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Who would have known that I would find the best doughnut in #paris Merci @boneshakerparis for making the most perfect doughnut 🍩 very salty caramel #knockedmysocksoff
Our potato gnocchi are soft and fluffy, made daily with Royal blue potatoes. Take advantage of Thursday’s gnocchi night for your fix of gnocchi with a choice of 5 sauces, call our pizzeria to book on 83403392
Retail displays are in full festive swing and this one in @t2tea Victoria Street stopped me in my tracks. I filmed a recent (clumsy) vlog about functional VS emotive descriptors on packaging. The functional version would say ‘lavender tea for sleep’ (I assume it’s lavender) but the emotive messaging does so much more, it quite literally drew me in, and I spent a good half hour talking to a bemused but very helpful shop assistant (it was very early) about how they come up with their names. I was surprised to hear there was a bit of a backlash from consumers around the ‘Jiggle-o’ reusable tea bag - being typically Aussie, cheekiness is part of the brand, but their Christmas collection caters to a European market, bringing to life dreams of cosy nights in and floating away on long deep blue evenings of pure loveliness. . . What’s been your fave #christmas #retaildisplay so far? . . . . . . . . . #londonfoodie #foodgawker #eatstergram #foodgasm #thefeedfeed #spoonfeed #foodiehub #feedyoursoul #forkyeah #goodeats #starvingfoodseeker #eatsandstructure #feastagram #tastingtable #infatuation #eatingfortheinsta #nobsfood #inspo #nice #f52grams #happy #instadaily #tea #abm #retaildisplay #workinginfood #foodpackaging #designstudio
Place:2 eatly cafe . Dish: 2eatly Special Pizza Sandwich , Paneer Peri Peri Pizza & virgin mojito . Taste: 4/5 . Service: 2/5 . Ambiance: 4/5 . Is this place good for copules: yes . COST: 300 TOTAL (approx) . Pizza Sandwich is a must try . Source: @or_kya_mishra #nothingisordinary #myfab5 #f52grams #dailyfoodfeed #lovefood #eatingfortheinsta #flatlay #spoonfeed #huffposttaste #infatuation #buzzfeast #feedyoursoull #cheatmeal #tastingtable #forkyeah #heresmyfood #eater #eattheworld #foodandwine #foodblogfeed #foodandwine #incredibleindia #puneinstagrammers #storiesofindia #punediaries #puneigers #punekar #canonphotos #canoneos #canonrebel
Brunch is decent in Australia @bistroc 🥑🥑🥑
Maple syrup makes everything better. Amen. 🥓🥞🍴
Bar Snacks Anyone!? Join us tomorrow for our Thanksgiving Eve Happy Hour!! $6 cocktails & $6 bar snacks 5pm-7pm 🍸💃🎉🍴 #thanksgivingeve
You know what day it is! Join us for Lobster night! 🦞 #freshbistrovi
Crème Caramel, Muscat Grapes & Verjus _ One of my all-time favourite desserts. Simple but blows them all out the water when done well. So creamy. The verjus in the caramel brought a subtle acidic stroke of genius and I actually really loved the hints of bitterness which came through from the skin of the grapes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #toplondonrestaurants #infatuation #foodie #foodporn #infatuationlondon #foodstagram #tastelondon #lovefood #foodlondon #londonfoodie #londonrestaurants #londonfood #londoneats #eeeeeats #foodblog #foodporn #lefooding #eaterlondon #eattheworld #mystorywithmichelin #lefooding #gastroart #gastronogram #artofplating #theartofplating #cremecaramel #flan #custard #caramel #dessert
ニューヨーク2号店となるティム・ホー・ワンがヘルズキッチンにオープン! #Repost @timhowanusa 📍 610 9th Avenue: your new favorite address in New York City. #TimHoWanUSA 📷: @whatchulookingat #foodie #foodporn #foodgasm #porkbuns #foodstagram #eatfamous #goodeats #eeeeeats #infatuation #tasty #huffposttaste #buzzfeast #buzzfeedfood #delicious #drooling #onthetable #forkyeah #feedfeed #dailyfoodfeed #nomnation #hellskitchen #newyorkcity
Wagyu beef sushi gunkan and a roasted fatty wagyu beef sushi 😛. SO happy with my honeymoon choices.
