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• MAGIC MOMENTS • Can we just.....😍 @a_content_heart and her stunning babes with our Moses Bassinet🌻
😎 Buooongiorno! 🌞 Un giorno di pioggia ed è già tornato il caldo! Da una parte sono contentissima, perchè quaggiù nella nostra minuscola casetta al mare non c'è granché da fare in caso di pioggia... non c'è il divano, non prendono i telefoni... fortuna che c'è qualcuno che trova sempre un modo per divertirsi! 😂 . . 🚀 #buonagiornata a tutti voi amici e amiche! 😘 . . #momlife #proudmom #bloggermom #ohheymama #mytinymoments #momanddaughter #magicalmoments #mommylifestyle #the_sugar_jar #motherhoodunplugged #magicofmotherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #mammablogger #joyfulmama #momlifeisthebestlife #childrenphoto #bestoftheday #our_everyday_moments #mom_hub #mammeitaliane #inspirekids #cutestkids #mammeonline #mommylove #mommylife #cutest_kiddies #lamoremiogrande
For those of you who have asked for it, I have shared my first impressions of Finn’s high chair in my stories 👆🏻! In case you miss it, I’ve saved it under my Baby Products highlights! Spoiler alert: we love it!
This photo came up on my time hop today & is one of my favourite photos ever 💕 about 10 months later we lost my Grandad, so thankful he got to meet Finn 💙 Definitely take them photos & treasure the memories 💕
✨✨✨ This photo is almost a year old, Iv never been a big selfie queen. I always find my flaws and imperfections and never end up sharing when I do. I like my photos to be from a distance then you can’t see them. But you know what in the last year, I have learnt to love myself. I have learnt to love my flaws. My imperfections are perfect for me. ••• We need to stop seeing the bad in ourselves and start finding the beauty. We all hold it with in and once we find that Beauty within, it begins to shine outside. ••• Do you have a habit of putting yourself down ? Do yourself a favour and instead of looking into the mirror and pointing out all the things you dislike about yourself, point out the things you love. Say it out loud, feel it, embrace it. •••
Guten Morgen meine Lieben !☀️ Bei dem schönen Wetter heißt es früh aufstehen und spazieren gehen. Später geht es noch auf einen Geburtstag 🎈 Noah ist seit 6 Uhr wach und freut sich schon auf die anderen Kinder. ————————————————— #behappy #mama #mom #purelove #ichliebedich #meineperfektewelt #baby #meinjunge #letthembelittle #thehappynow #mytinymoments #mynameismama #storytellingmama #lifeasmama #joyfulmama #instamom #momlife #watchthemgrow #moments_of_mom #einundalles #bloggermama #mylittlesunshine #8month #8monate #NoahKurt #meinherzgehörtdir #summer #spazieren #derfrühevogel #hamburg
This little gem is doing so much now. She says mama and dada and hello. She loves waving and pointing to things she wants prompting me to give it to her. If you ask her how old she is she holds up one tiny little finger. She is a giggler and giggles at everything. These are the moments I will remember forever! . . . . . . . #avagabrielle #babygirl #happiness #laugh #joy #joyfulmama #lifestylephotography #photography #motherhood #motherhoodisdarling #childofig #magicofchildhood #childhood #ig_motherhood #mommyandme #mommyanddaughter #specialmoments
Yup that’s Friday in the distance!!! Who’s joining Sophia @cote.frederique in our luxe drop to grab this western boho ?!? Friday 7 MST 5 prints are hitting the luxe shop. All go amazing with our fall basics. But let’s just take a moment and look at how well sage cozy leggings go with this tee. . . . . . . . #momlifestyle #canadiankids #simplychildren #kidswillbekids #motherhoodunplugged #sahmlife #joyfulmama #ohheymama #littlepiecesofchildhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #documentyourdays #motherhoodrising #momcommunity #mommymoments #thesincereststoryteller #momswithcameras #umh_kids #inbeautyanschaos #dailyparenting #momhustle #momlife #chaoscoordinator #momlifeisthebest #girlmomlife #raisinggirls #momlife #ig_motherhood #honestmotherhood
