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ЦЕЛЬ!! Как я и говорил, нету нужного оборудования - импровизируй! Пожал гантели по 45x5! Впервые и это было не легко! 😤 Поставил перед собой цель пожать 50 килограмм на 5 повторений до нового года! 👊 Ставь "+" если поддерживаешь меня 💪 А также ребят помогите эпичное выбрать название для 50 кг 😎 @roadtothedream 👕 #blackfriday #roadtothedream #iamunstoppable 📸 - @nixrd
LIKE & COMMENT ❤️ - #learnhow to turn your #wounds into #wisdoms ! You won’t achieve success if you don’t #learnfrommistakes and or #failures . So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, learn from your mistakes, and conquer your life 💪🏼💯 - Follow Me @firstalphamentors @firstalphamentors
I know the holiday season can be a lot. Be kind to yourself over these next few weeks. Self-compassion and self-care can be great tools to help you through a hectic and often hard time. (📸: @yesbabyilikeitraw )
Your life doesn't get better by random chance or luck...your life gets better because you CHANGE something. It doesn't even have to be a big change, small changes over time compound into BIG changes. Does your life need a change? #iCanHelp #makeachange #dreambigger #beunstoppable #iamunstoppable
Be unstoppable!
BLACK FRIDAY IS HERE! На сайте roadtothedream.com скидки до 40% 😱 Мы движение которое меняет не только себя самих, но и окружение. Заряди всех друзей и начни свой путь к мечте! 🔥 #roadtothedream #blackfriday
IF YOU KICK ME WHEN I'M DOWN, YOU BETTER PRAY I DON'T GET UP. #gainz #sweat #drivenattitude #nevergonnastop #iamunstoppable
Although wine is nice too 😜. I always tell my clients though you shouldn’t NEED much of anything in life (beyond the basics). When you NEED something you’re giving your power away (like saying I NEED wine to relax). —- Instead, be at a place where you WANT. WANTING means you desire something but you know you have other options (like realizing you could relax by reading a book or taking a bath but you’d like to treat yourself with some wine because you want to). —- I know this shift from NEEDING to WANTING seems small (and can be a little confusing at first), but it’s quite big! When you make this mindset change, it opens you up to owning your power in ways very few people do. —- By owning your power, your energy shifts to being more desirable by others. Others innately know you don’t NEED them (or other things) so this increases their desire to WANT you more. —- This equates to more opportunities coming your way because everyone wants to be around you! 💖💖💖 —- (📸: @lissamyah )
It’s an honour that I do not take for granted. I appreciate this award bestowed on me. I dedicate this to you my fans - Your love, encouragement, prayer and support has been a great motivation to push more. @abeyjomo @niccea @starboytemidayo @starboardentertainment @huntertvafrica1 @sai_hunter #jumokeodetola #childofgrace #gracetograce #goldengirl #okinlobaeye #movingtrain #iamunstoppable #mycaseisdifferent #justgettingstarted #proudlyaprodigy #prodigyandpens
⠀ Честь? Нет, не слышал😔 ⠀ Как же много в мире различных движений и объединений, которые создаются с благими намерениями. Но почему даже самые лучшие движения не обходятся без людей порочащих их честь? ⠀ Два года назад я познакомился с движением Road to the dream. Движение, пропагандирующее саморазвитие и здоровый образ жизни, стало для меня чем-то большим, чем просто объединение людей. И я даже не думал, что стану свидетелем подобного: ⠀ Видел парня в одежде RD, который стоит на светофоре и курит. ⠀ * На вопрос: «Ты гоняешь за Войтенко и так показываешь себя в обществе?» * Он отвечает: «Ну как-то так» ⠀ Серьезно?! Ну как-то так?! Не удивлюсь, если после тренировки, он пойдёт с друзьями в клуб. Как можно на столько опуститься? Каждый хочет быть частью чего-то стоящего, но не в силах приложить даже малейшие усилия для этого. ⠀ Не так давно, я случайно попал на сходку студенческих отрядов. Их участники не должны пить, курить и совершать любые аморальные поступки. Но данная проблема, как мне сказали, легко решается. Ты просто приходишь на курилку, снимаешь бойцовку, которая символизирует то, что ты являешься частью отряда, и всё, кури сколько захочешь. Т.