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🎉🙌🏽💞I just met #jensincero the baddest 💪🏼#badass at her #youareabadasseveryday 💪🏼book signing! 📚We had a snuggle! 💞Pure F U N ❣️❣️❣️#bookhaorder 📚🎉🔥📚💞
It’s been a long year. And lately it’s been a little rough so I picked up this book and so far I’m really enjoying it! #jensincero #youareabadassbook
“You have to want your dreams more than you want your drama.” - @jensincero . Last night was such a magical opportunity to meet Jen Sincero, who has written many fantastic books, including “You Are a Badass At Making Money” (pictured here). . This book kept showing up in my life throughout the last year and I kept resisting it. I’m so glad I opened up to it when I stumbled upon it (again) at a bookstore in Ohio when I was traveling earlier in the fall. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has negative beliefs around money and is ready for healing. My biggest takeaway is that we’re in charge of what we want to create in our life—it’s about harnessing our mindset and trusting universal intelligence. ✨ . . . #jensincero #booksigning #youareabadassatmakingmoney #universalintelligence #mindovermatter #corebeliefs #createyourself #moneyhealing #moneyhealth
Calca clochard 34 ao 42 💕🌟🛍📲📦 #giiistore #model #jensincero #amo #neonvibes
Dog sitting for the week 🐶
Whenever you find yourself with a fearful or disturbed mind ask yourself these 3 simple questions. 1. Am I clinging or attached to something I don't want to let go of? 2. Am I avoiding or wanting to get away from something? This can be anything we feel uncomfortable with or just don't like? 3. How is ignorance distorting my reality? Remember the adage "We see things that are not there and do not see the things that are." By asking yourself these 3 questions you begin to expose the dynamics of your own mind, and you clarify your own misperceptions so you can act in helpful, ethical ways. And remember: any solution to any issue must be accompanied by informed awareness, a synonym for "Wisdom." Informed awareness is like a powerful flashlight and the disturbing emotions are like cockroaches - they run from the light of wisdom. #themisleadingmind @karuna.cayton Quote by @jensincero Happy Tuesday
Dog sitting for the week 🐶
Don’t hurry this year out the door. Write down 3 accomplishments you’re proud of. Then cheer on the person above you. Let’s celebrate it, all of it.🍾 I’ll go first: 1. I found my voice as a yoga teacher 🧘🏻‍♀️ 2. I finally stopped dreaming and I booked my bucket list trip to Bali with my bestie ✈️ 3. I took control of the narrative and changed several things that weren’t working, without drama, without guilt. I’m becoming a stronger woman everyday. 📝 Your turn! Let me celebrate YOU, the shining star that you are. 🌟
Today is a busy day and I’m not trying to hide the fact that I don’t feel like leaving my house! 😝 I can accomplish more things sitting here than running aimlessly around a store trying to fight off senseless shopping, traffic and crowds of people in a mad rush to finish off their holiday wish lists. 😖 . So while you scurry around town I’m gonna sit here and handle my school work, my invites, my bills, my laundry and my personal development oh and let’s not forget that jar of peanut butter 🤣 oops how’d that get there @s_swanner_fitness 😉 . . . . #getitdone #momlife #multitasking #peanutbutterbreath #tacklinglife #lazybutproductive #babyitscoldoutside #walmartfinds #comfyoutfit #riseup #handleyourbusiness #tuesday #transformationtuesday #worklife #homeoffice #bossbabe #vibes #smile #nerdygirl #bookworm #personaldevelopment 🔥#youareabadass #jensincero 💯
So I’m sitting here at my grandmas, hungover after a wild night out in the city (and by wild I mean I was in the city and that’s the part that is wild) when my dad tells me I need to go to my grandmas for 9am to let in some people doing work on her house. 6 hours of broken sleep later and 1 whopping headache in, I have made my way to her couch with my newest read You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. This is a different kind of read for me but I definitely feel like I’m in a stage of my life where I can use a change in my perspective. Has anyone found this book to be helpful for them?!
