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Focus on Progress and Effort: I don’t mean progress from where you should be or where your friends are. I mean, progress from where you were when you showed up today, with the amount of sleep you got last night, with the amount of stress on your plate right now. From there, then you make progress forward. A lot of us high achievers get in the bad habit of feeling like we’re failing if we’re falling short to where we should be compared to whatever benchmark. But you’re not falling short if you’re moving forward, especially if you’re running on empty! Any progress counts so you have to be in the habit of thinking, “I built strength. I built mental endurance. This is just part of the process. I will have my up days and down days.." I have frequent set-backs, but I eventually wake up out of it and continue hustling ahead full force. Think big picture-Be a futurist. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ 🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏 ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ @christianchavez.ph
🌷🌸Am I the only person who feels like watering flowers and weeding gardens is cathartic?🌻🌺 - It’s something I usually save for early in the morning or after the kids have gone to bed... when I can just let my mind wander. - What mindless chores to you actually enjoy doing? It’s always fun to hear how we are all so different in the things that relax us! - - - - - - #farmgirl #flowers #mindlesschores #ilovewateringflowers #givemedirt #freshair #peaceandquiet #simplepleasures #plowingforward #metime #momtime #wednesdaymorning @planoly #planoly #iowagirl #farmwife
I’ve been waiting to dive into this book for a while now! 🙌🏼 Thanks for the recommendation @amberemilysmith ❤️ As part of my journey I am trying to be more intentional with growing my mind and heart as well. I’ve found a new love for reading and realize the power of daily affirmations. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, hit me up for some good reads that have helped me along the way! 📖 #gritandgrace
Progress, not perfection! It’s about the person you become in your journey. Working from the inside out. ❤️#gritandgrace
Today was day 2 on my new workout program. I had to catch up from missing Monday’s workout and my arms are even worse then yesterday’s. Definitely going to need some recover. .. thanks Joel. . . #sweatingformywedding #liift4life
When I woke up this morning satan was trying to do some serious lurking. “Kylie you’re not cared about.” “Kylie I want to let this bother you.” “Kylie you know you want to see this and that.” . While I totally felt these lies creeping in, and it was tough, I FOUGHT. Over and over again I just prayed, “God my joy does not need to be stolen. No it doesn’t!” . I quickly opened my Bible and started fighting. I read with an almost “I’m gonna get you satan!” mindset. Haha yeah, NOT TODAY SATAN! . I’m SO THANKFUL Jesus that you fought for me-And YOU; friends, HE FIGHTS FOR YOU! Whatever lies may be trying to lurk in your heart today sweet friend, know this truth: {Lies f l e e in the presence of truth.] @lysaterkeurst . KEEP fighting sweet friend, open the word, breathe, smile, talk out loud, tell yourself OUTLOUD, “you’re AMAZING!” You truly are too, and if no one has told you that yet, I’m right here telling you, right now, that you ARE 💕 . #nottodaysatan . . #faithfullyfearless #defeatfear #farmgirl #countrygirl #smalltowngirl #iowacityiowa #singlelifestyle #faithoverfitness #agriculturelife #farmingfemale #sheepgirl #iowalove #iowagirl #livintheironlife #fuelyourpassion #foodisfuel #thankafarmer #imanagteacher #teacherlife #advisorstatus #positivemindpositivelife #simplyjoyful #cornfed #fitfarmgirl #gracefullybroken
Thoughts while running today: A healthy lifestyle is expensive. But not really. You see it’s kind of like getting a loan vs not getting a loan to buy something. You can choose to spend the money and time on your health now by buying foods that are better for your body, making healthier meals, and getting regular exercise. It might seem “expensive” now but it is so little compared to the compounded interest that you have to pay for it later. More doctor bills More money on food because most processed food will leave you feeling hungry only a little later. More time going to appointments trying to “figure out your health.” And more time and money trying to play catch up for all of the things you could have been doing sooner. Pay now or pay later + interest We all have that choice. It’s one we do daily. Today I got up and already made my choice. I am on a mission to help 10 people LOSE 10 POUNDS EACH!! Are you ready to make that choice?? Let’s talk! 💖 . . . . . . . . #countryroadstakemehome #countryrun #momswhoinspire #momoftoddlers #3under5 #beating50percent #earlymorningrun #runninglifestyle #mommaof3 #breastfeedingmoms #8monthspostpartum #countrymom #countrywife #midwestmom #midwestlife #ruralliving #iowasunrise #iowagirl #momofboth #momsthatrun
