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TODAY WE GET TO GO HOME 🥰 . I am super excited and completely stoked to be introducing this little munchkin to the world 🙌🏻💕 . I’ve been taking myself through my own little physio routine and it’s totally payed off! . Look out world! Here we come! . A+T 💕
#transparency this morning as I rise I always say good morning to God and have a small conversation as if He’s my husband as I shuffle my to the bathroom #lol #chuckle #tmi . As I came back to bed I unlocked my phone to start my daily devotional but I just couldn’t focus, there was something riding my mind and distracting me and that’s when God reminded me of last nights conversation where a young lady commented something that she believed and I was hurt and responded wrong due to my passion for Christ, instead of asking why she felt that way I did the one thing you don’t do, I told her what not to do 🤦🏽‍♀️! I quickly closed my app and reached out to the young lady, apologizing first and offering my time to sit with her and just listen. God showed me that no one had exposed her to Him so she can only go by what she believes and my heart was saddened! As adults it’s our calling and responsibility to guide our youth, when we drop the ball, (which we often do being distracted by life) we drop it tremendously and it effects every aspect of their life in how they view and see people and the world, remember the universe must obey, so whatever a man thinketh he becomes and so does his world. A child has a very impressionable brain that eventually becomes an adult and no matter how smart and book savvy that child is they still need rearing and guidance! We are examples and we are being watched, they are the sheep and we are the shepherds! Today take time to self reflect, who have you dropped the ball on? Whose young life can you make a positive impression on? #faithdriven #realtoratlanta #georgia #motivationalspeaker #motivationalpill #inspirethemasses #beyourbestyou #fightingforthekingdom #godfirst #motivateachild #motivateayoungadult
This amazing human @dontbeonecler has been accepted onto a course for #mentalhealthcounseling and I am very proud of her, to the commitment she shows, to the pride in her speech to tone of her laugh. Im not a believer in fate, but i do believe that this a very amazingly tailor made path she is skipping on down and i love it ❤🙌🏼 (She also has an amazing blog. Check her out!!) . . #inspirationalpeople #amazinghumans #invisibleillness_ #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #therapy #anxietyattack #depression #stressmanagement #chronicillness #invisibleillness #chronicpain #chronicdisease #mentalhealthmatters #recovery #empowerment #ambassador #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthblogger #autoimmunewarrior #sarcoidosis #inspirethemasses #scotland #ukblog #spoonielife #notalldisabilitiesarevisible
SHE’s HERE 💕 . Amberley Stafford, Welcome Earth-Side beautiful girl 💕 . This beautiful bubba joined us last night 12-01-2019 at 6:37pm . I never knew I could love so deeply 💕 . An incredible journey through a 39 hour labour - I’ll share our beautiful birthing journey once we are settled and I’m up to it 💕 . 7.9 pounds 53 cm long
‼️📣 Calling all boss babes 📣‼️ Visualize what you want and speak it into existence 👊🏻👊🏾👊🏿 #bossbabe #ladyboss #goaldigger #speakyourtruth #speakyourdreamsintoexistence #mindfulness #spirituality #socialwork #socialworker #empoweredwomen #empoweringwomen #inspiration #inspired #inspirethemasses
TODAY is the DUE DATE... . The time is near and this mumma is super excited to meet her little girl 💕 . A few “false starts”, and all the signs are telling me I’ll have met this beautiful little soul by the end of the week 💕 . I’m ready My heart is full I’m just so keen to be a mother 💕 . I’m also excited to share my journey into motherhood with you all and show you exactly how you CAN have it all! BABY BUSINESS HEALTH FREEDOM BALANCE . I’ll update you all as soon as she is earth-side and I’m ready to share her with you x 💕🙌🏻 . -T💕
This one is ironic cause I’m inspired by @grantcardone , and want to share his stuff with the world, but is this technically “Copying Other”??? 🤣🤣🤣
There's no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections. . . . #perfectlyimperfect #growthmindset #inspirethemasses #lovethetransformation
You know just getting shnit done! ( yep I totally just used shnit, and you totally love it) (I’m a friggin genius 🤣🤣🤣)