Today was rest day (thank heavens, my arms are so sore!) 💪🏼😩 BUT!!! 💥💁🏼‍♀️ I finally tried on my last pair of skinny jeans that I haven’t worn for over a year and THEY FIT!!! 🙀😆😆 I felt amazing today, I even had my hair undone for half the day but then was reminded why I have to wear up up these days. 👀Little man loves to either pull it or eat it! 😖🙄 You can feel amazing too!! You can fit back into your skinny jeans too! 👖 It will take some work, but it is GOOD work!! 🤸🏼‍♂️ If you need some help, let me know! I was chatting 📲with over 20 ladies today about my Sept 10th group (see previous post for more info), but I WILL make room for you if you’re ready!! 🙌🏼💃🏼 . . . #skinnyjeans #momjeans #notyourmomsjeans #skinnies #operationskinnyjeans #momsunite #joyfulmama #joyfulmamas #soblessed #blessedmom #choosejoy #postpartum #babynumber3 #40lbsdown #fitmama #motherhoodunited #motherhoodunplugged #babyweight
EllaJ is such an adventurous 👟👟 little soul. 🌲 She never gets tired of exploring our property. Afternoon walks 🦉 are definitely our favorite time of day around here. #mammaTash #EloiseJosephine #growingupwithEllaJ #mommyhood #blackmamma #newparents #newmom #newmama #family #mixedbabies #naturalbabies #babygirl #baby #blackmom #thisismotherhood #motherhood #afternoonwalk #afternoontea ☕️ #adventure #mymotherhood #joyfulmama #motherhoodjoys
My beautiful little bean says Dada and Muma now 🌸✨
Today My daughter told me that I have puffy arms. I kind of love that adjective. I laughed and said that a lot of my parts are puffy. I also went on to say that some moms are puffy and some moms aren’t but they are all beautiful. That’s how we address body image in our home: matter-of-fact and always positive. We all have to choose what’s best for us and I’ve chosen to live my life on the puffier side of the spectrum. I want my daughter to grow up with a healthy self-image and I try to live by example. One day I decided to stop the manic cycle of dieting, counting calories and picking myself apart when nothing beneficial came of it. I eat my pizza guilt free now and am actually more content with my body than I ever have been. It’s all about perspective and cutting yourself some slack. 🍕
“She stood in the midst of the storm and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails.” . ...your storm may be brutal, but it will NOT blow you away. - @msrachelhollis 🖤
Took one of my favorite little guys out for his Bday “date”! ❤️ He wanted ya’ll to know there are only a few hours left to jump on our VIP List to be in on tomorrow’s VIP Private Gratitude Sale. 🎈LINK IN BIO 🎈The cherry on top? You get goodies every month for being on the list but you don’t want to miss the one tomorrow! 🤗 ❤️ If you are already a VIP, check your inbox in the morning. It’s first come, first served for a whole lot of one of a kind & limited quantity goodness!! Thank you for being part of the @jewelofhavana family! ❤️❤️❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #gratitude #grateful #madeinla #louisianalife #cherryontop #friendsforever #friendsforlife #jewelofhavana #batonrouge #louisiana #louisianagirl #brmoms #bestfriend #bestfriends #bestiesforlife #joyfulmamas #joyfulmama #besttiaever #mamas #littleboys #littleboysrock #batonrougemoms #momlifestyle #todayslovely #canthandleit #joyfullife #joyfulliving #livingyourbestlife #makeyousmilestyle #sunshineday
“Eating well isn’t about perfection. Some days, you’re going to eat too much. Some days, you’re going eat too little. And some days you’re going to have a piece of cake because the occasion calls for it. And, that’s ok. There’s room for every type of food in a balanced lifestyle.” . Yesterday, I indulged in some yummy “treat” meals and tomorrow is my nephews 5th birthday, so I know I’ll be having a piece of cake with him! So today, I made sure to make smart healthy choices, and while in the moment I enjoyed my meals yesterday my body feels so much better with the choices I made today. 🧡
They had a good case of the crazies yesterday (oh wait, that’s everyday) but I got grumpy and yelled at them and may have called them animals and then taken away ice cream privileges for the day. I felt crappy but we talked about why I got upset and wouldn’t let them have a treat. They listened and apologized and asked for ice cream again. I thanked them and told them no but they could try again tomorrow. Sometimes we feel like we fail our kids or ourselves but it’s really an opportunity for growth and change. We spent a wonderful, ice cream free afternoon with family in the magical fog exploring and guess what? They got ice cream today❤️ #imokyoureok