The BEST investment you can make is in yourself. I hear this a lot, “I would really like to do it, but it’s too expensive.” FALSE!! It’s only expensive if you don’t use it! Investing in yourself will give you the greatest return of all, your health and happiness!!! You can’t really put a price tag on that! 😜 When you invest in yourself, everything else in the world just runs a little smoother. Including your: 🔹 Health 🔹 Job 🔹 Relationships 🔹 Energy 🔹 Patience 🔹 Motivation I know it’s true because I’ve done it for myself and witnessed other women also taking back their life by investing in themselves first! Now enrolling for the month of August!!! I’ve got 🖐🏼spots open for women looking to INVEST in themselves and take their life back!!! Let’s chat about your goals! 😜 #gritandgrace
I know I just posted the photo on the right yesterday, but look at this year transformation 😍🍑 I’ve had a serious change in my life and how I’m living, and it’s only going to get better 😌💪🏼 #healthylifestyle #happylife #squatqueen #fitnessmotivation #fitness #shesabadthang #queen #gorgeous #bootybootybooty #lookingood #issawholemeal #mymanislucky #allhis #slay #perfect #mirrorselfie #iowa #iowagirl #dsm #515 #gangagirls #bongbeauties #bluntbabe
50% off this top or 40% if you don’t have the card. Go down on size. These shorts are under 25.00 and are super comfy- go up one size. Available in multiple washes. to shop my look go to www.reneenicole.net/home #momstyle #igstyle #stylewatch #fashiongram #loveloft #abercrombiestyle #casualstyle #affordablestyle #fashionblogger #bossbabe #styleootd #flashesofdelight #instafashion #styleooutfit #styleootd #iowagirl #trending #wiw #stylediaries #styleblog #styleblogger #ShopStyle #shopthelook #SpringStyle #SpringStyle #SummerStyle #MyShopStyle #WeekendLook #OOTD @shopstyle
All semifinal games of the 2018 IGHSAU Girls State Softball Tournament presented by @IowaFarmBureau will be streamed on the MidAmerican Energy Championship Network. Check out the schedule of games and click the link below. . Thanks to the talent and production team at the Central Iowa Sports Network for their support of the #IowaGirl ! . LINK: https://goo.gl/G3997h . #IGHSAU
One of us got up early to get in a good workout💪💪💦💦 I'll let you guess which one😂😂 The grandparents took the kids last night, so it was easier to get up and push play, right in the room. But here's the weird thing... Brandon and I stayed at a different hotel than the rest of the crew. We were in Indiana. They were in Michigan. Normally both states are in Eastern time zones. However, the city where Brandon and I were staying in Indiana is in the Central time zone. So, we had to get up earlier in order to make up for the lost hour. Got that??? Oh, well, we are going to the beach ALL DAY, and that just makes me HAPPY😃😃🎉🎉 #sweat #workoutathome #workout #workfromhome #yolo #fitness #fitnesscoach #coach #coachlife #mom #momlife #momboss #momofboys #boymom #iowa #iowagirl #arizona #azgirl #socialworker #socialworklife #fitmom #fitlife #healthy #strong #indiana #michigan #beachday
Recovery day already?! OKAY FINE 😜 10 min foam roll + 20 min yoga flow = happy body 🙌🏼 My fitfam is LOVING this program already because of how tough & time efficient it is. And having a hot trainer isn’t too shabby either 🤷🏽‍♀️ . . What are your favorite recovery day routines?? ⬇️
💗L O V E C H A L L E N G E ❤️ Today let's share the love with encouraging words! . Today's challenge: comment your name 👇🏻below for an encouraging word from me 😊or something I like about you! 👊🏻Then, Friday I'll draw a name and give one special person something I love... a Starbucks gift card for a couple ☕️drinks! . Here's what you need to do: 1) Comment your name to enter! 2)Don't deflect the compliment... soak it in! 3)Share the love... encourage someone else today or even copy this post and do it yourself! . Life can be brutal, love fights back! We need more positivity and encouragement in our lives 🤗😉 to keep us going! Can't wait to love on ya with words! . Ps don't panic if I haven't written you back for a bit. I will be working today and it's beach 🌊 and boat 🚣 night but I'll write in breaks as I can 😘it won't be because I don't love you 😂
The best part about working night shift is the beautiful morning views ☀️ . . . Happy hump day!
