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can you tell that I didn't have any ideas? yeah me too. 😂😫 also tomorrow is freaking Friday and I can't wait. this week was so long TF. anyways I hope you like this❤ @selenagomez
Hotter than hell🔥🍑
Me aburro muchísimo ☹️💕
“All I really want to know is what goes through your mind when you look at me.”
I want it to be summer already😍👼💓💘
“I’ve never met anybody else that gets my heart racing like you.”
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“We all have our scars from loving someone too deeply. From wanting to protect someone too much.”
“It’s scary when empty people like us find love.
How do I feel so much after years of neutrality?”
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i fucking hate having younger siblings they take all my fucking stuff and never give it back ffs
;♡- 3/3 | theme divider • i am so done w sch im so glad tmo is my last day of term but im gonna miss my baby so much since i dont socialise out of school aw 💔. - - fc: 8420
;♡- 2/3 | theme divider • i feel sick, as if im gonna throw up omg - - fc: 8420
;♡- 1/3 | theme divider • cherry airwaves are the best chew gum flavour !!!! dont fight me on this. - - fc: 8420
Art 🍂✨
Vamos de paseo?👀💕
— fc: 6783 | 22.3.18 ❝broken heαrts speαk α lαnguαge only understood by others in the sαme pαin.❞ qotd: trαvel by: cαr or plαne? ✧* ೃ༄
i keep saying i have water i don’t need coke but i literally keep going to the fridge
Your 3rd emoji is ur reaction 🤣😱
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