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Darkest Hours
Bronze, Silver, Gold
A bucolic view in the Oriental Amazonia. Amazonía oriental perto do Amapá onde já há o efeito da maré. * Tô montando portfólio nessa conta
gr8ful for this human’s friendship and underexposed photos and film shootin and trips and Left Coast Radio and music video dreamin and everything in between!!! #35mm #ilford
Park #35mm
Paul Tzanetopoulos’ kinetic light installation at Los Angeles Airport. Really cool 100ft tall columns of LED lights that change colors.
Totally not prepared for winter but the combination of fall color and snow is always a welcomed site.
Breakfast w/ a view
Dormiré para soñarnos en el mar.
While I was in Vancouver I was keeping a small diary. This is an excerpt from the day I took this photo. “It’s the first day if the conference today, it was interesting and I’m keen to do my talk tomorrow and see some others. I left before the end of the day and went to Vancouver art gallery, first I went to the contemporary gallery but it was closed for install. I got Jerry a book by Emily Carr from the gallery shop. I wandered around before going back to Tom’s place. Now I have my cameras with me and I’m sitting at a diner eating a hotdog with relish onions and jalapeños, it sounded delicious on the menu and felt right for a diner feed.”
Where time stands still.
the tragedy behind such a beautiful sunset 🙏
Anneme en çok benzediğim.
about ready for a road trip. somewhere without stop lights.
OutOfService (Mamiya RZ67, 65mm, Kodak Ektar 100 pushed 2 stops) #nightmovesonfilm
Feeling very happy lately about a lot of things! I have quite a few new projects I’m excited to be starting (I think the list might be getting a little too long lol) and I’m also very happy to be finishing up with my first and possibly last semester... woo!!
| the illusion of freedom | • photography: @lizzawitch hair: @rgbones models: @taylorraecarpenter + @shea_like_the_butter
——:river orange:———
Always watching
Mi alma está hecha de páramo #tbt
Mi alma está hecha de páramo #tbt
life is all woods and flowerbeds
he was eaten by his feelings
Couple of autumns ago 🍂
he's staring into nothingness
my hand has experienced that of struggle, fear, and isolation. but is an embodiment of love, acceptance and development.
brush off the haters
curtains of light
reflective mechanism
right through the sky
the kitchen is always mysterious
messy colors pop
washed out floral
mother nature's fruition
this doesn't make any sense
a blue tower. lonely, unfinished, waiting
he once said to me, orange is the shade of fallen dreams
light or shadow, angels or demons
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