #sunnysunnyweather #skiing #massereafplov #nofilter
We ❤ starbucks ! #starbucks #cafe #havingfun #hyggetothemax 😊