【來自海鮮的溫暖 Warm Up From Seafood】 特濃蝦湯海鮮拉麵嘅蝦湯甜鮮到一個無法形容嘅程度,每條麵條都吸咗濃蝦湯嘅精華,食每口拉麵都係一個享受,所以特濃蝦湯除咗同泡飯好夾外,同手工拉麵都一樣咁夾架! The shrimp bisque of La Mian with Seafood in Superior Shrimp Soup is made by simmering shrimp heads until it becomes indescribably savory! Every bite of La Mian absorbs the essence of the thick shrimp soup, making every bite a great sensation. Beside the poached rice, superior shrimp soup a great match with La Mian too!
New Blog Post! Check out my new post on visiting the @zotterschokoladen factory in Austria, seeing all the brilliant chocolate and Edible Zoo they have in the beautiful mountains. Or spend far too long staring at this calming nougat fountain from the factory. (Link in bio) . . . . . #ilovevienna #igersaustria #focalmarked #forkyeah #ig_vienna #foodandwine #foodblogfeed #myfab5 #instavienna #nothingisordinary #spoonfeed #heresmyfood #feedyoursoull #eater #eattheworld #f52grams #cheatmeal #igersvienna #discoveraustria #flatlay #infatuation #foodandwine #huffposttaste #eatingfortheinsta #buzzfeast #tastingtable #lovefood #dailyfoodfeed #beantobar #beantobarchocolate #zotterschokolade
Looking for a reason to dine out with friends and family? Republique Asian Fusion serves spoonful of flavors for lunch (11am-2pm) and dinner (5pm-10pm). #republiquedvo Photo by @sunstardavao
Cheung fun for breakfast. Because when it’s this rainy outside and you’re freelancing from home, it’s completely acceptable to pretend you’re living in Hong Kong.
I needed a proper #breakfast ! 😍
OUR CHRISTMAS 🎄 RAFFLE will be announced soon! 😉 Here’s a little preview of Tony holding our prize. #christmas #raffle #anticosgrocer #northbridgeplaza #xmas #competition #fun
Chill 🍳
Fit for the Royal 👑 Family, enjoy our Royal Kerry Green Pitted Olives now available at #thegrocerystore 😋 #olives #antipasto #westfieldmiranda #yum #food #deli #eat #indulge #sutherlandshire #foodie
Does it get fresher than this? A scallop at @oaxenkrog 👀 (📸 @magnuone )
Theres no other fries like ours 🍟😍😍 #TruffleFryTuesday
💚 Spragnieni jednogarnkowego spełnienia? 😏 W takim razie dzisiaj łapiecie za chochlę i w 30 minut wyczarowujecie mac & cheeseburger, czyli mariaż dwóch amerykańskich szlagierów w wersji express 🧀🍔🍝 Będzie mieszane? ✔ Buchnij przepis ➡ http://www.stonerchef.pl/mac-and-cheeseburger-z-jednego-gara/ #Stonerchef #macandcheese #cheeseburger #onepan #onepot #beef #pasta #mięsko #mięcho #meat #makaron #omnomnom #foodpornshare #foodgasm #feast #buzzfeast #eeeats #forkyeah #buzzfeedfood #foodbeast #infatuation #munchies #stonerfood #foodiegram #polishfoodie #foodblog #buchnijprzepis #stonerchefpl
It's not too late to book your Thanksgiving reservation! Just give us a call or DM!😃
Let us be the sparkle to your birthday! 🎂 📸 @sarahh_gd #birthday #celebration #christopherscakeshop #foodie #dessert #cake #since1955
"Coco pops".... All goodness and healthy ingredients 😍! I made these for my Fiancée the other day (not following a recipe at all) they came out REALLY good. They tasted very familiar to him but he couldn't quite figure it out! It finally came to him (after I made him a second batch 😅). COCO POPS - a "children's breakfast cereal" ... something we definitely don't have in our house. These delicious and healthy treats are made with buckwheat which is not wheat at all. Despite the confusing name, buckwheat is not a cereal grain. Buckwheat is actually a fruit seed. Consequently, it is gluten-free ✨✨✨. Recipe in comment below. Happy eating 💕