Continued here: “...full-on sucking simply because it’s more “comfortable” than straying out into unknown territory. Please do not waste your one and only chance to be the you that is you on planet Earth screwing around with excuses when you have the power to create whatever you desire.” - Jen Sincero #motivationtuesday #tuesdaymotivation #jensincero #youareabadass #getoutofyourcomfortzone #takerisks #daretoshine #changeisgood #whynotnow #whatsstoppingyou #noexcuses
Let me put this one in proper context. What I’m talking about here is for example, you always hated your job and wanted to be your own boss and start a business. Here’s the big “but”. BUT you are scared. So what’s the natural way of doing it. You talk to yourself to stay in your job. You rationalize to yourself that your job is secure and the health benefits are excellent. Come on now, no job is ever SECURE! I made that mistake too.
Some early morning reading while I wait for street cleaning to be over. #nycparking #motivationalreading #jensincero
True words from @JenSIncero... #linkinbio
OH MY GOODNESS! A brand new YOU is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! WOOOOHOOOO! I am just over the top excited! To me a new DAY is a NEW CHANCE for a new ME! I thought I would let you in on some simple tips to achieve your goals! 1. First of all you have to know what you want and WRITE IT DOWN! Be extremely specific and MAKE IT PUBLIC. tell your support system your plan so that they will be all in to help in any way! 2. Pray about it every single day! 3. Make a DREAM/GOALS board! Put EVERYTHING you want to achieve on it so you are constantly reminded! Plus it is SUPER FUN to make a dream board...the whole process is awesome! 4. Next decide how you are going to achieve those goals and list out all of the steps it is going to take you to get there! Read and listen to A TON of personal development and educational items to help you REACH that goal! But remember, knowledge ISN'T power until you PUT IT INTO ACTION! So read and then DO WHAT YOU LEARNED! Ask the experts, or people who you PERCEIVE are the experts and adopt some of what you learn from them if it fits into your plan! 5. Be prepared to FAIL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS! By that I mean there WILL be things that come up, just keep in mind that it's part of the process and KEEEEEEP GOING! Let your FAITH be stronger than your fear! It most definitely be a roller coaster ride so make a deal with yourself that you will NOT GIVE UP when you hit an obstacle! Realize that it is just a bump in the road to YOUR SUCCESS, acknowledge it, recognize it for what it is, and RE-ROUTE! 6. Your mind is a very powerful tool, visualize yourself when you have achieved your goal with all of the amazing details that surround it! Make yourself FEEL what it is like when you get there! Do this EVERY DAY in a quiet spot at the same time! This will help keep you completely focused, excited, and motivated! 7. Keep tweaking the steps it is going to take to get there! Try, fail, tweak, and repeat until you reach SUCCESS! 8. When you FINALLY achieve that goal, CELEBRATE! Make a permanent imprint in your mind that will always remind you of that unbelievable moment! Get dressed up, go out for dinner, celebrate!
When it comes to the stuff that really matters to you, why settle for fine when fabulous is also on the menu? ⠀⠀ With my divorce- I lost roughly 25-30 pounds (not counting the 200lb loser) due to stress. I wasn’t necessarily being unhealthy, but I wasn’t losing weight on my own accord. While this is a “normal” (or so I’ve been told) side effect for any major life changing event, it’s not really a “normal” or ideal way to lose the pounds. It doesn’t make you feel like you really worked for it. It doesn’t give you satisfaction and pride. It honestly leaves you feeling just plain tired. ⠀⠀ After I settled in to my “new bod”, i craved the satisfaction of doing something for MYSELF because I could. I craved the achievement and transformations I could provide myself on my own terms. I could choose to go for fabulous than just settling with fine. ⠀⠀ And the rest was history... ⠀⠀ #transformationtuesday #themoreyouknow #thisisthirty #twentywithaperm #fabulousoverfine #youareabadasseveryday #jensincero
Through understanding instead of judging we grow both personally and generally. Understanding leads to unity, compassion it extends our knowledge not only of the situation but of human form 💛. Happy Tuesday everyone 🎄
Today it’s all about problem skin 💛🌸! No matter the age there’s always the occasional spot or scar to worry about. Here is a summary of most of the oils useful for treating skin and balancing hormonal ailments (particularly Geranium). Many of these oils also have the benefit of anti stress or anxiety properties. So let me know if you need further advise on this 💛. Or a good multipurpose oil 😊. DM to get your oils at 25% off retail cost plus the potential for loyalty points - huge saving 🌸
Newest book for daily inspiration. 💕 Love it!
