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I want you to imagine yourself standing on the very rooftop that I once stood on in Bogotá. You close your eyes, your ears are invaded by all the sounds this South American city produces; birds singing, sirens chirping, car engines wailing, motorcycles whizzing by, airplanes droning overhead. You open your eyes, you're in a land that you never been in before, you gaze at architecture that doesn't exist in your neighborhood, you look past the skyscrapers and you are now aware that the skyscrapers aren't scraping the sky! The mountains are! You fixate your eyes where the mountaintop embraces the clouds. You're over 8,600 feet from sea level (because Colombia is mountainous) standing on a rooftop taking all this in and yet you can go even higher. It's exhilarating! You have a profound appreciation of this perfect harmony of the city and mountains, so you take a deep breath in through your nose (smog enters from all the ridiculous amount of cars on the streets of Bogotá) and exhale (the smog stings your tongue *pleh*). You decide right then and there you want to capture this moment, you reach for your camera, cradle it in your hand and press down on the shutter-release button.
Seems like a fitting post for today. "The old man of the mountain." Seeing this guy was awe inspiring, truly. Much like a battle standard raised on the field, I found myself not only inspired, but running uphill with 50+ lbs of gear to greet this big guy. I shot a few other angles but Instagram will crop, so this one, for now should do. What a titan, can only imagine its age. An amazing sight, and amazing view he has. _______________________________________________ #saguarocactus #instagramaz #divine_deserts #cactalicious #cactus #arizonabest #hikearizona #arizona_landscapes #arizonaisgorgeous #conquerarizona #desertsouthwest #wonderlustarizona #nature_wizards #igsouthwest #wildwest #arizonahikersguide #azfamily #beon12 #3TV #abc15arizona
Grateful to finish off Thanksgiving in Monument Valley, UT/AZ! 🦃 -11/23/17
Angel's Landing 😇
Nights are starting to get colder out in the desert. 👌
Grand Canyon National Park
HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY! About ten minutes prior to this picture being taken my favorite hat blew off my head to hopefully a new owner somewhere across the Pacific Ocean. #reioptoutside #rei1440project #naturaloregon #pnwonderland #oregoncoast #oregonstateparks #teamcanon #selfportrait #goodink #artofvisuals #vibesofvisuals #moodnation #moodygrams #igsouthwest #westbysouthwest #exceptional_pictures #eclecticshotz
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