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these days (momlife) i work primarily from my phone but today I took my work to a coffee shop so i could get a few really focused hours. Since day 1, one of the things I've been MOST looking forward to in this business is getting to the point where i can give $$$ freely to others. NOT that they have ever asked or necessarily need it but i look forward to the day i can offer to help pay for my niece and nephews college or take care of a car repair or heck- even buy them a car. or really spoil everyone with vacation all together paid for by me! thats what I really want. time together without anyone having to stress about what it will cost:-) I'm not there yet- but i AM getting there. Those are my dreams. what about you? Would a goal like this excite u too? what would you do with an additional $500, $1,000, $5,000 a month? dont be scared to dream big! U have to start somewhere and it starts with at least saying that you want it! Next- do you have a plan to get there? if what you're doing now isnt going to get you there- maybe you should look into what i do as a virtual coach...I’m looking for other dreamers with strong work ethics with goals I can help them reach 👌🏼
“You do not shine under the bright lights. The bright lights only reveal you work in the dark.” - Joshua Medcalf, Chop Wood, Carry Water
Dean is 4 months old today!
Dear Santa 🎅🏼for Christmas this year, I just want my old belly button back. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 🤰🤱🏼#4monthspostpartum
Caption these pics!! So far I like- “Do u even lift bro?” And for the 2nd one- “yeah I lift, lift stuff in my mouth”
My little family ❤️💘 @jonny__boy310. Taken by photographer at an event. Had so much fun and enjoyed being there! #family #firstblessing #marriedgoals #highschoolsweethearts #junebaby2018
3 years ago, My ex-boyfriend and I had just broken up. I was sitting on my coach, curled up with my pink blanket, crying... feeling totally lost and alone... again. I wanted to cry to someone but I wouldn't let myself reach out because I didn't want to be a burden to anyone. 😞 . Scrolling through social media- (bc isn't that what you do when you're alone)... I came across what I now call a miracle. A post about an online fitness group and COMMUNITY OF WOMEN I would be a part of. 👭👭 . It caught my eye... Yes, I wanted to lose weight, yes, I had been struggling for a long time with yo-yo dieting, extreme exercising, binge eating.. you name it... But what honestly drew me to this was the word SUPPORT and COMMUNITY👭💜 . I clicked on the post and asked for more info. I was told about the nutrition, workouts, etc. but what did it for me was the group of women i would join on my journey. I just wanted to be a part of something that wouldn't go away. A community of women I could always count on. Supporting each other and building each other up. A place I could connect with others like me. That would understand my struggles and encourage me. I wanted to be a part of a team. Friends. Family. and that's EXACTLY what i got.❤️🌈 . Have you ever just wanted to go "where every body knows your name???" haha. okay i had to lighten the mood with the Cheers reference. but seriously- ....having a place that feels like yours. a feeling of belonging. a 2nd family. that's what I got when I joined an online fitness group. . For the last 3 years, these groups have been the highlight of my day. There's not a day that goes by that I don't get and give support to the women in my groups. NOT A DAY. We share triumphs and struggles, ask questions and get support, laugh at post, laugh at ourselves, and best of all- we are all getting healthier in the process. . Would being a part of a community like this help you? in life or with your goals? if you think you'd like to be part of our judgement free little family and get healthy in the process- drop your email below. or if youre shy- message it to me. Id love to welcome you into our family. . Your brokenness is welcome here.
😂😂😂😂 so rude! Kids today...🤦🏼‍♀️ Sorry Carol Stines - I k ow u won’t like this.
