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@105fhotyoga knows how to take on Monday with a smile! Two blondes and a brunette havin’ a good time in our newest Chicago Flag Legging. 💁‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️We are taking pre-sale orders NOW over the phone! DM us to get on the list and schedule a time - these babies are gonna be gone before we know it! 🖤💙 . We love you @105fhotyoga ! Thank you @thekristenkode , @kjenmark5 , and Aura for being wonderful yogi models! #jorikiyoga #lookforwardgiveback
Questo weekend si è concluso un altro e splendido percorso del mio viaggio verso l’autoconsapevolezza: corso di formazione in yoga in gravidanza! Guardate quante donne sorridenti! Vi saluto anime belle... Namaste! 🙏🕉️ . . . . #yogi #yogalife #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogajourney #yogaitalia #yogamilano #instayoga #instafitness #healthy #practiceandalliscoming #yogaprogress #milano #igyoga #picoftheday #yogapants #yogapose #loveandalliscoming #yogapractice #igyogafam #yogachallenge #loveyoga #yogalife #yogaaddict
@Regrann from - And sometimes you’ll feel like you’re sinking; like the world is trying to swallow you whole. I promise you, darling - you’re fine. It’s simply the ocean wanting you to come back home. Mother natures divine guidance. A gentle tug of encouragement, asking you to surrender your ego and allow the universe to work its magic. For you have a larger purpose elsewhere, A destiny far greater than comprehension✨ —Written by @sjanaelise . . 🙏🤸‍♀️🧘‍♀️Follow @yoga_days for daily yoga poses and inspiration! . . 👇Tag a friend who would love this!👇 . . Photo of and post credits to @sjanaelise Photography by @france.and.jesse
Just finished hiking with my boo! Not sure if she’s ever been as grateful for A/C as she is right now. I think we both have a love/hate relationship with cardio. 😂🐶💗 Follow us: -@evelynyogalove Via: @gypsetgoddess Thank you so much !
Happy Earth Day! 🌎 . Join me for the campaign. @AloYoga is partnering with @water (water.org) and for every post with the hashtag , they will help give 1 person access to safe water for a whole year. @aloyoga will count up to 20,000 hashtags from April 22nd through April 28th. . 844 million people still don’t have access to clean water. And every 90 seconds a child dies from a water related disease. @Water works with financial institutions in developing countries to set up affordable ways for people to purchase their own water solution. We hope you participate and simply tag on your posts this week! Help us reach the 20,000 mark! . Follow us: -@iloveyogaforever_us Via: @laurasykora Thank you so much !
The last day of #YogiSlaysStrength 😭 #handstand Many thanks to wonderful hosts for all their support and tips and generous sponsors 🙏❤❤❤This was an awesome challenge! • • Hosts🌟 @awesomebodyrevolution @aerial_delights @themuscleboundyogi 🌟Sponors🌟 @onzie @infinitystrap @liforme @mkindred#yoga #yogachallenge #yogapractice #handstand #yogagirl #inversion #handstandpractice #straightuphandstand #balance #instayoga #igyogafam #fitgirl
I just realized I never did my last day of #YogiWeednanigans I was pretty fucking high allllllllllll day Friday 🌿💚 so here’s my personal nemesis pose of them all!!!! I can #crow with the best of them some days and others it looks like this but none the less I love love working on this 💚 Day 7 #YogiWeednanigans 🌿#420dreamteam 💚 @serpentvisionary @canna_sam @kristenbadass @amy_the_asanamama @taken.by.yoga @striatedprism . . 🛍MaryJane Sponsors 🛍 @serpentvisionary @mandasmiracles @karlyannrazo @built2last828 @namaste_af @greenlovedenver . Pose Theme Lineup 1 Seated Pose 💣 2 Hip Opener 🤙🏻 3 Standing Balance 🕊 4 Inversion 🙃 5 Shoulder Opener 🤦🏻‍♀️ 6 Against the Wall 🦄 7 Yogis Nemesis of Choice . . 🕉💚🌿🕉💚🌿🕉💚🌿 To be eligible to win prizes from these wonderful sponsors at the end of the challenge, please adhere to these rules: 1. Follow ALL hosts & sponsors. 2. Repost this banner & tag your yogi friends to help spread the word, the more the merrier. 3. Post a new picture or video every day for the entire challenge, catch up posts are ok 4. Tag ALL hosts & sponsors and use our hashtag: #YogiWeednanigans in ALL posts. 5. Please make sure that your account is public so we can see all your great photos. 6. Have fun, be creative and make amazing yogi friends along the way. 🕉💚🌿 . #420dreamteam #420supporters #420Yoga #YogiWeednanigans #marijuana #maryjane #yogaandweed #highyogi #AprilYogaChallange #igyogachallenge #yogachallenge #igyoga #igyogafam #igyogacommunity #yogacommunity #yogaeverydamnday #yogistyle
