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Island prop station / pretty arty colourful things on the beach 🌻 #MermaidsDrinkForFree 🌴
Tropical Storms, Pink Floyd & half my fried egg 🕶🍳
Pooches taking their routine sunset swim on lookout for dinner 🎣
Crazy Beautiful Things Happening In The Sky Today... 🌴
(Belated post: Island Life 🌴😏) Such a Beautiful Birthday; Full of happy souls blessing me with such an abundance of birthday love & to be in the place that I feel most at peace & connected with the elements. BLISS 🌻 Two years flew by with this 🐒... 🎢🛫🌅🌘🚀💚 Friinally in our paradise & I wouldn't have it any other way, neither change a second of that loco journey. Muchos Gracias for making that day and everyday better with you... 🍀 LOVE 🌹 LOVE 🌻 LOVE 🌺 FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY LOVE AMIGOS 🤗
Yeeaauh this place is still magic 🇰🇭🌴
What a wonderful thing to have crossed paths with yet another beautiful soul. Mr Shaffy, you are a true sunflower! 🌻 Keep on keeping on that passion flowing amigo! 🍀 Until next time... SEE YOU SOON 🌙
I’ll always be grateful that a large portion of my childhood was based around a hogan. Not long ago, I was looking through some of my mother’s photographs and saw a few pics of my maternal grandparents. It was beautiful to see them standing in front of their hogan. Home was simple. Home wasn’t made of much but it was grand. Aside from the low lying Milky Way, I love the light in this image because in years past, I’ve teamed up with @goalzero to light up gorgeous homes like this one on Navajoland. Around 2:30am, I got to sit inside this hogan for a long exposure. While sitting motionless for 20 seconds, thousands upon thousands of memories flashed back to the good ol’ days. I couldn’t help but place an angelic halo above such a simple but profound place. Jim Rohn once said a phase that has helped me stay grounded - “Learn to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.” You my friend, carry some kind of light. I dare you to share it with someone else today. • #Navajoland #ThisIsGoalZero #FramedOnGitzo
There is nothing more musical than a sunset☀️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Shot on : Nikon D3300 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #sunset #afternoon #love #afternoontea #goldensky #sun #igsunset #naturecolors #nature #naturelovers #ourplanetdaily #sunsetpics #igearth #igworldcolors #naturediaries #naturebrilliance #trees #nikon #nikonphotographers #followforfollow ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
On 24th of March, we invite you and your family to join us for an evening of outdoor movie, bbq, meaty burgers and drinks. And as we switch off during Earth Hour, together let's #CONNECT2EARTH , light up the candles and give back to our mother #Earth . #EarthHour2018 #EasthHourUAE #savetheearth #environment #ourEarth #instaearth #igearth
Two years ago, watching the sunrise on my 25th Birthday with my new best friend on the island of Gili Trawangan, Indonesia. ☄☄☄☄☄ You are the 💣 @ale_rezzola TE AMO MI AMOR 💥💖🍀🌘🚀 besito..besito..abrasso..abrasso🎵
Tropical village living 🕉🌴 ↖️Beach 💙💚 Jungle↗️
When you know you know 🌻
Life just keeps on getting more & more sweeter & colourful 👩🏼‍🎨☄
One of my favorite things to do is see first hand, someone get better at photography on the spot. I love to get behind the camera together and make the minute adjustments to dial in for a great exposure. Over the years, I’ve personally worked with thousands upon thousands of people on a one on one basis. From my Navajoland workshops to photography excursions, I love watching photographers of all levels have an ah-ha moment somewhere rad! If you are new(er) to photography, click on the link in my bio and read/see what aperture is all about. • #MonumentValley #UtahIsRad #Navajoland
The beauty of having a @tepuitents roof top tent is after a long drive, you can simply pull over and set up in a couple minutes. You’re off the ground, high and dry plus you can snuggle longer. • #TepuiTents #TeamTepui #ThatsWy
The Canadian Rockies never cease to amaze! We went on a three week whirlwind tour of ski resorts along the mountain range. It was tiring and incredible. Our knees were sore and our noses were a little frost bitten. So, when we finally took a moment in @banff_lakelouise to relax and enjoy the nature it was spectacular and comforting. #TheWorldPursuit • • • • • • • • • #TravelAlberta #Banff #Lakelouise #rockies #mountaintime #mountainlife #igearth #earthpix #earth_shotz #naturelovers #landscapephotography #planetearth #mountainlove #mountaineers #mountainlovers #mountainair #travelmore #travelbloggerlife #mountainporn #winterishere #winterisbeautiful
