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Little bunny took his first steps holding hands today! Love this phase, every day is an adventure and full of surprises💕 And here driving like he's had license for years👀
••• zahnende babys ••• können sehr anstrengend sein. das hatte ich wirklich vergessen. so ein ausgedehntes mittagsschläfchen ist da wirklich 👌🏻 für uns beide 🙏🏻 . . #sleepingbaby #teething #baby #junebaby2018 #minimann #herrC #👌🏻 #stripes #zahnen #alleseinephase #mittagsschlaf #guterschlaf
After this one keeping me up the majority of the night, thinking 1:30am is play time, he’s woken up full of smiles and giggles. I’m just glad for make up and coffee lol #junebaby2018 #babyboy #youngestchild #tiredmummy #thankgodforcoffee
Good afternoon mga LOVES!! ❤ Sarap nman ng wake-up ng MiMi ang Sweet ng Mag PaPu ko 😍 Beyond Blessed MiMi, Iloveyousomuch both! Thank you PaPu for spending ur Off with Us. 😘😘😘 Thank you for Being a kind PaPu to YunahBear ❤ Iloveyouboth somuch! Nakakagaan ng loob😘😘😘 #ourlifewithyunahthebear #bigblessing #7months21days #littleprincess #daddylovesmommylovesbabyloves #papamimibear #mariyaionahjezrelle #mij #junebaby2018
Covered another babybox sleeping bag with this cute linen. Bunnies for my bunny🐰! In 2014 I was sewing these covers daily as a small scale business for private buyers and now I struggled with this zipper🙈. Had too long of a break, apparently. Also finished a pile of bibs🍽.
Die neue Heimat entdecken und das schöne sonnige, aber doch sehr kalte Wetter genießen. #newhome #babygirl #teamrosa #sunnyandcold #thüringen #junebaby2018 #junibaby2018 #benchwithaview
He has the bluest eyes of all my four kids, they're almost turquoise👀. He learned to stand against the couch as well as to crawl forward instead of reverse this week. This one seems to be a carlover as well🚗!
* 2 months were like 2 seconds for me 😳 * Love you baby don't go so fast🐌 * Thanks to @mitene_official for such a emotional work🙏 * 赤ちゃんの1ヶ月って 私の何年分もの価値がある気がする。 * 仕事で一緒にいれない時間がある分 たくさんたくさん記録していこう。 * #7monthsold #junebaby2018 #babygirl #mixedbaby #indianjapanese #mixedgirl #mitene @babymeisa
Long before they can speak clearly, babies understand the general meaning of what you're saying. They also absorb emotional tone. Encourage baby's early attempts to communicate with you with loving attention: 😊 Smile often at your baby, especially when he is cooing, gurgling, or otherwise vocalizing with baby talk. 😊 Look at your baby as he or she babbles and laughs, rather than looking away, interrupting, or talking with someone else. 😊 Be patient as you try to decode your infant's baby talk and nonverbal communication, like facial expressions, gurgling, or babbling sounds that could signal either frustration or joy. 😊 Make time to give your baby lots of loving attention, so he can "speak" to you with his or her baby talk, even when you're busy with other tasks. #communication #babytalk #relationship #smile #skintoskin #baby #newborn #infant #body #mind #stimulation #momlife #mommyhood #postpartum #thisismotherhood #septemberbaby2018 #octoberbaby2018 #ig_motherhood #momandbaby #mom #wellness #torontomommies #familylife #qualitytime #aprilbaby2018 #maybaby2018 #junebaby2018 #julybaby2019 #baby2018
* First yoghurt and first fruit👶 Plain yoghurt with pear🍐 * もはや今日が何日目の離乳食かは 覚えておりませんw * 2回食が始まって1週間。 平日は仕事のため2回とも 旦那か義母に任せていたので 週末の今日久しぶりに ママがご飯をあげたら 食いつきの良さにびっくり! 上手に食べれるようになったね👏😭 * 1週間前はぼてぼての7倍粥も いも類のペーストも苦手だったのに 全て物凄いスピードでペロリ👶❤ * 2回目のご飯は、 1週間前に2回食始めた時は 嫌々ぐずぐずだったから、 平日の2回目のご飯を スープ系にしたら ご機嫌で食べてくれたみたい👏 * たった1週間の成長に感動😢❤ * 今日は初めてヨーグルトに挑戦! 韓国産の梨のペーストも一緒に🍐 日本の梨と見た目も味も全く一緒😊 ヨーグルトの酸味にびっくりしつつも、 気に入ったようで基本前のめり😂 * 海外生活では タンパク質難民だったから ママとしては嬉しい😂❤🙏 * 今月はあと 豆乳、ささみ、バナナも 挑戦予定👶🍴🧡💛 * #離乳食中期 #離乳食記録 #離乳食ごっくん期 #7monthsold #6montholdbaby #babygirl #internationalmarriage #indianjapanese #mixedbaby #mixedbabies #workingmom #海外子育て #日印 #ミックスベビー #ハーフベビー #ハーフキッズ #ママリ #キズナ #コドモノ #コドモダカラ #ベビフル #2018_summer_baby部 #2018_june_baby部 #ikumama #子育てグラム #2018june_baby #junebaby2018 #めいさの離乳食日記
... someone isn’t sleepy yet even after a play date today! #junebaby2018 #notsleepy
Results came back from Cruz’s 7 month check up: Just as we suspected... still chubby. 😂💙
#throwback zum Dichbauchdienstag🤰🏼Es war Hochsommer und es war verdammt heiß🥵🤣...dazu kam das ich mich kaum noch bewegen konnte wie ein🐳😅 Nun zieht er sich schon an Tischen und Stühlen hoch und wir müssen aufpassen das er uns nicht bald davon läuft💙 Habt einen schönen Abend💋 #me #thatsme #throwback #throwbackthursday #dickbauchdienstag #wampe #sommerkind #junebaby2018 #babyboy #proudmom #parents #tattooedmum
home workouts... the last thing I tried... the ONLY thing that worked... for the last 3 years. 👌🏼
to the girl :: 🌟who has tried over and over 🌟who is embarrassed of what her friends & family will think 🌟who has made excuses about her circumstances 🌟who said “I won’t be successful at that” • • PUT ALL THE 💩 ASIDE & believe in YOU. Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.
