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Identity? How do you see yourself and does it hold you back in what you want to be and do. The answer for me is yes! A daily challenge for me . . . . . . #Iamlimitless #growth #challenge #neverstoplearning #positive #livelife #lovelife
#iamlimitless @stacytuschl First challenge was harder than it should have been.
Fall is upon us in New England. Leaves are changing and there's a chill in the air, seemed to happen overnight. I love this time, but it always reminds me of another year coming to a close and if I'm being honest another year wasted towards my goals. What happens when you have a dream but don't take the action to turn it into reality? Inspiration turns to frustration and regret, trust me I know. But it's never too late to start again. We've still got a few months left of 2018 and I'm determined to make them the best yet!! #iamlimitless #dontstopuntilyoureproud @stacytuschl
I was in my element yesterday leading an eco friendly lifestyle workshop for a lovely group of ladies savvy enough to know that going green is vital for their overall well-being. 🌿 More people are becoming aware that the toxins in our environment and products are harming our health. 🌼 It thrills me that an increasing number of consumers want to take action by learning how to detox their beauty and personal care routine and their home. 🏡 I’m passionate about educating people on the toxic issue and teaching them how to reduce their toxic load. 🌱 I’m on a mission to make the world and your cosmetic drawer a greener place and I will do it because #IamLimitless ⭐️
Pushing past our self limiting beliefs is not easy, but I know that I must. If not for me, then for her. It's my job to make sure that my fears and insecurities do not become hers, that she not only realizes her potential but recognizes her own limitless possibilities. #IAmLimitless
So many faults. How to turn them around? #iamlimitless @stacytuschl
•Day 1 with the #iamlimitless challenge, hosted by @stacytuschl and HOLY FULL CIRCLE! 🙌🏼⭕️ Upon completion of today’s worksheet, the last section really brought a lot of my negatives to the forefront and proved to me why my positives are not strong enough. I have been letting my negative qualities outshine my positives!! 🙅🏼‍♀️ No more! Bring on Day ✌🏼! . . . . . #refocus #breath #staypositive #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur #purposedriven #freedomlifestyle #potential #identity #workfromanywhere #liveonpurpose #consultant #influencer #lifeconsultant #brand #branding #lifebydesign #coaching #positivity #positivemindset #entrepreneur #womenempoweringwomen #life #successmindset #leadership
Today begins the 5-day Limitless Growth Challenge with @stacytuschl . . . . I am a problem solver. I am determined. I am passionate. I am creative. I am a dreamer. . . Who would have thought I would have this little man a year ago. Things have been extremely challenging, but I am committed to building my business and my family. . . #iamlimitless #iamready #transformation #positivity #vision #dreambig #momboss #goals
“I’m ditzy. I’m clumsy. I talk too fast. I care too much about what people think. I can’t say no. I’m too nice. People don’t really care what I have to say. If others succeed, that means I am failing” — This was my inner dialogue and beliefs for most of my adult life. ➖ It wasn’t until I ran across a FB ad from a business powerhouse a few years ago, that I became interested in learning about successful people. I realized successful people have a whole different set of inner dialogues and beliefs. Their identity was different from those that were mediocre. I began learning their success “secrets” were not in their strategies or systems, but it was in their positive thoughts and beliefs. ➖ I now know what I achieve in life and business is not solely based on what I do, but what I tell myself daily. I’m resilient. I’m a go-getter. I am a figureoutter. I am driven. My voice matters. What are you telling yourself daily? #iamlimitless @stacytuschl
My self assessment has me thinking 🤔 I need to change some things! #IamLimitless @stacytuschl
Just started a 5 day Facebook workshop. I'm so excited! #iamlimitless @stacytuschl
This is perfect❣ It made me stop & think. I had to share 💖 I want to always contribute and be a giver, even if it's my time that I'm giving to help someone in need. That doesn't cost me a dime but to the other person, it may be priceless. #beagiver #bekind #offerasmile #beahelpinghand #makefriends #mytakeaway #Iamlimitless 💖💖 @stacytuschl
