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Opened 2 of the elite packs in UCL paths and got 💩,did the last node got 💩,did featured match got 💩,see the stars are aligning, I'm shit ;(
What do y’all want to see next??
جاكوار جميلة 🥶
naw she was popping her nails off cause you was coming at her not because she did it #badgirlsclub #bgc12
redd did it #badgirlsclub #bgc12
Aysia vs lo #badgirlsclub #bgc12
My luck stinks 💩💩I need to do something about it! Got any ideas,then C O M M E N T dOWn B E L O W 👇👇
Title: MITB’s owner Against: Some cunts who bout to get smacked For: @rodswrestling ~ ~ ~ Rosemary smirked and was playing with a knife and laughed once she saw the line up against her. Rosemary licked a blade and stabbed the entire picture until it was unrecognizable, she laughed and stomped on the picture shreds until it was no longer able to recognized. “Oh sweet little babies you’re truly in a hell hound with us! You’re about to be unrecognizable just because of us! All us we shall smash your pretty little faces in! Then they all will be cheering for me! They will never believe it! We will take the bank and use it against you as we smash it against you all and we don’t stop until you’re crying and begging for us to stop! Ivelisse the poor little Puerto Rican will be abolished once she sees us in the same ring as her, her hair won’t be red from dye instead from the blood that comes out of the back of her head when you crush it like a fucking balloon! We will laugh and giggle and you’ll be bawling on the ground as we grab a ladder and crush your head against the barricade, causing you to cry. Asuka the lady we beat to get her is back? Well that’s no fair, I could’ve just laid down for her in order for her to get in the match, maybe we can take a ladder and break her ribs, so she can’t even breath! Carmella isn’t money when we grab the money and rip it apart, we will smash her face in also, then we will use her teeth as a tool to put in her forehead and crack open her head like a coconut! Maybe then we can see what goes through her head when she faces us! Eve will certainly get competition but will not prevail because we broke her face like Nia broke Becky’s face except we use the soles of our feet, and she doesn’t recover in a week? Maybe a year but not a week. (CIC) 🌸🌌{#openrp #wwerp #literaterp #wrestling #uglygaintrain #uglyfollowtrain   #followtrain2016 #follow4like #followlike #helpmegain #helpyallgain #jayjaygaintrain #jaygainsfollowtrain #like4like #like4follow #likeforlike #likeforfollow #cashfollowplane }
@lautaromartinezz10 is a great Argentinian striker and he can definitely become one of the best strikers in the world! The young player of Internazionale has scored 3 goals in the Serie A so far, but I’m sure he will score more goals in the future. Will EA release this card as an SBC this week?👀😳
Gilbert Fuentes, @sjearthquakes talent👀 — Tag @g.fuentess 🔥
kelsey calemine intro
Should I start back to post Pacybits? Logged into my account today and saw this :)
مواهب كبيرة باللنسبه لمركز الجناح 🔥😍 . . Explore? Follow me please @professor.fut . . اكسبلور ؟ فولو لي للمزيد @professor.fut .
Michy Batshuayi 🦇 — Tag @mbatshuayi down below please🙌🏻
— ❤︎ Emma? who’s Emma? The only Australia girls i know is Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, which let me tell you, they are so annoying! But that’s not the point, the point is i face Emma in a Queen Of The Ring tournament. Can anyone guess who the winner will be? no, need a hint, okay umm well, she’s from New jersey, she has pink hair, and she will Liv forever. It’s me, obviously it’s gonna be me. See after i’m done with Emma, nobody will remember her. Emma thinks it’s her time? no sweetheart, it’s MY time, it’s all about me, not you! I’ve worked hard to be here, i’m not someone who’s obsessed with my looks, i didn’t get here because of my looks, i got here because i’m the best. i didn’t get here because i was a so called dancing queen, i didn’t pop bubbles. Once a i beat Emma her career will be short, like all of AJ Lees relationship. I will be advancing to round two of Queen of the ring, because Facing Emma is like getting into a breaking a book. So boring to look at but very easy to break. And let me tell you, even if AJ or Toni wins i’ll be happy to face anyone of those women cause i will still beat them. the future is about Liv, Me! not Emma, not Aj, not Toni, none of the women in the raw women’s division, because the future is LIVing.
oh look a smile 💗 Jeans: @fashionnova
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