I read yesterday that our lives are influenced by the 7 generations before us and our lives will influence the next 7 generations.😱 Really makes you think about what you’re willing to do right? 🤔The “right” decision becomes more clear when you look at it and the effects it will have seven generations down the road. When you look at all the hard things you do and realize it’s not just going to impact us or our kids but the next seven generations, the hard things seem that much more worthwhile. 👌🏼Makes me realize- Life is so much bigger than just me!!! 🦄 This concept at first seems like- Woah! That’s a lot of pressure to always do the right thing. But the more I think about it, I think it actually makes life easier. It’s easier to do what you know you should do when it’s going to have that kind of impact on the future generations of your family. Do you know what I mean? Happy Monday! Oh and ps- just crushed that workout for me AND my future 7 generations 😘😘 they are only 20 minutes- you and your 7 generations deserve health in their future! 😘
Facts about the fitness journey: 1. Your confidence will increase. 2. You will feel more like YOU. 3. Your clothes will fit better. 4. You will see who your true friends are because they will continue to support you. 5. You will begin to enjoy bikini weather. 6. Shopping for new clothes is no longer something that makes you cry. 7. Your hair skin and nails will look better. 8. You will begin to believe in yourself! 9. You will learn that you can do hard things. 10. You will begin to love that person looking back at you in the mirror. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ There are many benefits to fitness but one of my fave is that it allows you to be 100% you as you begin to feel confident in your skin and in your clothing.
When people ask me how I gave up TV or sleep to build my online biz…the answer is simple, Cruz. always Cruz. Even before there was a Cruz in the flesh, it was always for him. You may see others highlight reels but I am here to share the real and raw of growing a business from home. We work during nap times, after bed times, through crying and meltdowns, and we do it all for them. mamas in pajamas, putting kids to bed, no makeup, pumping (I seriously think some peoples pets get showers more often than i do) ,…. real life mamas throwing all EXCUSES out the window, doing the hard work, and CHANGING their families lives. . When you have a big enough WHY, a big enough VISION of what your life COULD be, there is no stopping you! .. There is no secret….hard work, dedication, and that big vision in front of you….we can show you how. The only question is - #areyouready
Happy 7 months to my beautiful baby boy who is about to be mobile 😬😬#junebaby2018
I read yesterday that there is a square in motherhood and you have to pick one. You can look good, have a happy baby, a tidy house, or good food to eat. you get to pick one. well... guess jokes on that person because on this day- Mama looked goooood and just look at that happy baby! Don't you dare put me in a box. Dont you put limits on me. You have no idea what's below my surface. i'm limitless #crushingmomlife (for that day at least)
sometimes you just have to let go of what you thought was going to happen and dream again... . About 3 years ago- I was sitting on my couch feeling crushed after a breakup. I felt hurt, alone, confused, & fearful. I remember thinking - what am I going to do to get through this, doubting what I could offer someone, wondering if marriage was for me, if I was missing the boat for kids and just feeling like I had no idea where my life was going. . That same day- as God would have it- I came across a post about an online fitness group and signed up. I knew it would be a healthy distraction while my heart was healing but I had no idea what else would be in store for me...I immediately experienced the powerful ripple effect improving my health had in all areas of my life. . It was through that group that I realized I had been putting my life on hold in many ways. I decided no more. My coach talked to me about a being a coach and I knew this was the opportunity for me to start creating a life I would be proud of and fulfilled by regardless of any relationship. . I decided I was going to stop waiting around for something that may never happen and start living my life to the fullest. That way if my life ended up just being a party of 1 - it was still going to be the most amazing, fulfilled, and purposeful life possible. . Now, you guys know the rest of the story- it didnt end up being a party of 1. but I sure am glad I did the work back then so i could be the mom I want to be now. . Now, I would love to reach other women like me. Women that want to create their dream life all on their own starting NOW. Women that want to be the sugar mama 🙂 Go getters who know they are capable of amazing things and have a lot to offer the world. and if marriage and kids eventually come into the picture - great, you'll be set up to be any kind of wife or mom you want. but if not - well, you'll be part of my amazing coach family and you'll have plenty of opportunity to make a HUGE impact on people all over the world. . Let go of what you thought might happen and dream again. Start creating your very own life by YOUR design. if ur interested, Comment below. Let’s chat!