No matter your age, your status in life, and your life experiences, there’s always room for growth #iamlimitless
What do you speak over your life daily?? Are you honest with yourself?? Do you acknowledge the good with the bad?? Do you work on becoming 1% better each day? * Theirs power in the tongue! What you speak about you bring power to those words and as they begin to activate in your life you begin to realize the person who you really are and can become! Not just wish it!! Be Real! Be Honest! There is always room for improvement!! Take it one day at a time!! * * #MakingtheHeartwell #IAmPowerful #IAmStrong #IAmAInfluencer #IAmAChildOfGod #IAmLimitless @stacytuschl
What do you speak over your life daily?? Are you honest with yourself?? Do you acknowledge the good with the bad?? Do you work on becoming 1% better each day? * Theirs power in the tongue! What you speak about you bring power to those words and as they begin to activate in your life you begin to realize the person who you really are and can become! Not just wish it!! Be Real! Be Honest! There is always room for improvement!! Take it one day at a time!! * * #MakingtheHeartwell #IAmPowerful #IAmStrong #IAmAInfluencer #IAmAChildOfGod #IAmLimitless @stacytuschl
IDENTITY: "You live up to your identity not your potential." -Jim Forton. Over the last couple of years, I knew that I had a negative focus. My daily thoughts were consumed with what I thought people were thinking of me and tried to live up to those thoughts. But I am better then those thoughts! I am a loving, caring, creative mom of 3, who loves my wellness company! Who are you?? #IamLimitless @stacytuschl
Up late. Finishing my daily task. I had to get my Day 1 of @stacytuschl #IAmLimitless challenge done. Loving the introspective of this.
Negative self talk ruins everything. Speak your dreams and goals as if they were already present. #iamlimitless #thrive #transformation @stacytuschl
Personal development... Wow! That can illicit so many emotional responses. Some are terrified, some are excited, and for some it's just a way of life. But I believe we can all agree that it is necessary for transformation. Transformation starts from within. You become WHO and WHAT you believe you are. Improving your self-identity is the first step towards changing your reality. Unless you perceive yourself as "good enough" you will never reach your full potential. I'm super excited to be part of a 5 Day LIMITLESS GROWTH Challenge where I will have the opportunity to dig deep, acknowledge, strategize and create a personal platform for unlimited potential & growth! Thank you @stacytuschl #IamLimitless #IamEnough #PersonalDevelopment #HalautCoachingSolutions
Started a Limitless Challenge today. Day 1 included figuring out what we identify as. Eye opening for sure!! Does anyone else identify as having a major sugar addiction? #iamlimitless
This goes back to the ol' saying, "Whatever the MIND can conceive and BELIEVE, it can ACHIEVE." . . . . #mindset @stacytuschl #day1 #iamlimitless
Hi! I’m Stephanie, the owner of The Hazel Shoppe. I don’t show my face too often around here, but @stacytuschl inspired me to do so during day one of her #iamlimitless challenge. The first day of the challenge was all about identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our self-perceived identities as they are defining factors for our business. The Hazel Shoppe may be a small business, but it is backed by a large vision. One of the many goals of The Hazel Shoppe involves a farm built on the values of a #hygge lifestyle- enjoying the little things, like cuddles from this adorable barn kitten. I look forward to growing myself as a #femaleentrepreneur in the coming days of Stacy’s challenge. #hyggelife #smallbusiness #shopsmall #supportsmallbusiness #dreambig #thehazelshoppe #werisebyliftingothers #positivevibes #positiveaffirmations #selfdevelopment #uplifting #lifegoals #bossbabe #godisgood #liveauthentic #grateful #live #havefaith #followyourdreams #powerofprayer