So then we were three. And it was amazing, exhausting, and terrifying. @petepena was home for three weeks and it was the exact amount of time I needed his support getting the hang of latching L and breastfeeding. It was what he and I like to call “the newborn honeymoon stage”. Then he went back to work and shit went a little sideways .............📷 @charmipena . . . . . . #realmotherhood #thehappynow #simplymamahood #ohheymama #mommystatus #momlove #mommymode #motherhoodrising #newbornphotos #teammotherly #mommydiaries #motherhood #motherhoodintheraw #girlmom #liveauthentic #thatsdarling #uniteinmotherhood #flashesofdelight #livecolorfully #myhonestmotherhood #indianmom #joyfulmama #honestmotherhood #abmlifeisbeautiful
Today for her birthday K could eat at whatever restaurant she wanted and order whatever she wanted to eat. But she picked eating at home and this #veggiesmost dinner 😍💛🙌🏻🥗Little tip to get kids into veggies....serve with a little buttah 😘 Not pictured, but some butter was present 💛💛💛
This boy challenges my very core being 😂 if you know enneagram I’m a 9 and ALL about inner peace. Finnegan is my first born and I love him dearly. This boy definitely challenged my inner peace. 😂😭. God gave him to me so I can learn an EXTRA level of patience. It’s SO hard for me because he’s always been my sweet boy. (And he still is SUPER sweet) but he is also equally SASS! My Lord Jesus help me 🙏🏽 (but seriously 😳) we skipped nap today because it got too late and he didn’t wake up this morning till 8am so I was like ok in bed by 7:30 read some books nurse and asleep by 8pm ....nope. Just fell asleep at 9pm . Wasn’t worth the missed nap (because I normally sleep too 😭) here is hoping he will be on schedule tomorrow. When did your kids try and ditch nap all together? Finn is turning 3 next month and I’m determined to have him nap till he’s at least 5 😂 (but also, seriously 😳) • • • #thelifestylecollective #ourlightwithin #my_magical_moments #celebrate_childhood #exploretocreate #nothingisordinary #click_vision #pixel_kids #galleryoflightfeature #let_there_be_delight #momazine #thegallerycollective #pocket_sweetness #lives_beautifully_captured #jj_its_kids l#magicofchildhood #thesincerestoryteller #shared_joy #finneganmarkpatrick
@crazyrichasians opens today! I had such a great time interviewing the cast at the premiere last week for @nbcla 🎥I feel like I learned so much and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see this film. 🌎 It’s beautiful, and funny and you will love it ❤️ Swipe left to see the stars I talked to and fawned over (@michelleyeoh_official 😱). Are you heading to the movies this weekend? @wbpictures #crazyrichasians #redcarpet #nbcla #entertainmentnews #motherhoodinhollywood
👩🏼‍💻BUILDING MY GLOBAL EMPIRE ONLINE 🌎 My business is currently open in 14 different countries...do you know people in any of them??🤔 With a RAPID GLOBAL EXPANSION plan, we are in a 100% growth and momentum phase💥 Which means NOW is the time to get positioned to ride the wave!!🌊 The countries we are currently open in are: 🇭🇲️ Australia 🇳🇿 New Zealand 🇺🇸 USA 🇨🇦 Canada 🇲🇽 Mexico 🇨🇴 Colombia 🇰🇷 South Korea 🇯🇵 Japan 🇭🇰 Hong Kong 🇨🇳 China 🇸🇬 Singapore 🇩🇪 Germany 🇦🇹 Austria 🇨🇭 Switzerland If you have 5mins to chat about the possibilies this means for YOU please reach out to me RIGHT NOW!!✨✨✨ This might not be for you but if you can refer me to people in ANY of these countries I will make it VERY worth your while!!😉😘 #GlobalExpansion #YourCEOlife #ClaimYourPieceOfThePie
🌟HUGE NEWS!!!🌟 So where are all my bargain shoppers at?! 👀🙋‍♀️ . For those who’ve been wanting to start your health/fitness journey, THIS IS FOR YOU!!! 👈 . Our team has NEVER done anything like this before... ladies, think CHRISTMAS in August with tons of prizes & savings!!! 🤑🙌🎁 . SUNDAY ONLY, our team is having a ONE DAY FLASH SALE for back to school. 🎒⚡️ . If you LOVE saving- DROP AN EMOJI 💥 so I can add you to the FLASH SALE group!! . Trust me when I say, A year from now you’ll wish you had started and saved a ton! 👇
Terrible twos I don't know what he's been a bit crazy this last few weeks. He throws things he won't take his nap and if he does he spends an hour fighting it first this mama is getting tired of it. But there are so many Beautiful Moments with him lately the song Joy by for king and country is his favorite he starts dancing and he'll even say the word stop and he'll try to say the word Joy. Even though he doesn't make me want to just stop he brings us so much joy.
