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White Russian Raise your hand if you love blondes! 🙋🏻‍♂️ My secret, (which isn’t actually a secret) is that I use @brazilianbondbuilder in all my color appointments to keep hair healthy 👌🏼 By @ryan.weeden #salonspruce #lajollahair #lajollahairsalon #lajollahairstylist #sandiegohair #sandiegoblonde #sandiegobalayage #sandiegohairstylist #sandiegogairsalon #balayageinspo #livedinblonde #livedinhair #behindthechair #brazilianbondbuilder #b3 #ittakesapro #framar #scruples #inbeautywetruss
•Shadow roots highlights + haircut • @trussprofessional
So many times I’ve seen brassy hair and heard “but I use purple shampoo”. There’s so much confusion around what purple shampoo actually is and does and I’m here to clarify! . Purple shampoo is a slightly weaker version of violet toner that your stylist uses in the salon. It’s meant to tone out unwanted yellow in the hair between salon visits. . •Purple shampoo is NOT a shampoo replacement. It is supposed to be used in between your shampoo and conditioner, as an extra step. . . •Purple shampoo is NOT supposed to be used everyday! You can actually OVER tone your hair with it and create build up, turning your hair a muddy, dull color; also making it difficult for your stylist to match your ends when you get your roots done. I always recommend using it every 3-5 washes, depending on the porosity of your hair. . . •Purple shampoo will not work on orange hair! And for the kids in the back, PURPLE SHAMPOO WILL NOT WORK ON ORANGE HAIR! Going straight to the color wheel: purple tones out yellow. Not orange! Yes, there are blue shampoos that will tone out orange, and that will work better but if you have naturally dark hair that’s been lightened and you look in the mirror and your hairs lookin like a straight up pumpkin, no amount of purple shampoo will help you. Make an appointment with your stylist and tone that sh*t! Purple shampoo is meant for blondes. Dark blondes, medium blondes, light blondes, but mostly blondes. . . What about Purple conditioners! 🙏🏼 has anyone noticed how drying purple shampoo is?! Well there’s purple conditioner too. My personal favorite is @evohair fabuloso platinum conditioner. These follow all the same rules as purple shampoo, not a replacement, meant for blondes, HOWEVER, these are generally weaker. I highly recommend purple conditioners for my platinum ladies because they won’t suck up into your ends too quickly and they usually have a treatment in them for those porous ends. . . Daily Purple shampoos and conditioners?! Yes, they exist! My favorite is @trussprofessional ’s blonding line. These are a shampoos and conditioners with significantly less violet pigment, so you’re able to use them daily for a bright shiny blonde ✨
From Gold to Platinum By @ryan.weeden ➕➕➕ For this model I used @trussprofessional Blanc Blond + 20vol for the Teasy-Lights and Air Libre Clay for some open air hand-painting to brighten the ends. I also mixed in the Truss 8x Powder to which not only strengthens the hair but protects it from unwanted damage. ➕➕➕ Once color is complete I sprayed the mids and ends with @trussprofessional Deluxe Prime. This is a killer detangler and shine agent, as well it reinforces the hair’s integrity. ➕➕➕ @trussprofessional #crazyfortruss #inbeautywetruss #lovetruss #behindthechair @behindthechair #mastersofbalauage #MOBteam
A hint of gold with a little contrast for Brunettes👌🏻love it? by @gabrielsamra with @trussprofessional #clubtruss #crazyfortruss #inbeautywetruss
From Gold to Platinum By @ryan.weeden ➕➕➕ For this model I used @trussprofessional Blanc Blond + 20vol for the Teasy-Lights and Air Libre Clay for some open air hand-painting to brighten the ends. I also mixed in the Truss 8x Powder to which not only strengthens the hair but protects it from unwanted damage. ➕➕➕ Once color is complete I sprayed the mids and ends with @trussprofessional Deluxe Prime. This is a killer detangler and shine agent, as well it reinforces the hair’s integrity. ➕➕➕ @trussprofessional #crazyfortruss #inbeautywetruss #lovetruss #behindthechair @behindthechair
Give it to me straight ———- I’m loving this razored ⚔️LOB on my guest with a mega Blonde Transformation! Lightener @trussprofessional #crazyfortruss . #trussprofessional #behindthechair #inbeautywetruss #clubtruss #thebtcteam