Be honest- how often do you secretly stalk people on social media? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ i use to stalk a bunch of people- mostly "fitchick" pages for inspiration. They'd be posting their workouts, food, tips, life stories, struggles, etc. and I'd be so envious of them. I didn't even know them but I thought I wanted to be them. 😂 . I would always think- I wonder how they got started? How is fitness their job? how are they making it without a "traditional" job? are they really making any money? Man, i'd LOVE to do something like that. but HOW??🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ . and of course since i never thought someone like me could do that, Id quickly stop myself from exploring that thought and justify it with statements like- oh well, that will just never be me. I wouldn't even know where or how to get started. You probably need a bunch of money. You probably need to be a good writer. You probably need to be a nutritionist or personal trainer or fitness competitor. You probably have to know a bunch of people or have a ton of followers. You probably have to know about marketing on social media... . You know what's sad- NONE of that was true. NONE Of those thoughts (fears) in my head were accurate. I was just naive and too nervous to find out if it was true. and how heartbreaking if all those things that weren't even true had kept me from doing this online job that I absolutely LOVE. . I ended up becoming a health and fitness coach kind of indirectly. I signed up to do an online bootcamp and found out about this coaching opportunity that way. I am sure there are lots of ways to create an online business- but for me- being an online coach was the right fit. . YOU don't need to sit and wonder HOW- I am happy to share this with anyone. there is enough room for us ALL to be successful. the only difference between me and you is ACTION. . you will never know unless you try. SEriously- NOTHING to lose. it costs $160 to give this a go and you get your money back if you don't like it. bc- for reals- if you don't like- why would we want you to stay? right?😘😘
When u craving something hard...so u take ur ass to cook it #Puertoricanfood #yayadoesitbetter #boricua #foodlover #pregolife #18weeks #babyburgos19 #junebaby2018
A LOT can happen in just 6 WEEKS with the right plan and support! Maybe your life has been a lot like this over the holidays 🍕🍟🍔🍷🍺🍪🍩 making u feel like this 🥴👹💩and you're over it and ready for a fresh start so u can to get back to feeling like this 😎🧜🏼‍♀️💃🏼🦄, then this is for YOU... 🌟I'm looking for 10 women who want to lose 10-20 lbs BEFORE March Break, with a nutritional plan and 20-minute workouts (**all from home)🌟 You'll be part of my exclusive coaching group with a program with Shaun T that has been getting women (**just like you) insane results. This program is perfect for you if... 🎯 You don't want to get a gym membership 🎯 You ONLY have 20 minutes per day to spare 🎯 You have kids and need something you can do from home 🎯 You want to see results with minimal effort Want all the deets? Drop an emoji below!! ⚡️💥⚡️💥🔥⚡️
Am 7months today😊🌸❤️ #happybaby #cutebaby #kedo #7monthsold #junebaby2018 @courtneyjantjies93 @edmundhuman
Success happens when u stay consistent long enough doing the SIMPLE activities to let them do their magic. ✨✨👌🏼👌🏼 if you're looking for a short cut, a magic formula, a secret "hack" to reach a goal 👉🏼👉🏼 I have the answer 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼DO THE WORK AND DONT QUIT. EVER. 🙌🏼 When it's not fun, when the feels like nothing's going ur way, when u feel all alone, when u missed a big goal, when it seems you'll never get there... Those are the days that matter. Will you show up on THOSE days?
