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I’m loving all of the ways people are interacting with Confluence Park. Free yoga classes every Sunday, kids riding bikes and playing hide-n-seek, etc. This photo by @rainbowchilton perfectly conveys the many everyday moments of beauty to be found there. . #Repost @rainbowchilton ・・・ Im tired but for some reason i can’t stop smiling. I love how sometimes being exhausted can stop your thinking mind and let you just really appreciate the simple beauty in everything around you. #wanderingyogini #keepinshittogetherin2018
✨✨Day 1 ✨✨ of #keepinshittogetherin2018 Go OUTSIDE and get some Sunshine 🌞 use the hashtag #keepinshittogetherin2018 to share all the things that make you smile! Share some love ♥️ thank you @rainbowchilton for starting this challenge!!
It was such great pleasure to end the year balancing and aligning my chakras. It was a pleasure practicing along with y'all. @rainbowchilton #Repoat Shoutout to the amazing winners of #chakrableu2017 ! Love and thanks to @hollownebula @goddess.sophia and @riverinme for participating with such heart and soul! I’d also like to thank my sweet sponsors @loveartstyle_by_andrea and @subterraneancreatures for donating great prizes for our winners. Support local artists and craftsmen! We have such a loving and talented community! Happy New Year and look out for my February challenge #keepinshittogetherin2018 !! ❤️😘🙏🏻 #yogainspiration #yogachallenge #yogafam #meditation #qigong #local #shoplocal #sanantonioyoga #sanantoniolife
Days 4-7 #chakrableu2017 camel pose for the heart chakra, cobra pose for the throat chakra, childs pose for the third eye chakra, and headstand for the crown chakra. (First unsupported headstand, ever!) Now that 2017 has come to an end, I want everyone to go out and do whatever makes them happy. Live your lives for yourselves. You have the potential to become the best you. The light within me honors the light within you, namaste! Thank you, so much for hosting this wonderful challenge, @rainbowchilton ! It’s been a great experience and I’m looking forward to #keepinshittogetherin2018 ! Hope everyone has a great New Years, stay safe out there. @loveartstyle_by_andrea @subterraneancreatures #yogachallenge #yoga