Loves a big old bowl of noooooods 🍜 Visual experience: 10/10, value for money: 5/10 ($21 for this and there was half an apple (?) at the bottom to bulk it up wtf, taste: 7/10, good but the noodles were cold and the marinade got a bit overwhelming after the first few mouthfuls. In saying that, I’m all about the theatrical presentation 💯👏🏼
Relax and enjoy at Zodiac Cuisine with our delicious food at your company ✨
For the clinically indecisive...the Halo Halo at @mybsweet has 13 ingredients layered in a Filipino shaved ice dessert! 🍨😋👏🏻
Barbacoa is famous for its meat but it was the awesome Snickersphere that won our hearts at #TasteofLondon . A stellar combination of salted caramel, chocolate ganache, and peanuts all housed in a solid chocolate orb, with a popping candy centre that felt like an explosion of stars dancing around our taste buds 💫 Nice one Jamie👍@jamieoliver @barbecoa @tasteoflondon . . . . . . #snickers #peanuts #chocolate #poppingcandy  #dessertlover #tasteoflondon #thisislondon #eatfamous #forkyeah #buzzfood #yummy #eaterlondon #foodielove #devourpower #f52grams #chocoholic #toplondonrestaurants #instafood #lefooding #infatuation #topcitybites #foodgawker #chocolatelover #sweettreats #londonfoodie #infatuationlondon #EEEEEATS #myfab5 #winkygirlloves
Roasted Acorn Squash with "trumpet bacon" is a warm and hearty dish for vegetarians. Our veggie-heavy supports our mission to run a sustainable business as members of @greenrestaurantassociation ♻️
🍳 All day breakfast менюто ни можете да поръчвате от 10ч до 12ч и от 15ч до 17ч от понеделник до петък а през уикенда от 10ч до 17ч. И все пак закуската е най-важното хранене, но при нас ти избираш кога да е 😋
《Swipe For More Irresistible Thai Food💕🐰》 • อร่อย • [Roast Chicken,Esarn Style] - $16 [Thai Fried Kueh Teow (Seafood)] - $18 [Cha-Om Fried Egg] - $12 [Holy Basil KRAPAO (Squid] - $24 [Yellow River Prawn Curry] - $26 [Mango Blue Jasmine Rice] - $14 ~ The new Thai experience at @bluejasmine.sg 💙 ~ Back again at the lush courtyard of @parkhotelfarrerpark , dining next to the shimmering waters of the pool nestles the 100-seater halal Thai restaurant. As Blue Jasmine enters its 2nd year, the a-la-carte menu at Blue Jasmine sees a new refresher yet retaining the unique sensibility. ~ The traditional dishes that have define Thai food in the eyes of the world, such as Pad Thai, are certainly represented, but as a counterbalance to these dishes, Blue Jasmine also offers regional specialties that may be lesser known yet are worth including as a taste of Thailand! ~ With the kitchen lead by Thai Specialist Chef, Chef Nipaporn who has over 20 years of culinary experience, you can look forward to an authentic, satisfying Thai meal prepped and cooked with passion. 🔥 ~ As featured are some of the new add-ons to the a-la-carte menu and they are delicious. 🤤 The [Roast Chicken,Esarn Style], [Thai Fried Kueh Teow (Seafood)] & [Cha-Om Fried Egg] are a must-order!😍 & what better way to end off a good meal than having hearty plate of Thailand’s famous Mango Sticky Rice? Well here at Blue Jasmine, they have the beautiful [Mango Blue Jasmine Rice] and it’s ‘shiok’.👍 ~ Will I be back for more? Most definitely!❤️🍴
• Chicken & Kumato Salad • I love quick, simple & easy dinners like this. Perfect for the warmer weather too 👌🏼 Some grilled chicken, salad things & this beautiful & unique variety of tomato called Kumatoes 🍅 They have a strong, distinctively sweet flavour & you can spot them out by their deep green, to brown & deep reddish brown when fully ripened 🍅 Who else loves a good salad!? #kumato #perfectionfresh @perfectionfreshaus #collab