This is a favorite song of mine to sing whenever I’m feeling a little low- have u heard it? I’d sing it for you but I think only Cruz and Jesus (and maybe my mom) think I have a nice voice 😂 Read it and believe it 😘😘 . God will make a way Where there seems to be no way He works in ways we cannot see He will make a way for me He will be my guide Hold me closely to His side With love and strength for each new day He will make a way, He will make a way Oh, God will make a way Where there seems to be no way He works in ways we cannot see He will make a way for me He will be my guide Hold me closely to His side With love and strength for each new day He will make a way, He will make a way By a roadway in the wilderness, He'll lead me And rivers in the desert will I see Heaven and Earth will fade but His Word will still remain And He will do something new today Oh, God will make a way Where there seems to be no way He works in ways we cannot see He will make a way for me He will…
Seeing Cruz smile when he wakes up from the night or his naps is one of my favorites things in the world. And I’m seriously crazy- as in - tears coming out of my eyes as I type this - crazy - Grateful that I don’t have to miss it... not ever. This coaching business that allows me to be home with him is a complete and total blessing. And I want to bless other people’s lives with this coaching business opportunity too! . U can be a coach for a lot of reasons- Whether it’s To get in shape and just get a discount on the products, earn some “fun Money”, pay for Christmas this year, pay the mortgage, pay for a vacation, replace a second jobs income, replace a main job’s income and bring yourself home, bring your husband home, or make a multi 6 figure income, etc whatever YOUR vision is... it’s possible!!! . Tomorrow I’m going to give you an opportunity to find out more. My team is hosting a little info session to share more about what we do and how u can too. No pressure. Just a casual Info session to answer questions. . And before you start telling yourself a bunch of reasons why u can’t do this- don’t worry about that right now- u don’t need to make a decision Right now. just decide to open your heart to finding out more. That’s all. . You will hear from: -an ex-Attorney with 2 kids that was super skeptical about this being a pyramid scheme and also don’t think she had the time (those billable hour goals🙄🙄), -A fitness instructor that wanted to retie her hubby who worked 70+ hours a week (and did! 😉). -a bankrupt bartender with a premie baby drowning in hospital bills and a home in foreclosure— now millionaire. -a multiple business owner that Realized that she didn’t want it be strapped to a brick and mortar biz - took her biz online and now a top coach. . Maybe you see yourself in one of them. At the very least, you’ll walk away inspired to remove the chains (aka- excuses) in your life to do more IF you want . . Are You open to finding out more? Comment below or send me a message and I’ll add to the group . 😘😘
Wie klein Ben da noch war 🙈... Grade mal vier Wochen alt! Und jetzt ist er schon vier Monate alt, bald fünf! Die Zeit vergeht viel zu schnell! Ich würde gerne auf Pause drücken oder auf langsam... er wird mit einfach viel zuschneie groß! 😰 . . . #mom #momlife #momsofinstagram #instamom #instababy #instababyboy #minimonday #littleman #baby #babyboy #newbornbaby #newborn #newbornphotography #teamblau #jungsmama #junibaby2018 #junebaby #junebaby2018 #fourweeksold
I am a happy baby but I become more happy when my papa takes me to the long drive🤗🤗 #hamrochoridivanshi #divanshishrestha #junebaby2018 #happybaby
Minimonday ❤️
4 months between these two photos. Here’s the deal- if your “Diet” isn’t sustainable, it’s not going to work. Period. Extra period. 😂 if every time something stressful comes up in life, your situation/circumstances change, holidays come, you go on vacation, you have a baby 😂😂 etc., and your “diet” is too time consuming, complicated, or restrictive- it’s gonna be one of the first things you drop. Consistency is the key to results and if you’re following a plan that only works if you can give 100% effort , 100% of the time- it’s just not going to work bc that’s IMPOSSIBLE long term and you’re setting yourself up to feel like a failure and throw in the towel! And I will tell u (I’m sure u know) that as soon as u stop doing the things u did to lose the weight, you’ll just gained it right back. Which is another reason I’m happy to say, I’ve lost this weight working out just 4x per week and eating well 80% of the time. I still have gummy worms, non dairy ice cream, and beer a couple time per week. I actually had a pint of ice cream for lunch this week 😂😂😂 could I get results a lot faster if I didn’t do that? Sure- but Whats life without coconut ice cream 🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️And I’m still getting results so why stop? This is absolutely sustainable for me and makes me happy. Starting this week I’m sharing this with my clients in our bootcamp and I’m so excited to watch all them share their results with me too!! If u want to get your own results- comment below ME Or DM me and let’s get you in the group!! 😘😘