е. вот так просто ты отказываешься от всех своих принципов? На это страшно смотреть... ⠀ Я никогда не предам свои принципы и ценности. Конечно, трудно совершать достаточно усилий для великих дел. Но намного труднее потом принять тот факт, что вы могли стать частью чего-то лучшего. ⠀ Я принадлежу к объединению «Круг Чести», о котором расскажу подробнее в будущих постах. ⠀ А к какому движению принадлежишь ты? Расскажи в комментах😃
I am not ordinary, I am extraordinary because I carry the nature of God '1 John 3:1' I am born of an incorruptible seed '1peter 1:1' I am a part taker of the divine nature "God's own nature" I carry the DNA of God, I carry life, so death is not my portion,' Gen 1:26'I carry the image of God, I am made after the likeness of God, I carry divinity, I have escaped anything that affects the natural man, I am the righteousness of God in and through Christ, '2 cor 3:16-18, nothing can hold me down or back. #Iamunstoppable #
Stay in your lane, keep your eyes on the path ahead and focus. Whatever you’re working for right now, you got this! 💖💖💖 —- (📸: @girlifeempowerment )
These pictures explain how I’ve been feeling lately... growth and elevation is hard sometimes. Nothing in life is easy, but finding those things that make you happy, those things that keep you feeling whole is important. Unmotivated vibes and doubts have been stopping me from doing more than what I should, and I don’t regret anything but ik where I’m going and where I’m supposed to be. I pray these next years for me, my career, my love ones are unstoppable from achieving goals. Happy 22nd Birthday to me 😌⚡️ #IAmUnstoppable #GodIsWithinMe ✊🏽 #HoneyCAS 11.19.1996
Black fri-YAY 50% off sale is on NOW! That means that many of my programs and services are available at half the cost until Monday, Nov 26. —- One of the programs on sale is the Breaking Barriers 5-Day Challenge. It’s normally $47 but it’s just $24 this week! (That’s less than the cost of a nice dinner!) —- This 5 day program may seem short on cost and time, but it is POWERFUL! — A participant Alex said, “I’ve been to plenty of therapists, and I had better results in the Breaking Barriers Challenge than I had in years of therapy. This challenge allowed me to see how to fix my problems instead of just talk about them.” — If you want to learn the life-long system on how to find and release your pain points in life, this program is for you. —- You get 5 days of videos, a printable workbook, guided meditation and LIFETIME support from me in a private Facebook community (so I can help you break through all your barriers!) —- To learn more and sign up, visit: LindsayEPreston.com/Shop (link in profile too) —- (📸: @meganmweaver )
🎉🏆❤WE WON AN EMMY❤🏆🎉 ••• “I AM UP” Campaign Whoa! So grateful to be a part of something that sends such a positive message & empowerment✊🏽💕 To see little girls, mothers & daughters, young women, news | tv personalities & creatives @demetriaobilor @mariadelgadoo @theleahfrazier @jisstill @laurenlizstyle @ansteadcreative @blairthebrander @your_homie_kal @amberlafrance and every other person involved with this project not letting negative words stop them from being “I AM”. This was such an important project. So many beautiful women & young ladies embodying strength and triumph. This campaign has strengthened so many of us women & men alike to fully embrace who we are, and declare our “I AM” affirmations. Salute. Bravo To The ABC | WFAA Family For Addressing The Issue of Body Shaming & Combating It With Love to Celebrate. Congrats to All of Us! Thanks @jstill for posting & sharing the dope news!