A new year...happens every 365 days. Why wait so long to set goals and resolutions when you can continue to work on them all year long? If you are setting resolutions, don’t bite off more than you can chew. High aspirations are great but they can sometimes make the journey miserable. Don’t sprint off the start...take your time. Celebrate your wins and learn where you can be more effective. As the year come to an end, hit the reset button. Reflect on where you are and how you got there. If you need to adjust, do it. If you need help, ask for it. If you start to complain...STOP IT! You already have it in you...JUST DO IT! Don’t wait all year to start something when you could have been working on it for the last 365 days👊🏼 . . . #fitnessinspiration #fitnessinfluencer #continuetoinspire #beeffective #learnfrommistakes #whywait #resolutions #commitment #commit #pushyourself #pushittothelimit #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmotivationdaily #motivationforfitness #inspirethemasses #beinspired #bethebestyou #inspireothers #beherenow #accountability #holdyourselfaccountable
A DAY OF CLEANSING . Out with the old IN with the new 🙌🏻 . My theme today is cleansing, in preparation for the expansion of 2019 . My heart is full . My soul is ready . Cleansing comes in all forms: . -Cleaning the bed linen, the towels, the dirty clothes . -Cleansing the body in every way possible . - Cleansing the mind of old belief systems that no longer serve my greatest good (Replacing them with what I now get to believe) . - Cleansing energetically, and releasing anything that’s previously been stuck, old or dead . - Dissolving of chords to anything and anyone I’ve previously allowed to dim the light in my heart and soul . - even just cleaning the car 🤷‍♀️ . The practicing of cleaning is something that opens my heart and creates space for me to recognise and welcome in new beautiful opportunities. . What are your rituals for cleansing, and expansion?
This past year has been nothing short of amazing! Here is a quick roundup of our year.🌍🚇🛫 . . ✔Lived and traveled in Mexico🇲🇽 ✔Visited 2 Islands🏝 ✔Went to Universal Studios in Orlando on two separate occasions 👓 ✔ Reached over 5,000 views on my blog in 1 day👈 ✔Minimized our possessions to 3 backpacks🎒🎒🎒 ✔Traveled in Ireland and Northern Ireland 😊 ✔Visited Venice, Rome, and Bologna in Italy 🇮🇹 ✔Hired my first business coach🙌 ✔Hired my first life coach🙏 ✔Started a business💻 ✔Lived In Albania for 5 months🇦🇱 ✔ Traveled to 2 cities in Albania💃 ✔Traveled to Kosovo ❤ ✔ Moved back to Mexico🎉🎉(This happens tomorrow!)✌ . If you can dream it, you can make it happen! What did you manifest in 2018? #manifestthatshit
All things are possible All destinations are reachable . Sometimes you just need help finding the path to your dreams 💓 . -T💕
WHAT ARE YOU CALLING IN FOR THE NEW YEAR? . This week is an excellent opportunity to get really deeply clear on what worked for you in 2018 . ALSO . What didn’t work What held you back What you now choose to let go of . AND OF COARSE . What you LOVED What you want to create more of And how you CHOOSE to show up for 2019💕 . So much love to you and your beautiful soul . -T💕
NAKED AND EXCITED!! . HOLY SHIT!! . I set aside this weekend to go through all the new content, training and EPIC processes for my online business!! . This LITERALLY takes every day people from amateur to PRO in online business activation! . Wether you already have a business/product/brand that you want to grow and monetise. . Or . You want a complete “done for you” process around the BEST Affiliate programs on the planet . THIS IS FOR YOU! . I love that I can do this from WHEREVER I am in the world . (Currently from the comfort of my bed while I lay here naked and 38weeks +5 days pregnant!) 😂 . LOVE IT!! . I’m excited AF! . Reach out in a DM if this is the kind of gold you need to free up your time and make $$ while you sleep! . Online business is the the future and the NOW! . -T💕
EVERY EXPERIENCE has something to teach you . Just like everything in life, there will always be a balance of positive and negative take always . Pay Particular attention to the learnings that will ADD VALUE to your life and make your human experience BETTER in the future ❤️ . -T💕
This was me trying to stay warm a couple of weeks ago in our apartment. We had this little heater to heat the entire living room and it sucked.❄ The only escaping the cold was in some of the coffee shops because they had good heaters. 🔥Sometimes, this is what full-time travel looks like. Sometimes, things don't go as planned. Still, we love and miss Albania already. We fell in love with a country we knew nothing about prior to moving there. Yet, we will forever be changed for the better because of our experiences in Albania. ❤ Are you staying warm this winter?
