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Jack the shnack! Sorry that sucked lol. The bachelorette has me dead and yeah I really hope someone else out there feels my pain. Tag jack please! • • • • • • {tags} #wdw #limelight #limelights #whydontwemusic #whydontwe #tfb #trustfundbaby #thesegirls #invitation #invitationtour #somethingdifferent #zachherron #jackavery #jonahmarais #corbynbesson #danielseavey @whydontwemusic @jackaverymusic @imzachherron @corbynbesson @seaveydaniel @jonahmarais
Chapter 29 Daniels p.o.v She loves me she really does My life is complete “Thank you Y/n for coming into my life you have made everyday since then the best to wake up to” “Daniel I love you and nothing is going to chance that” “Now let’s go so we can get you packed for this big tour of yours” She was skipping out all the way to my car “Where’s your car?” “I took the bus if I took my car I would’ve gotten a speeding ticket” Man I love her “Smart choice” *2 weeks later* “Class of 2018 please raise your tassels and move them from the right to the left” Our principal of 4 years said “Your are now graduates of talent high school congratulations” Every one cheered and threw up their caps, this was it we are all senior graduates of high school “Daniel!” Y/n screamed running over to me from the crowd of people “We made it, we’re graduates of high school, we are going to college!!!” She was very excited I mean how could she not be she is going to one of the best dancing schools in la and we she will be living with us until she finds and apartment and after tour is over we will be together again “I’m so proud of you baby” We kissed each other with passion and love “Come on we got to go and get the truck packed up so we can go to la” I said I didn’t want to keep the boys waiting “Wait let me go say bye to Grace” “Ok tell her I said good luck I will miss her as well” “Will do, bye see you at the truck love you” Still feels the best when she says it to me “I love you too” I whispered to myself as I watched her figure fade away into the crowd of now graduated kids getting congratulations from their parents - - - - Hashtags #whydontwe #whydontweimagines #aewdwimagines #danielseavey #jonahmarais #corbynbesson #zachherron #jackavery
Chapter 28 Y/n p.o.v I’m laughing I’m legit sitting in this bench laughing and I’m crying but they are tears of joy I start to sober up but when I look up at Daniels confused face I start laughing even harder After what seems like forever I start to sober up. “Daniel *sniff* that’s what you’ve been scared to tell me this whole time” “Yes?” He seemed unsure I grabbed him and gave him the biggest hug “Daniel I am so proud, happy, excited, and thrilled that you are going on tour at least we have 3 weeks to spend together” “Y-you’re not mad?” He looked shocked “Honestly, no I’m more happy” “Wow!” “It’s because you have come so far to make this your dream and now you guys are going to be on tour meeting hundreds even thousands of fans all over and make them as happy as you make me once they meet you” Now I was crying still tears of joy though “Daniel I couldn’t be any prouder you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and knowing that after senior year you will be off on tour just a week after is thrilling” “I’m speechless” I gave him a peck on the lips “Daniel listen to me, I will always be happy for you that is my job as your girlfriend and it makes me overjoyed that I have a successful boyfriend who has thousands of fans waiting for them to perform for them after our senior year and the only thing you can think about is how I feel and how it will effect me” He made my heart happy “Well yeah you’re my girlfriend after all” I cupped his face with my hands and he looked me straight in the eyes “Daniel James Seavey we have been dating for a while now and it’s great, you’re doing well about to go on tour and you may be busy all the time but you always try and make time to make me happy, I just wanted to genuinely thank you” I gave him one of the biggest kisses I could muster this ball of fluff, this thoughtful human , this Daniel James Seavey was mine and now the whole world would soon feel what I feel for him he makes everything better and everyone happy In my thought process I figured out something that took me a while to figure out and now it’s here this thought is what I truly feel I pulled away from Daniel “Daniel” I said with a sniffle “Yes love”
HELL YESSS😍💀I indeed had this video on loop😂 • • • @jonahmarais @seaveydaniel #danielseavey #zachherron #corbynbesson #jonahmarais #jackavery #whydontwe
