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It’s the best thing since sliced bread! 🍞 Brioche, the famously sweet French bread has been a much loved classic since the 13th century 🥖 come along to see how we’ve payed homage to Brioche, celebrating the pleasure of its roots fused with the shock of a modern twist 🥨🍞 #ingredientoftheweek #oshm #event #hospitality #obu
Starting with the second #IngredientOfTheWeek with Spinach! My mom would be the happiest person today since she’s had some major issues in feeding me spinach as a child 😂 On my plate: Palak pyaaz paratha Mom had to show me popeye to make me eat spinach! What is your spinach story? #dontcallmeachef #spinach #palak @sacac_india #homecooked #cookingathome #kitchen #foodie #foodgram #foodforthought #delhifoodie #eatwell #healthyeating #healthyfood #foodgasm #incredibleindia #foodporn #foodbloggers #instagood #delhigram #igramming_india #sodelhi #delhidiaries #delhifoodie #foodie #foodforthought #foodography #droolclub #tasteofindia #tasteofhome
have you ever tried black garlic before? black garlic is almost like a milder, sweeter version of regular garlic. it is fermented and extremely high in antioxidants. due to the high temperatures involved during the fermentation process, the garlic becomes black and soft, and paste-like. it has an amazingly rich and unique flavour. i was first introduced to this interesting ingredient last December, and i’ve honestly been dreaming about it ever since. it is now available at my local supermarket and i am beyond thrilled because i’ve been looking forward to incorporating it into recipes! it tastes absolutely divine spread on crackers! if you have any ideas on how to use black garlic, please share below in the comments! 🙂 . . . . . . . . . . . . #blackgarlic #fermentation #fermentedfoods #ingredients #foodgasm #foodphotooftheday #recipeideas #dailyfood #healthyfood #healthyingredients #foodfoodfood #yycfoodie #yycfood #agedgarlic #madforgarlic #superfoods #newingredients #foodforthought #feedfeed #foodstagram #foodandwine #ingredientoftheweek #farmfresh #localingredients #yyclocal #yycfarmersmarket
Attempt at baking done right 😈 Tried making Muffins and hell yes it turned out good! Last post of this week’s #IngredientOfTheWeek is Oats Banana Muffin! What you’ll need: 1/2 cup powdered oats 1/2 cup rice flour 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 cup milk 2-3 bananas 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp sugar (if you want it to be a little sweet) A pinch of sugar Chocolate sauce . . Method: Preheat your oven. Mix powdered oats, rice flour, salt and baking powder in a bowl. Mash the bananas really well. Avoid lumps. Now add olive oil, mashed bananas and milk. Mix well. Taste the batter and add sugar if required. (If you feel banana flavour isn’t strong enough, then add another banana). Fill the muffin cups with the mixture. Bake it in your preheated oven for 20 minutes at 180/C It took mine to bake properly in 25minutes. So keep checking in between. When done, let it cool. Meanwhile chop a banana for garnishing. When the muffins cool down, place some chopped bananas on top and drizzle some chocolate sauce over it! *drooling* Ps- I took this recipe from @toifood . . . #dontcallmeachef #oats #oatsmuffins #muffin @sacac_india #homecooked #cookingathome #kitchen #foodie #foodgram #foodforthought #delhifoodie #eatwell #healthyeating #healthyfood #foodgasm #incredibleindia #foodporn #foodbloggers #instagood #delhigram #igramming_india #sodelhi #delhidiaries #delhifoodie #foodie #foodforthought #foodography #droolclub
Have some desserts on your christmas dinner! We separate some recipes to make with Nuts! Link: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-food/nut-based-recipes/ #nuts #christmas #dinner #recipe #ingredientoftheweek #bigchef #masterfullycatered #bigchefonline
It’s winter and drinking Hot Chocolate is a must! Starting the day with a warm glass of Hot Chocolate Oats! Healthy, tasty and keeps me full for a longer time 🙈 What you need: Oats - 2 tbsp Milk - 1 glass Hot chocolate powder - 2 tbsp Since, I like my chocolate milkshake a little warm, I’ve used hot chocolate powder; you can use cocoa powder instead and add some chocolate to give it the sweetness) . . Add the warm milk, oats and hot chocolate powder in a blender and blend it till it becomes smooth. Pour into a tall glass and sip sip sip!! . Ps- Make sure the milk you use is warm and not hot, otherwise be prepared for some explosions with the blender 😂😂 . . #dontcallmeachef #IngredientOfTheWeek #oats #oatsforbreakfast @sacac_india #homecooked #cookingathome #kitchen #foodie #foodgram #foodforthought #delhifoodie #eatwell #healthyeating #healthyfood #foodgasm #incredibleindia #foodporn #foodbloggers #instagood #delhigram #igramming_india #sodelhi #delhidiaries #delhifoodie #foodie #foodforthought #foodography #droolclub