day 2: a pose that makes u feel vulnerable yesterdays post had been deleted by instapolice, i was surprised, but ok im quite naive, but i am pretty aware of the fact that tomorrow i could lose a limb, develop some cancer or fall off my beloved hoop and be paralyzed, so vulnerable all the time, but whats so bad about that, i could still find other things to do, so actually nothing bad can happen, not too vulnerable then! im sick today, hope my caption makes sense :) #stripdownasanas5 hosts: @sultryabyss @in.ecstatic.motion @kalimahal @jennyg2bfit @black_swan74 @yogicbynature @nacktyoginerd @rhyannawatson @mama.bear.cakess @makeyourmagichappen sponsors: @karmicfox @nicow56 @yeskis4king @soter_bentes @maux_portraits @jakeanthonyart @b.ographicdesign #cheststand #yogaart #yogalover #natureyoga #outdooryogi #outdooryoga #yogini #namastebitched #yogalover #enlightened #heartopener #nudeyoga #yogacrazy #fuckyeahyoga #yogawithstyle #asana #strikeapose #stillnotaskingforit #yogagram #yogachallenge #igyogafam #instayoga
Dear Monday... I am ready for you :)
Shrī Hanumān Chālīsa Invocación Inicial Después de limpiar el espejo de mi corazón con el polvo de los pies de loto de mi Gurú. Canto la pura fama del mejor de los Raghus (Rāma), que concede los cuatro frutos de la vida. Consciente de que no sé nada, pienso en Ti, Oh Hijo del Viento (Hanumān). Otórgame fuerza, inteligencia y sabiduría, y elimina mis sufrimientos y defectos. #hanumanasana #devotionalpose #asana #yoga #yogagirl #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #split #bereceptive #hanuman #igyogafam #igyogacommunity #igers
A L L. T H E. T H I N G S. Nate and I try to coordinate our schedules so we fit the most into our time together, particularly outside of work. But sometimes it’s impossible to do everything we want especially because there is so much to do this time of year - Spring festivals, concerts, outdoor adventures, yoga and acro classes, etc. I am super prone to #FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) if I’m not careful. It takes intentionally directing my focus to the present moment to not get caught up in what I assume I could be missing. I have to push the thought of “I wonder what it’d be like to be doing X right now?” out of my head. . I’ve wondered where this comes from because I haven’t always been this way. I think years of graduate school and having to turn down offers so frequently has ramped up my desire to seize all the activities and do all the things, especially now that I have more time and someone to do them with. . Wanting to do all the things isn’t bad, but it has the potential to pull you away from the moments and activities you can do. Our solution: build our schedule with the things we want to do most and once we commit, avoid comparing the activities and making assumptions about what we could be missing. . . . . . . . . . . . 📸 @capt_cook87 #yoga #yogaeveryday #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #yogainspiration #yogadaily #igyogafam #happyhealthyyogis #myyogalife #liveauthentic #yogafit #yogalifestyle #yogagirl #yogafitness #yogajourney #yogablogger #yogaislife #yogisofig #namaste #yogalove #yogaaddict #yogalife #wellnessblogger #atlblogger #yogapose #yogapractice #yogaphotography #ekapadakoundinyasana
