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Throw it up, throw it up. Watch it all fall out. 😜
Ahoy!! #OOTlala is greeting guests to Rhode Island with thoughtful, creative and fun Welcome Gifts! #lovewhatyoudo
Happy Friday! Photo | @kendallpavanphotography
🤣🤣🤣 ...Seriously though, every Thursday night pint & pizza $10.
Unmentioned benefit to having a first look: you get to have your flowers even earlier. 🙌 We doubled down on king protea for this one. Five stars: highly recommend. Photo | @kendallpavanphotography
Buttermilk Brined Chicken Livers! Panko & Sazon Crust With Kimchi Aioli 😋 ...Also, this yellow plate is one of my favorites. It has so much character. 🍗+🍺=😋 2 weeks!
Winters cloak looks good on us ❄️ | 📷: @covey22
We’ve been working on some delicious snacks for the up coming Chicken & Beer Dinner with @newportcraft , Like these Fried Deviled Eggs stuffed with Whipped Egg Yolk, Bacon and Jalapeño. For tickets, use the link in our bio. 🍗 + 🍺 = 😋
Working on the menu for our up coming chicken & beer dinner with Baffoni Poultry Farm and @newportcraft , and I think we nailed the dessert today! 😋 Warm Fake Love Stout custard tart, vanilla-stout Ice cream. #cookingwithbeer 📸: @matttovino
These Huevos Rancheros will be a Brunch feature tomorrow. 😋 We’ll also have a new Bloody Mary menu with things like meatballs and pizza slices as garnishes. ...And there’s some sports thing happening in Foxborough that we’ll have on the tv. You should stop by! 😃
Happy Saturday! Photo | @erinmcginn Dress | @ruedeseinebridal Makeup | @lovelivingholistics Hair | @jacklynnkate Headpiece | @twigsandhoney Invitations | @champagneandink Catering | @blackstoneri Lighting Decor | @ryandesignsri Rentals | @peakeventservices
Newport’s Best Pizza!
#chickenandbeer tasting with the staff. This job is tough 😁
Talk about a celebration ✨ | 📷: @askenyon4
Looking for things to do in the area? We found a "Gem on the Oregon Coast" for you to check out! Come see all of the beautiful agates, minerals, crystals, & more that vendors will be selling at the Yachats Agate Festival at Yachats Commons on Jan. 19-20!
On Thursday January 31st, we’re doing a #chickenandbeer dinner featuring products from Baffoni’s Poultry Farm and @newportcraft Brewing. This tasty dish might make an appearance. Ramen Noodles with Honey-Soy Braised Chicken Thighs, Soft Poached Egg, Mushrooms, Scallions, Sesames Seeds & Furrikake, in a Garlic-Ginger Chicken Broth. 😻 We start selling tickets next week and space will be limited. 🍗 + 🍺 = 😋
This guy told me that sometimes when he eats a @surfclubnewport pizza he thinks to himself “damm this is better than sex.” And sometimes when he’s having sex he thinks “damm... this is expensive.” 🤣🤣🤣 Next time just get a #pizza dude, at least you can save half for later! . Pictured here, Clam pie with Narragansett bay little necks, bacon, garlic, olive oil and mozzarella.
10th attempt! Short rib pattie with lettuce, tomato, bacon, kimchi aoli, cheddar cheese, and White Castle waffle buns! 🙌
Almost time to start on your path for the new year! We are open for lunch today and our New Year's Eve celebration this evening. After brunch tomorrow, the Inn and our restaurants will close for our annual winter rejuvenation. We will re-open on January 25. Thank you to all who have been a part of our story this year. 📷: @emilygiam11
🍜 Ramen for la famila. 📸: @matttovino #worklikeaslaveeatlikeaking
Our 9th take, and my favorite so far. The Umami Burger 😋. Sautéed mushrooms and cheddar cheese, Japanese spices, wilted kale, miso-ginger aioli, toasted brioche bun. Do you think it needs bacon? 😃 🍔 🥓 ⁉️
Wishing you all a happy holidays from our family to yours! 🎄 Stay safe and warm! ❄️ 📷: @castlehillinn // @emilygiam11
Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season from our family to yours! ✨ We hope you're enjoying some time with your loved ones. We are open today - please call in advance for availability. Stay safe and warm! ❄️ 📷: @emilygiam11
Cozy things during Christmas season are my absolute favorite! Whether it’s fires in the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows), warm blankets or comfy pjs, it’s really hard to beat the holidays. My dad has a fire going in the fire place and my mom made chocolate chip cookies so you know what I’m doing this evening! 📷: @mariaburtonphoto
FYI we’re working on a fun project for the end of January. Stay tuned! #chickenandbeer
@orinswift such a dope wine 🙌😋 #machetewine
Fill in the blank! 🍕❓😛
Working on our @dscvrnewport burger bender submission. This is our 6th take: short rib & chuck patty, fried mozzarella, and tomato fondue on a toasted brioche bun. 🍔 👌
🍕WIN THIS PIZZA 🍕...like and tag a friend for a chance to win a free clam pizza. Winner will be chosen at random tonight! 😉
We're all decked out for the holidays & excited for our Christmas Dinner! Let us know in the comments that your coming to our special holiday feast!!🎄
This is one of my favorite new dishes. 🌶 Spicy Seafood Stew: Atlantic Cod, Shrimp, Crab, Vegetables & Rice. But the real treat is the broth, White Shoyu, Mirin, Seafood Stock, and Gochujang. 😋 📸: @maddyrozay
Do you have your something blue? 💎 | 📷: @sarahpudlophotography
Last minute gift ideas? The gift of travel always fits!
Getting in the holiday spirit! 🎄 | 📷: @emilygiam11
No need to get out of bed! Stay in your pajamas & we'll bring a meal to you! 👍
“Castin at Dusk” - Newport, RI #mynewportlife #newportri #ignewport #the_newport_story
“Morning Sunshine” - Newport, RI #mynewportlife #newportri #ignewport #the_newport_story
“The Claw” - Newport, RI #mynewportlife #newportri #ignewport
Newport “Blues” #mynewportlife #newportri #ignewport
Cuttin Surf - Newport, RI #mynewportlife #newportri #ignewport
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