Almost done with the hand and footprints picture frame! I got this little set from amazon and it was really easy and no ink mess. Your baby’s feet never touch ink! I do wish I had done some on the day he was born since they don’t do at the hospital I delivered at but... o my 4 months later. Better late than never. Ps- he pooped all over himself and this chair as these photos were being taken 😂😂😂 if you’re curious it’s called “Pearhead Babyprints Newborn Baby Handprint and Footprint Photo Frame” @pearheadinc
~4 MONATE~ Manchmal fehlen mir einfach die Worte um zu beschreiben wie sehr wir dich lieben und das Glück das wir verspüren seit dem du da bist! 💕 - Kann man irgendwo auf Stopp drücken?😉 Dieser kleine Strahlemann macht unser Leben seit 4 Monaten noch um einiges bunter mit so viel Liebe die er uns allen gibt. Natürlich gab es nicht immer nur Sonnenschein. Wir hatten mit einigen Bauchmonstern zu kämpfen. Aber nach 4 Monaten hat man auch das hinter sich gelassen! (schon nach 3😉) - In diesen 4 Monaten ist viel passiert, du hast dich sehr verändert und lernst jeden Tag dazu. Du schläfst Nachts einfach mal schon durch! 👍 Jeden Meilenstein feiern wir wie verrückte weil wir so stolz auf dich sind und werden es auch immer sein! Happy 4months! 🎈🎈🎈🎈 - Wir lieben dich Taylor! ~Mama, Papa, Noah, Noel, Malina und Amy~ @roggybilli - Wünsch euch noch einen schönen Sonntag! 😚 #familytime 💞 Wir gehen heute mit Baby Taylor zum 1.mal baden (ins Hallenbad 💧💧💧) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • • • #kleinerprinz #babyboy #happy4months #love #mommylove #teamblue #born2018 #junibaby #junebaby2018 #5teskind #unser5teswunder #stolzemama #proudmomof5kids #mamavon3jungsund2mädchen #momlife #lifewithkids #familyof7
I’m 4 months now #junebaby2018 #gerberphotosearch2018
Did ya’ll know we met on Bumble?🐝 Yep- it’s a bumble baby right here. Anyone else meet their significant other online?
Hey! Get your own! No one likes a mooch Cruz 😘😘
Gute Nacht ❤️
Happy 4 months, beautiful boy! Mama loves you! #junebaby2018 #4monthsold
#4monthsimmunisation done ✅ but still my baby is so happy 😊 she makes me proud every time. She smiles when her mom smiles 😀💕#happyeveninpain #junebaby2018 #divanshishrestha #hamrochoridivanshi #meromutu #bundleofjoy loveyou baba 😘
Some day I share the story of our relationship in more detail but for now it’s gone something like this... Gym buddies👉🏼 friends 👉🏼 life group 👉🏼 great friends 👉🏼 moms (pretty sure she copied me getting pregnant 😂😂) 👉🏼 coaches. 💙💙 I remember being super skeptical about MLM companies. Id roll my eyes when they claimed to be away for people to make money. I just remember thinking it was A big pyramid scheme, A get rich quick promise and something I’d never be interested in. But I found out the past three years, makes me realize I was very wrong. The past 3 years I’ve been running an online health and fitness business have been the most transformative thing I’ve ever done both for my physical fitness as well as my faith, finances, friendships and relationships. It is been hard work but the return has been immeasurable. Besides the obvious financial benefits I’ve gotten from probably working on the 8 to 10 hours a week mostly from my phone I’ve been able to travel all over the country and world, meet so many new people and amazing friends, Help people transform their health both on the inside and out and provide for my family in many different ways. You might be sitting here on this Thursday night counting down the minutes til the weekend. Maybe it’s a job you’re passionate about, boss you don’t want to work for, those kids are home that you don’t want to leave or commute to give you anxiety. Whatever it is I’d love to offer you a chance to look at what I do as a real opportunity for you. There is no degree required, no certain body type needed, no fitness background, no perfect situation. The only thing you need is a desire to change and make your life better. Next week my team is hosting a sneak peek into coaching group here on Facebook. Just an option if you check out what we do, and how we do it. There is zero obligation no pressure just a chance to learn and have fun. And It’s totally free of course. Would u be open to finding out more? Comment below and I’ll pop u into the group.