/ / / L a v e n d e r 💜🌱 •Healing, soothing & calming! •Great for psoriasis and other inflammatory conditions. •Contains powerful anti-oxidants, helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles. -Restores skin complexion and reduces acne. #ingredientoftheweek #topicalthursday
Tried making Idli for the first time (under supervision, obviously 😂)! #IngredientOfTheWeek post for the day is Oats Idli ❤️ Well I didn’t have to do much since I used a ready-made Oats Idli mix, which you can find at any modern store near your house! I followed the method of cooking mentioned in the Oats Idli mix I bought! Follow the method mentioned in the pack you buy and you’ll have fluffy idlis waiting to eaten! Ps- I didn’t make the sambhar and the chutney...quite complicated dishes for me 🙈😂 . . . #dontcallmeachef #oats @sacac_india #homecooked #cookingathome #kitchen #foodie #foodgram #foodforthought #delhifoodie #eatwell #healthyeating #healthyfood #foodgasm #incredibleindia #foodporn #foodbloggers #instagood #delhigram #igramming_india #sodelhi #delhidiaries #delhifoodie #foodie #foodforthought #foodography #droolclub
I have the worst hunger pangs in between my classes and I’ve finally found out the best way to keep myself full with a healthy alternative! Today’s #IngredientOfTheWeek dish is Oats and dry fruits bar! Easy to make, easy to store, and yes yummy to the tongue! 😂 What you’ll need: Quaker Oats - 1 cup Walnuts - 8-10 Almond- 8-10 Raisins- 8-10 Gud aka jaggery - 1 cup Ghee - 1tbsp You can use any dry fruit for this bar! Method: Take a pan and heat ghee in it. Add the dry fruits (chop them into small chunks) and let it cook for sometime. Keep stirring it to avoid burning. Now add the oats and stir and cook it for a few minutes. Then add the jaggery. Stirring at this stage is important so as to avoid burning. Once the jaggery melts, the mixture will turn a bit sticky. Make sure you break all the chunks of jaggery. Now transfer the mixture in a plate and give it a shape. Let it cool for 15-20 minutes. You’re oats and nuts bar is ready!! Took this recipe from @healthykadai ; I missed out on a few ingredients but do check her recipe! . . . #dontcallmeachef #quakeroats #oats @sacac_india #homecooked #cookingathome #kitchen #foodie #foodgram #foodforthought #delhifoodie #eatwell #healthyeating #healthyfood #foodgasm #incredibleindia #foodporn #foodbloggers #instagood #delhigram #igramming_india #sodelhi #delhidiaries #delhifoodie #foodie #foodforthought #foodography #droolclub
/ / / B a n a n a s 🍌 •Rich in potassium + moisture which will hydrate and moisturize dry skin. •Contains vitamins E + C which promote clear glowing skin #topicaltuesday #ingredientoftheweek #naturalskincare
The ingredient of the week: Activated Charcoal! If the idea of cleansing your face with Charcoal sounds a little paradox, we are here to clear up any doubts! Just keep reading! Find it in our new facial soap “Stilvy” Το συστατικό της εβδομάδας: Ενεργός Άνθρακας! Αν η ιδέα να καθαρίσετε το πρόσωπό σας με Άνθρακα σας ακούγεται κάπως παράδοξη, είμαστε εδώ για να διαλύσουμε κάθε σας αμφιβολία! Απλώς συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε! Βρείτε τον στο νέο μας σαπούνι προσώπου “Στίλβη” 🍃For orders inbox🍃 . . . #nymfescosmetics #naturalskincare #naturalcosmetics #naturaltreasures #naturalingredients #handmadesoaps #ingredientoftheweek #activatedcharcoal #activatedcharcoalbenefits #activatedcharcoalsoap
Asparagus is the ingredient of the week so we added it to our Sunday dinner.⠀ -⠀ We always make it pretty simple. ⠀ -⠀ Olive oil⠀ Salt⠀ Minced garlic⠀ Grated parmesan cheese⠀ Bake on 400 for 25min⠀ -⠀ These weren't super stringy or stalky-textured; I think the long baking time helped. 😋⠀ -⠀ In the PBLife group, we have an ingredient of the week to incorporate into a snack or meal. It's a great way to challenge yourself to look for different meals at restaurants or #playinthekitchen with new recipes. Looking for a way to challenge yourself? Join the group at the 🔗 in the bio - new ingredient every Friday!⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ #asparagus #ingredientoftheweek #foodoftheweek #simple #foodpics #food #mealprep #mealideas #foodsofinstagram #roanoke #roanokeva #roanokevalley #virginia #womenshealth #icoachwomen #nutritioncoach #healthcoach #weightloss #weightlosstips #healthtips #health #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #healthyhabits #balance #changeyourhabits #changeyourlife #wellness #lovewhatyoueat
When Martha Stewart was in prison, what was the thing she missed most? Lemons! A hybrid between a sour orange and a citron, Lemons came to the new world in 1493 when Christopher Columbus brought the seeds to Hispaniola 🍋 Illustrations by @dianahoworth #ingredientoftheweek #onedaylate #deadlinesoftheweek #oshm #hospitality #lemon