Definitely not like home, but it still feels good to just drive with nowhere to go!! #living LA ##iowagirl
‪Day 2️⃣ of the 2018 IGHSAU Girls State Softball Tournament presented by @IowaFarmBureau is in the books. Let's take a look at the updated brackets for all classes. We start again tomorrow at 11:00am!‬ . ‪#IGHSAU #IowaGirl
Cedar Rapids Jefferson closes Day ✌️ with a walk-off HR. See you all tomorrow as we begin semifinal play of the 2018 IGHSAU Girls State Softball Tournament presented by @IowaFarmBureau. . . #IGHSAU #IowaGirl
Iowa Roots Run Deep (No worries... Red & gold coming soon)🏈🐄❤️🌳🚜 #roots #iowagirl #gohawks
#21 days of gratitude I’m thankful I’ll never have to dress like this again. No matter how hot it gets I’m grateful. Me+snow=no thanks. #iowagirl #grateful #dryheat @runfar_official @phoenixevolution #sunplease
Shrimp tacos Fish tacos Chicken tacos Beef tacos Steak tacos... . . . ...All the tacos.🌮🌮🌮**Please tell me you said 'shrimp gumbo' in your head like bubba gump in Forrest Gump...🤣 . Going Live for a nutrition Q&A with my clients this week to really zero in and debunk any questions or frustrations with meal planning/prep. Earlier this year I got my Fitness Nutrition Specialist cert and have been able to give sound advice for accelerated results. It's not just a blanket meal plan, it's designed for the season of life you're living and what your body responds best to. . Do you need help? Let's chat!! Send me an email at afitlifewithhannah@gmail.com
Am I right? 🙌🏻 #emojiday
When people ask how many 🥑 I really eat each week 👀 #allofthem
My arms feel like nothing but jello 😳 . . We started a new workout program with the amazing trainer @joelfreemanfitness and it’s only day 2 and I can’t not wait to see my results with this one! A little bit of weights, a little bit of cardio, and finishing up with some abs. 🙌 . . #sweatingformywedding #thirtyflirtyandthriving
#iowagirl #iowalife #beardeddragon best purchase of the year#hammocklife
Some highlights from today: Day 2️⃣ of the 2018 Girls State Softball Tournament presented by @IowaFarmBureau. #LikeAGirl #IGHSAU #IowaGirl
Another Seth Haussler with Abi Warner.