A long time ago, I heard a phrase go something like “An Indian is nothing without his horse.” My grandpa taught me that but in a different way when it came to taking care of things so they can help you but above all, help others. To this day, I try to follow his steps in helping random people and those in need. • I’m grateful for my sponsors who’ve helped me build this truck because aside from getting where I need to go, it has been my iron horse. This tool has helped tow and deliver over 5 semi trailers of fresh drinking water to those in need. It’s hauled @goalzero solar panels, batteries and lights deep into Navajoland to light up a few homes. It will be the truck I use to deliver many more goods and needs this summer to our Navajo Elders with @adoptanativeelder - I’ve loved this truck for what it has done. I’m stoked to work on a project to sell some of my images to buy and deliver shoes to Navajo kids in need. • Thanks to: @nissanusatrucks @general_tire @warnindustries @fabfoursinc @magnaflow @rollingbigpower @procompusa @wilco_offroad @maverik_inc @airaid #AnywhereIsPossible #NissanNation #NissanTitan Photo By @beedugi
Some things can be done on film, and some things would be out of reach. Regardless the light (natural, artificial or spiritual) is an incredible resource! To illuminate this scene, I used 2 @goalzero Lighthouse Mini’s and the Lighthouse Macro. • Image taken inside a slot canyon which is only accessible with @horseshoebendtours in Page, AZ. Big thanks to them for making this happen! I love slot canyons, especially around 2:30am - seeing the stars out here is wild! • #SlotCanyon #IGSouthwest #HAZ
From the time we’ve had our @tepuitents roof top system, family camping has become so much easier! Within minutes we are set up. That means a lot especially after driving a good distance or having had a long day full of outdoor activities. Kids can drain you! • The rad thing about Tepui Tents is they are celebrating the pursuit of endless adventure by giving away cash and gear towards the ultimate roadtrip. Visit Tepui Tents for all the good stuff! • Though I’ve been around the world a few times, one of my all-time, top 3 trips, was when Denali, Aurora and I spent a couple weeks exploring the West Coast. My 3,000 mile road trip with a 3 and 1 year old set us on a greater course of what’s important. Each day was full of playing, reading, off roading, cooking, changing diapers, cracking jokes and all things (good and testing) that go into a road trip with two kids in car seats! • If you haven’t taken your kid(s) camping, you should. Show them the stars and you just might see their wild little mind full of imagination come to life! It’s truly one of the sweetest things to see! What kid isn’t curious about stars, planets and aliens? Visit Tepui Tents - they could pay for your next family adventure! • #endlessadventure #getlost #TepuiTents
No person was ever honored for what they received. Honor has been the reward for what they gave. #melanielandrophotography
Lately, I’ve been recognizing how important light is. It seems that with the flick of a switch, we are near magicians. On the Rez, IF we had an operating generator, the process was going outside in the cold weather and seeing if there was any fuel. Yanking on the cord and hoping the spark plug would ignite some fuel. If not, it meant grabbing the 5/8” socket and going to work. In the end, having light in the small hogan home we had, meant a lot. At the end of my reading last night, a reminder was given - to be grateful for having water and power on tap. Such simple access we have now but oh so powerful! In a couple of days, I’ll be home to my favorite kind of light. The light of Navajoland I call Sweet Light. • #LightTheWorld #SlotCanyons #FramedOnGitzo @gitzoinspires @nikonusa @arizonahighways
If you’re not already looking around you, especially up, Alaska will teach you a thing or two about what’s above. • #TravelAlaska #FramedOnGitzo #ChaseYourGOAT @travelalaska @nikonusa @pictureline
Capturing the thought before passes you by! Hit the sound!
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