Teammates by chance, friends by choice. 💙 Do you surround yourself with people who lift you up? who pour into you and inspire you? people who never tell you your goals are silly, that you shouldn't go for your dreams? do you surround yourself with the ones that tell you that you can do anything? you are the sum of the 5 peeps you spend the most time with. so grateful these ladies were part of my 5 this weekend. there is so much more to this biz than what you see on the surface. This business is built with complete and total Heart and hustle. but HEART is ALWAYS first..❤️❤️
• ANGEL DELIGHT 👼 • . Those eyelashes tho they’re not from me 😩. My little lamb sound asleep in the safety of my arms with his Harry Potter scratch 😂. Perfection 💙 . . #sleepingbaby #babymodel #fashionmodel #bruceandbrown #babymode #posing #baby2018 #babyboy #junebaby2018 #mybaby #mybabyboy #instababy #instadaily #instamama #momlife #momblogger #momblog #mumlife #mamablogger #momblogger #momblog #baby #infant #beautiful #babiesofinstagram #beautifulbaby #nextofficial
My crazy cub 💕💕 #junebaby2018 #babygirl #cmpa
Tänään aamulla 6kk neuvolassa katsottiin mm. strategiset mitat: 7.84kg ja 66cm. Illalla käytiin Evidensiassa Misun ja @kissaeukko kanssa. #kesäkuiset2018 #junebaby2018 baby2018 #vauva2018 #vauvalehti #baby2018 #itsaboy @evidensia_elainlaakaripalvelut #huawei #huaweimate10pro #mate10pro #huaweisuomi
All through the first year, you can do a lot to encourage your baby's communication skills. And it's easy. All you need do is smile, talk, sing, and read to your baby. 💕 Why focus on communicating with your baby? Because early speech and language skills are associated with success in developing reading, writing, and interpersonal skills, both later in childhood and later in life. 💕 #communication #babytalk #relationship #smile #skintoskin #baby #newborn #infant #body #mind #stimulation #momlife #mommyhood #postpartum #thisismotherhood #septemberbaby2018 #octoberbaby2018 #ig_motherhood #momandbaby #mom #wellness #torontomommies #familylife #qualitytime #aprilbaby2018 #maybaby2018 #junebaby2018 #julybaby2019 #baby2018
I don't talk a lot about the money I make in my online coaching biz. I kinda just let the fact that I support myself and my son, while living in San Diego at the beach (expensive AF) kind of speak for itself on my "success"($$$) as a coach. Maybe i shouldn't though... Its not because I feel badly of it or because I think sharing it is yucky, but because i worry then all you will see are the numbers. You don’t see the hustle that was put in to get here. For the first 10 months of my biz, I was a sales professional. So even after getting up at 4:45 AM everyday to workout and then go work all day, I showed up for my business for at least two hours every night. Could I have watched that episode of The Bachelor instead? Yep. Was I tired? Yep. But I knew what I was capable of, I knew I had goals, and I wasn’t about to settle. So... I showed up every damn day and did the things I needed to do to be successful. Being an online coach like me isn’t a “get rich quick thing”. This isn’t something you’re going to make thousands from overnight. You’re going to have to work like hell for it. But with that, a dream, and a passion to help impact others lives in a positive way, financial freedom IS possible. I’m not special. I’m not some magical unicorn. I don’t have a secret. I am just a normal girl who worked really hard for a life she deserved. YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. TOO. Do you wanna find out how? Comment below and i'll add you to my info group i'm hosting with my team this week. no pressure- just some info. You owe it to yourself and your family to at least check this out [Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.]"
I feel like this video of me walking in the rain in NYC just sums up my life pretty well. 😂😂 Like... excited about life, kind of a goofball, trying my best, things not always going as expected, but always landing on my feet. 🤷🏼‍♀️ and never stop moving forward... I hope at the very least it makes u giggle!
Reunited and it feels so good 💙 Being in NYC with my coach team was a BLAST! But coming home to my baby and getting back to work makes me even happier💙 After a little over indulging (but not too overboard) it’s a relief to have a workout program I can easily jump back into that I don’t have to think about. Makes Monday morning way less intimidating and easy to get back on track. Don’t wait till your weekend turns into a month of Unhealthy eating or 5 extra pounds Turns into 10 to take back contdol of your health. It’s never too late but the sooner the better 😘😘