You either love it or hate it... but we heart coriander. Fresh or dried, this herb is a wonderful #salternative and brings a distinctive flavour to Asian and Mexican dishes. Try it in a stir-fry, add it to a salsa, or mix into your salad. . . . #UnpackTheSalt #salternative #herb #spices #lowsalt #flavour #hearthealthyeating #heartrecipes #healthytips #hearthealthytips #nutrition #nourish #yum #coriander #mexican #asian #ingredientoftheweek
So today’s dish for #IngredientOfTheWeek is Oats Chilla! Very easy to make and this turns out to be the perfect nutritional start for a long day ahead! What you’ll need: Quaker Rolled oats- 1 cup (or oats flour) Onion - 1 (finely chopped) Tomato - 1 (finely chopped) Green Chilli - 1 (finely chopped) Coriander Leaves - handful (finely chopped) Cooking oil Salt and pepper (I tend to forget to add salt 🙄🙄) Method Take the rolled oats and roast them a bit in a pan until it turns light brown. Now blend the roasted oats in a blender to get a powdered form. If you’re using oats flour, you’re sorted 😂 Take the powdered oats and mix the onions, tomatoes, green chilli and Coriander leaves. Now, start adding water in small quantities and mix well to get a batter (not too runny and not too thick). Add salt and pepper as per taste. Now take a pan (use non-stick if you have) and turn on the heat. Once heated, drizzle a teaspoon of cooking oil. Now add the batter and spread it evenly on the pan. Keep the heat on medium so that it cooks evenly. Let it cook for sometime. Keep checking. Once it looks cooked, flip it and let the other side cook. Drizzle a little bit of oil on the sides and on top. Let the other side cook and you’re oats chilla is ready! You can eat it with ketchup, green chutney, honey chilli sauce or any sort of a dip as well! I’m having it with garlic chutney; will share the recipe soon! Blunder story: I ended up pouring a lot of water in the oats and had to mix some more oats to get the right consistency. Be careful!!! . . . #dontcallmeachef #quakeroats #oatsforbreakfast #oats @sacac_india #homecooked #cookingathome #kitchen #foodie #foodgram #foodforthought #delhifoodie #eatwell #healthyeating #healthyfood #foodgasm #incredibleindia #foodporn #foodbloggers #instagood #delhigram #igramming_india #sodelhi #delhidiaries #delhifoodie #foodie #foodforthought #foodography #droolclub
Ingredient of the week - frozen berries. There's a distinctly Christmassy theme to our class recipe this week. It uses frozen berries, which are often seen as a poor relation to their fresh brethren. However, outside of the few short months they are in season, it makes total sense to use frozen berries. They are much cheaper and ironically fresher, as fresh berries in the winter months will have been flown thousands of miles before they get to us. Better for the pocket and the environment, total win! Use them in crumbles; to make a compote for yogurt or porridge; or to make easy, healthy ice lollies or smoothies. #ingredientoftheweek #healthyfood #cheapeats
Starting the new food series #IngredientOfTheWeek with Oats! 🤩🤩 Heathy, fibrous and a very good source of proteins and antioxidants, Oats have a well balanced nutritional composition! My breakfast today: Overnight Oats, banana and chia seeds What you need: Banana - 1 Rolled oats - 1/2 cup Chia seeds - 2-3 tsp Milk- 1 cup Mason jar Steps Mash the banana really well. Make sure there aren’t any lumps. In a bowl, add the mashed banana, oats, chia seeds and milk. Mix well, transfer it in a mason jar and cover it. Let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. Take out the jar in morning, you’ll see the oats and chia seeds have absorbed the milk and the mixture is thick in consistency. Slice some banana and place it on top. Sprinkle some chia seeds and Tadaaaaaa! Your heathy and wholesome breakfast is ready! . . . #dontcallmeachef #quakeroats #oatsforbreakfast #oats #overnightoats @sacac_india #homecooked #cookingathome #kitchen #foodie #foodgram #foodforthought #delhifoodie #eatwell #healthyeating #healthyfood #foodgasm #incredibleindia #foodporn #foodbloggers #instagood #delhigram #igramming_india #sodelhi #delhidiaries #delhifoodie #foodie #foodforthought #foodography #droolclub
/ / / M a n u k a 🍯 H o n e y 🐝🐝🐝 •This magical honey comes straight from New Zealand & is full of skin benefits! •It is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, which is great for clearing up acne and can also be used as an overnight spot treatment. •Good for anti-aging & preventing wrinkles. •It also has lightening effects due to the high hydrogen peroxide content, so it helps with acne scars. #ingredientoftheweek #skincaresunday