::steps:: just one at a time. that’s all it takes. five up...i am thoughtful. i am compassionate. i am resourceful. i am open minded. i am forgiving. five down...i am over-analyzing. i am a people pleaser. i am controlling. i am fearful. i don’t speak up for myself. i am learning how to keep taking steps up when i feel knocked down. for each step down is just the shadow side of the step up. keep stepping up. . . . . . . #iamlimitless @stacytuschl #phoenixhealthcoach #holistichealthcoach #holisticcoach #healthcoaches #healthcoaching #healthcoachlife #womenswellness #beamazing #beconfident #bekindtoyourself #betruetoyourself #bewhoyouwanttobe #beyourbestself #beyourbestyou #beyourself #confidentwomen #healthymindbodyandsoul #healthymindbodysoul #healthymindset #heabeamazinglthysoul #mindsetmatters #positiveselftalk #takecontrolofyourlife #transformyourmind #yougotthisgirl
You’d never guess how a blank page can mock you when it sees fit. It’s tougher than I thought coming up with answers to my homework this week. Introspection and designing my dream life are more challenging than I expected them to be. It definitely eye-opening to so clearly connect my lack of clear vision to my lack of progress in so many areas. Thank you, @stacytuschl for this challenge and wake-up call! It won’t stay this way. #iamlimitless
'Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out' is my all-time favorite Shel Silverstein poem. Mostly because my dad would read it to us with such inflection and drama (rubbery blubbery macaroni ☺️). But this beautiful piece of writing reminds me that my connection to the daily whisper in my heart is my Superpower. It guides me to experiences beyond my limited dreams. Grateful for the reminder today. #iamlimitless #identityshift #walkandtalkwithtracy #mompreneur @stacytuschl
I actually have to be feeling bold to pick this shirt out of my drawer to wear. I bought it because I knew I needed to have that opportunity to be bold. I am pretty much an introvert and I’m not big on advertising affirmations or mantras on my chest but when I wear this shirt I actually do feel more beautiful! ⁣ ⁣ I am committed to always growing, always being introspective, always taking responsibility for everything in my life, and constantly striving to live my best life, improving everyday! 💗⁣ ⁣ #iamlimitless #iambeautiful #lucylibido #liveyourbestlife
One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the last few months is that I can’t reach the proverbial destination without the journey. So while I wish for an instantaneous transport to “better” and “success”, I will embrace the journey no matter how slow, no matter how long because I can’t rush who God is making me to be. I’m not perfect and that’s ok. I will choose contentment and boundaries and work as hard as I can with what I’ve been given. @stacytuschl #iamlimitless
💫 I was asked to think about my strengths & my weakness today! I have always struggled with identifying with my strengths 💪🏼 . When it come to my weakness...I have problems making a list! . I know I am a strong, powerful women of God ❤️ and I know He has so much more planned for my life! So I Know I will be unstoppable 👊🏻 if I focus on His strengths to help me overcome - then I have NO weakness! . 🔥 For what I see as a weakness, HE uses as a Strength! . So I encourage you embrace your weakness and Believe that through God you can Conquer ALL things! Nothing can come against you! . @stacytuschl #catinahenley #iamlimitless
What happens when we get in our head? We limit ourselves to greatness. Today I started a new way to grow myself. We talked about our identity. We talked about how how we limit ourselves. My big aha moment was when I wrote down how one of my strengths help me. I am a warrior. Being a warrior helps me overcome obstacles I put in front of myself. Yes, I am human and I get in my head...but no more. #iamlimitless #limitingthoughts #be #limitless #key #abundance #getoutofyourhead #beunlimited #inyourthoughts #youcandoanything #positivemindset #limitlessmindset #selfgrowth #selfhelp #eyeopening #beastrongeryou #belimitless #healthymind #dreamcatcher #goalgetter #iamawarrior #iamahealthadvocate #iamstrong #iamaleader #iamcommited #wendthealthy
Today is the first day of a 5 day self discovery challenge. The premise of day one is to help you think about what you think about yourself. @stacytuschl believes we can only become what we believe we are or identify as. Well let's start by identifying as a multimillion dollar lottery winner! Truthfully, the first day of this challenge has been a beautiful peak into an amazingly scary look at the back of my brain...bringing my subconscious into the conscious. What I will say is I see where this homework is going and I. Am. Here. For. It. All. #iamlimitless #doingmywork #therapyforthetherapist #organizedmind #organizedthoughts #organizedaction
