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In bloom
Flower inspections with @amberbierman 🌻 for @swrvchangedirection ⌚️
hustler 📸: @diasaltynbekov
Делитесь любимыми треками в коментах) Вот мой небольшой плейлист👇 ✅Avicii - Waiting For Love ✅Flux Pavilion & Whethan - Savage ✅San Holo - We Rise
The thing that hits me most is that I came from nothing. Literally my family had nothing growing up. To have been here. To have seen the things I saw. There’s no better feeling than that. There’s no greater accomplishment to thyself than doing something you always told yourself would remain a dream. I am forever grateful for this moment right here. #osaka #japan #osakacastle
Rhythm: "It's 11:25 go the fuck to bed" M: "aww you are like Samuel L Jackson , but meeeaaner" 😂
Here’s to the one’s that dream. #iphone8plus
Steps that lead you somewhere 👣
"It Simply Isnt An Adventure Worth Telling If There Arent Any Dragons"
“B.B. shinin like some diamonds that’s that Simon wave”
Had a good time with my boo and the clique at prom 🔥🔥🔥
Don’t let anything stop you from what you want to achieve. Take on the whole city, and come out on top. Be what you want to be. #stayliberated
Lil Peep, Lil Tracy, why everybody hatin us lately
Playa tryna get too grown, yeah I'ma have to rob him for the plug, yeah
“I think imma go to sleep, wake up then I repeat”
“Gucci ski mask Louis V mask” 🀄️🃏
Sometimes I trap by my lonely And sometimes I trap with my homies 🔋🔌
I can never switch up on my brothers, I put that on my mother 🐥
Where did the time go, can’t nobody waste time like me 変態
Ripped black jeans in the all black Jeep 🐥
Creepin out the basement, inside my heart vacant
I want a Z3, that’s a two seater boy🐣🐥
All I’ve ever wanted was a brand new Benz Truck
Serve more chicken than Popeyes
I feel like El Chapo every time I whip a bowl, ooh
You know we had to do it to em 😤
I No Longer Fear The Razor Guarding My Heel
Whole damn crew, off the zoot ☢️⚫️
I don't wanna talk, no one to talk to And I don't wanna talk cause I don't need to
Leave me alone, don't hit my phone 😴
My Lean cost more than your rent 😤😤😤
I see way too many ops, pull up in the drop top
Feet don't ever touch the ground, I'm in Cloud City
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