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Look at you, boy..How lucky i'm to have you!!! . #sonshine #loveofmylife #mommysboy #motherhood #bnw #instabnw #bw #blackandwhite #LUMONOphoto
in the picture are the cages of carrier pigeons in the museum of city palace of udaipur, or shall i call the courier services used by people in the past. 🕊️
Do you ever have this feeling, when the book start sucking you in? The world starts vanishing and nothing else matters other than the tiny bundle of pages in my hand. Every time I read, no matter where I am, it takes me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Hope. Happiness. Love. Excitement. Fear. Kindness. All of them and more. It is like that the book is some kind of emotional machine or magic that brings you to amazing places. 🌬📖🌪🤯 . ✖️inspired by Walker Evans ✖️
The righteous man walks in his integrity; His children are blessed after him.
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. March, 2018.
Io vi avviso, mi sto ingattarizzando! 😻
Debut, 1995, Original Album Cover Art, Montell Jordan, This Is How We Do It. @timothyt.carter
Debut, 1992, Original Album Cover Art, Red Man, Blow Your Mind.
Debut, 1992, Original Album Cover Art, Mary J. Blige, What's The 411?
Santiago, El Guapo.
Roys, 2001
Great Friend, Rus, R.I.P. long gone, never forgotten. I miss him
Peanut - Charlotte
1994, Original Album Cover Art, El Quinteto Buneos Aries - Ettore Stratta - The Royal Philarmonic - Symphonic Bossa Nova - Elektra Classics
36-Album Covers
1992, Original Album Cover Art, Inner Circle - Sweat & Bad Boys
1995, Original Album Cover Art, Erick Sermon-bomdigi
1993, Original Album Cover Art, Rap Prime Minister Pete Nice & D. J. Daddy Rich, Rat Bastard
1995, Original Album Cover Art, Dove Shack-Summer Time in the LBC
Big Bub-Timeless
Uncle Roy Winterbottom, gone but never forgotten, R.I.P.
Barry Gordy & Aretha Franklin. Aretha celebrates her 71st birthday with friends, Star lounge, Ritz Carlton, NYC. March 25, 2013. R.I.P. Our Queen.
Peter Gunz-Make It Reign
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