Good afternoon! Me and mama are here chillin like villains, I get to go to the fair again tonight while she’s at work! #babiesofinstagram #babygirlsofinstagram #babygirl #chunkybutfunky #lookatmyrolls #junebaby #junebaby2018 #junebug
"I see you mama. You're doing so good. Nobody could love that baby like you do. I see the love pouring out. I see you making all the right choices. I see the sacrifice and worry. I see the joy on that babes face. I see it all. you're doing so good."@thewandering_eye
4 months pp, round 2, prep week day 3. Crushed it! ☠️😎 Would you like to know how to Raise the bar on your own health and fitness and never "fall off the wagon" again. 💪💪 Want to know the BEST way to learn something, master it and never quit? TEACH it to OTHERS. 👩‍🏫👭 Do you agree? Take yourself out of the student box and put yourself into the teacher category. I GUARANTEE it changes the standard of performance you hold yourself to.👩‍🎓 That’s what I did when I became a coach. For reals - if you think there were no selfish reasons in me becoming a coach and helping other people get healthy... sorry. 👼👼 heehee. 😂 You see, I KNEW if I called myself a "coach" and committed to helping OTHERS, there was NO WAY I'd quit or ever fall *too far* off track. 🙅‍♀️I knew I'd have to stay accountable to all of it. I knew it would force me (in a good way) to take my own fitness to another level so I could lead others. 👭 It would make me think twice before blowing off workouts or spending an entire weekend eating crap. 🚫 and you know what - it WORKED!!! Yes i still have chocolate cake but now it doesnt turn into a 3 days of eating crap. 🎂 when I want to skip workouts, I remind myself I’m leading my clients by example and that pushes me to get t done. there's not a day that goes by that I don't check into my VIP group and that alone keeps me in check 📲💪🏼 So if you're tired of stopping and starting over all the time and would love consistency in your healthy habits, why not go from following the leader to BEING the leader and watch how fast your life changes. :-)😘💥 helping others almost GUARANTEES your success. 👌🏼
* HAPPY 4 MONTHS🐥🎂 * Height 60cm Weight 5.7kg * Mama & Dada feeling so grateful for you staying healthy till today 🙏🌸 * Love you millions and billions❤ * もう4ヶ月😭💓 相変わらずちょっとちっちゃめだけど 一生懸命おっぱい飲んで、 ミルクも飲んで、ぐーぐー寝て、 笑って泣いてうんちしてくれて 毎日しあわせをくれてありがとう❤ * ♡オムツはまだS ♡服のサイズもまだ60 ♡寝返りまだやる気なし ♡うつぶせでも頭持ち上げない ♡でも首はほとんどすわってる ♡あやすと声だして笑う ♡気に入らないと奇声をあげる ♡空腹の時はエヘッエヘッて泣く ♡おもちゃはなんでも握ってハムハム ♡ママのお手手もハムハム ♡お気に入りのおもちゃはOBallとバナナ ♡日本語の絵本はじめました ♡お気に入りの絵本はしましまぐるぐる ♡お風呂大好き水面バッシャバッシャ叩く * これからの1ヶ月は何が できるようになるかな😊 * いよいよ3週間後には職場復帰だから それまではどんな小さい変化も 見逃したくない🙈 穴があくほど観察してやる😎❤ * 遂にお座りして写真が 撮れるようになったので 気分はスタジオアリス😍 似たような写真が全部可愛いので 全部載せる親バカ部🤣 * #4m0d #4monthsold #4montholdbaby #babygirl #fourmontholdbaby #internationalmarriage #indianjapanese #mixedbaby #mixedbabies #mixedgirl #motherhood #workingmom #国際結婚 #海外出産 #海外子育て #日印 #ミックスベビー #ハーフベビー #ハーフキッズ #ママリ #キズナ #コドモノ #コドモダカラ #ベビフル #2018_summer_baby部 #2018_june_baby部 #ikumama #子育てグラム #2018june_baby #junebaby2018
Well we failed our photo op 🤷‍♀️... went with the video instead! Happy 4 months little man! Johnny Mac is growing, rolling, laughing, and filling us with more joy day by day. So blessed to be his mama. He loves the sound of our voices, riding on your knees and reading books. He laughs when he sneezes and loves having both hands in his mouth. Cant believe how quick he is growing! #johnnymactobin #4monthsold #babylaughing #cutebabies #instababies #junebaby2018 #justlikemama #daddysmini #redhair #naturalginger #candidchildhood #letthekids #letthembelittle #ig_motherhood #motherhoodrising #momsofinstagram #happybaby #babyboy
❤️ Will you participate? 👭👭 What if today- we focused on spreading love to each other. ❤️ 👭 Idea: REPLY SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL TO THE LAST COMMENT YOU SEE IN THIS COMMENT SECTION! Write to the person that's just commented above you with a bit of love, kindness, compassion, unity. We all need it. U don't have to know them to send them an awesome thought! 😘 LET'S LOVE BOMB EACH OTHER THIS COMMENT SECTION!!!!!!!