Shout out to my girl @lizryanbrown 💕25 pounds lighter! 🙌🏼 on the left ⬅️ she was a personal trainer, “living” in the gym, working out all the time, meal prepping, eating every 2-3 hours, and trying so hard to do what she thought was “right.” Versus now on the right ➡️ 25 pounds lighter, doing workouts she loves at home (with her hubby)that don’t take up all her time, following the meal plan I teach my clients, and so happy🥂✨ Just goes show, even personal trainers can struggle and need a little help sometimes. Ain’t no shame in that!! I’m looking for a few more women to teach this exact system to this Month. If you want a simple and enjoyable program to follow for weight loss- I’d love to have you join my January group. Type “2019” in comments below for more details! You will not regret it😘 (Swipe to Check out Her husbands transformation photo too)
OOOO.MMMM.GGGG. Did my baby get gigantic while I’ve been gone or what? 💙
well ONE of us is SUPER excited. 😂Feeling ALL the feels after this incredible morning we had working out together with Shaun T. 🙌🏽 ⠀⠀⠀⠀ I use to be majorly into the gym. Did you know that? When I found at-home fitness, I had just gone broken up with my then fiancé. I was heartbroken and depressed. I was disappointed with my relationships, I wasn’t happy with how I looked, I felt stuck at my job… And unmotivated with life in general. I had been going to this boxing gym for a couple years and loved the workouts but wasn’t getting the results I wanted so when I saw a post by my now coach about working with her for a month, I decided to do it. I felt like having a coach and working out at home was the ONE thing I hadn’t tried. Probably because it was the last thing I thought would work. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Turns out- it was the ONLY thing that worked! My coach introduced me to Shaun T and Insanity max30. This program (and having a coach) changed everything. I finally started to see results, I felt empowered, I was gaining confidence again and I was so proud to just actually finish something. It was so simple really… almost laughable looking back at how long I had spent struggling when this was so easy. It was those feelings that made me want to be a coach so I could help others feel how I did. and becoming a coach changed my whole life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ so this month my company will launch a program by this same trainer who, along with my coach, has been on this journey with me the last 3 years. Before, during and after baby. They are the reason I am where I am today, feeling so healthy and fit, finding my inner confidence and beauty, and making an income doing something I love every day, from home with my baby boy by my side.. So maybe I’m a little partial, but it makes me emotional! And I just KNOW this program will change your whole freaking life for the better IF you allow it to… ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Transformation, community, and empowerment is yours if you just allow yourself to embrace it! Your journey is only as good as you make it, so what will yours be? It’s never too late. Today’s your chance to embrace change! Taking care of urself isn’t selfish sister!! ❤️❤️
. 2019.01.02 . 実家から両親が来てくれ、人生初のお年玉❤️ 不思議そうにしつつ、ちゃんと受け取りました😂 #happynewyear #お正月 #baby #女の子赤ちゃん #お年玉 #ありがとう #生後6ヶ月 #薄毛赤ちゃん #chipanddale #junebaby2018 #6monthold #grandparents visited us #newyeargreetings #6m6d
Day36🍽(6m26d) * - Porridge - Spinach with minced tofu - Veg soup with cabbage paste and minced carrot * First try with minced carrot! Could munch very well👏🧡🥕 * * -10倍粥 -小松菜とほうれん草ペーストの白和え(BF) -キャベツのペーストと 人参のみじん切り入り野菜スープ * * はじめてお野菜をみじん切りに🥕 まだ歯は生えてないけど 上手に歯茎でもぐもぐできました👏🧡 * もともと快便な娘。 食物繊維あげまくりのせいか 今朝ベッドの上で遊んでいたら 大量の排便がオムツから 溢れでてきて大惨事😂💦 オムツのサイズ感はぴったりなのに キャパが全然足りないから サイズアップすべきかな😂 * #離乳食初期 #離乳食記録 #離乳食ごっくん期 #6monthsold #6montholdbaby #babygirl #internationalmarriage #indianjapanese #mixedbaby #mixedbabies #workingmom #海外子育て #日印 #ミックスベビー #ハーフベビー #ハーフキッズ #ママリ #キズナ #コドモノ #コドモダカラ #ベビフル #2018_summer_baby部 #2018_june_baby部 #ikumama #子育てグラム #2018june_baby #junebaby2018 #めいさの離乳食日記