بعدد احرف القرآن اسعد قلب كل من كتب (يارب) ❤ . @6baa5_omii . مكرونة بالطماطم والجبن 🌸 . بيتزا المعكرونة 🌀 1 باكيت من المعكرونة السباجتي 1او 2كوب كبيرة من صلصة الطماطم أو الطماطم الطازجة المبشورة.عحسب الرغبة بأمكانك اضافة مكونات مثل الفطر او اللحم أو النقانق وهاذا اختياري ١حبة فليفلة مبشورة. ١ حبة بصل صغيرة مفرومة ناعمة . 2ملعقة كبيرة من الزبدة.أو اصبع زبدة ١ ملعقة صغيرة من الأوريغانو ( الزعتر البري الجاف ) 200غ جبن موزاريلا مبشور . ملح وفلفل حسب الرغبة . باكيت ماجي . طريقة تحضير المكرونة بالطماطم والجبن: @6ba5aaty نسلق المكرونة في الماء بعد غليانه بالطريقة المعتادة. • نذوب الزبدة في قدر على نار هادئة. • نضيف البصل حتی يذبل قليلا ومن ثم الفليفلة ونشوحهم قليلاً. • نضيف الفطر ونقلبه • نضيف الطماطم أو صلصة الطماطم • نترك المزيج على نار هادئة حتى يغلي. ونضيف نصف كوب من الماءوملعقة صغيرة من معجون الطماط • نضيف الملح والفلفل .الاسود والفلفل المجروش • نضع المكرونة المسلوقة بعد تصفيتها من الماء فوق الصلصة. • نتركها على النار لمدة دقيقتين. • أخيراً بعد التسبيك نضع كوب ونصف او كوب من جبن الموزريلا استخدمي بوك او البقرات الثلاث لتعطيك نفس نتيجة الفيديو • ننثر الجبن فوق المكرونة حتى يذوب الجبن . • وننثر الأوريغانو فوقها. ويمكنك ادخالها بالفرن لو احببتي قليلا فقط حتی يذوب الجبن او تدعيها عالنار • تقدم ساخنة وبالهناء والشفاء 🌸 . . . . برعاية 👇 استريتر بخاري ^ ضمان سنة ^ والنتيجة مضمونة 👍❤ @jasmine.hairstyle @jasmine.hairstyle . . #nothingisordinary #dailyfoodfeed #lovefood #eatingfortheinsta #flatlay #spoonfeed #huffposttaste #@6ba5aaty #infatuation #buzzfeast #feedyoursoull #cheatmeal #tastingtable #forkyeah #heresmyfood #eater #eattheworld #foodandwine #foodblogfeed #foodandwine #still_life_gallery #buzzfeedfood
⚡️You wanna pita 🥙me? I always falafel for @jackiesgrillette ! Have you been yet? • • • • •📸 Falafel pita sandwich with tomato, red cabbage slaw, herb, pickle, and tzatziki sauce.
⚡️I’d make a pun about macaroni and cheese but I’m afraid it’d be too cheesy 🧀. Tag someone who needs this • • • • •📸”Baked Mac & Cheese”, with Mexican chorizo, cheddar, green apple 🍏, Swiss, pistachio crumbs, and scallions at @biddyomalleys. • • • •@noodleworship @tastemade @cheesy_travelers @thisisinsidercheese @delish
⚡️Love ❤️is in the air. Oh wait, that’s @kbsbbqsmokehouse. Never mind 🤣. TAG A BRISKET LOVER • • • • •📸Brisket smoked 🔥with cherry oak, glazed with their homemade sweet bbq sauce, and topped with fresh red onions
I had the chance to try La Petit Souffle yesterday. So stoked to try it because it's a souffle restaurant which was recommended by a friend, and I don't see a lot of places that serve souffles in the Philippines. So I nearly ordered Foie Gras Mac and Cheese for main. And I realized how Foie Gras are made and suddenly felt guilty about it so I settled with Just Mac and Cheese. And boy was this Mac and Cheese immaculate! I bet they used sharp cheddar for it, the bacon bits were amazing, the Hungarian sausages are heavily seasoned, and the addition of Shimeji mushrooms is clever since they are porous so when you bite them you get all that cheesy goodness! So come the serving of Souffle, I had the Valrhona Guanaja, 70% Dark Chocolate with Vanilla Creme Anglaise paired with Pour Over Brew over Ice. BEST SOUFFLE EVER! Toasted on the sides, airy and moist on the inside so you know they really gave it time to rise, almost like a lava cake but not as sweet. Then you sip that bitter brewed coffee, it's the perfect way to wash your palette off the sugar rush. I am eager to try all of their souffles, especially the savory ones. This place gets a thousand out of ten fosho!