💁🏼‍♀️ HAIR GOALS 💁🏼‍♀️ I am always tempted to cut my hair when I do a cute short cut! I used my @hanzonation shears for this textured bob. I am obsessed with @trussprofessional air.libre for my lightening and of course I toned using @redken shades eq 9gi, 9n, and clear. I styled her using @livingproofinc products
PANELS . . Base + some V’s for this Fall Transition! I’m so ready, give me all the pumpkin things and all the Fall Hair! 😍🍂 . . #rochelleisgolden #WeAreGolden #GOLDENGirls @houseofgoldsalon
Assistam esse vídeo e me contam o que vcs acharam ? 🙏😍 We had such a BLAST with our Look & Learn class Perfecting the Blonde at Hair By Lima 💖 We are preparing for our Hands On class 👩🏼‍🎨 Mastering the Blonde 😍 on August 19th with @gabrielcorreahair ✨ 🎥 Video created by @jersey.videos 💁🏼‍♀️ Stylists @gabrielcorreahair & @anaplima 👩🏼‍🎨 Make up artist @e_l_o____ O que vocês esperam para o hands on ? What to expect for Sunday?!👇🏻 -Innovative lightening techniques -Hands on practice on LIVE models -How to perfectly style your new blonde -Treatments specifically for blondes -Tips on how to create a picture perfect style -Social Media Tips & Tricks -How to attract new clients every week through Instagram DM us for more information✨ #crazyfortruss #inbeautywetruss #clubtruss
CROP . . Winding down from one of the busiest days at @houseofgoldsalon - can I just brag for a moment? This damn team of mine almost brings me to tears. The solidity, the willingness to consistently help without the need for recognition, the ability to jump on in for the greater good of US. My girls, I am so freaking proud of every single one of you, always. . . Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re surrounded by the positivity we experience everyday ❤️ #WeAreGolden #GOLDENGirls @houseofgoldsalon #rochelleisgolden #thebtcteam #behindthechair @behindthechair_com
✂️ Haircut! ————— >>>>>>Before - - #shorthair #shortbob #haircut #hairstyle #crazyfortruss #inbeautywetruss #clubtruss
Behind the scenes! When it gets too dark outside to get natural light, I try to recreate natural light as much as I can! • Do any fellow hair people have any advice for me as we come into winter? Lighting tips without natural light?? Comment below⬇️ • • • #balayage #shadeseqgloss #baltimorebesthair #columbiamd #rebekahrocksbalayage #marylandhairstylist #creativelifehappylife #amazinghair #bumbleandbumble #beautifulhair #allaboutdahair #balayageaf #inbeautywetruss #ittakesapro #behindthescenes #ringlight #lightinghelp #naturallight #winterlight #chasinglight
High contrast blondes 😻 to get those streaks of blonde on the top and dark melted so perfectly, I 1. Baby light a Mohawk section and around the hair line 2. Shampoo using @trussprofessional blonde brightening shampoo 3. Root shadow at a level 5, bringing it down further towards the crown and closer to the root in the front 4. Melt in end color (10ss) all the way up to the root shadow and comb through 5. Process 10 minutes and don’t be scared of oxidation!! VOILA! ✨
Keeping the icy hair posts going with this cut and color from a few weeks back 💎💎💎
Excellent photo advice! By @createdbyami ・・・ I Get a lot of questions on how & where I take my pics! Well here’s a sneak peek for ya😘 & some tips! . . Taken with my iPhone 8 Plus ~ Natural indirect lighting (outside if possible) I know weather sometimes doesn’t allow! If that’s the case try to be by a window! ~ White or black pop up back drop ~ Take tons of pics & angles make sure you’re looking through your phone because slight turn of phone lighting totally changes! Hair can look a lot cooler or warmer depending on how light hits hair! Find which makes the hair look like it does in person! ~ NO FILTERS!!! Only app I use is face tune to maybe whiten the backdrop because again depending on how light hits it sometimes looks grey or yellow! #mastersofbalayage #behindthechair #brazilianbondbuilder #b3 #ittakesapro #framar #scruples #inbeautywetruss #balayageonline #balayagetraining #balayageclass #balayageeducation
Here is another side by side! So obsessed with @trussprofessional 🤩🤩🤩
• highlights • @fer_borges1 thanks to @trussprofessional we’re able to do this amazing blonde without any breaking. Dm to see what products we have used.