A child's laugh could merely be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.🐨💞 #smiles 😊 #africanbabygirl #junebaby2018 #junebabiesrock 🎂🎁🎊🎉🎈
Como faz para ele não crescer tão rápido ?!?!?! Ser mãe e a melhor coisa do mundo 💙💙💙 te amo JJ #jj #babyjj #junebaby #junebaby2018 #babymodelsearch #babymodel #babysleeping #baby #cutebaby #babyboy #4monthsold
Anybody want to date me? Mummy say i look so pretty hahahah yes pretty boy like my daddy 🙊 #sgbaby #babyboy #sgbabymodelwannabe #cuteboysofinstagram #4mtholdbaby #junebaby2018 #chubbybunnybaby #fishballcheeks
No gift daw but chereeeeng ❤🎉 Hehehe dalawa pa kmi ng Baby Bear My gift. 😘 Salamat PaPu sa pag spoiled samin ng baby bear ❤😘 We Love you 😘 #monthsarygift #ourlifewithyunahthebear #bigblessing #4months8days #littleprincess #daddylovesmommylovesbabyloves #papamimibear #mariyaionahjezrelle #mij #junebaby2018
How can I say this without it being super weird… I finally got around to checking my paycheck from last week (Sidenote- can we just pause real quick to appreciate how nice it is not living paycheck to paycheck or even feeling the need to check your account balance every few days🙌🏼🙌🏼) anyways- Last week was a pretty average week for me in terms of my business. And yet I had my highest earning week ever!! How is this possible? Because my income is based off not just my efforts but my entire team that I’ve helped mentor!! as well as the entire company (quarterly bonuses are based off entire company’s earnings). this is what makes the income potential with this company so beyond what u could ever make going into business for yourself or working for someone else. And this is why everyone in the company helps each other be successful. It benefits everyone. I mean where else can u reduce your hours from 6-8 hours a day to 2-3 hours a day (cause of new baby) and watch your income go UP?!?! As always- not here to boast. It’s through God I am able to accomplish ANYTHING, but I just want to show you how this biz works and what it could do for you if you decided to go for it. 😘
It was on this day last year that I found out I was pregnant. 😱 what a crazy day that was. The flood of emotions that comes with reading a positive pregnancy test is hard to describe- excitement, worry, joy, terror, immediately wondering- will I be a good mom? How am I gonna do this? What’s gonna happen? What about those drinks I had this weekend? 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ For some reason I was too nervous to call justin straight off the bat so instead I called my best friend. @ashleyendy. I had actually just returned from a weekend at her house which I think was all part of God’s master plan because maybe I wouldn’t have called her right away if I hadn’t. And I needed to hear what she said. I was shaking. I don’t remember her exact words- but it was exactly what I needed. Something about believing in me, me being a great mom, that what I was feeling was normal, and reassuring me over and over that it was all part of God’s plan and that everything was going to be fine . She stayed on the phone with me for I don’t know how long. Until I believed (at least for that moment) that it was all going to be fine too. Then I called justin and we cried happy (and probably scared) tears together. And I carried this little soul inside me for 9 months until most perfect angel was born and suddenly he became our everything. He is the closest thing to heaven I think I will ever experience on earth. He is a reminder of all the goodness in the world and inspires me (and challenges me) to be my best. Being a mom is seriously the hardest role I’ve ever had (times 100) and the absolute best. Thank you for choosing us Cruz. We love you.