|Anzeige| „Coffee, bed & books“- Mood☃️ I am currently reading ‚You are a badass‘ by Jen Sincero. And so far I like it. It is very humorous written and easy to understand📚I am reading it in English because I want to improve my English skills😅 #books #bookworm #leseratte #bücherwurm #jensincero #youareabadass #coffee #girlboss #bed #cuddling #bücher #studygram #morningslikethese
I have to tell myself this every single day 😅 It is ALL in your head! @melrobbinslive and @jensincero got me workin it. Audiobooks are my new obsession. They’re not wimpy women encouraging wimpy women to be a little less wimpy. They’re badass women, kicking me in the behind and reminding me that I already know what I can do, I just have to make it happen. The solution is always simple, but never easy. 💪🏽 Monday is over ✔️, let’s kick this week’s butt 😛 • • • • • • • • #fattofitjourney #vsg #vsgjourney #senegence #bossbabe #girlboss #melrobbins #jensincero #youareabadass #motivationmonday #workforit #makeithappen #takecontrol #beyou #makeachange #getrich #smile #keepyourheadup #encouragement #lds #quoteoftheday #vsgjourney #fattofitjourney
I had a sick day today... perfect for finishing a good book that will be a coffee table staple for a while to come. I freaking love @jensincero and every one of her badass books. I literally could quote every single page so do yourself a favor and just go read this book!! 💛💛 #book27 #52booksin2018cf #jensincero #ilovetoread #booknerd #youareabadasseveryday #badass
Because I promised myself I would! I promised I would read every single night this week - I made a commitment to my health both physically AND mentally this week and I will not break it. I won’t quit. So here I am. I am not plopping down on the couch and watching suits, I am not scrolling on my phone for hours watching other people’s lives, I am here, quiet, still and reading one of my favourite books. I need the reminders, I need to ‘hear’ the words that I’m reading. I need this and I’m not ashamed to say it. Am I a professional? Absolutely, but do I know everything, definitely not. And do I also need help? You bet your butt I do! Cause that’s life and we’re all human. I’m going back to what works. From the daily affirmations, to the reading self help books, changing my phone screen to a goal that I want to achieve and thinking happy thoughts! I’m ALL in. I’m going back to what I did when I was the most driven, consistent and I’m chasing that happy. I am chasing that feeling. And it’s pretty incredible how much better I even feel after today. If you’re feeling low energy, down in the dumps or a little lost here’s a couple tips I’ve used: 💜declutter, clean a room or start a project (that you can finish). Seeing that finished product will allow for you to feel proud and accomplished. 🧡get outside! Bundle up, feel the fresh cool air. Go for a walk with someone or alone! Listen to some music and walk it out! 💙tell someone. Blurt it out! We are our own worst enemies. You have people here for you, heck I’m here if ANYBODY needs an ear! 💛get your food ready for tmr. Have a plan, eat some extra veggies and drink water. 🖤listen to your body. Have a you day, do whatever you love to do. Watch a movie, knit, read, have a bath, go see a live band or play pool. Whatever YOU want, you’re the boss. 💕And lastly, just breathe. Be present, slow down and stop for a second. Sometimes we get ourselves so wound up and we actually can make things worse and bigger! For anyone wondering what I’m reading it’s ‘You Are A Badass’ one of my favourite books I’ve read many times. Oh, and I’m still loving it! What’s your favourite motivational, inspirational, self help book? Comment ⬇️
Daydreaming about all the wonderful souls coming to Maui with me next year, and the life-long connections we’ll be forming together 💕
@jensincero really speaking to all my doodoo.... Haha! There is a way through it all to get us where we really want to go! I am on my way!!😄 . #youareabadass #jensincero #coachingthatmakessense #jewonajourney #womanartist #canadianartist #painter #storyteller #blassart #wildaboutwatercolour
