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Wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair....
These flowers for you You never know me well I will love you so Stay a little bit there
Through back Thursday
When the night is too long When your heart is in blue Just lay on your bed And cry.
And the darkness Will be you And it will be us When you left me alone When you tore me apart When you lost your mind You broke all of mine
And its always like this. You love them and they don't Its just what it is. The truth. Always hidden Always lies Always self protecting This is how you will get them when you need them.
Signs always tell us what the thing means.
For almost a moment everything is fine And another moment life goes on.
When the day still is clear and someone suffocate your heart.
My heart filled with you My soul in your hand Just let me fall into Let me be yours for a moment .
I come From the past, With closed mouth and aimless eyes My hands on my back A heart full of pain I go with my own Over this thin moment Put back the history of myself I know him He knew with me He knew what love was Empty from inside Beautiful from outside And he put me in And he locked me up Next to a burning color Next to the hands of spring
Sometimes music can change the time and sometimes is the only companion to you.
Chained to each other. If you are not like the other creatures that doesn't mean you must be away from them. You can be one of them even if you are not like them.
How life can change you? Is it like a day off or is it like the day you lose everything at once?
Its passing the night And the past calls me now. Where have you gone to? Where will you stay in? And no replies Have nothing Nothing to say But I had gone Next to the river in where no red fishes were Next to the flat and green village To the colorless sky To a greener step Wanted life Looking for kindness For a light in spring Ah, love passed me And how cold and full of emptiness Had nothing inside And how hard it passed And took my own self And set me next to itself Ah, of colorless love That how it burnt And how dark it was Ah, of the light full of belief and unfeeling men Ah, what passed me ? And what a loneliness I'm in How alone I was What remained of me? And how love turned me off ? I never realized I fell off suddenly Nothing was under my feet No trees, no stones, and no soil Everywhere emptiness Everywhere fire but emptiness And the fall was so sweet The time that it burnt me And it took me away To the haze
When the sky is always painted blue !
Feel me. It really hurts if you love someone and one doesn't love you back. It's like a world of bad luck and feels like you're done with your life
Nobody knows how I feel but maybe you do @samsmithworld being unknown to others seems so bad. I'm trying to feel myself and to be myself. The way I am. The way I love others and they don't and just hate me. Something is never gonna be alright for me and that is to be loved truly.
I feel free and so calm when I walk round this city. The road I choose to walk on makes me feel alright. Thats the time I feel I'm myself.
The more you love others the worse they treat you. What's wrong with them , I don't know.
Paper and a pen I have so many words of you to let it on the paper for the rest of my life.
City and the destructions.
Next to the window, like someone was talking to him
This street reminds me of the time I was so sad and had no idea what to do with myself. I was half down and half out. Nothing would come to my mind and I was completely numb. #500pxstudio
For a life you may do everything to keep it strong but for your heart you can not do the same. You fail. I failed. #500pxstudio
Once life told me that the road I chose could be the last to go for. I did wrong I chose someone and the road was not paved. Full of struggle and sadnesses and the end was to go away.
That café when we met my friend ,Sami, full of energy and so positivity inside him. More than a friend . He means a lot to me. My only friend. He is now being a doctor and I'm really happy about it. Our path has always been different and this time we are in two different countries and spending our time our way. I hope I see him someday soon. Sooner than it can happen. #ps_warmtones
Today got her with the great respect and a creative sketch as well.
Too good at goodbyes @samsmithworld Still involved ! #500pxstudio
Mixed up. #5000pxstudio
Next to the street #500pxstudio
Blouse and trousers
Like her.
The shoes
The her
Just another time I wanna talk to you The way we used to do. If I could I would tell you I love you.
Never sat on that bench
Like a sky I lay in blue
Flower like no one else Always beautiful
Go through... Please tell me what you see !
The red light Which shows me the sign I remember, being with you Missed you
The river behind the bench.
Like a sun 🌞 We bought this on a trip.
Don't wait for it, it won't be loaded. Absolutely blurred. Who would take a picture like that?
Guess what ! Banana tree growing after cutting off
Say it first
Sky will be clear
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