18. Wochenfoto wurde heute nachgeholt... war eigentlich schon am Freitag 🙈. Schafft ihr es immer Wochenfotos zu machen? Ich hab’s in der Schwangerschaft ja schon oft verspielt, aber jetzt ist es noch schlimmer 😂. Glaube ich Wechsel jetzt doch mal auf Monatsfotos... 😜 . . . . #baby #babyboy #junibaby2018 #junimama2018 #junimama #junemommies #momsofinstagram #mom #littleman #momlife #momblogger #instababyboy #instababies #junebabies #junebaby #junebaby2018 #18weeksold #minimonday
Fell in Love all over Again...but this time X 2 💙 #myboys #babydorado #boymomlife #boymom #gerberphotosearch2018 #momlifeisthebestlife #mommy #junebaby2018
Our little bb is 4 months old today. We love him and his giggles more and more every day. He loves nursing, pooping, jumping and reading his cloth mothergoose book. He dislikes putting himself to sleep and when people don’t pay attention to him 😂
* New in😎 * Got a lighter carrier for home use🙆‍♀️ #Eightex #PocketableBabyCarrier * 抱っこ紐はビョルンを 使っていたけれど 家の中やちょっとしたお散歩には ビョルンじゃちょっと大袈裟なので 新しく軽いものを新調しました😎🌸 * 小柄な娘はまだまだ 肩紐メインの抱っこ紐で しばらくは十分いけそうだし、 手帳サイズに纏められるのも 素晴らしい👏😎🌸 素材も軽くて娘も心地よさそう😊 * #キャリフリー #ポケッタブルキャリー #3m27d #119daysold #3monthsold #3montholdbaby #babygirl #internationalmarriage #workingmom #国際結婚 #海外出産 #海外子育て #ミックスベビー #ハーフベビー #ハーフキッズ #ママリ #キズナ #コドモノ #コドモダカラ #ベビフル #mamano #2018_summer_baby部 #2018_june_baby部 #ikumama #子育てグラム #2018june_baby #junebaby2018 #ベビーグッズ
All smiles over here!! Nana, Papa, my great grandparents, Mama, and I all watched the Conor and Khabib fight... what happened after the fight was more interesting than the fight itself 🤷🏻‍♀️ goodnight insta! #babiesofinstagram #babygirlsofinstagram #junebaby #junebaby2018 #junebug #babiesthatloveUFC #cowboysbaby
2 months pp👉🏼4 Months PP My October fitness and nutrition group starts Monday and Id love to have u join me! Completed my 8 week program and im so freakin proud of myself. This one is extra special to me bc it’s the first one I’ve done since having Cruz and wow- a lot is different. I’m gonna be REAL with you about it bc I want you to see how you don’t have to be “perfect” or go “ all in” to get results. You just have to do a little bit each day- it can even be a tiny bit- and don’t stop. . For this program we worked out 4x/ week, 25-38 minutes/day, followed a higher fat lifestyle, drank my superfoods shake, and incorporated intermittent fasting as much as possible with a newborn. . Let me tell you what these last 8 weeks have looked like for me... The last month was especially tough. My son is pretty much on a sleep strike so I’m operating on very little sleep . I honestly didn’t complete ONE workout all the way through. Usually bc my son would wake up from his nap. I did NOT do a single core exercise bc my abs are stilll healing (which means I skipped the last 5-8 minutes of workouts). I ate a ton of oatmeal (with honey🤷🏼‍♀️) for nursing insurance (Not part of the meal plan 😂😂) And sometimes I ate my oatmeal in the form of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies😜 I drank a beer every couple days. Definitely drank wine. I’d often eat and then immediately get in bed. And yet I STILL made progress... Lost 6 pounds, lost a few inches, fitting into my “Pre-baby” clothes and just feeling so dang proud of myself. I’ve def had to adjust my expectations since having a baby so even though I didn’t “go all out,” I focused on what i could and didn’t stress about the rest: . I Showed up every day. Did as much as I could of my 4 workouts each week. Drank water Tried to make veggies take up the majority of my plate at each meal. (Even if it was next to hot dogs). Drank my daily shake (👈🏼favorite and easiest part) Never confused slow progress for no progress. And never quit. (Oh and kept a baby alive!) . Could I have had better results with this program? Oh absolutely!! But I’m seriously so proud of myself. (Continues in comments)
Always have to stretch before going on an adventure, even if it is just to drop mommy off at work. #babiesofinstagram #babygirlsofinstagram #babygirl #littledinosaur #3monthold #junebaby2018 #junebaby #junebug #anythingforbaby