#Birthdaygirl Mein Mädchen ist am 31.12.16 zwei Jahre alt geworden - wie die Zeit rennt 😭 Erst jetzt finde ich die Zeit dazu, ein paar Zeilen zu schreiben... es ist noch gar nicht so lange her, da trug ich Alice unter meinem Herzen. Am 30.12 platzte mir die Fruchtblase, 22 Stunden später, um 2:02Uhr hielt ich das kleine Bündel Leben in meinen Armen. Mein Silvesterbaby, mein perfekter Jahresabschluss. Sie zeigte mir ab da an, wie endlos Liebe ist, was man alles als Mama dazu lernt. Ich liebe ihre Art, Selbstbewusst, freundlich, dickköpfig. Aber wenn sie schon aussieht wie Papa, darf sie ruhig was von mir haben 😘 ich kann mich noch daran erinnern, wie sie sie mir auf die Brust legten... 'Hallo mein kleiner Schatz, ich liebe dich.' Und jetzt? Jetzt geht sie bald in den Kindergarten 😥 Danke, dass du meine Tochter bist - ich liebe dich vom ganzen Herzen, deine Mama ❤ #tragenistliebe #mama #mamablogger #mamasein #mamaalltag #mamablog #schwanger #schwangerschaft #pregnant #preggos #teamrosa #babygirlinside #lebenmitkleinkind #lebenmitbaby #lebenmitkindern #breastfeeding #stillenistliebe #instababy #tattooedmom #mummytobe #mummyblog #babycarrier #babygirl #baby #newborn #Mädchenmama #junebaby2018 #prinzessin #decemberbaby2016
#hamrochoridivanshi is 7 months old !! #happy 7 months chhori.. l love you@#junebaby2018
I was trying to think of what to say with this photo for last hour and I just... I just wish u were here. That’s all. I just really wish u could be here - (huddling below a shelf in the lobby of the NYC hotel bc it’s the only place with light, laughing out butts off and eventually being asked to leave 🤷🏼‍♀️). Everyone should have a group of women in their life that supports and encourages them the way this team does me. 😘😘
Day36🍽(6m25d) * First try with fish🐟 Loved it yes, you're Japanese 🍣 * - Porridge with a roasted soy powder - cabbage, cucumber and potato paste - codfish and veg paste * * * -きな粉粥 -胡瓜•キャベツ•ポテトのサラダ -白身魚と緑黄色野菜のペースト(BF) @wakodo_asahigf * * 迷いに迷った初めてのお魚は やっぱり勇気がなくて 和光堂のBFにしました🐟 日本で買っておいた自分を 褒め讃えたい😂 * 味見したら大人の感覚だと 美味しくないと思ったけど 何とも言えない顔をしつつ完食👏 * 生臭さが無いのがいいかも! * * 素麺の時に下痢してるから 小麦が入っているこのBFに ちょっと警戒していたけれど 特に今回は問題なさそう👏👏 * ここにきてBF試し始めて、 めちゃらくちんでびっくりー😍 * #離乳食初期 #離乳食記録 #離乳食ごっくん期 #6monthsold #6montholdbaby #babygirl #internationalmarriage #indianjapanese #mixedbaby #mixedbabies #workingmom #海外子育て #日印 #ミックスベビー #ハーフベビー #ハーフキッズ #ママリ #キズナ #コドモノ #コドモダカラ #ベビフル #2018_summer_baby部 #2018_june_baby部 #ikumama #子育てグラム #2018june_baby #junebaby2018 #めいさの離乳食日記
As a book enthusiast, I am perpetually sorting books, both my own and the kids books - I stumbled upon these beautiful books today - rainbow books for my rainbow baby 😍👌 Jonas and Norah are exceptionally lucky and are regularly gifted extremely gorgeous books, from their Gran and Granpa in Scotland 😍🙌 These beauties were some, that were gifted to Jonas years ago - and I can’t wait to read them again, with Norah 😍🙌 #books #bookstagram #booksorting #booksforbabies #junebaby2018 #rainbowbaby
I’ve posted this before but I just love it so much. And now that I have a son, it has even more meaning to me. ❤️❤️ imagine how amazing the year would be if you saw yourself the way your Heavenly Father sees you - as his precious child he created. ❤️❤️
New cover for his sleeping bag ❄
* 🌸Hello 2019🌸 * Wish you a very happy new year 👶🌸 * おでこにたんこぶをこさえて 新年を迎えました🤕💔 * 昨年の前半はまだ妊娠中。 正産期ぎりぎりまで仕事をしつつ、 たくさん食べてたくさん寝て、 幸せな期間だったなあ••••☺ * 6月にこの子が産まれてからは なんとか乗り越えてきた6ヶ月間。 * どきどき、ハラハラ たまに涙を流しつつ それでもたくさん幸せでした💝 * 2019年はもう少し主人に 敬意を払いつつw 引き続き娘をたくさん愛して 健康に気を付けて、 楽しく毎日を過ごしていきたい と思います😊 * あと、今年は本気で痩せたい。笑 * #6monthsold #halfbirthday #6montholdbaby #babygirl #internationalmarriage #indianjapanese #mixedbaby #mixedbabies #motherhood #workingmom #国際結婚 #海外出産 #海外子育て #日印 #ミックスベビー #ハーフベビー #ハーフキッズ #ママリ #キズナ #コドモノ #コドモダカラ #ベビフル #2018_summer_baby部 #2018_june_baby部 #ikumama #子育てグラム #2018june_baby #junebaby2018 @sweetmommyofficial
✨To the mom wondering how she’s ever going to find the time to go to the gym, I got you! . ✨To the mom wondering how she’s going to find the energy to drop the weight, I got you! . ✨To the mom who is feeling frustrated, impatient, and lacking self-confidence, I got you! . ✨To the mom who is struggling with the idea of spending time or money on herself right now, I got you! . ✨To the mom who just wants to fit in her dang clothes (comfortably!) and feel a little more like herself again, I got you! . I lost my weight after having Cruz 6 months ago (while I BF-ing without losing my supply) without going to the gym or following complicated meal plans (cause ain't NO mama got time for that!) or being "perfect."👶🏼 . If you can give me 20 minutes a day, I know I can give you an amazing transformation, support system, and everything you need to be the woman, wife, and mom you want to be. ❤️ . It’s not selfish. and It doesn’t have to take hours each day or cooking separate meals for you and your family. . And there’s a sale right now 🙌🏼, so if you’re interested in learning more about my next online fitness and nutrition group and 20 minute program, comment below!