Repost @pandoodle - . . . Roselle. We started with replacing the traditional cranberry thanksgiving sauce last year and roselle soon found its way into my kitchen on a permanent basis. Family to the well known hibiscus, roselle is known to be native to west Africa and grown in tropics worldwide. How to use- at @figandmapledelhi I use roselle through the festive months as a sauce for duck and sautéed with shrimp and also as our seasons fave infusion. The roselle has gelatinous properties and is also used as a mild laxative. The primary use for roselle was to be used as a substitute for jute in making burlap. Thank you @krishicress @achintyaanand for always sorting out our roselle needs! #schooltime #education #ingredientoftheweek #reducecarbonfootprint #uselocal #cooklocal #eatlocal . . . . . . . . . #champagne #vinhos #wineoftheday #vineyard #winenot #sparklingwine #sydneyeats #napa #napavalley #sanfran #cali #redwine #wineglass #winestagram #winenight #wineo #weekend #instadrink #instalove #cheers #drink #drinkporn
"I regret taking such good care of my skin" said no one ever. . . Spice up your skincare regimen with some healthy haldi. It's anti-inflammatory, prevents acne, protects skin from age damage....need we say more? . . Click the link in bio for 8 luxury turmeric infused #beautyproducts for the best skin. #NykaaBeautyBook #Skincare #IngredientOfTheWeek #Turmeric
《❤OVEN BAKED OATS❤》with speculaas spices and the classic . I love it when everything comes together😋Check out this wonderful 《breakfast bowl》 with the ovenbaked oats from @fitfooodlover I used her recipe and bowl as inspiration for the third dish this week with of course pepernoten🍪To make it easy for you, I re-post hers in my story so you can immediately click through for the recipe! Thanks girl for the inspiration👌 . So I have a thing with recipes that I never follow what is in it, now I couldn't change that much and that's not necessary because it is so delicious😌Well it must be that I can't resist to add a tablespoon of those delicious speculaas spices. In addition, I again used that lovely date pepernoten collaboration from @renskroes and @cozymess.nl 👏 . That made me decide to add one last twist to my bowl🥜Instead of the sport peanut butter I used the date cinnamon variant of @depindakaaswinkel this is really to die for🤘 . 🍊The other groceries I shopped at the local greengrocer and sorry @Alberthein nothing against you but I have a @jumbo practically in my backyard🤣so I went shopping there👋 . 《❤For those who wonder where all this spam is good for... I just love food, chatting, chatting about food, and nonsense, and》 I 《 feel happy about it. So peace out! and enjoy!❤》 . . .
Roselle. We started with replacing the traditional cranberry thanksgiving sauce last year and roselle soon found its way into my kitchen on a permanent basis. Family to the well known hibiscus, roselle is known to be native to west Africa and grown in tropics worldwide. How to use- at @figandmapledelhi I use roselle through the festive months as a sauce for duck and sautéed with shrimp and also as my fave infusion. The roselle has gelatinous properties and is also used as a mild laxative. The primary use for roselle was to be used as a substitute for jute in making burlap. Thank you @krishicress @achintyaanand for always sorting out my roselle needs! #schooltime #education #ingredientoftheweek #reducecarbonfootprint #uselocal #cooklocal #eatlocal
《❤🍪PEPERNOTEN🍪❤》and my personal review of《🌱KOMBUCHA🌱》in Dutch🇳🇱 . 🌈Hi there colours of the world of the world🌈I have a "date" with pepernoot and we are going to make a super tasty, slightly healthier gingernuts with dates🍪That is something slightly different right🍪 less regular sugar more sweetness of the dates! Check out Yesterdays story to see how easy they're to make! . 🇳🇱《🌱 @aardg.nl KOMBUCHA🌱》🇳🇱Ik ben op dag 10 van mijn kombucha-try-out en dat betekent dat mijn fles leeg is😭Ik heb jullie beloofd hier nog een update over te geven. In zekere zin is er niet veel veranderd, ik had het gevoel van 'rommelende darmen' al beschreven. Nu heb ik ook veel meer energie en ben veel gelukkiger maar of dat nou door het drankje komt of meer te maken heeft met de voltooiing van mijn revalidatieproces... Wie zal het zeggen😉 . In het begin moest ik erg wennen aan de smaak😇Eerlijk het was net zuur slootwater🤮 maar aan iedere nieuwe smaak moet je wennen. 10-12 keer proeven voordat je een smaak echt waardeerd en hieraan went. Zo werkt dat ook altijd bij mijn dochtertje van 1,5 Even blijven proberen en dan lust ze het wel! Ik kan oprecht zeggen dat dat ook voor de kombucha zo is gebleken💪🏻Daarnaast brengen ze nu ook 3 nieuwe smaken op de markt! Dus als je ook een echt lekker kombucha drankje wil verwacht ik dat deze een zeer goede optie zullen zijn! Voor de pure gezonde boost van je darmen raad ik de orginele kombucha aan! 《🌱Heb jij ze al geprobeerd?🌱》 . . . 《💚Did you try KOMBUCHA and what do you think of it? Let me know and ASK me anything you want to know about it!💚》 . . .
