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Her eyes were green like pine and well i guess you could say i got lost in the woods.
I'm Gettin This #GreenScreen Thing Goin... #ShotByKhaaliq @m.nee @adorecari_
Days like these
At #mpacMedia We Love Workin With Our New Young Stars @m.nee & @adorecari_
It’s cold
An angel will always pave the ri8 way for you. Even when his wings are bruised. @artworks_blankophobia #sketching #angelsketch #vlogsketch #pensketch #ink #ig_mood #igmasterpiece
My father's old photo equipment. Some of these go back to the 1930's. That's right kids, at one time this is how pictures were taken. #oldcamera #antique_camera #vintagephoto #film #darkroom #igmasterpiece #moodygrams #analogphotography #analog
one fine day🌞
My fam was in town from DR. It was my mission to go out and give them a proper shoot before they left. Who knew they'd be so natural infront of the lens. Blog on my site. Full photoset just posted.
My fam was in town from DR. I was dying to take my cousins out to one of my favorite spots for a shoot. The outcome was phenomenal. They stepped up to bat and knocked it out the park. Blog on my site. Full photoset just posted.
In the highlands Scotland is the perfect place to hone your photography skills! Join us for a photo retreat coming soon! Click link in bio to find out more
Go where your dreams takes you 🦋
Lots of fun and #smiles at @mpacmedia studios
We are super #excited to be back on stage @uncommongrd People get your #tickets today it's going to be an amazing show see you on 2/24/18
#great day to #save @yttresale_boutique we have great deals on all brands!
Beautiful girl, you can do hard things
Borderlines 🏔
Roebling bridge from Carew
Eye spy with my little eye...
Winter is art. . Or...winter is an artist?! . Changing colors. Makes photos look like paintings. . Can you see it, do you see the magic?. . Frost (2/3)
Florschach: First set of a fluid rorschach art series. An interpretation of Projective Identification; a fantasy extruded on an object of affection or affliction. dennisgatz.com/prints With @bellatrixortreat
Cabo Rojo... 🌞✨🌳✌
Sunburns and sand
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