Jen Jen Jen, I love your stuff. 📚🧐 To achieve anything you want, you have to be willing to get really really really uncomfortable. You have to give yourself the permission to be, do, and have whatever lights you up. Do your happy dance, have that can-do and will-attitude, because if you can think it, and you desire it, and you align your thoughts, words, and actions with it, you can manifest it. There's no need to play small, to shrink back from anything that you fear is too, big, too impossible, too out there. Like I always tell my friends — you do you boo boo! Delighted to meet her, glad I randomly stumbled across your book one day in the bookstore, my eyes were glued to your book and was hungry for more. Thank you! 🙏🏻😅 #jensincero #youareabadass #everyday
What an honor and pleasure to be able to meet one of my favorite authors and have her to sign my favorite book! Thank you @jensincero ! See you in a couple of weeks in Atlanta. This is a life by design! ❤️❤️ . . . #jensincero #badass #youareabadass #youareabadassbook #booklover #readingisfundamental #santafe #newmexico #lifebydesign
Day 2/8 Gratuity Week Manners are a form of custom, gratitude is a state of being. Anyone can whip out their P's and Q's whether they're feeling it or not, but truly being in a state of gratitude is about having an awareness of and a deep appreciation for the many miracles in your life 😇 Think about how it feels when you get to really thank someone for doing something for you and the same s/he does back to you ☺️ And because it makes you feel good to be in such a state of gratitude, it puts you at a very high frequency and connects you to your inner queen/king, which puts you in a more powerful state to manifest good feeling things and experiences into your life 😊 With gratitude, you're actually sending out positive energy by giving thanks which makes the same energy reflect back to you - every action has an equal and opposite reaction ⚡ So who do you want to send your positive energy today? #gratitudejournal #gratitudemindset #gratitudechallenge #thankful #coaching #lifetip #lifeskills #youareabadass #jensincero #careertips #ownyourlife #lifepeacoaching #womeninspiringwomen #coachforwomen #Mindset #mindsetcoach #mindsetchange #stressed #stressresilience #beyou #taketime #bepresent #positivity #lifecoach
I have a little bit of a dark theme happening on Instagram... . So I dug up this gem of uptown (downtown?) Charlotte from one of the rainy days we had last week. . Why am I posting a rainy shot when it was 65 and gloriously sunny today? As a reminder, after darkness always comes light and even when it rains the sun will shine again. And whatever you’re up against right now...it’s only temporary. . It’s. Only. Temporary. . And no matter the weather, I hope you Rock Your Soul. 🙌🏻#rockyoursoul
I can’t wait to read 🤓 I heard good things about this book 📖😊 #read #book #youareabadassbook #jensincero #selfhelp #selfhelpbook #bookworm #boss #awesomelife #blessed
People will always have an opinion, most of the time they mean well but they will always have an opinion. Though well meaning their opinion will be based on the lens of their life and their beliefs and even what they (in a good way) want for you. While advise and guidance to throw an alternative opinion is always useful - as sometimes it throws an angle of thought not previously thought of, however ultimately regardless of the information a person needs to make their own decision as otherwise there will always be the potential for regret. The information that needs to be processed or decided upon is (head) but ultimately a person needs to follow their heart, everyone has their own path in life, whether a decision turns out to be right or wrong is all part of their path or learning curve . Aside from this all we can do is be there for people 💛. So be strong, be brave, we only have one life - do what’s right for YOURSELF 💛 not others. The universe loves strength and persistence 😊. Have a lovely Monday evening everyone 😊🌸🎄 x
Wondering why your life still sucks? I’ll tell you why. NEW VIDEO ▶️ link in bio!