you know it’s the perfect blonde when it still looks flawless w/ indoor lighting 😛 // breaking up old foil lines!! her ends were previously over processed from excess foil heat, so @trussprofessional #8xpowder was a mussssssst! finished with #deluxeprime and my favorite #blondmask #clubtruss #inbeautywetruss #trussme #crazyfortruss
Icy 💎 Waves
Ohhh #trussme the lift is amazing!! @trussprofessional 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
@matrix 6N+6M 😍 One of my favorite mixtures for a rich warm toned light brunette. . @trussprofessional lightener used for balayage . Protected and styled with @moroccanoil @moroccanoilpro . #CompleteYourColor #ColorCompleteAmbassador #moroccanoilambassador #moroccanoil #crazyfortruss #inbeautywetruss #clubtruss
It’s like when you upgrade to FIRST CLASS 💫 BLONDE OMBRÉ HIGHLIGHTS done with @trussprofessional Swipe for BEFORE PIC ➡️➡️➡️ . . #estilosamra #samrastyle #balayage #bestbalayageinmiami #americansalon #balayageombre #behindthechair #haircolor #crazyfortruss #inbeautywetruss #clubtruss #trussme
~~That Balayage Blend ~~ . @trussprofessional #airlibretruss Balayage lightener, 40 vol and no heat . Shampoo with truss blonde shampoo , pretoned with truss deluxe prime champagne blonde and miracle reconstructor. Conditioned with truss blonde mask and k-recovery. #trussprofessional #behindthechair #crazyfortruss #inbeautywetruss #clubtruss #thebtcteam
#Repost @colour.jade with @get_repost ・・・ — VOTING ENDS TONIGHT 🚨 if you haven’t yet today... go to my page, click the link and vote! I’m in category 10 #16 in Pastel. Thank you so much for your support. Comment a 🧡 once you’ve voted! . . . #BTCONESHOT18 #oneshothairawards #thebtcshow #behindthechair #crazyfortruss #clubtruss #inbeautywetruss #behindthechair_com #brazilianbondbuilder #b3 #btcpics #colorist #colourjade #balayage #hairideas #massachusettscolorist #bostonsalon #bostonhair #bostonbalayage #bostonhairstylist #americansalon #modernsalon #LicensedtoCreate #insiderbeauty #withVirtue #virtuelabs #virtue . Congrats @colour.jade good luck!!!! 🍀👍😊🙃
HOLY CANNOLI Swipe Now!!! Then, because you love commenting on my posts so much, COMMENT the first word that comes to mind when you see both pictures! 😍🤣😂🤷🏼‍♀️ . . . . . . . . @trussprofessional #clubtruss #inbeautywetruss #crazyfortruss #trussme . . . . . @modernsalon #modernsalon #blondeog #beforeandafter #transformationtuesday . . . . @behindthechair_com #behindthechair
Lightened this beautiful 👰🏼 to be with all @trussprofessional I used a combo of blanc blonde and freehand with 40vol to achieve this result 😍 all hand painted no foils and no heat 👊🏻 #transformationtuesday
Going Blonder is Always Better 🔥 Full Head of #babylights using @trussprofessional All over gloss with #dialight 10.12 for 5 mins #colorbyholland #haircut @madebychanvan
Here it goes! In the name of total transparency, I’m going to get really real about Salon Ownership! . . 1. If you’re in it to be #1 , make it big, or have a few 000’s after the numbers in your bank account, you have no business opening a salon. Owning a Salon requires you to selflessly put yourself on the back burner for a few. It’s not about you anymore, it’s about the growth & productivity of your brand. The solidity in your team. Allowing your guests to truly enjoy the experience you provide. & While you can work extremely hard behind the chair, your profits will turn themselves right back to the business. Especially in the beginning. . . 2. You MUST know, believe, and move forward with your core values on the forefront. It’s going to get hard. Situations will arise - you must follow through utilizing and ensuring your core values that you built your business upon. . . 3. Team work makes your dreams work. Repeat after me: ‘I am only as good as my team.’ You know the old saying, “There’s no I in team.” & it couldn’t be more true. Owning a salon requires so much more than doing hair behind the chair. So who is going to represent your brand and vision when you are not there to do so? Who is giving the guests of your salon the ultimate experience when your back is turned? My team is one in a million, and it’s thanks to THEM that House of Gold has grown to the beauty she is. Choose wisely. Hire slowly. & once you’ve found the ones that perfectly fit, invest in them. Allow them to grow. Watch the magic happen! . . I hope some of these help! Any additional questions, drop them below! . #rochelleisgolden #WeAreGolden #GOLDENGirls @houseofgoldsalon
1 1/2 Years Ago. How do we grow from here? One day at a time my friends. Be easy on yourselves. Days turn into weeks, that turn into years. We’re all works in progress. We slip, we fall, we fuck up, we stand up, and we carry on. Unapologetically. . . #rochelleisgolden #GOLDENGirls #WeAreGolden @houseofgoldsalon
Segunda modelo do nosso curso Look & Learn 🙌🏻 e aí aprovado ? Honey 🍯 blonde @trussprofessional #crazyfortruss #inbeautywetruss #clubtruss
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