Scrunched up today in the corner of the living room for almost the entire day. Come 10PM tho, I went to North Edsa. Since one of our friends are going back abroad on Sunday, we agreed to meet and catch up. 😎You truly don't get to feel how time flies, until one day you talk to your friends and there's just so many experiences that you're not a part of anymore. It's overwhelming how busy people get when they explore the real world. With jobs to secure, bills to pay, and responsibilities to meet. It's sad that it could easily lead to sparing little to no time to bond. No more summer trips, no weekend getaways, not even after-work dinners. (guilty)😕 On the contrary, you could only be happy as you talk about the "now and then" with your friends. You can now laugh at the silly things you did that you were so anxious about before. You realize how your friends grown and be responsible when you were all so laid back few years ago. And you actually get to witness them be successful in life. 😁👍 Cheers to the next dinner we'll be eating together, and for the seats we'll share when we decide to go on a road trip, see you guys when I see you! Thanks to Rannel for the treat and for giving us a ride. 🤟😎👍
⚡️I just want to have ABS-solutely all of the Mac & Cheese. TAG 📌SOMEONE WHO NEEDS THIS • • • • •📸Baked Mac and cheese with garlic flavored bread crumbs at @thetopsdiner. @cheesy_travelers @thisisinsidercheese @cheesy @topfoodnews
So I cooked pasta yesterday while I'm workin', and I realized that I used soy milk instead of whole milk cause I feel like it's healthier, but I also used three quarters of a tub of butter and four kinds of cheeses (sharp cheddar; emmental; parmesan; and pasteurized, which is abundant on Filipino grocery aisle, found out they're not real cheese but since I don't use salt, I like using them for their saltiness) And I really want to go green now cause I feel like I should do myself a favor but also who says no to cheese? Wish I could actually cook veggie based pasta that won't taste much of a leaf. And I respect people who can do just that, five claps to them 👏👏👏👏👏 *😂 I can lift a 10kg bag of groceries but I can't do a garlic press I guess 😂
This week has been souffle killing me....but thank goudaness for the coming long weekend 😙 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📍 Castella souffle cheese cake @castellacheesecake ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
⚡️Lettuce eat this 🔥quesadilla. What’s your favorite quesadilla stuffing? 👇🏾COMMENT BELOW👇🏾 • • • • •📸Blackened chicken quesadilla served with shredded lettuce, salsa, and sour cream
⚡️Holy crepe! If you haven’t dined at @crepeguru , you are definitely missing out! Go show some 🧡 love. LIKE if you need this 🤤 • • • • •📸”Fiesta Savory Crêpe”, with chicken, melted cheddar cheese 🧀, grilled onions, guacamole, sour cream,mild cholula, and freshly cut lettuce @thrillist @yelpnewjersey @buzzfeedtasty @thisisinsiderfood
⚡️Hit a graham slam with this Sammie (only if you can handle it) 😂“LIKE” if you want S’more • • • • •📸”Flaming Saddlebag”, vanilla ice cream, toasted 🔥 marshmallows, chocolate syrup, @oreo cookies, and crushed @honeymaidsnacks graham cracker at @dairyair_icecream_co
⚡️Baby got back 🐷! @shakeshack wasn’t playing with these BBQ Cheese Fries 🧀🥓 🍟. Like it? Double tap • • • • •📸 The BBQ Bacon Cheese Fries are crinkle-cut fries topped with all-natural smoked Niman Ranch bacon, Shack BBQ Sauce and cheese sauce.
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