Today is DAY THREE of my 12 days of Bad Ass Giveaways and I couldn't host this giveaway without with the OG BA herself..Miss @jensincero ♡ This is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite and most LIFE CHANGING books I've ever read. I've given it as a gift over and over to so many friends and today I want to give it to YOU!!! ENTER TO WIN BY: Be a supporter and follower mine, Like this photo AND Tag the MOST Badass woman or women you know in the comments!! Winner will be notified on 12/18 via DM 💕💕 #12daysofbadassgiveaways #birdsbeesboudoir #omahaboudoir #omahaboudoirphotographer #nebraskaboudoir #erinbard #youareabadass #jensincero
One of my staycation reads. I can’t wait to get into this. I bought this last week on my lunch break. Has anyone read it? I see it on the ‘gram every now and then. #Badass #Empowerment #books #reading #bookstagram #intelligenceissexy #womensupportingwomen #positivevibes #growth #OnToTheNextChapter #bookshelf #bookclub @jensincero #JenSincero
I just finished this really good book called your a badass by Jen Sincero and she mentioned so many times to create your own story. If you don’t like something change it! You are in control of your life so make it count❤️ #changecomeswithaction #Jensincero #change #lifeishowyoumakeit #yourabadass #createyourownstory #happinessquotes #quotes
Your Beliefs become your Thoughts, Your Thoughts become your Words, Your Words become your Habits, Your Habits become your Values, Your Values become your Destiny. . ~Mahatma Gandhi . There is so much truth to this. I was listening to an audio book and this just stood out to me. You ever notice you may have heard something before but it doesn't really stick but then when you really need it...it hits you hard? Well, these words came at the perfect time. . Sometimes we have to take a look at what we are telling ourselves on a daily basis. Are we looking at things negatively or can we flip our thoughts to a more positive outlook? I have to say today...the thoughts were negative. I was on the feel sorry for me bus. Sometimes I am just hard on myself. Without going into too much detail...these are the things I did to snap out of it. . ✨ Nicole Fiocco asked me to go for a puppy walk and I was able to vent it out. Our puppies love when we go for walks. We talk about everything from our personal lives to business etc. Sometimes just venting and letting things out puts things into perspective. . ✨Then I got a kick butt workout in!! Week 3 and the last week of the program I am doing. It is sports and agility style training and it kicked out the grumpy Karen! . ✨Listened to You are a Badass and if you have not read this book or listened to it on audible..it is a must for everyone!!!! Male or female this book rocks and the author cracks me up with her realness. . ✨Something I want to try is writing out affirmations to say daily. Did you know that you can actually rewire your brain?? Yes!! Replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. Try it out! #changeyourthoughts #positivethinking #youareabadass #affirmations #positiveaffirmations #jensincero #friendship #momboss #dreams #goals #visionboard #anxietyrelief #stressreliever #kickbutt #fitover40 #momofteens #sagittariusseason #holidayhustle #minigoldendoodle #goldendoodle #dogmom
My Monday Motivation is centered around "Making Moves". Not big moves btw...the little moves...the little "deposits". Believe that those deposits have a big ROI coming (the return on your investment). Its appreciating as we speak. . . Each day you have the opportunity to take ONE step forward toward the big goal, the big favour and the big blessing that is yours. And in those steps (whether forward or sometimes backward), there are lessons and messages of their own included. Listen closely. Girls, we are guilty of being too ambitious...wanting the big result now. We dont have to do it perfectly, just show up as our best. Your efforts are directly connected to the results you are getting. Where is your focus going to be? With every step that is divinely guided, you ARE closer. Elevation is here. No matter where you are, higher is waiting. 2018 taught me that trust and timing go hand in hand. Believe in that! . . . Let's close the books on 2018, acknowledging the steps, appreciating the "appreciation", and getting ready to launch into 2019. . . . #mondaymotivation #goals #goalgetter #influencer #positivevibes #believe #jensincero #youareabadass
I can’t get enough of #personaldevelopmentbooks !! I don’t have a ton of time to read most days, but I listen to books on #audible or #hoopladigital everyday. When I can carve out time to sit down with a book, there’s no author I’d rather read than #jensincero , the ultimate #badass . She is also SO good on audiobook, for when you need extra encouragement or a kick in the pants! What’s your go-to personal development book?
