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My M.O. for life #carpediem
On my phone I have a list of things that I hear that inspire me
I know we’re all under covers searching for comfort
the beautiful and talented @playkimie performs at the @islandblockradio concert series at @hobanaheim. #IslandBlockAccess
vida en el bus
what do you guys think about @champagnepapi ‘s new songs??
Cuando entiendes que NADA tiene que ser de tal con cual forma te deja de importar el que dirán! - No hay reglas ;) vive lo que quieras y como quieras! - Buenísimos días 💃🏽
“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit”🌄💖 Yesterday was so perfect, totally relaxed and recharged my spirit! What are you doing this weekend?
[TEASER] New project! W/ @ivywever. Check the link in the bio. Soon with more info on where I’m headed with Instagram and photography!
I wonder what beginning, what end waits for me
A high functioning sociopath🕵🏻
Jika kau merawat aku hari ini artinya kau menyiapkan kehidupanmu 20 tahun ke depan
Quando non hai sonno e si vede!! 😏😏 ... la vitalità in persona, così dicono! 🙊😂
Shine like the whole universe is yours ✨❤️ @nancyy.nabil 💞 Thanks to: @jamal_ovo
/ f o c u s . you get what you work for.
Peduli itu interpretasi basi Pekakkan sebelah halang biar keduanya Muka cantik soalan bodoh yang ditanya Jadi melodinya lebih hina dari zina Malique Al Qudus - #dtravelerwithoppof5 #southeaststory #explorekualalumpur @detiktravel @oppoindonesia
Close encounters of the Drunk Mayau Astronaut with the Tropical Sunrise fishies. Caption brought to you by the drinks and dessert menu 🙈
عين الجمل: غني بالأوميجا 3 والأحماض الدهنية وفيتامين إي حفنة من عين الجمل كل يوم يحافظ علي نضارة الجلد ويجعله ناعم لفترة طويلة. Walnuts Particularly high on Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, a handful of walnuts everyday work on your skin's texture and also help in keeping your mane lustrous for long. #kuwait
Eye Spy, Part Three.
Eye Spy, Part Two.
A house is not a home without you
Eye Spy, Part One.
that I have besides you yes this is old stuff . . .
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