А как вам такое исполнение эстетики? 😎 Вместе с @azar_workout 💪 Оцениваем от 1 до 10 👊 #roadtothedream #aesthetic
I. “They tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were seeds.”~Anonymous 💜💜💜 II. “We are the granddaughters of the witches they couldn’t burn.”~Anonymous 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜III. “I am coming for everything they said I couldn’t have.” ~Anonymous 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 IV. “Tell the wolves I’m home.”~Anonymous 💜💜 ARE YOU SENSING A THEME?? Anonymous was a fricken genius!! Aaaaand, however you say it: YOU ARE AN UNSTOPPABLE PHOENIX!! #relentless #unstoppable #thriving #iamunstoppable #phoenixrising #lotus #newbeginnings #healingjourney #selflove #selflovecoach #healthcoachforwomen #loveyourself #rudyfrancisco #iamthelotusflower #riseup #empoweringwomen #nataliereimerandersontheselflovecoach #cellsoulselflove #ownyourthrone #sovereignlife #freedomcoach #loveyourlife #gratitude #fromfeartolove #anonymous
KAROON TAKEOFF MAIN, ISKE BAD MUH NI LAGUNGA TU FAKE BOHOT HAIN. JAB KAAM HOTA HAIN TU HOTA CHEAP BOHOT HAIN, TU DUS MAAR MERA BETA EK BOHOT HAIN. #workout #pose #muscle #functional #calisthenics #nevergonnastop #iamunstoppable #iamtheunbreakablebull
⠀ БОЯЗНЬ СМЕРТИ☠️ ⠀ Что нас ждёт после смерти? Куда нас отведёт старушка с косой? Кто-то может ответить?🤔 ⠀ Я мечтал прожить 100 лет, но осознал бессмысленность этого желания. Смерть неизбежна и мы не в силах изменить это. Мы можем повлиять лишь на то, сколько жизни в каждом отведённом нам дне. ⠀ Будучи каждую минуту в работе, у тебя не останется времени на раздумья. И смерть уже не так страшна. Смерть открывается для тебя в новом ключе. ⠀ Окончив школу ты умираешь, окончив институт ты умираешь, бросив работу и открыв свой бизнес ты умираешь! Но умерев, ты выходишь на новый уровень, обретая новую жизнь! ⠀ Представь, что тебе осталось жить всего несколько дней! Будешь ли ты жалеть о прожитых годах или примешь смерть без сожалений? Будешь ли ты уверен в том, что сделал всё, чего так желал? Стал ли ты тем человеком, которым всегда хотел быть? ⠀ Я хочу, чтобы на моём надгробии было написано "Никаких сожалений" и я сделаю всё для этого!
My showcase at Bolangir ❤❤. I performed it yesterday night as I was one of the celebrity judge of the show known as chance to Dance 🙏😍😍 This showcase was very special to me There was nothing fancy about my moves it was pure vulnerability and passion which I tried to express through movements .I was completely in trance as the music took over my soul .All I wanna say thanku to all the people of Bolangir (ODISHA) for calling me and honouring me it only makes me stronger and stronger ❤.I will surely work hard to pave a pathway for the dancers of ODISHA 🙏🙏🙏 To watch the full showcase you can check it out on my YouTube channel known as "Rocking ROZA " #dancemylife #dancemypassion #performer #choreographer #dancerpreneur #passiontomakedifference #feetinnmotion #aspiretoinspire #lovebeingonstage #learneveryday #befearless #youbeleiveyoubecome #starstoreach #danceislove #danceisafeeling #makealegacy #workhardtrainhard #toperformistolive #dontstoptillyougetenough #mjgirl #iamwhoiam #iamunstoppable #rockingrozza #dreams #bolangirevent #justbeyou #dancetoexpress #gratitude #thank -you godforalltheopportunities#iwillican
Taking responsibility in your life is self care. Doing the things you should be doing. Focusing on yourself. Wake up, drink water. Do some stretches. Meditate, practice breathing. Focus on your breathe, feel it go through your lungs and into your stomach, and exhale. Grab some coffee. Smile to strangers. Spend time with yourself. Repeat positive affirmations; -“I am... fearless!” -“I am... beautiful!” -“I am... grateful!” (The words “I am”, are very powerful for you. They put you in the present moment, and create the energy of your higher self. You’re divine life path.) Create a morning routine, your own. Not having to do with anyone else. Whatever you speak out, comes back around to you. So be authentic. Appreciate your light. When you feel closer with yourself you realize you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. Honor your light. You are magical. Say to yourself everyday, “I Love You.” Be honest with yourself, for an honest reality from your creation. Where you don’t need to “think” anymore about what’s happening, you just tune in to what IS happening in front of you. That’s how we let go of anxiety, and depression. Tune into your present, and tune into your higher self. ☺️😁👋🏼 We talk about love, and self love is a huge reflection of our happiness in life. It’s a choice. It’s about focus. Love yourself. It’s about not being so hard on ourselves, being *aware* about it, and letting ourselves simply learn and keep going. It’s about not being so hard on other people. Continuously practice communication. We meet new people everyday in our lives. Be your source of love, and treat yourself well. Only you decide what kind of life you deserve. Make it your own. Make it worth it. Be patient, and do everything to serve the life you want. Don’t get distracted from your goals. #discipline #focus #love #selflove #beauthentic #awareness #truth #iambeautiful #iamworthy #iamcourage #iamdivine #iamunstoppable #iamone #warriorprincess #God #Angels #divinelifepath #iamadventurous #iamdetermined #iamsecure #iloveyou ❤️☝🏼💶🌏🏠🙌🏼🙏🏼☺️😁