S O R E N ˑ E A R R I N G S // Another new style from the 2018 Holiday Collection. Available in Sterling and 14K Gold-Filled. Monday thoughts: “Today I asked my body what she needed, which is a big deal considering my journey of not really asking that much. I thought she might need more water, or protein, or greens, or yoga, or supplements, or movement. But as I stood in the shower reflecting on her stretch marks, her roundness where I would like flatness, her softness where I would like firmness, all those conditioned wishes that form a bundle of never-quite-right-ness, she whispered very gently: Could you just love me like this?” - Hollie Holden via @christydawn // For me (although not necessarily regarding my body) this seems to be the lesson my soul is teaching me. She constantly gives me new dark corners and fears and worries each day, but the question always remains the same, “Can you just love me like this?”. So I practice patience, and I practice understanding, and I practice kindness. Some days I forget and I feel the dull ache of frustration and sadness, but other days I remember to tell her it’s okay. Everything is okay just like this.
Yes, I am Santa's little helper. Is a new home on your Christmas list? Well, let me help him to put the keys in his bag!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #christmas2018 #terranearesort #terranea #bytheocean #missmymom #holidaydecorations #redsweater #millenialwomen #kickass #badass #jensincero #wesawdolphins #lovenature #entrepreneurwomen #womeninbusiness #lifeisgood #spanishhome #craftsmanstyle #craftsman #myfirsthome #lifeisgood #sanpedro #palosverdes #hawthorne #torrance @jensincero @terranearesort
Fear is a natural internal experience, but it’s not necessarily indicative of any outcome. In other words, it is normal to be afraid when we are taking some kind of risk or doing something new. Embrace the process and look at fear as a sign that you are moving forward and generating change! Have a great week! #fear #positivity #mondaymotivation #positivevibes #jensincero #youareabadass #freedom #conquer
#mondaymotivation and if you haven’t read Jen Sincero’s books, you totally should. #youareabadass #jensincero
Today is going to be a great day! Definitely a day to count your blessings! Break free from the bad! The constant negativity that we each encounter every day is really astounding!! It MOTIVATES me more and more to rid myself of it! Remove the bad VIBES! Remove the people that live in a dirty bubble, you know the ones. You can almost SEE the invisible gray sac that surrounds them. LOSE them! Surround yourself by the people with bubbles that SHINE! The bright ones!!! Imagine your life with only people who CONSTANTLY LIFT you higher! Can you imaging what it would be like to get compliments all day every day? Wouldn’t it be nice to have non-stop praise and thanks for the things you do? The mood of every situation would be AMAZING! Be CHEERFUL and spread it all over the place! You have the CHOICE to decide who surrounds you, make sure you choose people who think YOU are GREAT! ALWAYS believe in the GOODNESS in EVERYONE! Get rid of that HEAVY WEIGHT of the negative people. They don’t have a place in your HAPPY, HEALTHY, SUCCESSFUL future! YOU are a powerful person, and YOU can change your situation, and YOU can change the world! Start TODAY…compliment, compliment, compliment! Say SINCERE thank you’s for EVERYTHING, even small things! Spread SMILES everywhere you go!!! BRIGHT BUBBLES! PRAISE PEOPLE! PATIENCE! GIVE THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!
