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I’m loving all of the ways people are interacting with Confluence Park. Free yoga classes every Sunday, kids riding bikes and playing hide-n-seek, etc. This photo by @rainbowchilton perfectly conveys the many everyday moments of beauty to be found there. . #Repost @rainbowchilton ・・・ Im tired but for some reason i can’t stop smiling. I love how sometimes being exhausted can stop your thinking mind and let you just really appreciate the simple beauty in everything around you. #wanderingyogini #keepinshittogetherin2018
Im tired but for some reason i can’t stop smiling. I love how sometimes being exhausted can stop your thinking mind and let you just really appreciate the simple beauty in everything around you. #wanderingyogini #keepinshittogetherin2018
I’m ready for another weekend with these lovelies 😊 Being manhandled for the class is one of my favorite parts !! Tomorrow morning I teach goat yoga in Austin 😱😆😆 I’m so freaking excited. There may be some spots left if you wanna come (link in bio) I feel so good after the full moon :) Lots of cleansing and meditating and that Virgo moon have me feeling mentally clear and purified. Thank goodness cause this weekend is packed ❤️🙏🏻 #allgoodthings #keepinshittogetherin2018 #assisting #yoga
Sometimes we get so caught up in where we’re going, where we think we should be, we forget just how far we’ve come. Ahimsa is the first Yama, it means non violence or non harming. Though there are very obvious ways to take this, the one that I have to remind myself of often is that includes being gentle with yourself. Softening on our self judgement and criticism and treating ourselves as we would someone precious to us. Be triumphant in your knowledge of how you’ve overcome adversity and grown into the person you are today dear one. You are magnificent and the light of the divine shines through you. Be confident in your knowledge that you are exactly where you should be. I believe in you. I love you. I’m rooting for you! ✨❤️✨ It’s candlelight yin tonight. Come be triumphant with me in the coziest ways and we will journey through our chakras and soothe our bodies and our souls 🙏🏻 #ahimsa #bridgepose #keepinshittogetherin2018 #yamas #triumph #heartopener
Lotus is the quintessential yoga pose. The hands and feet are said to look like a lotus flower and the pose itself is really a metaphor for the unfolding process of yoga. Imagine roots growing from your sit bones, connecting you to the muddy earth. Grow up tall from this sweet grounding support , keep your heart bravely open and soften in your hips, the place we store our emotions and creative energy. This is also our center for sensuality and intimacy. Holding poses that open our hips can flood us with resistance to it all, manifesting itself in a myriad of ways, mostly frustration. Don’t back down. This is just as much a part of you as anything. Notice your resistance and let it go. Come back to your center. Repeat as many times as necessary. By stretching your hips you help remove blockages in your sacral chakra, allowing your prana to flow freely, filling you with creative energy and moving that energy up the chain to do higher chakra work. Love fiercely, be happy, wild and free. 😘 #padmasana #lotus #keepinshittogetherin2018
This marks the first time I’ve eaten almost an entire head of cauliflower 😳😍❤️🙏🏻 Although it makes me sad to think the poor cauliflower can no longer fly, I hear they ship them off to a happy little cauli commune where they are free and sing and play bongos all day. These were crazy good, ridiculously easy and not a drop of oil. Magical. Check out the recipe on my YouTube channel (link in bio) #keepinshittogetherin2018 #veganrecipes #🔥 #wutangclanaintnothingtofuckwith
The changing of seasons is so dramatic. Even though like clockwork every year the spring blooms, it does it with the same undying exuberance as each of the thousand years before. It never tires of wooing us with its colorful, radiant displays, all the more inviting after the bleak cold of winter. Our emotions are like the seasons, each serving its purpose and destined to give way to another when it’s time is done. I really love to observe each of them, basking in the scope . To languish in the dead cold of winter, relishing the time of potential and restoration. Spring will be here soon enough in all her flashy glory. Each season is to be treasured as each step on our path. One day we will no longer wear these thin veils of skin and blood and the universe within me will burst free to join with the universe in you. We will watch the seasons change from new perspectives as we expand into each other. From that view the seasons will flow like our breaths. Til then, may we approach each moment with great passion and wonder. Also, life is silly and poop jokes make everything better. #keepinshittogetherin2018 #yoga #bakasana #crowpose #poop
