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i think he’s dating @justintran246 ‘s sister
Qual El Caminito mesmo?
spring sunsets 🔮💎🔅
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sayma in his unnatural habitat. 📸 @jewelyaspix
So where do we go now?
我要變成妳的書 用文字親吻你的眼 就讓我編織妳的快樂 讓夢塑造這一切 我要帶著你流浪 離開這孤獨的莊園 讓你擁有我的世界 一萬公里只是章序言 . #跟李白談戀愛 . . . #fujifilm #x70 #somewhere #hongkong #vsco #vscocam #visualsoflife #moodygrams #createcommune #justgoshoot #hueart_life #reco_ig #ig_global_life #inspirationcultmag #exploretocreate #streetdreamclub #thediscoverer #illgrammers #2instagood #streemagazine #like4like #follow4follow #simple #写真 #写真好きな人と繋がりたい
Daydreaming of Simpler Times 🌊 Part Two: I miss sailing around abandoned coves on the Aegean, and the liberating feeling of flitting from place to place like a nomad. I miss that delightful, freezing sensation of jumping into the sea first thing in the morning, when no one else is up - not even yourself, not really. I miss lounging about in the sun with a good book like a fearless lazy cat, tempting fate by lying inches above the water on a net, lulled to pure contentment by the gentle rocking of the boat, brought back to life by cold splashes now and again. I miss that perfect hour after sunset, snacking on iced almonds with everyone sitting together but lost in their own thoughts, sipping cool wine and absent-mindedly fending off the buzzing guests whose homes we’d temporarily invaded. I miss the sprawling stars at night, and the warm and gentle embrace of the hull rocking me to sleep every night.
extreme arch support bbies a.k.a. when you dont’t have that Balenciaga money, but got dem diy skillz * * * #uoonyou #fila #balenciagawho #angelusdirect #dadstyle #vsco #vscocam #vscofilm #exploreeverything #exploretocreate #primeshots #justgoshoot #sneakers #diy
From hiking 10 miles into the canyon with about 40 lbs in each of our backpacks, carrying the tent and all the camping gear, to hurting knees and sleeping in 30 F! It was all sooo worth it to end up with this view! We just stood there gasping! It was pure Magic! We couldn't help but leave our hearts down there! Will come back for sure, Havasu! 💙 P.S. My first attempt at long exposure. Hope you like it! Oh and yeah, after hiking some 18 miles in one day, I'm still dragging my feet and walking like a clown while my husband's planning our next trip to Havasu to reach the confluence. No complaints though ;) #bucketlist #travelstoke #theglobewanderer #worlderlust #justgoshoot #livetravelchannel #adventureculture #lessismoreoutdoors #departedoutdoors #naturelovers #traveldiaries #hiddengem #getoutdoors
Sorry @airbnb , but US millennial travelers prefer hotels. This bit of info is one of the few surprises in our new FUTURE OF US MILLENNIAL TRAVELER report. Download it on the link in our bio.
Retos Proyecto: #el_instante_preciso
Bday girl de hoje é essa pessoa linda tanto por dentro como por fora!! Grata pela tua amizade ❤️
The stars ✨ are closer ✨
This is me today.
Anotha photo from the #hobbylobbychallenge
modern breath
Guys!!! Exciting news! My website launch is coming soon! I’m so excited, so I have decided to share the love and am doing a give-away for a personalized Spring session with me! Here’s the deets on how to win: . . -Follow @katiebrittphoto -Like this photo -Comment what your favorite Spring activity is and tag 3 friends! . . Multiple entries increase your chance! Winner announced 3/26!
This guy is smart, kind, brave, helpful and funny (except for his ‘yo momma jokes’ - (which are actually pretty funny but don’t tell him I said that 😂). He has a serious case of wanderlust and would gladly live out of a suitcase if it meant he could travel the world. He loves his hair (I mean look at it!), his NFL, Guns N’ Roses and Imagine Dragons. He is awesome and today he is nine 🎈🎈🎈
Look up, get up and don't ever give up! 👧☝️😉 #photooftheday
Exploring the mountaintops 🏂
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