This Tuesday, I'm celebrating a life transformation . . Leaving my job as a scientist has given me so much freedom with my time. . I used to wake up early, rush around trying to get my workout in, shower, get ready, breakfast and I'd be running late for work more often than not. . I was always rushed. And for what? To to go work a whole day away from home for someone else's dreams. It's funny that I can see it this way now, because I know that's not the only option in life. Before.. I just thought that's how life was and had to be. I was so wrong. . I still get up early and I'm getting my work done at home. On my own time. . Today I decided to take Koda to the farm and help my brother Joe. My mom and I walked beans together 😊 . That's freedom to me That's a transformation that I'm going to celebrate . FREEDOM means so much more to me than a paycheck from a 40hr week job. I'll always choose working hard at home over working hard away from home. . I didn't have to ask for time off to go spend a day at the farm. I'll just work twice as hard on my own business tomorrow. . I love this lifestyle I love this opportunity I love the transformations in ALL areas of my life . What do you want to transform?? Remember it doesn't always have to be physical. So many other parts of your life matter even more than that 😊
“Is this heaven?” “No, it’s Iowa.” . BEAUTIFUL night here in Fort Dodge for the 2018 IGHSAU Girls State Softball Tournament presented by @IowaFarmBureau. #IGHSAU #IowaGirl
Iowa bred. Just not born. Sinclair Strong. #iowagirl #sinclair
dem eyes tho.
40% off this outfit! Plus free shipping! This tank is double lined, go down one size. This cardigan is so light- perfect for the office and these tie shorts- so adorable!!! True to size and super cute, cover the booty! to shop my look go to www.reneenicole.net/home #momstyle #igstyle #stylewatch #fashiongram #express #expresslife #casualstyle #affordablestyle #fashionblogger #bossbabe #styleootd #flashesofdelight #instafashion #styleooutfit #styleootd #iowagirl #trending #wiw #stylediaries #styleblog #styleblogger #ShopStyle #shopthelook #SpringStyle #SpringStyle #SummerStyle #MyShopStyle #WeekendLook #OOTD @shopstyle
For a very long time I thought success would lead to happiness. If I could be a successful employee... If I could be a successful wife.... If I could be a successful mom..... If I could just be even a little successful in my wellness journey...... THEN I would be happy. I was dead wrong and it's actually the other way. Being happy with where you are will make you feel successful and propel you forward. Once I figured this out, my entire life has slowly changed. My excuses turned to empowerment. My inner self talk went from well....pretty critical to forgiving. You can do it too!! Take the leap and know I am here for you when you're ready! #transformationtuesday #rbfproblems #workingmommy #momontherun #shynotshy #momof2kids #formerathlete #hangryaf #pennypincher   #itwasonsale #findyourtribe #collegesweethearts #momswithabs #fitmomfuel #debtfreelife #absaremadeinthekitchen #frugalmom #dreambigdreams #iowagirl
The second thing I noticed about Venice is that everyone had their own boat. None of them were fancy, but obviously necessary. When walking down the street, I saw a boy not older than eight, fixing a boat while his mother stood nearby. I was fascinated by the knowledge this kid had, as I can’t even change a tire as an adult.
Solid contact for SB-Luton here at the Girls State Softball Tournament presented by @IowaFarmBureau. #IGHSAU #IowaGirl
Day 2 💪🏼 All lifting, and I’m still trying to decide if I like the bands more than weights! It’s hard for me since I’m lopsided. I don’t want to overtrain one side, but I definitely favor my left side. I worry that I’m lifting more on one side by using the band. • Does anyone have experience with this??