Mom life is the best life 🌾
What makes you happy? What brings you joy? 😊 Most people who know me, know that I absolutely love coaching volleyball... and what’s even better is when I get to coach one of my own daughters! 🏐 I’m excited to see what this season brings! What a great group of girls we have! #joyfulmama ❤️ #volleyballcoach #coachlife #mygirls #volleyballgirls #volleyballlife #ladylions #ladylionsvolleyball . . 📸creds: @rachel_allene
✖️We’ve teamed up with amazing bloggers to offer a platform where we can all • Connect • Grow • Collaborate ▪️▪️ To join: 1. LIKE this image. 2.FOLLOW us + everyone we are FOLLOWING who inspires you 🖤 3. COMMENT 🌸 on those you follow (on the Follow Train Post on their feed) This will ensure that they are aware you have followed via this Follow Train and they will follow back those who inspire them🖤 . . . . . . #stopdropandmom #kidsofthelens #storytellingmama #thecollabteam #wired_for_joy #lensloveandbeyond #parentinginthewild #storytellingmama #realmotherhoodseries #heaventhrumylens #themindfulapproach #magicalfamilymoments #littleadventures_bigpictures #littlepiecesofchildhood #myhonestmotherhood #thegallerycollective #pnwmoms #joyfulmama #motherhoodiscolorful #hellostoryteller #thehonestcapture #fearlessandframed #thefamilynarrative #thehonestlens #thatslovely #lifegivingsquares
These boys are my best accountability partners for supplement taking. Every morning they know their routine of vitamins and MightyPro packet. But first, let me tell you a secret. . I didn’t believe in the hype of probiotics until this last year. Honestly. But I decided to take one for myself for 30 days to see if I felt a difference and boy did I. And the more I’ve learned about the importance of gut health supporting our immunity and how we age, I’m convinced we all need to be on a probiotic. Even our kids. . I’m all about supporting the gut to better assist our immune system to do its job. Back to school is here, winter is nipping at our heels, and I want nothing to do with what people have come to expect as normal when germs start making the rounds. . It’s time to be proactive vs reactive and there are simple things you can do that I can teach you to make a difference you’ll all experience this school year. . And a bonus?! Young Living is offering free shipping this week so if you jumped in the game long ago and never kept running but wanted to jump in again, let’s get you set up with a wellness plan. I won’t write you a book a thousand pages long but I’ll give you a few things you can do proactively to support everyone in your fam on the daily. . Haven’t made the jump at all but want to start taking steps towards a more naturally supported body (immune, sleep, hormones, gut) then let’s chat it out. I have so much room for you and would be honored to walk with you in making these small, gradual changes! . Let’s have a GREAT school year!
Miriam and I were long overdue for a fun mother-daughter date, so I surprised her with a visit to @purrfectdayky - an actual cat café! We played with kittens & Miriam enjoyed a cake pop! So fun and good for the soul! . Where do you enjoy taking your kids for special outings?
✨On tired days or when the odds are stacked against me, I think of my children. They inspire me to keep pushing forward, to not give up, and to not drown in life’s chaos or self limiting beliefs. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Because I’m doing what I LOVE. Something that brings me joy and purpose, and I want more than anything to make them proud. And because I know that the example I set if what will shape their future.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I want to show them that ANYTHING is possible, and that giving up when things get tough ISN’T an option if you want to reach your goals. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✨Who inspires you to keep pushing forward?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #momsbelike #joyfulmama #prospermoms #mommygoals #momunity #realmotherhood #mothersofinstagram #windsongranch #mumswithcameras #instamums #mumbloggers #mummybloggers #lovemykiddos #aug30daysofsc #30daysofsc #mumproblems #mummyoftwo #firsttimemumm #mumsofig #preschoolmom #realmomlife #momlifeisthebestlife #stayathomemomlife #motherhoodrising #motherhoodthroughinstagram #mommymoments #mommin #girlmomlife #boymomlife #heymama
#dadlife 🙋🏼‍♂️ . How Troy rolls when I’m busy being a boss babe in our home office (aka my dream room) and he’s on kid duty. Hey, I’m grateful that he takes over and I have the chance to devote some time to something I’m so passionate about... my health and fitness coaching biz!! 💁🏼‍♀️ . To all the dads out there that support your wives running their own biz!! #dadforthewin
How I feel after watching 3 under 3 today 🧟‍♀️ Loving my new breast milk ring tho.....