Push your edge but know when it’s time to chill. My meditation, my practice and my diet have been so heart chakra centered the past week that it seems I can feel the joys and sorrows of the morning dew. As beautiful as an experience as this has been I know it’s time to rest and restore. I know you can only keep yourself splayed open for so long before it’s time to fold forward and nurture the newfound tenderness in those places you forgot existed. For now though, I see my edge, and I raise it. One more day of heart opening. That place in me where the universe resides, it sees the universe in you and honors it. Sending all the love ❤️😘🙏🏻 #anahatachakra #wheelpose #heartopener #love #tapas #keepinshittogetherin2018
Oatmeal to soothe the heart chakra 😍💕❤️😘 #keepinshittogetherin2018 #anahata #oatmeal #veganlife
Sun Salutations for breakfast, Sun Salutations for lunch, Sun Salutations for tea time, I feel like Frankenstein’s monster. A poem for you, made with love. I can’t lift my arms 😆 Try starting your morning with five Surya Namaskar A then 5 Surya Namaskar B. It’ll start your fire, make you feel alive!! You want an instructional video for Sun Sals? Lemme know. 😘😘❤️🙏🏻 #keepinshittogetherin2018 #suryanamaskar #sunsalutation #poetry #yogaeverydamnday #yogalover #yogaflow #fire
“You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while” e.tolle You are Magnificent, just as you are, so be true to yourself. Last night someone walked up to me to tell me they had always disliked me, they thought I was fake. 😳 I just told her I admired her honesty and after talking to her for a minute she said she was wrong. I don’t blame her. My ridiculous optimism and exuberance can definitely seem manufactured if you don’t know me. It’s real af though. It’s just who I am. It’s so easy to make judgments about people when you only see a glimpse of who they are. We are all so multifaceted and complex, the cosmos wrapped up in a flesh suit. Give me a chance, give you a chance, give everyone a damn chance. “In the void where your hate once grew, love it waits for you” rbow (what kind of ridiculous human quotes themselves? This guy) Love yous truly. Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Come do yoga with me @freightsatx This place is the bees knees and I’ve got an awesome heart opening class for you!! 😘💕#keepinshittogetherin2018
Day 16 ✨✨Drishti✨✨ where the eye goes, your attention follows. In yogic terms it means focusing your gaze on a specific point when holding a pose, to prevent getting caught up in the exterior world. I mean this on a much larger scale though. Focus your consciousness on the understanding of the oneness of the cosmos. There is much more to “see” than what is in front of your face. Our intellect only allows us to see a projection of our own limiting ideals. Many times our experiential prejudices prevent us from seeing the true singularity of the universe. Drishti will help you remove the ignorance that obscures your true vision, enabling you to see the divine in everything around you. I see the divine in you 😘❤️🙏🏻 . #warrior2 #weareone #keepinshittogetherin2018 #virabhadrasana2 #drishti #focus #ajna #thirdeye #yogalove #sanantonioyoga #veganyogi
Day 15 ✨✨Twists✨✨ Ring it out. In both our physical and subtle bodies ringing the tension out of our spine is such a relief. When we twist we compress our organs, ringing out toxins and impurities, then when the twist is released, fresh blood flows in carrying life giving oxygen allowing tissues to heal and rejuvenate. Plus it just feels amazing 😉 I started my fruit cleanse this morning. My brains put up such resistance to this so I’m curious to see what I can learn this time around. I have a busy and active few days ahead so here’s to #keepinshittogetherin2018 . @squeezersco , I’m coming for ya 😘🙏🏻❤️ #spinaltwist #yoga #fruitfeast #detox #yoga #veganlife #veganyogi
Look into the person nearest to yous eyes. Not just a casual glance but peer into their soul. It doesn’t matter if you care for them deeply, are indifferent toward them, or despise them. See beyond what you know. See the infinite inside them. Soften your heart. Love them. Then know they are a reflection of you and love yourself. I love you all. Truly. You’re all my valentines erry damn day. ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘 Come celebrate love with me tonight at a special Candlelight Yin At 7. Heart openers , loving kindness meditations, healing vibes and cultivating love til the ceiling bursts!! Plus word on the street is I give great hugs 🤗 #keepinshittogetherin2018 #love #yogaeverydamnday #veganyogi
