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Got to experience the Yin Yu Tang house in all its historic glory yesterday at the Peabody Essex Museum. The staff there was so friendly and knowledgeable about the house's rich history which truly helped enhance my personal experience as I explored inside. Shout out to @huntsphotovideo for hosting such a fun photo meetup! Got to meet some great new photo peeps and had an awesome first time at the Peabody Essex Museum! Here's one of my favorite candids from the event 📸
Happy #Pride 🏳️‍🌈🦄 Show us your true colors! - 1. Kaitlin . @kaitlincreations - 2. Julio B. @berroaworld - 3. Adrian @adrian.globe.trekker - 4. Simone M. @1010simone - 5. Rashelle @raaashl - 6. Paul A. @__paulanthony_ - - - - - - 7. Next Up: Moving Fast! Mid way to the year! Fast is at your own pace! We’ll select our favorites next week! Tag #instameetpvd + #impvd Photo by @davidlcallahan Selected by moderator @berroaworld // Be on the lookout for our next theme on our story // for features use ☞ #IMPVD or #instameetpvd // in #rhodeisland + #providence
Night’s People🔥🔥🔥 Achievement: UNLOCKED • Do NOT miss tomorrow night. 6 out of 5 doctors agree it would be detrimental to the health of your vibe. FACTS. • #friday #believemmt #trinityrep #impvd #providence #theater #art #song #love #joy #community #theatre #rhodeisland
Tell me what you see 🌲
Seeing double on #FoxPointFriday . 🚪🚪
#igbostonhoods | like a good memory from an earlier time... IGBoston member @jackaaalack took a vintage photograph from Westerly, Rhode Island that felt like a classic. Thank you for sharing, Jacquelina! #IGBostonHoods is an initiative featuring photography from underrepresented New England locations taken by IGBoston members (and non-members too!). Please tag #IGBostonHoods on photos of New England locations that deserve more recognition! #igboston #boston #communityfirst #massachusetts #newengland #visitma #iheartboston #beautifulnewengland #mynewengland #newenglandphotography #newenglandlife #exploreboston #beautifuldestinations #beautifulmatters #moodygrams #travelanddestinations #wonderfuldestinations #passionpassport #mytinyatlas #aquietstyle #fantastic_earth #artofvisuals #shotzdelight #rhodeisland #impvd
Happy #Pride 🦄 // make sure you stay safe and make sure your friends are safe. . If you see someone by themselves this weekend make them feel welcomed. There will be a lot of brave souls venturing out to Pride either alone or for the first time; maybe both. . DONT DRIVE this weekend if you don’t have too. Uber. Lyft. Walk. Get a hotel. It’s a crazy weekend and everyone should enjoy another 50 crazy prides in years to come! . See someone with a bold look? Complement them, don’t judge them because they already went through multiple anxiety attacks before going out of their homes. . At the end of the night there will be a lot of us walking home or something; some might be taking off make up, stickers, anything that says that they are part of the LGBTQAI community, so they don’t get beat up (this is a true reality, self experience) please ask offer to walk with them if you are! . Love one another this community is already divided enough, let’s just get together for one big party and put everything aside! . Once again, Happy Pride 🌈 . Music Vibes: Lady Gaga - ‘Aura’ #we1997 #Pride #RIPride2019 #LoveIsLove
Happy Pride Weekend fam, we’ll see you out there #loveislove #pride #ripride #pvdpride
Happy Pride weekend everyone! Share the love 🎤🎶✨ #loveislove #pride #ripride #pvdpride
🎭 WE’VE GOT THE KIND OF LOVE YOU CAN USE 🎭 • Tonight at @trinity_rep : NIGHT’S PEOPLE. Need tickets? Check out our link in the bio! • #friday #believemmt #vibes #openingnight #art #singing #theatre #theater #providence #impvd #rhodeisland #community #mixedmagic #magic #joy #love #create
🎭 WE’VE GOT THE KIND OF LOVE YOU CAN USE 🎭 • Tonight at @trinity_rep : NIGHT’S PEOPLE. Need tickets? Check out our link in the bio! • #friday #believemmt #vibes #openingnight #art #singing #theatre #theater #providence #impvd #rhodeisland #community #mixedmagic #magic #joy #love #create
Not everything is as it appears. Sometimes you need to step back, peel back a few layers, and find your peace.