The ingredient of the week: Turmeric! Eat it, drink it or wash with it, this magical root has unique benefits! Active ingredient of our Melissa soap: https://www.etsy.com/listing/649537013/natural-exfoliating-soap-honey-oat Το συστατικό της εβδομάδας: Κουρκουμάς! Χρησιμοποιήστε το στο φαγητό, στο τσάι ή και στο σαπούνι σας, αυτή η μαγική ρίζα έχει μοναδικές ιδιότητες! Ενεργό συστατικό στο σαπούνι μας Μέλισσα: https://www.etsy.com/listing/649537013/natural-exfoliating-soap-honey-oat #nymfescosmetics #naturalskincare #naturalcosmetics #naturalingredients #ingredientoftheweek #naturaltreasures #turmeric #turmericsoap #curcumin #turmericbenefits #handmadesoap #naturalsoap
#ingredientoftheweek Most of our products contain precious 'apricot kernel oil' from the Nepalese Himalayas 🧡 The kernels of the apricots are very beneficial as they contain between 40% and 50% oil. This oil is excellent for sensitive skin because of it's rich vitamins and fatty acids. It's known for it's many benefits, such as it's anti-inflammatory properties (excellent for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea). #apricotkerneloil #apricots #sensitiveskin #sensitive #skin #himalayas #nepal #inflammatory #skincondition #eczema #psoriasis #cimeskincare #cime #cimecosmetics #greenbeauty #belgianbrand #ikkoopbelgisch #skincare #natural #fairtrade #organicskincare #organic #himalayanessentials #vegan
Let's talk about nature's candy.... Okay, I admit dates won't replace all candy in your life, but they are little nuggets of deliciousness that you can use in so many ways. I love to use them in smoothies or even sauces! If you are doing #Whole30 or eliminating sugars from your diet, they are a great substitute in recipes for a natural sweetness. Plus all that fiber helps the sugars absorb more slowly into your system. Do you cook with dates? . . . #cleaneatingideas #glutenfreemadeeasy #healthymadeeasy #healthymealshare #healthyhomemade #autoimmunewarrior #natureshealing #letfoodbethymedicine #fuelyourbodyright #healthyandwellness #vegetarianeats #healthynotboring #healthyanddelicious #healthyandfit #healthyandyummy #eattherainbow 🌈#freshvegetables #glutenfreediet #naturesmedicine #babystepstosuccess #digestivehealth #mindfuleating #naturallysweet #naturescandy #cookingwithdates #whole30tips #ingredientoftheweek
《❤🇳🇱SINTERSALAD🇳🇱❤》Hell yes with🍪pepernoten🤪WHY NOT . 🌈Hi there colours of the world. Another new week. How hard are you going this week?!🌈 . What exactly are《pepernoten -> ginger nuts》Let's just call them that for convenience🤔The hole story is a bit complicated so let's not go there right now. It's a typical Dutch delicacy that is usually eaten around 🇳🇱《Sinterklaas -> Saint Nicholas》It's a small crunchy cookie with gingerbread spices🍪 . Tuesdays are to try out, because then I have the time for that. Man to work, daughter to the daycare and no work planned. Time to experiment🧐Okay you sometimes have to be a little crazy to come to nice dishes and I admit I'm crazy🤪Pepernoten in your salad but believe me《you and your kids》will thank me if you make this. AND it is also kind of a little bit healthy🤭 . . . 《❤Would you like to make this, please DM for the recipe❤》 . . . 《❤🍪Please feel free to share your Spinach creation and tag @colours.of.inge AND #thisweeksingredient 🍪❤》 . . .
Swap the salt shaker for chilli flakes this week to improve your health. Whether they're fresh, dried or ground, chilli can add a punch to your meals! 🌶🌶 #salternative . . . . #UnpacktheSalt #chilli #flavour #salternative #yum #seasoning #hot #spicy #hearthealthy #ingredientoftheweek #loveyourheart #nutrition #lowsalt #hearthealthyeating #recipes #healthyideas
Anyone else craving some Pork Belly and Crackling?🍴We know we are! And only the finest will do.. thanks to our sponsor Eagles Butchers providing us with their award winning local pork for our main course! 🐽 Illustrations by @dianahoworth #yum #ingredientoftheweek #oshm #event #pork #obu #hospitality
/ / / C r a n b e r r i e s / / / ✨ •Rich in vitamin C which helps scars and hyperpigmentation to fade away. •Anti-inflammatory properties which treats break outs. •Firming & tightening. •Moisturizing, as well! #ingredientoftheweek
《💚SPINACH PIZZA💚》dinner and more about 《🌱KOMBUCHA🌱》 . 🌈HI THERE🌈I can not believe it's already Saturday. Do you also have that the weeks fly by.《December is coming》that's always so busy month full of holidays and a lot of other craziness🤪I am already very much in the mood💃but that also means that not a week or a month has passed, but this year will come to an end too😱 . In my last post I made cupcakes and I didn't intent to but the had kind of a christmas 🎅 《holliday feeling》to them🤣This pizza is also a good contender for al the december celebrations and you'll definitely turn heads and scoor high with this party dish😳 . 《🌱AARD'G KOMBUCHA🌱》In my strory you have seen that I have started trying kombucha. I'm now on DAY 5 and have noticed some changes physically!👩‍🔬Rumbling intestines, especially, so something happens inside! Whether other possible benefits such as having more energy also have an effect, I can not yet specifically indicate. It is also a bit early for that, so we talk about this next week🙏 . . . 《💚Did you ever try KOMBUCHA and what do you think of it? Let me know and ASK me anything you want to know about it!💚》 . . .