Have you given thanks today?⠀ ⠀ I’ve been thinking a lot about rituals lately and how I can connect more to myself, the universe, my calling and just all around start the day off on the right foot. ⠀ ✨⠀ Every morning right when I wake up and I’m laying in bed those first few minutes I list 5 things that I’m grateful for that day.⠀ ✨⠀ This raises my mood almost immediately plus being grateful is a huge part of manifesting. Think of it like a relationship, if you are constantly giving and giving and your partner never says thank you. You’re doing to stop giving. The universe is the same.⠀ ✨⠀ What are you grateful for today ⠀
What's a world without books? Wouldn't want to know! 😄 Check out our new list of recommended books 💯 https://buff.ly/2PG3i9k
#jensincero #fears #notreal This quote is just what I needed to hear at the end of a year where I have seen growth. In times of growth... fears seem the strongest. Fears seem so so real. Fears seem to stand in front of you and say... "no can do." This day. I am going to run the hell through them.
"If you want to see big change in your life, you've got to do things that scare you. Everything you've done up until now has gotten you where you are. You've got to step outside your comfort zone and do things you've never done before." Jen Sincero shares this, as well as oodles of other wisdom on how to be a badass in life and with money in our free virtual masterclass. It's available for one more day--click the link in my bio to watch!
“No matter what you say you want, if you’ve got an underlying subconscious belief that it’s going to cause you pain or isn’t available to you, you either A) Won’t let yourself have it, or B)You will let yourself have it, but you’ll be rill f*cked up about it. And then you’ll go off and lose it anyway.” -Jen Sincero Conscious Mind: I long to find and marry my soul mate. Subconscious Mind: Intimacy leads to pain and suffering. Finger: Ringless Conscious Mind: I want to lose 25 pounds Subconscious Mind: People aren’t safe; I must build a shield to protect myself. Body: A fortress of flab Conscious Mind: I want to travel the world. Subconscious Mind: Fun = irresponsible = I won’t be loved. Passport: Blank The first key to ridding yourself of limiting subconscious beliefs is to become aware of them. Because until you’re aware of what’s really going on, you’ll keep working with your conscious mind to solve a problem that’s buried far beneath it in your subconscious. Our conscious mind thinks it’s in control, but it isn’t. Our subconscious mind doesn't think about anything, but is in control. (These notes were taken from You are a Badass by Jen Sincero; if you haven’t read this you need to because I’ve read it four times already!) 😻Just ordered her latest book & can’t wait for it to arrive!😻 #jensincero #youareabadass #youareabadasseveryday #iamabadass #jensinceroquotes #jensinceroyouareabadass
100% ❤️ . . So often, we make do with “fine”... which is about as lukewarm as it comes . . My body is fine— even though I cry in dressing rooms . . My health is fine— even though I have no energy, hurt a lot, and take a lot of expensive medications . . My life is fine— even though I’ve been doing the same thing over and over and not getting closer to where I imagined I’d already be . . Maybe “fine” is what we tell ourselves because it’s easier than getting out of our comfort zone and doing the work . . What would it be like to fight for fabulous, instead of passively acquiescing to “fine”? . . . I’m a Master Certified Trainer, who got tired of her life, decided to get fit, and in the process lost 100lbs. I have a system to create lasting transformation, with no pills, gimmicks, or silly diets. Contact me to put YOUR transformation in motion!
Sometimes we all need a reminder 🍓 In one of my favorite books, You Are A Badass, @jensincero talks about how one of her clients got hit by a bus the day she started her dream career. She didn’t give up, she kept going, and now lives the life she always dreamed of. Sometimes things have to get a little (or a LOT) more messy before they can get beautiful. Maybe it means you’re doing something right! Stay humble and kind and remember you never know what journey the people you interact with may be on ❤️.