What is your identity? Who do you believe you are? Is it who you want to be? You get to choose. #IAmLimitless
#iamlimitless Day 1 ... Being authentically me
Shhh don’t tell anyone, but I’m a first born perfectionist! These are words that I too often have used to describe myself. Although this can be a great characteristic, it can also be a hinderance in my growth! (In fact it took me forever writing this post and taking the perfect picture. ) I just started The Limitless Growth Challenge @stacytuschl ! Today was day 1 of defining our strengths and weaknesses. As an educator, musician, entrepreneur and wife, I am always looking for ways to grow! #iamlimitless
Investing in myself this week participating in @stacytuschl 5-Day challenge. Excited to better myself for me, my family and my business. #iamlimitless
I liked this assignment.... #iamlimitless
Change your identity, change your life. #iamlimitless @stacytuschl
Just here building my empire#iamlimitless #fullmoon #changeisgood #missmyboys
Today I was doing a little personal development activity and was sitting down to write 5-10 things I like about myself and 5-10 things I want to work on. . What we identify with is what we become. What we focus on is what we become. . If we are focusing on the things we don’t want to happen, chances are they are still going to happen because our mind is still thinking about it. . Well I sat down to do this little activity and instantly could only think of the things I want to improve. I struggled to find 5 things I loved. WHY????? I’m not really sure. I’m usually pretty good at these kinds of things. Usually super positive but today it just wasn’t happening. So this week will he spent changing this negative mindset that has snuck in. Focus on all the good I have to give and all the things I’m amazing at ❤️ . #iamlimitless . . . . . #momswithcameras #uniteinmotherhood #our_everyday_moments #simplychildren #kidsforeeal #thatsdarling #mom_hub #momlifeisthebestlife #motherhoodunplugged #momsofig
I am so encouraged today because I got to see a glimpse of evidence that I am teaching my children something. . At some point in my adulthood I decided that I would be a problem-solver. I would look for solutions and try to pause the freak out mode until I could determine if freaking out was indeed reasonable or not. . I became a person who has a hard time giving up or just throwing in the towel until I know I have really given it my all. . Well, my children had a fundraiser, and we somehow 1.forgot about it and 2.lost the form for it. So, one of my children decided to make her own form (in the midst of some of her siblings who were not hitting that pause button I mentioned). . And then she took the lead, asked people we knew if they wanted to buy some nuts and chocolate from her, wrote down their names, and told them her mother would text them the link because we had lost the form. . And we got a bunch of orders! They are still coming in now. And I am so impressed by my little problem solver and, am so thankful that indeed something I am teaching them is making into their hearts. What a gift! . As I think of what I want to accomplish this week, I am reminded to look at any difficulties I see there with the knowledge that I am a problem solver. I can do this. This is a strength that grew from a former weakness. @stacytuschl . . . . #momlife #mondaymotivation #motivationalmonday #problemsolving #strength #theyarelearning #fundraisers #lifelessons #businesslessons #parenting #homeschooling #bold #creativekids #teachem #iamlimitless #iamaproblemsolver #iamcreative #orders #findasolution #letsfigurethisout #theresalwaysaway #mompreneur #encouraged #thankful #shedidit #wedidit #failingforward #ihavedecided #solutions #diy
Change your perspective! If you keep telling yourself you can’t achieve a goal because of something that you are viewing as a negative quality, why not change it? . Example, “I’m disorganized” every-time I say that I affirm it in my mind, what about if I tried, I’m becoming super organized and it’s helping me reach some killer goals this year!! . That sounds better...makes me feel more productive and guess who is becoming more organized!🙌🏻🙌🏻 . Super positive day today, thanks for the challenge @stacytuschl #iamlimitless
Interesting perspective of myself! Not sure what to do with it yet. #IAmLimitless !!!