Don't just prove THEM wrong, prove YOURSELF wrong!! . . One of my biggest motivators when I started changing my life was proving people wrong when they said I couldn't do something or marked me as someone who wouldn't amount to much. . . Something I realized along the way was they weren't the only people I had to prove wrong, most importantly I had to prove myself wrong because I was my worse critic. . . We tend to put limits on ourselves a whole lot in life, especially when we hear it from others so much that we tend to begin believing it. . . So I challenge you to push past those limits you've set upon yourself. . . Take "I can't" out of your vocabulary and conquer any obstacle you come across. . . Remember you are UNSTOPPABLE! . . #NeverSettle #NeverSurrender #WorkHarder #BeUnstoppable #BeatTheOdds #BeTheChange #BeThe1 #ThoughtsBecomeThings #IAmUnstoppable #IAmSelfMade #IAm1stPhorm #LegionOfBoom #1stPhorm #SelfMade #ProjectUnstoppable #ProjectUnstoppableFoundation #1stPhormAthleteSearch
This week’s focus has been on letting go of the past so I can champion my future. Read real life stories of strength on our blog at www.isurvived2.com (link in bio) #iamstronger #iamwiser #iambraver #iamunstoppable #celebratingstrength #isurvived2 #blog #reallifestories #blogger #inspire #growth #strength #hope #women #write #story #pain #wisdom #survival #empowerment #vision #powerful #involved #evalouise #women #womenunited #fight #life #is2
This week’s focus has been on letting go of the past so I can champion my future. Read real life stories of strength on our blog at www.isurvived2.com (link in bio) #iamstronger #iamwiser #iambraver #iamunstoppable #celebratingstrength #isurvived2 #blog #reallifestories #blogger #inspire #growth #strength #hope #women #write #story #pain #wisdom #survival #empowerment #vision #powerful #involved #evalouise #women #womenunited #fight #life #is2
I AM 🙋‍♀️ This is your Monday morning reminder to stop with the stories you make up in your head! Instead start to think of all that you ARE 🌻 If you had to pick 3 ‘I AM’ statements listed in this pic to start your week on a high which ones would you choose? I choose ~ I am BEAUTIFUL, FEARLESS & UNSTOPPABLE as I start the final countdown for baby 3! ❤️ #iamunstoppable
#sundayfunday after we wrestle we snuggle 💞
Happy Sunday Instafam!! Happy New Week! "I Am The Vine; You Are The Branches. If You Remain In Me And I In You, You Will Bear Much Fruit..." John 15:5. #joycomesfromthelord #iamstrong #iamunstoppable #livingmybestlife #livelovelaugh #livefreely
Около 160 человек сегодня бежали с нами Садовое кольцо, в мороз, слякоть и другими проблемами, которые встречались нам на пути! Большинство впервые пробежала такую большую дистанцию в дистанцию в 16 км! Спасибо всем, мы были одной командой, Вы лучшие!! Отдельное спасибо организатору движа @stoliarovaleksey а также @kachenok @topor.maks @tokinio @kozheed @ingvarvoitenko Ставь "+" если хочешь, чтобы мы повторили эту дикость! 👊💪 #roadtothedream #weareunstoppable
You vs You Go get your best Self . Running the Lucknow City Biggest Full Marathon .. This was My 2nd #10krun New Record set. Stronger Personal #goals ❤️ unlocked. Builtbykchetan @kchetantyagi Did 10k in less then 1hour .. Wearing @hrxbrand Track jacket And Sweatshirt + @reebok Shoes And Apparel.@reebokindia #running #run #runningmotivation #therun #athlete #iamunstoppable #IAMBUILT #marathontraining #10km #personalbest #lucknow #gomtinagar #fullmarathon #runningman #runner #runhappy #furtherfasterstronger #instarun #runningmanchallenge #fat2fit #karnesehoga #runchat #runnerofinstagram #running #runnerscommunity !! #lucknowgazzeles @surabhi_gazelles thank u Aunt for such a great event.. Looking forward to new event soon !
#iamunstoppable bae #omoola #abike 's dauther
Thanks God for the blessings🚘 Meet KASI(gift) our Mitsubishi Adventure for Grab Transportation Philippines 👊👍🤝 #trust #grabph #graboperator #mitsubishiadventureph #daughteroftheking #fruitoflaborandhardwork #allhis #iam #iamunstoppable #iamworldwide
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