《💚SPINACH BREAKFAST💚》with smoothie and cupcakes . Hi there colours of the world! In this week's poll, I asked if you would like to see more sweet or savory dishes. 75% voted sweet . So now I'm baking spinach cupcakes 🌱 Yes yes you hear it right. You'll wanted to see more 🍬sweet🍭recipes, so that can be arranged. Contrary to what you would initially expect, that is even possible with spinach💚Because Sinterklaas《Dutch celebration》is in the country, I gave it a twist with 《Pepernoten》 I'll tell you more about them next week! Made this for my little girl and husband because they were already surfing the weekendvibes🏄‍♂️I'll had one day of training and exploring ahead and now I'm joining them🧘‍♀️Looking forward to a bizzy but fun weekend with them🤸‍♀️ . . 《💚Would you like to make this, please DM for the recipe💚》 . . .
《💚SPINACH PESTO💚》SOOO GOOOD . Hi there colours of the world! The Ingredient I'm working with is《💚SPINACH💚》How is your week going? My week went a bit different than planned🤐Heavy last weeks at the rehabilitation center with again extreme back pain🤦‍♀️Which caused me to walk a bit behind this week. But "giving up" is not an option💪🏻Just slide a little in my planning so that I can eventually do what I think is important. It gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction to make these dishes every week. 《💃SO GET THIS PARTY STARTED🧘‍♀️》 《💚Would you like to make this, please DM for the recipe💚》 . . . 《💚Please feel free to share your Spinach creation and tag @colours.of.inge AND #thisweeksingredient 💚》 . . .
/ / / D a r k 🍫 C h o c o l a t e / / / •Fights fine lines & wrinkles. •Gives your skin a healthy glow. •Improves blood flow because it is full of antioxidants. •Protects from ☀️ damage. #ingredientoftheweek
The perfect T-day treat is not just for the dinner table. Squash contains high levels of Vitamin C which is great for the skin! Happy 🦃 day! #ingredientoftheweek
/ / / P o m e g r a n a t e s / / / ✨ •Rich in antioxidants, which fight and repair free radical damage to the skin like sun & age spots. •Helps to prevent acne. •Helps with cellular regeneration which is great for anti-aging! #topicaltuesday #ingredientoftheweek
Grab some #SheaButter infusions to moisturize the skin. #WinterSkincare . . The temperature is slowly dropping making your skin more parched than usual. It's time to lay the cream on thick to keep your skin super soft. A job Shea Butter is more than equipped to take on! . . Click the link in bio for our top Shea butter infused products and tell us your favorites! #NykaaBeautyBook #IngredientOfTheWeek
Basil and Italian food are a match made in heaven! It's perfect in pasta, and on a pizza but it can also be a great addition for soups and sauces. For a healthy heart, we recommend flavouring your food with herbs and spices instead of salt, as eating too much sodium over time can increase your risk of high blood pressure. . . . #UnpackTheSalt #ingredientoftheweek #herbs #spices #basil #italianfood #flavour #yum #salt #toomuchsalt #highbloodpressure #hearthealthyeating #heartrecipes #yum #nourish
Juniper berries, which are commonly used in the distillation process of Gin, have also been used in indigenous medicine, ranging from diabetes to contraception. The Future of our Roots will be using Juniper berries as a rub to give our meat clean notes of pine, turpentine and resin 🌱 Illustrations by @dianahoworth . #ingredientoftheweek #hospitality #events #oshm #juniper
Ingredient of the week: Potatoes 🥔⠀ -⠀ There is so much you can do with potatoes! ⠀ Roast potato⠀ Baked potato⠀ Potato chips ⠀ Potato skin ⠀ Potato wedges ⠀ Potato salad ⠀ Hasselback potato⠀ ⠀ And our favourite.. Mashed potatoes!! ⠀ With the Cuisipro Potato Masher from Greenleaf Home, mashing potatoes has never been easier! ⠀ ⠀ Which potato dish are you making this week? Tell us in the comments 👇⠀ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #greenleafhome #potatolover #ingredientoftheweek #potatosalad #mashedpotatoes #potatowedges #potatochips #roastpotatoes #bakedpotato #potatodish
《💜BLACKBERRY GOATCHEESE FLATBREAD💜》READ MORE if you want to know about the nature photo🍁 . 🌈Hi there colours of the world 🌈 How is your weekend? I was surprised this weekend🙋‍♀️My husband send one of my autumn photos that I made here in the park to the local newspaper @weekbladregiooss Now you can feel it coming, they've chosen and placed it《SWIPE TO SEE THE PICTURE》How great is that 🤩 and of course super sweet of my husband @erpmans 《🍁CELEBRATE AUTUMN🍁》 . 🤫Now back to the picture of today because I still owe you a dish. The're so many ways to use these delicious blackberries🍇This recipe is a golden oldie that always does well. Simple, fast and delicious🌱Make it for a party or if you'll have friends come over OR better yet make one for《yourself》because I guarantee you it's actually too good to share😏 . . . 《💜🌱Would you like to make this, DM me for the recipe🌱💜》 . . .