EVERY SINGLE PERSON HAS A MESSAGE - Every single person has value they can add to the lives of others 💕 - What is burning from within you, to be shared with the rest of the world?
TRIGGERED AF!! - This deep roaring urge came over me this morning to message this person immediately. - And I feel SO MUCH LIGHTER FOR IT 🙌🏻 - Soooo much lighter! Jealousy and hatred really are like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. - I read that somewhere and it’s so true! - Because when we feel that way about others - we are literally saying to ourselves “I WILL NEVER HAVE THAT” - Which is bullshit because the only thing holding us back, is who we think we are not 🤷‍♀️ - My message to this person read: - “Out of everyone/everything this year, the one person who’s triggered me the most, is you 😂 - Consistently - I’m triggered by your success - By your exuberant Joy - By your ability to show up and thrive - The way you share your beautiful energy - How fucking nice you are 😂 - Arhhhhh fuck - I’m sorry I haven’t reached out to you sooner. - I put a lot of energy into disliking your awesomeness this year 😂🤦‍♀️ - I’m giggling as I write all this 😂 - Thank you for showing me everything that I want to create and proving that it’s possible. - I hope I trigger people as much as you’ve triggered me this year. - I apologise if you’ve experienced any projection from me, I’ve been in full avoidance of speaking to you. - I just want to own how ridiculous I’ve been, I’m sorry, and I hope you can forgive me. - Wishing you a beautiful Christmas and new year to come 💕” - Who’s triggered the FUCK out of you this year?? - What negative energy have you been holding onto? - WHAT IS IT SHOWING YOU?! - For me, this person/trigger has shown me that it is 100% possible to create the life of my dreams. - They’ve shown me that deeply embodied happiness is AVAILABLE - And to be completely honest IT PISSED ME OFF - My story was “why them and not me?!” - And the REALITY I could have given my attention to was “where are they stepping up/showing up/taking action where I’m not?” - TRIGGERS are beautiful mirrors of growth opportunities, staring us straight in the face. - We need only be brave enough to look, and LOOK DEEPLY at what’s really staring back at us 💕
Interesting Quote, dare I share. I think I will 👏 I came back to work about 4 years ago, after my youngest graduated high school, I'm in my 40s, and it's harder to get a job when you're older people are not so apt to hire you. While they like your resume and all the things that you've accomplished, they don't like the gaps in employment. However, when I went back to work, I decided to go into retail I was there for 2 years as a Store Manager. Good job, no benefits though, and when you took a day off you didn't get paid Not Good when your single and paying bills. So I decided to go to another company as a Sales Coordinator/Service. I was a contractor for the company and I thought the contract was going to last, they let me go in October of this year. 🤔 About a month and a half ago, I went to the Woman's Expo in New Jersey with my daughter. It's a trade show with different venders such as holistic, makeup, clothing, self help and all sorts of things like that. One of the vendors happened to be an It Works, vender and I tried Keto coffee and loved it. About a week later, I knew someone that was on my Facebook that I met through an old job she happen to be a distributor for It Works and I spoke with her for sometime and decided to join. She works full-time from home, married with 3 children on her It Works income. I definitely had a strong feeling that this business was for me. I've tried other home based businesses in the past and they haven't worked for me. With my It Works business, I know this is the business for me. These products are amazing, I use them myself, I've lost 12 pounds in a month and a half. I'm making money. My goal with this business is to build my Brand, eventually stay home watch my grandchildren and help other people in my situation. 👍👩👉😍 This is my story I hope this inspires someone. xoxo 💋 G #the_happy_grammy #buildinganempire #inspire #hope #findaway #smallbusiness #faith #takecharge #mybrand #joinme #inspirethemasses #awakenthemasses #homebasedbusiness
Right... #letyourlightshine and #inspirethemasses 💗🎶🎵🎤🌹💃
Just out here tryna live my life with intention. It’s not always easy but I always try to ask myself this simple, yet transformative, question. 🙇🏼‍♀️💭💭💭 #createthelifeyouwant #livewithpurpose #liveintentionally #youhavethepower #empoweredwomen #empoweringwomen #empowerwomen #livingmybestlife #inspiredaily #inspirethemasses
Luck is simply Aligned Action that’s Misunderstood 🤷‍♀️💜
ARE YOU READY?! - THIS WHOLE YEAR has felt like a massive incubation period! - And not just with my pregnancy, with my business and my message as well. - So much transformation SO MUCH UNPACKING So much reprogramming TONNES of learning curves LOADS & LOADS of vision and clarity - the new year not only represents my new transition into motherhood - But also birthing MORE of my purpose MORE of my brand and opening myself up to helping FAR MORE people then ever before! - I’ll be diving deep and sharing REAL APPLICABLE STRATEGIES on how to pave the path back to loving yourself after CATASTROPHE - Moving into how you can clear away the fog and start moving on with your life - in the direction that sings to your soul! - I am creating MULTIPLE offerings throughout 2019 on how you can work with me to clear the blocks and move forward into your best life. - I’m ALSO sharing LOADS more of how to get clear on your MISSION and move forward in success and abundance. - ARE YOU EXCITED?! - I sure as hell am!! - Keep an eye out for updates and posts that will help you along your own journey 💕 . -T💕
Are you “filling your own cup”? Or relying on others to do it for you?