Downtown is full of little nooks to explore 🌮
We finally got Cece out on the lake today! She absolutely loved it, we found a little sand bar and floated for the afternoon.. after that big brother knee boarded 🏄🏻‍♂️ #lifeatthelake
“Mamaaaaaaa!! Come take a picture of us playing in Abbie’s crib!”. . #shegetsme #agirlaftermyownheart
ok so I know it’s not Friday or whatever day you’re supposed to introduce yourself on butttttt there are a lot of new faces around here so I thought I’d say a quick hello and share a little bit about myself + why I’m here 🤗 . Hi 👋🏼 I’m Kellie. Wife to J and mama to 2.5 year old Ronan and 1 year old Everleigh, with baby 3 due in January, making us members of the #3under3 club 🙃 (this is very clearly an outdated pic but it’s cute so imma use it anyway 👌🏼). My biggest passion in life is being a mama, but other loves of mine include my job as an occupational therapist working in special education, photography, and sharing my life with all of you on here and through my blog (also connected to my exclusive mama group where we share tips, advice, and support one another in a safe + private space- check out my highlights on how to join!). . I also have a huge passion for using essential oils to better my and my family’s health + well-being and sharing that with others, as well as helping + leading other boss babes to meet their goals (I share lots of my journey with this here, but you can also find more over at @withlovekellieoils if you’re interested ☺️). . I am obsessed with anything The Bachelor/ette/paradise, my Catholic faith is super important to me and in raising my family, I love mexican food an unhealthy amount, I miss wine + craft beer because I’m always preggo, coffee is my favorite thing to wake up to (ok ok I guess my kids and husband are a close second), I’m super type A and a neat freak- clutter + messes give me anxiety, my husband is an amazing singer + guitar player and he also works a full time swing shift crazy hours job and goes to school and takes care of our family and is just the best thing I’ve ever been lucky enough to know and call mine, I have to wear socks to bed, I’m super awkward and kinda shy in person, anddddd I’m so happy to have you all here sharing a part of my life with me 🤓 I’d love to know more about you, comment below if we have anything in common or if you have any questions about me that I didn’t cover! 👇🏼💕
Is it ok to have a favorite child at times? 😉 asking for a friend. . This girl has my heart this week. She’s been so sweet and I’m going to miss her big time when school starts. She can be super dramatic sometimes, but mostly she wants to hang out with me, loves playing games, has the best conversations about faith, has little wheels that are always turning. . Praying for the best teacher for her in second grade (we find out tomorrow). I know she’s going to have a great year and her teacher and classmates are lucky to get to spend everyday with her. I’m a little jealous!