/ / / / G I N G E R / / / / ❄️ 🎄 ☕️ 🍪 So I’m not saying gingerbread cookies are the best option for your skin, BUT I am getting in the holiday spirit and they do contain ginger which is great for your skin, because it: •Has anti-aging benefits. •Helps clear blemishes. •Tones the skin. •Increases blood flow. •Reduces redness & inflammation. #ingredientoftheweek #skincaresaturday
《💜ZUCHINNI AND BLACKBERRY PIZZA 💜》 . Hi there 🎉partypeople🎉 how is your weekend? I saw a beautiful picture passing by and thought of making an pizza from a eggplant! I have to try that out but with goat cheese and《blackberries》After all, it is the week of the blackberry🍇 . We have a big party tonight so we have to put a good but healthy soil so that we can also have a drink without falling under the table. Okay that sounds a bit strange but it is a Dutch saying. What are your plans this weekend . . . 《💜🌱Would you like to make this, DM me for the recipe🌱💜》 . . . 《💜Please feel free to share your cranberry creation and tag @colours.of.inge AND #thisweeksingredient 💜》 . . .
Learning German: look! I finally was able to find Broth! I've been overlooking these jars of what looked like some pickled meat concoction. I was complaining to a friend that it has been a year and I haven't seen broth in any grocery store. She set me straight and told me the word to look for is "Brühe". It is SO tasty too! My lentils are fantastic.
Padina Pavonica is a unique Mediterranean alga that is known for plumping the skin. I recently found this ingredient in @sisleyparisusa Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream - perhaps a splurge worthy treat for the skin!
🍇 🍇 | R e d 🍷 W i n e | 🍇 🍇 •Contains antioxidants such as tannin, flavonoids & resveratrol. These help to fight free radicals which is great for anti-aging & restoring elasticity in your skin. •Contains natural acids (AHAs) which have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to reduce excess oil production, open pores & fight acne. •Also, contains antioxidants called polyphenols which prevent cell damage, restores dull skin & gives your skin a healthy glow. #topicalthursday #ingredientoftheweek
《💜CHIAPUDDING BLACKBERRIES💜》with all my favorite products of this moment . Hi there to all you colourful people🌈another new week with a new ingredient. Yes, I have to apologize for that because there was something wrong😯I couldn't find fresh figs at the moment🙄But do not worry they will be discussed another time and now we'll make a party with blackberries this week🎉 . 💜I love this chiapudding it's so healthy, easy and super delicious. I find the inspiration to make this @cleaneatingnow.nl She posted a recipe yesterday and it made me run into the kitchen🏃‍♀️The only difference in the recipe is that I used oat milk💜 . 💜I used @alpro plant based yoghurt, that's because I avoid as many milk products as possible and eat more plant based products. Other toppings are blackberries and my favorite muesli💜 . 💜I have to tell you a bit more about that. I bought this from @mymuesli.nl and you can put together your own muesli《how nice is that》This is one with a basic chocolate mix, dried figs 😅yes there is still some fig in this creation😅and chocolate-coated berries. For the chia pudding I used there oats milk called 《NILK》💜 . . . 《🌱This is just an honest opinion from me about these products🌱》 . . . 《💜Please feel free to share your blackberry creation and tag @colours.of.inge AND #thisweeksingredient 💜》
Bean thinking about ways to incorporate more vegetables into your diet? Look no further than green beans. . . . #ingredientoftheweek #yum #delicious #beans #greenbeans #vegetable #veggies #nourish #nutrition #hearthealthyeating #hearthealth #eatingprinciples #hearthealthy #loveyourheart
Well what can we say about Rhubarb, a classic English ingredient. Turns out that’s not the case! Rhubarb originates from Asia, but it can be found all over the world today thanks to Marco Polo who brought this plant to Europe way back in the 13th century 🌏 Thanks Marco! Illustrations by @dianahoworth #ingredientoftheweek #hospitality #ingredients #fusion #marcopolo #oshm #obu
《❤🍹CRANBERRY LICOR 43 COCKTAIL🍹❤》🎉PARTYTIME with FRIENDS🎉 . Hi there 🌈colours🌈 of the world. How is your weekend? We are a weekend away with friends to Malmedy, Belgium❤Super big house, a lot of fun and of course also time for a nice cocktail🍹My favorite drink par excellence is licor 43, and that together with cranberry is a top combination. 《🎉ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND🎉》 . . . 《❤🌱Would you like to make this, DM me for the recipe🌱❤》 . . . 《❤Please feel free to share your cranberry creation and tag @colours.of.inge AND #thisweeksingredient ❤》
《❤BAKED BRIE with cranberry compote and sprouts❤》 This healthy dish put me thinking🤯 . 🌈Hi there🌈 I have a question for you! How vegetarian are you🔎When are you a vegetarian🔎What so the differences. I will go through a number of terms with you. . 1🌱《FLEXITARIAN》When you don't eat meat one or more days a week. That does not just mean your dinner. 1/3 of your meat consumption you eat during the day. . 2🌱《PESCOTARIAN》When you don't eat mammals or poultry but still eat fish and crustaceans. Often this is a choice from health consideration. . 3🌱《VEGATARIAN》When you don't eat meat, fish, and products such as gelatine (from skin or bones) and cheese (with veal rennet) . 4🌱《VAGAN》When you don't eat meat, fish and animal products (such as dairy, eggs and honey) and no animal products (such as leather and wool) . 🔎Main reasons to make a choise to change your  food lifestyle is for HEALTH, ANIMAL WELL BEING, ENVOIRMEMT🤕🌱🐄🥛🌍Ofcourse there are more terms like pollo- lacto- ovo- vegatarian. I find it very complex🤯 . . . 《❤🌱What do you think and where do you stand 1, 2, 3, 4 or elsewhere🌱❤》