* Day34🍽(6m23d) * Firsy try with cucumber! Loved it💚 Getting out of the stage of paste paste paste, trying the new touch with fun :) * - Grated cucumber with minced tofu - Carrot and onion - Porridge with cabbage and veg soup - burley tea * * -すりおろしきゅうりと お豆腐のみじん切り -にんじんとたまねぎ -キャベツ粥 野菜だし入り -麦茶 * はじめてのきゅうり、 はじめてのすりおろし、 はじめてのみじんぎり🤘 * 美味しく完食できました👏 * 麦茶は相変わらず 飲んだか飲んでないかわからない 気休め程度の挑戦だけど 指でストローをいじくり倒すのが 最近のブームです😑❤ * * * * #離乳食初期 #離乳食記録 #離乳食ごっくん期 #6monthsold #6montholdbaby #babygirl #internationalmarriage #indianjapanese #mixedbaby #mixedbabies #workingmom #海外子育て #日印 #ミックスベビー #ハーフベビー #ハーフキッズ #ママリ #キズナ #コドモノ #コドモダカラ #ベビフル #2018_summer_baby部 #2018_june_baby部 #ikumama #子育てグラム #2018june_baby #junebaby2018 #めいさの離乳食日記
Bir minik yakışıklı barakalım buraya 💙 umarım bu yeni yıl herkese sağlık mutluluk huzur getirir ve barış ✌🏻 dolu bir yıl olur çoçukların hayvanların insanların artık zarar görmediği bir yıl olsun mutlu akşamlar hepinize ❤️❤️. #momandbabyboy #babyboy #mybaby #mybabyboy #mylittleboy #mylittleprince #2018baby #junebaby #junebaby2018 #babylife #babylifestyle #momlife #momlifestyle #viedemaman #viedebebe #monbebe #monpetitpoussin #canımoğlum #annekuzusu #annesininkuzusu #annebalı #robin #robinim
Day32🍽(6m21d) * First try with Somen; Japanese thin wheat noodles! She likes it but got light diarrhea🙈💔 * - Carrot Somen with carrot paste and veg soup - broccori (2 teaspoons) - cabbage (2 teaspoons) - onion (2 teaspoons) - burley tea * * - 人参のお素麺、 人参ペーストと野菜だし - ブロッコリー 小さじ2 - キャベツ 小さじ2 - 玉ねぎ 小さじ2 * 大晦日は初めての素麺で 年越しそば🍲 そして初めてのBF! 美味しく完食してくれたけど 初めて軽い下痢の症状が👶💔 小麦かね😭 * ちょっと素麺は様子見だな🤔 * 日本から買いだめしてきたBF, そろそろ2回食になるし ちょっとずつ解禁していきます🤘🧡 * #離乳食初期 #離乳食記録 #離乳食ごっくん期 #6monthsold #6montholdbaby #babygirl #internationalmarriage #indianjapanese #mixedbaby #mixedbabies #workingmom #海外子育て #日印 #ミックスベビー #ハーフベビー #ハーフキッズ #ママリ #キズナ #コドモノ #コドモダカラ #ベビフル #2018_summer_baby部 #2018_june_baby部 #ikumama #子育てグラム #2018june_baby #junebaby2018 #めいさの離乳食日記
Obligatory first workout of 2019 photo! This life. With this boy. (Matching double chins 😂) You know what I want in 2019 - I want to be more like this precious boy. To see myself the way he sees me. To love myself the way he does. To trust wholeheartedly and without question in my creator the way Cruz does me. To know that Jesus delights in my dependence on him just like I delight in cruz’ dependence on me. And to work on comprehending the fact that as much as I love Cruz, Jesus loves me even more. It’s gonna be a great year 😘
Rolling into 2019 like... 😭❤️🙏🏼🔥🥂👼 Praying blessings for you and your family for the most magical joyful year yet.
Someone didn’t quite make it to midnight. #momlife #junebaby2018 #newyearseve
My Pa Gift si PaPu 😍❤ Thank you so much DaddyLovessss!! Iloveyousomuch 😘❤ Di kapa rin talaga nawawalan ng pakulo 😘😘😘 Mahal na Mahal ko kayo ng YunahBear Naten ❤ Ohana is Happiness ❤😍😘 #ourlifewithyunahthebear #bigblessing #FirstNewYearWithYunahBear #littleprincess #daddylovesmommylovesbabyloves #papamimibear #mariyaionahjezrelle #mij #junebaby2018
it’s the last day of 2018!!! 🙀 I won’t ask you how much weight you want to lose. I won’t talk about the resolutions. I won’t speak of being ‘on’ or ‘off’ a wagon (that may have lost all 4 tires and be in the ditch somewhere 🙊😜). . Anyone else feel bombarded with options for January, about seeing all those options... maybe rolling your eyes at the next new thing. Or maybe willing to jump on any promise of a quick fix as soon as you hear the words ‘weight loss’, ‘lose ___ lbs by drinking this’ ... . I am 100% confident it would be naive to say one size fits all. . BUT. Two things are for certain 👇🏼👇🏼 1️⃣ we all need to eat 2️⃣ we all need to move 3️⃣ both are hard to stick to alone . One thing I know?? Best way to make movement and food a part of your lifestyle instead of a failed diet? . Portion control and finding movement you love, AND not spending a fortune on either. AND being supported on your journey of food and fitness. Because we ALL need to eat and we ALL need to move to live a healthy, happy life. . What that means to me. ✅ At home fitness that is realistic for any and everyone — whether you feel like you have a mountain ahead, you have the last 10 pounds to lose or you’re in pretty darn good shape already and just want to challenge yourself to something new. . ✅ FOOD, keeping it simple, and not spending extra money on a bunch of different meals for the family. . I gave up my hour long workouts and counting calories almost 3 years ago. I am of course biased that what I think I have to offer is an incredibly feasible option for every one and every family wanting to live life with more energy and positivity. . Without having to promise you instant results, a quick fix, questionable products consumed, magic pills or potions, or guilt you into feeling like you fell off a wagon and have lost all control. . I can promise you 10-15 pounds will disappear in January or your $$ back. But I don’t want to promise you, I want you to make the promise and commitment to yourself! . Join me or don’t.. There’s 15 ladies ready to take action next Monday And room for 4 more!! You in? 👇🏼comment below 😘