#iamlimitless @stacytuschl So for todays challenge I am supposed to list what I like about myself (which to my surprise was a lot easier than I thought it would be) 1. I am smart. 2. I am funny. 3. I am an amazing mom. 4. I am determined. 5. I am motivated 6. I am a fast learner. Now on to what I don’t like so much.... 1. My financial situation is dictating my life and my talents. 2. I am anxious or nervous way too often 3. I lack the knowledge I need to excel in my dreams. 4. I find it hard to trust people. 5. My brain is a bit disorganized currently (I have a lot up there that I can use but lack the ability to lay it out correctly). How is my identity affecting my business? 1. My lack of experience and lack of finances are holding me back from what I know I’m capable of. 2. My determination to better the lives of my daughters has me trying like I’ve never tried before. 3. My disorganized brain is keeping me from finding the best path to follow. 4. My assurance has me convinced that I will succeed. I know that I can do great things, my confidence in what I am capable of is high. My biggest issues lie in where to learn what is needed to move forward with my blog. There is so much I need to learn to make it into what it could be, but can’t afford the proper courses/programs. One thing is certain and that is that I am more than capable of doing BIG things. Thank you for this opportunity to learn @stacytuschl ! Your generosity is astounding! You are brilliant!
Doing this amazing #IAmLimitless Challenge with @stacytuschl and I loved this takeaway from today. If you can recognize what your weaknesses are you can change that story and make them your strengths 💪🏻 How can you change your weaknesses? #girl #girlempowerment
Day 1 of back on Keto and quitting Diet Coke! I fed my brain with a lot of good information on my way to and from work as well. Woke up with a message from @stacytuschl encouraging me to look at my strengths and weaknesses. Followed by listening to “Girl, Wash your face”! Want to talk about NOT having a case of the mondays! I crushed every goal I set for myself today. They may not have been big goals but they are to me. Keeping promises to myself and working on making my weaknesses my strengths! #iamlimitless
Day I Identity. #IamLimitless @stacytuschl
On a whim I decided to check out @stacytuschl instastory and signed up for her free 5 day course. I watched the first video and it really spoke to me. I actually heard a really hard time writing down positive traits about myself but these were just a few. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings #iamlimitless #goalsetter #goals #bloggergoals #canadianblogger #mindset #focusonthepositive #happilyorganizedchaos
#Iamlimitless @stacytuschl Learning who we are can be a life long quest. Working on hedging our weakness and building our strengths can be a challenge! We are limitless! Excited for the next chapters ahead ☺
You never know where they will take you! They be just what you have e been waiting for. Step out of that comfort zone and be daring be bold and go for it.. #everydaywifeandmom #mommylife #momofthree #iamlimitless #fitmom #youmatter #goalgetter #momboss #cellphoneceo #freedom #Grow #Dreambig #pushharder #neverquit #liveandlearn #happiness #focus #progressnotperfection #stayfocussed #motivation @StacyTuschl
Our thoughts become our reality: What words are you saying to and about yourself? How are your thoughts shaping your reality? The great news is we choose our thoughts and self talk to create the life we love ❤️. #lifecoach #iamlimitless #improveyourself #nlpcoach #changeyourthoughtschangeyourlife #coachyourself #planalifeyoulove
I am so grateful to take part in the 5-day Limitless Growth Challenge. I am participating because I am learning so much right now and transformation is pretty constant. Focusing on being in service to my clients also means I need to take care of myself—in multiple ways. These five days will help me grow along with my amazing training and incorporate the lessons more fully into daily life. The exercise this morning was to determine how we identify ourselves and then analyze how that identity impacts our goals. I learned a lot and decided to create something pretty with these new nuggets in mind. @stacytuschl #iamlimitless