#Repost @suchitra_rx with @get_repost ・・・ Start Tomorrow 🙃🙋🏻🙌🏻. . . 🌟YOGA CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT🌟 #HeadStandingYogis Headstand a day keeps a doctor away !!! pLuS Upside Down is more fun ?! Right?!🤸🏻‍♀️ Join us for 7 days challenge on April 24-30th ... we’ll be focusing on the KING of all Asanas - Sirsasana ❤️ We’ll try various variations of the asana , and will give you a space for creativity as well!😍. . . List of asanas: 1. Supported headstand 2. Tripod headstand 3. Headstand with a twist 4. Eagle legs headstand 5. Headstand with a backbend 6. Extended arms headstand 7. Yogis choice. . . Headstanding hosts 👯‍♂️: @awesomebodyrevolution - Verna @yoga_miss_tee - Tania @suchitra_rx - Suchitra @doroteasworld - Dorotea @pigeatsfish - Carissa . Generous sponsors💰: @liquidoactive @szmalas @narabellabrand @insideoutsideoutsidein. . . To be eligible for the prizes make sure you: 1️⃣ Follow all sponsors and hosts 2️⃣ Post one daily picture or video 3️⃣ Tag all hosts and sponsors 4️⃣ Repost the flyer and tag some friends to play along 5️⃣ Make sure that your IG profile is public and you use #HeadStandingYogis so we can see you!. . . . #yoga #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #yogalife #yogainspiration #yogamotivation #igyoga #igyogafam #igyogacommunity #practiceandalliscoming #yogapractice #yogapose #yogi #instayogi #yogaanywhere #instayoga #yogachallenge @igyogachallenges @yogachallengeworld @QuantumYoga @myyogachallenges @challengethyyoga @loveyoga4life
Day 1 of #GracefullyStrongYogis4 is a backbend. I went with wheel pose. . April 23rd to May 4th, 2018 . During these twelve days Yoga Challenge we will Gracefully fly like those tiny little seeds and find the lightness and joy of performing our favorite asanas together with our dearest Omies.🦋 . We set the themes, and you decide about the asana. Just be creative and have fun. . Hosted by: . @elena_miss_yoga @kimterpstra_yoga @lancuks_yoga . Our Gracious Sponsors . 🌻 @1708mala 🌻 @yogi.bare 🌻 @moonchildyogawear 🌻 @tame_the_bull . MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE FUN AND REMEMBER TO HONOR YOUR BODY AT ALL THE TIME. . To those who like to plan ahead: . Day 1 Back Bend☄ Day 2 Hip Opener Day 3 Arm balance Day 4 Inversion Day 5 Balance Pose Day 6 Seated Pose Day 7 Forward Fold Day 8 Hamstring Stretch Day 9 Twist Day 10 Balance on tiptoes Day 11 Shoulder opener Day 12 Hollowback . #yogachallenge # yogini #yogagirl #yogalove #yogalife #igyoga #yogaeveryday #yogisallaround #yogamom #yogagirl #instayoga #yogaathome #blackgirlyoga #igyogafam #idoyoga #yogaforgrowth #yogapractice #practiceandalliscoming #practicenotperfection #backbend #heartopener #wheelpose #chakrasana #babygotbackbends365
to flowing in the mountains @wanderlustfest Tahoe. I’ve been to a few Wanderlusts, and I’ve always had such a fun time making new friends, more deeply connecting with old friends, and learning from their lineup of amazing teachers and speakers. 🙌🏻 . If you’ve been wanting to experience a Wanderlust Festival, but haven’t had a chance to make it yet, you’re in luck! 😃 . They also host awesome 1-day Wanderlust 108 events in lots of different cities. These events are a great way to have a blast and get a taste of the @wanderlustfest vibes. 🙌🏻 . To find out if/when a Wanderlust 108 is happening in your city, or to buy tickets to the LA 108 happening on 4/28, head over to Wanderlust.com. See you there! 💗 Follow us: -@yoga_picture_ Via: @gypsetgoddess Thank you so much !
🙏😍 Retrouvez tous nos encens et accessoires d'aromathérapie directement sur notre site www.allurezen.com 😍🙏 🌸 👀 Découvrez notre collection : AROMATHÉRAPIE sur le lien en bio sur @allurezen 🌸 #allurezen #yoga #fitness #meditation #yogalove #zen #yogalifestyle #igyoga #igyogafamily #igyogafam #yogaposes #fengshuicharms #méditation #yoginis #yogaposeoftheday #pleineconscience #spiritualité #bienêtre #bientreunizen #sagesse #buddha #bouddha #bouddhisme #énergie #buddhalove #aromathérapie #aromatherapie #fengshui #encens #boisdesantal
Last Moonday the new moon was playing tricks on my mind. But today I’m starting this week with the best attitude and with only one intention: to feel good everyday 🙌🏽 What’s your intention for this week? PC: @yogaconfe
Summer is around the Conner. Join me for some workout routine!