Day 13✨✨Trataka✨✨ Focused gazing. My favorite way is staring at a single star, but if the clouds decide that is not an option a candle is a wonderful substitute. To still your vision is said to help still your mind and bring energy to the third eye. Try it! It’s wonderful and so are you 😘 #keepinshittogetherin2018 #trataka #meditation #veganyogi #mindfulness
Day 12 ✨✨Buddha Bowls✨✨ For me they are comfort food at its best. Throw some greens on the bottom and top it with a rainbow of veggies, quinoa or rice, protein by way of tofu, tempeh, beans or lentils, and add some avocado. Infinite ways to find healthy deliciousness! When you eat a diet abundant in life giving, colorful fruits and veggies, you’re body will be filled with the same vibrancy! #keepinshittogetherin2018 #veganlife #veganyogi #plantbased #buddhabowl
Day 11 ✨✨Sing✨✨ People always ask me how such a happy girl can sing such sad songs. My songs are sad so I don’t have to be. My entire life singing has been the way I heal. Having so many people connect with my music has cultivated a deep sense of compassion within me. We all go through the cycles of love and ecstasy, loneliness and sadness and the nothing in between. Face each one with grace and curiosity, sing your heart out and let it go. When we finally release these stale emotions we make way for new and fresh experience. All roads lead to growth.❤️😘🙏🏻✨ #keepinshittogetherin2018 #sing #mindfulness #ahimsa
Thanks @bluemilksalon for being sweet and doing a kickass job on my hair, and thanks @buddha_pants for making the comfiest yoga gear that I can do errands in all day, then go straight to yoga in and feel like I’m wearing pjs but not feel gross. Love yous and all yous guys who care enough to read this 😘😘 #keepinshittogetherin2018 #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #longhairdontcare #buddhapants
Day 9 ✨✨hike✨✨ #keepinshittogetherin2018 I love taking mindful hikes. I’m one to bury my face in leaves or rub it on the rough limb of a tree, cherishing every shallow tear in my skin. I adore the sound of crunching leaves and finding a rock to roll through my fingers as I navigate the terrain. The chirping birds and chattering squirrels are music! I love that San Antonio has such great hiking trails, but try to find them everywhere I travel. Where’s your favorite place to hike? #keepinshittogetherin2018 #hiking @nature_preserve_officer #mindfulness
Day 8 ✨✨Cat/Cow✨✨ #keepinshittogetherin2018 You can do it put your back into it! 😏 This 1-2 pose powerhouse is great for working out the kinks and warming up your spine. It’s also an amazing place to work on synchronization of breath and movement. Use your inhale to drop your belly, lifting your hips and your gaze and spread your collarbones wide. As you exhale tuck your chin and your tailbone, rounding through your shoulders and pull your bellybutton firmly in. Do it right now! Feels great! I hope you’ve been enjoying my not challenge. If you have anything that you do every day to help keep yourself healthy, happy and focused, share! #keepinshittogetherin2018 #yogainspiration #yogafam #yogaeverydamnday #veganyogi #catcow #spinalhealth
Day 7 ✨✨Restorative Yin✨✨ #keepinshittogetherin2018 Stretchy, soothing, meditative practice with cushions and blankets and whatever you need to feel cozy! Yin holds poses for extended periods of time stretching beyond your muscles into the ligaments and fascia to release tension and energy blockages stored in all levels of our physical and subtle bodies. Though slower paced and soothing, it can be quite the mental and physical challenge to face your places of resistance and surrender. Tonight is my Candlelight Yin class @mobileom 7pm. Keeping with our theme of equanimity we will explore both the shadows and the light this evening, seeking to embrace both sides as a beautiful whole. This class fills up fast so sign up now! I’ll see you soon 😘🙏🏻❤️ #yinrestorative #supportedchildspose #sanantonioyoga #yogainspiration #yogafam #meditation #mindfulness
Day 6 #keepinshittogetherin2018 ✨✨Meditate✨✨Even if it’s only for 5 minutes a day. It will change you, slowly spilling mindfulness into every corner of your life. It has transformed the way I do everything that I do, and for the better in all regards. Try it! You can’t do it wrong! Just sit still and straight and bring your attention to your breathe. Your thoughts won’t stop coming, that’s really not the point. Notice your thoughts, observe them, take from them what you need to grow and release them. Come back to your breath. 😘❤️🙏🏻 #meditation #mindfulness #cultivateawareness #love #yogainspiration #yogafam #veganyogi