Simple, attainable, so close I can TASTE it goal: spend my summers care free and enjoy the little moments with those whole fill me up. -- What does your dream summer look like? How are you actually going to get there? -- My side gig is slowly growing into my ticket to achieve this little goal of mine and I couldn't be more pumped about it. 😜
An oldie but a goodie. ✌🏻 . . . . . And to keep it 💯, working out made my clothes fit better and I fit into my crop top wardrobe buuuuuuuuuuuuut it ALSO made me feel like a million bucks!!! That's the thing that I'm clinging to the most right now as I start my #postbabyjourney for real for real this time. #feelinglikeamillionbucks 💣💥💓 My July studios are closed but my August groups are ready for enrollment!!! I want momma's like me or single gals like I used to be for 4 years or basically a woman who is willing to work on herself and stay on a journey WITH ME for the long haul!!! Feeling like a million bucks from YOUR hard work is priceless. 🤩💪🏻✌🏻 Let's do this, shall we sisters?? Q&A form in my bio!! ☝🏻 Talk soon! 📣📣 . . . . . . #newmom #girlmom #red #redheadmom #eviered #iowagetsfit #iowagirl #smalltowngirl #fit #transformation #postpartum #postpartumjourney #firstbaby
I moved the livingroom 🖥 to the boys' room temporarily & my OCD was in overdrive seeing the blank space 😆 So naturally, I just HAD to fill it with plants 🌿🌵🌱
Finished day 2 of my 8 week program. While most definitely I have physical goals with this program.... can I be honest with you all for a second? The thing that gets me every time with this health and fitness journey is the mental-mindset part! . . . . Why do I continue to let those negtive thoughts creep in and let satan tell me "you can't do it" "It's too hard for you so give up." NOT today Satan! It's so easy to let those thoughts creep in. YOU are so capable of doing something even if you've never done it before. I am going to speak CONTINUALLY everyday with a positive and encouraging mindset. Taking it day by day with God by my side. Let's do this friends!! 🎉 . . . . . #proverbs31women #youarechosen #youareloved #faithandfitness #staythepath #iowagirl #midwestgirl #caliabycarrie #iowa #ottumwa #nottodaysatan #trustthelord #gracegotyou
Is this Heaven? No, it’s a beautiful summer day in Iowa with Fincel's Sweet Corn! #iowa #iowagirl #sweetcorn #summer
The gang's all here! 😁 During this program I'll be tracking how much I'm lifting each day so I can see if I'm improving. I've been lifting for quite awhile and I've never kept track before so this is definitely a game changer! . . . #weightlifting #fitness #nutrition #mealprepper #mealplan
Burrito 🌯 bowl ❤️ Protein ✔️ Veggies ✔️ Carbs ✔️ Fruit ✔️ Water ✔️ #gritandgrace
Class 4A Quarterfinals of the 2018 IGHSAU Girls State Softball Tournament presented by @IowaFarmBureau continue with DSM Hoover & Charles City on @BuenaVistaUniversity Field! #IGHSAU #IowaGirl
Do what you live and you’ll never work a day in your life! ❤️ Find your true passion and run with it. The only thing holding you back is yourself! 🙌🏼
an enginerd by day, my company created a work from home position for me after the twins came. . . and lemme just tell ya. it definitely has its perks. . . example? taking advantage of a system network downtime to wash and prep today’s CSA haul. . . guys. this isn’t even half of what was in our box! we do a full share for our family of six. first of three seasons offered; because #homegarden 🌱 and the sweet family owned farm we go through, @thefarmerswife_csa spoils us each and every week. . . what we don’t grow, we CSA. and what isn’t CSA’ed is scooped up at the farmers market. buying produce that is in season is easy on the pocketbook, and supporting our local farmers is oh so important to us. it’s the #iowagirl in me 🌽 . . what about you guys? any home gardeners + CSA patrons + farmers market goers + costcoaholics? all of the above 🤷🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
NSR(not swoverall related), but I'm pretty sure a corn shirt has never looked this good! #iowagirl #iowablessed #iowacorn #maddiepoppe #corn
Nourish the body💕 if you have a candida yeast overgrowth in your gut, you cannot assimilate nutrients properly😔are you nutritionally starved?! I found that I was and oh my what a difference it has made getting my gut health in proper balance! Everything balanced out! It’s an incredible feeling! Gut health is the missing link to so many issues! Google it! I have put some more thoughts in the comments that talks more about this And what Candida overgrowth might look like in your body! Very interesting!!😍 Up your health game! New better levels to come with better gut health! I’d love to chat about ways to help your body absorb nutrients and how to properly fight and destroy the candida overgrowth in your gut! #Candidaovergrowth has so many negative effects on our bodies...Help get it under control and your body will feel so much better! #braingutconnection #nutrition #absorption #disease #hearthealth #stressinbody #candida #cortisolstress #bloodsugar #hormones #bodymaintenance #selfcare #youareworthit #amazingday #bikeride #iowagirl
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