Chapter 27 Daniel p.o.v 2 weeks left of school and I still haven’t told her. I’m horrible I need to tell her, right now it’s now or never. I text her to meet me at the palace and I get ready to tell her what I should have told her as soon as I found out *swipe* Nervous was an understatement how would she react. Y/n is so caring, loving, knowing and understanding but I have kept this from her for too long would she be mad, would she break up with me No she would do that I know Y/n I hear the door to the palace open and I know she is here I spot her and she looks beautiful as usual She was wearing a yellow sundress that fit her perfectly *swipe* I’m really going to miss her “Hey Daniel what was so important that it couldn’t wait till you came to my house tomorrow” She gave me hug and just lingered close I hugged her back “What I can’t see my girl in our place” She playfully rolled her eyes “Yes you can it was just a pleasant surprise that’s all” “Well what did you want to tell me?” How did sh- “You texted me remember” “Oh right” “Well spill it out” She laughed Her laughter is so beautiful and I could listen to it all day I just sat to admire it for a while “Daniel” She was smiling I snapped back into reality when she called out my name “Ok yes what I am about to tell you I found out 2 weeks ago, I wanted to tell you as soon as I found out but I was scared of what your reactions would be like” “Daniel you’re scaring me just spill it out” She giggled Here we go “After senior year is over a week later,” “Yesss?” She said anticipation eating away at her “Well the boys and I are going on tour and it’s going to be for 3 months” The bright smile she had on her face faltered “And how long did you know this?” She pulled away from me “I’ve known since 2 weeks ago” I said disappointed in myself for not saying anytime earlier She look hurt but she was thinking which was scary I don’t know how she would react “Ok” Huh “Ok.” Then she laughed Wait did I miss something? She’s laughing, she’s genuinely laughing I am very confusion right now - - - - Hashtags #whydontwe #whydontweimagines #aewdwimagines #danielseavey #jonahmarais #corbynbesson #zachherron #jackavery
My Fav pic #jackavery @jackaverymusic luv u jack ❤
Me and #oof go a long #way I #remember just when Jaca got him out of that nasty #old #box and now he is #saved and one of my #bff 💚pc: @katelynn_romeo #jkbsisters #beachhouse #delaware #pomchi #buddie #libertypshannon #limelight #jackavery #whydontwe #kongdasavage #travel
J. AVERY —————— alright i don’t know what to caption this but look now i’ve made a caption by saying i don’t have a caption alright —————— #jackavery #jackaverymusic #whydontwe #wdw #whydontwemusic #jonahmarais #corbynbesson #zachherron #danielseavey #mtv #picsart #singer #polaroid #edits #graphics #jackaveryedits #whydontweboys #fandom
so I’m using cute cut for the first time and this edit is crap but I’ll get better slowly… @imzachherron @seaveydaniel @jonahmarais @corbynbesson @jackaverymusic #corbynbesson #jackavery #zachherron #jonahmarias #danielseavy #limelight #whydontwe
cute people • THANK YOU FOR 9.9k THIS IS UNREAL♥️
Goodnight guys! Even though I’m not really going to bed🤩💞 [ @jonahmarais @whydontwemusic ]
So I wanted to do a see if ur my best friend instead of a face reveal and if u actually got a 70+ then let’s talk I wanna make friends. And I know that it’s so small Idk how to fix that. • • • • • [tags] #whydontwe #whydontwemusic #whydontweimagines #jonahmarais #jonahmaraisimagine #corbynbesson #corbynbessonimagine #danielseavey #danielseaveyimagine #jackavery #jackaveryimagine #zachherron #zachherronimagine #bestfriend
A Zach edit. I need to get better at writing captions
this is hands down one of the best pictures that has ever been taken! • • • • #whydontwe #jackavery #jonahmarais #danielseavey #zachherron #corbynbesson #wdw #whydontweedits @jonahmarais @jackaverymusic
the Queens have arrived !!😮😍 @shnack.seavey @averyaudios @whydontweimagine2 @kyahray123 & of course myself ;) ❤️❤️ - - - - Sorry this isn’t why don’t we related but I just wanted to make a edit of some of my favs! Also psa!: I won’t be active the next 3 weeks so this is why I’m uploading something now to keep this account alive but enjoy this edit it’s pretty trash buttt I love them sm ❤️ - - - - - #whyshouldntwe #corbynbesson #jonahmarais #jackavery #whydontwemusic #zachherron #danielseavey #whyshouldntwe #whydontweband #whydontweedit #whydontweboys #wdw #girls #queens
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