Tea tree oil is thought to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, as it soothes the skin and can even be used on mildly irritated skin. In its purist form, it has drying properties and can combat oily skin. But always remember to spot test on the back of your arm to make sure your skin doesn’t react before using! #ingredientoftheweek
My favorite berry #capegooseberry ภาษาไทย เรียกว่า โทงเทงฝรั่ง 🤩#ingredientoftheweek หาทานยากเหลือเกิน
Chili powder can be used in several recipes to give a bold taste to your dish. Check out what kind of peppers are used to make the popular spice. What recipes do you add chili powder to? #DinnerTonightTx #AgriLifeExtension • • • #agrilife #foodstagram #goodeats #homecooking #eathealthy #recipe #cooking #healthy #foodie #menu #healthydishes #peppers #hotandspicy #hot #spicy #driedpeppers #flavor #chilipowder #ingredientoftheweek #cookingwithspices
/// R O S E M A R Y /// 🌿 •Serves as an anti-inflammatory •Protects from/ fights off free radicals 👊💥 •Disinfectant properties •Improves circulation •Balances skin oil secretion. #topicaltuesday #ingredientoftheweek
《❤CHOCOLATE CRANBERRY QUINOA BARS❤》 . Hi there to all you colourful people🌈How was the start of your week? Thanks again for the《help》with finding the ingredient of this week🙏I will do this more often by means of a poll so keep an eye on my story on Monday❤ . Today my day started with looking 🔎 for nice inspiring dishes and combinations🙏If you followed my story today you have already seen that I made a delicious cranberry《compote》and the preparations for these delicious energy bars . ⚡Energy⚡at any time of the day everyone can use a healthy boost💪🏻Whether it's in the morning, on the road or after exercise this healthy bar can be done at any time⏳Super fast made, don't need a oven and rich in cranberries, grains and nuts . . . 《❤🌱Would you like to make this, DM me for the recipe🌱❤》 . . . 《❤Please feel free to share your cranberry creation and tag @colours.of.inge AND #thisweeksingredient ❤》
Don't just take Popeye's word for it - we also LOVE spinach. Challenge yourself this week to add spinach into your meals, whether it is blended into a delicious breakfast smoothie or added to your humble wholegrain sandwich... the options are endless! . . . #loveyourheart #ingredientoftheweek #yum #spinach #healthylife #healthychoices #healthyrecipes #hearthealthy #heartrecipes #nourish #nutrition #vegetable #greenveggie
You just can’t Beet it! Einstein may have hated them, but Pompeii’s official brothel had their walls decorated with pictures of beetroots! If that’s not a winner, we don’t know what is.. 👴🏼 Illustrations by @dianahoworth #ingredientoftheweek #factoftheweek #oshm #hospitality #obu #events
《🧡AUTUMN PUMPKIN SPAGHETTI🧡》Hi there to all the colours of the 🌍WORLD🌎 . 《How was your week?》Can't believe is already Saturday and more so 🍁NOVEMBER🍁On the other hand it's weekend so put on your happy face and shine bright🌞 . Last thursday it was🌱《world vegan day》🌱 what did you eat? I had a really smooth creamy and spicy 《coconut mushroom soup》🥣 check my STORY if you want to see what that looks like! 🤚STOP right there ..uhm wasn't it pumpkin week 🤔 yes yes you got me, but I'm not eating pumpkin all week 🙃sorrryyy🙃 . The inspiration for this dish came from different fronts. First of all the autumn 🍁 and certainly also the pumpkin 🎃 In addition, I naturally went looking for 《tasty recipes》🧡 I ended up with recipes from @beaufood and @lazycatkitchen 🤚 Last but not least, I still have to give some credits to myself 🌞 My "thing" is that I can never follow recipes and always have to change something 🌱 . . . 《🧡Would you like to know what I have adjusted, please do not hesitate and DM me🧡》
🌹Our #IngredientoftheWeek is Rose Stem Cells ⁣ ⁣ 🌹Rose belongs to the mint family, anti-inflammatory and constricts over-active capillaries to calm⁣ redness and sensitivity issues.⁣ ⁣ 🌹Click the post tag to check out our BEAUTY DIRECTORS' ROSE EDIT, which contains our multi-awarded, ultra hydrating mist and oil serum made from high grade first budded Damask Rose. Raved by top Beauty Editors, get yours now.⁣ ⁣ #RoseSkincare #Rose #Skincare #001 #Beauty #calmskin #xmasgift
/// B e l l P e p p e r s /// ✨ •Full of Vitamin C! •Contains fiber & vitamin B6. •Rich in carotenoids which can help prevent wrinkles & increase blood circulation to your skin. •Carotenoids also help fight acne 👊💥 #ingredientoftheweek
/// W i l l o w 🌳 B a r k /// •Astringent, anti-inflammatory & soothing properties! •Contains salicylic acid, a natural BHA exfoliant, used to fight acne by helping to shed dead skin cells +clearing your pores. #topicalthursday #ingredientoftheweek
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