Day31🍽(6m20d) * - Porridge (5teaspoons) with roasted soy bean flour - Broccori (2teaspoons) - Onion (2teaspoons) - Carrot (2teaspoons) * First try with the roasted soy bean flour! Yummy👶💛 * はじめてのきな粉粥と レパートリーに欠けてきた野菜陣🙈 * うちの直結のスーパーが最近 日本食コーナーを棚1本分拡大! わーい👶❤ そこに国産大豆のきな粉が👍 お豆腐はいつもお世話になってる ハウス食品様です🙏 今日も完食👏ありがとう🧡 大豆は大丈夫そうで一安心😊 #離乳食初期 #離乳食記録 #離乳食ごっくん期 #6monthsold #6montholdbaby #babygirl #internationalmarriage #indianjapanese #mixedbaby #mixedbabies #workingmom #海外子育て #日印 #ミックスベビー #ハーフベビー #ハーフキッズ #ママリ #キズナ #コドモノ #コドモダカラ #ベビフル #2018_summer_baby部 #2018_june_baby部 #ikumama #子育てグラム #2018june_baby #junebaby2018 #めいさの離乳食日記
Thank u #2018 🙏🏼♥️ one of the best years of my life 👼🏻🍼👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 #thankful #blessed #momoftwo #happy #baby2018 #junebaby2018 #love
How do u get a weight loss transformation? FOOD! food makes THE BIGGEST impact on your results. It’s EVERYTHING! (And also where everyone struggles the most it seems) If you are struggling… you can workout ALL DAY LONG but if your food isn’t right, If you don’t know what to eat and when, then you wont get the results you want. And extra bummer- even if you are eating ‘healthy’ food, you can still be doing it “wrong” or eating too much/little to reach your goals. All protein is not the same, all veggies are not the same, all fruits are NOT the same, etc… and knowing these differences and which will help you get to your results along with the best TIME to eat them, makes a HUGE difference. I thought I was eating so healthy (and I was!) but for one I was eating too much (yes u can overeat even on healthy food) and I didn’t understand the impact of food timing and different foods in same category. For instance- a carrot is much different than a green bean, a banana is much different than a strawberry. And if you’re trying to lose weight, knowing these differences is going to really help u see BIGGER results and faster! These are exactly the kinds of things u will learn about in my January 2019 group! If your ready to crush your goals, drop ur fav 3 emojis below ;cause who can pick just 1) and I’ll get u the rest of the details so you can join my already awesome group of ladies ❤️ and I’m holding this dark chocolate because it’s totally part of the plan Every day if u want . 👌🏼
I believe your creator delights in the intricacies of you. And he is filled with Joy when you live out your potential. . I also believe that humans were NOT made to be out of shape & severely overweight. . I think we function better mentally, emotionally, and physically when we take care of our body’s.. with nourishment, water, and exercise. . It’s not your weight that defines you- it’s the care & consideration that you put into your body. Absolutely. . -girl, wash your face- Rachel Hollis. When are YOU joining me in my next online group to help you get mentally, emotionally and physically healthy?
2018 ist soviel passiert. Wir haben uns verlobt. Ben wurde geboren und hat uns zu Eltern gemacht. Wir sind Mann und Frau geworden. Aber mein Highlight ist definitiv: Wir haben eine neue Liebe kennengelernt... die zum eigenen Kind. Es ist so verrückt und wunderschön, wie sehr man sein Kind lieben kann. So schwer auch der Anfang ist oder man auch zwischendrin mal überfordert ist, ist da dieses kleine Wesen, was sich nur anlachen braucht und dein Herz geht auf. Ich hätte es mir niemals so vorgestellt. Also alles: Mama sein. Diese Liebe zu empfinden. Eltern zu sein. Einfach ein neues Leben zu führen, bzw. das alte nur anders. Komplett umgekrempelt 😂😅... Habt ihr es so erwartet und es euch genauso vorgestellt? . . . #mamasein #elternsein #instababyboy #momsofinstagram #babyshooting #mom #momlife #mama #mamablogger #mama2018 #momblogger #mommy #baby #babyboy #baby2018 #junimama2018 #junimama #junibaby2018 #junibaby #junebaby #junebaby2018 #junebabies #momsofinsta #instamama #instababy #instamom #rückblick2018 #muttergefühle #family #liebe
Going through my photos form Christmas... I don’t want it to be over😩 the excitement in this kids face is priceless. everyone is in such a rush to take down their tree and decorations and I’m just like, noooooo!!! Stop! I don’t want it to be over yet!!
If there’s one tip I could give for heading into a new year and going on a fitness journey, it would be to document it. Doesn’t have to be shared publicly, but I challenge you to make an album on your phone to create your story. Not every day you’ll rock it, a lot of days you won’t want to, there will be MANY moments of questioning the process, if it’s working, if it’s worth it, and why the heck you even bother. But then you’ll do a workout that you haven’t done in months. It’ll still be hard as hell, you’ll still take breaks (sharing the highlights 😉), but there’s something about looking back and seeing how far you’ve come. Today is that kind of day for the look back— from 38 weeks preggo to 6 months postpartum. Same workout, different seasons of life, felt equally as difficult both times, but so appreciative of being able to move, to modify, and to have quick access to incredible workouts that allow me to do both. Seriously! Commit to documenting your day 1 in the new year, no matter what level of fitness you’re starting at, because there is always room for improvement! 😘
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