Smiling is my natural state. When I smile I can feel my soul radiating outward and enveloping anyone in my vicinity with warmth and love. Ask anyone I know and they’ll say it’s the best thing about me. I was looking through my posts and noticed it was the thing lacking from almost all my pics. That thing everyone loves makes me uncomfortable. Maybe because when I was a kid I got beat up a lot for being so genuine and smiley( I guess it’s not cool to be nice or genuine when you’re a kid) I was told often by family members to tone it down. (Tone down the smile kid, I can’t see the rest of the family) anyway. I guess it is like a reflex to not smile in photos. I’m gonna try to bring it back more. I’d like my pics to reflect the real me and all my raw exuberance. I want to be real even in synthetic social media land. If there is something about me everyone loves I should try to love it too right🤔 📷: @loveartstyle_by_andrea handmade valentine also by @loveartstyle_by_andrea #keepinshittogetherin2018 #smile #sanantonio #selflove #ahimsa #radiatelove
This picture was taken in Fredericksburg, and I do adore the hill country, but San Antonio it’s you that I love most of all! I never imagined when I came here eight years ago that I would grow so incredibly fond of this city. Thank you for being a place that This wild nomad truly thinks of as my home. San Antonio you have my heart. 😘 My Mindful Monday Flow is tonight at 7 @mobileom . Our theme this week is equanimity, so our practice will be dedicated to Shakti and Shiva, the dark and the light, the effort and the ease, the manifest and the unmanifest. Tonight we will be the cosmos in all its glory 😍✨😍✨😍 Meet me on the mat. Hugs before and after. 😘#keepinshittogetherin2018 #equanimity #shaktiandshiva #shanti #sanantonioyoga #ilovesanantonio #yogainspiration #yogafam #mindfulness #meditation #treepose #vrkasana
Day 5 ✨✨dream journal ✨✨ It doesn’t matter if you believe that your dreams are messages from the cosmos or random projections from your subconscious, recording them when you wake can give you wonderful insight to your inner workings and the way you relate to the world around you. The more I have recorded my dreams, the more detail I remember. (Bonus, that smoothie was 🔥🔥🔥, recipe in my story😘) I really feel like it’s a wonderful way to add a mindfulness practice into your life ❤️#keepinshittogetherin2018 #dreamjournal #thedreamerhasawakened
Day 4 ✨✨read✨✨ This is so important on my list of #keepinshittogetherin2018 ! It doesn’t matter what you read! Expand your understanding by reading something more than an internet headline. There are so many types of books youre sure to find what lights a fire in your soul 😘I love surrealist fiction, spy novels, sci fi, history, physics, philosophy, tons of yoga and inspirational texts, if it’s not nailed down I’ll read it. What’s your favorite book?? #bibliophile #harukimurakami #surrealist #read #books
Day 3 ✨✨Childs Pose✨✨ if you’re feeling overwhelmed in your practice, or just in life, if your back is achy, if you are anxious, put your big toes together, knees as wide as the mat. Sink your hips toward your heels and relax your torso down, arms extending forward, third eye resting on the mat. (Or use a block or blanket to bring the ground to your forehead) Breathe. With each inhale create length and space through your spine, with each exhale surrender. Let that shit go, all of it!! The physical, the emotional, whatever isn’t serving you, release it! Reconnect to your breathe and through this reconnect to your intention. Sink into the comfort of your true self and your connection to the great cosmic everything around you! Remember you are love and you are loved, whether you feel it or not, it’s true. 😘🙏🏻❤️ #keepinshittogetherin2018 #ahimsa #extendedchildspose #childspose #balasana #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogafam #notchallenge #love
✨✨Day 2✨✨ #keepinshittogetherin2018 Drink lemon 🍋 water ✨ Before your coffee. Then after. Lemon water alkalizes your body and flushed out toxins. Even if you’re not ready to cut out sodas or your all day iced tea habit, and replace them with water, a step in the right direction is drinking 16 oz of water with the juice of half a lemon each morning before you eat or drink. Good for energy, digestion, skin, plus it’s just refreshing and delicious 😋 We are midway through the winter and as the days slowly get longer set an intention for yourself. Not a goal, but an intention. An I am statement. Plant the seed of your intention and watch yourself and your intention come to fruition as the spring slowly comes to be. Honor this season of end of winter stillness to reflect on the truth in your heart. Love and light my friends. 🙏🏻 How do you keep focused and inspired and healthy? Post it up and share the love #keepinshittogetherin2018 😘😍🙏🏻❤️ #lemonwater #alkaline #detox #morningritual #veganaf #veganinsanantonio
✨✨Day 1 ✨✨ of #keepinshittogetherin2018 Go OUTSIDE and get some Sunshine 🌞 use the hashtag #keepinshittogetherin2018 to share all the things that make you smile! Share some love ♥️ thank you @rainbowchilton for starting this challenge!!