I’ve been lacking motivation lately. When I workout I’m basically just going through the motions but not putting a lot of effort into it. - I know me working out even if it’s not all my effort is better than not doing it. I was even lacking motivation today and thought about skipping my workout. I do my best not to skip because I know where that leads and I promised myself last year this was the time to just freaking do it and stick with it. - I absolutely love my workouts and that they are around 30 minutes and that they WORK. But I’m exhausted and even though I’m a coach I struggle with motivation too. - Like I said I wanted to skip today. Seriously it took everything in me to get dressed and push play. You want to know what happened once I started? I had a rush of energy and went all out. It was definitely the best workout I’ve had in the last 2 weeks. It flew by and I pushed myself until I had nothing left and I felt AMAZING afterwards. 💃🏻 - Even if you are lacking motivation, push play. You may have a kick ass workout and feel like a whole new person after. - No matter how you feel. Get up, dress up, show up and never give up. Keep taking it one day at a time and keep pushing forward. 😘 - #my_magical_moments #momslivinghappy #boymom 💙 #boymomproblems #ohheymamas #joyfulmama #acupofmotherhood #needmotivation #lovinglife ❤️ #marriedlife 💍 #happywifelife #mamalove #myhappycapture #selflove ❤️ #respiratorytherapist #respiratorytherapy #12hourshift #wheatonterrier #momitforward #parenthood_moments #stopdropandmom #literalmomgoals #legitmomstyle #pursuehappy #theeverygirlcooks #athomeworkouts #unitedinmotherhood #brunettesdoitbetter #fixerupperfanatic #lovehgtv
I’m just loving all the stacker combos I’ve been working on lately. One of these has a pale rosey hue and the other is breast milk without additions ✨
Oh hey @goatbro197 !! 👋 This super sweet sign from @ohsweetskye would make an amazing present when my birthday rolls around in about exactly 75 days or so, give or take 😉😘 And I’m also 💯 certain you can find the link to their Etsy shop in their bio!! #justsayin #hinthint #winkwink #itsnevertooearly #planforthefuture
How sweet are these kiddos with their monster collection?! Thanks for sharing, @rawritsrachel ! ❤️💛💚🧡💙
FOMO fear of missing out. Yea, it’s totally a real thing! 😅 those who missed the 20% off sale are feeling FOMO something bad right now! 🤣 Here’s the deal tho... There are so many other ways you can save $$ when #switchingtosafer 🙌🏽 Like the makeup I’m wearing is ALWAYS 20% OFF!! #flawlessinfive collection 🙌🏽 Who doesn’t love a good deal!?? 🙋🏽‍♀️ . . #mommakeup #cleanmakeup #ditchandswitch #cleaningredients
Room cleaned just in time for the girls to come home and destroy it again..and I can’t wait. 💕
If you could design your perfect day—what would it look like? . For me, it mostly looks like this! My office is this yoga mat. My coworker is cute as a button and makes me laugh. I even set my own hours! . Someday I’ll have the grading behind me, but until I do, I’m so grateful that I get to do this in the hours in between! . I just finished going live in my Glimpse into Coaching—talking about all the fears and misconceptions about this job. Yes, you have time. No, you don’t need any special skills or education. You are more interesting than you think, and people will be inspired by your journey no matter where you are! . So click the link in my bio and see what it’s all about! Your future is yours to shape! . #momlifebelike #sahmlife #wfhm #storytellingmama #postpartumfitness #joyfulmama #mynameismama #writermom #momsupport #fitish #ig_mothers #bodyafterbaby #momofonegirl #toddlergirlmom #chaseyourdreams #chasehappiness #findinghappy #findyourselffirst #fillyourcupfirst #instamommy
Enjoying an afternoon in the hillbilly hot tub.
11 months old! 🖤
So much has changed since we moved away nine years ago. It’s been so fun enjoying my hometown and finding all the cute gems.
N’aww they’re not all bad 😍😍
Current status...”uninspired” 😏 Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the smoke, maybe it’s lack of sleep, maybe it’s just part of life... 🤷🏼‍♀️ So, what do you do when you are uninspired, in a funk or feeling stuck and sluggish? . 1. Start with water. Drink 8-16 oz because dehydration often mimics as fatigue, lethargy, depression or hunger. 2. Make yourself a cup of coffee. Maybe it’s just me but a cup of coffee always lifts my spirits!☺️☕️ 3. Write down three things your thankful for. (Mine includes a happy toddler despite her blah mom😉) 4. Do one thing on your to do list. You won’t feel like it but do it anyways. You’ll feel better afterwards because you been slightly productive. 5. Move your body. Walk, run, workout, stretch, dance, do whatever feels best to move your body. Your body in action will begin overpower the inertia of being in a funk. 6. Laugh and then drink more water. (Because water is always a good idea).☺️ . What do you do when you’re feeling off or uninspired?
These are a few of my favorite "things." The cake "topper" (it wasn't on top, so whatever) from our wedding. A Jade Buddha I brought home from China, a hand-carved owl puzzle box I bought from the artist in the Dominican Republic, and a rainbow set of Matryoshka dolls I hand painted, which my kids play with in my bedroom on many weekend mornings. . There are very few tchotchkes I value enough to keep. I have to be happy to take care of the items, to dust them and move them around to clean the surface they're on. I have to smile or have happy feelings every time I see them. . And because I don't have a whole bunch of "things" sitting out all the time... I DO see them! I notice them! I smile and appreciate them! Whenever I clean them, I smile and place them back down again gently. . Is that crazy? To smile at stuff as you dust it? ...to me it's far "crazier" to do so much work dusting things you don't care about. So these are my "things." What are your favorite things?