Totally wasn’t expecting this to happen! I didn’t even prep for this. Wanted to go into mermaid and thought “ok that trick is old now. How about a flip-grip king pigeon?” YAS!! 😱🤗🤪 #flipgrip #onearmkingpigeon #rajakapotasana
What do you do post work on a monday nite? Firing up my core🔥🔥🔥 Some fine day, my upper back will be stronger and I’ll reach my armpit? 😅 . Outfit @be_pureapparel #bepure #pureapparel
Yoga practice can make us more and more sensitive to subtler and subtler sensations in the body. Paying attention to and staying with finer and finer sensations within the body is one of the surest ways to steady the wandering mind. – Ravi Ravindra . . 🙏🧘‍♀️🤸‍♀️Follow @yoga_days for daily yoga poses and inspiration! . . 👇Tag a friend who would love this!👇 . . 💬How has yoga helped you be more sensitive to the subtle sensations in your body?💬 . . Photo of and credits to @neyu_ma who is wearing @aloyoga
Ladies, repeat after me, "his loss, not mine." ✊ ⠀ Tag someone who needs this❤⠀ Comments? 👇 ⠀ Follow:@gymdietplan 🍌🍉 ⠀
🌳A New Day Is A New Chance • Prana Bodysuit perfect choice for yoga wear that transitions to streetwear • now available on our FB shop and our #shopify store ⚡️🙌🏻 https://m.facebook.com/commerce/products/1625983410771898/?rid=227427767778585&rt=6
Imagine if you always stopped where there was a little bit of pain or discomfort. Imagine if you always stopped where life pushed you down! I would have stayed depressed, I would have stayed trembling in downward dog, I would have stayed working for a company that didn’t give a damn about me, I would have stayed in a relationship that was toxic, I would have stayed so tight in my body I couldn’t even scratch my own back or tie my own shoes without have back pain doing it. You gotta have faith that things are going to get better and give it TIME. Rome wasn’t built In a day and neither is your life. Keep going and keep the faith. I love you guys 🙏❤️ #lifeisworthit #dontstopwhereyoufeelpain
@inge_y0ga @yoga_wid_love @sherilin328 would you all like to join in together ?💖💖 Swipe to the next for the flyer. . #Repost @kaitlynpatrizia • • • 🌿 NEW CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT! 🌱 . 💚#AshtangaOpensHearts 💚 . . Day 1 🌷 #urdhamukhasvanasana . Kick start this beautiful challenge 💖💖 . . . 💕 Lovely hosts: @sirisyoga @rita_ashtangayoga @kaitlynpatrizia @ashtangi_ali . . . 💕 Generous sponsors: @onzie @liforme @christiecreative @sashka_co @balion.no . . . 💕 The poses - for those of you who like to plan ahead: 1. Urdhva mukha svanasana☑️ 2. Purvottanasana, or Ubhaya padangusthasana 3. Shalabhasana 4. Dhanurasana 5. Ustrasana, or kapotasana 6. Parighasana 7. Urdhva dhanurasana . . . #igyoga #igyogis #malaysiayogi #myyogajourney #instagood #igyogachallenge #yogapose #yogaphotography #workout #fitnessmotivation #fitness #yogapractise #ashtangayoga #ashtangayogachallenge #ashtangavinyasa #ashtangalove #ashtangi #yogabeginner #beginneryoga #letsstartyoga #yogaforeveryone #backbending #yogastrong #yogaanywhere #igyogafam #igyogafamily @quantumyoga #aprilyogachallenge
Today is #YogisStretchMonday tribe , this is my #compasspose Hosts: | Adam @adam_earthdominion | Joe @arcierojoe | Tom @t_om_ma_h We welcome everyone to get their stretch on and support the movement, Have fun, learn and feel free to drop some friendly knowledge bombs. We all love to learn 👊😝🕉️🙏 #igyogacommunity #igyogafam #ourtriberocks #strongertogether #yogacommunity #stretchingtime #stretchforgoodhealth #movemore #bebettertoday #loveyoga #yogaforeveryone
From the west coast, to the east coast I am so excited to go explore NYC and DC with my best friend on friday! Here's a dope shot from @jsolpix from the @kill3rtones meet on Saturday at the #santamonicapier Connecting and exploring always 🚀 its your universe, dont hold back #ashgreenyoga • • • Photographer▪@jsolpix
Attempt at this pose I think I did it right 📣 #OmLoudly 🌸New Yoga Challenge 🌸 Join us from April 16-22nd for our #OmLoudly Challenge! A short but sweet challenge to celebrate Spring and Om Loudly when it won’t stop Snowing! Your Om Loudly Hosts: @colleen_theyogi @illsieyoga @mellie.yoga Your Generous Sponsors: @ @insideoutsideoutsidein @tumbledshop @soulfulwear @omgoddess.clothing @reneemitchellwriter Some of the basic guidelines to win : 1. Repost This Flyer 2. Follow All Hosts and Sponsors. 3. Tag a couple friends to join. 4. Post daily, using hashtag #OmLoudly in all posts, and tag all hosts and sponsors so we know you are playing along. 5. Show love to your fellow participants, sponsors and hosts. 6. Last but not least, make sure your profile is set to public so that we can see your posts. ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #igyogacommunity #aprilyogachallenge #IGYoga #yoga #aprilyogachallenge2018 #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogainspiration #practiceandalliscoming #yogadaily  #instayoga  #yogaeveryday #igyogafam
Well, I’ve been avoiding this for a wHiLe, but here it is 🙈 an actual video of me singing 😬 I haven’t posted one of these in YEARS! And for everyone asking yes that’s me singing in all my videos if it’s acoustic and a girl singing ✨ To spark a chain reaction of singing our hearts out I’m tagging to some of my sisters that I used to do this with and some new loves that I know love to sing ;) 🦋 @tinabock @yoga_lovely & @mikiash in a story or a post and pass it on if you want! ♥️ sending you all love & to the shower singers out there, share your voice and join in! Tag me so I can hear ya 🤗 Happy Thursday love! Song is I like you - Colbie Caillat I know it’s the same song as yesterday’s video but it’s stuck in my head so 🤷🏽‍♀️ now it can be stuck in yours too? 🙈 Follow us: -@loveyoga.somuch Via: @rivkayoga Thank you so much !
Gentle, peaceful ocean breeze. Model: @katiebeccayoga
These flowers are for you! 🌸💗 The new @omstarsofficial by Liquido Tiger Lily print is here to make our practice more beautiful. Designed by @kinoyoga :) Ph: @ifilmyoga Follow us: -@Ashley_yoga_Life Via: @liquidoactive Thank you so much !
✨ The paradox of surrender is that there is not a “giving up” - Whatever happens will happen, and we can only give IN to the process of divine trust: to trust the unfolding of our lives, the unfolding of events according to the flow of the Universe. Surrender into the possibilities of your potential, Surround yourself in your sacred space to live your Truth, to connect to your highest Self. Through Love & only Love in our hearts can we heal, grow, and expand, Accepting and Releasing, Moving and Shaking. Expansive beyond Expansion - That is who we are, and That is who we were meant to be ✨ Follow us: -@we_love_yoga_33 Via: @maxandlizacro Thank you so much !
@worldyoga - Forward fold is a key Ingredient to many other poses and inversion press ups. . ✨✨@alexzandrapeters . . . . . Follow us: -@always_think_about_yoga Via: @worldyoga Thank you so much !
Take your inversion practice to the next level with help from the sensational @upsidedownmama - aka, Holly Fiske. This mom of 2 is a certified yoga teacher, inversions expert, author, business owner and so much more. Give her course, Upside Down Yoga a try on OMStars - The Yoga Network, plus check out her amazing brand @umstuff on Instagram! Follow us: -@i_love_yoga_3388 Via: @omstarsofficial Thank you so much !
What can we say about this photo from @kaitlynpatrizia wearing our Coral My Name leggings except: . . . OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OCTOPUS! Oh and btw coming out with some new lovelies next week. How about some swim wear? Let's try that. Follow us: -@only_love_yoga Via: @yoga_democracy Thank you so much !
Ahhhhhh I got so busy yesterday and so tired at night I forgot to post the final day of #SpringTimeYogaChallenge 😥 hope this is still good! Sorry yall pregnancy brain is real lol . Anyway I had a blast with this. The wonderful hosts were so supportive and encouraging am so glad I had the opportunity to do it. Can't wait for you all to do another! 😘🤗 . #SpringTimeYogaChallenge Our Awesome Hosts: @clairie_harris @jicketyjacq @crowned.conifers . Our Amazing Sponsors: @buddhateas @bkindapothecary @buddha_pants @anapo.energy @sashka_co @saveserenitymalas
🌿 NEW CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT! 🌱 . #AshtangaOpensHearts . swipe to see today’s pose that is #upwardfacingdog or #urdhvamukhasvanasana 💕 A essential pose , not so easy as it seems, a real heartopener where it is important to open shoulders and hearts 💕 . So here all the information of this great challenge: 💚 Spring is upon us and we are continuing our practice and opening our hearts!! 💛 The first and second series of #Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga features some beautiful backbends that we want to share with everyone. 💜 Join us to learn about the #backbends of this wonderful practice and open your heart too! ❤️ . . 💕 The hosts: @sirisyoga @rita_ashtangayoga @kaitlynpatrizia @ashtangi_ali . 💕 Generous sponsors: @onzie @liforme @christiecreative @sashka_co @balion.no . 💕 To join & have a chance to win an amazing prize: 1️⃣ Follow all of the hosts and sponsors 2️⃣ Repost this flyer and tag at least three friends to join in 3️⃣ Post a photo or video each day 4️⃣ Tag all hosts and sponsors in your posts 5️⃣ Make sure your profile is set to public and you use #AshtangaOpensHearts so we can see your posts! . . 💕 The poses - for those of you who like to plan ahead: 1. Urdhva mukha svanasana 2. Purvottanasana, or Ubhaya padangusthasana 3. Shalabhasana 4. Dhanurasana 5. Ustrasana, or kapotasana 6. Parighasana 7. Urdhva dhanurasana . . . . . #igyoga #igyogis #igyogachallenge #ashtangayoga #ashtangayogachallenge #ashtangavinyasa #ashtangalove #ashtangi #yogabeginner #beginneryoga #letsstartyoga #yogaforeveryone #backbending #yogastrong #yogui #yogaanywhere #igyogafam #igyogafamily @quantumyoga @igyogachallenges #yogalovers #practiceyoga #doyoga #aprilyogachallenge
Draining .... inverted is my yogi choice 📣 #autismasanas 💙💙 New Yoga Challenge 💙💙 Please join us for a special yoga challenge to honor all of the amazing children& adults with autism. “Autism offers a chance for us to glimpse an awe-filled vision of the world that might otherwise pass us by.” Beginning April 16, please join @tattooedyogimama , @the.bendy.brat , @colleen_theyogi , @themermaidyogi and @saveserenityyoga for #autismasanas , seven days of stories and yoga poses 💙🧘 Rules To Join: 💙 Repost this flyer and tag some friends to join you. 💙 Follow all hosts and sponsors & tag them in all of your posts 💙 Make sure your profile is public so we can see your posts. 💙 Use the hashtag #AutismAsanas in all your posts and tag us all. Your Hosts @tattooedyogimama @the.bendy.brat @colleen_theyogi @themermaidyogi @saveserenityyoga Generous Sponsors @meddyteddy @luvalla @sleeh.com @Re3life @zenpigbook @thepinetorch @wolfeandscamp.dinohoodies @sashka_co "It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a child with autism to raise the consciousness of the village.” - ________________________________________ * * * * * * #challengethyyoga #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #igyogacommunity #aprilyogachallenge #IGYoga #yoga #aprilyogachallenge2018 #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practicenotperfection #yogagram #yogacommunity #yogainspiration #practiceandalliscoming #yogadaily  #instayoga  #yogaeveryday #igyogafam
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