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I love Ronda & Nattie as a tag team🙌 They’re awesome ❤️❤️ @rondarousey @natbynature
Can we finally get a edge head reunion??? I hope so. Goodnight.
As much as Im not a fan of lashley and his booking. I have to admit that the title looks good on him. Im willing to give his reign a chance. But if it's gonna be anything like jinder's wwe title reign or any other of that nonsense, you can miss me with that bc IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!
I think it's time we crown new NXT tag champs at takeover Phoenix. Undisputed era has dominated the tag division for over a year and with the addition of Roderick, The group got stronger. And I think it's the raiders' time. Plus it's only a matter of time until the UE is called to the main roster anyway. One way or another, this should be a great tag team match.
More smackdown live Digitals! So happy about Mandy winning the match😜💛 @mandysacs
#Dandy #FireNDesire 🔥 on Smackdown! 💛 @mandysacs
Entrance digital from #smackdown 💛 @mandysacs
This should be a network special. This is too good to miss bro.
Victory never looked as good....😜💛 @mandysacs
Mandy wore it better... sorry @trinity_fatu @mandysacs 😂💛💛
Let’s get ready to RUMBLE! | This SUNDAY the 30-Man #RoyalRumble will showcase only the best of the best competing for the top spot at #Wrestlemania ! | featuring #SamoaJoe , #SethRollins , #DeanAmbrose , #BobbyLashley , #RandyOrton , #DrewMcIntyre , #ReyMysterio , #AndradeCienAlmas , #ApolloCrews , #JinderMahal , #MustafaAli and many more #RAW & #SDlive superstars! | #NXT #205live #NXTUK
La lucha house party gagnent vs jinder mahal et le sings brother . #wwe #wwenews #catch #catchnews #wrestler #wrestling #wrestlingnews #jindermahal
This has been requested quite a few times over the past week, and I try to give the people what they want, so behold...the Jinder Mahal Slideshow! I met this guy once last year, and he was such a cool dude in person. I told him, “Maaan, you gotta take that title from Lesnar” and he responded with, “you know me, I’m here every week”. I enjoyed Jinder as the wwe champ because he had this uncanny ability to make people lose their minds each additional week he held on to the title. Anyways, I would love to hear from you all: 1) Your favorite picture, 2)One you would most likely hang on your wall or have autographed by Jinder himself and 3) Least favorite picture. Thanks in advance, looking forward to seeing some of these replies! 😊 #WWE #WWELive #RAW #Smackdown #WWERaw #SmackdownLive #SDLive #matorr1207pics @jindermahal #jindermahal #themaharaja
Tonight will be the first time since takeover war games we saw the dream. What will he have in store tonight on NXT??? who knows, hopefully something good. GM
Smackdown Tonight delivered another great show. Start to finish the show was all about the rumble. Becky and asuka brawl throughout the arena to kickoff the show, rey and almas killed it again, and Orton shows up with a surprise rko to samoa joe to cap off the go home show to the rumble. Great stuff tonight. Overall smackdown gets a 9/10. GN
Bryan telling vince that him and the rest that's left from his generation is nothing. God does this man remind me of ciampa at times. Gotta love it.
I can honestly see Jericho getting a new deal with New Japan while working for AEW. Jericho facing a tanahashi or an okada would be a dope match to see. If he could have a 5 star match with the best bout machine, just imagine what he could do with the ace and the rainmaker.
Another Random Royal Rumble Slideshow! Which is your favorite pic of the group and which is your least favorite? Also...which one of THESE superstars would you mark out the most if they won the Rumble? #WWE #WWELive #RAW #Smackdown #WWERaw #SmackdownLive #SDLive #matorr1207pics @steveaustinbsr @wwerollins @jindermahal @samizayn @zryder85 @thecurthawkins @ajstylesp1 #romanreigns #sethrollins #jindermahal #stonecold #steveAustin #ajstyles
Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days.. #JinderMahal
“I am Ronda Rousey, The Bosses Boss” @rondarousey ❤️
this stare down though! I’m so hyped for their match on Sunday! CANT WAIT! @rondarousey
Braids by @thisisbabe ❤️‼️ @rondarousey
Glam by @heeezooo ❤️ #raw @rondarousey
Tonight! Comment who you want to win! #Mandy or #Naomi ! I’m so excited for this 💛‼️ @mandysacs
The man vs the empress. Interested to see what these two will do tonight before their showdown at chase field. Omg, I still can't get over how stacked the rumble card is, top to bottom. If booked correctly this could be the best royal rumble ppv of all time.
Geçen geceki Raw şovunda Lucha House Party, Jinder Mahal ve Singh Brothers'ı mağlup etti. - - - - - - - #wwe #raw #jindermahal #singhbrothers #luchahouseparty
Voici les resultats de #WWERAW du 21 Janvier 2019. - Promo entre Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, Vince McMahon & Finn Balor. - Simple Match #FinnBalor BAT #BraunStrowman via DQ. Ah la fin du combat, Brock Lesnar attaque Finn Balor. - Promo entre Bobby Lashley, Lio Rush & Apollo Crews. - Simple Match Non Title #BobbyLashley BAT #ApolloCrews . - Promo entre Seth Rollins & Drew McIntyre. - Simple Match #SethRollins BAT #DrewMcIntyre . - 6-Man Tag Team Match #LuchaHouseParty BATTENT #JinderMahal , #SamirSingh & #SunilSingh . - Promo entre Elias & Baron Corbin. - Simple Match #BaronCorbin BAT #Elias . - Promo entre Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Mickie James, Alicia Fox & Ember Moon. - Tag Team Match #HeavyMachinery BATTENT #TheAscension . - Tag Team Match Arbitre Spécial : Curt Hawkins RAW Tag Team Championship #BobbyRoode & #ChadGable BATTENT #TheRevival [Toujours Champions]. Ah la fin du combat, The Revival attaque Curt Hawkins, mais Zack Ryder viens l'aidez. - Tag Team Match #SashaBanks & #Bayley BATTENT #RondaRousey & #Natalya via soumission. - #WWERAW
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