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It's incredible the small things that fascinate me. Till date this remains the bluest water I have ever seen. I want to go to Norway but none of my friends want to go (@135project @josh.perrett @ryanxhoward @danielkemeys 🌾👀🌾). If you are nicer than the guys I just mentioned and u fancy a trip to Norway please let me know lol
Finding serenity, my way. #sunrise #carlsbad
Rainy sunset on the otherside of the island looking from Borsele Used a 210m lens to zoom and then 1 stops underexposed. Then in Lightroom used a graduated filter. Then lightly dodge and burn to bring back the detail's of the rain pouring down and bring more shape to the clouds.
⬇ Featured Artist: @tmatelier8 Location : Bungan Beach #focus_tmatelier8 =========================== Support the artist by visiting their feed. ============================ Follow 💢 @FocusAustralia 💢 to discover the most amazing photographs from Australia and beyond. Photo selected by : @t.m_photos =========================== Please continue to tag your best photos with ➡️ #FocusAustralia & FOLLOW US for a chance to be featured. =========================== Check us out : Facebook & Flickr ➡️ Focus (Australia Seascape & Landscape Photography) and on the Web : www.focusphotographers.org If you live in Australia check our web page for weekly shoots and trips. ===========================
The soldier crabs come out every low tide here. I love them and they are a forever memory of our childhood. I still get just as excited to see them now as I did back then 💙. . . . #childhoodmemories #camping #nature #naturephotography #naturephoto #naturevideo #instanaturelover #instanature #soldiercrabs #beach #beachlife #sand #waterways #animalsoftheworld #campingnsw #campinglife #crabs #iphone7plus #iphonephotography #iphonephoto
Mossy Cave Entry - this lovely cave entry is protected by what effectively acts a moat at the foot of the stone "slide". If one we're stranded in the woods, this would be an excellent shelter to call home. During rainy season, there is even a mini waterfall that falls down the center of the stone slide. (Location: Ferne Clyffe State Park, Goreville, IL)
Down by the river
Getting lost in this 😍 beautiful scenery - 📸 Photo by @kikufiak
🎶Windy and Warm - Doc Watson🎶
. . . #dog
A day on the coast
Tree house in the woods. Canon 5D Mark iii • f/9 • 1/160 Sec • ISO 250
If you could spend a whole week on this island, who would you take?🌍😊 📷Photo by @neskirimli ⚠️Tag your best photos with #amazing_terra and follow the page to be featured
Winter / Ormskirk //
It is Friday my friends! 💃🏻 PC: @shainadaina
Even when it’s cold outside, _____________________________ find the people who bring out the fire. 🔥 #photohypemedia ____________________ 🚶‍♀️: @arizona_24 📍: Valley Farms, Unknown
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