✨✨Day 1 ✨✨of #keepinshittogetherin2018 is Go Outside!! Put some sunblock on, wear a hat, and go breathe the air!! We aren’t meant to be inside all the time breathing in the processed air under synthetic lights. Spend even 10 minutes a day outside, doing something you’d normally do indoors and see how it can shift your mood. 😘😘 Share the things that make you feel inspired, motivated and focused! Use my hashtag #keepinshittogetherin2018 . Let’s share some love ❤️ @mobileom @cassandrafauss 📷 @jessicagiesey #yogawithoutbounds #yogainspiration #yogafam #veganyogi #yogaretreat
To the windows, to the wall 🙏🏻 using the wall for poses like half moon is a great way to keep the hips and shoulders aligned. Then your body remembers what it feels like when you’ve away from the wall! 😘❤️😆 Starting February 1st I’m doing a #keepinshittogetherin2018 not challenge. It’s really just to share ways we keep our shit together. Every day in February I’ll post something that keeps me in the only partially insane realm, and helps me stay focused and feeling good. I call it a not challenge because all you do is post things that help you do the same and use my hashtag #keepinshittogetherin2018 and we can all share our best practices. #community #loveyou #selflove #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday #halfmoonpose #usethewall #sageyourselfbeforeyouwreckyourself #veganyogi
Buddha Bowl for the win ! I love using Thai basil flowers and sweet potato. The color contrast is striking and the flavor is divine! I would also like to call your attention, if you hadn’t noticed already, to the fact that I made an avocado vagina. I did not do this on purpose, but I was quite satisfied when I realized it. Baby spinach, crispy cabbage slaw( from the veggie taco recipe in my 7days vegan plan, coming soon) snow peas, cucumber, radish, steamed brown rice, roasted broccoli and sweet potato (oil free), avocado, tahini dressing( recipe also in 7days vegan) green onion, and Thai basil flowers (when your basil flowers, eat them! They’re as tasty as they are pretty!) All the textures, crunchy and chewy and melt in your mouth, all the colors, all the flavors, spicy and salty and creamy and sweet tantalize every sense! This beautiful bowl was so satisfying 😍The thought never escapes me that each time I create one of these, there will never be another just exactly the same. I wouldn’t have it any other way! #keepinshittogetherin2018 #meditation #yogaeverydamnday #vegan #veganrecipes #veganmealplan #veggies #buddhabowl #salad #sanantoniovegan #avocadovagina
My go to morning favorite. People think oatmeal is boring and bland but it has infinite possibilities! This version is loaded with berries, coconut, hemp seeds, cacao nibs and natural peanut butter. It was so delicious and nourishing and took 7 minutes to put together start to finish. All the ingredients are minimally processed with no added sugars or salt, so you can feel great knowing you’re feeding your body wholesome, life giving foods and use the assembly time as a small opportunity for a mindfulness practice in gratitude. Thank you fruits and grains for sustaining my body so I can share my love and joy with my community, thank you farmers for tending the crops, thank you sun and rain for feeding them that they may give us life, thank you creator for the beautiful cosmos you created for all. Yoga isn’t just a physical practice of stretching your body. Yoga is mindfulness in every aspect of your life. What are you grateful for today? Namaste 💕💕😆😆
I’ve been hitting my stride lately! Focused, diligent, disciplined. I know it’s inevitable that something will come along at some point and catch me off guard. No matter how focused you are, life happens and it’s good to have a few tools in your bag to help you hold onto your sanity. Let’s keep our shit together this year and use this challenge to share best practices and tips for how you stay driven, even when trouble comes knockin’. I hope you’ll join in starting February 1st. I’ll post some inspiration each night before and we can hopefully keep each other motivated! 📷 @jessicagiesey #keepinshittogetherin2018 #meditation #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogachallenge #pranayama #diy #earthing #veganrecipes #yogafam #yogainspiration #yogachallenge