Day 243: There are moments in life where all you can do is take things one second at a time. I’m a person who is committed, disciplined, and work towards leaving others in a better place than when I have met them. I just recently discovered that if I don’t feel safe I will not make myself vulnerable. I withhold my true self and take on the burden of whatever comes my way. The end result is anxiety and overwhelm. So I’m sure you can understand why a sign like this would speak to my soul. When I see this I think “We must stay positive and bring good vibes to the planet”. Our lives actually do depend on it. ✌🏻❤️🤔 #365daysofgratitude #appreciate #liveauthentic #behappy #bekind #beyou #belove #goodvibes #positivevibes #lovelife #leadwithlove #goodkarma #goodforthesoul #nomad #behealthy #behealthybehappy #iamlimitless @stacytuschl
I am doing the 5 day Limitless Growth challenge with @stacytuschl. I love this quote. You may have all the potential in the world but you can't identify with it you will not achieve it. So if you identify yourself as an impatient person than it will be hard to have patience because you don't identify with it. Good Stuff. I made this to remind myself to identify myself with my potential. 🤯😍😀 #iamlimitless
I am learning to change the way I think about myself in order to become a more productive entrepreneur! #iamlimitless #timeforachange #lookingforwardtosuccess #handmadebusiness #takingmybusinessupanotch #gettingseriousaboutmybusiness # watchmewin
Like many people we have good sides to our business personalities and thing we struggle with. My top 5 traits that work for me are. 1. I am resilient. 2. I am strong. 3. I work hard. 4. I will try new things. 5. I am analytical. The top 5 that work against me. 1. I am cheap so I don't ever want to spend money. 2. I am too stubborn sometimes. 3. Very guarded. 4. A loner. 5. I focus to much on the numbers. 🌿 Recognising our good traits and knowing the struggles were we can grow past them and work to change them. To become limitless. #IAmLimitless @stacytuschl 🌿 What are your top 5? #ohioblogger #bloggerstyle #bloggerlife #laptoplife #entreprenure #businessowner #businesswoman #blogging #entrepreneurs #onlinebiz #womeninbusiness #entrepreneurship #startup #success #ideas #motivation #startwithwhy #theartofslowliving #livemoremagic #livethelittlethings #thehappynow #flashesofdelight
I am doing @stacytuschl ‘s #iamlimitless challenge. Wow day 1 was a push. Our challenge was to write 10 things we are strong in and 10 things we are weak in. I looked at the challenge and said “easy” but then doing it, I had to really stretch myself for anything past 3 or 4 for both lists. 🤔 I realized that I am not good yet and pointing out the great in myself and on the flip side - digging deeper to see what I can improve on that might be getting in my way of the life I want and the person I am. Critiquing ourselves - This isn’t a skill set we are naturally born with nor taught in school. I think we as human beings are natural perfectionist and can be too hard on ourself. It’s time to say something nice about yourself. I challenge you. What do you like about yourself? . . . . #mindset #IamLimitless #thebestyouwillcomethru #entrepreneur #selflove #stacytuschl #gettowork #yourmindisamuscle #training #strength #weakeness #leverageboth #wearyourcrown 👑
I am taking it easy today, the change of seasons can cause migraines, but can also be a sign that I need to take a step back, rest and re-charge.💕 . . . It is perfect timing to start a mindful challenge and change how I identify - focus on turning negatives into positives, remembering that my weakness do not define me but the way I view myself does. . . “You live up to your identity, not your potential.” - Jim Forton . . . . . #IamLimitless @StacyTuschl #nojudgement #notperfect #progessnotperfection #onlylove #communityovercompetition #mondaymotivation #abmlifeissweet #livethelittlethings #liveauthentic #chooselovely #tiucommunity #midwestmoment #midwestmade #ladyboss #girlboss #slowdown #slowliving #mindbodysoul #raiseyourfrequency #creativehappylife #rechargeyoursoul #relaxandrecharge #mindfullness #raiseyourvibration #fallingforfall #takecareofyourself #mondaymindfulness #strengthwithin
Help others, develop friendships and grow together ❤️❤️❤️ #soulpreneur #transformation #personalprogress #helpingothers #changeisgood #spreadlove #Iamlimitless @stacytuschl
When you want big results, start small. Have faith and take the 1st step. Dont despise small beginnings. Success = diving in, and that's the way I want it. #iamlimitless #iamenough #iamworthy #iamblessed #justmove #kindnessmatters #juststart #fearisaliar @stacytuschl
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