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Heading into the Weekend Like OOOHHHH YYEEEEAAAAHHHH AAAATTTRREYYYUUU!! #wcgempire #machomanrandysavage #warriorculturegear #weekend #repost 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 #genremashup of the day! #machoman #neverendingstory #randysavage #themachomanrandysavage #falkor #itcamefrombeyondplanetx
Name that movie! #itcamefrombeyondplanetx
Today’s entry into ridiculous vintage plastic is Zod, from the GoBots line. I picked this lil’ motorized creep up from the nice fellas at @toyfusionstore - thanks Andrew! 🤖 While he’s not much on articulation, he is motorized, and if left unattended in the on-position, this mean spirited ROBUT will lurch across your living room floor like your creepy uncle Keith after a bottle of Evan Williams. 🤖 While only slightly bigger than the Super GoBots line, Zod is supposed to be a giant, smashing and slappin’ around lesser second-rate Transformer knock-off toys. The internet says he is “savage and bestial, one of Cy-Kill's most powerful weapons. Zod is considered the "Godzilla" of the GoBots and all good GoBots fear the wrath of this ultimate weapon. The incredible Zod is the part animal, part robot monster that wreaks havoc on the planet GoBotron. He lurches recklessly,-trampling and feeding on Zod-fearing Friendly GoBots. Even though at times it seems Zod is everywhere-the good guys do have one chance. They can deactivate him by thrusting a weapon deep into his vulnerable nerve center.” 🤖 This last bit brings me to Zod’s one and only accessory - a weird, odd-shaped hunk of red plastic that you can press into his chest to keep him from lurching forward to mosh and slam dance on top of your GoBots. This is officially THE WORST ACTION FEATURE EVER. I mean, his action feature is to basically be stopped. Lame! 🤖 Zod isn’t all that bad though. He does look kinda cool and he IS motorized. I guess he can cover until we get a review of G1 Jetfire up in this piece. #gobots #knockofftoys #zod #robot #robots #ROBUTS #scifi #sciencefiction #classicscifi #hrgiger #vintagetoys #toys #actionfigures #classicsciencefiction #vintagescifi #vintagesciencefiction #oldschoolscifi #oldschoolsciencefiction #retroscifi #retrosciencefiction #itcamefrombeyondplanetx
Name that movie! #itcamefrombeyondplanetx
If you like pics and commentary on vintage toys, check out @bizarro_toys - it’s better than a BDSM themed alien getting your face pregnant, busting out of your chest and murdering all of your friends. #vintagetoys #toys #actionfigures #70stoys #80stoys #vintageactionfigures #vintagetoycollector #vintagetoycollection #itcamefrombeyondplanetx
Today, we’re gonna take a look at the 18” Kenner Alien action figure from 1979, which I was fortunate enough to get from the homie Tom over at @potofgoldcollectibles for a very reasonable price - thanks Tom! 💀 Anyways, this lil’ judy was apparently so damn terrifying to 70s-era mothers that they languished on the shelves and bargain bins untouched. Nay! Unplayed with! Even your neighborhood Otasco couldn’t move them. I don’t know about all that because when I saw them at Wal-Mart as a kid at the tender age of 5, I just thought they were supremely BAD ASS. Unfortunately, like almost every other kid my age, there was no way my Mom was havin’ it. It’s OK though because I probably got a Star Wars guy, so Kenner got their due regardless. 💀 Back to this bad ass beast of a toy - have I mentioned yet that this thing is f’n awesome? Not only does it have the whole mouth-inside-a-mouth thing going down, the inner mouth is all chromed out and looks bad ass. It has a glow in the dark face too which, honestly, should be a must for any toy about an alien creature that impregnates your face before violently bursting through your chest and killing all of your friends. There’s a little lever on the back that makes the jaws snap and there’s a translucent cover that fits over it’s crazy-ass brain too. The whole toy is just amazing, honestly. 💀 One final word - after seeing the figure, HR Giger (creator of the original xenomorph design) supposedly said that it was “the only children’s toy that needed not a touch of color!” and aside from that baller ass glow in the dark face, I have to say he’s right. 💀 #kenner #kennertoys #alien #aliens #xenomorph #alientoy #scifi #sciencefiction #classicscifi #hrgiger #vintagetoys #toys #actionfigures #classicsciencefiction #vintagescifi #vintagesciencefiction #oldschoolscifi #oldschoolsciencefiction #retroscifi #retrosciencefiction #monsters #itcamefrombeyondplanetx
The best $4.90 that i've ever spent on anything. Thank you. #thebest #490 #truetouch #desheddingglove #itcamefrombeyondplanetx #thankyou #ifinallyfoundyou
This huuurrr little fella is named Gwildor and he’s one of my least favorite toys of all time. Why, you may ask, would I start out this Instagram feed with a toy that I really don’t care for? I really don’t have a great answer for that other than this is what I got in the mail today for an extremely reasonable price from the great and powerful @fartoys_vintage. 💀 Anyways, Gwildor here is from the Masters of the Universe line from Mattel, and came along after appearing in the wack AF MOTU movie from Cannon Films. I’m pretty sure he only made it into the toy line because Orko cost too much money to practically put in the movie. No? Prove me wrong. 💀 Gwildor is pretty much presented as an absent-minded, bumbling boob, but he’s also supposed to be wise, intelligent and good-hearted, with little fear. Doesn’t make a lot of sense but go figure. 💀 He comes with the Cosmic Key, a complex device with numerous switches and buttons, which can be used to shoot sonic waves, make sounds, play music and display light patterns, all of which serve to transport the wielder to the location of their choice. As far as accessories go, this is right up there with Dr. Mindbender’s weird dental drill/anal probe. 💀 Unlike nearly every other action figure from the MOTU line, Gwildor has no action feature. He just sits there, waiting to be rescued or thrown into the Slime Pit. Maybe put in Trap Jaw’s BDSM dungeon. I dunno... but I needed him to complete the line, so here we are. #gwildor #vintagetoys #actionfigures #toys #mastersoftheuniverse #motu #heman #mattel #matteltoys #eternia #cosmickey #gwildoryousuck #bythepowerofgreyskull #bythepowerofgrayskull #ihavethepower #vintagetoys #80stoys #1980s #80s #retrotoys #thetoysthatmadeus #itcamefrombeyondplanetx
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