I like that when @loveartstyle_by_andrea posted this collage of photos on her page she said it was a rainbow of emotions 🌈😂 There are many additional emotions, not pretty enough to photograph, I could add to this collage, as we all could. Sometimes I go through all the emotions in a day. Sometimes in a few minutes. Sometimes it seems all at once. They can be wonderful and horrible and all together powerful and intense. I have learned to make space for each one of them. To honor them and the lessons they bring, about my relationship to myself and the world around me, and beyond. Not always gracefully. Sometimes with puffy face and heavy heart. But coming to terms with my resistance and allowing myself to soften and face things just as they are, always strengthens my understanding of what a magical thing it is to be human and have so many ways to feel alive 💕🙏🏻
Tapas is Sanskrit for purification through fire. ( it’s also Spanish small plates but that’s another post) This mornings flow will focus on starting a fire in our center to set our hearts ablaze, so we leave the mat feeling purified, body, mind and spirit and filled with passion for the day to come! Come yoga with me at 10 @freightsatx and get your coffee, yoga and art fix 😘💕 see you soon! #keepinshittogetherin2018 #meditation #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #art #coffee #niyamas #tapas #fire
It was such great pleasure to end the year balancing and aligning my chakras. It was a pleasure practicing along with y'all. @rainbowchilton #Repoat Shoutout to the amazing winners of #chakrableu2017 ! Love and thanks to @hollownebula @goddess.sophia and @riverinme for participating with such heart and soul! I’d also like to thank my sweet sponsors @loveartstyle_by_andrea and @subterraneancreatures for donating great prizes for our winners. Support local artists and craftsmen! We have such a loving and talented community! Happy New Year and look out for my February challenge #keepinshittogetherin2018 !! ❤️😘🙏🏻 #yogainspiration #yogachallenge #yogafam #meditation #qigong #local #shoplocal #sanantonioyoga #sanantoniolife
Shoutout to the amazing winners of #chakrableu2017 ! Love and thanks to @hollownebula @goddess.sophia and @riverinme for participating with such heart and soul! I’d also like to thank my sweet sponsors @loveartstyle_by_andrea and @subterraneancreatures for donating great prizes for our winners. Support local artists and craftsmen! We have such a loving and talented community! Happy New Year and look out for my February challenge #keepinshittogetherin2018 !! ❤️😘🙏🏻 #yogainspiration #yogachallenge #yogafam #meditation #qigong #local #shoplocal #sanantonioyoga #sanantoniolife
Days 4-7 #chakrableu2017 camel pose for the heart chakra, cobra pose for the throat chakra, childs pose for the third eye chakra, and headstand for the crown chakra. (First unsupported headstand, ever!) Now that 2017 has come to an end, I want everyone to go out and do whatever makes them happy. Live your lives for yourselves. You have the potential to become the best you. The light within me honors the light within you, namaste! Thank you, so much for hosting this wonderful challenge, @rainbowchilton ! It’s been a great experience and I’m looking forward to #keepinshittogetherin2018 ! Hope everyone has a great New Years, stay safe out there. @loveartstyle_by_andrea @subterraneancreatures #yogachallenge #yoga
It’s our final day of #chakrableu2017 . Thank you so much for coming along on this journey with me. Our final day we celebrate our Crown Chakra. #sahasrara is located at the very crown of our head and when we truly open our mind to infinity the light and bounty of the universe fills us. There is no need to travel to the ends of the earth to find all you need. The end of the earth is simply the place you are now. So be there. Root down and find your foundation, face your emotions and find freedom and creativity in the natural flow of life, light your fire and find your strength and motivation in your center, open your heart to the true love and empathy that connects us all as one, speak your truth and manifest your destiny, listen to your intuition by quieting your mind and let your lotus bloom, filling you with the divine. The universe in me honors place in you the universe resides. Namaste. I love you! This has been #chakrableu2017 7 day challenge. It’s not too late to enter. Post for each of the seven days of the challenge by midnight on the 31st. Winners will be announced on January 1st. Huge amounts of love and gratitude to my amazing and supportive sponsors. Follow them and tag them in your posts @loveartstyle_by_andrea @subterraneancreatures They are donating some really cool stuff for the winners. If you liked this challenge, there will be more to come! Look out for #keepinshittogetherin2018 in February ☺️ I’ll be teaching a 2 hour class @mobileom on New Year’s Day from 6-8 pm. Starting with a chakra flow and ending in yin and meditation. Start the year off with a great burst of love and mindfulness. #truenorth #yoga #yogafam #yogachallenge #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday