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One of my favourite photos from one of my summer trips. I've always wanted to do a long exposure on a waterfall and I'm so glad I was finally able to do that! 🙂 #pmgridchallenge #sonyvisuals • • • • •
Hi Guys- here is take 2 of my recent pic. Just noticed that IG had added a strange blue tint to my photo that was not in my Lightroom edit. Must be the IG blue hour God taking over! 🤣 Wilderness is not only a condition of nature, but a state of mind and mood and heart. Ansel Adams #fallfilter #michiganwild #wearemichiganders #awesomemitten #naturalmichigan #puremidwest #onlyinmichigan #michigansun #greatlakesloving #thegreatlakesstate #wearemichiganders #puremittigan #puremittenpride #michiganoverboard #splendid_outskirts #ig_shotz_trees #raw_allnature #raw_alltrees #splendid_woodlands #thehub_trees #ill_landscapes #bestforestmood #sonyalpha6300 #photo_hitchhiker #goodvibesgreatlakes #mittenstatelove #midwestmoment #usa_naturehippys #wow_america #style_and_decay
"If I was a cabin and had to pick a place for my retirement, this would probably be it! Having all my friends around and waking up to that view every morning would definitely not be a bad way to get old 😄 What about you? 😉" 📸Photo by :manueldietrichphotography #ill_landscapes #nature #cabin
Photographer:Razi Miri Isfahan/Iran September 2018
Photographer:Razi Miri Isfahan/Iran Bazaar September 2018
Photographer:Razi Miri Isfahan/Iran Aliqapoo Safavid Palace through Shah Safavid Mosque's entrance September 2018
Photographer :Razi Miri Isfahan/Iran Jame Mosque September 2018
18-10-16 - The banks of the Mississippi, gateway to the west. • • • On the east side of this gate I looked back across the Mississippi. On the east side is where I was born. Where I was raised. Where I first learned to walk. Where I said goodbye to friends and loved ones who I will never sit beside again. Where I held my pups for the last time. Where I was found by this fluffy ball of love. In front of me was the West. I had visited this side of the country a few times before. Once for awhile with @thelanglois as we rambled and roamed as two kids fresh out of school. Then again to prep for a job that would take me to the other side of the world. This time felt new. This time, running through that archway, I felt as if I was there for the first time. “Were in the west!” I told Indy as we laid on the Western side of the gate, where nothing is written for us
Smokey mountain 🗻 📸Photo by :merveceranphoto #ill_landscapes #nature #iceland
Drone passing through. Perfect day for wine tasting 🍷🍷 @singletreewine With @blrrdcreativ - @markgrubio @wilyuarata @corimdg #roadtrip #blrrdsquad
There's something really addictive about being high up - breathing in the fresh crisp air, looking at how everything's tiny down below and feeling like the world is yours to conquer. Here's to more mountain adventures 💪🏻
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