Let’s rise up together into our best versions of self 💕
Candle Lit Magnesium baths are so deeply nourishing for the mind body and soul 💕 . How have you nourished yourself today?
Trust those urges that nudge you along your path. Your Soul knows what it wants, you need only align yourself to that.
Mumma is studying for the big day! . #mommaonamission #mummaonamission
Surround yourself with people who fill your heart with JOY 💕 . This is a throw back to an expansive retreat hosted by the incredible @ejlove_priestess . So many breakthroughs So many life changing shifts 💕
LINK IN BIO!! . I’m super excited to be interviewed by @masorcery on my blocks around being INTERVIEWED 😂 . Tune in tomorrow 11am AEST 5pm PST 💕
Making a human is tiring stuff 😴 . Lucky I have the ability to make money in my sleep 💁‍♀️ . Send me a PM and ask “HOW?”
A joyous selfie with my future pilots for the road before they head back to Hammanskraal! @loutzavia #loutzaviaflightschool #futurepilots #inspirethemasses #tumi3bars
We gave all the learners a briefing and introduction to Aviation and all the information required to become a pilot @loutzavia . They all got to take home a aviation magazine ! We hope to see them flying at our school in the coming years. #loutzavia #inspirethemasses
Got them to view and sit inside the cockpit of the first plane I ever flew @loutzavia #inspirethemasses #piper161 #loutzavia
I finally got the girl in the pink dress to smile .... she told me she was a bit nervous. #Loutzavia #inspirethemasses @loutzavia
“I’m ready to take to the sky “ our future female Capt! #loutzavia @loutzavia #FutureCapt #Inspirethemasses
Ofcourse we had to have our female upcoming pilots in the cockpit ! @loutzavia #inspirethemasses
A visit from bright little people from Hammanskraal today @loutzavia ! This was the happy excited crowd I got to show our facilities too 😊🙏🏾 #C150 #Loutzavia #InspireTheMasses
First day out of the house in over a week! We have been dealing with some major illness over here and I am pretty sure our apartment is making us sick. Yes, I know that sounds crazy. . Last night I turned off all the heaters and opened up the windows in the house even though it is super cold and finally felt a little better. . Three of us are suffering from headaches and upper respiratory issues mixed with extreme exhaustion. I don't know what is going on but it is kicking our butts. Anyone else felt like their home was making them sick?