Aaaaaand that’s a wrap! WE did it. I completed the last workout of the 8 week program I’ve been doing today and it feels good! But it feels like it was truly a group effort to make this happen. 💙(my mom and my support group of course!) 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ There’s something special about completing a program versus just working out every day that really makes you feel accomplished. It was tough with a new baby and honestly- except the days my mom was visiting, I never actually got to fully complete the workouts each day but I’m not gonna focus on that. at least I did something right? I’ll share my results tomorrow but for now- I want to invite you to join me for another round of this starting Monday! What do u say? U ready to crush some goals together and just feel PROUD of yourself ? It’s a great feeling and u deserve that. Lemme know if u want to join our little sisterhood of goal crushers! 😘😘
Mommy and I didn’t take pictures today, but this was the moment we met for the first time. I was so small compared to now! #junebaby #junebug #junebaby2018 #babygirl #babygirlsofinstagram #babiesofinstagram #loveatfirstsight #mommysgirl
Does my head look superimposed in this photo?? 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 U know why most people tell me they can’t be coaches- they don’t have the time or Money or don’t think they’re fit enough. U wanna know what coaching will give you more of - time, money and Great fitness. The money you can see pretty quickly. The physical change within a couple months. The time will take a bit longer. But you’ll never see more of any of those if you just keep doing what you’re doing right now... am I right? If you really want to see a change, you’ll make it.
Coffee reheat number one— at least my favorite cup is clean. This lack of sleep stuff is for the birds! #momoftwo #momofboys #junebaby2018
* My first couch is super confyyyyy🐥💛 * @mikihouse.official * バンボを買おうかなーと うっすら思い始めた矢先、 フラッと入った#ミキハウス で 見つけた#ベビーチェア 🐣 * なんとこれ、 真ん中の円中部分が ポンプを内蔵していて、 この円柱を押すだけで 空気が入る優れもの👏 * ミキハウスの店員さんにも ちやほやしてもらえて 娘も嬉しそうだったので 即購入決定🙆‍♀️w * お風呂以外の時でも ちょっとした合間に 座っててもらえる場所が 欲しかったのでママも嬉しい😊❤ * ただこれ対象月齢7ヵ月以上なので まだまだ注意が必要です🤫 * #3m23d #115daysold #3monthsold #3montholdbaby #babygirl #internationalmarriage #mixedbaby #workingmom #国際結婚 #海外出産 #海外子育て #ミックスベビー #ハーフベビー #ハーフキッズ #ママリ #キズナ #コドモノ #コドモダカラ #ベビフル #mamano #2018_summer_baby部 #2018_june_baby部 #ikumama #子育てグラム #2018june_baby #junebaby2018
I’m #four months old today! #adam #babymilewski #💙 #cubsfan #chicago #junebaby2018
The excuses or “reasons” to skip my workouts flow so easy these days 😂😂 I have an almost 4 month old that’s decided not to sleep longer 1.5 hrs at a time at night, I have about 3 feet of space to workout in (and shrinking) in my living room that’s being overtaken by kid stuff, I have to modify a lot of moves due to my ab separation, and I’m so behind on work I could use the time to catch up on instead... to name a few... . i mean all these things ARE true and they def make working out more challenging but they are only excuses if I let them be. . but honestly there will ALWAYS be something. Life will ALWAYS be busy. . . I refuse to let this new season of my life turn into an excuse. Because your excusess become habits. We use them all the time to get out of things. Is that the kind of habit you want? ⁣⁣. I realized a long time ago- I NEED fitness in my life. It’s what keeps me sane & helps me overcome my anxiousness or the nonstop worries in my head. These 30-40 minutes are used as my therapy. They keep me from being irritable or being impatient and my angel son doesn’t deserve that. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣. You can be a busy Mom and still show your kids that busy isn’t an excuse.. that we won’t be defined by the hard times but by how we respond to them!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣. *** IF you’re looking to team up with other busy Moms to make yourself a priority for 30 minuets a day then check out my virtual fit club! I’m starting enrollment for my next group now that October is already here!🎃. You can comment below or message me!
Mama caught me midnap, my big cousin was just waking up. I love getting to see him! ❤️ #babiesofinstagram #babygirlsofinstagram #babygirl #junebaby2018 #junebaby #junebug #cousins #cousinlove #partnersincrime #TexasStateFair #bestbuddies
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