JOIN US // Sunday, June 23rd at 5pm for our next meet-up on the East Side of Providence at golden hour. // Roger Williams founded Providence along College Hill. This area includes some of the oldest sections of the city. The spot where Williams landed after crossing the Seekonk River is marked by a small park in Fox Point. We will start our journey here, winding through the streets along Benefit + end with Roger himself overlooking the city at sunset at Prospect Park. // The theme for this meet is Golden Hour! // As always all cameras + experience levels are welcome. Come sharpen your skills, learn some new ones, snag a few shots + make a few new friends. // We will gather for drinks + eats afterwards! More details can be found on our facebook or DM us to attend. #letsmakesquares // this meet is for members only. // photo by @winslow_j
Partner in crime 💭 // scenes from @pvd.fest
You don’t take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it . . Model: @brieannapatrick
Bookish. May 2019. • Mathematically speaking, there’s likely someone who enjoys plays more than @kevin071984 , buuuuut we all know math is a web of lies. • #thursday #gratitude #jpw_photo #clambakejpw #portrait #portraitphotography #blackandwhitephotography #playwright #plays #art #friends #books #impvd #ricreators #pride
Good times...from several miles up. Bird’s eye view of the PVD fest is an awesome sight. Awesome perspective by @the_drewniverse selected by moderator @themiclangelo ▲ for features use #impvd or #instameetpvd ▲▼
Look at people from a different perspective, you will see a story from them
Pick your brew, we’ve got plenty of options to go with that 🍗🍗🍗
If your bff isn’t picking up, it might be because they are getting their jam on in the lounge 🤣🎤🎶
Hope ya’ll are crushing it this week, keep on! 👊🏼
Love capturing the moments that makes others true . . Model: @brieannapatrick
PVDFEST 2019 👨🏽‍🦱 Music Vibes: Tyler, The Creator - ‘I THINK’ 📸 by @rafeaks.photos #we1997 #PVDFest #life #summer #feelingmyself
We hope to see you at our next workshop! The tickets for the workshop are only $10! . If you are a photographer and would also like any sort of assistance and knowledge on the basics of digital photography and portraits we have a class that will start at 9am sharp and it is only $20 for the class and workshop! The photography class will be run by @kaitlincreations and @shawn_p_photography . As always @tori.lynne2818 will also be running the workshop and available to give expert help to all models in attendance! . Tickets are on sale now and are selling quick! Get yours today! Link in bio 🌈❤🌈
To others it seems like we take pictures of what they look like, but we take the pictures of who they are.
Recharging after talking a mile a minute this weekend/exhausted but still making plans for some reason? Hello Gemini season 👯✨🌳 . . . . #pvd #providence #thisisprovidence #providencerhodeisland #IMPVD #eastsideprovidence #rhodeisland #rhodeislandlife #littlerhody #realrhody #wickedrhody #401love #rhodeisland_igers
Float on.
:: this instillation at @pvd.fest hit me right in the feels :: insane photographs + a story of connection and humanity :: sometimes when we talk about politics it’s feels so far away like policies and politicians and things that are out of out of our control :: it makes it easier to think of it as someone else’s problem, this piece was powerful and inspired and reminds us that we’re not so different we’re just people sharing our experience of being human. Those policies, those villainizing chants impact real people, people who are no different from you, people who are no different from me :: I’m not out here saying I have all the answers i have my opinions and I’m sure you’ll have yours :: I know these issues are complex but I don’t think it hurts anyone to remember at the end of the day we’re not all so different and we’re all just trying to live our lives the best we know how, for us and for our families :: maybe if we start there we can have more meaningful conversations about what the answer really looks like :: . . 📸 x @artisticgram . . #impvd #pvdfest2019 #pvdfest #pvd #thecreativecapital
Upper Stories of South Main Street 👆🏻| Left to right: . Mauran-Balch Block (1846), with its lovely cast-iron storefronts just out of frame. . Joseph Brown House (1774), one of my favorite in the city, built by its namesake with an elegant ogee gable. . The tower of the Providence County Courthouse (1924-1933) - designed by Jackson, Robertson & Adams - peeking out from the background. . Old Stone Bank (1854, 1898) by C.G. & J.R. Hall, with its gilded dome glistening in the sun. . And a sliver of the Benoni Cooke House (1828) by John Holden Greene on the right. . #Providence
Something we pride ourselves in is not using models at our meets. We shoot each-other. Why? because that’s really what’s real. #gramthegrammers ▲Check out member @manaljakhar shot by founder @thejaydavani and tell us otherwise. // for features use ▼ #IMPVD or #instameetpvd ▲▼
:: strangers who let me love their dogs > :: . . 📸 x @artisticgram . . #pvdfest2019 #pvdfest #impvd
Did I mention she is a natural model? If not then I did just now 😎 . . Model: @brieannapatrick
“It's a crystal. Nothing more. But if you turn it this way and look into it, it will show you your dreams.” ▼ Taken by photographer ▼ @nickzcreations ▼ selected by ▼ moderator @tiffeny ▼ for features use ▼ #IMPVD or #instameetpvd ▼ in #rhodeisland + #providence ▲▼
Be kind. Be a good person. It’s so important. Not only right now in today’s world (especially), but always. There are some awful people out there, people without feelings and remorse, but it takes the good people to balance the world out. So kind people, we need you. Everyone does. // scenes from @pvd.fest
starting to remember a life i had forgotten.
"Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious." 🌌
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