The Magic happens JUST outside your comfort zone 💕
Take a guess 💕
Curious about how I can afford to be a Single Stay at home mum? POST YOUR FAVOURITE EMOJI BELOW 💕🌈💋🍒🥰🤷‍♀️ . Or message me privately 💁‍♀️ . I’ll personally grant you FREE access to the exclusive training that made this my reality 💕 . THURSDAY NIGHT 7pm QLD TIME Online Webinar (YEP accessible from the comfort of your home of course 💁‍♀️)
When you step into EXACTLY who you are and share yourself openly - you invite others to do the same . Connect to you . Act upon what brings you joy and happiness . And just DO YOU 💕 . -T💕
I DID IT!!! . I CAVED AND BOUGHT AN ITEM OF MATERNITY WARE 😂 . This entire pregnancy I have refused to purchase maternity ware - simply because I felt that pregnancy is temporary so maternity ware is therefore a waste of money 😂 . THAT and I also already own a bunch of beautiful long sun dresses that have been acting as my maternity dresses throughout this time . With 4 -5 weeks left to go, I finally gave in and decided that dresses are way too hot for the Aussie summer LOL 😆 . I’ve spent today waddling around running errands, picking up the last little bits and pieces before bub arrives . I WISH SHE WAS HERE ALREADY! . She’s currently weighing approximately 5 pounds and is measuring 2 days ahead # . -T💕
A year and a half ago, the incredible @ejlove_priestess completely changed the trajectory of my life! . She mentored me on how LOVE myself, how to process my triggers, how to grow and become conscious of my unconscious patterns. . She taught me how to connect to my heart and my soul - and how to open my heart to others. . Since then my life has evolved and blossomed in the most beautiful of ways! . Follow @ejlove_priestess for all your love and sex advice 💕
BREATHE my love 💕 . The breath grounds us in our present moment and connects us back to our soul . The author Gay Hendricks points out that the only difference between FEAR and EXCITEMENT is BREATH . Wether you’ve followed the “ice man” Wim Hof, who is a Dutch extreme athlete noted for his ability to withstand extreme cold, which he attributes to his Wim Hof Method breathing techniques . Or if you’ve ever glanced into the ancient techniques of tantra, dating back more than 5000 years . The BREATH is such an incredible source of power and regenerative energy when tapped into correctly . And in my opinion, is the easiest way to change ones mental/emotional/physical state from negative to positive . So breathe my love Breathe deep Breathe long Breathe now . -T💕
ALWAYS lean into the difficult or uncomfortable discussions. . Having an “uncomfortable” discussion with someone you love and reaching a healthy solution = connectedness, deeper love, understanding, compassion and happiness. . Not having the “uncomfortable” conversation or not finishing the discussion or finding an unhealthy solution = more disconnection, resentment and loss of love. . When we face these things with the people we care about we need to be aware and ask ourselves; . “Will this solution bring us closer together or create a greater divide?” . The same with the way we speak to one another; . “Is what I’m about to say, going to fuel the flames or extinguish them?” . -T💕
This is @sharna.x.lee . She inspires me and our tribe with her incredible drive and leadership abilities every single day! . She is a true authority in every space she commands and I am honoured to have added value to her journey 💕🙏🏻 . 1 year ago I introduced Sharna to online business and affiliate marketing . Her growth and evolution in her brand and online presence has been powerful as f### to witness!! . Do YOU want to master online business? . Do you want the freedom and Flexibility to successfully source abundance from anywhere in the world . - while you travel . - while you kick ass at being a SAHM . - while you build those dreams that got pushed to the wayside because of your mediocre JOB . SOUNDS GREAT RIGHT? . but you have no idea where to begin? . POST YOUR FAVOURITE EMOJI BELOW 👇💕💋💁‍♀️🤪🌈🍒 . I will personally grant you access to the exclusive training that changed both Mine, Sharna’s, and thousands of others lives, and guide you to your own version of success! . THIS THURSDAY 7PM AEST. . -T💕
Dreams ✚ Dedication are a powerful combination ➵ #inspirethemasses #repetition #perserverance #committomore #showuptogoup
Believe in you! . Believe in your vision! . Believe in your goals! . YOU’VE GOT THIS!
LAUGH AT YOURSELF 😂 . That moment I wasn’t watching the water until last minute and got bowled over by a wave 😂🤦‍♀️
LEAVE YOUR MARK! #CommunityService #GivingBack #BeTheChange #InspirationalLiving #BeUnlimited #InspireTheMasses #AtlantaGA #FeedTheHomeless The full video on the Foundations FB page: Inspirational Living Foundation Inc. *i do not own the rights to this music*
@blumoneylifestyle out helping the people He is more than music You can't forget where you come from It's so important to do your part The creator don't care about how much money you have Question is how much of what you were blessed with did you spend to help the people in need #FORTHEPEOPLE #feedthepeople #doyourpart #whatifitwasu #activist #CYCLEBREAKERS #feedthehomeless #domore #wecandothis #fox5news #ukhiphopnews #canada 🇨🇦 #inspirethemasses
Stay alone even if the world does not understand your thoughts. For it's your thoughts that will make you stand out from the crowd one day. #ordinaryguy #extraordinarymind #notliketherest #simple #mysterious #fighter #motivator #livetoinspire #inspirethemasses #creatingabetterworld #makingadifference #livingitup #ownterms #ambitious #driven
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