One year ago versus today. . If I can do this...YOU CAN DEFINITELY DO THIS. . Join my September online boot camp with ALL the tools to make you successful. . Nutrition plan ✅ Home workouts ✅ Accountability ✅ Support✅ . Comment below, DM me, or check out the link in my bio to get the details! . Can’t wait to get you feeling AMAZING!
Logan hasn’t cried all week at preschool drop off. And today Adan toured his classroom with his soon to be kindergarten teacher and came back telling me his classroom was ‘incredible’ while proceeding to identify all the cool things about kindergarten life. Parenting can be such a b!tch. 🔪💔😭❤️ excuse me while I swap my buckets of tears. To think I have just barely begun this school journey. Idk if there will be enough buckets, ya know? #boymom
Rockmosa, the perfect park. Splash pad, park & bike park all in one. A hidden gem so close to home. Our youngest took his first steps here two years ago. #today #plusathrowback #picniclunches #summerfun #bikepark #splashpad #rockmosa #boysgainingconfidence #bikeskills #observeandlearn #growthinskills #boysbiking #onlygirl #momof4 #bestgigever #watchmemom #momlife #joyfulmama #soakinginthesummer #makingmemories #getoutside
Loving on playdough lately 💞 any activity suggestions for busy toddlers welcome! She’s so busy now & gets bored really easily. Side note : produce bags make the best toy storage bags too!
Do airports make anyone else anxious? Have you ever sprinted barefoot through an airport before? Exhilarating!! That is the word I would use to describe today! . If you know me well, you know that I am a planner. However, some of my best decisions and life experiences have been made on the fly and have happened outside of my “control.” . Just over a week ago, I scheduled a trip to Telluride to spend time with girlfriends. I chose a long layover in Denver so that I could actually MEET this amazing woman! We launched our businesses at the same time and have been connecting on a daily basis for months. This last minute decision of mine got to double as a time for us to share a meal, share our visions, and share more of ourselves with one another. . We may not always know why we make certain decisions and why we end up where we do, but I know by now to trust my gut and let it guide me in the direction I am meant to be! Sometimes experiences such as running barefoot through the airport to barley make your connecting flight seem terrifying while you’re in it, but know that you can come out on the other side changed for the better. I no longer will label myself as an anxious traveler because of this experience. I saw, I ran, I conquered! Choosing to launch my own business kind of feels like running through the airport barefoot - scary, exhilarating, and life changing! . If you are interested in a business that not only allows you to grow as an individual, but helps others grow too, reach out so that we can connect! I would love to share a little more with you about what I do and how it can change YOUR life! . . . #wahm #sahm #toddlermom #liveyourbestlife #livingmybestlife #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #mindfulmama #mypractice #joyfulmama #weightlosssupport #weightlossjourney #postpartumsupport postpartumjourney #pnwmom #clothdiapermama #yogamom #girlmomoftwo #workathomemama #workfromanywhere #momssupportingmoms
Do any of you moms deal with mommy guilt? • Please tell me I’m not alone. • Meet Zac, he’s our middle child. • Zac is the funniest, sweetest, most caring, rambunctious little boy; and I feel major mommy guilt with him. I’m not entirely sure how it all started? Maybe it was because I didn’t get the one on one time with him that I did with his brother. Or maybe it’s because the majority of his first year of life I was pregnant and very sick with his sister ( they are 21 months apart); maybe it’s because his brother and sister get new things and he mostly gets hand-me-downs, or maybe it’s all in my head? I work extra hard to make sure he doesn’t feel like the middle child. I strive to always be equal and fair; in life and especially when it comes to my children. • Help this mama out. How do you deal with keeping things equal and fair in your households? How do you deal with the mommy guilt? • Tag a friend you think might relate to this post; let’s help each other. As they say it #takesavillage . . . . #mommyguilt #middlechild
Who doesn’t love a good puzzle! Especially when it’s in the shape of Australia 🇦🇺 This bad boy is in the #auctionforbuyabale which starts TONIGHT! Head over to @arcadia_dreams and @auctionforbuyabale to see what else is available! "Aussie Puzzle is now available! Click photo to shop #aussie #puzzle #educational "⠀ ⠀ Photo credit @arcadia_dreams ⠀ Reposted with @plannthat #millycruzeclothing
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