• Trade in your drama about how you can’t have what you want for the grateful expectation that miracles will walk into your life, and the more commonplace those miracles will become. 💖 • #JenSincero #youareabadasseveryday #author #notesformyself #indeed #christmasiscoming #december #hkgirl #photography #huntingphoto #photo #portraitphotography #portrait #homekong #girl #hongkong #hklife #photoshoot
You are beautiful 🌙 #jensincero #teaplease #womenwhoread
THIS BOOK. It is so good. I am inspired at every turn. Apologies up front that ya’ll will being seeing lots of quotes from her and others within the book. They are too good not to share #YouAreABadass ⚡️⚡️⚡️ . . . . . #jensincero #sober #soberaf #soberlife #soberliving #sobriety #hello_sobriety #hellosobriety #journeytosobriety #trustyourjourney #vibeup
Reading “You Are a Badass” this lovely Sunday afternoon. . . . #jensincero #youareabadass #sunday
Show of hands if you have read "YOU ARE A BADASS" by Jen Sincero. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ There are too many bits of wisdom and advice in this book to even start to list so if you haven't read it - go get it and read it! Honestly! And if you are more of an audio book person, she narrates her own books - you can find them on Audible. I bet your library has it too! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I chose this quote today because we are nearing the end of 2018 (what?!) which means you have likely considered making New Year's resolutions. With that comes desire to change something(s) in your life which will mean stepping outside your comfort zone and doing something new, scary and ultimately rewarding if you follow through. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ❤ I challenge you! Keep those resolutions! Don't make too many...pick one or two that are the MOST important to you and really follow through. When you start to struggle (and you will) remember WHY you wanted this change and lean into the challenge. Push to the finish...to the change...you can do hard things! 👊 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #motivationalquotes #quoteoftheday #qotd #positivevibesonly #beinspired #juststart #justdoit #icandohardthings #failforward #bettereveryday #livingmybestlife #youareabadass #jensincero #jenduray @jensincero #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #loveyourself #selflove #newyearsresolutions
A rocking Christmas gift 🎁 from an adorable little bad butt friend has me asking if you have read any of #jensincero ? If you’re like me and don’t typically reference yourself as a bad a** .... ✌🏻things 1) make friends with some one that is and believes that you are (or can be )too 2) read this book thanks Jess! xo
#449daydofhappy #day449 Very excited about the book I picked up today! You can never have enough persona development and I'm ready to prove that I am a badass everyday 😎 Happy Sunday y'all! Face your fears, let's crush this week! #personalgrowth #books #reading #knowledge #badass #jensincero #courage #confidence #comebackszn #progress #persistence #enthusiasm #honesty #perseverance #fearless #goals #love #faith #magic #believe #wdw #waltdisney #change
Got this message in a pretty magical way today ✨ . Monday night I came down with some awful food poisoning, and yesterday I had to cancel all of my sessions and a training I was super excited about leading. The only option was to rest and take care of myself. . This afternoon I felt my energy returning, and one of my first thoughts was: "Maybe I have enough energy to squeeze in some coaching calls!" . As soon as I thought that, I paused. I know this cycle: the one where I dive back in full of enthusiasm, only to go a little too hard and forget to pace myself 😬 . I saw my new @JenSincero book next to me, and set an intention to turn to whatever page I needed to see in that moment 📖 . I opened it up to a full-page quote that read: “You can’t take care of anything or anyone if you don’t take care of yourself.” Message: received ✅ I’m reminded again and again that I have to put my own oxygen mask on first — and give myself the space to recuperate and recharge before I can support others. . So, instead of squeezing a bunch of sessions in today, I took it easy. It turns out some Netflix and chill time snuggled up on the couch watching Friday Night Lights was just what the doctor ordered 👌🏻 . Wanted to share in case you need this reminder today too 💖 What’s your favorite way to fill your cup?
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